Do you need extra room in Bristol?


Bristol is a very popular city to live within, and its clear to see why, with its fantastic docklands, green open spaces and also countless restaurants, pubs and places to go and see, it’s a city that’s simply a great place to be.

However, there are a lot of homeowners living in Bristol, that might need extra space, say to work from home, yet don’t want to move house to create space.

The house itself might already by extended, with say the loft being converted, and a open plan kitchen area which has been built. Yet, what the homeowners may want is a place to go and work, instead of using say the kitchen table!

So, this is why here at Kingsley we are building bespoke, high-quality Bristol garden rooms all over the city. Mostly the buildings we construct are used as garden offices, yet another common use is as a home gym, and we have to say, a lot are used as a home bar.

We build garden rooms in Bristol that are used for a wide range of different uses, here’s some of the common reasons our customers have a new summerhouse built:

–        A home gym / yoga room

–        A home bar / Wine store

–        A place to simply relax

–        A home office

–        Place to watch the football or the rugby

–        A space for a hobby, such as oil painting

As you can see, our Bristol garden rooms are used by our customers for a wide range of different uses, therefore, the homeowner might want additional space, yet doesn’t want to move, therefore may have opted to have a summerhouse designed and built by us.


Bristol, quite simply a brilliant city to live in

We think Bristol’s a simply fantastic city, a lot of people who live in the city, may have switched to home working. For example, the homeowners may have worked in areas of the city like Cabot Circus, or in Aztec West, or in Clifton Bristol for example, yet now, don’t work in say an office, instead they work from their house.

Therefore, this is another reason why Kingsley has been very busy building garden rooms, that’s because, right across Bristol, more people have switched to home working, and have therefore asked us to build a summerhouse, so that they have a place to work from. Therefore from Clifton, looking over the docklands, through to Redlands and Fishponds, our team have been working extremely hard to build our buildings.

Built to what size you like

Here at Kingsley, we can build any size of garden room.

We have built many large garden rooms in Bristol, often the timber buildings will have separate rooms, so for example, often we build many summerhouses which have one half split so it’s can be used as a home gym, then the other half could be a space to watch the football.

When you call us, we can arrange for one of our estimators to come and meet with you , so if you are unsure what shape or size garden room to have we can offer you some ideas, for example we can build L-shape garden rooms, triangular shape, and also rectangular shape rooms.

We have build garden rooms which have many rooms inside, for example, perhaps the owner is making the switch to working from their house full-time, therefore needs a garden office, complete with toilet, a main room to work, and also another room to make teas, coffees and water.

Because we offer a design and build service, we can meet with you, understand what you want, then come up with a set of designs. Our carpenters, roofers, electricians can then use those designs, to start work on building a high-quality Bristol summerhouse for you.

Get more from your home in Bristol

You might really like your house, its just you need more space, therefore, as we mentioned a bit earlier on in this article, sometimes the homeowner will have had a loft conversion, added an extension to the kitchen, yet now need even more space, but the home is as extended as it can be. So, why not purchase a garden room from us?

Often many homes in say Fishponds, Bristol will have a good-sized garden, yet at the end might be overgrown bushes, a compost bin and a broken green house, so the gardens not used to its full potential. So, why not let us clear away all of the items at the end of your garden, place them in a skip for you, and it its place, build a garden office or a room?

Therefore, often so many residents in Bristol have long gardens, yet sometimes are not using them to their full potential. When our estimators meet you, at your garden, they can measure up, and offer ideas for how large your new summerhouse can be, they can also show you garden buildings which are already built in Bristol.

Because we have so many happy customers, what we can do, is arrange for you to see the buildings which we have already built in areas like Clifton in Bristol, so that we can see if you like the design.

Working from home?

We have had many customers call us because they are now working from home on a full-time basis, they therefore have asked us to build garden offices, to make sure there’s power to the garden room, plus sometimes to do extra work as well to improve the garden.

For example, many homeowners, now they are working from home want a space where they can work from, therefore a garden office makes the perfect option to work in. Also, the customers ask us to remove old sheds, demolish garages or greenhouses to make the space available for the summerhouse.

Also, then the customer might ask us to build decking and new fencing, and we can do this as well.

Often the customer will be working in their brand-new garden office throughout the seasons, so therefore opt to have air-conditioning fitted, plus many electric heaters. We also offer different insulation options, so that we can also insulate the building.

