There are so many benefits to owning a garden office



A lot more people are now working from home, this is why we are now building so many garden rooms in Bristol which are used as an office.

We can build a garden room which is well insulated and has large windows to let natural light flood into the building.

We can also add air conditioning, so during those hot summer days you can cool the room.

We can also install underfloor heating.

We are now going to look at some of the benefits of owning a garden office:



1.      The ability to work from home in a quiet and peaceful environment

A lot of our customers say that they don’t want to work in the house, as they may find when working say on the kitchen table too distracting.

Someone grabbing a cup of tea, the t.v being too loud, or simply the sound of the washing machine may not make the ideal space to work.

So this is why many of our customers tell us that at the end of their garden, they can work in their summerhouse, and depending on where your home is located, it can be a quiet space to work.


2.      The chance to get some fresh air  


All  you have to do is fold back the bi-folding doors, and let the fresh air fill your room, which a lot of people like. Offices can get stale air and sometimes don’t allow staff to open the windows.


3.      The opportunity to have your own space away from the rest of the house

For some homeowners they may not have the space to work, so they can create more room by having a summerhouse built.


4.      The potential to save money on travel costs and time spent commuting

Nobody likes getting stuck in heavy traffic to get to work, not to mention the cost of fuel, so more people are now working from home in Bristol.

A garden room, and not having to travel to a work place can therefore help you to save time, but also its very important to also say, that working from home also has benefits for the environment, as less cars driving in the city, helps to ease congestion, and therefore lessens our reliance on having to use our cars to commute.




If you’re thinking of making the switch to working from a garden office, then consider these key benefits before making your decision.


At Kingsley Garden Rooms, we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to ensure that their garden building is exactly what they want. For example, some customers may want air-conditioning.

Some other customers may want a toilet, wash hand basin installed.

Other customers may want a large room, separate rooms, so two people can work.

 We understand that our customers will want a different garden room built, which is why we offer a bespoke design service.



From the initial consultation to painting and decorating the room at the end, our team will be on hand to help you every step of the way. We’ll work with you to understand your requirements, such as where you want the sockets to be, and come up with a design that meets all of your needs.

Once we’ve agreed on a design, we’ll get to work on building your perfect garden room.



10 things to consider when purchasing a garden room



When you’re looking to purchase a summerhouse here in Bristol, there are a few key factors you should keep in mind.

So to help you, we thought we would write 17 things to think about when buying a summerhouse:



1.      Landscaping work

You should consider whether the place in your garden is ready to have a summerhouse built, for example, do any tree branches need to be cut down, to prevent them possibly falling on the building, is the ground level, if not does an excavator need to remove some soil, also you should think about power supply and whether that can be brought to the garden room?



2. Size: How big do you want your garden room to be? If you will be using the summerhouse to have a lot of friends around to watch say the football, then you might want a large building built?  



3. Budget: How much are you willing to spend on your new garden room? You may wish to consider opting for finance, which we also offer.



4. Shape

What shape summerhouse do you want? There are many different shapes that we can offer so for example, there’s rectangular, triangular and square garden rooms.



5. cladding:

Which type of exterior cladding do you want added to your summerhouse?  Wood is the most popular option, but you could also have composite or metal sheets.



6. Flooring: What type of flooring option do you want in your summerhouse? Laminate is often used in summerhouses, but there are also options available such as hardwood and concrete floor.



7.Windows: Which type of windows do you want added to your summerhouse?

There are many different types of windows available, for example aluminium framed, wood or upvc.  


8. Heating and cooling: do you want us to install electric heaters and also air-conditioning in your summerhouse?  


9. Plumbing: do you require a toilet, a wash hand basin, and also a shower in your summerhouse?   

10 garden room finance

Do you need to finance for your summerhouse?  

We can offer you finance for your new garden room in Bristol.

So, if your thinking of having a garden room built, why not have one built this summer? Our team can build a summerhouse for you in a short period of time.

So, whether you require a place to work, to do yoga, or simply to enjoy the football on the weekend, why not call us?

We have already built so many summerhouses in Bristol, we use high-quality building items, experienced carpenters, and also we can create 3d drawings as well.

Therefore if  you are looking for garden room companies Bristol, then why not call us? Our estimator can get a quote back to you quickly.

10 benefits of owning a garden office


Working from home in Bristol has become the new norm for many of us, but that doesn’t mean that all residents will have a place that they can work during the day.

