How much do your garden offices cost and what are the main benefits of owning a garden room?




It’s rather like having a car that you quite fond of, everything works as it should, you actually enjoy driving the vehicle. Yet, you drive pass a showroom and see the brand-new model that’s made by the same manufacturer and you think should I upgrade?

Should I purchase that brand new car?

And this might be the same for a garden room, you might be working from a spare bedroom within the house at the moment, and you have everything you need, except the room being the size you want, as you could do with a bit more room, to have a bigger desk, cupboards, and coffee machine.

So you scratching your head thinking well should I fork out all that money on a brand-new garden office?

Will all of that expense be worth it?

It depends whether the garden room company you hire offers good value for money, because we know that we build very high quality garden offices at very fair prices, but there are some summerhouses that don’t offer good value for money.

Because there are some summerhouses which are simply priced so that they are cheap as chips, they might only cost let’s say £3000, but if you left shivering in the winter, and thats because they are not insulated, and lets say after a short amount of time you find that you have to repair the roof, well this don’t offer much value for money at all.

Yet our garden offices are a bit more expensive, but they offer excellent value for money, that’s because they are well built, and they are made for the owner to use the room right throughout the entire year whatever the weather is like outside.

So, it’s fair to say that some summerhouse companies, can have really well-designed company websites and when you visit them they have summerhouses with pictures of people enjoying a beverage outside, wearing sunglasses and the summerhouses look brilliant.  

But in reality, when you actually have the building built in your garden, you might find that in the winter the wind comes through the gaps of the wood, which are made to be the exterior walls of the summerhouse.

Because some cheap wooden summerhouses are made using exterior walls which are no thicker or different from wooden fencing. So this means, say in December, the building is simply to cold to work in, because the exterior walls, are too thin.

You might also find that the windows are single pane glass, so you may try to keep the room nice and comfortable in terms of the wamth, but you might it next to impossible because the room is uninsulated and the heat escapes too quickly.

So our garden rooms are built with quality in mind, this means there are bit more expensive than some other companies, yet we only build well built summerhouses. Our prices start from £17,000.

So what are the benefits of owning a garden office built by us?


Peace and quiet

Granted, if you live next to an extremely busy road, then you may still can hear the road noise in your garden room, yet the whole reason that a lot of people purchase a garden room for is because it’s a detached building from your house, and can therefore offer a nice quiet place for you to go and complete your work.

Plus if you do live near a busy Road, we can offer to also add sound proofing into the walls to help reduce outside noise just a bit for you.


A place to store your work items

Perhaps the work you need a lot of folders for your work, you might have a large amount of paperwork and you might be an architect for example, so you the might be large drawings that you working on at the moment?

You obviously don’t want to leave these on the kitchen table, for them to be scattered with pasta sauce on them.

And this is why you may require a garden room to be built in Bristol, because you can simply want to have a large table, and you can leave all of your paperwork folders and drawings in the garden room overnight so that you can start work using them again in the morning, and they are away from the kitchen table, so wont be covered in food.


Natural light

For those that may have spent a long time working in large offices, often you will be seated away from the window, so you might not have any natural light, which some people do not like, for example you might be working under fluorescent tube lighting all day, which you might not find ideal.

However, when you purchase a garden office, you can opt to have bi folding doors, and built into the actual double glazed units can be the blinds, you can let in as much or as little natural light into the room that you want.

You might find having a lot of natural light more comfortable when you’re working.



In Bristol your garden might end at a triangular point, or you might have a short but very wide garden or you may have not much space within your garden at all?

Do not worry, because we can come and see you, and we can discuss over a cup of tea how we can best fit a new summerhouse within your garden.

What’s are the different door options that you can offer when building a summerhouse?




Which doors you what for your summerhouse can drastically change the appearance of your garden room, for example hardwood French doors give a very different appearance than if you were to choose a more modern grey aluminium bi folding doors for example.

Because many homeowners will have never bought a garden room before, we thought it would be a good idea to write a blog post explaining the different garden room door options that our business can offer.

We shall also explain which are the cheaper options, which options are more expensive, and the benefits of choosing each.


UPVC doors

UPVC doors obviously need no introduction, as most people have these for their front and back doors on their house.

However, you can also have upvc doors on your garden room, and they are the cheapest option that we offer, although they are the cheapest option, they still offer many advantages.

We offer good quality UPVC doors, these will be double glazed so they enhance the energy efficiency of the garden room.


Upvc French doors

Also, you could have you the doors in the style of French doors, that open out to allow a wide access into the garden room.

Also, because the frames are made from plastic, you could also have then in a range of different wood effect colours, this means that if you go for a dark hardwood cladding, then you might want UPVC doors which have the appearance of being hardwood as well?


Upvc bi folding doors

What’s important to know as well is with bi folding doors, we offer the more expensive option that is the door frames being made from aluminium, they can also be made from UPVC as well.


Wooden doors

When some people have a wooden summerhouse built, they want it to look like a log cabin, they therefore want as much of the building to be built out of wood as possible.

Hardwood doors are most definitely not the cheapest option, that’s because they need to be handcrafted by joiner, and then have a double glazed units placed within the door.

When you have hardwood doors made, because they are made completely from scratch by joiners, you can choose which hardwood you would like. For example, the frames could be made from oak, mahogany or beech for example.

When you have a quality set of hardwood doors made by our carpenters, then they can last a very long time if you correctly varnish, or use the right wood oil.


If you want therefore the log cabin effect for your garden room, often the homeowner will not want   aluminium doors bi folding doors, they will want to doors made from a quality hardwood and that’s something that we can offer to you.


Aluminium bi folding doors

One of the more popular options is to have “aluminium bi folding” doors, and the advantages of choosing this option is clear, because in the hot summer weather, you can simply unlock the door and fold back the bi folding doors let the fresh air flood into your summerhouse.

This can offer a great place for you to work, play a musical instrument or simply enjoy doing yoga in a room which will have plenty of fresh air, because the bi-folding doors can be completely fold back as you look out over your garden.

Aluminium bi folding doors can also come in a range of different colours, you could have the doors in a dark navy blue colour, grey colour or a bright colour green.


Which doors will you opt for

If you would like summerhouse built anywhere in the city of Bristol, then why not give us a ring?  We can come and meet you, and show you all of the different door options we offer, so that you can pick the right doors for your wooden summerhouse.

All of the quotes that we offer the city of Bath are offered for free.

We also offer free in the city of Bristol as well, if you would like a free quote for a summerhouse why not give us a ring?

Would you like a garden bar built?

Garden bar


A lot of us Brits, like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage out our gardens during the warmer weather, for some of us it allows us to unwind busy and long day at work.

