Can you help us to design our new garden building?

In this article we will talk about:

–        How we can help you to design your perfect garden room

–        How we can project manage the whole build

–        Some of the different options that we can offer such as decking, cladding, window options, roofing options, bi-fold options, and much more

–        How we can build a modern looking garden room

–        How we build traditional summerhouses

–        We can offer estimators who can offer you many design suggestions

–        We build luxury Bristol summerhouses

Often when we are carrying out various DIY tasks around our homes, we will know exactly how we would like the work to look when we have finished.

For example, you might be renovating your living room at the moment, so you might be having builders in to build a new set of French doors opening out onto the garden, and then having the room painted and decorated with the exact shade of colour that you want it.

Therefore with some alterations that we make to our homes, we are often very clear in our minds of how the work will look once we’ve finished.

With that said, often when we are having a structure built, such as a new timber garden room, it’s not an everyday purchase, therefore often the homeowner will not know how they want the construction to look. When you also factor in that every single garden room that we build in The South West, is bespoke, its built to the customers own choice, therefore, because here at Kingsley we offer so many options, often the homeowner will need some assistance, choosing which doors, roof, cladding, where the power-points should go, which decking to opt for and also what shape the garden room should be.

We build garden buildings in The South West of England

Therefore often what the homeowner wants in The South West of England is a company will spend the time with them to discuss the various options, ranging from the various options in terms of windows and doors, through to how large you would like decking extended that the front of the building.

Moden or more traditional garden room?

A resident living in the city of Bristol therefore might ask us to build a very modern and well constructed garden room- that’s exactly what Kingsley can deliver. If we are going for a more contemporary look for a garden office or room, then we might suggest composite cladding the outside, which when you choose Kingsley it will be manufactured in a massive range of different colours.

For example, a homeowner might opt for a light shade of grey, powder coated aluminium windows and doors, which are made in a similar shade to the composite cladding, they may then opt for say solar panels on the roof, and this can make a very modern looking garden room built by Kingsley.

Traditional garden rooms

On the other side of the coin, a homeowner might want something that’s much more traditional, they may therefore opt for a very high-quality oak, beech or cedar hard wood cladding.

You may notice that in the opening paragraphs of this article, we have mostly talked about cladding, yet we are now going to discuss some of the many other options that are open to you when you hire us here at Kingsley to build our Bristol summerhouse.

We have a team that can help you design your new garden building

We have a team of estimators, and because of their vast knowledge of project managing various builds right across the South West of England, they therefore have overseen many constructions of our luxury garden buildings.

Our vast knowledge of building garden rooms in the West Country, means that our project managers can meet with you, and show you the vast amount of buildings that we have constructed, to see if there is a design that you like, we can then offer you the full range of design options, so that the garden building is built the way you like.

We can suggest different design options around what you want to use of the garden room for

Often one of the first questions that our estimators will ask, is simply what will the building be used for?

This can then influence the design, for example if you are using it as a home gym, you might want a very high-quality air-conditioning system installed to bring the temperature down of the within building during the hot summer months?

If the main buildings going to be used as a gym, then you might also want the summerhouse to have a large wooden canopy built to the side, where underneath a jacuzzi can be built. “Hot Tub Garden Rooms” are very popular in Bristol, as well as Bath, where more and more people want a garden room built that’s dedicated to relaxing after work.

Therefore, even when it is very hot outside, you can enter air-conditioned garden room and start your work out.

Once you’ve finished working out, that’s to say you’ve completed your run on the treadmill, been on the exercise bike, and used the rowing machine, you might then hop into your jacuzzi, that’s built to the side of the summerhouse?

So many different cladding options to choose from

We can offer you many different cladding options, ranging from quality composite right through to hardwood options.

Different shapes

You don’t have to have your typical rectangular shape garden office or room, we have also built triangular shape buildings and even L-shaped garden rooms.

Many different window and door options

We can offer you many different window and door options for your new garden building, these can be built to the size you want, for example you might want the building to have a lot of large windows or hardly any at all?

Outside seating areas

It’s becoming more and more popular to have an extended decked area to the front of your summerhouse, you made from traditional wood or composite decking? This allows an area for alfresco dining.

Steps and decking

If you do opt to have decking built at the front of your summerhouse, then we can then build steps up to it and also balustrades and also a hand rail.


We can instigate your structure.


We can offer you many different types of different roof coverings to choose from.

Different options in terms of decor

We can bring in highly talented painters and decorators to decorate the room, to a colour of your choice. We can paint the skirting boards, ceilings and walls.