Our Bristol garden rooms are more affordable than you might think

A lot of people might have been renting office space in say the middle of the city centre of Bristol before, and ever since Covid, are now working from home a lot more. So, why not purchase a garden office from us, if you are making the switch to working from your property rather than working in an office?

We think that one of the best things about hiring us to build your garden room is that you can have it designed and built the way you want, so one half could be for work use, to have say your desk, shelves and say a large white board, and a side room for making teas.

In the other half of the garden room, you might which to use the space as a home gym, so as soon as work is finished, instead of having to jump in your car, and drive all the way over to your gym, instead you can just open the door, and enter your own gym.

Therefore a lot of our customers have purchased their own treadmills, rowing machines and weights.

We are regularly being asked therefore to build large wooden summerhouses, which have two rooms.


We can take care of designing and building your summerhouse

Our estimators when they meet you, can offer you a massive range of different design options, these are as broad as which colour doors you want, through to want wooden flooring you want. Then once you’ve made the decision on which options that you would like, we can start to create a design, and also send to you an estimate.

We have built garden rooms all over Bristol and beyond

We are an established business, therefore we’ve built many summerhouses, we have worked in Bath, yet the vast majority of the garden rooms have been in Bristol. As more homeowners are looking to create extra space, whether that’s to work in, or simply to watch a rugby game in at the weekend, our garden buildings have become very popular in Bristol. We’ve worked therefore right across the city, from Clifton, to Fishponds and as far as North Somerset.

Why not get more use from your garden?

At the very end of your garden right now, might be an old wooden shed, that looks as though its going to fall over. You might have a broken green houses,  or just the whole of the end of the garden is simply overgrown with brambles, so why not make better use out of that space?

Our team can work hard to transform the whole area, removing old sheds, greenhouses, or brambles, placing all of the rubbish in skips on your driveway, and making the area ready for a brand-new summerhouse.

We can then in a relatively short space of time, build a new wooden summerhouse for you.


Just think how little your garden might be used during the winter months

Here in Britain we do like to make the most out of our garden during the summer, whether that’s having a barbecue, simply enjoying the warm weather, or reading a book in the garden, we do make the most out of our gardens when the weather is good.

However, during winter, well a lot of us switch on the central heating, close all the windows, and like to keep warm. This is while the garden is not used, so for a long period of time, we might not even use the garden other than to say store bikes in the shed.

Why not use your new summerhouse as a place to relax


Whether you’re a busy working professional, or alternatively someone that’s just entered retirement, we all need a space to go and relax.

Whether relaxing for you is to paint an oil painting, while listening to soothing jazz music playing in the background, or alternatively you like to do something completely different, such as open a can of craft beer, and watch the football, we all have different ways to truly relax after a busy day.

Here in Bristol, we think its even more important that you have a dedicated space to unwind and to relax, that’s because let’s face it, Bristol is a busy city, and with living in a major city, well can come stresses and strains.

So, in this article we will discuss why Kingsley, who’s a builder of luxury, high-end summerhouses and bespoke garden rooms, will talk about some of the garden buildings we have constructed in the past, and how our customers have made better use out of their gardens, by having a place where they can go and relax.

A garden room to watch the T.V, such as football or a rugby match


We all have a TV programme we like to watch, where we don’t want anyone talking in the background on the phone, or having someone say “turn that TV down a bit, its too loud”- so why not create a dedicated space, where you can watch your favourite TV programme, whether its BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, or instead you support a football team or rugby side.

In which case, you may want a room where you know, you can switch on the lights, sit on a comfy sofa and watch your TV programme, even if the rest of your family doesn’t want to watch it with you.

If your favourite sport is said football, then why not dedicate the whole garden room to this?

Why not have a large screen television, your football teams shirts hung on the wall of your garden room, and why not even have your very own bar, complete with draft-beer pumps?

Throughout Bristol, therefore Kingsley is busy building garden rooms which are often used as cinema rooms, or as simply a place to watch the football or the rugby.

Garden room that’s used as a home gym or yoga room

Since Covid, a lot of people have rung us in Bristol, to build a large garden room, which can be used as a space to workout.

We have therefore throughout Bristol, in areas like Redlands, Clifton and Fishponds, build large garden buildings, these garden rooms are often air-conditioned, have bi-fold doors, and are then filled with gym equipment.

Our customers often therefore add their own gym equipment, such as rowing machines, cycle bikes and treadmills.

Often a space is also dedicated for yoga, we therefore build a lot of Bristol Garden rooms, which are used as home gyms or as a yoga room.