Sure, there’s always, the kitchen  table, but as more people work from home on a full-time basis, they often want a room that they can use for work.

This is why so many homeowners across Bristol are hiring us to build a garden office.

By creating a dedicated space to work within your garden, you can enjoy all the perks of working from home, such as not having to drive to say a workplace everyday, so here are 10 benefits of having a garden office:




A great place to work

Many of our customers say that they enjoy working in their garden, as they sometimes have a lot of natural light flooding in through the bi-fold doors.

Plus, also, our customers like that there’s often more fresh air.

And if you like hearing the birds sing, then having a garden room built, can offer a brilliant place to work, while enjoying being in your garden.



2. You can take breaks whenever you want.

So lets say you have a lot of e-mails to write, and you simply need a break, well, what’s better than just opening say the French doors, and having a rest in your garden, while the sun is shining?


3. You can get some fresh air and vitamin D.

So, our customers say to us, that the main thing that they like about their garden room, is the fact that they have so much fresh air.

So for example, you might be in a location in Bristol, that’s near woodland, a river or just open fields- so why not make the most out of your home, have your garden room built, so you are looking out onto these, plus also taking in the fresh air?



4. might be more quiet?

So, some of our customers say that they didn’t like working in a noisy office, for example, with someone having a loud conversation on the phone, and this distracting the other workers.

So if you can work in your garden office, you may find this a quieter space to work?


5. You can design your space however you want.

We build all of our summerhouses from scratch, so it can be built the way you like.



6. You can control the temperature.

We can install air-conditioning and also heaters, so you can control the temperature of your summerhouse.



7. You can reduce your commute.

One of the main benefits of owning a garden office, is instead of getting in the car each day, and being stuck in traffic, you can instead just walk down to your summerhouse, slide back the bi-folding doors, and start work.



8. You can enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.



9. You can save money on office costs.

Why rent an office, when you can own your own garden office?



10. You can make your garden office as green as you want.

For example you may even have a roof whereby, plants can be grown.

What is a summerhouse?


A Summerhouse is often a wooden building, located in a garden, which is used for relaxation and enjoyment during the summer months.

Some people work from their summerhouse.

Other common uses include:

–        A place to watch football

–        A place to work

–        A place to enjoy your hobby such as oil painting


Summerhouses typically have a light and airy feel, with large windows to let in natural light and fresh air. This is what can make them great places to work from, however, we would recommend getting air conditioning fitted, because, in the summer they can sometimes get very warm.

Also in winter, they can get cold, so good quality insulation is so important, that’s in the walls and roof.

Plus you should get heaters fitted.

Summerhouses are often furnished comfortable furniture, such as a reclining sofa to make them a place to relax, so for example, after a busy day at work, you might watch the football in your garden room.

For many people in Bristol, a summerhouse is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax while listening to nature.

So for example, many people like reading a book in their summerhouse, with the doors open, so that they can listen to the birds.

So what are some of the most common uses for the summerhouses that you build?

Summerhouses are a great way to relax in your garden, without having to worry if its going to rain, as you can simply sit in your garden room, whatever the weather. Plus if its air-conditioned, you can regulate the temperate.

Summerhouses can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:


– Entertaining guests- such as having an evening dinner

– Reading a book

– Hobby such as doing a puzzle


If we were to hire your company, to build our summerhouse, can we design it the way want?

Yes, if you hire us, we can help you to design your new summerhouse!

Our wooden summerhouses are not made in a factory, so this means, there built by our carpenters in your garden, which means that you can design the whole building the way you want it to be constructed. 



 factors to consider:


– The size of your summerhouse – Will it be large enough to comfortably accommodate your family and friends?


– The location of your summerhouse – Will it be in a sunny spot so you can enjoy the warm weather, or in a shady spot to escape the heat?


– The features of your summerhouse – What kind of features do you want to include? A kitchen? A bathroom? A fireplace?


– The materials for your summerhouse – What kind of materials will you use to build your summerhouse? Wood? Composite? Brick?




10 reasons why you should have a summerhouse built by us

    1)     Quality Here at Kingsley, we have a very strong reputation for building very high quality summerhouses, that’s simply because we have joiners, roofers and electricians that built our garden rooms. We also buy top quality timber and building materials, so whether it’s the windows, the roof, when you hire us you will […]

Would you like us to build your garden office in Bristol?



