Do you build garden rooms during the winter?


A lot of our customers use their garden rooms during the winter and the summer months, our customers therefore need a high-quality building to be constructed. This will allow the building to be used in the rather cold winters we have here the U.K, as well as during the peak of summer.

We therefore design, project manage and build garden rooms in Bristol, so whether you want a building constructed in December, or during the spring or summer months, our team can build our garden buildings at any time of the year.

We cover the entire South West, you may have even seen one of our many vans working in areas such as Bristol?  

Our buildings are designed to be used all year around

It’s all well and good picking up a summerhouse rather cheaply online, but what good is it, if in the middle of winter is rather freezing inside?

So instead of working in the room, and sending an e-mail off for work, well instead your cold, and can see your breath as you work in the room? These sorts of cheap poorly built wooden summerhouses that are sometimes bought, well, we think are a total waste of time.

Instead what is needed is a robust construction, designed exactly the way the customers states, then incorporating into the build, building materials which mean it can be used throughout the year. So, when you hire Kingsley, there’s literally hundreds of optional extras, such as different heaters, also you may wish to also opt for a well-known brand of air conditioning systems, so the building can also be cooled in the summer.

So, we as a local company in Bristol, build garden rooms all years around, this means our team can be building a garden office in December, we simply don’t just work during the summer we also work in in winter.

Also, our buildings are designed to be used all year around as well, so here’s what you can opt for when you choose us as your garden room company and installer.

  • Quality windows
  • Insulation
  • Radiators
  • Quality Roof
  • Quality Doors

Need a garden room built over the winter? No problem


When we typically think of a typical garden room, we often think of such a building when the weather is warm outside and everything is nice and green. That’s to say most garden rooms when they appear on say social media, are often pictured, when the flowers are out, the suns shining and ice cubes are needed to cool a refreshing beverage.

Therefore, not many companies picture the garden rooms they are building during say a wet winter day in the middle of December, when all the leaves are falling off the trees and things are a lot muddier in the garden.

However, our business doesn’t just build garden rooms during the summer, we build our structures right throughout the entire year including winter. This is important, as someone who’s making the switch to working from home more, well, often they need a garden office built as quickly as possible, whether that’s in December or during the summer, so we as a company can build garden buildings all year around.

We can also help you design the building, so if you planning on working within the building throughout the seasons, then we can recommend different radiator options, different windows and doors, various types of insulation, as well as many other innovative products that we can offer.

For example, a very popular option, with our Bristol customers is opt to have multiple radiators installed, then to have the radiators linked via a smartphone app, this way, the heating can be switched on from the app.

So, for example let’s say you’re on your way to your house in say Fishponds, Bristol, South West England, and before you start to work in your garden office, you can switch the heating on, so its nice and warm when you get there via your heating app.

We travel the whole of the South-West

You might have seen our vans many times on the motorways and roads around the South-West of England? That’s as we build our summerhouses and our garden rooms in areas like Bath, Bristol and also in Somerset.


We can build the structure so that it can be used all year round

Many people come to Kingsley because they want to use their garden building right throughout the entire year, and not just on a few sunny days during the summer. That’s because when we build a garden room, we can offer a quality build, incorporating heaters, so the room can be used in winter.

Designed the way you want

Each one of our buildings is designed and built by us, we therefore listen very carefully to our customers in Bristol and build a garden room to your specification.

Totally free no obligation quotes

Whether a you live looking over Bristol from the elevated position of Clifton, or you own a property that is in Fishponds in Bristol, we can come out to you and offer you a free totally no obligation quote.



How much do summerhouses cost?


“Summerhouses” is a rather confusing description for some people, that’s because, often the building is used right throughout the year, not just therefore in summer.

Therefore, what a lot of companies now refer to these wooden buildings as, is “garden buildings”.

Our company specialises here in the brilliant city of Bristol building these, we specialise in building bespoke buildings.

This article will now explain some of the various options that we offer, which can affect how much a Kingsley Summerhouse costs.

Please do bear in mind, that here at Kingsley we do offer totally free quotations, so if your thinking of having a timber building built, why not call us?