Yet, a lot of us will know that with our about British weather, well it doesn’t stay that warm a very long, that’s before you can blink we are plunged back into winter, with the cold weather leaves blowing off the trees and everything being covered with a thick layer of frost on some days.

Yet our need to unwind and have a place to go to afterwork to enjoy say a non-alcoholic beverage or an alcoholic beverage still remains, even during the winter, this is why a lot of people like to have garden bar built, so it becomes their place to go and enjoy a glass of gin, champagne perhaps a whiskey on the rocks?

Therefore, an insulated garden bar that is well built, can become your place to go to and enjoy a drink, play a game of snooker and enjoy a game of darts.

This is why so many people in Bristol call us when they want a garden bar built.


Choose your own decor

Perhaps you like a traditional British boozer built, with the union Jack flag hanging on the wall? Complete with a good sturdy wooden bar and to have quality British ales on pump, what a great place to have your friends over the weekend and enjoy a fine quality ale, don’t you think?

Perhaps you like gin why not create a gin bar? We could build a large bar with shelves in the background and the mirror on the wall to make the room look bigger, and you could have a selection of gins, why not go for over hundred bottles? That’s why what ever type of gin that you want to drink, your likely to have it ready to drink.

Perhaps you enjoy a fine whiskey in an evening? Then why not have a selection of whiskeys mounted on the wall, so that when you want go down to garden bar to enjoy a whiskey on the rocks you can your friends.

You can choose the decor, if you enjoy watching the football, or perhaps your a rugby fan, then perhaps you like watching the tennis, why not have an extra large television put into your garden bar, and have really high quality speakers in every corner of the room so that when you watch the game,  it feels like you’re actually there.

Large refrigerated cabinets could be in either corner of your garden room displaying high-quality bottles of wine, which are chilled to a cool temperature to help preserve their quality.

With a garden bar it is your blank canvas to decorate however you want, so that you can use it to enjoy watching whatever sports the you enjoy watching.



When you look online there are some really cheap deals on many summerhouses, the dimensions of the building might be large, so when you first see the price, well, might seem like an absolutely fantastic deal.

However, once you’ve actually built the building within your garden, you might be disappointed by the quality, that’s because the wind might be blowing through the gaps of the exterior walls, and once built, you find that it’s not insulated, the roof is actually low quality built using cheap tar felt, which starts to come away from the osb board, and leaks develop in your summerhouse.

So, instead of enjoying your favourite British ale in your summerhouse, you might be shivering in the cold outside in your new garden room, and that’s because its uninsulated?

This is why it’s important to purchase an insulated garden bar, one which has the insulation added to the floors, the walls and the ceiling, and we can build this for you.

Your place to unwind

We can build a very large garden room for you within the city of Bristol, this offers a large space which you could place items such as a jukebox, for playing your favourite music, a full size snooker table, you may also want to place comfortable reclining sofas to watch the football?

A garden bar therefore can become your place unwind, no matter what the weather is like outside, and in the winter you can simply switch on the heating, and enjoy being in your garden bar.

Our Bristol summerhouses don’t cost as much as you might think, because prices starting from just 17k, we can come out and see you, and talk you through every single option that we offer.

So, if you decided that you would like a garden bar built, in your garden then why not call us?

Frequently asked questions regarding our garden offices



Purchasing a garden office is a big decision for a lot of homeowners, because let’s be fair, it’s a big financial outlay, so you need to make sure that the getting the garden office you want.

There are simply a huge amount of garden room companies out there, in Bristol alone there are so many garden room companies, so your literally your spoilt for choice in terms of the amount of companies you can choose from.

However, when shortlisting down the companies, you really do need to hire a business which builds high-quality garden rooms that are insulated, well-built and offer you excellent value for money.

That’s exactly what Kingsley Build can offer you, because we don’t build your run-of-the-mill, cheap summerhouses, our buildings are in a whole different league from what some companies offer.

We build quality garden buildings, that once they are fully built will simply impress you with how well they’ve been built, and also the quality of the workmanship will astound you. So in nutshell, when you hire us to build a garden room, you will receive a building that offers you excellent value for money.


What is a garden office?

A garden office is simply a garden room, which is been designed for use as as an office. It should incorporate into the build, features that make it more comfortable for the owner to work in, for example, you may choose to have these optional extras:

–        Quality air conditioning

–        Underfloor heating

–        A sky light for more natural light

–        A bathroom

–        A kitchen


We can offer you so many different options

For example if you are having a garden office built, you are likely to be spending a considerable amount of time in that building throughout the year.

So because your spending so much time in the room, come sun, rain or snow, so it’s important that you obtain a garden building do you find comfortable to work in.

You do have to bear this in mind when you are picking a garden room company, and not let low prices steer you into choosing a company,  that may offer a summerhouse with wafer thin walls, so thin, its too cold to use in the winter,

Also the room might simply be way too hot for you to use in the summer months, so hot in matter of fact, it might feel like a green house, so you may want air conditioning.


So, to keep you nice and comfortable you might want to opt for air conditioning?

Also, our winters as you know will often bring freezing weather, therefore the whole building needs to be well insulated, by that we mean insulation needs to be in the roof, in the walls and in the floor. If it’s not well insulated, then the room might be simply be way too cold, and it might be uncomfortable for to work in, so because its so cold, due to poor insulation, you might avoid using a garden office in the winter which obviously defeats the object of purchasing it.

This is why you need to hire a company that will build a well insulated garden room

This is why so many residents in Bristol give us a call when they need a garden office built, because they know we will add quality insulation in the walls to keep the room well insulated.

We also employ electricians, so you can tell us where you want the electric heaters put on the wall, and our electricians will wire up the heater for you.


Are your garden rooms warm enough to use in winter?

Yes, they are, our garden rooms are warm enough to use in winter, simply because we can add panel installation into the walls for you.


Can I add a skylight/ velux window to my garden room ceiling?

Yes, sometimes the front of a garden room in some gardens will be in the shadow of a large tree, meaning not much natural light might flow through the front windows.

Therefore, you might opt to have a velux window installed the roof, to let more natural light flood into the roof, so that it is a lighter in the room during the day.


Can I have a toilet added to my garden room?

Often owners of a garden room don’t want to keep running back and for the main house when you need to use the toilet, so a lot of our customers opt to have a bathroom added to the garden room.

You might just want a toilet and a wash hand basin added, this will not take up much space within the garden room,  yet will make it much easier for you, than having to walk back to the main house to use the toilet there.


Can I have underfloor heating?

Yes, our electricians can install all the underfloor heating for you, this can make the room much more comfortable during the winter.

When you opt for underfloor heating your feet will be nice and warm on the floor even during the coldest of winter days.


