Would you like a luxury summerhouse built this summer?



Its fair to say, that the warm weather doesn’t seem to last that long at all, this is why, when its warm outside, us British do like to make the most out of our gardens.

What’s great about owning a garden room built by Kingsley is, the room can be used in summer, yet, often our customers use the summerhouse throughout the winter as well.

This means, that you can make the most out of your garden, by adding a garden room, which could be used as a home gym, as a cinema room, or simply a place to enjoy a bottle of wine.

Often our customers tell us, that the end of their garden is not an area that gets any use, and might be home to a compost bin, an old shed, or just overgrown weeds. This means that as people are looking to create more living space, a garden room becomes a place to work or to relax.


Why not have a Kingsley Garden Room built this summer?


You might have plans to build a home gym, have a place to watch the football on the weekend, or simply to have a cinema room, we can help you to create this, we have already built many luxury summerhouses throughout the South West of England, From Radstock near Bath, through to the heights of Clifton, which is near the docklands of Bristol.

There are now hundreds of companies offering to  build summerhouses, yet we always aim to build quality. Whether its the sky-lights in the room, the windows or the bi-folding doors, every part of the garden room will be made with high-quality building materials.


A place to go and relax

Often us British only really use our gardens really during the summer, that’s to say, the barbecue might be rolled out of the garage a few times, we might have the fire-pit lit a few times, and maybe you might use the pizza oven, yet when the colder weather comes, and the days get shorter, well a lot of us, dont tend to use our gardens- yet a garden room, built by us, can help you to create a place to use even during the winter.

So why not hire us to build a garden room, that you can use all year around, here are some of the common uses for our summerhouses:


–       Home gym

–       Yoga room

–       Mediation room

–       Home office

–       Cinema room

–       Home bar

–       Place to watch the football / rugby


We build our garden rooms all year around

Because we build air conditioned, and also garden rooms which can be heated, via electric heaters, our garden rooms are built for customers right throughout the year.


We also offer different types of insulation.

Our large team of staff can build you a quality summerhouse in a short period of time

We have many roofers, joiners and electricians that work for Kingsley, this means we are often able to build a summerhouse in a short period of time.


Luxury summerhouses

Here at Kingsley, we build luxury summerhouses, that’s because we employ highly experienced joiners, which build bespoke garden rooms that are tailor made. Therefore, you can state which exterior cladding you would like, whether you want decking built out the front, whether you want separate rooms.

Also, because our garden rooms are tailor made, you can specify for example, whether you want air-conditioning added, whether you want a toilet and wash hand basin,  whether you want electric heaters, sky-lights, exterior led lighting, bi-fold doors, composite cladding, there’s so many different options that our customers can pick from, meaning you will have so much choice, that you can have your summerhouse built exactly the way you want.


Make the most out of your garden, hire us to build a wooden summerhouse

Many residents in both Bath, and Bristol are already benefiting from having a well-made, luxury summerhouse or garden office built by our company.

Our customers often tell us, that the end of the garden wasn’t used at all, now its been transformed into a place to go and relax, to enjoy a glass of wine, for work, or simply to use as a home gym.


What makes your summerhouses luxury?

There’s always going to be a lot of companies that aim to offer wooden summerhouses at low prices, yet, sometimes, if the summerhouse is poorly made, well, it might not last that long.

We instead have many joiners which work for us, we listen to what our customers want built, and instead of making the summerhouse in a factory, the whole build is tailor made by our carpenters, and put together in your garden. Every garden room we build is therefore built by tradesmen, to be a very high quality build.



We build garden rooms that are used as home gyms, yoga rooms and as a home bar

A lot of our customers tell us, that they simply have very demanding jobs, and therefore they want a space to go and relax, in order to truly unwind during the weekends and evenings.

Therefore, all over Bristol we have built garden rooms which have been used as everything from a home bar, cinema room, and as a space to do yoga.

Other uses have included somewhere to paint, read a good book, and by far the most common use, as a weights or home gym.

Therefore, if you are thinking of having a garden room built, so that it becomes a place to relax and unwind then why not let us build that space for you?

