Do you build garden offices?

So, what is a garden office?


Well, a garden office is simply a building, that’s constructed so that you can work from home in your own garden. Depending on the company you hire, you should be offered a lot of different options, from adding a kitchen area,  through to air-conditioning and whether you want a sky-light installed.

These rooms can be used by business owners, people working from home, or even if you retail items, such as wedding dresses and want to have customers over.


What are the advantages to having a garden office built by Kingsley?

There are so many advantages to having a garden office built by us, the main one is being able to work from home, in your garden in Bristol, and to have quiet and relaxed environment for you to complete your work.   

For example, instead of having to jump in the car, and drive to say an office in Bristol, you can simply walk down your garden open the bi-folding doors on your Bristol garden office, and work while enjoying the fresh air, hearing the birds singing, and having views over your garden.

A lot of our customers like the fact that when they need a break, they can also simply walk out of their garden office, and enjoy the sunshine.


What are some of the main benefits of owning a garden office?

A garden office can offer a number of benefits for both business owners and employees who now work from home.

Here are just a few of the advantages of working from a garden office:


–   natural light and fresh air may help you to be even more productive?

Prior to covid, a lot of people will have worked in city centres, in high-rise tower blocks.

This will have meant a lot of travelling back and fore  to work, which has an environmental impact, especially if you use your car.

Then the fact that in an office, often an employee cant control the temperature, as there might be hundreds of staff working on one floor, and the staff member sometimes might not even be able to open a window.

This means the working environment, can be rather stuffy, not ideal on a hot summers day.

So now, since covid a lot of employees have been asked to work more often, or even for some on a full-time basis.

Now if you have a spare bedroom, the move may have been easy for you, however for a lot of people, they might not have a room to work, so had to work say from the kitchen table. So this is where a lot of homeowners will be thinking where can I work, so its quieter?

This is where one of our garden offices can most certainly help.

We can sound proof the room, insulate it, add air-conditioning, large windows, doors which allow natural light to flood in, heaters, underfloor heating, your own toilet, wash hand basin, kitchen area. The room can be made very comfortable, so much so, you may never want to work in an office in a city centre again.


Save on rent

A lot of business owners will have had to fork-out a lot on renting office space in Bristol, in areas like Cabot Circus.

Yet, again, since covid, because businesses were forced to close, a lot more business owners now work from home, and want a comfortable place to work.

This is where our garden offices can help, because instead of paying for office rental costs, you could have your own office in your garden.

Plus sometimes the garden office is so large, even a large meeting table can be added within the room.


Our garden room company can also offer you these options:

–        Air conditioning

–        To add a kitchen

–        Heaters

–        Toilet

–        Wall insulation

–        We can partition the rooms, so one half can be a garden office, the other part of the room could be a gym?


Could working within your garden office reduce your stress levels?


If your stuck in dense traffic in Bristol, when your trying to get to work, then this is not very relaxing.

Then having to find parking, well that’s not relaxing at all.

Then having to work in an office, that might not have fresh air, well that’s not relaxing neither.

Yet if you have your own garden office, built by us, then  you can simply walk to your garden room, open the doors and start work. We can also landscape your whole  garden, so it becomes your own place to relax, and work.


Cost savings on things like travel costs

Train fairs, fuel for the car or even just bus travel, it all comes at a cost.

If you can work from home, then  you can save on travel costs.


Helping to save the planet

 Working from a garden office, can help to reduce emissions, that’s if you otherwise would have travelled to work in something like a fossil burning car.

Plus, we can use composite cladding that’s made from recycled materials. We can add a roof that can have flowers, grass and plants to help the bees.

We can also insulate the room, so it has much better energy efficiency.

In matter of fact, we can insulate the room so well, it doesn’t long to heat up at all.


Do you run your own business in Bristol?

If you run your own business, in say Somerset, Bristol or Bath, then why not consider purchasing a   garden office from us?

Our  Garden offices can be built to any size, so can provide plenty of space to work in, plus you could have a meeting table, for when you need to meet clients. This can save you on renting an office.   



If you work from home- why not consider having a garden office built by us?

We have already built many Bristol garden offices, and we build the buildings to a high standard, plus we offer great prices.

You can design the garden office the way you want, from the size, through to whether you want air-conditioning, and if a toilet should be added?

You may find that having a garden office creates a more relaxed atmosphere, as you work and possibly have views of trees, rivers or fields.


Here at Kingsley we use premium quality building materials to construct our garden rooms in Bristol

Garden rooms are a great way to create extra living space, so you have more room to work, to relax or to use say as  your gym.


Garden office Bristol

If you are looking for a local company, that can build a  garden office for you, well look no further than us.

We offer great prices, plus we have our own carpenters, electricians and roofers which means that we can build your garden room in a short period of time.

