Are you now working from home? Why not invest in a garden office?

A lot more of us are now working from home here in Bristol, yet, working with a laptop on our lap while working on the sofa, well its less than perfect.

You may have instead deemed the kitchen table as the best place to work? Ye,t when it comes to dinner time, its annoying to have to get rid of all you paper-work, just in case they get covered in tomato sauce, and other food from dinner!

So, you’ve decided that you want to invest in a brand-new garden office, and you need it built fast, yet you don’t want to obviously buy one that’s low quality.

For example, when shopping around for a summerhouse online that can be used as your place of work, well, you might have even found some companies that have multiple bad reviews, with people complaining about leaking roofs, windows and doors that don’t fit flush, and let the wind blow in!

Also people saying that the garden room is simply too cold to work in!

This is where we offer garden rooms which are built to the highest of quality and are completely different, now how can we say that?
Well, we have a skilled team of really good carpenters, plus all of the building materials are brought to your garden, we then assemble the whole thing from scratch, so that’s right, no flat pack summerhouses from us, no just a talented team, which will use wood, roofing items, windows and doors, insulation which has been manufactured by leading suppliers.

Then we can build your dream garden room, perhaps you have a really good idea of how you want the building to look?
With large sky-lights, LED lights outside, composite decking, and let’s say hardwood cladding, for example red cedar wood all neatly fitted to the outside? This is a very popular option.

Perhaps you know you want a Bristol garden office, and you need it built fast, so you can start working in it as soon as possible, yet you do not know which design you want, well no problem!

That’s because our estimator will travel anywhere in Bristol, meet you in your garden, and we can start to discuss all the various options, so we can build your perfect garden room or garden office, and because you’ve hired Kingsley, it will be built to a very high standard indeed.
We build Bristol garden offices

Bristol is simply a brilliant city, the dock-land area is great place to have a walk, enjoy food or beer, the town centre has many independent shops, and there’s so many places to have a good walk, like through Clifton, over the Clifton suspension bridge, and through the park, where is even roaming deer!

Yet, with that said, like most brilliant cities here in the U.K, the price of property has gone up and this has many Bristol residents thinking, well, we don’t want to move, we want to stay here, we just need more living space, so more people have had property extensions, attic conversions, and garden rooms.

And this is where we can come in, it doesn’t matter if you have a 2-bedroom terraced house, or a truly massive mansion in Bath England, we can build a garden office for you, and we have built garden rooms within Bristol for many different purposes, for example it could be a garden office it could alternatively be used for something completely different, lets say as a bar, where there’s a large wine chiller, a large bar, and sprits hung to the wall, so when you walk in, and you have your very own bar, where you can enjoy a pint, or even socialise with friends.
Why not go the whole hog? And have a draft beer pump installed, so your garden room become a place in the evening to enjoy a pint of your favourite lager or local Ale?

Built to a design that you specify

Do want hardwood French Doors? Grey aluminium bi-folding doors? A single door to the side of the garden office, and these are just some of the door options, when you hire us as the company to build your garden office here in Bristol, we can simply offer you so many different options, different roof options, plus also many different wooden cladding options.

So, we can build your garden office the way that you like
For example, perhaps you want to use your new wooden garden office for a dual-purpose, so for example have one side as your own office space, the other side of the wall, you could have your own home gym?

Our customers do say that they really enjoy working from their new garden office

What better place to work in our own opinion, than to work while over looking the garden, and as soon as you’ve decided you’ve done enough work, to pack-up, close the bi-folding doors, and walk back to the house, so your not getting stuck in peak traffic.

We build garden rooms within the great city of Bristol, as well as in also Bath, England

Looking for a quote to have a luxury summerhouse or garden office built? Well, why not call Kingsley?

We offer really competitive quotes, plus we also build every single one of our garden offices to a really high standard.

Loads of different options

Whether you want bi-folding doors, sky-lights, L.E.D lights, red cedar cladding, or lets say hardwood flooring, however you want your garden room to be constructed in Bristol, we can build it for you.

Built to the exact size that you specify

We can build any sized garden office
Built with quality in mind

We only ever offer quality

Why not obtain a no obligation quote, we can meet you in your garden.

To obtain a quote, why not call us?

We can help you to design your perfect garden office or garden room

Let’s face it, we spend most of our waking hours busy as a bee at work. With more and more homeowners in Bristol working from home you may want to purchase a garden office?

