We build high-quality summerhouses within Bristol and also in Bath, in the South-West of England

Garden Rooms

We can also build high-quality timber garden rooms throughout Bristol and also throughout Bath

Bristol & Bath

Our business serves the city of Bristol and also Bath. Our business also covers the entire South West

Timber Buildings

If you are looking to have a timber building built in Bristol or in Bath then why not give us a ring?

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Garden rooms and offices Bath and Bristol

Kingsley is a well-known company in The South West of England for building quality garden offices and garden rooms.

We carefully choose all of our building materials, whether it be the hardwood cladding we use or simply our the suppliers of our bi-folding doors- we go to great lengths everyday to ensure our business is focused on delivering quality.

Garden Rooms Bristol

Whether you want a garden building built so that you have a place to watch the football with friends during the weekend? 

Alternatively you may want a large wooden garden office built?

We have built many garden offices which many people in Bristol are now working from.

We can also install air-conditioning and heaters within your Bristol garden office, so the space can be used all year around in comfort.

We can also build internal rooms, so you may want to use one side of the garden room as a office, the other half as a home gym, complete with treadmills?

Why choose us to build your garden room?

There are now hundreds of companies to choose from in Bristol, yet, we never build flat-pack summerhouses, instead every garden room in Bristol is built to order and therefore tailor-made.

We use craftsman to construct our garden buildings, from installing the wooden cladding, to the structural timbers, right through to how the roof is built, we only ever deliver top-quality workmanship.

We therefore have an eye for detail, our project managers will also ensure we only complete work to the highest of standards.

This means when homeowners in Bristol, or indeed Bath want a high-quality and bespoke garden office or room built, Kingsley is often the business that gets called in The South West.

Do you also build garden offices?

Yes, one of the most popular garden buildings that we build is for the homeowner to use the space as a place to work.

This means we can build a space which can be air-conditioned, the garden room can also be equipped with a heater if you choose.

Is every garden room bespoke?

Yes, some companies within Bristol only offer wooden summerhouses that are already made (flat-pack).

This means the summerhouses are sometimes assigned a name, they are then built in a factory, then the company may ship the item for construction by the homeowner, as a DIY project, or sometimes charge a additional fee to build the summerhouse.

This can sometimes limit the customer to say a few different options, our customers do not want this, instead often they will have a very clear idea of what they would like built.

This is why we build bespoke garden rooms, built by our team of carpenters, electricians and roofers.

What makes your garden buildings luxury?

Our garden rooms are built to order, often the homeowner will have a clear idea of what they want, and we can then build this for the customer.

What makes our buildings luxury is the fact that we never compromise on the quality of the build.

For example, we use quality bi-folds, we always purchase quality timber, for example the red cedar wood that we use is always very high quality.

We use well-known brands of air-conditioning systems, if you opt for this option, plus we only ever use top-quality roofing.

How are you different from some other companies?

A lot of companies aim to gain business on price yet not on quality, however here at Kingsley we are different, we focus on delivering a very high-quality product.

Which areas does your business cover?

We build garden rooms in The South West of England.

We therefore cover a very wide area, offering to build luxury garden rooms in the city of Bath, England and also in Bristol.

We also serve Somerset as well.

What are the common uses that your garden rooms are used for?

One of the most common uses is to use the space as a home office.

With more people now working from home, we have seen a sharp increase in demand for garden offices Bristol.

Another common use is to create a space to relax, to watch the football and rugby for example.

Often the homeowner will want our carpenters to then build a wooden bar as well.

The space is also often used as a home gym, this often means a really large garden room is needed, so that TV’s can be wall-mounted. Then often the homeowner might fit rowing machines, multiple free weights, treadmills for example.

How much choice will we have, in terms of the design?

Our customers in Bristol and in Bath will have complete control over the design, this means that you can design the whole building the way you want, from the paint colour on the inside, through to which roof option.

We can offer many different design options, for example you may wish to opt for a quality composite cladding? Alternatively you may want a hardwood used, for example oak or red cedar wood?

Do you cover the entire South West of England?

Our business serves the entire South West, from Bristol over to Bath, we also serve the entire Somerset area as well.

This is a very important consideration that all garden room manufacturers and builders should carefully consider.

We also use FSC-certified timber.

We can offer to add solar panels to our garden rooms roofs to help generate green electricity.

We can even purchase reclaimed timber if the customer requests, from local salvage yards.

Plus, some of our cladding options are made from waste plastics, such as our composite cladding options.

Then there’s the sheer volume of insulating boards or fibreglass that we can place into the building to make it more thermally efficient.

Yes, our construction company can also build property extensions. We often use timber frames with a rubber roof. Usually the customer will also opt for a roof lantern to let more light into the room.

We therefore build property extensions and garden buildings, most of these buildings are built in Bath and Bristol, England. Yet as our company expands, we are working increasingly all over the U.K.

We can often offer a quote to our customers quickly. That’s because we have a full-time estimator. We often need to chat with you over the phone, e-mail, or Skype or meet in person. This is so we know exactly how you would like the building built. Because there are so many options in terms of windows, roofs, flooring and insulation. As well as optional extras, such as roof lanterns, air conditioning and also underfloor heating options, we will need to discuss which options you would like.

Yet, if you would like either a property extension built or a garden room, then why not call Kingsley Build today?