Let us help you to make the most out of the available space you have in your garden



Our British gardens come in all shapes and sizes, from the homes that have a small triangular garden, to the homes that have acres.

Our estimators are often asked for ideas, that’s how to best position and design the garden room, whether it be ideas for how to elevate the structure, to make the best of a view of countryside, or perhaps the garden is an usual shape, let’s say a triangle or just a garden, that’s in a city centre, and has difficult access- our estimators are often able to come up with innovative solutions, here’s how our garden room company can help you:

Different shape garden rooms

Let’s say your home is located in Clifton, that’s in Bristol, and you don’t have a large garden, and it’s a triangle shape, what we can do, as we only build bespoke summerhouses, is that we can construct a building which is shaped to your garden.

When you compare this with what some companies offer, that’s to say a summerhouse may come in 5 sizes, well, you may find that the shape doesn’t make the most efficient use of the space, so you may even be left with a space behind the summerhouse which is unusable, and therefore it becomes a wasted space.

Instead why Kingsley is often chosen, that’s by so many homeowners throughout England, is simply because, our estimators can meet you in your garden, and come up with ideas of how to best use the space in your garden, or if you have a view of say a river, countryside or simply looking over the city of Bristol, then we can suggest ways to position the wooden summerhouse, so that when your inside you have the position that you want, this may mean landscaping works, or raising the whole structure, or it might mean building steps and decking all around the summerhouse, so you don’t just have the benefit of a good view inside the garden room, but outside you also have raised decking, to walk-around, or to sit outside.

Innovative storage

Sometimes an old garage or let’s say an old wooden shed needs to be demolished, the slab broken up and removed. Yet, that old garage, well that might have been the place where the mountain bikes were stored, or the lawn-mower, and old paint tins, so where will they be stored now?

Well, because we employ carpenters, we design and build bespoke summerhouse, this means that sometimes the homeowner will want a garden office, and for the space to be split into storage, so one part of the garden office, is a space with bi-folding doors, which can be used as a office, then on the side, can be a wooden door, or aluminium door, which you can open to the storage, where bikes, lawn-mowers or paint tins for example can stored, so the garden office or garden room, that’s built by us in Bristol has dual uses, as an office, and also as storage space in your garden.


Sometimes landscaping work is needed, that’s to say in some gardens we work on, in Bristol, the earth needs to be levelled in your garden, or perhaps old bushes need to be taken down, also sometimes earth is added to raise a part of the garden, this can sometimes help some homeowners to elevate the summerhouse, and we then carry out the landscaping to position the summerhouse exactly where the homeowner wants.


We can build quality decking around your whole summerhouse, some homeowners like this, because when they fold back the bi-folding doors, during the summer weather, they can also enjoy sitting out on the decking, we can build composite and wooden decking.

Split rooms

Often a garden room which we build here in Bristol, in England, is used for dual purposes, for example, one side of the garden room, might be a garden office, and the other side is used as a home gym, so the other side might be a space that has running machines, so after a busy day, at work, the other side of the summerhouse is used as a home gym. Many residents Bath, also in the city of Bristol therefore have us build a garden office, with a plasterboard wall, and internal door, so that the space can be used as a home gym as well.

So after a long-day, answering all those e-mails, once you’ve finished work, instead of having to drive all that way to a gym, you can simply open the door, within your garden room, and start your workout.

We have built some very large wooden garden rooms within Bristol, therefore sometimes the space is used as a home office, then the other half, a place where free-weights, treadmills, or a rowing machine is located.

Sometimes, if you have a large garden, a lot of homeowners also opt for what is called an L-shaped garden room, our estimator, once he meets with you, in your garden in Bristol, we can recommend different shape garden rooms depending on the size of the garden room.


Sometimes landscaping work is needed, for example, bushes may need to be removed, an old wall taken down, or even a whole garage demolished to make way for the new summerhouse, our company can offer you landscaping, so that we can landscape your garden ready for the construction of the new summerhouse.