So, if you want a high-quality timber building built, so that you can work from home, or create a space to relax, why not call Kingsley?

We build the following timber buildings in the great city of Bristol:

·        We build luxury wooden summerhouses

·        We build bespoke garden rooms across Bristol

·        We build luxury garden rooms

·        We build log cabins

What will you use your brand-new garden room for?

You may want to create a home gym, and you will more than likely already know the fitness equipment that you want in your garden room, whether that be a treadmill, free-weights or an exercise bike- why not create your own personal gym?

No waiting for treadmills to become available, or driving to the gym after work, no you can just pop-down to the end of your garden, open the large bi-folding doors and start your workout.

Do you want a wooden garden room Bristol, so that you have your own space to relax?

You may want to use your garden room as a space to relax and truly unwind, while taking in the views of your garden. Some of our customers in Bristol, like to enjoy a bottle of chilled wine in a summers everning, while relaxing within there luxury garden room built by Kingsley.

 You may know how you want the garden room positioned to maximise your view over the surrounding area. Here in Bristol, we truly have some great scenery, for example you may have a view of the Clifton suspension Bridge, rolling countryside or you may live more inner city?

Can you help me to design my new Bristol garden room?

You may not know which options to go for, and this is where our design team can come in. Our design team can offer you so many different design options, for example, which colour do you the bi-folding doors to be, do you want Velux windows fitted into the roof? Do you want French wooden doors, do you want decking outside the summerhouse? If so, do you want wooden or composite decking, do you want fitted into the outside of the summerhouse L.E.D lights? Do you want a fibreglass roof, would you like hardwood flooring? What colours do you want the walls painted? Do you want our carpenters to build shelfing, extra storage or even a bar area?

As you can see, when you hire Kingsley to build your brand new Bristol garden office, or your new garden room, we can offer you so many different design options.

Now, when you’re on Google, and your looking for “local companies that build summerhouses” you may spot that some companies don’t offer you many design options, that’s because for some businesses, the summerhouses are already made, that’s to say, they may well be sometimes “flat-pack” summerhouses, that have been assembled in a factory, in a flat-pack form, so that in a day or a matter of days some teams can then assemble the flatpack summerhouse.

However, we have to say, that here at our company, we don’t offer our customers in Bristol summerhouses that are flat-pack, instead we take a totally different approach to building our wooden buildings.

And, you may now be thinking, well, how is your approach to constructing your wooden buildings so different?

Well, its so different because, we build everyone of our log-cabins, summerhouses and garden rooms from scratch. So this means that our team will build the whole garden office or room, from the start in your garden, that’s to say, the concrete, the timber, the windows and doors, the roof, all the building materials that are needed will be assembled in your garden, they will be made by our carpenters, and this is why we say that everyone of our summerhouses, that we build in the great city of Bristol is totally bespoke, its tailor made to your requirements.

We will meet with you in your garden and listen carefully to how you want your garden room or your garden office to be built

We can meet with you within your garden, that’s anywhere in Bristol, we can listen carefully to how you want your new garden office, or alternatively garden room to be built, in terms of dimensions, then we can then start to offer you different options, such as:

·        What colour do you want the bi-folding doors to be?

·        What type of timber cladding do you want?

·        How do you want the garden room to be insulated?

·        Do you want sky-lights to be installed into the roof?

·        Do you want a rubber-roof on your garden office or room?

·        Do you want wooden or composite decking?

·        Which colour do you want the inside rooms to be painted?

·        Which type of flooring do you want?

We can listen to what you want to use your garden room for, then we can come up with ideas for you

For example, if you’re going to use your garden room as a home gym, you might want a plasterboard internal walls, to separate the free weights area, from say other exercise machine’s, you may want extra plug-sockets as you may want multiple T.V’s to watch while working out, you may want bi-folding doors, so you can fold-back the doors during the summer, and let the fresh-air flood into the home-gym.

Therefore our garden room designers can offer you different design options, that’s because everyone of our summerhouses is made to order, and hand-built exactly to your specification.

Do you want to use your brand-new summerhouse as a home bar and a place to socialise?


If you want to use the garden room as a place to socialise, so that your summerhouse becomes a place to have friends over during the summer, say to enjoy a glass of chilled wine or draft beer, you might want a bar area built in your garden room in Bristol?

You might therefore want a bar area to be built into the side of your garden room, you might decide that you want an “L-shaped garden room” built, so that it can accommodate a large bar area, so that you can have a place for all your draft beer equipment?

