What will you use your garden room for?

Garden rooms are a versatile addition to any home here in Bristol. They can be used as an extra living space, as a home office, or even a guest room. Garden rooms are usually located at the back of a house, at the end of a garden, they therefore make a perfect place to enjoy natural light, and fresh air.

Our garden rooms are becoming increasingly popular in Bath and Bristol, as more people look for ways to add extra living space to their homes, without moving home. Many people are choosing to extend their homes, whether that’s through an attic conversion, property extension, or purchasing a garden room from us, in Bristol, that’s rather than moving. Garden rooms provide a cost-effective way to do this, and they can be built relatively quickly and easily.

There are a few things to consider before building a garden room. One of the most important is location – we would recommend a sunny spot away from any overhanging trees that may fall on the roof. Garden rooms are also usually best located so that they can be connected to existing utilities, such as water and electric supply- this should be carried out by a professional, and we have electricians, and plumbers which work for our company.

Do you know where you want your garden room built?

Once the ideal location has been found, garden rooms can be used for a variety of purposes once constructed. They are often used as home offices, where they provide a quiet space away from distractions and noise from the rest of the house, so you can take work calls, send e-mails, and simply get on with work, like even having meetings with your customers in your garden building?

Garden Rooms- Garden gym

Looking for a way to get in some exercise while enjoying the great outdoors?

Garden rooms are a great option for creating your very own garden gym. These spaces can offer plenty of open space and natural light, helping some owners to stay motivated and energised as you workout.

Some key things to think about, when having a garden room designed that’s going to be used as a gym, is that you will need ample storage space, for things like dumbbells,  as your durable flooring materials that can stand up to heavy use, and easy access to water fountains or other refreshment options. A lot of our customers even place a large fridge, so cold drinks are on hand, after you have been on the treadmill.

You may also want to consider adding extra amenities such as televisions or audio systems, depending on your preferences and needs- as a lot of people like to say watch the tv or listen to music when working out.

Whether you’re looking to have built in Bath an outdoor yoga studio, an area for running or weight training, garden rooms can provide the perfect solution.

 We can create a Bristol garden room that meets all of your needs, and will mean you have a high-quality room, that will helps you stay healthy and fit. Garden gyms are therefore a great way to get active and enjoy the fresh air at the same time!

Garden Room- Meditation/Yoga room

A Garden Room can be the perfect place to set up a Meditation or Yoga room. By including some key features, such as a calming décor, natural light and relaxing music, you can create a space that is ideal for relaxation and stress relief.

Garden Rooms are also a great way to bring the outdoors inside, providing you with a peaceful oasis in the comfort of your own home. Whether you are looking for a space to meditate, practice yoga, or simply take a moment to unwind and relax, a Garden Room can be the perfect option.

So, if you are thinking of hiring us, to build a garden room for Meditation and Yoga in Bristol, consider some of these ideas, as you might want them as part of your new summerhouse.  

Some key features that can enhance a Garden Room for Meditation or Yoga include:


-Comfortable seating: Investing in comfortable seating is essential when creating a garden room for Meditation or Yoga. This could include comfortable chairs, cushions, or even floor pillows.

-Calming decor: Incorporating calming colours and plants into your garden room can help create an atmosphere that promotes relaxation and stress relief

Garden Rooms-Cinema room

Looking for a room to enjoy your favourite movies and TV shows? A garden cinema room might be the perfect solution. A cinema room is the ideal setting for relaxing.  

 Along with the screen, another important element of any garden cinema room is the seating.

Comfortable chairs or sofas are essential for enjoying your favourite movies and shows. Many garden cinema rooms also include reclining chairs or bean bag chairs for added comfort.

If you’re looking for a truly unique garden cinema room, consider adding some special features. For example, you might want to install a projector and screen for an authentic cinema experience.  


What are some of the benefits of owning a garden office?

When you’re working in your new garden office, you can enjoy all the benefits of working from home, without some of the distractions.  

There are many other benefits to having a garden office including the fresh air, and if you have really large windows, you can let natural light flood into the room. So if you’re considering working from home, a garden office may well offer the perfect solution? If so, why not call us?

What Is a Garden Office?

A garden office is a type of outbuilding, often made from wood, that can be used as a workspace, a studio to paint, or perhaps to make music, or as home office- somewhere to run a company from?

Garden offices are typically built at the end of garden, and are fully detached from the main house.

Garden offices can range in size and also style, from small wooden buildings to larger, more elaborate structures with multiple rooms and even a bathroom.

Garden offices offer many benefits, including they can sometimes be a nice quiet place to work, offering a lot of natural light, and fresh air. Garden Offices can also be a cost-effective way to add extra living space to a home.

Garden offices are becoming an increasingly popular option for those who work from home here in Bristol.

In matter of fact, the vast majority of garden rooms we build in Bristol, are now garden offices.