Bristol garden offices

For a lot of people living in Bristol, they may now be working more from home for some of the week, or on a full-time basis.

Yet having said that, sometimes the homeowner may not have the room they need in their house to work during the day. For example, temporarily they may well be working from a table in the kitchen, on the sofa or in say the bedroom.

So, you may now want a garden office built, as this can be turned into a home office, a brilliant place to work.

Plus, so many of our customers hire us to build their Bristol garden office for the reason that we can offer you a massive range of options to choose from, for example:


You may want:

–        Large bi-folding doors,   

–        Air conditioning to help cool the garden room in summer

–        Different exterior cladding

–        Toilet / wash hand basin / shower

–        We can paint and decorate the garden room

–        Different roof options

–        We can add decking


How much do your Bristol Garden offices cost?

Some companies in Bristol build say a range of different summerhouses, which the customer is then asked to pick from.

This means that the company can then offer fixed prices, yet our business, is slightly different, that’s because we build our summerhouses to order, so this simply means, the whole construction, is completed in your garden, as everything is tailor made to what the customer wants.

This is why so many homeowners, here in Bristol hire our company, as we build every summerhouse in the garden, so it’s constructed to the design you want.

So, you may not want French doors, you may want bi-folds, you might want air-conditioning, and for us to clad the whole building using red cedar, and we can do this for you.

Plus, here at Kingsley, we offer very competitive prices.

How long do your garden offices take to build?

This does depend on what the customers wants built, some of our simpler summerhouses can be built very quickly. However, often customers want a toilet, wash hand basin, and room for making teas, so plumbing is required, which means it can take us sometimes longer to build this type of building.

Do you offer free quotes for the Bristol summerhouses your build?

Yes, we do, we employ a full-time estimator, who can visit your garden and offer you a free quote.

Our estimator can explain all the different options, for example, how much extra it would be to have decking built to the front of the summerhouse.


Do you offer finance on your Bristol garden rooms?

Yes, we have recently started offering our customers finance on summerhouses, when we meet with you to offer you a quote, our estimators can tell you about the finance we offer. We offer finance across all of our garden buildings.

Can you offer us 3d designs, before we have the garden room built?

Yes, we do, a lot of our customers before they have their Bristol garden room built, ask us to create a set of 3d drawings, these can be produced at a low price.

Then you can see how your garden room will look, before one of our joiners has even started work. You might then decide you don’t like the cladding, and want a different option, so it’s a great way of getting an idea of how your summerhouse will look, before we start any construction work.

What are some of the benefits of owning a garden office in Bristol?



There are so many different benefits to having a garden office built in Bristol, including:



– The ability to work from home in a peaceful and relaxed setting- obviously this does depend on the location of your garden in Bristol, but generally speaking, the vast majoring of our customers have quiet gardens, where they can work in  their brand new garden office that’s built by us. The whole construction will take place in your garden, that’s to say, our summerhouses are not made in factory then sent to you. We therefore have many joiners which work for us in the south west of England.


– The opportunity to get some fresh air and vitamin D during the day- for those that have worked in high rise offices, they will know that sometimes, there’s not much chance to take a walk, and get some sunshine. However with a Bristol garden office, you can just take a break in your garden, and enjoy some sunshine in your garden too.


– The chance to take breaks in nature and de-stress from work- a lot of our customers say they like hearing the birds sing, the rustle of the trees and the winds blow, and the smell of freshly cut grass in the summer. These make a garden office a relaxing place to work for so many of our customers.


Why are we so proud of our Garden Offices?



We’re proud of our garden offices for a huge number of reasons. First, they’re a great way to get some extra space without having to move house or build a conventional  house extension.

Second, they’re perfect for working from home – you can enjoy all the benefits of working in your own space without any of the distractions of being at home, for example having to listen to the television, in the background, which some may find a distraction?

Next reason is in Bristol we have many joiners that work for us, which simply means, our luxury summerhouses are hand crafted, and built to the highest quality.

Garden Offices & Working From Home


If you’re one of the lucky ones with a large garden, then you may want to consider working from home in your very own garden office.

Garden offices are becoming increasingly popular within Bristol, as they offer a great way to enjoy some fresh air and natural light while having a place to work.

Whichever garden room company you do hire in Bristol, you need to make sure that your office is properly insulated and has a very good quality roof, to protect yourself from the elements.