Our estimators can offer you many different design options

Many residents within the South West of England, want a garden room or summerhouse built yet they know the dimensions they want the wooden building to be, but they may not know the different design options, that they want.

This is where our estimators can help, we can explain all the different options available to you, for example which roof you want, which wooden decking you want, and which cladding options you want, for example.

 What is the sure is if you are currently looking for a company, that can build really high-quality summerhouse, and you want your wooden building built in the city of Bristol, then why not give our company a ring?



What are you going to use your garden room for?

Many Bristol residents are wanting to create extra living space, yet sometimes they do not want to move property in order to gain more space, they just want to better utilise the space that they have available to them.

And what better way to create more living space than investing in a new garden room?

For example, at the end of your garden right now, there might be an old and rather dilapidated shed, a greenhouse or perhaps just a lot of overgrown shrubbery that is now amassed and taken over the end of your garden? We can help homeowners to put this space to much better use by building a tailor made, quality garden room made using quality construction materials, for example you may opt for Velux windows in the roof, premium aluminium bi-folding doors, quality hardwood cladding, a premium rubber roof, external LED spot-lights, and these are just some of the options we can offer you.

So, if you are on Google, and are looking for “companies that build garden rooms in Bristol”- then why look any further than us? As we simply build quality, homeowners all over Bristol, whether they own a terraced house in Clifton, or they own a very large detached home in Keynsham, Bristol, we can build a tailor-made, luxury summerhouse for you.

We can build a tailor-made, luxurious garden office or room for you

Our team can get to work on removing overgrown shrubbery, or that broken garden shed or a greenhouse that may well be falling apart, we can start to build in its place a garden room or are bespoke wooden summerhouse you.
Below we are going to look at some of the common uses of why so many homeowners have hired Kingsley in Bristol to build a luxury garden room.

So, what will you use your garden room for?

A place to work from

More people than ever are fortunate enough to be able to work from home, yet even if you work from your property currently, you still want a dedicated work space, so why not hire us to build a Bristol garden office?

So, what better way than just sliding back those bi-folding doors, sitting at a desk looking out onto your garden while answering your work calls and e-mails while being in your garden?

Now, you can begin to see why so many homeowners right across the great city of Bristol are hiring us to build what is often referred to as a “garden office” or a “garden room”.

Then when you wish to take a break from all those spreadsheets, work e-mails and this work related tasks, you can simply grab yourself a cup of coffee or a nice cuppa tea in the garden room and take a walk around your garden, we can’t think of a better place to work from, can you?

A place to relax and unwind

Why not create a day dedicated space within your garden where you can go to relax, perhaps you might want put up wall-art or pictures of all your favourite film’s and actors, and then install a projector so this is then a garden room which becomes your cinema room?
Then you can sit back in a comfortable reclining chair, perhaps with a glass of chilled wine or draft beer and you can relax within your cinema room, while watching your favourite films?

After a long day at work, what better place to go and just relax and unwind in your own garden room that has been created as a place to simply unwind? Or as a space to have friends over in Bath, England or in the great city of Bristol, to have your friends over to watch a football match, rugby match or to watch the boxing? All, while you have a large 4k 70 inch TV that’s hung to the wall, and you also have draft beer on pump?

Therefore, many people in Bristol are looking for a Bristol garden room company, that can build a timber building that can be used as a cinema room, a place to relax, or a place to have your friends over to watch a sporting event.

A summerhouse that can be used as a home gym in Bristol

For those that attend a gym or like to do yoga, they will know the importance of regular exercise, yet at the same time often they don’t want to be breathing in stale air, which some gyms do have.

So, what better place than to have your own garden room, where you can simply fold back the aluminium doors, and breath fresh air from your garden, while exercising on your treadmill, exercise bike, or rowing machine, so your summerhouse becomes your own home gym. Many residents in Bath have therefore contacted us, as they want a home gym, and put all of there gym equipment, such as free-weights, exercise machines, yoga equipment in a summerhouse that’s been built for this purpose.

So, why not have us build a summerhouse in Bristol, that becomes your home gym, yoga room or simply your meditation room?
Therefore within your garden room you can place your own gym-equipment, your own cycling machine, your own rowing machine and you can install any gym equipment you want as well playing your own workout music, or relaxing music, or music you like to listen to while doing yoga.