How our garden room company can help you:

Whether you have a large 3 storey home right in the centre of Clifton, in the city of Bristol, or you own a cottage in Bath, we can offer to build a garden building exactly the way you want it built, many homeowners, right across the whole of Bristol hire us, because we build quality summerhouse and garden rooms, we can therefore offer you different options, from different door options, through to different roofing options, for a quote, why not give us a ring today?



We need a company that can build a Bristol Summerhouse


“Kingsley is well-known for building quality wooden summerhouses. We build our garden rooms all over Bristol, we are chosen because of our impeccable workmanship, our commitment to only using quality building materials, our competitive pricing, and the fact that our craftsman, whether they are the carpenter or the roof installer, make sure that every Bristol summerhouse is built to a very high-standard, this is why we are asked to build luxurious and carefully built summerhouses in the great city of Bath and also all over Bristol, quite simply put, if you want a well-made summerhouse, at a reasonable price, you need Kingsley”.

Summer is nearly here, finally we can get out and make the most out of our gardens. This is also a time where residents within Bristol invest in improving their gardens, and want a real quality timber summerhouse built, this is where Kingsley can help.

This does mean that many residents of Bristol will once a high-quality wooden summerhouse to be built, they don’t want a cheap option, they want a timber building that made using real quality building materials, so that the summerhouse is quality, incorporating into the design quality windows and doors, and built to the very design that they had in mind.

Whether the summerhouse is to be a place to enjoy a glass of wine in a summers evening or a pint of beer, or perhaps it is going to be used as your place of business and work, we can design and build your perfect wooden summerhouse.

Summerhouses is a term that’s interchangeable for “log-cabins” and also “garden rooms” yet rest assured here at Kingsley that our highly skilled team, can build every type of wooden building.

Now because the summerhouse is not something you purchase every day, it’s not like purchasing a garden shed, it’s much more of a considered purchase, with a homeowner often thinking for quite a while exactly the design they want, they want a company that build that exact summerhouse.

However, a lot of homeowners will not be aware of the various options that are available to them, for example they will not know of the various types of wooden flooring, windows and different options of roofing that the business such as Kingsley can offer.

So even though the homeowner in the great city of Bristol, knows that they want a brand-new summerhouse built, often they will not know what particular design they would like. They need a company that can help with not just the build, but choosing the design, and this is where our business Kingsley can help.

We can help design your summerhouse Bristol

Because we have built so many wooden summerhouses, our friendly team can assist you by explaining all of the different design options that we have available to you, we can then help you to narrow down the different design options that you like, so that you end up with your perfect and ideal summerhouse built here in the city of Bristol.

We can offer different flooring, roofing, cladding, windows, doors, lighting options for example, when you choose us as your company to build your summerhouse, we can offer you so many options.

Luxury bespoke summerhouses

Our company specialises not in building generic flatpack timber garden rooms, but instead building garden rooms which are made by our carpenters, which are built to order. Which incorporate into the design the different door options, different flooring options, the different cladding options.

The summerhouses are therefore luxurious, that’s because we use very good quality building materials.

Summerhouses used as garden offices

Perhaps you want to use the summerhouse as a garden office? Perhaps your self-employed and need a place to work from during the day?

Alternatively, you may want a wooden summerhouse built so that it becomes a place that you can work from, while at home, because your employer has asked you now to work more from home rather than an office? You therefore need a garden office constructed, and this is where we can help.

A wooden summerhouse so it becomes a place to relax

One of the most common reasons why we build Bristol summerhouses, is because the homeowners simply want somewhere when he can go and relax, where they can take a book, watch a film or simply enjoy a glass of cold wine during the summer.

Therefore, one of the most common reasons that we build our wooden summerhouses, is that it becomes a place of relaxation, with a homeowner can go to unwind after a busy day at work for example with a cold beer.

Different timber and composite cladding

Many residents choose us because we can offer you many different summerhouse design options, for example you might want a traditional hardwood red cedar cladding, or you might want something that is more modern and contemporary, for example you might want the whole building to have a composite type of cladding, which might have a light grey colour, or it might have a light olive green colour? This is will totally transform the design of your summerhouse.