There are many garden room companies to pick from, yet here’s just some of the reasons why we are often hired:

–        Our garden rooms are built by carpenters, electricians and roofers, all are constructed to a very high standard

–        We only use top quality building materials

–        We can offer you so many different options to select from, ranging from air conditioning, decking and also from different types of composite cladding

–        We have already built many garden offices in bristol

–        We offer free quotes

–        All of our Bristol garden rooms are made completely in your garden, not in a factory. Our garden offices are high quality,


 Our summerhouses are perfect for entertaining, working from home, or just relaxing in.

Our Kingsley garden rooms are built using premium building materials, such as very high quality bi-folding doors  and built by our carpenters.

This is so you can be sure that your garden room will last for years to come.



We appreciate your interest in our Bristol garden rooms.

You can be rest assured, that if you do hire us we will use only premium building materials to construct your summerhouse, so that they will last for years to come.


Why not have a garden room built just to be your space to go and relax


When we visit a garden room website, often the various buildings that the company offers have a purpose in mind.

For example as a “garden office”- this is all very well and good, but what we think is equally as important is to have a space where you can just go and relax.

We all live busy lives, traffic jams, work pressures, and simply some of the headaches that are associated with everyday live, its no wonder therefore that companies like ours, are in demand for building “wellness rooms”- simply put a space to relax, unwind, and hopefully come out refreshed.

So perhaps your thinking, well how could a garden room enhance my life, lets have a look:


Yoga, mediation or simply a relaxation room

Its fair to say that yoga is now so popular there’s normally at least one person you know that practices this on a regular basis.

Yet yoga, well often a quiet space is needed, sometimes its enhanced with good quality audio, and this is where a garden room can help.

Not only can a garden room offer the room that’s needed to relax, but what it truly offers is a space that when the doors are opened, you can connect with nature.

What we mean by this, is well, why do yoga in your living room, if instead you have a room, that opens to the outdoors, and perhaps your even overlooking countryside.



For some a way of relaxing after work will be to paint something, to play an instrument, or simply to write.

Often therefore for this a quiet space is needed, and this is where a garden room can help.

Summerhouses can be built by quite literally thousands of different companies here in U.K, yet, what you will need is a building that’s constructed to a superb standard.

Now we do appreciate superb, as a description for how a garden building should be built, well its vague at best, but lets put some definition to that, and also state when it comes in the context of constructing a relaxation space why its important.


A good book

A lot of us like to read, and to really get engaged with reading, often we need a quiet space, somewhere the everyday distractions of the television, cooking in the kitchen or a family member on the phone doesn’t distract us.

So often what’s needed is a room, a place to go and read a book, and we think that a garden room could be ideal in terms of offering a comfortable, quiet and relaxing space to enjoy reading.

Our joiners can even build a book case, so you can keep all your favourite books in your garden room.


A drink

For some of us, we like to unwind with a good bottle of wine, and a garden room can make a brilliant place to enjoy a glass.

That’s because for some of our customers, they have placed large wine chiller cabinets, where they can keep their wine cool.

Then on a warm summers evening, you could open the bi-folds on your garden room, and sit out on your decking infront of the summerhouse, and enjoy a bottle of wine.



Whether your into classical, rock or pop, whatever you like, why  not have a garden room built with simply high-quality speakers.

We can sound insulate the room, so you can enjoy your favourite band, in your garden, we think this is a great way to relax.

As well as adding memorabilia for the band you like so much- what’s your favourite?  


Musical instrument

Do you play a guitar, drums or piano, whether your learning to play an instrument, or you’re a professional, often you will need a space to go and practice and enjoy your instruments?

And a garden room can be sound insulated, that’s to say here at Kingsley we can build a quality garden room, that has insulation to help reduce noise, to discuss the different options we can offer why not call us?


Home gym

For some in order to relax they like to work out, whether that’s running 10 miles on the treadmill, rowing or simply lifting weights a home gym can make a great place to go and unwind after a busy day.

Plus, who wants to be driving to the gym, when all you have to do is walk down to your own garden gym.

We can install air-conditioning and heaters, so the garden gym can be used all year around, whether its boiling hot outside or cold, or evening snowing.


Sound and heat insulation

So, if your going to be spending a large sum on having a garden room built, your often going to want to wander on down during the summer and the winter months, and autumn of course.

So for this to happen, due to our wet, windy and cold climate, we have to think about insulation, it has to be well-built.

Built not just for speed, but with the builder taking into account that the room needs good quality insulation, to such a high standard that even during the coldest winter days, its still a useable space.

Now how is that achieved?

Well, in many different ways, so let us explain.


The main thing is wall and ceiling insulation

So, there are many different types of insulation, from machines that blow insulating product into the wall cavity, to reflective boards, with a kind of foam inside, through to other items, such as rockwool.

