Do you work from home in Bristol- do you require a garden office to be built?


A lot of people are now working from home, whether that’s because your employer has asked you to do so, or perhaps you’re an entrepreneur and want a garden office built, so that you have a place in Bristol to run your business from.

Often when customers call us, they may refer to the building as a “summerhouse”, “garden room or a “garden office”– essentially, what they want is for us, Kingsley, to build a high-quality timber building, and we are a very popular company in Bristol, that’s simply because our buildings are not made in a factory, they are instead put together in your garden by our joiners and our carpenters. We also have many electricians, roofers and builders, who all come together to build high-quality garden buildings.


Need additional space to work from?

Its not ideal when working from home, to say be working in the kitchen, or let’s say on the sofa, what is needed is a place to work from, and a lot of our customers tell us, is that out their gardens, there is often ample space that’s sometimes hardly used.

So, for example, at the end of some long gardens in Bristol, is simply brambles, or an old shed that might be falling apart. We can build a garden room in that space, plus, we can also discuss with you some of the extras that we can offer, for example, you might be using your Bristol Garden office all year around, so you may want us to add electric heaters, you may also want is to add spot-lights outside so that the outside is illuminated.

For the hot days of summer, you may want to be able to switch on air-conditioning, so we can also build Bristol summerhouses, which have air-conditioning added as well.

When you hire us to build your luxury summerhouse, we can offer you a massive range of different options, for example, you may want the outside of the building to be grey?

If so, we can use what’s called “composite cladding” on the outside of your summerhouse, if you want real wood, we can offer many timber options, a very popular option, is for our Bristol customers to opt for “red cedar”- which when treated, with the right products to protect the wood, can produce a very nice finish for the summerhouse.

Bristol garden offices

Many of our customers in Bristol, hire us to build a summerhouse or garden room, simply because we build the whole building in your garden. This means, instead of the timber building being made in a factory, instead, the garden office is built in your garden, by our joiners and carpenters.

We can therefore build a summerhouse to any dimensions that you would like. A lot of our customers have large garden rooms built, sometimes these are used as home gyms or as a place to work, and sometimes simply as place to relax, such as having a bar installed inside.

We therefore have estimators, which can discuss with you all of the various options that we offer, these can range from if you want LED lightening fitted outside, right through to whether you want air-conditioning fitted.

Large garden rooms

If you’re using your garden room to run a business from, you’re likely to want the building to be large.

In the city of Bristol, we have built many very large summerhouses, sometimes these are used as garden offices.

Sometimes the building is used for two uses, so for example, one half might be used for work, the other may house gym equipment.

Here at Kingsley, we are used to building very large summerhouses, also, a lot of customers that want more internal room, sometimes ask us to build “L-shaped” garden rooms. We can therefore design and build the summerhouse so it has separate rooms, sometimes, to make way for the new summerhouse, sometimes an old garage or shed is demolished, yet then the homeowner will need space to say store the lawn-mower.

We therefore often when we are building our Bristol summerhouses, build to the side of the garden room a storage room, so items such as bikes, lawn mowers and pots can be stored.

Summerhouses in Bristol

Quite often our customers want to use their new wooden summerhouse for work, yet also as a space so that they can also relax. Kingsley is therefore building large garden rooms, which sometimes have one room for working in, then the other half is say a home gym. More of the garden buildings that we construct also often have large canopies outside, with outdoor lightening, so that a hot-tub can be added to the side, plus, also to have an extended front, often built using composite decking, and LED lights inside, so on a summers evening, you can sit outside and enjoy a glass of wine.

Would you like a quote for having a Bristol garden room built, then why not call us?




What are some of the different options to heat my garden room / office?


Often, when you look at a garden room companies website, often all of the buildings are pictured during the summer, when every thing is bright, green and people are wearing sun glasses while sipping a refreshing drink.

However, when you pop out of your house in Bristol at this time of year, well, it’s a woolly hat, gloves and a thick winter jacket that’s needed.

So, when a homeowner is thinking of hiring us as their construction company to build their garden room or office, it’s going to be a big factor when hiring a garden room business, on whether they can offer different options to help heat the space.

As some companies aim to be cheaper, and sometimes deliver summerhouses in a flat pack form, meaning, once its loaded off the lorry, normally by use of a “hiab lorry”, well, its then down to the homeowner or an appointed person to start the construction, and sometimes, because the rooms so inexpensive, sometimes, there will be no heaters included in the price, not to mention the electrician to wire it up and help therefore bring the electric to the building.

However, so many residents choose us, because we build quality buildings, which are well insulated, plus we can bring to your garden our electricians which will help bring the power supply to the building, plus wire up as many electric heaters as you need, plus, we can offer you so many different insulation options.

So, whether your having a garden office built, or simply a cinema room, your obviously going to want to be warm and comfortable, so this is why so many people hire Kingsley.

Quality Electric Heaters

Once the walls have been freshly plastered, then we can start to hang on the walls as many electric heaters as you require. Sometimes our garden rooms can have as many as 3 rooms, say a main room, a side room, and sometimes another room for storage, we can therefore install as many heaters as you would like. Plus, some of our heaters, depending on which option you opt for, can even be remotely controlled from your smartphone.

So, for example, lets say you live in Clifton, that’s in Bristol, you run your own business, and your planning on working from home a lot more. So, you call us to build a new garden office for you.

So imagine, when your having your espresso in the morning, in your house, you can simply switch on smartphone, open the app that allows you switch on the heaters, and while your getting ready for work in your house, your garden room is starting to heat up, so you can start work, in a nice warm garden building.


Our electricians can install electric heaters for you, yet, once that heats been generated, its important to try and insulate the garden room as well. We therefore offer many different insulation options, these can help to retain the heat, or the cool.

It’s also worth noting that we can install a heater but also many of our Bristol customers also opt to have us install an air-conditioning system as well. So, no matter if its winter or summer, you will be able to regulate the temperate the way you want.

Underfloor heating

Some of our customers heat their garden rooms through their underfloor heating, our electricians can install this for you.

So, if you have a large garden room, and you want underfloor heating, then we can offer this.


The quality of the windows makes a large difference

Some companies install low-quality wooden windows, this means sometimes there can be gaps, at the bottom or the top of the window or door, now in the summer, well, this might not be so noticeable, yet in the middle of winter, when its freezing outside, it can make a huge difference.

So this is why, when you hire us to build your Bristol garden rooms, we only use top-quality aluminium bi-folding doors, which are tailor made for your new summerhouse.

The roof

When your sitting down, comparing garden room quotes, you might have estimates from some companies, which differ by quite a lot?

In this case, its definitely worth making sure that you are comparing a quote based on the build being the same, for example, a felt roof, well that’s going to be much cheaper to construct than say a rubber roof that’s installed by roofers.

Equally one company may not offer to decorate the garden room, so the space is just left with plastered walls, and possibly no electric power points or dimmer switches, or lights outside? So, a separate electrician might be needed?

This is why so many people call us to build their new summerhouse, as we can offer to build the garden room the way you want, at a competitive price.