We would like a large wooden garden office built, can your company help?


A warm welcome to Kingsley Garden Rooms. Even though, as the business name suggests, we mostly build “garden rooms” these are used for multiple different uses, such as a home office, home gym or as a wooden building that becomes your place to enjoy a bottle of wine and a book.

This article will describe the garden offices we build in Bristol, and why so many homeowners have hired us to build a garden office for them.

If you would like to the main reasons why are asked to build so many wooden buildings in the South West here are some of them:

  •       We do not build wooden flat-pack buildings
  •       Every garden room is built from scratch
  •       We use high-quality timber
  •       We use high-quality building materials
  •       We build Bristol Garden Rooms
  •       We also build garden rooms in Bath

Which areas are you able to build your wooden buildings?

We have also built many garden offices right throughout The South-West of England, we build high-quality timber buildings. We can offer you so many different options, when you hire some companies, they simply ask you to pick from a range that has already been built sometimes, sometimes these are called a name, to describe the garden room, and normally they escalate in price depending on the level of luxury. For example, if hardwood cladding is required this would be extra.

However, our business is completely different, every garden office Bristol is built from scratch, this means its not flat-pack, not built in a factory, instead its built right in your garden, to your exact specification, so for example you might say we want two separate rooms, outdoor lights, composite decking, rubber roof, large bi-folding doors, a power supply, and we want the garden office not built using ground screws, but on a concrete base, and we can supply this.

We need a garden office built in Bristol / Bath, are you able to assist us with a quote?

Every single one of our garden offices will be high-quality, we can ensure this because we employ carpenters and we use high quality wood. We also build our timber buildings mostly in Bath, England and Bristol, so we are well placed to offer you a quote.

We also serve all of the surrounding areas.

Do you just build garden offices, or can you build log cabins, summerhouses and garden rooms?

We can build any sized log cabin, garden room or summerhouse throughout the whole of the South-West.

Okay, so what are some the various options that you can offer us, in terms of the different building materials that will be used to build our garden room / garden office Bristol?

·        Many different roof options, such as quality rubber roofing or fibreglass roof

·        Wooden French doors

·        Aluminium bi-folding doors

·        Wooden cladding

·        Composite decking

·        Timber decking

·        Power supply

·        Plastered walls

·        Many more options

We build high-quality summerhouses

We can project manage the whole process, that’s from levelling the ground using an excavator, right through to the final construction phases of building your garden office, such as adding the wood cladding.

Many different options

We can offer you many different options, such as opting for red cedar cladding or oak wood cladding.

Do you want a large garden office built with bi-folding doors?

Many customers in Bristol opt for aluminium bi-folding doors, to be fitted to the front of their wooden building.

Large L-shaped garden offices

We can build large L-shaped garden offices.

Large windows

We can install large windows to the front your summerhouse.

Make the most out of your garden room

Many of our customers in Bath and also in Bristol, have mentioned that before the summerhouse was constructed, that they never used to use the end of their garden that much.

That’s to say the end of their garden might have been overgrown with bushes for example, so a lot of homeowners can make better use of their garden by investing in a garden room that’s built by Kingsley.

We cover the whole of the South West

Our business covers the whole of The South West of England.


We employ carpenters to construct every single one of our log cabins.

High-quality timber

We only purchase our wood from a few timber yards, so that we know that we will be supplied with high quality wood.

High-quality building materials

We only use high-quality building materials, such as using high-quality rubber roofs and aluminium doors.


We can use high-quality decking to surround your summerhouse.


Our company builds log cabins in Bristol.


Our company builds summerhouses in Bath.

To arrange for a quotation, why not give us a ring?

To arrange for a quotation why not give Kingsley a call?



We need a new garden room built- how much will it cost?


Here at Kingsley Garden Rooms, we build high-quality wooden buildings in Bristol. We therefore build luxury garden offices and garden rooms right throughout the city of Bath.