Now it will depend on the building that we are constructing, as each one of our garden rooms is bespoke, yet the vast majority of the time, we are using insulation boards, which have a reflective outer coating, and a main composition of insulating foam.

Simply a brillant product, but something that the owner wont see, as its in the wall cavity.

So, whichever garden room company you hire, you do have to make sure that you  get this type of insulation and its added in the walls, and if applicable the ceiling.  

Wall heaters

So, we have some great options when it comes to heaters, for example, our electric radiators, well these can even be controlled from your smartphone.

So lets give you an example, of what we mean, lets say you fancy doing some yoga, yet it’s a rather cold December morning in Bristol, so before you wander out down the garden, why not, switch on the heating from your phone.

Then by the time you want to start your yoga the room is nice and warm.


Windows, doors and sky-lights

Now when it comes to insulating the room, its so important that you do choose good windows, doors and sky lights and we can build these for you.

We build garden rooms right across the West Country

We have built some spectacular garden rooms across the West Country, from rooms that are garden kitchens, through to garden rooms used to watch the football, we can build a quality summerhouse for you.

We work in the following areas


Bath garden room companies

We have built many garden rooms in Bath, our customers want very high quality buildings constructed by joiners, electricians and roofers, that’s exactly what we can offer.

Because we have built many garden rooms in Bath, we often have a lot of work via recommendations.

We have built garden offices, yoga rooms and also summerhouses used as a gym in Bath.


Somerset garden rooms

We have also built many summerhouses across Somerset, quite often the homeowner will have a garden that looks out onto meadows, trees or lets say a river.

Therefore the homeowner wants a garden room built in Somerset, that is placed with large windows to look out over those views.

Therefore on a nice summers evening in the west country, a garden room can be a brilliant place to look out over fields, with a nice glass of wine or just to read a book.



By far the vast majority of garden rooms we build are in Bristol, often the homeowner will need more living space.

We have built many garden offices in Bristol, yet so the homeowner can have a place to work, but also relax sometimes the building is divided.

Sometimes with one half used as home gym, so when work is finished, the homeowner can go straight next door and start exercising.


Would you like a garden room built in South West England

We offer free quotes, so where ever you live in South West England, we can come and meet you, and offer you a quote.

Alternatively, you may just want an estimate sent via e-mail?

If so, we would just need to know the following:


Will we be building the foundations?

Sometimes an old garage will have been taken away, yet the concrete slab will remain.

Sometimes this will be perfectly fine for us to build a garden room on, so we will not need to build the foundations.

Other times, old shrubbery will need to taken away, the soil levelled with a mini-digger, and then foundations built.

If we are building concrete foundations, then this will increase the cost of the build.

Sometimes we are able to offer something that’s called ground screws, these are a lot cheaper than us laying concrete foundations.

We would need to meet you, to have a look at where the summerhouse is going to be built, so we can recommend building a concrete slab, or using ground screws.


How large will the garden room be?

The next question that we ask, when working out a cost on how much a garden room room built by us will cost, is how large will the room be?

Also, your garden room doesn’t have to be a rectangular shape, it can also be square, or triangular, we can build a summerhouse that allows you to get the most from your garden. For example a garden might have a triangular end, therefore we can build a triangular garden building, so that it fits in the end of a garden.

Our estimators will need the dimensions of the summerhouse you want built.



Hardwood cladding is expensive, and costs vary depending on the wood you want.

For example some hardwoods are more expensive than others.

We can explain all the different cladding options when we meet you.


Which doors would you like

The cheapest door options, are double glazed upvc doors.

A more expensive option is to opt for aluminium bi-folding doors.

Another option is for our joiners  to build wooden French doors.

Would you like the room plastered and painted and decorated?

Often we plaster the room, yet sometimes,  the homeowner will want us to paint and decorate the room as well.

We can therefore paint the walls, ceiling and also the skirting boards for you?


Would you like a quote?

If you are thinking of having a garden room built, so it becomes a room to relax within, with say a book, then why not call us?

We offer free quotes across the west country.

Alternatively you may be looking to have a garden office built, we can build this for you.

If you would therefore like a garden building built, why not call or e-mail us today?




UK Garden Room Company

Kingsley is a U.K based garden room company, we build the following buildings:

–        Summerhouses

–        Garden offices

–        Garden rooms


Our company offers a huge range of different options for those homeowners who are looking to purchase a luxury garden room.

We can build your more simple buildings, perhaps that are just used to read a book in and relax in while having a bottle of wine on the weekend.

To much your much more elaborate, bespoke garden rooms, that are sometimes used as office space. Therefore the room can be heated, have air-conditioning, as well as roof windows.


We offer a design and build service on all of our garden rooms


We offer an inhouse design service, so if you’re not sure exactly what you want, then we can start to create 3d drawings, so you can visualise how the garden room will look before you finalise and make the purchase.

