We need a garden office that we can use during the cold winter months

A lot of our Bristol customers now tell us, they’re making the switch to working from home on a permanent basis.

A lot of homeowners simply don’t want to work say in their kitchen, or on their living room table, so our business has seen a huge increase in demand for our garden offices to be built across The South West.

From homeowners in Bath, that may own their own farm, through to residents in Clifton, Bristol that may only have a small garden, hire us because they know we can help them to design their perfect garden room.

This means that everyone of our customers has control over how they want the building to be built, right from which flooring they want, right through to which type of windows they want us to install.

As the garden office will be the main place that the homeowner works during the day, they hire us because they want really high-quality bespoke garden building built, this is exactly what we can offer at Kingsley.

Therefore once we are asked to build the garden office, we can install if you would like, air-conditioning and heaters, so the building can be used right throughout the entire year.

With that said, a lot of homeowners know that with the really cheap, rather low-quality wooden summerhouses that some companies offer, sometimes there’s not much in the way of insulation.

This can mean that cold drafts blow through the slats within the side of the garden office, and sometimes through gaps within the windows and doors!

However our buildings are built completely differently, we focus on quality, we can offer you many different options.

We can offer you many different insulation options within the walls, we can offer you high-quality windows and doors, as well as installing top quality heating devices.

So therefore, if you’re planning on working from home in the great city of Bristol, and you need a well-built garden office, then why not choose us?

Therefore, if you want a garden office that you can be warm and toasty in throughout the winter, then why not give us a ring?

Do you build garden offices which are well-insulated?

With some wooden summerhouses, which can sometimes be really cheap, when you sit in the building, sometimes all that separates the inside from the outside is the outer cladding.

So, when you are sat inside all you see is the exterior wood, and it therefore goes without saying that this can let in cold drafts and out of the garden room can be extremely difficult to heat sometimes throughout the winter.

Our buildings well built, we can offer you different installation to choose from.

We build luxury garden offices in Bristol, this includes, Brislington, Fishponds and Henleaze


Can you bring an electric supply to our garden office?

Some wooden summerhouses are just delivered to the homeowner in Bristol a flat-pack form, and all the homeowner will sometimes have is different side walls of the summerhouse, and they have to put this together themselves. For example, they might have the windows already built into the walls, for example using wooden windows, so all they have to do, is start to assemble the building.

The problem with this is, if you want say bring an electric supply into the garden office, obviously going to need a qualified electrician. Plus, also some summerhouses can be really basic, so you might find that, during  the winter, with some summerhouses that there not built for cold weather.

However when you hire us, we have our own electricians in-house, which can arrange for the power supply to be taken to your new garden office when it is built by us. We can start to install electric heaters, plus depending on the insulation that you have opted for, we can build a garden office which you can use during the winter.

So, even if its frosty outside, and the whole of Bristol is covered in ice, you can simply walk into your Kingsley garden office, switch on the heaters, and start to the make the building warm, so that you can use it during the cold winter months.

We would like multiple heaters in our garden office, are you able to install heaters?

Some of our heaters can even be controlled from your smart phone.

So, in a really cold say December morning, in The South West of England, when everything is covered in perhaps snow or frost and it is extremely cold outside, you can simply switch on your phone, and start switch on the heating in your garden office if you opt for this option.

So, when you wander down your garden, with your espresso in hand, ready to start the working day,  you can already start to heat you garden room before you even enter it. A lot of our customers therefore opt for the option of having heaters installed by us, so that they can be controlled from a smartphone.

How we can help

If you would like a garden building constructed, then why not give us a ring?



Can we use our Kingsley garden room throughout the entire year?

Often there will be parts of our gardens which can get rather neglected, for example, at the very end of your garden might currently be an old greenhouse which is no longer used?

For some other homeowners, it might be vast amounts of overgrown shrubbery that have now swapped and taken over the end of your garden?

It’s therefore safe to say, that there is often part of our gardens which could be improved and much better used.