Can I put a hot tub in my garden room?

Your garden room hasn’t got to be just use for work; you could have a canopy built to the side which extends over a hot tub.

So, when you finish sending all those work emails, and you tired from work, you can simply get into your hot tub and unwind after work.


Can you build a completely bespoke garden room for us?

Yes some garden room companies in Bristol just roll off their summerhouses off a production line, meaning that there put together sometimes with staple guns, and then they are just put in a flatpack form and shipped to the customer.

We don’t build flatpack summerhouses, every single one of our garden rooms are bespoke, we take the time to come and meet with you, and understand exactly how you want your Bristol Garden office to be built.

Then we will order the building materials, and start to build the building in your garden.

So none of our garden rooms are built in a factory, instead every single part of your garden office is built in your garden.

Our labourers will therefore carry everything the plasterboard, the wood and the roof into your garden and then build the whole garden building in your garden.


Can you design my garden room as a custom shape?

Yes, most definitely, perhaps your garden ends at a point, so we can build a triangular garden office for you.


Can you fit solar panels to my garden room?

Yes, we could fit solar panels to the roof or you garden room for an additional cost.


Can you soundproof my garden room?

Yes, we can soundproof your garden room for you.


Can you add an electric supply to our garden office?

Yes, we have qualified electricians which work for us, so we can wire up your garden office in Bristol


How long does a garden room take to build?

For us to build a garden room in Bristol it can take anywhere from three weeks to 7 weeks, we can offer you a more accurate timescale when we are offering you a quote.

The benefits of owning a garden room


If you are currently mulling over whether to purchase a garden room or not, you’re probably weighing up in your mind the benefits of purchasing a garden room. Yet, the cost of a brand-new garden room well, lets be fair, isn’t cheap- so it’s something that a lot of homeowners will consider for quite a while before they arrive at a decision to purchase.


We build quality

We have built many garden rooms which are used for a huge range of purposes, from helping the homeowner to improve their fitness, by using the building as a gym, right through to the building being used as a place of work, or to use the room as a place to enjoy playing a musical instrument.

So, we thought we’d write a short article, which simply explains the benefits of owning a garden room and we would also like to say that we offer free quotations- so if you we could come and meet with you in Bristol, and offer you a free quotation.


So, what are the benefits of owning a garden room?

For many homeowners they would simply like more space within their house, however the idea of all the banging and knocking and dust that’s created, from adding say loft conversion to the property, may not be that appealing to some homeowners.

The homeowners may have super busy jobs, and work some of time from home, so having builders making large amounts noise in the house, when the homeowners need to work, may mean that there’s simply too much disruption, so they homeowners now looking at an alternative way to obtain more living room.

Therefore, the homeowner might want more room, and they would like the building to be built away from the house so that the disruption during the construction is minimised.

For example, all of the building materials could be brought through a side access to the house, and the garden room can be constructed at the end of the garden helping to minimise noise, and any dust.


We have a large workforce

We also have a large team of labourers, so this means that is because they are hugely experienced in building our garden rooms, we can quickly get to work on building a new summerhouse for you.

We can build the whole building therefore in a short period’s of time.

During each day of the build, you will see how quickly our workers work to build our garden rooms.

As soon as the base has been built, you will start to see the rest of the construction of your new summerhouse happen at a rapid pace, because we will quickly install the structural timbers and then straight onto the roof.

Some companies might be a bit slower building a summerhouse, because they simply haven’t got the workforce that our business has, this might be a reason that you choose our company instead to build your garden room, because we can build all of our garden rooms in a short period of time.


We build garden rooms all year around

Also, no matter if it’s winter, or it’s the peak of summer we can build a garden room for you.

So, if you were to ask us, what we think are the main benefits of owning a garden building, we would say that it offers a place for you to go and work, play a musical instrument or just watch the football.

We emphasise the point of the building being detached, that’s because let’s say if you are working in the summerhouse, you might want a quiet space to go work.

If you want to catch up on the football, you might want to be in your own room with surround sound enjoying a beer and watching the game?

Equally if you’re playing a musical instrument let’s say a guitar, you might want a place where it’s quiet so you can practice but also so that you are not disturbing other family members by playing your guitar for a long period of time.

Another benefit is that if you have a large garden then you can have a very large garden room built, it could be built to span the entire width of your garden.

So this means that a large garden room could have multiple different rooms if you want, for example you could even have a complete bathroom suite within the building.

So you might want to use the building as a place where your guests can stay for the night, and they will have their own bathroom suite which could be complete with a shower, toilet and a bath you want.


Suited for all properties

We can design and build a garden room for you, which is in keeping with your home, so for example it doesn’t matter if you own a thatched cottage or your house has only being built this year, we can come up with a design that suits your property.

So, for example you might have a very modern house, let’s say that it has a smooth rendered finish aluminium framed windows and it is a modern house. For this type of house, you might want a garden room that has grey composite cladding a flat rubber roof, aluminium windows in the same colour as the house windows, so that it that it is all in keeping with your home.

If you own a more traditional home, for example a thatched cottage, you might want a garden room built the has natural hardwood cladding?


Begin planning your garden room today

If you would like a garden room built, then why not give us a ring?

How long will it take your company to build a garden office?


Sometimes a homeowner will starting a brand-new job, and the employer might want them to work from home straightaway. The problem however some homeowners might have, is that in the current property they might have enough room to work. For example, the kitchen might be used a lot by the rest of the family during the day, so the person that’s working might not be able to work from the kitchen table, as they find the kitchen too noisy to work in.

Therefore, some homeowners will be looking for ways that they can extend their property, so that they have a room that they can use for work. For some homeowners, they might not want a loft conversion, because of the expense and also the disruption it can cause when it is being built, for example all the noise and dust that can sometimes be created during the construction.

Therefore, the homeowner might be looking for a way where they can obtain extra room, but have the construction work completed so that its separate from the house. Therefore, a garden room can be fully constructed and it is totally separate from your property, so that it doesn’t create the same kind of dust or disruption to the homeowners when it is being built like a loft conversion might.

Plus because we have such a large workforce, we can build a garden room in Bristol quickly.

So if you are about to start a new job, or start a business and you’re looking to have a garden room built quickly, so that you can use it as your place of work, then why not phone Kingsley build.


How long does it take to build a garden office?

This does depend on the size of the building, also whether the ground is level and also which foundations you opt for.

This article will explain the different options that we can offer when we are building a garden room.

For example, if you were to opt for concrete foundations then this can extend the amount of time that we require to build a garden room.

We can build all of our garden rooms in a short period of time

Yet you can be rest assured, that when you hire Kingsley, we will aim to build your garden rooms as quick as we possibly can. Because we have a large team, we can build any sized garden room in a short period of time.