We now have many years worth of experience building summerhouses across the U.K, you can be confident that Kingsley is a name you can trust.

So, if you’re looking for a garden room company which builds quality, well-made and great value for money summerhouses, then Kingsley is the perfect choice.


How long have you been building garden rooms in the U.K?


Our company has built many garden rooms and offices here in the United Kingdom. From rooms used to watch the football, and have a beer with friends, through to summerhouses used as a place to work.

We are a family-run business, with the company owned by Kingsley, plus all of its summerhouses are made in the United Kingdom.

If we were to hire your company to build our garden room, will we be offered different options to pick  from?


Kingsley Garden Rooms can offer you a huge variety of summerhouse styles to choose from, including traditional (such red cedar cladding, French doors, and the wooden windows), through to the more contemporary using composite cladding, led lights, and large bi-folding doors.


We build quality every time


If you’re looking to have a quality garden building built, in say Bristol, well look no further than our company.

That’s because here at Kingsley we specialise in building quality garden rooms, offices as well as  summerhouses.

All our summerhouses are built to the highest standards, that’s because we employ carpenters, use top quality wood, plus also we have built many garden rooms throughout South West England.

Our large team of highly experienced craftsmen, such as our joiners, use only the finest materials, such as top quality red cedar cladding, so you can be sure that your quality Bristol garden room is built to a very standard.

Why not have a look at our online gallery to see some of the garden rooms we have built recently in Bristol.  



Built for UK climate  


There’s no point in purchasing a DIY summerhouse, that’s made so cheaply that it cant withstand the wet climate we have here in Britain.

For example, during really heavy snow, if the summerhouse roof is weak, the whole building could collapse.

Also because it rains so much here in Britain, if the roof, the exterior walls, and floor are not built correctly the whole building could start leaking.

So if you are looking for a garden room which is able to withstand the UK climate, then Look no further than our luxury summerhouses, which are built with quality in mind.

All of our summerhouses, here at Kingsley are built to withstand our British weather, our garden rooms are perfect for year-round use.

We therefore think that some summerhouses can be a waste of time, and total false economy, sure some are offered really cheaply.

Yet the amount of time it takes a homeowner to build them, then to find that the roof might be such low quality that signs of water coming into the building are clear within say the first week, then this is we think not good enough.

This is why so many homeowners across Britain call us, when looking for a UK garden room company. Because we don’t build flat pack summerhouses.

Instead, we use tradesmen to build our garden rooms, such as using our roofers, electricians and joiners to build different parts of our garden rooms.


Are your garden rooms well insulated?

Its possible to purchase summerhouses which are not insulated, but we would not recommend this, as often they are too cold to use in winter, which means your will have a garden room that’s possibly taking up a lot of space, and cant be used for much of the year.

So we believe that whichever garden room company you hire, that the rooms are well insulated.

W e supply and install our garden room buildings all across South West England



Most of the garden rooms we build are in Bristol- you may have already seen one of our many vans driving around?

We do build garden rooms in Somerset, Bath and Gloucestershire, so if you would like a free quote, why not call us?

We can also come out and offer a quote on  the weekends as well.

For luxury garden rooms, we can offer a quote for mainland U.K.

So, if Looking for a high-quality garden room, that’s built by joiners, roofers and electricians  and you live in the mainland UK? Then why not call us? We will e-mail you a quotation as soon as we can.


Here at Kingsley we supply and install top quality garden rooms.

Plus, our installation process is quick and easy, so you’ll be enjoying your new garden room in a short amount of time.


How long does it take you to build a garden room?

This does depend on the size of the garden room, plus the following factors:

–        Do  you have access to the garden?

–        If the building materials need to be brought through the house, this will take us longer to build the summerhouse

–        The size of the garden room

–        If there are already foundations

–        If concrete foundations need to be built by us, then  this will take us longer, as the foundation will need to dry.

–        If air-conditioning needs to be added this will take us a longer

–        If we are plastering, painting and decorating this will take us longer

–        If we completing landscaping work, such as building decking, fencing or a new patio this will take us longer.

Typically we aim to build most of our Bristol garden rooms in under 2 months from start to finish, yet, sometimes delays can occur which are outside of our control, because of bi-folding doors being delayed, from our suppliers for example.


 Don’t know how you want your garden room to look, here are some design ideas:


Garden room ideas


Here in the U.K we have built garden rooms that have been used for so many different uses, from a place to watch the football, through to somewhere to paint an oil painting.

Other uses include a place to learn a musical instrument, so the whole room had to be sound proofed, through to somewhere the homeowner stored fine wines.

Other more common uses are as a garden office, so  the homeowner could work from home, and also simply as a home gym, so the owner added bikes, treadmills, and also weights.