To read a good book

Another common reason why we are asked to build a garden room, is simply so that the owner can use the space to relax, while reading a good book.

Often the properties that we work on, will have sweeping views over countryside, a river or over the city of Bristol. Therefore, the homeowner wants to make best use out of that space, by building a wooden summerhouse, which has large aluminium windows, sometimes bi-folds, so that they can enjoy the view of Bristol, while relaxing and reading a good book.

A place to enjoy your hobby

Whether your hobby is building Lego, knitting or simply painting, often you want a space where you can go to relax, and enjoy your hobby.

A lot of our customers therefore ask us to build a garden building in Bristol, so that it’s used as a space to go, and start writing a book, to paint an oil painting, or simply to play a musical instrument.

Because every garden room we construct is bespoke, this means we can make our buildings to any size. So, if you live in Fishponds, and you want a massive garden room then we can build this, however, let’s say your property is in Clifton, and you have only a patio area, we can build a garden room to fit.

Every single building is tailor made for you, which means you can choose the dimensions, you choose which cladding you want, plus, also you choose how large the windows are.


Are you looking to have a summerhouse built in Bristol?

If you are thinking of having a new garden room built, then why not talk to our sales team?

We offer free quotes, so one of our estimators can come out meet with you, and offer you an estimate.

Are you making the switch to working from home?


A lot more of us are now making the switch to working from home, for example, your company might be doing it for environmental reasons, for example having less people commuting to work, it may be due to Covid-19 restrictions, or you may simply want to work for yourself and now need a garden office?

We are now going to explain some of the benefits of hiring our team at Kingsley to build you a brand-new, well-designed and brilliantly built garden office.

You don’t want to be working from the kitchen table any longer

Working from the kitchen table is not ideal, there are simply be too many distractions, such as other people using the kitchen to make food, or you may simply be taking too many breaks from work, to enjoy a snack or to watch the television.

This is why so many people in Bristol, whether they be a freelance accountant, an architect or somebody that is selling wedding dresses from home or another product, simply may need a dedicated space to work from. This is why many people are now hiring us to build a new garden office.

Do you need a garden room built anywhere in Bristol?

So, when you’ve made the decision to work from home, this is when a lot of Bristol residents start shopping around for construction companies that are able to build garden offices, and this is where you may have found us, because we are well known the building luxury garden buildings.

When the working day is over, simply lock up your garden office, and walk back to the house

By far the most biggest benefits we think of owning a garden office is, instead of leaving your office say that’s in the centre of Bristol, and having to jump in the car and then be stuck in traffic for a long time quite possibly, you can simply lock up your garden room instead, and walk back to the house.

So, just think of all the time you will be saving, not to mention petrol on not having to commute back and fore work!

We can build large garden offices

Don’t think for a second however that if you hire us to build a new garden office, that you will be in a cramped wooden building, no, that’s because we can build a garden room to any size that you like.

So, in the great city of Bristol there are many houses which have ample outdoor space within the garden, yet even if you have quite a small garden, when you meet with our estimators, they can often be innovative with the space that you have available.

So, for example, at the back of your garden right now might be a upward slope, which you currently do not use at all, there might be something just like a compost bin there, and that’s it.

However, through using innovative use of wooden joists, supports and possibly needing to level the ground a little, we could create a space where your garden room could be built.

 Would you benefit from more natural light?

You might currently be working from a spare bedroom within your house, let’s say in Clifton in Bristol, but that part of the house let’s say doesn’t draw in much natural light?

You might find that therefore its quite dark in the room your working, and not a great place that you want to spend the day completing your work tasks?

However, what you might find is that with a garden room you can position it where you want, so that you could possibly have more natural light?

Designed the way that you want

None our garden offices are not rolled off a factory production line, and are not preassembled, instead they are made to order, and therefore built in your garden.

Built to a very high standard

Every Bristol summerhouse that we build is made to a very high standard.

Do you live in Bristol and want a quote for a brand-new summerhouse, garden office, or garden room?

We offer free quotations within Bristol.



What are some of the optional extras that you offer when building garden offices?


Many customers choose us simply because they know they will be able to choose from a massive range of different options when we build their garden room. The options can range from having an air-conditioning system installed, right through to us laying hardwood flooring.

Therefore, here at Kingsley, when you hire our team to build your garden office, you will have a lot of different options to choose from. We can arrange a time that’s best suited to you, for us to visit and explain all of the different options to you.

We can also discuss popular options, such as having decking built around, or the front, as well as the different lighting and cladding options.