Large workforce

Because of the amount of labourers that we have working for us, we are able to build our garden rooms very quickly, our labourers therefore allow us to bring building materials into the garden quickly, we also build our garden rooms quickly because we have so many tradesmen the work for us.

This means that we can build any sized garden room quickly.

It does depend on which foundations you choose

How long it takes us to build a garden office is influenced by whether we are building concrete foundations all we are using a system called ground screws.

We can install ground screws very quickly, these are simply large screws which are drilled into the ground and they are designed to be used as the foundation of the garden room. Because ground screws are not like concrete, in the sense that we haven’t got to wait for the concrete to dry, this is a much faster way of building the foundations for the garden room.

If you were to opt for ground screws then we can therefore build the garden room quickly, however we also offer concrete foundations as well, however this will extend how long it takes us to build the garden room because we have to allow the concrete to dry before we start to build the rest of the building.


Is the ground level?

Before we can start to build the foundations for your garden room, we will have to level the ground, sometimes in some gardens, the ground will be very bumpy or they will be a lot of brambles or there might be an old garden shed that needs to be demolished to make way for the summerhouse.

Sometimes therefore a mini digger needs to be brought into the garden, and with a grading bucket fitted, the garden can be  levelled. Any excess soil, from levelling the garden then needs to be put into either wheelbarrows or a dumper, and taken to a skip.

Therefore, if we are completing landscaping work for you, this can take us longer to build the garden room.


Would you like us to build fencing first?

Sometimes a new garden room will be placed close to the garden fencing, therefore sometimes the homeowner will want the garden fencing replaced first. For example, sometimes a homeowner will be purchasing a luxury summerhouse from us, with hardwood exterior cladding, therefore they may want the garden fencing replaced first because it might be broken in parts and it may look a bit tatty.

Therefore, what we can also offer is to replace the garden fencing, and then start work on building the garden room. Building a new fence for you, may add a few more days onto how long it takes us to build the fence and the summerhouse.


Does your company build insulated Garden Rooms?

Insulated Garden Rooms


Winter is just around the corner, which means that Jack Frost is about to cover everything with a blanket of ice, and normally this would worry you to match, because you just switch on your central heating system at home and the whole house becomes nice and warm.

However, if you’re thinking of purchasing a garden room, you want this building to be insulated and you wanted to be warm as well.

Sure, there are thousands of companies out there that will offer summerhouses at rock bottom prices, but will they be able to withstand our harsh British winters?

Will they be too draughty to use?

Will they be incredibly costly to heat because they are poorly insulated?

Will the roof be so thin that over time it will deteriorate and start to let water into the building?

These are all questions that you need to ask when you are thinking about purchasing a garden room, because often company show their garden rooms on their website and their pitches in the summer may look brilliant.

With the sun beaming down on them, everything in the garden is green and this flowers blooming.

Our that will often don’t show is that some of them are poorly insulated the during the winter it can be incredibly cold the somebody to be within.

This is why a lot of people are now looking for insulated garden rooms, that are built to a very high standard that can be used all year round.

Whether you want to use the room to exercising in December, we want to use the room to work in, all you want a room where you can play musical instruments right throughout the difference seasons, then why not give Kingsley a call?

Because the fact is that often some summerhouses don’t look very different from each other, but it’s the installation that is put into the walls for example makes a huge amount of difference during the winter.

You want a room that have insulated walls, so that when you start into the room it better retains the heat so you are more comfortable when you are working when you are exercising when you are simply spending time unwinding in your garden room.

This is why our company is in such stronger demand, building quality insulated garden rooms right throughout the entire city of Bristol.

Our customers tell us that they want to work in the room right throughout the entire year, so they want to be nice and warm in the winter and that’s why the contact us because they know that we build very high-quality garden rooms are well insulated.

This article is going to explain how we integrate garden rooms, and why even when Jack Frost is busy covering everything with ice outside, you can be busy working in your garden room with the electric heater on it will be nice and warm the. That is why so many people contact us for us to build them a garden room.


Why choose an insulated garden room?

When you’re sat down comparing quotes for an uninsulated summerhouse, compared to an insulated garden room, was sometimes the price difference can be quite large.

Sometimes as much as triple the price, but why is that?

Well, the simple answer is, often a lot of people want a garden room they can use right throughout the entire year. To doesn’t matter if Jack Frost is outside, was a boiling hot day, and the sun is beaming down on your garden room.

What you want is insulated walls, ceiling and floor, so that you can regulate the temperature better.

The last thing you want is a draughty summerhouse, when the winter the called a is blasting through the exterior walls making it so uncomfortable the you don’t want to be in the building.

All if you use the building, you don’t want it to be so draughty that you have to have the electric heating on constantly which might cost you a small fortune!

So, what you want is a well-built building, you wanted to be insulated, so that during the summer you can switch on the air conditioning and the room can be nice and cool.

Also, in the winter you wanted to call they are out and when you warm the building you want retain action for as long as possible.

So the garden rooms that we build our insulated simply makes them more energy-efficient.

This is really important because at the current time of writing energy prices are going through the roof, and therefore a lot of people are looking for garden room companies that can build a building that is well insulated and that’s exactly what we can offer.

We use quality insulation in the walls which helps you to retain the heat better in the winter.


Do you want an insulated garden room built in Bristol?

Perhaps you’re planning on working in the garden room during the winter, if so, you can want the building to be well insulated and that’s what we can offer.

Perhaps you want a wooden summerhouse built so that you can workout in the room every single morning and do yoga? You will need the room to be nice and warm and we can build you a garden room that can be used for yoga.

Perhaps she simply wants a garden room built so that it becomes your place to unwind after work you might want to sit there and enjoy a nice bottle of wine in the evening. What we want is for the room to be nice and warm like your house, and therefore is going to need insulation.

So whichever garden room company you hire make sure the room is insulated.

Use your garden room whatever the weather

Perhaps you have fitness goals the you want to reach, perhaps you want an insulated garden room the you can use all year round.

For example, you might have a cycle bike that you like to use every single morning before you start work, therefore what we can do is install an electric heater for you that can be controlled from your smartphone.

So, when you are in the house eating say a croissant, you can simply open the app switch the heating on in the garden room and it will start increasing temperature. Then when you are ready for your workout you can simply go down to your garden room will be nice and warm inside.

This is why many people hire us to build their garden buildings, because we can use for all you the electrics for you as well.

This includes all of the heaters to help keep the room.


What is an insulated garden room?

Some summerhouses have an exterior wall which sometimes is very much like a garden fence in that it’s made from over lapping would.