Our company name “Kingsley” is therefore synonymous with building quality summerhouses in Bristol.


We have also built many garden rooms in the city of Bath.

So if your looking for “garden rooms Bath” well why not call us, as we have already built many summerhouses in this area.

We can show you some of the luxury garden rooms we have already built all over the South West of England.

Our garden rooms have been used for the following uses:

–        A music room, as the homeowner was a DJ / played instruments

–        A garden office

–        A garden kitchen

–        A garden room, to watch football

–        As a guest bedroom

 Whether you’re looking for a summerhouse to relax and unwind, or an extra room to entertain guests, there’s sure to be a garden room design that’s perfect for you.



If you’re thinking about purchasing a garden room in Bristol , then why not call us?

What is a Garden Room? How is different from say a summerhouse?


All of us know what a conservatory is, and what a garden room or home extension is.

Yet, with that said, a garden room, well that’s something that some homeowners may find difficult to explain what it is. For some companies that make these items, they can sometimes be nothing more than a shed that’s made to look more like a summerhouse.

Yet, on the other hand, there’s companies like ours, which are building garden rooms, which are buildings which are high-quality, and come with a range of options, such as whether the homeowner wants air conditioning.

So, the point that we are trying to make is, garden rooms, well they can vary massively in quality.


So what are garden rooms used for?

Garden Rooms are becoming increasingly popular in the South West of England, as summerhouses can provide additional living space and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as being a place to work, watch the football, or simply to read a book.

Garden Rooms are usually made with a large set of bi-folding doors, which can allow more natural light to flood into the building.

If you are opting for bi-folding doors, we would recommend a high-quality set of aluminium doors.

So if you’re looking to obtain more space but don’t want to go through the hassle of moving house, in say Bristol, then one of our garden rooms built by our joiners could be the perfect option for you.  


What are most of your garden rooms that you build in say Somerset, Bath and Bristol used for?

Our garden buildings offer a versatile space that can be used for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from use as a yoga room, through to being used as an office.

For example, many of our customers, have either been told they can work from home more often by their employer, which is why they want a garden office built, or there running their own business, and don’t want to rent office space in say Cabot Circus Bristol, and therefore have asked us to build a garden building that can be used as an office. We build very high-quality garden rooms.


What are garden rooms a great alternative for?

Garden buildings offer a great alternative to traditional home extensions, for a number of reasons.

First, they can be built by our team quickly, and at a competitive price, which when the homeowner compares with quotes for say a brick-built extension, which could be added to their home, they may find our quotation, might be cheaper?

Another reason is, in cities like Bristol, property values have drastically increased, which means, that they homeowner may have already fully extended their home, by adding loft conversions and a rear extension. So instead of having to move, and the expense that brings, as well as upheaval, some customers want a garden room, as it can create more living space, can be built relatively quickly, and at a very reasonable price.


What’s the difference between a garden room and a shed?

Sometimes a homeowner will look to buy a summerhouse online, and these can look great in terms of the pictures, yet once delivered to the home, they can be nothing more than a glorified shed.

Sometimes with such poor gaps between the windows, and doors, and roof, that they are so cold in winter they cannot be used.

Sometimes the roof is of such poor construction, that the weight of snow can make the structure collapse.

And sometimes the building can be such poor quality, water will start to ingress into what’s called the osb wood, which causes it to rot.

These buildings may be offered cheaply, yet, sometimes there’s good reason for this.

So this is why here at Kingsley, we wanted to build a brand, and that the company stands for building really high quality summerhouses.

We won’t be cheapest on all the quotes that we send out, but that’s with good reason, because we focus on building quality.

We only therefore use good make windows and doors, and roofs.

Our garden buildings are not therefore made in a factory, and then brought to you on a lorry, to assemble in the customers gardens.

Instead, the whole garden room will be constructed in your garden by our carpenters, electricians and roofers. If you would like a luxury garden room built, then why not call us?


Would you like a garden bar built this summer?




We have built many garden bars across South West England, they can make a great place to meet your friends, and enjoy a glass of gin.

Many of our customers have wanted to build their very own bar / pub in their back garden, we are now going to provide you with some ideas as to how your new garden room could be used, as a space socialise.


A sports bar

We are a nation of sport lovers, so whether you follow the football, rubgy or golf, why not have a garden building built, which becomes your place to go and enjoy a beer while watching the game.

A lot of our customers have therefore asked us to include the following, when building the sports bar:

–        To sound proof the walls

–        To build a bar complete with wall where sprits can be hung on wall

–        To add electric heaters so the room can be warm during winter

–        To add air-conditioning so the room can be cooled during summer

–        To add large televisions on the wall

–        To add decking, so during half time, there’s a space to enjoy a pint outdoors

–        To add speakers, to enhance the sound within the room


A room to collect and enjoy wine

Some of our customers have been wine collectors, they have had large refrigerated cabinets to store the wine.

