Why are home gym garden rooms now becoming so popular?

For a lot of people, it can be a daily routine here in Bristol to finish work at say the office, and head straight to the gym for a workout. Whether that’s an hour on the free-weights, or simply a good sprint on the treadmill, a lot of us like to wind-down after work by going for a workout to help improve our fitness.

However, as the roads in most cities have become more and more congested, a lot of homeowners are now looking for ways that they can save time by not having to drive to a gym, yet not sacrifice on their fitness.

This is why so many Bristol residents are asking us to build garden rooms which can be used as a home gym, that can fit within their garden, and can be placed used to house running machines, free weights or perhaps other gym equipment such as cycling machines for example. These rooms can be air conditioned, so even if the weathers warm in Bristol, you don’t need to skip a workout, you can simply walk into your luxury garden room, switch the air conditioning on, perhaps switch on your favourite music channel so it plays on large T.V’s and you can start your workout from home here in Bristol.

Make more space with a garden room here in Bristol

However, with that said, many people do not have the space within their home to use a room as a gym, that’s to say often homeowners do not have a spare bedroom with they can place their running machines, free weights or lets say rowing machines. Plus, they may want to play their favourite music, say rock music, well, they might now want to play that in the house, as it might disturb other family members, so what better than to get a Bristol garden room built, go down, put on the music you want and start your run?

So often what is needed is a dedicated space, perhaps within the garden, that the homeowner can go to relax and work out. We therefore build large luxury garden rooms, which can be insulated, have air-conditioning and heating, so that you may want to use the space as a home gym all year around.

Therefore all over Bristol, we are asked by many residents, to build large timber garden buildings, which often have large televisions inside, are air-conditioned and which can also be heated in the winter, to be used as a place to work out.

So, whether your workout routine a is to use free-weights, or perhaps you just like to hit the treadmill for an hour afterwork? We can build and help you to design your perfect garden building, which can be used as a home gym.

We also build timber garden buildings, which can be used a home office, or as a cinema room, or you may want a timber building to use as a home bar, so you can watch the rugby in Bristol, with draft beer in your summerhouse?

Best of all we build our garden buildings all over the South-West of England, plus, if you are thinking about getting a summerhouse or a garden room built, then we offer totally free no obligation quotes, so what are you waiting for, why not give us a ring, and we can get quote to you in a short period of time.

Why are so many residents throughout Bristol hiring Kingsley to build thier garden building?

A lot of people, don’t just want to purchase a cheap wooden summerhouse off the Internet, and then have to build it themselves with their own drills, saws and screwdrivers, instead often what they want is the company which can help to design a bespoke really high-quality wooden garden building, yet also bring to the garden really high-quality building materials, to put something together that is sturdy and well-made, that’s exactly what our business can offer. We therefore build quality Bristol summerhouses.


We build quality

This means that our highly skilled carpenters will arrive at your garden anywhere within say Bath England, we will build the whole timber structure from scratch, we will use structural timbers, roofing materials, and if you wish to opt for aluminium bi-folding doors, perhaps you will opt for Velux windows, real high-quality composite decking, aluminium windows, insulation, air conditioning, heater, a rubber roof, well our company, in Bristol, can offer all of these options, then we can install all of this for you.

Our company in Bristol never builds low-quality flat-pack summerhouses
This therefore is quite different from some low-quality summerhouses which are put together a factory and then shipped to the customer, we don’t build these types of garden buildings, instead every single one that we construct is tailor-made to the customer’s exact preference.

Built to any size

In Bristol, there are properties of all sizes, in Clifton, in Bristol there are truly magnificent large Victorian houses which can sometimes be over three stories in size, we can build garden rooms to fit within such a garden.

In Bristol there are also many modern properties also, that might want large garden room built, we can build this for you as well, our garden rooms are can therefore be built to any dimension, we also offer many different shapes, for example you might want an “L-shaped” structure you might want a triangular building, we can build and design this for you.

Built to the design that you want

So many residents in Bristol call Kingsley to build their wooden garden buildings, simply because we can build it to the exact design that you want, for example you might have seen a garden room design that you want built in a magazine? You might have seen it in a newspaper article about how to improve your garden for summer?
You might have seen it on Instagram online, when you show the design that you want, our estimators can offer you a quote in a short period of time.