And because it’s your own gym equipment, you will never be asked by other people how long you’re going to be on the machine for! Like you might do at the local gym, also you haven’t got to waste time travelling because you’ve created that workout space within your property, so you can go to the gym as often as you like, say at 6 AM in the morning or even at midnight, that’s the important factor about having your own home gym, you can use it when you feel like, and you have got to travel anywhere other than to the end of your garden to you use your gym equipment in your summerhouse.

Relaxation and listen to the birds

For some people there is nothing more relaxing than sitting in your brand-new wooden summerhouse that has been built by Kingsley, and to sit in a comfortable chair and to listen to the birds while reading your favourite book.
Therefore, many homeowners within the great city of Bristol, and also within Bath, have hired us to build a timber garden building so that it becomes a place of relaxation, a place to enjoy a good book, a place to listen to music, a place to watch a film, or a place to simply enjoy your draft beer , and sit back and enjoy your favourite pint.

A garden room to be used as a socialising space

What better way than to have friends over, and to sit with a glass of wine in your garden room, you can simply sit in your garden room, and talk while overlooking your garden.
Many homeowners therefore install their own coffee machines, their own draft beer pumps or perhaps they also install an area where they can make a cup of tea.

So, when guests come over, you can sit on the decking of your garden room, or if it starts to rain you can even go within the building and sit on some comfortable sofas, while relaxing within your purpose built and totally bespoke garden room that built by Kingsley.

A place to enjoy your hobbies

Perhaps you are a mountain biking enthusiast, and you want a place where you can store your mountain bikes as well as maintaining or to charge say your electric bike.

Alternatively, you might be in your retirement, and you like putting together craft models, you want a place where you can quietly work and assemble your models and then paint them?

Perhaps you enjoy painting, using oil paints and canvases? If so what better place than to place your artwork in your garden room, not only can you use the space to create the work by painting on your canvass, but it can also become a salesroom as well if you wanted to invite people to see the work when it is hung on a wall, for example.

A home bar

A lot of homeowners want to create a space where they can create their very own home bar, for example, they might want to hang their spirits on the wall, such as their favourite whiskeys, vodka’s or rums.

Some garden room in Bristol even have draft beer on pump, so that the space feels like an authentic pub, also some other homeowners simply place a large wine chiller in the space, and have a comfortable sofa and a large television hung on the wall, so the space instantly becomes some where that you can go to relax after work.

Therefore, many of our customers throughout Bristol are looking for a garden room company that can build a Bristol garden office, or a bespoke garden room that can be used as a place to relax, and we can create such a space for you.

As a salesroom

Perhaps you sell used cars or classic cars throughout the South West? You may not want a large office space, but you want somewhere where you can work from during the day, and also where customers can pick up the car keys and sign the paper work when you do sell a car.

Therefore, we can build timber buildings that are used as a sales room, for example the space could be for a used car dealership sales room?
Alternatively you might work from home and simply need somewhere that you can meet with your clients, so why not hire our carpenters to build your new timber building?

A place of business

Another reason why many people within Bath, England and also many of our other customers want us to build a bespoke garden room, so that they can use it as a place to meet their customers.

For example, you might be a freelance web designer, or you might be somebody that is setting up a hairdressing business, yet you do not want a high Street location to start with, so you may simply want to meet customers within your garden room, where you can offer beauty treatments or to cut their hair for example?

As you can see our timber buildings that we construct are used for a wide range of different reasons, from a cinema room right through to beauty salons, so you can begin to see why garden rooms are now becoming so popular.
However, it’s worth noting that, we do not build “flatpack summerhouses”, instead we focus on building hand built, totally bespoke and luxury garden rooms which are made to order.

For example, one of the most popular options is to have really high-quality rubber roof installed on the roof, to then have a really high-quality set of luxury bi-folding doors, to have a concrete slab and then to have internal rooms, made using plasterboard within the actual garden room.

This is the popular type of construction that we offer, and we can offer you many different types of wooden cladding options, as well as different options such as paint finishes, and also flooring.

Therefore, if you are looking for a Bristol summerhouse company, or a business that can simply build a timber building in a short amount of time, we have the team that is capable of building any sized summerhouse, whether it is a large structure, or an L-shaped structure, if you want a garden office built we can help.

No matter if you own a property that is nearer the city centre of Bristol, or own a house that is within the outskirts of Bristol or Bath, our garden room company serves the entire of the South-West and Somerset.

What are you going to use you garden room or office for?

If you are looking for a contractor that builds the spoken garden rooms as well as offices within the city of Bristol, also in Bath, why not contact our garden room company?