The room is also used to enjoy drinking wine, on a warm summers evening in South West England, we think a garden room makes a brilliant place to go to, and have a chilled glass of champagne.


Draft beers that are on tap

The reason a lot of people visit a local pub, is simply because there are many beers on tap.

However, a lot of people are now enjoying draft beer from the comfort of their home, so this is why a lot of our customers now want a garden building, that’s built to have a bar where beers can be drank with friends.

When you combine this with a comfortable sofa, a large television, and some of our customers have even added a snooker table.


Bristol beers, gins and flavoured vodkas

As you probably already know, Bristol is home to many businesses which produce remarkable quality gins, beers and flavoured vodka’s.

A lot of people therefore like to have a garden room built, where produce made locally across the west country can be enjoyed.

Whether its good quality ice cream, a glass of gin, or a nice cheese board, a garden room can be a great place to enjoy beverages, and food, that’s all made on your door step.

We build garden rooms right across the West Country


Garden offices and rooms Bath

Bath is such a great city, which is why so many tourists flock here throughout the year.

Whether its to roman architecture, the independent shops, or simply the countryside that surrounds the city, you may own aa home that overlooks this scenery?

If so why not have a garden room in your home, so you can look out over the city of Bath?


Garden Rooms in Bristol

The vast majority of the garden buildings that our company builds, whether they are a garden office, or a really large wooden building, that’s used as a gym, are wooden summerhouses that we built in Bristol.

We have built many summerhouses throughout Bristol, and we can offer very competitive prices.


Garden buildings Somerset

We also build garden buildings throughout somerset.

Garden Room ideas

If you’re looking for ways this summer to get more use out of your garden, then why not consider having a summerhouse built?

Garden rooms can be a great way to add extra living space onto your home, without having the inconvenience of building work being carried out on your house, for example, having a loft built, with all the scaffolding and dust and noise, well, this is not ideal for some homeowners.

Our summerhouses can be used for a variety of purposes, from having a cocktail party through to having your own garden office, so you can have a place to work during the day.



So, if you live in Bristol, and you’re weighing up whether to have a garden room built, here’s just some of the benefits of having a luxury summerhouse built by us.



Do you need a place to work during the day?


If you work from home in Bristol, so you will no doubt need a quiet place to get away from it all and start writing all of those work e-mails.

A garden office is the perfect solution for so many homeowners in Bristol, that’s whether your working part-time for a company, or your running your own business.

Here at Kingsley we find that that our garden offices are becoming increasingly popular in Bath, Bristol and Somerset.

It’s easy to see why, as there’s many benefits to owning a garden office:

The main benefit is you enjoy the fresh air, in your garden, and beautiful surroundings, such as looking over the surrounding landscape, whether that’s a river, countryside or trees.



A space to relax


Our summerhouses are a great way for you to enjoy being in your garden, without having to deal with the elements. That’s because, we can install electric heaters, as well as air-conditioning as well.

So whether its enjoying the warm weather on your decking, outside of your summerhouse, or when it starts to rain, going inside putting the heating on, and reading a book, you will have a great space to go and relax.



Outdoor kitchens are very popular in South West England.


Our outdoor kitchens are becoming very popular, and it’s easy to see why. We can build a main room, so you have a space to relax, with say sofas, televisions, and even a bar.

Then our company can landscape the outside, so you can have pizza ovens, an outdoor grill, or a large barbecue, this makes it a great place to have family over and start cooking.

Our outdoor kitchens allow you to enjoy your garden more, while still being able to cook and entertain guests.

So our outdoor kitchens, which, we’ve built in Bristol,  they’re perfect for summertime entertaining.

If you love to entertain friends, an outdoor kitchen we think is a must-have.



Add air conditioning



Adding air conditioning means you can use your garden room even when its really hot outside.



Create an outdoor living room



Outdoor living rooms are a great way to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. You can add a large sofa, big television, and a wine cooler?



Home gym

We have now built so many garden rooms that are used as a gym.

All over Bristol, homeowners tell us, that instead of driving all the way to the gym, they prefer to own their own equipment.

Some of our customers tell us, it means that they workout more often, plus, instead of going once a day, to say a local gym, they split the workouts over the day, meaning that their using different equipment, say running machine in morning, rowing after lunch, and cycle in evening.

Our customers tell us, that because they have their own gym, they enjoy doing workouts throughout the day, when they want to.



Outdoor dining area / own pub



If you love to entertain friends, an outdoor dining area is a must-have, as you can have a dedicated place to enjoy a meal, or simply to have a pint.

 Outdoor dining areas are a great way to enjoy the outdoors, and have friends over for a bottle of wine.




