We have seen a large surge in demand for garden offices because of increased home working


When we think about a garden building, a lot of us will think of the space as a place to relax during the summer, perhaps with a nice bottle of chilled wine?

This is what a lot of garden rooms are used for, that’s as a space to relax and to unwind. However, with that said, ever since the virus, more and more people are looking for a place where they can work from while at home.

Therefore, for a lot of homeowners, every room within there house will have used, therefore extra space needs to be created, yet the homeowner may not want a house extension.

This is why many people are hiring us to build garden rooms, that’s so additional space can be built so that the room can be used as a place to work.

We think working from the garden brings additional benefits, that is, we can build the structure so that the room captures as much natural light that is possible for your garden. For example, you may opt for large Velux windows in the roof? Large bi-folding doors to the front, large aluminium windows to the side, perhaps even a window to the back elevation as well?

That is, when a lot of our customers are designing a Bristol Garden office, they want as much natural light as possible, and we think this is one of the contributing factors to what makes working from a garden room so great. When you compare this to working from some high-rise offices, with some staff working in an area with no natural light, just artificial tube lighting, well, this can be not to everyone’s preference.

Plus, when the workload gets too high, you may simply want to open the door out on to your garden, and take a break, by having a stroll around your garden, perhaps listening to the soothing sound of the birds?

Therefore, the point that we are trying to make is, more Bristol residents are not just switching to a garden office, as the main place to work, as a substitute to an office, some of our customers say, they like the advantages of working in the garden, less commuting in Bristol, being so close to their house, having natural lighting as a focus of the design, and simply being able to look over the garden, while completing work.

So, when you enter this mindset, and start to visualise your own garden as having a luxury garden room built by us, the advantages of ownership can often flood to you.

Create more space

Sometimes the homeowner won’t want to opt for say a loft-conversion, or let’s say a single storey extension.

Sometimes the homeowner will want a garden building, a place to work, that once the working day is over, the bi-folding doors can be slid shut, the lights switched off, then the day’s over. Therefore, from Somerset, England, over to the great city of Bristol, a lot of homeowners like to have a garden office built, that’s a place to work from, yet somewhere that be locked up, and then that marks the end of the working day.

Get rid of that old shed or garage

There are some very large houses in Bristol, for example large 3 storey houses in Clifton, Bristol, and sometimes the garden is so long, it can seem as though there’s no end, yet with that said, a lot of people will have court yard gardens, gardens which may well have limited space, therefore often an old garage will need to be demolished, or an old shed might need to be disposed of, that’s before the garden room can be built.

And we can take care of this for you, plus, what we can do is come up with design ideas, so for example, often the homeowner will say, the only use for the garage, is a set of step ladders, DIY tools, and a set of bikes. In this case, when we are building the garden office, you may want our builders to build to the side, side storage?

So, for example, sometimes, a homeowner, let’s say in Redlands, Bristol, will have a garden office built, and opt for a design which has a large set of bi-folds, but also, some customers opt for an aluminium door to side, which matches the same colour of the bi-folds, this can then lead to a separate room for side-storage.

We therefore build many gardens rooms Bristol, that have side storage, and therefore sometimes the homeowner has the garage removed, or the shed, and the items that were once stored there are sometimes are then moved to the storage area of a garden room that we can build.

Therefore, often the garden rooms Bristol, that we build often have different uses, for example 75% of the building might be used as a garden office, yet the other say 25%, well, that can be used as storage, to store say the families’ bikes for example.

Plus, often the homeowner, when there having a garden building built, will have the front decked, perhaps they will opt for composite decking, this means, that often its not just the garden room that adds extra functionality to the garden, it can also create an outdoor seating area, where say you might have garden furniture, so that the decked area becomes a place, when the summer is nice in say Somerset, or indeed within Bristol, to sit on the decking, and enjoy a coffee.

We build garden buildings in Bristol


There are now so many companies which over landscaping and also construction work, however, what makes our business different, is we specialise in building garden rooms, and this is what a lot of customers in Bristol like.

They like the fact that our estimator can meet with you, from Aztec West, through to Fishponds area of Bristol, or even in a garden in a Victorian grand house, in say the brilliant Clifton area, to offer a no obligation quote, but also plenty of design ideas.

So, lets say you’ve made the decision that you want to work from home more, so you have decided you want a garden room built, but you don’t know which style you want, for example, you don’t know which door option you want, what shape the garden building should be, what flooring you want, or even which colour you want on the walls.

So, this is where our estimators can help, we can meet you, in your garden, whether that’s a Victorian five storey house, overlooking the great Clifton suspension bridge or perhaps you have a detached house, in Redlands, we can build a great garden building for you.