We require a contractor that can build a garden office here in Bristol- are you able to help?


“Here at Kingsley we are all about building quality, luxurious garden rooms, our team can build a garden office anywhere in the South West. Why not book a no obligation appointment with our estimator, they can run through all the options you want, so we can build a garden office Bristol to the exact design you want, quite simply put, if you want a timber building built in Bristol,  they why not call us”- Kingsley


It’s clear to see why so many homeowners are purchasing garden offices from Kingsley, whether it be a place to run a business from 9 to 5 or just a place to use for a few hours each day to catch up on work e-mails, a garden office can offer a place to work from.

And after all, been stuck in busy traffic throughout the city of Bristol, can mean that some people lose quite a bit of time stuck on a daily commute back and from a place of work, this is another reason why Bristol garden offices are now becoming more popular than ever.

Can Kingsley offer many different garden office designs?

Some businesses will offer you a standard design, that’s the say they may have already selected the roof, wooden external cladding and the various windows and doors, however here at Kingsley our business is very different.

We have experienced carpenters here in the city of Bristol, which build our garden rooms to a very high-standard indeed and everyone is built bespoke to your own requirements.


So why do so many residents in Bristol hire Kingsley to build a garden office

–        We build garden offices to any size

–        We cover the whole of Bristol

–        We can offer you so many different options

–        We also build garden offices Bath and the rest of the South West

–        We use top-quality, luxury building materials, such as top-quality bi-folding doors


Why choose Kingsley to build your garden office Bristol?

Here at Kingsley we quite simply build luxury garden rooms throughout the entire South-West of England, we have build some really impressive garden rooms that are very large, and span across very wide gardens.

For example, lets say you have a wide garden, we can build L-shaped, or very large garden offices, you can then have multiple rooms inside, brilliant if there is more than one person working from the garden office.

Why do homeowners in the city of Bristol, England purchase a garden room from you?

These garden rooms are used for many different reasons, for example as this cinema room, as a place to read a book, somewhere to enjoy a glass of wine, or simply as a place to work from.

The convenience of walking out your back door of your home then walking a few steps and you garden room, that can become a place you work from offers huge convenience.


There are now so many garden offices being built in Bristol

Garden offices which are also sometimes called “summerhouses”, are fast becoming more and more popular, we offer all of these wooden structures including garden offices.

You may have a very clear idea of how you want a garden office built we may not have a clue, in either case we will be able to assist you and to discuss with you all the various options that we offer


Are the garden offices that your business build bespoke?

All of our garden offices are built so that they are totally bespoke, this means they are built from scratch, it means our team will arrive at your garden in Bristol, England, and they will start to use structural timber such as 4 x 2, red cedar cladding (if selected) and also boarding as well as using fastenings and screws to start piecing together your brand-new garden office.

We can paint your garden office, we can offer many different flooring options, different roofing options we can also offer you many power points options, where you might want power point’s located in different places, for example, you may want more power points over one side of the room and our electricians can do this for you.

You might want a large skylight, you might want really large bi-folding doors, you might want our carpenters to build a bespoke set of French doors, whatever you would like we can build.


So many people are now working from home

Bristol is a busy and booming city, yet more and more people are now working from home- this is driven up the demand for garden offices, yet homeowners also demand quality, they want something that is built by carpenters using quality building materials which are of a high standard, and thats   exactly what Kingsley can offer.


Why commute in Bristol, when you can simply work from your newly built garden office?

Some people would commute for over an hour, that’s before they started working from home or perhaps they’re just starting a business in Bristol, and now they want a garden room because they want to run a business from it can work from it, we can build such a timber building for you in a relatively short period of time.


Our carpenters within Bristol, are capable of building any size garden office

We have really experienced carpenters and an experienced team that can completely manage building your new garden office.

This means right from laying the concrete slab, through to pouring the concrete of the base, right through to the work on the roof, to add the rubber membrane that is needed, whether it be finishing the garden room by painting the inside, we can completely manage every single aspect of building your garden room.


Do you need a garden office built in the city of Bristol?

We can build garden offices anywhere in the city of Bristol, if you are therefore looking for a Bristol garden room company why not give us a ring here at Kingsley?

Are you able to offer us various extras in terms of upgrades?

We can offer you many different upgrade options, ranging from skylights through to decking options

Different garden office options

We can offer you many different options, if this something you would like incorporated into the build then we can do this for you.