We build garden rooms in:





Let’s have a look at some of the garden rooms that we have already built in The South West, and what they have been used for:


Building quality in Bristol and beyond

Before we start to state some of the common uses that our garden rooms are used for, its worth knowing that here at Kingsley we go above and beyond to build very high-quality and luxury garden rooms.

This means there are likely to be cheaper quotes out there, yet as a business, what we are focused on is building very high-quality summerhouses and garden rooms.

This approach has meant that we have received so many 5-Star reviews, plus we often get a lot of our work from recommendations.


Bristol garden rooms

Here at Kingsley, our teams build most of our garden buildings in Bristol, a lot of these are used as spaces to relax. The designs can therefore be wide ranging, from rooms to watch the rugby in, through to air-conditioned spaces to do yoga or an workout after work. We have therefore built many summerhouses in Bristol, so if any perspective customers would like to see work our team has already completed, we can show the many buildings we have constructed, from Clifton through to Fishponds.


Kingsley therefore has built many

–        Summerhouses

–        Garden rooms used as home gym

–        Cinema room

–        Home bar, complete with bespoke wooden bar

–        Yoga room

–        Reading room  


A home bar

So many of us like to watch the rugby or the football on the weekends, yet a lot of our customers say, they don’t want to watch the game at say the local pub. Instead, they want to build their own garden room, and have this used as a dedicated place to watch the sporting event.

Often, the owner will add football shirts, large TV’s and sometimes have a large bar within the room as well. We have joiners and carpenters which work for us, so we can build the garden room the way you want.

For example, our carpenters can also build a wooden bar for you, as many of our customers add draft beer pubs to the bar, so they can have their real ales, lagers or say a stout on draft.


A yoga room

A lot of our customers in The South West say that they enjoy yoga-  yet they need a garden room built as currently they don’t have much space in the house.

Therefore, we have built many large garden rooms, where the owner has placed quality speakers on the walls and have used the summerhouse as a yoga room.

We have therefore built many yoga rooms throughout the South West of England; they have been very popular among our customers.


As a cinema room

We have also built some really large garden rooms, which have been used as cinema rooms in both the city of Bath, and also in Bristol.

Sometimes the owner will go to great lengths to recreate the ambience of a real cinema, with old fashioned pop-corn machines, cinema style seating, and adding a large projector onto the ceiling.  

So, whether you like action films, sci-fi or comedies, why not have a large summerhouse built by us, so it becomes a great place to go and watch your favourite films?


A home gym

We have built so many garden rooms in Bristol, which are now used as a home gym. A lot of people don’t want to have to drive, then wait for the gym equipment that they want to use to become available, for example, let’s say a treadmill.

So, now, many homeowners are asking us here at Kingsley, to build large air-conditioned garden rooms in areas like Bath in England, and in Bristol, as well as Somerset, that are used as home gyms.

Often the garden rooms are very large, then we add a good quality air-conditioning unit, so that even on a very hot summers day, the inside of the garden room can be kept cool.



A lot of our customers in The South West of England want to use the garden room as a place for their hobby, whether that’s to paint an oil painting, write a book, or even to use clay to make ceramics.

A lot of our customers use their new garden room to use as a place to enjoy their hobby.


Bristol sure is one busy city

What a lot of our customers tell us is, that they have very demanding jobs, they therefore want us to build a space where they can go to relax. Whether that’s switching on the large screen television, and watching a football match in the summerhouse, or simply to do a work out after work.

So, if your currently looking for “garden room companies Bristol” or “companies that build summerhouses in Bath”- well why not come to us?

We have built so many very high-quality summerhouses, therefore as a business, Kingsley has so many 5-Star reviews.


Why not get a free quote?

As you can see, our garden rooms are used for a huge range of purposes, from home gyms, through to somewhere to enjoy a glass of wine after work.

Why our company is often hired is because we build quality, our buildings are not made in a factory, instead, the whole construction is put together by roofers, joiners, and also electricians.

This means we build “bespoke garden rooms” where we help you to design your summerhouse, then our builders build it for you.