Built to the exact dimensions that you specify

A lot of residents choose us, because we don’t just offer say five different summerhouse designs to choose from, no, we don’t build flatpack summerhouses, instead every single one of our summerhouses in Bristol, England are built to the exact dimensions that our customer requests, so that they are made to order, and made to the exact size of summerhouse that you want.

So for example, if you want an L-shaped wooden garden room, where it makes the most of the width of your whole garden, then we can build this for you. Alternatively you might want a small wooden summerhouse, one that is built to the side of shrubbery or say a large tree in your garden, so that it built to not to take up a large proportion of your garden, then we can build wooden summerhouses which are both truly large wooden summerhouses, and also much smaller wooden summerhouses, each one is made to order.

Aluminium windows

We supply very high-quality premium aluminium windows, so you can rest assured that the windows will be of the highest quality when fitted to your summerhouse.

Aluminium doors

We can fit aluminium doors, for example we can fit bi- folding doors which come in a huge range of different colours.

Summerhouse companies in the city of Bristol

If you are therefore looking for a contractor, in the city of Bristol, in the South-West of England that is capable of building very high quality summerhouses why not give us a ring?

Wooden flooring

We can offer wooden flooring, so that your summerhouse has a hardwood wooden flooring for example you might want oak wood flooring.

Different roofing options

We can offer you many different roofing options when you hire our company

Rubber roof  

many residents in Bristol want what is known as a fibreglass or rubber roof, we can offer this.

We can help you to design your perfect summerhouse

Are you looking for a company which builds garden offices and rooms in the South West of England?

The South West of England has some beautiful and simply stunning scenery. Whether your home has a view over Clifton suspension bridge in Bristol, or alternatively perhaps you have views of rolling countryside of Bath in England? We think that the South West offers a truly spectacular place to live and work.
This is why more and more people are now investing in a garden room, that’s built by our very highly regarded team of installers.
This is to create a space where homeowners can work from home, or to simply build a space to relax in The South West of England. So what’s better than relaxing with a bottle of wine, in your new summerhouse, while overlooking the countryside and views of the South West of England.
Whether you’re going to use the space as a home office, and look out over your garden while on a business call, or perhaps you just want a space to relax and a space to unwind, with a bottle of wine?
This is why many people invest in a garden room that’s built by Kingsley. Our carpenters are able to build quality summerhouses and garden rooms, we listen to the exact design you want, for example a rubber roof, where you want the LED lighting, which decking you want, what cladding you would like, plus also where the windows and doors should be placed, then we can build this for you, we build quality garden rooms in The South West of England.
Free, no-obligation quotes:
Whether your home is in the centre of Bristol or in Bath , why not call us for a no obligation quote, so we can build one of the following for you:
• Luxury hand-built garden rooms
• Log cabins
• Wooden garden offices
• Wooden summerhouses
• Garden offices
• We can design, build and project manage the whole construction
• We build across the entire South West of England.
If your therefore on Google looking for “garden room companies within Bristol” well why not call us?
Kingsley is a brand that’s well-known for building Bristol garden offices and rooms that are well-built, use top-quality building materials, plus we can completely project manage the whole construction of your summerhouse. We are known from the city-centre of Bristol, through to the centre of Bath for taking an uncompromising approach to building luxury timber summerhouses, made using skilled staff, and very high quality building materials.
We also go to great lengths to source quality building items, such as using quality timber, we can therefore offer you so many timber options, for example would you like your Bristol garden office to have a hardwood cladding, for example Oak, or red cedar or perhaps beech? Alternatively you may want a Bristol garden room that has composite cladding, so that the cladding is say a light grey colour?
We can design, manage and build your dream garden room
Best of all we completely manage the whole construction of your summerhouses, so you will not need to hire separate tradesmen for say to build the roof, or to then purchase bi-folding doors yourself, or even hire a painter and decorator to paint the indoors, that’s because we will take care of the whole build and design for you.
If your looking for a Bristol summerhouse company, then well why not give us a ring?
What will we need to do, in order for your business to start building our new garden room?
So, all of our customers need to do is think of the design that they would like, and if you do not know, which design you would like our team can help you. We can offer you many different window and door options for example, different wood options in terms of the wooden cladding, different flooring options, differing layouts, we can help you to design your perfect garden room.
We travel right throughout the South West of England, we therefore build luxury and hand-made garden rooms in Bristol, Bath and also right across Devon.
Many different uses… a home gym…a home bar…. a home office….a place to relax… the list is endless when you hire Kingsley to build your summerhouse
Garden rooms are used for a wide range of purposes, for example a homeowner say in Clifton Bristol, may have a summerhouse built as a space to socialise, by having the summerhouse turned into a home bar, complete with large L.C.D television, for watching live sporting events perhaps football or rugby on the weekends?
There might be a comfortable sofa, draft beer on tap, so the garden room becomes a great place to have friends over and to socialise.
Alternatively, we do also build many quality timber garden offices for many homeowners right throughout The South West, this includes Bristol, Devon and we do build summerhouses Bath, England. So why not ask us for a quote, that’s to build wooden garden office or luxury garden room?
We build garden offices which are just big enough to place a desk, through to some garden offices which are very large, perhaps in an L-shape, and can be as wide as some very large gardens.
How long will it take your team to build the garden office or room?
This does depend on how large and also complex the garden room is, for example, some customers in Bath, England will want a large garden room, which spans the entire width of the garden, has multiple internal rooms, is raised off the ground, has composite decking steps and also surround the summerhouse, also have internal fixtures and fittings which are built by our carpenters, for example a garden room which has a bar area built, internal rooms, multiple windows, hand built wooden doors, and such a garden room will take us quite a while to build.
Plus, we do have to think of access, for example, In Bath England, the lane ways can be very narrow, this means that deliveries can sometimes be difficult, sometimes when building a summerhouse in Bath, we are left with no option but to wheel-barrow building items, such as concrete down a narrow lane, where a van wont fit. Some properties say In Bristol, in the Clifton area may well be a large Victorian set of apartments, the owner of say the bottom apartment of the Victorian house, they may want a garden room, but there might not be any rear access, so building materials, such as the wood, need to be carried through the house, or apartment, this can slow down the construction of the summerhouse, or the garden room within Bristol, England.