We build garden offices to the exact design that you want


Sometimes our customers will know exactly how they want their new garden office to look, sometimes they may have seen the construction they want in a glossy magazine, sometimes, the customer will have used say Instagram, and collected a lot of ideas, for example, they may have seen the wood they want used on the outside on one companies Instagram account, they may have seen how they want the decking built, using glass surrounds on another, and on another Instagram account, they may have seen how they want the flooring inside to look.

Therefore, what some residents in Bristol do is collect different garden building designs they like, and we are then able to offer you a quote to build this.

This way, you will be obtaining the dream garden room that you want, with the finish that you like, for example, with Oak flooring, Western Red Cedar cladding, a rubber roof, with dark grey facia board, with dark grey bi-folds, and also a side door, where you can store garden items, such as the lawn-mower for example.  

Can you offer to design and build our garden office, or do we need to appoint an architect?

Some of our customers within Bristol do appoint an architect, that’s because sometimes the design can be complex. For example, the customer might be a holiday park owner in The South West of England, they might have had concrete slabs made, so that a wooden structure can be built for guests.

Sometimes, the company might want a large number built, for example 100 wooden buildings, built in Somerset, with varying designs, for example some might have a different internal layout. Therefore our carpenters, and also our project managers will often need architects drawings, that’s to ensure for example that the building is built to the exact dimensions required.

However, with that said, often residential customers will want a similar type of build, yet they may want different colour windows and doors, possibly roof lights, air-conditioning and also decking, for such a build our customers will not need to get an architect, instead our estimators can meet with you, we can get an idea of the garden office that you would like built, then we can produce the drawings that our builders will need.

We can therefore design and build your garden office.


Now we are going to answer some commonly asked questions that we get asked

We don’t know which design that we want for our garden office, how can we start to whittle down the options?

Often the best way is to meet with our estimators, we offer free estimates in Somerset, Bath and Bristol.

Our estimators can offer many different ideas, for example, we can talk to you about the different wood cladding and composite options, for example, you might want western red cedar, oak or larch for example on the front of your Bristol garden room?

We have a large garden, are you able to build garden rooms to span a large garden?

Yes, we build garden offices to any size, for example, lets say in Clifton, there might be a court-yard garden, that can only fit a decking area, and a garden office, we can design a garden office, so that you make the best use out of the space, so for example, we can build storage to the side, we can build decking to the front, so when the weathers nice, makes a great place to  have a cup of coffee, we can build the internal layout, so you can place a desk, and have a toilet and wash-hand basin in a room to the side.

We have seen garden offices that we like on social media, are you then able to build the same designs?

Yes, very often our customers in Bristol will have collected designs of garden rooms that they like, for example on Facebook, they may have seen a shape of garden room, such as an L-shape garden room, that they like. On Instagram they may have seen western red cedar cladding, and they want that cladding on their garden office, they may seen on say Twitter, composite decking, and they may want that all the way around the building, so often, what our business has found is social media can be a great way to get design inspiration.

Our talented carpenters can then build that design, and because every single garden office that we build, is made to order, its made to the dimensions you want, using the building materials that you specify. So for example, a customer in Bristol, wanting a Bristol garden offices built, may want the following used in the construction of their garden room:

·        Velux windows in the roof

·        Bi-folding doors

·        French doors

·        Red cedar cladding

·        Oak cladding

·        Larch cladding

·        Composite cladding

·        Composite decking

·        LED outside lights

Our home in Bristol is on a terraced street, are you still able to build us a garden room?

For some homeowners, it can sometimes be more difficult to get building materials, such as the timber, doors and plasterboard needed to build the garden room in Bristol delivered in the garden.

This is why, when we offer a quote, we do build “flat-pack summerhouses” that are sometimes delivered at a kerbside, then the homeowner has the make their own arrangements for getting the summerhouse where it needs to be. Our business is different, everyone of our garden offices Bristol is bespoke, so this means the wood, plasterboard, roof, windows, doors, all have to be brought by our builders, we will therefore plan how to do this, to bring less distribution to the homeowner, and we will quote accordingly.

Our team is used to building Bristol summerhouses and garden rooms, so this means, in highly built up, urban areas, such as Clifton, this means, that we have to plan how to get building items, such as timber, in your garden without causing too much disruption to you. This means that we go to great lengths to plan our work, so that we build your

We want to demolish our garage, and replace it with a garden office, how can we still have some storage space?

This is a question that we frequently get asked, that is, the homeowner may want to get rid of an old garage, and in its space, build a Bristol garden rooms, yet, the homeowner may well be storing items, such as bikes, ladders and let’s say the cars roof storage box there, and therefore storage is still needed when the old garage is demolished.

Now, if the homeowner is opting to have say a garden office built, so the homeowner can work more from home, well, while they are working on their laptop, enjoying a espresso, well, they wont want to be staring at the lawn-mower in the corner of the room, this is where our builders can help, for example, you may want 80% of the garden building to be an office, then the 20% could be a side room, which can be accessed by an internal door, and if you choose, an external door, as well.