Add garden decking



Garden decking, (composite or wood) that’s built in front of the summerhouse, is a great way to enjoy say a cup of coffee, and take a break from work.

Plus, for some Bristol residents, our decking can be raised, so that you can take in the views of your surroundings. If you love spending time outdoors, the composite decking is a must-have.



Build a Fence



If you’re having a new garden room built in say Bristol, then often, the homeowner will want the garden fencing replaced at the same time.

This makes sense, as its easier to build new fencing, before the garden building is built.

So if your looking for a Bristol garden room company that can also replace your fencing, why not call us?

We build luxury garden rooms



Sometimes customers want the very best, that’s to say, they want a garden room that’s sheer luxury.

Often therefore our customers in Bristol will want a garden room built, that offer the following:

–        Top brand of air-conditioning system, to ensure the room is cool during summer

–        Our electricians to fit ample electric heaters for the winter

–        Bi-folding doors made by a leading brand

–        High quality, hardwood cladding, treated with oil

–        Composite decking in a colour to be similar with the cladding

–        Rubber roof

–        Sound proofing

–        Insulation

–        Outdoor lighting

–        Large aluminium double glazed windows

–        Painted and decorated, you can opt for Farrow and Ball paint

–        Concrete foundations

–        Celling insulation

–        Heated floors

–         Wall insulation

–        Top brand of fuse box

–        Electrics


As you can see, we build our Bristol Garden buildings to a high standard, and can offer you so many different options.

Luxury garden rooms

We specialise in building luxurious summerhouses and garden rooms.

This means, we have built very large summerhouses, some with a jacuzzi to the side, large rooms inside, and sound insulated, so you can watch the football with the volume turned up.

We also use timber merchants, window suppliers and roofs that are very high quality.

So when you hire Kingsley, you know you will be obtaining a high quality summerhouse.

A garden room company in Bristol you can trust

We have built summerhouses all across Bristol, we have built garden rooms, offices and summerhouses.

Every building that we build is bespoke, meaning you can design the whole room.

From which colour you want our painters and decorators to use, through to whether you want a concrete slab, poured as the foundations, or for us to use ground screws which is a lot quicker.

We have many satisfied customers

We have built many summerhouses in Bath, looking over the countryside, to building garden offices, for people who run their own business, in Clifton Bristol, that want to work from home.

From rooms used to do yoga, through to places to watch the football, or to simply use as a space to enjoy a glass of wine.

We have built many Bristol garden buildings.

Bristol, Somerset and Bath

We build most of our summerhouses, in Bath, as well as in Bristol and also somerset.

What makes your garden rooms luxurious?

The quality of the building materials, for example, we wont purchase bi-folding doors just on price, we only use quality manufacturers.

We want a luxury garden building built, what options can you offer us to make the building more luxurious?

A lot of our customers opt for air conditioning, red cedar cladding, large composite deck, complete with led lights, large room, plus toilets, wash hand basin and shower.

Are the garden buildings that you build bespoke?

Yes, everyone is hand built by our joiners.


We can offer free quotes in Bristol.

How do you ensure that the garden room is built to a high standard?

We have managers who make sure every summerhouse is build to a high standard.


We ensure that our garden buildings are built to a high standard by:

–        Employing joiners to build our garden rooms

–        Our summerhouses are not built in a factory, there all made to order and constructed in your garden

–        We use high quality wood

Why not have a luxury summerhouse built in your garden this summer?


All across Bristol, our garden room installers are busy building our high-quality summerhouses.

From the roof, down to the joists in the floor, we build every aspect of your summerhouse so its very high quality.

We also only purchase top quality building materials, whether that’s the ground screws, through to a the bi-folding doors, which are made from aluminium and manufactured to a very high standard.

This is why when a homeowner wants a summerhouse built in Bristol, its often “Kingsley” that’s springs to mind, as we have a very strong reputation for building quality.

We don’t just serve Bristol, we also cover

–        Bath

–        Somerset

–        Gloucestershire


Why purchase one of our garden rooms?

You may have seen one of our many vans around Bristol?

We are also busy throughout the  year building our garden buildings.

Our garden buildings are in demand, because a lot of people are now working from home more often, therefore need a space to work.

Another reason is, a lot of people will have added loft conversions to their homes, and perhaps a rear extension as well. Yet they may still need more room, for example, somewhere to work from during the day.

Often, they don’t want to move, so our garden rooms can sometimes offer the right solution, for example we can build a garden office, that has a kitchen, toilet and wash hand basin, as well as a main room which offers a brilliant place to work, because it can be air-conditioned, as well as let a lot of natural light flood into the room.

Plus, our Bristol summerhouses, garden rooms and garden rooms can be built to any dimensions you want. So if you have a really large garden, well why not have a huge summerhouse built?


