Are you getting the most out of your garden?


For a lot of us, we may not get to spend a huge amount of time within our gardens. Often, for a lot of us, we are busy with work, and during the autumn and winter, it’s often too cold for a lot of homeowners to spend much time out their gardens.

This means that sometimes there are parts of the garden which are simply going to waste, that is there might be a mass of brambles growing at the end of your property, or you might have an old greenhouse that has glass panes missing? Or simply a wooden shed that isn’t watertight any more, so is just rotting away at the end of your home?

We can clear away all of this away for you, we can get rid of the waste, and in its place, where say that old wooden shed was, start to build a luxury summerhouse or indeed a garden room for you.

What’s brilliant about our garden rooms is, because they are so well built, they can be used throughout the entire year.

Many customers therefore ask our electricians to also install electric heaters, and if you plan on using the garden room during the summer, you might even want an air-conditioning system fitted to it as well?

This means that you have a place to go and relax, or to work right throughout the entire year.


Used for many different purposes

Our garden rooms are used for a wide range of different purposes, from just being used on the weekends to watch the football with friends, right through to a place to run a business from throughout the entire working week.

Our Bristol garden room are therefore used for many different uses, because every single building that we construct is bespoke, so you can have it built the way you want.


A space to truly relax

A lot of us in Bristol have busy jobs which mean that after a long day at work, often we want to simply put our feet up and relax.

Therefore, a lot of people have hired us to build a wooden garden room that exact purpose, for example to use it as a space to meditate, watch a film, or simply just as a place to go and enjoy a glass of rose wine in the evening.

A garden room can therefore be used as a space to unwind after a busy day working in the city of Bristol.

It also provides the opportunity for you to design the summerhouse the way you want, for example do you want a large screen television mounted on the wall? Do you want us to build a wooden bar, so that you can add draft beer pumps, do you want separate rooms, for example an area where a comfortable sofa can be placed, and a side room to be used as a toilet and wash hand basin.

Therefore, with our garden rooms, you can design it the way you want.

Popular uses are to use the room as a home gym, as a place to work, and also a place to enjoy watching your favourite sporting events.

For example, you might follow a football team, so you may want your friends over the weekend, so that the summerhouse becomes a dedicated space to watch a live football event, and also enjoy a cold beer at the same time?


Are you making the best use out of your garden?

For some homeowners here in Bristol, they can sometimes have such large gardens, yet as we mentioned earlier, sometimes this outdoor space is not use that much?

For example, weeds might have overgrown at the end of the garden, an old garage might need completely demolishing, or there simply put might be a steep slope at the end of the garden, that is not currently used? But, we might be able to build a garden room for you, that’s raised off the ground, with wooden steps that lead up to it, so that you can make better use of this space?


Luxury garden rooms

We build luxury garden rooms in The South-West of England; we construct our summerhouses in:

·        Somerset

·        Bath

·        Bristol


Our summerhouses are built by joiners

We directly employ many highly experienced joiners, which will hand build your wooden garden room within your home in Bristol.

Have a design in mind, why not call us, we can offer you a free quote?

If you know exactly which design of summerhouse that you would like built, for example some of our customers already know which wooden cladding that they want, such as using oak wood, they know what they want the roof to be made from, for example, using rubber roofing, as well as knowing  the dimensions of the garden room that they want us to build, then we can often get a quote back to you, via e-mail as soon as possible.

All of the quotes we offer are free, so why not e-mail us today?



When looking for a Bristol summerhouse company, or a company that can build a wooden garden room, you are of course going to want a business that can construct a quality building for you. Our buildings are never made in a factory, instead they are made in your garden, and hand built by our carpenters and our joiners, we therefore build quality every single time.


Garden rooms Bristol

Why not have a Kingsley summerhouse built this summer? We offer you a free quote in Bristol.

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Our garden rooms are often used as a place to watch the football, rugby or boxing events


During a busy week at work, a lot of us look forward to the weekend, when our favourite sports team will play a match or to watch a sporting event.

Whether you support a football team, local rugby team or you enjoy other sports such as boxing, a garden room can make a brilliant place to use, to go and watch your favourite sporting events.

A lot of our customers, in Bristol, and nearby areas, such as Bath and North Somerset tell us, that they like to have their friends over, and watch the football from their garden.

A lot of our customers also decorate the garden room, to show their support to a particular sports team.

For example, you may want to place a signed football shirt on the wall, you might want autographs of your favourite rugby players, or simply you might want your all-time favourite boxer hung onto the wall of your garden room?

With a lot of our garden rooms we build across England, a lot are used as home bar and a place to watch the football.

We are now going to state some of the main advantages, of owning a garden building that’s built by us, so that you can better enjoy your favourite sporting events from the comfort of your home in Bristol.


A place to relax

Our customers use their garden rooms as a place to go and relax, some even ask our joiners to build a large wooden bar, then a lot hang spirits onto the wall, and have draft beer pumps added.

Our customers often then add, when we have finished building the garden room, comfortable sofas, and large screen televisions, which are often hung on wall of our Bristol summerhouses, these are often accompanied with premium quality speaker systems, which make this a great place to watch your favourite sporting event, such as the football.

The sound system that’s added to a garden room can sometimes be so good, that it really enhances the experience when your watching your favourite football or rugby team play.


Can be used all year round

A lot of the garden rooms and summerhouses which we build in the city of Bristol, will sometimes have air-conditioning systems fitted to them, as well as having quality electric heaters.

This means that whatever the weather is like outside, you will have a place to go, and watch your favourite sporting events, whether its freezing cold outside, or the weather is really warm.

A lot of our customers in Bristol, opt to have multiple electric heaters fitted, which can be controlled from a smart phone.

This simply means, even if you are not at your house, you can start to warm up your garden room from your mobile, so soon as you get back at your home, the summerhouse will be nice and warm, for you to start watching your favourite sporting event.


Large decking outside

A lot of our customers tell us, that they no longer go down to the local pub in Bristol, to watch a football match, instead they ask all of their friends over to their garden room.

Often therefore a large deck is also built outside the summerhouse, made from composite decking, complete with patio chairs and tables, so during the half-time, of the football match, this makes a great place to enjoy a pint on your decking outside your garden building.


Multiple Rooms

Sometimes our customers use one half of the garden room to watch the football, yet the other half of the room, is used as say a home gym. For example our customers might ask us to build a large summerhouse in the city of Bristol, so that the homeowner can place treadmills, running machines and rowing machines in that part of the room.

We have built some very large Bristol garden rooms, we’ve also built multiple garden buildings in areas such as Bath. Our business also builds garden offices and luxury summerhouses across Somerset.

Therefore if you are looking for a business to build a Bristol garden room, then why not call our sales team today?

We offer competitive prices on all our summerhouses and garden rooms, we also have estimators which can offer advice, and also free quotations.

Therefore if you would like a new Bristol summerhouse built, and why not give our business a ring today?