Let’s give you an example, let’s say feather edge slats are used on the walls of the summerhouse, so feather edge slats are often  positioned to be upright on a garden fence, but sometimes the same wood isused to construct the exterior walls of the summerhouse as well, so they are fitted sideways and these form the exterior walls.

This won’t be sufficient in the winter when it turned cold because often the draft will go straight through the slats and the room will be to call to use.

Therefore, it will be rather like sitting in your garden shed because that’s probably an insulated as well.

What you need therefore is an insulated garden room, where there is installation within the walls, this can either be Rockwall, which is made from fibreglass and put in between the structural timbers of the wall or it could be made from panel installation.

Most of the garden rooms that we build we use panel installation, simply cut the handsaw, and then it can be placed in between the structural timbers, the panel installation as reflected sides which helps to keep the call thereabouts in the warm air in and in between the reflective coating is a foam insulation inside.

We think the panel installation is really effective at helping to insulated garden room, however it must be put in all the walls and it must be cut flush with the structural timbers.

Any gaps between the installation and the structural timbers will allow call their to flow into the room, this is why you need building company that will cut all of the installation exactly flush with the structural timbers inside the garden room.


Insulated garden offices.

A lot of our customers run businesses, or they work for a company that now wants them to work from home on a full-time basis, so as you can imagine they are spending a huge amount of time during the week in the garden room, this is why so important that they purchased quality insulated garden.

They want to move their furniture into a garden room where they can start working from its straightaway and that’s exactly what we can offer.

It will be cheaper summerhouses out there, but if they are uninsulated, then they can simply be too call or if you do puts the seating on, it might be uneconomical to keep the building warm because it might be costing so much an electric the room at a comfortable temperature.

As because as soon as the electric heaters are switched off you might find the room cools down to quickly, so this is another reason why you should buy sleep garden room because it will help to keep the room warm up for that bit longer.

If the summerhouse is really draughty, and this is electric heater is switched off it might start the drop in temperature.



We are a trusted business, because we have many carpenters manages, roofers, electricians, ground workers, plasterers, painters and decorators that can build a really high quality garden room for you anywhere in the city of Bristol.

Every single one of our garden rooms is tailor-made, you tell us the exact sizes the you want the garden room be built to can build it, we can therefore build different shape garden rooms to suit your garden.

For example your garden might not be very wind at all, so why not go for an L-shaped garden room so that you have a corner that is extended on one end to help you have more room.

If your garden finishes at eight point we can build a triangular garden room to make best use of the space.

If you have a really wild garden that you don’t have much width to the garden then why not go for a very long rectangle a garden room extends to the Hall width of your garden making best use of the space.

When our estimated meet with you, we can tell you about all the different shape garden rooms that we can build, we can recommend a design that might work best fuel garden, for example an L-shaped garden room where there is a bathroom within it.

You might want to still grow a lot of flowers in your garden, you know that the garden room will take up a lot of space, you might want a roof whereby plans can be planted on the roof and you can grow flowers during the summer time.


What makes our garden buildings suitable for use all-year-round?

Here at Kingsley, we build quality garden rooms which can be used right throughout the entire year. So, whether you want to use the room to work in during December, or on a boiling hot day in July, you can use your garden room whenever you want.

The reason why our garden rooms are suitable for all year-round use, is because we offer options, such as installing high-quality a conditioning.

So even if it’s hot outside, you can simply use a garden room because it will be nice and cool because you will have air conditioning installed.

Also, our garden rooms are insulated, this means that the call their can be kept out and the warm air within the building. We often use what is called panel installation in the walls, and we can also install electric heaters as well.

Our electricians can install all the electric heaters in your garden room for you, for example if you have a bathroom fitted as well, then we can install a towel rail in the garden room for you as well. Some of the electric heaters can be controlled from a smart phone, that’s the say you can open an app and simply switch on the heating within the garden room.

So, for example you might use the room to exercise in during the winter, on your way home from work you could simply open the app on your smartphone and switch on the heating, so that the room starts to increasing temperature so that you can work out in the garden room to a temperature that you find comfortable.


 Insulated walls, insulated ceiling insulated floor

We can install insulation in the roof, in the walls and in the floor, this can mean that the whole building is well insulated.

Once the plasterboard has been added to the walls and it has been plastered, you will then have a room which is well insulated, you can switch on the electric heater and this will start to warm the room quite quickly for you.

This is why our summerhouses are sometimes a bit more expensive than other garden room companies because we put insulation in the walls, some companies do not

we can pour Rockwool in the walls or we can offer you panel installation.


Top quality windows

it’s really important that whichever company the you hire to build your summerhouse that they use really high quality windows.

If the windows are low quality, and the a single pane then this might mean that the whole garden room is not that energy-efficient. You might lose a lot of heat through single pane glass windows.

On some cheap summerhouses they use wooden frame windows which have a single pane of glass, however these can allow a lot of heat to escape through the glass.

So, what you need is quality windows, we often use aluminium frames and double glazing this will make the summerhouse more energy efficient.



with some companies they don’t install the electrics into the garden room at all, this means that the customer then needs to go and find electrician to put all the wiring into the garden room.

However, when you hire us we have electricians that work for us, so we can install all the electrics for you.


We can also install electric heaters onto the walls for you, so all you have to do then is move all of your furniture into the garden room, you can simply switch the heating on and you can make the room nice and warm.

If you want us to add a bathroom onto the garden room then we can do this for you, and a lot of our customers opt for a towel rail so this can help to keep that room as well.

Another option that some of our customers opt for is to our underfloor heating this can help the room to be nice and warm and our electricians can install that for you.


Quality by folding doors

when you think of the front of the garden room most of them have by folding doors across the hall front of the building, so it is really important that these doors are well made, otherwise what can happen is if there is spacing between the frames then this collect call their blow through the doors during the winter.


So, what you need whichever garden room company you do hire you need to fit by folding doors which are really high quality so there’s no spacing between the aluminium frames and when they are shut they seal so that you can keep the heating the room.


Also, you want by folding doors which have a mechanism so that they can fall back easily, you don’t want cheap by folding doors the you have to really give them a shelf and a posh and is hard work therefore to get them opening closed. This can sometimes happen if you opt for really cheap by folding doors.

So when you entering or exiting your garden room what you want is by folding doors which swing back and for easily and that’s what we can offer.


Air-conditioning available

we talked a lot in this blog post about ways of insulating your garden room.

However, what we haven’t talked about much is how to crawl the temperature of the garden room during the summer, because what can happen is as the sun beams down on the by folding doors the whole room came become a bit like a greenhouse and can become overheated during the summer and it might be uncomfortable for you to work within the room because it might be too hot for you.