Building materials

From windows, through to the flooring, and also even the roof, everything is built with quality in mind.

That’s why when we purchase the building materials, we only buy high quality items.

This is then apparent when you see the finished build, as we employ highly experienced joiners who put together the whole summerhouse to a really high standard.


Built quickly

We have a large team of tradesmen, from joiners, to roofers and electricians, which means, we can build our Bristol summerhouses quickly.


Built with quality in mind

When looking for Bristol garden room and summerhouse companies, what you want is a high quality building, that’s built to a high standard, that’s exactly what we offer.


Why are garden rooms so popular in Bristol?

Simply because, our garden rooms are often used throughout the year, as a place to relax, work from, or to even have as your own gym.

The rooms can be built to any size, can also have heaters and air-conditioning as well.


What size summerhouses do you build?

Everyone of our Bristol garden rooms, are tailor made, meaning they can be built to any dimensions you want.

From a small garden room to fit in a patio in Clifton Bristol, through to a large building, used as a home gym, complete with toilet, showers and wash hand basin.

Some of the garden buildings, we build in Bristol, even have two rooms, so they can be used one half say for working in, and the other as say a gym?


How much do your garden rooms cost?

Costs vary, typically from 25k to 75k, for an exact quote, why not call us?


How long do they take to build?

It does depend on how large the summerhouse is, it can be between 3 weeks and just over a month.

For an exact timescale for how long it takes to build your summerhouse, why not call us, so we can offer you a free quote?


What do most of your customers use their garden rooms for?


1. Office



If you currently work from home, a garden building could be the perfect solution for use as your workspace?

By building a garden room, we can create a light and airy office space, that’s separate from your main house.



2. An Art Studio



Do you enjoy painting, sculpting, or crafting?

If so then a garden outbuilding could be the ideal place to enjoy your hobby.

By setting up an art studio in your garden room, you can enjoy some peace and quiet while you create your very own masterpiece.



3. A Home Gym



Don’t have time to make it to the gym everyday?

Well, no problem! With a home gym in your garden building, you can work out whenever it’s convenient for you- so if you fancy an evening run, why not just get on your own treadmill. We can even install air-conditioning for you, so the room is cool even during summer.

This is a great way to save money on gym membership fees and get healthy at the same time.



4.  a place to watch the football

Why not use your garden room as a place to watch the football?



5. A Home Theatre



Love going to the movies?

Well, why not bring the cinema experience home by using your garden building to watch your favourite films?

So a garden room can offer a great way to enjoy all of your favourite films, perhaps on a large projector?



6. A Guest House



Do you have friends or family members that often stay at your home?

If so, a guest house in your garden could be the perfect solution.

This way, they can have their own space that’s separate from your main house. Plus, it can come in handy for hosting parties or other events.



7.  a place to relax



Last but not least, a garden building can be the perfect place to create your own personal oasis.

Whether you want to use the summerhouse for peace and quiet or for watching the big game, our garden rooms are a great way to make your garden. So if you would like a free quote, for us to build your garden building, in Bristol, they why not call us?

We build bespoke garden rooms in Bristol


Are you thinking of having a bespoke garden room or office built in Bristol?


Well, why look any further than Kingsley? We are quite simply the experts in designing and building bespoke garden rooms and offices, which are tailored to your specific needs.

So for example, whether it’s a garden room to be used as a gym, complete with toilet, wash hand basin and shower, or just a simple summerhouse, we can build it all.

That’s why when homeowners in Bristol are looking for “garden room companies” they often call us, because we offer competitive prices, and high-quality summerhouses.


You can use your summerhouse for so many different purposes

Whether you are looking for a garden room to use as an office, an air-conditioned gym, a room to sip a glass of wine, or simply somewhere to relax with a good book, we can help. Our team of experienced summerhouse designers will work with you to create a space that is perfect for you.

Plus, you can be rest assured, that when you hire us to build your garden room Bristol, we always only ever use good quality building materials.

So whether it’s the bi-fold doors, the roof, or the flooring everything is made by quality manufacturers.


Bespoke garden rooms

A bespoke garden room built by us in Bristol can be the perfect way to obtain some extra space to your home. That can be used as a gym, room to work in, or simply somewhere to enjoy a cold beer on a summers evening.

So whether you’re looking for a place to relax, entertain guests or simply enjoy the outdoors, a bespoke garden room can be tailored to your exact needs and specifications.

Before I have my Bristol summerhouse built, what do we need to think about, in terms of the different options you offer?

There are a few things to consider when planning your bespoke garden room, such as the size and shape, your budget and style, for example which hardwood cladding do you want?  



If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at some of the bespoke garden rooms we have already built in Bristol, bath and Gloucestershire.  

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your own bespoke garden room then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to chat and offer our expert advice.