We build luxury wooden buildings; this means we only use quality items in order to construct the garden rooms. This means we use quality windows, doors, wood and also quality roofing, such as using rubber roofing.

Our business builds luxury garden rooms, also, our business does not build flat pack garden rooms, instead everyone is built according to our client’s specification, this means that we can offer you so many design options, such as which doors you would like, which windows, floor coverings, roofing options.

This means that we can offer you:

·        Different windows and doors

·        Bi-folding doors

·        Differing roofing options

·        Which cladding do you want used on your garden room or garden office?

·        Would you like decking outside your summerhouse?

·        Many more options


The price will vary on size of the garden room or garden office, as every timber building is unique and built to your specification, we will need to offer you a quote

The price of our garden room or summerhouse will vary massively depending on the size of the garden room, that is being built, as well as which features you would like.

For example, you may want a small wooden building, just big enough to place a few pieces of gym equipment, such as a treadmill and exercise bike, so that you have a home gym, yet on the other hand, we can offer you very large wooden buildings, for example an L-shaped garden room, that is very large, it may run the entire width of your garden.

Different garden office and garden room options will vary the quote

For example, it is often more expensive to opt for a timber building that has a large set of aluminium bi- folding doors, than they would if the customer was to opt for say a simple set of French doors for example.


We can offer you the following different options which we build your summerhouse:

·        Bi-folding doors

·        French doors

·        Decking

·        Rubber roof

·        Fibreglass roof


High-quality timber

We only use high-quality timber when building our timber buildings, this makes our summerhouses more expensive than some other companies, yet we are determined to only build high quality wooden buildings.

This means that all of the timber that we use, whether it be the wooden joists, the wooden cladding, the structural timber that goes into making the walls of the summerhouse, we always use high-quality timber.

How do you ensure that all of the other building materials that you use are quality?

We use high quality products, such as high-quality bi-folding doors, quality windows and also quality roof coverings as well. We never compromise on quality, some companies aim to offer the cheapest quote, yet sometimes if the roof is poorly constructed, then this will mean that the wooden building will not last that long.

This is why when we build a garden room, we will use quality rubber roofs, and quality fibreglass roofing. Some companies, incorrectly lay a felt roof, that is laid on chipboard, yet if the felt roof is not built correctly, then often water will ingress into the chipboard or the wooden boards used on the roof, this will then mean a leak develops,  the roof may also leak into the side walls, which will cause wood rot.

As you can see, we believe that some summerhouses can be a waste of money, this is why we only offer quality.


We can install high-quality wooden decking to the front or to fully surround your entire summerhouse.


We can clad the outside of your summerhouse using high-quality cladding, for example many customers opt for a quality hardwood cladding, such as using red cedar wood.


Internal walls

If you want to use your log cabin for multiple different uses, for example one half can be used as a home gym and the other half as a home office, then you might want us to partition the log cabin using plasterboard.

We can therefore use a plasterboard wall to separate the separate rooms, within your log cabin.


We can build an L-shaped summerhouse.


We use carpenters and joiners to erect our summerhouses

If the ground needs to be levelled

If the ground needs to be levelled, then this can increase how much it costs to build your summerhouse.







We require a luxury garden room to be built in Bristol- what can your company offer?

Welcome to Kingsley Garden Rooms and Offices

We build high-quality wooden buildings and also garden rooms in the cities of Bristol as well as Bath in the South West of England.

Our company has many carpenters which are able to construct high-quality garden rooms.