Many people therefore hire us, not just because they know the building will be constructed by craftsmen, but also because you can design the summerhouse the way you want. You may therefore want an ultra modern design?

For example, if you want a modern design, you might want spotlights in the decking, down lights in the roof canopy, composite grey colour cladding, then powder coated windows, bi-folding doors and also to opt for a rubber roof?

Therefore, as you can see, here at Kingsley, when someone wants a Bristol garden office built, we are often recommend, as our brand is well-known for building absolute quality buildings.

We therefore offer you a lot of different options which you can have included in the build of your new garden office.

In order to help explain some of the options that we offer, we have added below some of the more popular optional extras that our customers opt for in the city of Bristol:


Air-Conditioning System

A garden office can sometimes be used right throughout the entire year by some of our customers, so when those hot summer days do finally arrive, a lot of our customers want to cool the space, so that they can comfortably work.

Therefore, you can simply use a remote control, or a dial to start lowering the temperature within the summerhouse, once we have installed our air-conditioning systems.

Bi-folding doors do allow a lot of light to flood into the garden room, which is what a lot of our customers want, yet at the same time, sometimes during the summer, when entering the building it can already by very warm sometimes, this is why air-conditioning systems are fitted to some of the buildings we construct in Bristol.

Our air-conditioning systems can also be installed for less than you might think, that’s because the wiring and fitting is often not as complicated as installing on a house, so, we can offer you a very reasonable quote to fit the air-conditioning system to your summerhouse.


So, let’s say you have a huge amount of work to do, and you want to start work in your garden office, but its rather freezing outside, and jack-front has covered everything with a thick layer of ice.

This means as you talk, you can see your breath dissipating into the air- and therefore you will obviously want to heat your garden office.

Our electricians can install electric heaters for you. For some garden offices, there might be separate rooms, for example a toilet and wash-hand basin in one room, a room that’s small to just make teas, coffees and fit a fridge for the milk, and the main room. You may want a small electric radiator in each room?

When we are designing your garden room with you, we can therefore talk to you about how you want to heat the space, as well as cool it, though possibly having an air-conditioning system installed.

So, where ever you live in the great city of Bristol, if we build your garden room for you, we can also have our electricians which work for us, start to install the electrics, plus start installing electric sockets, lighting and also heaters so that the space is ready to use.


We can offer aluminium powder coated windows as well as bi-folds which have built into the double-glazed unit, blinds.

This way if the suns beaming into your garden office, and you’re finding it distracting, you can simply adjust the blinds which are built into the door.

Under-floor heating

A lot of customers also opt for underfloor heating, this can allow your garden office to be all that more comfortable.


If you’re thinking of having a new garden room built by Kingsley, well why not have composite decking built to the front?

This way, when the weathers nice, you could have a patio table, and chairs put onto the decking, and enjoy a cup of coffee during the summer?


A common reason why so many people hire us to build a garden room, is because their going to use the space to relax and unwind after work.

So, to just give you an example, one half of the room might be used as a home gym, as a bar or just somewhere to watch the latest football match?

Side room

Some people demolish say an old garage in Bristol, that’s to make way for their new garden room to be constructed, yet what happens to say where all the bikes are stored, or them odd paint tins you’ve been storing, and even the lawn-mower?

Well, this is why when we are designing your garden room, a popular option is to have a side storage area, that’s a separate room to store say your mountain bikes away from the elements.

Painted and decorated

Some of our customers want to paint their garden room themselves, perhaps they want a bit longer to make sure they pick the right colour.

Alternatively, a lot of our customers want a garden room or office which they can move straight into, that’s to say, they would like it painted and decorated. Then they just need to order say a new desk, gym equipment, or perhaps a comfortable sofa?

Therefore, we can also paint and decorate your garden room for you, helping you to save time.

Bi-folding doors

Some customers won’t want large doors, instead they may want us to build wooden doors, yet a very popular choice is to opt for aluminium doors, which can come in a range of colours, and are bi-folding.

So, whether the rooms going to be used for yoga, to watch the football on weekends, or simply to complete work, you may want a set of bi-folding doors installed, so that you can fold back, and let the fresh air come into the room.

Many more options

We also offer plenty more options, because every single garden room that we build in the city of Bristol is bespoke, we can build the building incorporating everything you want, from hardwood flooring, through to composite decking, or even to make space to the side so that a hot tub can be installed at a later date.

If you would like one of our estimators to call out, and offer you a no-obligation quote, then why not call us?