We can help to design, project manage and build your new garden room

As you can see Kingsley doesn’t just build high-quality summerhouses, we can also help you to design them from scratch and then manage the whole build for you.

In order to receive a no obligation quote, why not ring us today?

Our estimators are offering quotes in your area today, therefore if you live in Bristol, and you are looking to have a Bristol summerhouse built soon, then why not give us a call?


Did you know that we also offer landscaping services?


We understand that when someone hires us to build a garden room, the customer may also require our landscaping services.  


For example, here’s a list of the services that we here at Kingsley can offer:

·        Design and build garden rooms

·        Landscaping

·        Garden fencing

·        Decking

·        Raised planters


We can therefore build a garden office or room and also improve your garden through our landscaping

Therefore when a customer in The South West hires us to build a garden room, they will often appoint us to also build decking, lay slabs, fencing and sometimes to create a large patio area, for outside dining.

“This is why we are often asked to build timber garden buildings, but to then compliment this through new fencing, perhaps a large decked area as well as sometimes raised planters”.


Hot-tub garden rooms Bristol

For example, a really popular design to opt for now in Bristol is to have a large summerhouse built, to then have a hot-tub to the side, for this to also be enclosed through a large wooden canopy.

Often then the area around the hot-tub will need to be paved, say using traditional Welsh flag stones to surround the entire building, or perhaps a man-made slab can be used.

Sometimes the homeowner may want the entire wooden building surround by composite decking that’s made using the same colour as the garden rooms cladding. For example, we are often asked to build modern style garden rooms, which includes a grey colour cladding, sometimes, to add to this more modern look, the homeowner will want decking to the front using the exact same colour decking.


Fencing, decking, landscaping summerhouse and garden rooms, we can offer it all!

We can therefore also quote for improving your garden, whether that’s through fencing, a pathway or decking or perhaps you would like all of these?

This is why we are in such strong demand right across Bristol, as we can help to transform your garden via a new building and landscaping works.


We know the design we want, can you build from our designs?

Yes, often we can, we recognise that often a customer will have a very clear idea normally of how they want their garden transformed in Bristol. We also serve the neighbouring areas, so for example on our Facebook account, we regularly update this with garden buildings we have built in Bristol also in the areas of Bath, including also Somerset.



Our summers here in Britain can sometimes be very short indeed, if we blink, it can almost seem as though they are over. Then were back into putting on the heating, and short nights.

This is why many residents here in Bristol don’t just want a company to build say a new garden office, instead they want a company like Kingsley to completely project manage a build and design of a garden room, then to enhance the garden through landscaping works.  

We can therefore bring in our tradesmen to transform your garden, that’s anywhere in Bristol, via our design and build service. Therefore if you just want a garden office built, we can do this, if you want instead a complete landscaping service, then we can offer this also.


Clearing the way

Sometimes at the end of our gardens, there will be overgrowth in terms of various weeds, bushes or lets say a dead tree. Sometimes an old green house with broken glass panels will be at the end, or perhaps an old-shed, but no matter of what it is, we can dispose of these for you.

We can therefore bring in the labour to put all of this into a skip, therefore saving you the hassle of clearing the area.

We can then cut back the weeds, cut down any vegetation that you want removed, and also if required bring in a mini-digger as well to level off the ground, and make space for the base of your new garden room.

We can therefore help with the initial landscaping works, for example, in your Bristol garden may well be unlevel ground, obstructions such as old roots or perhaps just a large shed, we can demolish these and place swiftly into skips for you.


Why not let us design and build your new garden room?

From the heights of Clifton, in the heart of glorious Bristol, over to the rolling hills, and countryside of Bath England, homeowners across the areas demand high-quality and well-designed garden offices and rooms. This is exactly what we can offer.

At Kingsley our speciality is to help design, project manage and build a brand new garden building, however, we know that homeowners across The South West, when they want to improve their garden, they may want the whole lot done in one go.

They don’t want to be waiting for one company to turn-up and complete the decking, another to do the landscaping and then to have to got through the bother of hiring another company, that’s a garden room installer, therefore this is often why residents hire us. We can completely project manage the transformation of your garden.

Plus, when ever we build a garden room, we use exceptional quality building materials, and we have worked exceptionally hard to source really talented skilled team of tradesmen. This ranges from our electricians, on hand to bring a power supply to your garden room, roofers, who specialise in flat-roof installation and of course carpenters, who take pride in terms of every bit of work they undertake.

Therefore we are a company that is focused on constructing premium garden rooms, we offer free, written quotations. Therefore if you have plans on improving your garden this summer in the great city of Bristol, or any of the neighbouring areas, then do give us a ring.