This way you can create space to store items, such as mountain bikes, your step ladders and the lawn mower?

We need the garden office to be cool in the summer, what can you offer?

A lot of residents in Bristol, from Redlands, over to Cabot Circus in Bristol, want a garden building which they can work from right throughout the seasons, that’s to say, they need it to be cool in the peak of summer, yet also heated when we do have those, rather frosty Bristol mornings.

We need a large Bristol Garden office built- can you help?


If you work from home, you’re going to want to create a comfortable space to work, after all for a lot of us, work is where we spend most of our waking hours.

At the moment, you may well be working within your home, yet you might find, there’s not enough room or that you want a dedicated place where you work from, that’s not inside your house.
This is when many homeowners opt to have a garden office built, and when they are looking for a Bristol Garden office, well, there’s often one company which springs to mind, that is Kingsley.

Kingsley has built a rock-solid reputation for building quality; we therefore build garden rooms all over Bristol.

From modern and contemporary designs, for say a homeowner in Fishponds, Bristol, right through to a more traditional style, in Clifton Bristol.

Our team are regularly asked to design the building, and to build it for one very simple reason, we deliver quality workmanship every single time. From our electricians, who will install the power-points, through to the high-quality roofing, we simply value quality, this is why we are one of the popular companies that homeowners hire when they want quality garden office built, that’s bespoke, yet also built by craftsman, from carpenters, to our painters and decorators, plasterers and roofers, to the electricians, all of our tradesmen, never compromise on quality.

Moden garden offices

Bristol sure is one bright, modern and vibrant city, if you do pop down to the great Bristol harbour area, and the city is buzzing with restaurants, cafes and pubs, it’s simply a brilliant city.
With many start-up businesses in the area of Bristol, its clear to see why there’s such high demand for garden offices.

Sometimes a business owner, doesn’t want to fork-out on renting say a small office, or hot-desking, sometimes they want a place at home, to place a desk, phone line, and work from their garden. This is where our team can help, when we arrive at your garden to offer you with a no obligation quote, we will be able to offer you many different options.

For example, if you have a large garden here in Bristol, this means you have so many options to choose from, we can build the garden room so it has a toilet, so that it has a room to make teas and coffees, perhaps you even have customers come over to your garden room, so you need a large space with a large table?
A common use for garden offices is to use the space to see clients if you run a beauty business, you may therefore want a large garden room, that’s at the end of your garden.

From Somerset, over to great city of Bath, right over to Bristol, our company has been building bespoke garden rooms, plus when you hire us, you can be totally rest assured that we build quality every single time.
So if your on Google, looking for a company that builds “Garden Offices in Bristol”- well, once you’ve clicked our website, seen the vast number of quality constructions that we built, everything from summerhouses that have large Jacuzzis to the side, through to garden offices with large windows allowing the occupant to enjoy looking out over their garden while working, or its simply the really large garden rooms that build as a space for the homeowner to relax, for example, to unwind in, to watch films, enjoy draft beer or simply watch the rugby on the weekends.

Therefore our garden rooms are purchased for a massive range of uses, from watching the Bath rugby team play on a weekend, to working within, right through to be a gym, whereby the homeowner might be a personal trainer and is looking to create a space where customers can come over all year around.

Why has there been such a surge in popularity in Bristol to have a garden office built?

Home working is definitely becoming more popular, plus, more people want to ditch where possible commuting. This makes perfect sense, in a great city like Bristol, there’s no point in having diesel or petrol cars travelling and causing congestion if the job can be done at home.

Yet, with that said, a lot of residents in Bath as well as within Bristol, don’t want to be sat at a kitchen table, taking calls for work, while there is noise in the house.

This is why businesses owners, and employees alike are switching to working from a garden office, sometimes called a garden studio. This is because, you can have the best of both worlds in Bristol, that’s working from home, yet not in the house.

Plus, when all them work e-mails get too much, you can simply switch the espresso maker on, and have a walk around your own garden. This is why from Clifton, over to Fishponds, and down to Redlands in Bristol, homeowners are picking up the phone, and calling Kingsley, as we simply build really high-quality garden studios.

Plus, we offer such a range of optional extras, from well-known brands of air-conditioning systems, through to a massive range of cladding options, and also we can even paint the interior with any colour you like.
For example, some customer pick out their favourite Farrow and Ball shade, and our team can then paint the interior using this. Some customers will opt for a dark hardwood floor, others will opt for a lighter flooring option, for example Beech wood.

This means why you hire us, we are very different from mail-order summerhouses, instead we meet with you, we have a discussion about exactly what you would like built, we therefore build bespoke garden offices, and we build these across the whole of The South West.