So, what we really need is a quality air conditioning system as well, we can install this for you the simple click of a remote you can start to lower the temperature of the garden room.

So even on the hottest summer days your garden room to be nice and cool if you opt for our air conditioning.



Prices of our summerhouses do vary between 17,000 and over 70,000, it does depend on which options the you would like.

In Bristol we have built some really large garden room, for example some of them are very wide, some have a canopy to the side where there is a large Jacuzzi fitted underneath.

We have also built garden rooms which are so large that sometimes three people are working within the building.

We can also build a large garden room which can be used for your guests to stay in, as you could have a main bedroom, a side room and also a bathroom.

We build Bristol garden rooms at very competitive prices, all of our quotes are also offered for free.

Therefore, if you would like a free quote for garden room then why not give us a ring?


How do you build your garden rooms

How do we build our garden rooms?

Every garden room that we build is different, here at Kingsley, we are therefore very different from some companies that mass produce summerhouses. Our business builds tailor made garden rooms, which means you can specify the exact size, as well as choosing from a massive range of options.

Although each of our garden rooms is different, the general construction is similar, so we can in this article, explain how we build our garden rooms, as well as provide an idea as to which options will mean we need a bit more time to build your garden building.


Does a structure need to be removed first?

Sometimes, in some gardens in Bristol the homeowner may well be having a garage demolished or a shed removed to make space for the new garden room. We do have a team of labourers that can demolish items like wooden sheds, and then place the rubbish in a skip for you. There will be additional charge for this work, however because we have such a large team of labourers, we can often get rid of an old shed, and its contents into a skip in a short amount of time.


Do you require any landscaping work?

Often a homeowner will want a garden room built at the very end of their garden, yet sometimes nothing will have been built there. So the ground might be bumpy, and also there might be a hedge, or let’s say brambles, which have overgrown.

So sometimes what’s needed is for us to bring in a mini digger and to use a grading bucket and start to clear the brambles, and level the ground with our excavator, then this often results in a pile of mud that will need to be removed.

We can then use a tracked dumper which will be loaded by the mini digger, then we will drive the soil to the skip, or put it in another pile so that, a grab lorry can grab the soil.

This will add time to how long it takes us to build your Bristol garden office or room, however its really essential that the ground works are done right.

The reason for this is, if the ground works are not done right, the building might not be level, and also another thing to consider is if the ground works are not completed correctly then as the building settles, it could sink in parts, causing damage to the building.

What needs to happen therefore is the ground needs to be made level, so there’s a solid foundation to lay concrete or use ground screws so the garden room can be built.


The foundations

We need to make sure the ground is ready to build the base of the garden room. We offer our customers of either opting for ground screws, which means we can often build the building quicker, and also opting for concrete foundations, which is the slower option because we have to wait for the concrete slab to dry, before the builders can start to put the joists on the concrete.


The structural timbers

Our builders will then start to build the structural timbers, these will make up the walls, the frame around where the windows go, and the wood which supports the roof.


The roof

Once the building has had the structural  timbers built, we can then install the roof, and at the same time start to add the cladding.

We can also add the insulation at the same time, at the end of this, we will have a water proof building.


Then often there’s more insulation that needs to be added, we either use rockwool or insulation boards.

We add these to  the walls, then its time for nailing the plasterboard to the walls


Then we add the plasterboards to the walls, the ceiling, ready for plastering.


Our electricians will add the electrical wiring, and the power sockets, plus the lighting.


Then the plasterers start to plaster the walls, this involves skimming the plasterboard with plaster, which needs to dry completely before it can be painted.


Some of our customers when they are having a garden room built by us, also choose to have a bathroom as well. Our plumbers can plumb the entire bathroom suite for you.

We can also tile  the bathroom for you.

Our electricians can add all the electrics you need, for example, for the towel rail.

Garden room ideas

Make the most out of your garden all year around


You may have been thinking about purchasing a garden room for sometime, yet, you don’t know which design to opt for. So now you may looking for ideas of how you want your garden room to look.

To help you gain an idea of the different types of garden rooms we build, we have listed our most popular garden room designs, and what a lot of our customers use the room for.

Here in Britain, it can be said our summers feel rather short, that’s to say the good weather doesn’t last that long at all.

It doesn’t seem long before the days get shorter, the weather gets colder, and we want to stay indoors where its warm.

This often means that for a lot of homeowners, there gardens may not get much or any use during the winter months.

So, by purchasing a garden room, you can have a space in your garden, where your using the space all year around.

Therefore, making better use out of the garden, yet also having a place to say exercise, work or simply enjoy a bottle of champagne.


A place to unwind

A lot of us have super busy jobs, so sometimes after work, or on weekends its nice to create a space to unwind. Whether you want to use the space to do yoga, to read a book, or perhaps to enjoy a hobby such as knitting?

Perhaps you like to watch films on a big screen, a garden room could be a cinema room.

Perhaps you like to paint, and would like a quiet place to paint, why not have a garden room built to use as your art studio?

Perhaps you like to work out, perhaps on a rowing machine, so you could after work put on your favourite music, say dance music, and exercise in your air conditioned garden rooms?


Yoga / mediation room

A lot of people like to enjoy doing yoga sometimes on a daily basis. Therefore, the homeowner may want a space that’s quiet, and a garden room can offer this. Plus, you will be overlooking your garden, or you may well have a home that looks out over woodland, or fields, this can make it a great place for mediation or yoga.

Then once the building has been built, you may want to add high quality speakers, so you can listen to music while doing yoga?

As a place where your guests can stay over

Perhaps family come to visit you on a regular basis, yet rather than them booking a night in a hotel, why not have a garden room built?

We can add a large bathroom for you, as well.

We can add underfloor heating for you as well, so even on the coldest of mornings, your feet can start to be warmed up.


A place to watch the football  

It has to be said, here in Britain a lot of us do enjoy watching live sports, whether that’s the tennis, the rugby or indeed the football. A lot of people like to watch football on a large screen, with good quality speakers, so that it can help you to enjoy watching the match, why not therefore have a garden building built, that becomes your place to watch the footie?

You could decorate the garden room to show your support to your favourite football team, by having football shirts on the walls, by having a bar built, so your friends who also want to watch the football can come over and enjoy drinking lager.

You may also want to add a comfortable reclining chair, so you can sit back, and enjoy watching the football match?


A music room

Perhaps you just like listening to music, and having a space to play your favourite bands or artists?

Perhaps you are a DJ and need a space where you can practice?

Perhaps you like to play a musical instrument, whether that’s a brass instrument, the drums, or perhaps the piano?

 You could therefore have a garden room built, so you can use the room to practice playing a musical instrument?


Self employed?