We also make sure that whether it’s the windows, the roof or the flooring, that the items come from quality suppliers, so every part of the build is quality.

If you live in Somerset, Bath or Bristol, and your thinking of having a garden room built, why not call us?





I need more space so that I can work from home



A lot of people will have got used to working in an office in Bristol, some residents therefore may have made the daily commute to say Aztec West, to start work. Yet, since Covid, this has changed for so many people, who are now either offered flexible working arrangements by their employer, or some have even made the switch to working from home full-time.

For some people, this is great, as they might have a spare room that’s been converted into a home office, and the person can carry on work.

However, for a lot of people here in Bristol, well, working from home might have been more difficult, as the home might not have a spare room.

The homeowner might therefore be resigned to working from the kitchen worktop, or from the sofa, and having to listen to the TV playing, or other noises in the house, well, can be distracting, if your trying to send an important e-mail over to boss to meet that deadline.

So, what’s often needed is a quiet space, a room where you can complete your work tasks, take those work calls, send those e-mails, and start putting together that Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that you had promised your boss by this Friday.

That’s to say you need a comfortable space to work, and that’s exactly what our company can offer.

All over Bristol, from the heights of Clifton, near the great Clifton Suspension Bridge, through to Fishponds and beyond, we are building well-made, hand crafted, tailor made garden rooms, best of all, these are being offered at very competitive prices.


So, if you would like a quote, why not call us?

We can build:

–        Garden offices

–        We are an established garden room company

–        Free quotes right across Bristol

–        Our summerhouse company has many 5-star business reviews

–        We build quality bespoke garden rooms, which means, you tell us the design you want, and we can build it

–        We have already built many garden rooms here in the city of Bristol, we have many happy customers

Bristol Garden Rooms

If you have already extended your home, for example may have already added a rear extension?

And, you now require more space, especially if one partner, or both are now working from home, so you need a space to work, why not consider purchasing a garden office from us.

Therefore if your looking for a “Bristol garden room companies” why look any further than us?

A quite place to work

A lot of our customers tell us, that they can no longer work say in the kitchen, or from the dining room table, as they need a space that’s dedicated to work. They need a space that’s quiet, where they can take work calls, and ideally somewhere they can store work items, such as folders, and paper work, without having to have it all over the living room.

So, an ideal solution for many homeowners, is to hire our team, to build a garden office.

We can make this a comfortable place to work from, as we can install heaters, air-conditioning, plus, make sure its well insulated.

So many people are now working from home

The vast majority of garden rooms that we have built over the last two years, have mostly been garden offices. We have seen a huge shift from working in the centre of Bristol, or say near the harbour side, to working from home.

Yet, often the homeowner will have already extended their property, say through having a large attic room created, so therefore turn to us, to design and build a large garden room.

Don’t want a summerhouse that’s cold, and has too many drafts

Sometimes we are asked to demolish an old summerhouse, that the homeowners have purchased, that’s simply too cold to work in. Some of our customers have therefore had a wooden garden room built before, yet, because of poor construction, it might simply be too cold in the winter, due to drafts sometimes blowing beneath windows, doors and sometimes through the wooden slats.

Therefore, the homeowner may want to reuse the concrete base, demolish the old garden room, and build a better, more insulated room. We can use high-quality, aluminium doors and windows, plus, quality insulation in the walls, this will allow the occupant to retain the heat better in our rather freezing winters.

Built for comfort

Sure, there are now thousands of various garden room companies out there to choose from, some which offer low prices; however, we always say to our customers, you need a garden room that allows you to be comfortable, whatever the weather is like outside.

Some summerhouses can be poorly insulated, however a Kingsley summerhouse, that’s very different, as we can offer many different insulation option to pick from.

Can you make better use of your garden?

We have built many Bristol garden offices, sometimes, the homeowner would say that the end of the garden was hardly ever used. So, why not get more use out of your garden?

Whether, you want a home gym built, a place to watch the rugby, or a place to work, we can build your perfect garden room for you.

We can take care of the whole build process

Sometimes, depending on which garden room company you hire, you might need to also hire electricians, painters and decorators and sometimes a groundworks company as well, obviously if your busy working all of the time, you wont have the time to manage all of these trades.

