We need a space to go and relax


Quite often the vast majority of the garden buildings that we construct fall into one of two categories, that is a building to be used as a place to work, or just simply as a space to relax.

Many homeowners tell us in Bristol that they are going to use their brand-new garden room as a space to do enjoy their hobbies, such as oil painting, writing a book or just a place to enjoy fine wines.

An enjoyable part of our job is therefore helping our customers to design the garden room they want, for example, if it’s to enjoy reading a book, why not let our joiners and carpenters build a bespoke book case, for all of your favourite novels? Alternatively, if you enjoy craft beer, why not let us build you a bar? Alternatively, you may unwind by working out, so why not let us, put power sockets where you want, and hang televisions on the walls for you, creating your ideal home gym?

Bristol sure is one busy place, that’s why a lot of our customers say after a long day at work in the city they want a room that’s a space to go and relax and unwind. Whether its watching your favourite action movie on a large screen, a place to go and pull a draft pint and talk to friends, or simply a room for a hobby you enjoy, like creating an oil painting, we can help you to build your perfect Bristol summerhouse.

Here’s why so many homeowners hire us to build their Bristol summerhouse:

–        Bespoke summerhouses

–        We can help you to design your new summerhouse

–        Top-quality building materials

–        Experienced joiners

–        Experienced carpenters

–        We build summerhouses in Bath, England and in Bristol

Garden rooms can be used for so many purposes

As you can see therefore our Bristol garden rooms are used for such a huge ranges of uses, from spaces to work from during the day, to rooms that are used as a yoga space, sometimes evening having a sauna on the side.

We are now going to look at some of the more popular garden room designs that our customers in Bristol opt for.

Home gym

A lot of our customers tell us that going to the gym takes up a lot of their spare time outside of work, they therefore don’t want to travel back and fore the gym, they instead want their very own gym at home.

This means, when ever you want to go for a workout, instead of having to get ready, then have a drive to your local gym, now you can just walk down the end of your garden, and start your workout.

We have built many garden rooms which are used as a home gym or as a place to do yoga as well.

Cinema room

A number of the garden buildings which we have built, have been used a “cinema room” complete with large projector on the wall. Sometimes, the room is used to watch films, or listen to your favourite music, while the artist is projected onto the wall. Therefore, whether you like rock, pop or soul, why not enjoy your favourite tracks, in your own garden room dedicated to music.


Whether you’re learning to play an instrument, or you’re an accomplished artist, it’s good to have a dedicated room for your instruments.

Therefore, whether you play the piano, the electric guitar or the drums, our company can build a garden room for you, and we can discuss when we meet you, all of the various different insulation, and sound dampening options, so you can really enjoy your garden room.   

Bar / Wine Room

A large number of our garden rooms, and summerhouses are built as places to enjoy a refreshing pint of beer or as a wine room. Some of our customers have therefore installed large wine chillers, so that the whole room becomes a place to go and enjoy champagne or nice glass of cold wine in a summers evening.

A place to read a book

Sometimes our customers simply want a place to go and read a book, a lot of our customers therefore have a summerhouse built, as a place to relax, and have a read.  To help you to select which book to read, our joiners can even build bespoke book cases for you.

Mediation Room / Yoga

A lot of our customers enjoy yoga, they like to play mediation music, or simply listen to the birds sing in the garden, while they use the garden room as a place to meditate, to relax and unwind.

Like most cities here in the United Kingdom, Bristol is a busy place, a lot of our customers have demanding jobs, and therefore use the garden room as a space to truly relax, sometimes having one half of the room as a gym, and the other as a yoga room.


Perhaps you enjoy oil painting, writing a book or simply knitting, and need a space to enjoy your hobby- if so, why not talk to us, we have built many garden rooms in Bath, and for many customers in Bristol, England.



Will we be able to upgrade our garden room with optional extras?

In this article we will talk about:

–        Some of the different upgrade options that we can offer you

–        Some of the more popular upgrade options that customers often opt for

–        That we build bespoke garden rooms here in Bristol

Sometimes a homeowner will shop around online to find a garden room company that offers prices on their website.  

Often the prices which are shown, are based on the size of the garden room that’s to be built, yet what you have to bear in mind is, that often this is to build just the basic structure, and to add any extra features, such as having say a larger canopy on the side for example, well that’s often an additional fee.

As you can see on our garden room website, we don’t state fixed prices, that’s because we build the bespoke garden rooms, that are made to order. This means that in any one week in Bristol, we might have a number of garden buildings that we are constructing, yet all, might be very different.

Some might be modern, with dark grey cladding, the same colour bi-folds, and decking, then the whole structure can be illuminated at night with multiple LED lights.

Alternatively, let’s say you live in a farm house, with stone walls, you may want a more traditional garden room, with say hardwood cladding, French doors, and also wooden windows.

Tailor-made Bristol garden rooms


The garden buildings that we construct in Bristol, as well as in other areas, such as North Somerset and Bath, are “tailor-made”- meaning that you can have your summerhouse built to the exact design that you had in mind.

A lot of our customers in Bristol, will have seen the perfect garden room they want built, sometimes this is in an interior design magazine, which sometimes also has stories about garden buildings that have been built. More often than not our customers will have seen a garden building that they want built on say Facebook, or Instragram, then this can help our estimators to know which cladding, which doors, as well as also the overall design you want, for example, decking outside, lightening and also the shape of the room.

In that sense, the garden buildings that we construct are often very different from each other in terms of the design, some might for example have air conditioning systems fitted, some might have composite decking built outside, others might even have our carpenters build an intricate bar which stretches the whole length of the building, and large screen televisions on the walls, so that the summerhouse becomes like your very own pub.