You may well run a company in Bristol? Perhaps you’re an accountant, perhaps you offer to add extensions to people’s hair, perhaps you’re a wedding dress retailer? Why not use your garden room as an office to run your business from? Plus, you may also want to meet your clients in your garden room? The best part is, you won’t be paying commercial rent, as you own the building.


Do you like to paint?

Perhaps your hobby is to repair and maintain your mountain bikes? Perhaps it to paint oil paintings? Perhaps its to play the drums? Why not have a garden room built, so it becomes a place to enjoy your hobby?


Would you like a large garden room built?

We have built many large garden rooms, because you will have more internal room, you have the space to add more to your garden room, such as a bathroom.

Perhaps you don’t just want to use the garden building for just one purpose, for example, you may want to use the room the majority of the time as your place of work.

You may also want to use one side of the room as a home gym, so a large garden room will be needed, and we  can build such a garden room. This may in some gardens take up a lot of space, and you may still want flowers, to help the bees, so some customers, as they are losing some of their lawn, make up for that by having the whole roof dedicated as a place to grow plants, wild flowers and grass.

This way, the bees will still have flowers during the summer, and it can really enhance the appearance of your garden room.

You could also opt for light green composite cladding, this way it can help the building to blend in somewhat with the rest of the garden.

We can  therefore recommend cladding options which can help your garden room to blend into its surroundings.

For example, if you have a modern home, you may want light grey composite cladding, which can match the modern décor of the house.

If you have a traditional home, lets say a thatch cottage, you may want a light coloured hardwood, that is treated with a coating to enhance the grain of the wood, you may also want a roof where plants can grow.

We can also use metal cladding which is low in cost, if you want a cheaper option.

We can also use composite cladding, which is made using recycled plastics, if you would like a garden room built, that makes use of recycled building materials.


A garden room  that blends in to its surroundings

For some of our customers, they really enjoy doing some gardening, growing vegetables, growing plants, and growing trees.

They like the way their garden looks, they want to spend more time in the garden, by purchasing a garden room from us, yet they don’t want the building to be the centre of attention, they want it to blend in, not be the focal point, but to be more hidden say behind bushes.

So, when we meet with you, we can discuss options, such as adding a roof where plants can be grown.

We can discuss cladding options, where the cladding can be a light green colour to help it blend into your garden.

We can discuss how we can put trellis on the sides, so growing plants can grow up the sides of the building.


A garden room that is the centre of attention

On the other hand, there will be some customers that don’t want their garden room to blend in to its surroundings they want it to stand out, they want it to be the focal point, and at night illuminated so even on the darkest of winter nights, it still stands shining at the end of the garden, and you can see it with all the spot lights shining from your house.

You may want it to be a building you use all year around, with a hot tub to the side, that you can use to unwind in everyday.

You want the building to be surrounded by decking, so that you can use it as a place to have lunch when the weather is nice.

You may want really large bi folding doors, that can fold back, and you can exercise while breathing in fresh air.

You may want a large bathroom, complete with roll top bath, so after you’ve finished using the garden room to do yoga, you can switch on your favourite music, perhaps classical music and enjoy a soak in your garden room in your bath.


With a garden office there’s no more being stuck in traffic, having to find parking and be driving less you’ll be helping to protect the environment


Do you work from home currently or plan to?

Then you may want to have a garden office built by Kingsley Build.

Owners of a garden office have a place where they can work, where they haven’t got to drive into say Aztec West.

The employee or business owner hasn’t got to at the end of the working day, get in their car for the drive home, and be stuck in traffic.

Instead with a garden office, you could work from your garden, and by driving less, just think of all that fuel you won’t be using.

This is why garden offices are so popular, as more homeowners now work from home, they want a dedicated place to work.

If you run a business, you may want to stop paying rent, for say an office in Bristol city centre, and instead have a large garden office, where you can work, where you can meet your clients, where you can have skype calls in your garden office.

also what’s great about a garden office, is when you’ve finished work for the day, you just lock the door, and walk back to your house.

This can help you to save time, by not travelling back and fore work in a car.

Work phone calls are another important thing to consider, if you’re working in the house, talking to say your clients, or your boss, you might not want your family to distract you by talking in the background.

So, you might to have a garden office, where you can work in peace and quiet.


We can also add a bathroom within your garden office as well.  


Do you regularly meet with your clients?

Perhaps you run a business where you regularly need to meet your clients, perhaps for example you’re an accountant?

You might therefore want a garden office built, so you can meet your clients, rather than having a meeting say in the kitchen within your home.


Why not use your garden room for multiple purposes

When you visit a lot of garden room company websites, often they have different pages for different types of garden rooms. For example, to use the room as a gym, a cinema room, as a bar, as an office, yoga room, yet sometimes owners may want to use the room for many different uses.

So why not have a garden room built that has different rooms?

You could use one half as a gym for example, and the other half as an office.


Panoramic views

Within Bristol some properties have panoramic views over say the countryside, so why not have a garden room made, with very large windows, so as you work in the building, you can look out over the scenery?

We can also fit large bi folding doors, so you can look out over your garden.

Our doors are double glazed, helping you to retain more heat.

Yet during a really warm summers day, when your within your garden room, you could fold back the bi-folding doors, and let the fresh air in.


Do you have a small garden

For a lot of homes, the property may only have a small garden, which means its important to come up with a garden room design, that allows you make best use out of the room you have available. So for example, if your garden is not that wide, why not opt for an l-shape garden room, allowing you to gain more internal room, because the building will be a l shape.


Why not use your garden room as a bar?

You may like to have your friends over, to enjoy say real ale?

Why not have a garden room built that you can use as your very own bar?

For example, you might want to put a very large television on the wall? And then have all your friends over to watch a football match?


 Would you like a free and no obligation quote?

You may have made the decision that you want a garden room built, if so then our friendly team are ready to help you.

We offer free quotes, so we can meet with you, we can tell you about all the different options that are available. We can then send to you via e-mail a detailed quote.

You may want different quotes, for example, to list say three different quotes for different types of cladding that you might want?

We can therefore offer different options, and you may then wish to select one that best suits your budget.

So if your thinking about purchasing a garden building in Bristol, well why not call us? We are an established business, plus every building we build is very high quality.

So if you would like a free quote, why not give us a call?




Do you build garden office pods?

Here are some garden office pod Ideas

Here at Kingsley, when we build a garden building, often the homeowner then moves in their desks, chair and bookcases, and will use the room as their place of work.

After all nobody likes having to take the car into the city centre, then move at a snails pace through the traffic, then having to find a parking space, while driving endlessly around a multi storey car park. With a garden office, you can simply make yourself a hot chocolate, and walk to your garden office pod, which is just a few steps away from your house.