Flat-pack vs Bespoke?

Okay, so some people will be perfectly happy charging the cordless drill, and getting to work building their own summerhouse.

However, what you do have to bear in mind is, some summerhouses, well, can sometimes be built at a low-cost and might not last that long.

Now, its all well and good purchasing a cheap summerhouse online, but what you do have to ask is, in our rather wet British weather, if the building is not quality then you do have to wonder, well how long will it last?

If the roof is built cheaply, then if water does start to drip into the structure, wood rot is likely to follow.

We think that some summerhouses can sometimes be a false-economy. This is why, in Bristol, many residents hire Kingsley instead, as they want to purchase quality.

We therefore build and also help our customers to design their garden rooms.

Here are some of the different factors that our estimators will think about, when they are calculating a price for a new summerhouse.

The size

The main area that will influence price of a new summerhouse, is the size of the wooden building.

For example, sometimes we build home gyms, which sometimes have a large free-weight section, a treadmill, rowing machines and also cycle bikes, so a large wooden summerhouse is needed. We are therefore able to construct very large wooden summerhouses.

The cladding

What can alter the price of a new garden room is the wooden cladding that you opt for, for example, there’s relatively inexpensive wood options, which can be made using pine wood, yet a lot of customers opt for the more expensive hardwood options, for example, the vast majority of Bristol summerhouses we build, are built with red cedar exterior cladding, this is used on most of the summerhouses that we build. There are so many more options, such as composite cladding, which comes in a huge range of colours, there’s Canadian hardwoods, Oak, Beech, there’s many more as well to pick from.

How many internal rooms?

A lot of our customers in Bristol, England, hire us to build summerhouses that have a dual use.

For example, a common use for our garden rooms is to have an internal divide, so one half of the space is a home gym and yoga room, the other half is a home office.

Therefore, if you have a large garden in Bristol, then we can build a summerhouse that can have different rooms.


Here’s a factor that really differentiates cheap summerhouses from the luxury garden buildings that we construct.

Cheap summerhouses may look great on the company’s website, that’s because there pictured say during the summer, when everything is bright and green. Yet, in the middle of winter, when frost covers everything, the building may well be very cold.

This is sometimes down to very thin walls, sometimes, the walls are no thicker than a garden fence, however our garden rooms are different. We use top quality building materials, and our buildings are well constructed, for better heat retention.

This is why in Bristol in England; we are asked to build summerhouses because we use quality roofs, windows and doors, plus our buildings are built so that they are very high-quality.


In the peak of summer, you might want to cool your summerhouse, that’s especially if you’re using the space to use as a home gym or as a yoga room.

 We can also offer air-conditioning as an optional extra.

Outside lighting and power sockets?

By far the most popular type of garden room we build, is so that the room can be used as an office.

Therefore, multiple power-sockets will be needed, and we can also add LED lighting outside if required.


Sometimes, in some locations in Bristol, its not possible to use say a rear lane, this can make access more difficult. Therefore sometimes, more labour is needed, that’s to carry all of the timber, roofing, doors, this therefore would need to be reflected in the price.


Now, when asking various garden room companies for a quote, it’s so important that as the customer you compare quotes so that they are compared on the basis of whether or not the same construction is being offered between the different businesses.

Some companies offer say felt roofing, yet we always use fibreglass, or rubber roofs.


When we are constructing our Bristol summerhouses, we always supply and fit quality windows.

Cheap low-quality bi-folding doors can sometimes be prone to opening and closing problems on the runners, plus be rather flimsy. We don’t use cheap bi-folding doors or windows, so you can be rest assured, when you hire us to build your wooden summerhouse, we only ever build quality.

We build luxury summerhouses in Bristol

There are hundreds of different Bristol summerhouse companies to pick from, however with that said, here at Kingsley we have a very strong reputation in Bristol for building luxury summerhouses.

We build well-made summerhouses, garden rooms, garden offices, if you would like a free, and no obligation quote anywhere in South West, England, why not call us?





Garden offices-how much do they cost?


A lot more of us are now working from home, for some, there’s ample free space within the home, to place say a desk and start taking Zoom calls.