So for example, lets say you see a garden room, built somewhere in the country, you see this on Facebook, or lets say Twitter, you might not know that the garden room has say grey composite cladding, a rubber roof, it has composite decking, it has a aluminium windows, a side part for storage of garden items, such as lawn mowers, you just know that’s the design you want built in your home in Bristol, and this can really help our estimators to get a good sense of what you want built, so we can then offer you a quote quickly.


For example, you might have been thinking about getting a garden room built, or a summerhouse for a long time, you might have saved the designs you like to your smartphone, so for example, you might like the cladding on one summerhouse, you might want a rubber roof, and also Velux skylights, and you’ve seen this on another garden room on Facebook, you might want an L-shape, with decking outside, and you’ve seen that design on say Twitter by another garden room company, that might be based miles away from Bristol, if you save all of these designs to your phone, to show our estimators, this can show the design you want, then our estimators can get a quote back to you quickly.

So for example, you may not know what wood is cladding is on a summerhouse, but you know you like the colour of the wood, the varnish, so when you show our estimator, who will instantly know that’s say Oak, or Red Cedar or Pine wood, then we can give you a quote, so when we build your summerhouse, say in Redlands, Bristol area, we can use that wood, that you like to clad all the way around your summerhouse.

A lot of people like working out from home

A lot of people don’t want to go to the gym say everyday, will have to travel to the gym say after a busy day at work in an office block, in say Bristol’s city centre, so why not invest in a home gym that we can build for you in your garden, no more driving to the gym, as it be at the end of your garden, it can even be air-conditioned, so when you finish work, your garden room can be cool, ready for your run.

No commuting

“Like most prosperous cities, Bristol has a lot of traffic, therefore once you finish work, you might not want to be stuck in traffic heading to the gym, so we can build a home gym for you, then you can head straight home after work to your gym”.
We can build any style of garden room here in Bristol

Within Bristol there are many modern properties, and you might want a garden room which matches the style of your home? For example, you might want a modern garden building built which has composite grey cladding, you might want CCTV fitted to the outside, you might want grey bi-folding doors, you might want large windows, a rubber roof you might composite grey decking and you might want a nice bright colour inside the garden room?

Alternatively, you might have a much more traditional property here in Bristol? Let’s say your house is Victorian, therefore you might want a more traditional look, you might want hardwood Oak cladding, you might want wooden French doors built using Oak, you might even want a pitched roof instead of a flat roof for example.

Competitive pricing

If you are currently looking for a garden room company, or a business which can build a luxurious summerhouses in Bristol England, then why not consider us, as we offer very competitive pricing.


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Would you like a garden room built that has space for a hot-tub?

Hot-Tub / Jacuzzi Garden Rooms


Many residents here in the great city of Bristol, want to be able to enjoy their gardens more through hiring us to build a well built garden building.

Whether you want a garden room built so it becomes a place to watch the football on the weekend? Alternatively perhaps you simply need a space to work from, that’s away from the house, so many homeowners, right across the fine city of Bristol are now hiring us to build a spacious, well-built timber summerhouse, which is made from quality building materials.

For example, we dont just offer garden buildings that can have a Jacuzzi, we build garden rooms for many different uses, so for example, you may want a garden room built for the following purposes:

  • A space to work
  • A room to watch the football have a home bar
  • A home gym
  • A sales room, for example, you may sell cars from home?
  • As a relaxation space
  • A place to do Yoga
  • A place to run a business from in Bristol, for example a freelance artist
  • A large garden room, which can be used as a space for guests?

Jacuzzi garden rooms

This article will now explain the increasing demand for summerhouses, which have a side area to place a jacuzzi, so that you can truly get the most use out of your garden room, for example, within the garden room, you may have a home bar, with a wine chiller, various sprits hung on the wall, then you simply walk out, and you have a large jacuzzi, which is bubbling away, so you can enjoy the summer from the comfort of your garden.

Hot-tub garden rooms

Hot-tub garden rooms are now a very popular option in Bath, Somerset, all over the city of Bristol, in England.

