Why invest in a garden room?


You may currently be thinking about purchasing a garden room or a new summerhouse?

Yet you may want to know some more about our summerhouses? Also the benefits that owning a wooden summerhouse could bring?

Within this article we are going to look at some of the common reasons that our customers ask us to build a timber summerhouse.


Get more use from your garden

For most homeowners, the end of their garden can sometimes be a rather neglected space, for example, it might be where the homeowner places all of their hedge trimmings.

It might also be home to a rather dilapidated wooden shed, therefore this space within your garden is often not utilised to it’s full potential.

However, when you invest in a high-quality garden room, that’s been built by Kingsley Garden Rooms, then we can start to transform that space into an area where you will want to come and spend time.

We are now going to look at some of the common reasons why so many customers ask us to build a luxury summerhouse within their garden.


To use as a home office


More and more homeowners are now working from home here in Bristol, that’s to say they do not want to commute back and for work, and instead wish to invest in a place where they can work from home.

A high-quality wooden summerhouse offers the ideal solution, that’s because you can have an area within your garden that you can use as a home office.

Many customers also opt for bi-folding aluminium doors, so during the summer months you can work while the summer breeze flows into your garden room.


Home gym

Often when we finish work, your gym will often be at it’s busiest, this often means waiting to use a treadmill, or waiting to use a piece of gym equipment.

And this can sometimes be rather annoying- that’s to say often you will want to finish work and go to the gym, and then go home quickly.

So if we are forced to wait for equipment to become available, well, this can be an inconvenience for customers.

This is why here at Kingsley Garden Rooms we are building more and more wooden summerhouses, that are transformed into home gyms.


A space to relax

More and more people want to spend more time within their gardens, however because of the British weather and’s tendency to rain a lot, this means that many of us will require a garden room as a place where we can relax, and also shelter from the rain.

Therefore, many homeowners tell us that they use their garden as a place to relax and read a book.



We build high-quality summerhouses, that’s to say we use high-quality building materials to construct our high-quality summerhouses.

For example, we often use rubber roofs, aluminium bi-folding doors, and also we can clad the outside of your summerhouse using red cedar wood.

We can therefore offer you many different options when you choose us to build your summerhouse, and you can rest assured that we only build high-quality summerhouses.


Can be built quickly

We can build summerhouses quickly, we have a large team of carpenters which are able to construct our summerhouses in a methodical way.

Our carpenters will always offer high-quality workmanship.


A place for guests to stay

Perhaps you would like guests to stay over, yet you do not have the space available within your house?

In this case a brilliant solution would be to invest in a wooden summerhouse that is large enough to incorporate bedrooms, and a toilet and shower area as well.

Here at Kingsley Garden Rooms we can build such a garden room, we can even build summerhouses so large that they have separate bedrooms.

How we can help

We can therefore build summerhouses, timber buildings, and garden rooms as well as offering garden decking throughout the city of Bristol as well as in Bath.

We are known for offering high-quality work, plus we have built many summerhouses right throughout the South-West.

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