For a lot of us however we need additional space, so some homeowners may consider a property extension or going up into the loft. However, another way, is to purchase a garden office from Kingsley.

Sometimes homeowners say that the end of the garden is rarely used, its just full of overgrown brambles, and an old greenhouse that’s falling apart. So, why not use that space and put it to better use? Why not therefore hire our team to build a bespoke and quality garden room?

We can offer you so many options, these can range from air-conditioning systems, through to offering to build composite decking around the whole building.

Free quotes

Every single garden office that we build is bespoke, which means that the homeowners can specify everything from which windows they want, through to what cladding they want.

Therefore, our quotes do differ depending on which design you would like, the main aspect that influence the price is the size of the garden office. We build garden offices which can sometimes be very large, can have multiple different rooms, and which are sometimes used as a home office, gym and sometimes have side storage as well.

The cladding

Which wooden or composite cladding you opt for, can alter the price, we offer for example red cedar wooden cladding, yet if you would like a less expensive option, some customers opt for metal cladding on the back to bring the cost down.

Where a garden office might back on directly to a high-fence, so the back of the garden office is not visible to the homeowners, we often recommend metal sheet cladding, as its low maintenance, relatively inexpensive, and can bring the costs down, or allow to spend more on another area, such as opting to have air-conditioning.  

Windows and the doors

Which doors and windows you choose can alter the price, often a lot of our customers will opt for bi-folds, here at Kingsley, you can be rest assured we only use good quality bi-folding doors, we can also add windows which match the colour of the doors.

Internal rooms

A lot of our customers tell us they want to use the garden office or garden room for different uses, for example, to use one side as an office space, yet they may also want the other side to have gym equipment.

That’s to say, one side of the room there might well be a treadmill, free-weights, rowing machines, exercise bikes, and a bi-cep curl machine, so we can then design and build a large garden room, where there are two rooms, where one side can be used as a home gym.

Heating and air-conditioning

As an optional extra, you may ask us to include in the quote installing air-conditioning and to install electric heaters.

Often these are requested by our customers if they want to use the garden office throughout the year.

This way in the peak of summer, you will have the ability to cool the room, we can also install electric heaters, which can heat the room for you during the winter. When we meet with you, we can discuss how many electric heaters may be required.


A lot of our customers say that they want to take a break from work in their garden room, and to have a large decked area to the front of the garden office, where they can sit and enjoy the weather. We can offer you two different options, that is to build decking from composite decking or timber.

This way you will have the perfect space for putting a patio table and chairs? So, when you fancy a quick break, you can simply open the bi-folding doors, sit outside on the decking outside your garden office and enjoy the summer weather.

Spot lights

A lot of our customers do ask for the outside of the garden room to be illuminated at night, often the customer will want spot lights built into the roof, and sometimes at the edge of the decking, using LED lights.

This can then make the garden room the focal point of your garden, yet also, if you were to have a jacuzzi installed to the side, then spot lights can help to illuminate the outside, if you wish to use say the hot-tub in the evening?

How our garden room company can help:

Whether you want a huge garden room built, so it can be used as a large home gym complete with hot-tub to the side, or you want a smaller summerhouse built, we are the company that can help.

We have built countless garden rooms in Bristol, we offer competitive prices and we also have a large team, which means we can build your garden room in a short period of time. To obtain a free, and no obligation quote, why not call our Bristol office today?

Would you like to obtain a quotation?

We offer free quotes in Bristol, if you would like a quote for a new summerhouse, garden office or garden room, then why not call Kingsley. We have vast experience of building high-quality garden rooms.





We need a garden building that we can still use during the winter


When we think about purchasing a garden room, often we think of using the room during the summertime, when its bright, warm and can be used as a space to relax when the weather is nice.

And, often when you go on most garden room company websites, often the building is pictured in the summer, with a bright green lawn, the suns shining and a refreshing drink is in hand- but what about the winter?

That’s because when a lot of customers call us, they say they want to use the building during the winter as well, for example, as a home office.

A lot of our customers run businesses from home, so they need a space to work from, our garden rooms offer a great place to work from.