Therefore if your looking for food for thought, as to what you could do with your new summerhouse, here’s some of the most common reasons we are asked to build a new garden room within Bristol:

–        A place to work from

–        A garden room that also has a jacuzzi to the side

–        A home gym garden room

–        A place to relax, to mediate or to do yoga

–        A place to watch the football or the rugby

–        A home bar

–        A place to enjoy a hobby such as oil painting, making pots, or perhaps just writing?

–        A sales room, to show customers items you sell such as wedding dresses

–        A place to run a small business from

–        A summerhouse that’s used for dining on the decking, and relaxing on the sofas within

–        A place to store, cool and enjoy fine wines

–        A place where guests can stay over

–        A large garden room where several people in the family work from, for example built outside on a car dealership

Bespoke Garden Room South West England

Here at Kingsley, we are absolutely focused on building quality timber buildings, so this means that the building will be well-built, but also come with many options to pick from. Our various options that you can select, range from powerful air-conditioning systems, through to heaters controlled off your smart phone, through to many different colour options for the outside, for example, do you want grey high-quality composite cladding?

Summerhouses can vary massively in quality- so choose a company that’s focused on building quality

Now you might be thinking, surely one summerhouse is not much different from another- however here’s the thing, the quality of these buildings can vary massively between what one company can offer and another.

Where one building is built by a carpenter, and incorporates features such as air-conditioning and heating systems, another building on the other end of the spectrum, that is built to be low-cost might simply be uninhabitable during the winter because of poor insulation, and being too cold, so some would argue such a low-quality summerhouse is a false economy.

Some really cheap flatpack summerhouses might sometimes have thin slatted wood on the exterior walls, that’s rather similar to what is used in some garden fencing, which means that they can be incredibly warm during a hot summers day in Bristol, and absolutely freezing cold during the winter, so you guested they might be as much use as a chocolate teapot in our opinion!

What’s needed instead is a quality build, that’s a wooden building that is constructed by a company that regularly builds summerhouses right throughout the entire year and that’s exactly what Kingsley can offer.

Our team works throughout the entire South West, we are therefore regularly working in various parts of Bristol, from the heights of the Clifton, through to Redlands, plus, you may even spot our vans outside various properties in Bath, that’s because we often called to build there. Because so many residents in Bath, in The South West of England demand a very high-quality build, that’s why we are called.

So, is it possible to use a Kingsley garden rooms right throughout the entire year?

When somebody picks up the phone to contact us here at Kingsley, that’s to have one of our garden building constructed say in Bristol, the often tell us that they intend to use it as a home office. This is the most common reason we are asked to build our timber buildings, because a homeowner wants a place to work.

Therefore if it is used for work purposes, then they need to be well insulated and also you probably going to want to opt for air conditioning as well. We can offer both of these options to you.

That’s because if you work from the building part-time or full-time, your going to want to be comfortable while working, you’re going to be want to be sat in a draughty flatpack summerhouse.

So many rather cheap constructions can be nothing more than a glorified wooden sheds, which can get hot and stuffy during the summer, and rather cold in the winter! So we don’t build these, instead we build quality.

Your going to want something that’s well built, incorporates quality insulation, and also allows you to regulate the temperature, that’s what we can offer. So from offering heaters which can be controlled off your smartphone, to well-known makes of air conditioners, you can have a heated and cooled garden office to work from, perfect for working all year around.

A place to go and relax

We would say the second reason why a lot of homeowners contact us to build a luxury garden room, is simply because they have busy and hectic lifestyles at work, and they simply want a place in their garden to return to relax after work and to unwind.

So, for example they may want a place to go and wash a football match while enjoying a glass of refreshing cold beer, they may want a place to go and read a book, in a peaceful and quiet room, alternatively they may want a space where they can enjoy a hobby such as oil painting, that’s exactly what our garden buildings can offer.

So our summerhouses are built across the South West and can offer a restful place where you can go and relax.

So whether you intend to use the summerhouse to work from within during the day, or you wish to use it as a place to go in the evening to unwind with a bottle of wine, we build quality and that’s why our business is always in high demand.