Homeowners call us to have a quote provided for a luxury summerhouse built, which has a side part, where a large jacuzzi can be placed, where there is a roof covering the hot-tub, and the jacuzzi is enclosed on 3 sides, this then allows the homeowners to enjoy the jacuzzi day or night.

We can even add LED lighting, so that the hot-tub is illuminated, we can also build the garden building, so after using the jacuzzi, the garden room becomes a space to relax, because it has large TV’s to watch the football or rugby, it has a home bar, it has wine chillers, large sofas, and outdoor seating?

Whereever you live in Bristol from Fishponds in Bristol, over to Redland area of Bristol or the Frenchay area of Bristol, we can simply build a very high-quality wooden summerhouse, we can offer you so may options, from building a garden office, to a very large wooden garden building which also has a large jacuzzi fitted.

Garden rooms built to the exact dimensions that you want

Sometimes when on Google, and your looking to purchase a summerhouse, you might find local companies, like ours, which build the whole summerhouse from scratch, meaning, the timber, the windows, the composite decking, the roofing, the plasterboard, everything that’s needed is delivered to your garden from a builders merchants, our carpenters then build a bespoke garden room, in your garden in Bristol.

However, sometimes, summerhouses which are bought, are sometimes “flat-pack”, which are sometimes already made in a factory, and you may have to choose from set sizes, sometimes with names, so you pick say from 3 different summerhouse options. However, when you hire Kingsley in Bristol, our estimators will meet with you in your garden, whether thats in Fishponds, Clifton or say Redland, we will discuss with you how large you want the summerhouse to be in Bristol, and we can make the timber garden building to the width, and length that you want, so you haven’t got to pick from summerhouses that have already been made in factory, as our summerhouses are different, they are made to order, therefore they are all “tailor-made”.


Often the customers we work for here in Bristol, they know exactly how they want the summerhouse built, that’s to say, at their home in Bristol, they often know the width, the height, the length, and also which cladding, which wooden flooring, how they want the windows, doors to look, they know which decking they want, so therefore they want not a flat-pack generic summerhouse, they want tailor-made summerhouse, built by our team of carpenters.

We therefore travel the whole of Bristol, including the neighbouring regions of North Somerset, and Bath, England, building very intricate, well-made, summerhouses.


We offer free quotes anywhere across the city of Bristol, we have a full-time estimator, which can offer free estimates on summerhouses, garden offices and garden rooms, our business covers Bristol and also Bath.

Many options

When you hire our company, here in The South West, to build a garden building, we don’t build “flat-pack” garden buildings, this means, that everyone of our buildings is built by our carpenters, which means that we build garden buildings to the design exact that you want, so you may want LED lights in the decking outside, and in the roof?

You may want a light coloured Oak wood flooring, you may know which colour paint you want us to use on the walls?

Which wooden cladding to use you may want quality wood, such as red cedar wood on the outside of your garden room, you may know where you want the power-points to be placed, that you want air-conditioning fitted, a large heater, that you want Velux windows in the roof, and also you may know which colour the bi-folds should be, and we can offer all of this, at a competitive price.

Cinema room

A common reason why we build so many wooden summerhouses, is because the customer will want a large garden building, so that they can use the space as a cinema room, that’s to say, you might want a large summerhouse built, so you can watch your favourite films?

Enjoy your garden

Sometimes at the end of a garden might be say a broken greenhouse, an old shed with a leaking roof, or lets say just overgrown shrubbery, which means that at the end of your garden, in Bristol, lets say in Clifton Bristol, you might have space that your not using? So why not let our team transform that space, we can bring our carpenters, we can build a very high-quality garden office, or a large garden room, so that you in Bristol, can get the most out of your garden, by creating say a space to work, or just a place during the summer, to walk down to your brand-new wooden summerhouse, and have a glass of wine?

A space to relax

We are being asked more often to build large wooden garden buildings, which have a space for a hot tub, and sometimes the summerhouse is also used as a space to relax to watch the football, enjoy draft beer, have your friends over, or just a place to watch the T.V in the evenings.

We can therefore build very high-quality garden buildings, we often build these in the city of Bristol, yet our team of carpenters also build our luxury garden buildings in Bath as well.