Here’s some of the reasons why so many of our customers in the South-West have hired us to build a quality and luxury garden room:

·        Our garden room company can offer you so many different options

·        We can offer you really high-quality bi-folding doors and we always use quality timber when building our log cabins, summerhouses, garden offices Bristol and garden rooms

·        We can install high-quality roof coverings, we can offer rubber roof’s and fibreglass roofs

·        We employ experienced carpenters to build our garden offices and garden rooms from scratch meaning we do not build “flat-pack” summerhouses

We build garden offices across the whole of the South West, so we can build wooden buildings anywhere in Bath and also in Bristol

·        We can listen to how you want your garden room built, and build this exactly to your specification

·        We do not offer “flatpack summerhouses” instead we build the whole garden room totally from scratch

·        We can offer high-quality cladding options, such as using “red cedar wood” which our carpenters can apply to the sides of your Bristol garden room

·        We can also build quality garden offices, and garden rooms in Bath, England where you might not have any rear access to the property, we can build the garden rooms from scratch by devising a way of building our garden rooms in gardens that do not have any rear access

·        We offer competitive prices

·        We have an estimator that can travel anywhere in the South-West to offer a quote


If you want a luxury garden office built or you want a high-quality garden room built within the city of Bristol or in the city of Bath, then why not give Kingsley a ring today? We can offer quotes on garden rooms across Bristol and also in Bath.

Our business has noticed that there is more demand now for really high-quality garden rooms and garden offices, we believe that’s because more people are now working from home and require a high quality wooden building to work from.

We believe cheap, low-quality  flat pack summerhouses are a false economy!

Some homeowners know that investing in a cheap summerhouse that is poorly made, is a total false economy, as after a relatively short period of time, some of these buildings need to be demolished and replaced, and that’s because they are such low quality. For example, sometimes a company will offer a low price on a wooden summerhouse, made using pine wood, which the homeowner then builds themselves, like in a flat-pack with instructions on how to build.

That can sometimes work great, but if the wood is such low-quality, in that it the wood is not meant for use outdoors, specially in our damp wet British weather, in the frost, storms and heavy rain, well, that type of cheap summerhouse, well wont last very long.

We have seen summerhouses, that are not that old, with the side panels totally rotten, cheap wooden chipboard roofs that have had tar felt poorly attached to the chip-board, which has meant just after a few weeks of construction, the chip-board roof on the summerhouse will have become drenched, causing a slow leak, and making the whole garden room smell of damp, so this is why when we build our Bristol garden rooms, or in Bath, we build them using carpenters, and we built totally from scratch so that we know we are delivering a high quality product.

We simply build quality garden rooms in the great city of Bristol

This is why so many homeowners are asking Kingsley to build a timber summerhouse, that’s because we can build a luxury garden rooms that are built exactly to your requirements.

“Also, we never build flatpack summerhouses, that’s to say, our carpenters instead build the whole garden room in your garden totally from scratch to your exact specification”.

This means that we can offer you so many different options when building your garden room, for example when you meet with our estimator, we can talk to you about different roof options for your garden room, different types of windows, and doors different decking options, we can also even talk about how you would want the internal rooms to be built and to what size.

Therefore, a lot of homeowners in the city of Bristol, in the South-West of England and a lot of homeowners in Bath, are having very large garden rooms built, so that they can use the wooden buildings from multiple different reasons.

For example, the homeowners may want to use one half as a home gym, and to have a treadmill, a cycle bike, and also a rowing machine in one half of the garden room.

Then by using a plasterboard partition wall, the other half might be used as a home office during the day, therefore a lot of people are investing in garden offices, and garden rooms, because they can be used from multiple different purposes.

We know however that a lot of homeowners want high-quality, they want luxury garden rooms, and that’s why they hire Kingsley, as we have many carpenters and we also only use high-quality building materials such as high-quality timber and high-quality aluminium doors whenever we are building your brand new garden office.

We use always high-quality timber, such as high-quality wooden joists, we also use high-quality wooden cladding, as well as high-quality bi-folding doors or French doors.

This is why so many homeowners within Bristol, and indeed within Bath, use our company to build a high-quality and luxury summerhouse.

What makes your log-cabins, summerhouses and garden rooms luxury?

We build luxury wooden summerhouses, we employ carpenters which build our timber buildings totally from scratch.