From the rolling hills of Bath, where some homeowners have spectacular views over meadows, and the great South West of England scenery, through to more inner city builds, where a worker, in the centre of Cabot Circus Bristol, now wants a garden office, to be build in a court-yard garden, and for our design team to offer ideas on how to best use the space.

Our designers can suggest everything from different LED lighting options, to different roofing option, right through to a range of different colours for the bi-folding doors.
So, whether you want a more modern design, a more traditional design, we can help you to design, and also build your perfect garden office.

Built for homeowners all over Bristol

From Cabot Circus, over to Clifton, Bristol, or through to Redlands, we are seeing more people ask us to build a garden office. We are often asked because we can offer so many options, so if the homeowner has seen an idea they like say on Facebook, or Instagram, yet they want a slightly different design, then we can offer this. For example the homeowner in the heart of Bristol, might want an L-shape design, that they have seen on one of our social media posts, they may then want cladding that they have seen us use on another, and they may want a colour of bi-folds that they have seen us use on a summerhouse. When you choose us, because we have carpenters inhouse, we can design the building the way you want.

So whether you live in Bath, and your garden is sloping, and small, or you live in say Chew Magna in Bristol, and you own fields, we can design a garden office, that’s either a traditional look through to a more modern look.

The uses are therefore endless, we have heard some owners use the space for when family stay over, to running a business from home, through to using the space as a home-gym.

From freelance web designers, to top level executives

What makes our job so interesting, is that our Bristol garden rooms are used for such a wide range of uses.
One week, we could be building a really large wooden building, to be used as a home gym, complete with jacuzzi to the side, the following, we could be working for a business owner, that needs a garden office where a few people can work from.

The uses are therefore vast, with more people than ever now home working, and sometimes relocating out of the city, to the countryside, say in Somerset England, or in the more rural parts of Bristol, often a place is needed to run the business from, this is exactly where we can help. We therefore specialise in your more high-end, luxury builds, we therefore are regularly asked to build garden offices in the centre of Bath, and also across the entire South West.

So, when looking for “garden rooms” or “garden offices South West England” well, be sure to check out our video walkthroughs on YouTube or indeed on our Facebook page, as these can give a real good sense of the quality of our workmanship, plus also you might gain design inspiration, as often the homeowner will want to have something that makes the space more useable, whether it be a side room to store mountain bike, a garden office that has a shower and toilet area, a summerhouse that has a large bar and authentic beer pumps fitted, we can build a truly wide-range of garden rooms.

Don’t compromise, you need quality

When a customer is looking for a local company which can build a wooden garden office, there are hundreds of businesses to choose from. The costs can vary a lot, from your DIY summerhouses, right though to the garden buildings constructed to be bespoke, we build the latter.

This means that as a garden room company, we never compromise, whether it be the windows we fit, or the air-conditioning systems, or just simply the timber we purchase, we don’t compromise on quality ever.
So when looking for a Bristol garden office, why not call our estimators, we can talk you through all of the options, and we aim to get a quote back as soon as we can.

Many options, from different brand air-conditioning systems, through to which window colour you want
Often a customer that lives in Bristol, will call us to have a garden room built and have a really good idea of how they want it look. For example, sometimes a customer will email us with pictures of garden rooms we have built in The South West, and detail that they want a certain type of wood used as the cladding, which roof they want, that they would like for example composite decking, which colour they want the interior, where they want the plugs to be, so we can build the whole building the way you want.

Great place to work

In this whole article we have concentrated on describing the different design options, as well as the different building materials, such as cladding options, but here’s the thing, its important to also give a sense of what owning a garden room in Bristol is like for the owner.

For example, if you’ve worked from home for quite a while, well, you will know, that sometimes if you live with other family members, its easy to get distracted from work. Whether its because your having a conversation, the front door knocks with someone selling say double glazing, or simply because its just too noisy to concentrate on work- these are all some of the reasons why a lot of Bristol customers want a dedicated place built to work from.

Now what a garden office can provide to a homeowner is a great place to work from, you can slide back the bi-folding doors during the summer and spring months, let the fresh air blow in.
Also, when you want a break, why not stroll around your own garden. Plus, depending on how the garden room is built, natural light can flood in.

When you compare this to some offices, with poor ventilation, no natural light, well, its clear to see why so many people are now working from garden offices.

Therefore, one of the most common reasons why a homeowner calls us in say Bath England, is to have a Bath Garden office built, often the customer will opt for a heater, with some models being able to be controlled from a smartphone, right through to air-conditioning systems, this is so that the worker can work throughout the year.

Think about air pollution

For a lot of us, the commute to work can take up a lot of time, and also during peak times, can be rather stressful. For example, having to be at work for 9am, yet with road works, congestion and simply no parking spaces that are available, well, it is clear why many more people are asking for us to build a garden office.