Our tailor made Bristol garden offices can be built the way you want, ensuring that you have the perfect space for your business or for home working. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider having a bespoke garden room built by us:


1. Garden Offices, depending on location in Bristol, can provide a quiet and relaxing place to work

If you have worked from home for a long time, for example, right through covid?

You’ll know how difficult it can be to find a quiet place to work and concentrate on say replying, to all those work e-mails.

With a Kingsley garden room, it’s possible for Bristol residents, to have a dedicate space for working.

This is the ideal environment for getting work done.

2. Garden Offices Can Be Fully Customised

When you have a garden office built, you can choose exactly how you want it to look. From the size and shape of the building to the type of wooden windows and doors, you’ll be able to create a space that is perfect for your needs. You can even add features such as different insulation, air-conditioning, and heating options to make sure that your office is comfortable all year round.

Garden Offices Give You the Freedom to Work From Home

Rather than being tied to a desk in your house, you can take your laptop outside and enjoy working in the fresh air. This is perfect for those days when you need a change of scenery or when the weather is nice.

Garden Offices Can Be Used For More Than Just Work

While garden offices are traditionally used as a place to work from during the day, they can also be used for other purposes. Garden offices make great hobby rooms or even just a place to read a book.

Why Have a garden office built by us?

There are plenty of reasons to have a garden office built by us. Perhaps you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and now work from home more? Whatever your reason, there are many benefits to working from a garden office.

Working from home can save you a lot of money on commuting costs and office space rental. Plus, you won’t have to buy expensive coffees or lunches out! You can take advantage of the outdoors.

Working in a garden office means that you can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while you work.  

When you have a garden office built by us, you can design it exactly how you want it. So, there are plenty of reasons to have a garden office.  

What do most of your customers in Bristol use their summerhouses for?


When we typically think about what a summerhouse is used for, a lot of people will think that it’s only used during the warm summer days, to enjoy say a glass of wine, or to have friends over, so that it simply used as a place to perhaps relax and read a book.

However, as an established garden room company in Bristol, we know here at Kingsley that our buildings are used for a huge range of different reasons. We’ve built buildings in The South West used as yoga rooms, places to play an instrument, to run a business from, as a gym, as a mediation room, and even as a home bar, complete with draft beer pumps!

Therefore the wooden buildings that we construct have many uses, and because we have so many joiners which work for our company, they can build the garden room the way that you would like it constructed.

We therefore build garden rooms to any size that you want, plus, we can also build different shape buildings, for example, we can construct:


–        L-shaped garden rooms

–        Rectangular

–        Triangular


We are now going to look at the common uses for what our customers in Bristol use their garden room for:


A place of work

since lockdown restrictions, a lot of people have made the switch from working in the city centre of Bristol, to now working more often from home.

We are have therefore for seen a huge surge in demand, right across Bristol for our garden offices.


When you hire us to build a garden office, we can offer you these options:

–        Air conditioning

–        Bi-folding doors

–        Different insulation options

–        French doors

–        Rubber roof

–        Decking

–        We have build many garden office Bristol


You can use our garden offices throughout the winter and summer

Our garden buildings come with the option of being air-conditioned, heated through electric heaters, which our electricians can supply and also install, and are also well insulated, they are constructed this way, because our garden rooms Bristol are often used by our customers right throughout the different seasons.


As a home gym

a very popular reason for getting a summerhouse built, is because the homeowner has made the switch from going to a local gym, to now wanting their own machines at their house.

Sometimes we therefore build very large rectangle summerhouses, with a lot of power points, so that the homeowner can place everything from their treadmills, rowing machines and also their cycle machines in the building.


As a place to relax

Another common reason why we build our summerhouses, everywhere from Somerset through to Bristol, is simply because the homeowner wants somewhere that they can go and relax after work and on weekends.

Some may place large wine chillers, a big comfortable sofa, and also televisions, so that it becomes a place to go and enjoy a glass of wine in in the evening.

Other homeowners might want a projector within their summerhouse, so they can watch their favourite films on a comfortable sofa.


We simply build quality summerhouses in Bristol

Whatever you plan on using your summerhouse for, you’re going to want to hire a company in the South-West, which is known for building very high-quality garden buildings. And that’s exactly what Kingsley has a reputation for offering.

We use top-quality building materials, and have joiners, roofers and also electricians which can build the whole structure the way that you want.

We also have estimators, which are full-time, and will travel out to meet our customers, and offer free quotations right throughout Bristol.

Therefore, you will never be waiting long in order to receive a free quote from us.

Triangular, Rectangular and L-shaped garden rooms- We have built them all in Bristol


Here in Bristol, there are a huge range of different garden sizes, ranging from homes nearer the city centre of Bristol, which might have a small garden, through to some grand detached houses, let’s say in the Clifton area of Bristol which might have gardens so large, well, its difficult to see where the property ends.