Therefore our Bristol summerhouses are used for a massive range of uses, from cinema rooms, through to a place to work, right through to being a home gym.

Are we able to upgrade our garden room with optional extras?


Yes, we are able to offer you a huge number of optional extras to choose from, for example you might want a garden room that has high-quality composite decking built to the front, lights which are embedded into the steps, and the actual deck could have LED lights installed in the floor as well, so in an evening, the whole structure becomes illuminated.  

As an optional extra you might want to opt for air conditioning or multiple electric heaters, so that you can better regulate the temperate in the room? We build a lot of garden buildings which are used as home gyms, as a place to work, or to simply relax, we can therefore offer you different ways to heat the room and to cool it.

What are some of the more popular extras that your customers often opt for?

We are often asked throughout the South-West of England, in areas such as Bath, and also North Somerset, as well as in Bristol, to build garden offices.

This means that a lot of our customers are often making the switch to either working from home on a full-time basis, or they are working from their property a few days a week.

We are therefore often asked to build a garden office, so that they can have a comfortable place to   work from during the day.

Quite often the person will be working from their garden office right throughout the year, for this reason they often opt for higher levels of insulation, to help retain the heat or the cold air.

Therefore, we can offer you many different electric heater and air conditioning options for you to choose from, and our electricians can install all of these for you.

Would you like a quote for us to build a  Garden Room for you?

If you live in the South-West of England, and you want Kingsley to build a brand-new garden room or office for you, then why not call us today?


Are the garden rooms that you build made-to-order?


If you’re currently shopping around, in order to purchase a new summerhouse online, well, as you probably already know, there’s quite literally thousands of different companies to choose from.

Some will send a summerhouse to you in the form of a “flat-pack”, so that the customer, or your appointed builder will then construct the garden room for you. Often these garden rooms come in set sizes, and you may not sometimes have the choice of where say the windows are placed, or other options, such as which cladding you have fitted.

That’s because, sometimes to keep the cost of a “flat-pack” summerhouse down, they are rolled off a production line, in a range of sizes, and the specification, such as cladding, the roof, and where the windows are placed, is already set.

However, what a lot of customers instead want, is for a company, such as Kingsley in Bristol to build the whole build completely from scratch, to the exact dimensions that the customer wants. So, for example, you may want an “L-shape” garden room, and you may know exactly the dimensions you want the summerhouse to be, and also where the internal walls are to be placed, yet sometimes with a ready-made garden room, you may not be able to find the size you want.

That’s because, for some companies, the flat pack summerhouses come in set sizes, so cant be altered to fit the exact dimensions the customer wants.

Often what is needed therefore is a “bespoke garden room”, that’s exactly what we can build.

Our estimators therefore regularly travel right across the South West of England, we can then discuss which shape garden room that you want, and the size, we will then get back to you with an estimate as soon as possible.

For example, if you already know the size of the garden room you want, let’s say 4 metres by 3, you know the cladding you want, so for example, you may want a light grey composite cladding, you know you want bi-folds, and one rectangular shape window to the side, then this means, that you know the exact design you want, we can then get back to you via e-mail with a free quote.

Also, let’s say that you are unsure whether you want a concrete base, or for our company to use ground screws for the base of your garden room, this is when our estimators can have a look at the level of your garden, and we can recommend what would be a better option for you.

All of our estimates, that we offer our offered totally free of charge.

Bespoke garden rooms

Here at Kingsley we don’t build summerhouses that have been made in a factory somewhere in the South West, and then deliver the garden building in a flatpack form  to your home, this is not what we as a company offer.

Instead of building the summerhouse in a factory, instead all of the different components that are needed to build your garden room, are brought into your garden. This means the timber, the roofing supplies, electrics, we all build completely from scratch in your garden. This means that the whole building is totally bespoke, it’s built to the design that you want.


Even though for a lot of flatpack summerhouses, these are often cheaper than bespoke builds, which we construct, we simply do not offer the cheap types of flat pack garden buildings, as these often can not be altered that easily to what the customer wants. Therefore instead, all of the building materials, from the bi-folds, through to the LED lights, these are brought into your Bristol garden, and built in your home, rather than building the summerhouse on a factory production line.

So for example, when a customer gets on the phone to us, often they know exactly the hardwood cladding they want on the outside, so the customer may state that they want Oak wooden cladding, they may also know the dimensions that they want, as well as where they want the windows to be placed and what size they want the windows to be.

Then once our estimators have met with you, let’s say at your house is in Clifton, Bristol, we can then start to create 3D Drawings for you.

Our 3D drawings will give you a good idea of what your new Bristol Garden room will look like.

Garden offices, through to Bristol summerhouses, we build them all

Why a lot of people choose Kingsley, is simply because they want a very high-quality summerhouse built, for example it might be used as an office, so the customer hires us because they know every garden building that we build, is constructed to a high standard.

Built to any dimensions that you like

We can build a garden room to any dimension that you like.

Different shapes

We can build any shape garden room, for example we regularly build rectangular summerhouses, triangular and also L-shaped garden rooms in Bristol.

Different design

We can build different designs, so that our garden rooms can look very different in terms of their design. For example we can build summerhouses using composite cladding, you might want LED lighting outside, you might want decking for example?

Quality as standard

We simply build quality every time.

We have many happy customers right across Bristol

We already have many happy customers who have had a summerhouse built by us right across the South West of England. We offer totally free and no obligation quotes, so why not book in a time with our estimators? So that we can discuss the options that we can offer you for your new garden room?