That’s why, when homeowners want to find a Bristol garden room business, that can manage the build from start to finish, has their own electricians, carpenters, painters and decorators, joiners, ground workers and managers, they call Kingsley.

Do you require a Bristol garden room to be built?

Do you live in Fishponds, Clifton, Redlands, or in any other part of Bristol? And are you currently looking for a garden room company, then why not call us?

Address: Square Works, 17-18 Berkeley Square, Bristol, BS8 1HB


Garden rooms Bristol- we can build your perfect garden building

As with most cities, a lot of the residents would ideally like more living space, yet the idea of moving might not be one that the homeowner wants to do just yet. Once you’ve extended your property, and possibly had a loft conversion, you now might be wondering how you can create more space within your home?

This is why so many people call us, as they don’t just want a summerhouse built, instead they want a service where they totally design the whole building, that’s to say, you state the dimensions you want, the external appearance of the garden room, and even the layout, for example you may want a shower, toilet and side room?

Therefore, from Fishponds through to Clifton our teams are working hard every single week to build another very high quality and brilliantly designed garden building.

So, if you’re looking for Bristol garden room companies on Google, you’ve most definitely now found the right business, as we’ve built may garden buildings, ranging from “pod” designs, where someone just has enough space to sit, and perhaps read a book, through to huge, air-conditioned rectangular designs, which are sometimes used as a space where many members of the family go to work out.

So, without further ado, lets look at how we can help you to design and build your perfect garden building anywhere in the great city of Bristol.


Bristol garden rooms, summerhouses and log cabins

We are a very popular garden room company in Bristol, the reason for this is we make sure that whether we are building an L-shaped garden room, a log cabin, or a summerhouse, that every build is always completed to the highest of standards. This means that we build quality bespoke buildings, using top quality building materials.

A lot of our customers choose us, because unlike some other companies, we don’t limit our customers to just a few sizes and different design options. Because our garden rooms are always tailor made, this means that our sales team will be able to offer you so many options, ranging from which wood you would like the outside clad with, to which brand of air-conditioning system you might want.

What also makes us different from some of the other summerhouse companies is, we only use quality building materials, for example we use a quality supplier for the bi-folds, plus, the timber merchants we use we know will supply us with quality cladding. We also only use other quality items, such as good quality roofing.

We therefore most certainty don’t cut any corners.

Design stage

Right now, you may know you definitely want a garden room built, yet you don’t know on what the design should look like, so for example, you may not know which of the following options you should choose

–        Which external wood or composite cladding to choose

–        The dimensions

–        The shape of the garden room for example triangular, rectangular or an L-shape design

–        Where you want the summerhouse climate controlled, so for example whether you want air-conditioning or not

–        How the internal configuration should work, in terms of where the internal walls should be placed

–        Whether you want a concrete base

–        Whether you want us to use ground screws

When a homeowner in The South West of England, for example, a customer in Bath, or in North Somerset, and indeed Bristol call us, our sales team can offer us a huge range of options.

This means that our buildings don’t get rolled off a production line, and built in a factory somewhere, no our buildings are very different. Every single garden building we construct is made to be totally bespoke, and made in your garden, so you have control over the entire build, in terms of how you want the garden room design to look.

So, to give you an example of how wide ranging the Bristol garden rooms we build are, we build buildings which may just be large enough for a desk to work from, ranging through to very large builds, which sometimes have a main room, a side room complete with a shower, wash hand basin and also a toilet.


The build

We can completely project manage the whole build for you, once we know the exact design that you want built, you can then choose whether you would like us to send you a 3D drawing of the planned build. This way, you may request alterations before the build starts.

For example, sometimes, the customer will state that they want a canopy to the side, or decking out the front, or perhaps to even change the shape, to say an L-shaped design instead.

Once you have approved the design, our team of builders can start to build the garden building for you.



There are now countless businesses out there that either make the summerhouse in a factory themselves, then ship it to the customer, or they purchase the building from a supplier. Our business does not do this, instead we build bespoke and luxury summerhouses, which are always made to order.