The reason why so many residents within the South West hire us as the builder to build their summerhouse is simply because our workmanship, we build our timber buildings to a very high standard.

Plus, we can equip the buildings so that our Kingsley Garden Rooms can be used throughout winter, such as installing quality heaters, the building will also have very high-quality bi-folds and windows, which can help with the energy efficiency of the building.

If you build our garden room, can we use it in the winter?

Yes, a lot of our customers do, they often as us to use our electricians to install electric heaters, some of our heaters can even be controlled from your smartphone.

So, when you’re having your morning coffee, or simply having a breakfast in your living room, before you step out into the garden office, you can switch on the heating remotely to your garden office.

A lot of our customers like this feature that we can offer.

Quality insulation

There are many different types of insulation, when we are designing the building with you, we can have a conversation about the different insulation that we can offer.

Free quotes in Bristol

Here in Bristol, our customers often want many different types of garden buildings to be constructed, some may want large buildings, so that the building has a dual use, for example one half as a gym the other as home office.

However, on the other hand, in Bristol, say in the Clifton area, some residents might have a small garden, therefore our designers will have to be very innovative in terms of how we design the building so you can get the most out of the space. Regardless of the size building that we can construct, we can always offer you the option of air conditioning and heaters, so you can regulate the temperature.

Can you install heaters for us?

Yes, we have electricians that work with us, who can install electric heaters into your new Bristol Garden office.

Sometimes the construction will be large, therefore having separate rooms, with plasterboard partitioned walls, therefore you may want an electric heater in each room?

During the cold winter months, you can therefore heat your garden room.

Are the windows and also the doors you use of a good quality?

Yes, when purchasing a new garden room, this is something that some people overlook, believing that all bi-folds are rather similar in terms of construction, however sometimes the quality can vary massively.

This is why many Bristol homeowners hire us, as we ensure that we use very good quality bi-folding doors, plus in terms of the other building materials we use in the construction of each garden room, such as the wood we use, we make sure that all of the products are high quality.

Are you able to build internal rooms within our garden room?

Yes, a lot of the garden buildings that we construct are large, for example, often a homeowner with a large garden will want a large rectangular or an L-shaped building. Often the building is then used for a lot of different uses, for example, there might be a gym at one side, a home office to the other side, then a room to store bikes, lawn-mowers or simply items that you use around the garden such as pots.

We can therefore build plasterboard walls inside, and place an electric heater in each room. With partitioning being used, its quicker to heat a section of the garden room that’s being used, than heating the whole building, therefore often when the garden building has different uses, such as a home gym and also as an office, we can build internal walls.

Are you able to install heaters which can be controlled from a smartphone?

Yes, most definitely, this is an option that a large number of our customers opt for. This means whether we are building a garden room that’s going to become a Yoga room, home gym, office, place to run a business from, or simply a room to relax in, often our customers want a heater which can be controlled from a smartphone, so that the temperature can be raised remotely.

We also want to use the garden building during the whole of summer, how can we cool it?

We can also offer you air-conditioning, therefore in Bristol, when we are hired to build a new summerhouse, often our customers opt for electric heaters, as well as having an air-conditioning system as well.

This way the temperature of the wooden building can be controlled throughout the year.

Can we design the garden room?

Yes, our estimators can meet in your garden, anywhere in the city of Bristol. Our estimators can talk about all of the various options, and there are so many to pick from.

This way, you can design your perfect garden room, and you will be presented with so many options, from different wood and composite cladding, that’s the cladding that’s applied all around the summerhouse, through to which type of doors you want.

Often when we meet with our customers in Bristol, they will have seen the garden room they want built on social media. For example, often a client will see the perfect summerhouse on say Instragram, then ask us for a quote to build this building for them.

On the other hand, you may already know exactly how you want the building to look, in which case, why not give us a ring today, so we can start to get a quote back to you as soon as possible.

From Clifton, here in Bristol, over to Fishponds, we are building many luxury wooden garden buildings, that’s simply because we build quality summerhouses at very competitive prices.

For your no obligation quote, why not call our sales team today?