In Bristol you may receive some cheaper quotes from some other companies, however you do have to check whether they are offering to build a quality summerhouse or not.

Sometimes, some flatpack summerhouses, can occasionally be low-quality.

That’s to say, sometimes the wood is not suitable for use within a garden, so simply put the wood will start to rot fairly quickly sometimes.

Then sometimes there will be problems with the roof, that’s because sometimes a low-quality roof will be provided, in that a wooden board will simply be laid with a felt roof covering.

However, sometimes this roof covering will not last that long, that is why some flatpack summerhouses, can simply be low-quality sometimes.

Do you build flat pack summerhouses?

We simply do not build flatpack summerhouses, some companies make a high profit margin from purchasing a flatpack summerhouse from a company, and then assembling it for you.

However, we take a totally different approach to building our summerhouses, we employ carpenters and we purchase high-quality wood, so that every single one of our wooden buildings is built from scratch.

How do you ensure that you build quality garden rooms, how do you ensure that you use quality wood?

We only use high-quality timber, for example we can offer our customers “red cedar cladding” for example.

Does your business employ carpenters?

We employ many carpenters, who are able to build luxury wooden summerhouses in Bristol.

Can you supply and also fit aluminium bi-folding doors to the front of our new garden room?

Many of our customers opt for high-quality aluminium bi-folding doors, with some cheaper summerhouses this is normally not an option, and instead a wooden door is only offered.

However, when somebody wants a garden office built, or a garden room to be used as a home gym, then often bi-folding doors need to be fitted, if you want a garden office or garden room that has high-quality bi-folding doors, then you need Kingsley.

We want a quality garden office or garden room built, but we must make sure that a quality roof is fitted- which roofing options can your business offer?

We only offer high-quality roofing, such as fibreglass roofing, and also rubber roof’s.

High-quality cladding

We offer high-quality wooden cladding, for example, we can offer “red cedar cladding”.

Can you also offer decking? If so, can you build decking, so there is decking in front of our garden room?

We can offer to put high-quality wooden or composite decking in front of your new timber summerhouse- you might want your whole summerhouse also to be surrounded by quality decking?

We live in Bath, England, we would like a garden room built in Bath, can you build summerhouses in the city of Bath?

Yes, we build summerhouses in Bath.

We do not like aluminium bi-folding doors, we want the whole of the garden room in Bristol to be built from wood, so we want wooden windows, wooden doors, and also wooden cladding, can you build a garden room, here in Bristol, that’s made using high-quality wood?

Another popular option in Bristol is to opt for wooden French doors, to be fitted to the front of the garden room.

We have a very large garden here in Bristol, we want to make the most of our space by building a very large garden room, or a very large garden office, is this something which you can build?

We can build very large wooden summerhouses; sometimes a customer in The South West of England will want a very large timber building to be constructed, so that they can use the space as a garden office, and sometimes also for another purpose, such as using the space as a home gym as well.

We can therefore also build large wooden summerhouses in Bristol.

If we were to hire you to build a luxury garden room here in Bristol, how do you ensure the quality of the work is kept high?

We only offer high-quality work.

Rubber roof’s

We offer high-quality rubber roof’s.

Fibreglass roofs

We can offer high-quality fibreglass roofing.

Summerhouses Bristol

We build our summerhouses in the city of Bristol, we also build timber buildings in Bath as well.

Built quickly

Our carpenters will ensure that we construct all of our summerhouses quickly.

Garden office

If you would like a garden office to be built, then why not give us a ring?

We have built many summerhouses,which are used as garden offices.

Home gym

Another common purpose for a garden room, is to use the space as a home gym, we can build a large summerhouse, so that you can use the room as a home gym, so that you can fit treadmills, rowing machines and perhaps even dumb bells as well?

For a quote, why not give us a ring?

If you would like a quote within the city of Bristol, or you would like a quote for a summerhouse in Bath, then why not give Kingsley a call today?