This means, that you can design the whole build, from how large the summerhouse is to be, to where you want the outdoor lights to be placed, and which cladding you want used.


Already have a design in mind?

Sometimes, a customer will have read their favourite interior design magazine, which sometimes features outdoor buildings as well. Therefore, a customer may have seen a build, and know that’s exactly what they want built in their own garden here in the city of Bristol.

Our sales team will quickly be able to offer you a quote, if you know exactly how you want the garden building to be built. We can also offer you a slightly different design, for example, if you like the garden rooms cladding, but instead want a large composite deck built with steps leading up to the building.

Why we think its important to have a garden office built that can incorporates climate control


Most garden room companies have images of their garden rooms taken during the summer, when the weather is nice, and the garden looks green and full of plants.

However, more often than not, the owner of the new garden office will want to work from the building regardless of the weather or which season it is. Which means, for some poorly built buildings, well, during the middle of winter, if you were to return, you might find some rather cold occupants within the summerhouse!

And when you’re working from a garden room, say in excess of 30 hours a week, well, you need the room to be warm, and also in the summer, you’re obviously not going to want the building to feel as though you’re inside a giant greenhouse.

So, this is why we stress the importance of “climate controlled” garden rooms, and by that we don’t just mean adding a heater to one wall. What we mean is, we can discuss with your various insulation we can add to the ceiling and the walls, plus, whether you want air-conditioning, under floor heating, as well, as also different window and door options.

So, as you can see, if the building is to be truly climate controlled, well, every part of the design needs to be efficient at doing its best to retain heat, or the cool air.

Sure, there’s thousands of companies that will drop a flat pack summerhouse off at a customer’s house, yet, even though it might look great on some company’s websites, if the overall construction is poor, well, you might find it too difficult to heat in winter, and therefore unsuitable as a space to work from.

So, without further ado, let us explain why so many people in the city of Bristol hire us to build their summerhouse, garden room, garden office, garden building or their log cabin.

Air-conditioning we think is an extra most people will opt for

We can offer to install air conditioning systems, we offer several different brands, we can offer well-known makes.

Many of our customers tell us they want a powerful air-conditioning system, often because the room will be used as a home gym, or sometimes because it will be used as a workspace. The owner therefore wants to close the doors and windows in summer, yet still be able to cool the room, so that its comfortable to work in, even when the temperature is soaring outside.

We have electricians which work for our garden room business, which means, all of the wiring of the power sockets, lighting, air conditioning, outside led lights, can all be installed by our electricians.

Because we have inhouse a team of experienced carpenters, many joiners, roofers as well as electricians and painters and decorators, you can have the Bristol garden room built exactly the way you want. We can help you to design your brand-new summerhouse, we can then project manage the entire build, and in a short period of time, we can build a luxury garden room at a competitive cost.

Throughout Bristol, such as Fishponds, through to Clifton we have built many garden buildings, so if your looking to have a summerhouse built, why not call us?

Quality insulation

We can offer you many different types of insulation, the problem with some low-quality summerhouses, which are offered at a very low price sometimes, is that the walls will be thin, sometimes, the same thickness as a fencing panel.

This means that on the exterior the wooden summerhouse may look great, yet, when it comes to working in the space, or simply being in the building for a short period of time, in winter it just might simply be way to cold. This is why its important to purchase quality, and for that, many people hire Kingsley to build their summerhouse.

We can therefore offer you different insulation to choose from.

Quality bi-folds

A lot of the warm air in your garden room will escape via the bi-folding doors, as for most garden offices, the entire front elevation is often a glazed bi-folding door. Yet, there are some bi-folding doors which are sometimes poorly constructed, or not fitted correctly, allowing heat loss.

Here at Kingsley, we never sacrifice on quality, this is why we use a trusted supplier to deliver our quality bi-folds, we will then use insulation around the bi-folds to help you to retain more heat.


What we would say separates Kingsley from some other garden room companies is, we only build luxury garden rooms and offices. We therefore go to great lengths to ensure that every build is built to a very high-standard using high-quality building materials, therefore if you want a quality summerhouse or garden room why not call us?