Can I have input into the design?
All of our customers have input into the design of their summerhouse, log cabin or garden room. This simply means that every single garden room is made to order, it’s not therefore ever flat pack when you hire Kingsley to build your summerhouse.
Our wooden summerhouses are made in your garden, this means whether your home is in Bristol, or let’s say the summerhouse is to be built in Bath in England, we will help to design your garden room with you, then the building materials will be put together by highly skilled carpenters, this means we bring the bi-folding doors, roofing, windows, flooring, cladding, insulation and other building materials and we build your entire Bristol summerhouse from scratch, everything is therefore made from building materials and never flat-pack.
How long will we have to wait before you start to build our garden room? We want to be in it this summer?
During the peak of summer this is our busiest time, we often are fully engaged over the peak of summer building many summerhouses in Bristol, there is often a slight waiting time, this can take sometimes a few weeks before we can start, this does depend on workload, we will try to get to our customers as soon as we possibly can.
We do therefore ask homeowners who want a garden room built by Kingsley, to please get in contact as soon as you possibly can, so we can book you in, and we can order certain building materials such as the bi-folding doors in advance, so that we can then progress to building your wooden garden room.
Are you able to attend our garden and to offer us a no-obligation quote for having a garden room built or a Bristol garden office?
Yes, whether you want a log cabin, wooden summerhouse or a very large garden room built, we can meet with you in your garden, that’s anywhere in Bristol, or in The South West, and offer you a totally free, no obligation quote.
We’ve seen the type of wood that we like, are you able to clad the outside using this wood?
Yes, often our customers know exactly what wooden cladding they want, for example, they may say we want “red cedar hardwood cladding” on our Bristol summerhouse, or they may even want grey composite cladding, we can offer you a large range of cladding options.

We build luxury wooden summerhouses and garden rooms in South West England
Kingsley builds quality timber summerhouses, as well as garden offices and garden rooms in The South West of England, this includes Bath, Devon and Bristol.