One of the main reasons why we get a call from a customer to build a brand-new timber summerhouse, is because from the ground up, the whole building is tailor-made to exactly the way you want it to be built. Our joiners will therefore carefully build a bespoke garden room for you.

Our garden room company builds summerhouses in the following areas:


·        Bristol

·        Bath summerhouses

·        Somerset

Garden room companies in The South West of England


This means that you call Kingsley to build a wooden summerhouse, you can specify the exact size of the windows, the exact size of the doors exact size of the whole building. The reason for that is our summerhouses are not put together in a factory, they are hand-built by our joiners in your garden, meaning, you can have any design of summerhouse that you like built.

Perhaps you would like olive green composite cladding, large decked area, big windows, bi-folding doors, and also for the building to have two rooms, one to the side where a toilet and wash hand basin is built- when we build your summerhouse, we can build the building to the design you want.


Massive amount of optional extras

Also, there is a massive range of choice, in terms of optional extras, so for example, whether you want us to install electric heaters, or you want to add a quality brand of air-conditioning system? You may a large set of bi-folding doors, and a lot more options such as whether you want internal rooms, toilets added, showers and wash hand basins put into the garden room?

When you hire us, we can build the summerhouse to the exact design that you would like. A lot of the Bristol summerhouses we build, are from designs that our customers have seen on social media, for example on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. The customer has seen the summerhouse they want built, then our estimators can get back to you with a quote as soon as we can.

Because we have many joiners working for us, we are always busy building garden rooms in Somerset, right through to Bristol, that’s because, our summerhouses are of an exceptionally high quality.



We are a company in Bristol that is building exceptional quality garden rooms

We have built really high-quality wooden summerhouses all throughout The South West, which had been hand built by our joiners.

Our customers often then recommend us to other people, because they can see that the quality of our work is so high. We also use top quality building materials, for example, from the aluminium doors, through to the roof we build, every aspect of the summerhouse will be high-quality, once you hire us to build your new garden office or room.

We can even paint and decorate the room for you at the end, so that the garden room is ready for you to just bring in your furniture.


Free quotes

We can meet with you in your garden, and discuss the different options that we are able to offer you.

For example you want a garden office built, so we can talk you through all the different options such as different heating options, cooling options, as well as even fitting a toilet and wash hand basin if you would like is to. There are many bathroom options, if you are having a home gym built, then you may want a shower installed as well? Our plumbers can take care of this for you.


Kingsley a well known summerhouse company in Bristol

The main reason so many people choose us, is because when we come out to meet you, we can talk you through many different options as well as the fact that we can build a garden to any dimensions that you specify. This means, you might not have much garden space, in say a garden in Clifton, yet we often come up with ideas, to make the best use out of the outdoor room, even if the garden isn’t that large.


We build garden rooms in Bristol and also right across The South West

Do you build triangular garden rooms?

If your garden is not square, in that it finishes at the point at the one end, you might want us to build a triangle shaped summerhouse instead?

This is so that you can make the most use of the space that you have available within your garden, rather than having a large rectangular building constructed, and possibly losing space at the back of the building that you cant use, because the garden is a triangle shape.

Do you build rectangle garden room built ?

The vast majority of the Bristol summerhouses that we construct, are mostly always rectangular.

Often we are also hired to also complete the landscaping work, that’s to say we might be asked to demolish say an old garage, break-up some concrete, or simply remove some shrubbery in the garden, and we can offer to do this work, at an affordable price.

That’s to say, often at the end of the garden in Bristol, the homeowner might not use that part of the garden all that much? There might be say an old compost bin, an old wooden shed, or lets say a greenhouse that is no longer used. Our labourers can get rid of all this for you, and place it in a skip for recycling, and we can build a brand-new garden room in its place.

Do you build L-shaped garden rooms?

L-shaped garden rooms are becoming more popular, a lot of our customers ask us to build these when they want a side room built onto the garden building.

So for example you might want a home gym built, and you might want in the main room all of your gym equipment, then to a side room, you might want toilet, shower and wash hand basin. Our plumbers and electricians can install this for you.


Why should we choose your construction business?

There are many Bristol garden room companies to choose from, there are literally hundreds, however many choose Kingsley because we offer very competitive prices and top quality workmanship


Are all of the Bristol garden rooms tailor-made?

Every single summerhouse that we build is tailor-made, it is built from scratch in your garden.

This means our labourers will bring into your garden all the building materials that will be needed, from the exterior wood cladding, right through to the plasterboard, we will build the whole building in your garden so that it is completely hand built. This is the main reason why a lot of Bristol homeowners choose us to build their garden room

Do you offer free quotes throughout the city of Bristol?

Yes, we offer totally free quotes

Would you like a no obligation quotation?

We can offer free quotes right throughout Bristol.