Some of the benefits of purchasing a garden office from us


Whether you’re an entrepreneur that works from home, with say a start-up business idea you’re currently getting off the ground, or let’s say that you are currently allowed to work from home, let’s say a few days a week, why not think about investing in a garden room or garden office in Bristol.

Let’s face it, Bristol, like most cities across the U.K are busy places, with traffic jams, and this all has to factored in whether you cycle to work, or let’s say you drive to work, even if you live relatively close to let’s say the offices that you work in, in the centre of Bristol, well, it still takes time, not to mention if you have to find a parking space.

This is why so many Bristol residents are now calling us, because they want a very high-quality garden office built, one that’s well built, not-flatpack and built to the design that they want.

That’s to say, often a homeowner will know the exact size garden office they want to the exact centimetre, so, this means they often want a bespoke garden office, that’s built in say a triangular shape, or let’s say a rectangle, or perhaps even an L-shaped for example, and our very skilled, carpenters can build this for you.

A room with a view

So, what do we think, and our customers think is one of the main reasons they want to invest in a garden office?

Well, its simple, they want to have a view over their garden while they work, they want to be close to the house, and they want to work in the garden office, perhaps in the summer, with the large glazed bi-folding doors folded back, so that they can enjoy fresh air.

Have a walk, take-a-break

Writing all those e-mails, taking all those work calls, and having to work for long periods of time, well, it can get tiring, so we think its great just for a few minutes, to walk out of your Bristol garden office, and take-a-walk around your garden, perhaps just enjoy a bit of sunshine, take in the fresh air, have a coffee on the decking that may well be built just outside of your garden room?

For example, we can even add composite decking, so for instance, let’s say that your garden room overlooks your large garden, or let’s say has a view of countryside, or the sea, then we can build a large composite decking, so when you feel like it, you can work within your garden office, then if the weather nice, you can work outside on your decking as well?

Built the way you want

Perhaps you would a very large garden room, so that you can have a large desk, and perhaps an area to make coffees and teas, and a large table, to sit around, if your clients come around, for example, you may well be, a freelance web designer?

We can build your garden office, the way you like, this means, our estimator will ask you which dimensions you want the garden office built too? Which cladding, for example, would you like a more traditional hardwood, such as let’s say a premium red cedar wood?

Alternatively, more homeowners, especially those with newer homes in Bristol, hire us to build a garden office, that has a lot of glazing, and is made using grey cladding, so this is what is often called composite cladding.

We build garden rooms which also have multiple purposes, for example, one half is a work area, with a large desk, white board, and a television, the other half, well that might have a very large TV, a bar, draft beer, and may well be used on weekends, when the football match is on?

Therefore, we often build garden rooms which are used for multiple different reasons.

Mix and match

As we mentioned earlier, garden rooms within Bristol, and we build are often used for many different reasons, for example one half might well be a garden office, the other half a home gym, with an area to do Yoga. The one side alternatively might well be a home bar, and to have another side of the garden room as a cinema room, with a projector, so that a film can be projected onto the wall.

Come on, beats working in an office, don’t you think?

Bristol, as well as Bath, are both busy places, sometimes there’s a lot of traffic, so if you can, it makes sense sometimes to work from home. This means you will be saving time travelling back and fore work, it also means, that if you can work from home, you may enjoy working in your garden?

So close to the house

One of the main benefits of hiring us to build a garden office, is that you will be so close to your home.

Instead of therefore finishing work, and having to go through all of that traffic, instead, you will be able to quickly walk from your garden room, to your home, so this is one of reasons why so many people in Bristol invest in a garden office, as it makes a great place to work, yet it is still separated from your home.

The environment

Just think for a second, of all those cars stuck in traffic, the pollution that this causes every single day, and this is another good reason for why, if you can work from home, you may want to work from your house, so that your not stuck in traffic, and adding to the pollution caused by cars.

Why so many homeowners here in Bristol hire us to build a garden office?

There are so many companies here in Bristol, and also across The South West of England that build summerhouses, however, here at Kingsley, what we do to separate us from many of these companies is specialise in building quality, we only therefore use top-quality building materials, we therefore build every single summerhouse and garden office or room to a very high-standard, and all work is overseen by a project manager, who will ensure, that the work is completed as per our very high company standards.