In matter of fact, the vast majority of garden rooms we build are now used as offices. The demand for what some homeowners call “office pods” or garden offices, which they are sometimes called, have soared in demand at our company, due to more people now working from home.


Highly experienced carpenters hand build every one of our garden rooms in your garden

There are some companies that mass produce summerhouses, assembled in a factory, and some are built to keep the cost down as much as possible. So, for example, the cheapest cladding might be used. Yet here in Britain, we live in such a wet climate, its crucial that whichever company you hire, that you hire a business that builds quality.

So by that we mean a building that withstand whatever our British weather can through at it.

As here’s the thing, our winters are long, they are cold, they are wet, and often there’s such strong winds that rain is forced into the sides and roof. So if the building is simply top quality, then leaks might occur.

So its all about quality, and that’s why our team of builders are busy right throughout the entire year building bespoke garden rooms.

We build quality, and we do this by having highly experienced carpenters, which hand build our buildings in your garden.


This means that we use top quality:

Very high quality rubber roofs are used on most of our garden buildings
We use top quality wood
We use very high quality bi-folding doors
If your garden buildings are all hand built in my garden, does this mean that construction work will take a lot of time?

We can build the vast majority of our garden buildings, from start to finish, in less than a month. It does depend on which options you select, for example, if you like a toilet, and we need to dig a long trench for the waste pipe this may take us a bit longer.

Sometimes, some customers want a garden office that’s just about large enough for a desk, and a chair, and some roof for a bookcase, and a cupboard. These smaller garden rooms, we can often build in less 3 weeks.

That’s because, when we build a garden building for you, you will see we have a large team of staff. From managers, which will help to keep the whole build to schedule, and advise the customers if there is any delays. Through to our builders which will do everything from cutting the wood, installing the doors, and fitting the plasterboard to the walls. Through to our electricians which will ask you where you want the power sockets to go, through to our plumbers, who will plumb in your bathroom for you, if you opt for this option.

Our garden rooms are bespoke, meaning our customers specify exactly the dimensions, which doors, which roof, which flooring, which colour they want the walls, whether they want a Velux sky-light, which insulation, which cladding, whether they want exterior lighting, whether they want a toilet.

Which simply means you can state the width and length of the garden room, and we can build it for you.


How do you insulate your garden rooms?

Each and everyone of our garden buildings is made to order, which simply means, we can offer you so many options.

You may want panel insulation boards, which our builders simply cut with a hand saw and put in between the structural timbers.  This is a good quality insulation.

There’s also rockwool, another type of good quality insulation, which can simply be put between the structural timbers and helps the room to retain its heat.

Plus, our electricians can also install underfloor heating, which can help to warm your feet, as you work in the room.


The benefits of owning a garden office pod are:

–        Can offer a quiet place to work

–        Depending on position of the room can allow a lot of natural light in

–        Also you can enjoy the fresh air of working in your garden.

We understand that you will want to use the building all year around

When you purchase a garden office, we know that even on the coldest of winter days, you will still want to work in your garden building.

This is why we can add electric heaters for you, helping you to heat the room.


Garden office

Why rent an office space? Also, many of us won’t want to work from say the kitchen table, because having other members of the family chatting in the kitchen, making dinner, and singing to music, is distracting when trying to send an important work email. A garden office is therefore needed, where you can shut the bi-fold doors, and simply work in peace and quiet. If you live near an ultra busy road, our builders can even offer to put sound proofing into the walls, which can help to lessen the amount of noise that comes in from outside.


Obtain more living space for less than you might thing

A garden office pod, built by us, often costs less than you might think. Its therefore a very cost effective way to add space to your home, and because we have now built so many garden buildings, our team can construct the building in a short matter of time.

It doesn’t have to be all work

Often our customers have wide gardens, so what this allows is us to build a garden office pod that has two rooms.


So the one room could be for work, the other side as a home gym?

So, when the working day is done and dusted, you’ve sent off that Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to  the boss, and its time for clocking off for the day, you can simply leave the side of the garden room you use for work, enter the separate room, and start a workout, in your very own home gym.


Yes, but what is a garden office pod?

A garden office pod is quite simply the name that’s given to a garden building that’s used as your work space.

So for example you might run a business, and fed up with the owner of the building hiking the rates on you, so you’ve decided to have your own office built in your garden.

You might alternatively work for a large PLC business, based in London that’s now said to you, to work from home more often. So now you might need a garden office as your place to work, that’s quite, where you can take business calls, chat on Skype, and also have meetings with clients in your garden office pod.

We can build a garden pod room with aluminium bi-fold doors so you have a view over your garden

Garden office pods are totally detached from the main home, so are a freestanding building, that’s often built at the end of a garden.

When the working day is over, there’s no long commute home

What owners of garden offices often like the most is, when the working day is finished, and you’ve sent that last e-mail through Microsoft Outlook, you don’t have to get into your car then be stuck with thousands of other drivers, trying to get home from work at the same time.

Instead, its just a matter of folding back your bi-folds, locking the door, and walking back to your house.


What would you say are the main benefits of owning a garden office pod:

Can be built in a part of your garden that you might never even use that much

Sometimes there’s a part of our garden that we might hardly ever use, for example, at the end of your garden might be a compost bin, brambles, and an old wooden shed that looks like it might fall over in the next storm.

So this means theres often space in our gardens, that some may say are not being used and going to waste.

Now when you consider that the area could be cleared, that the brambles, shed, and compost bin could be put into a skip by our team, we could build in its place a building that’s used all year around.

The building can be warmed in winter, by use of the electric heaters, which we can install.

In summer, if its too hot, you can have air conditioning installed.

And, when it comes to selling your home, in the future, the next buyer may want to work from home as well. So by already having a garden office built, and ready for the home buyer to use, this may help your property to have the edge over other properties the home buyer may be looking at.

We need a garden office built as soon as possible, how quick can you build one for us

Often someone will be moving to a new home, and they may have owned a garden room at the last property. Yet because many of these buildings can’t be moved, the homeowner may want a new one built in their garden, so they can start working from the new garden office.

Because have a large team, this means that we can build our buildings sometimes quicker than some other companies.

This is due to the fact the number of builders we have, so we can build a garden room in a short space of time.

So as you look out from the house, you will see how hard our builders work. We are therefore known for building our buildings quickly, yet also they are high quality.

We want to move our furniture straight in to the garden office when complete, such as our desks, so can you complete all of the painting and decorating for us?

Yes, we most certainly can, often our customers ask us to plaster the entire room, it will then take a while for the plaster to completely dry.

Then once the plaster is dry, we can paint the walls and ceiling for you.


Many different styles

When you think of a garden room, you might think of a log cabin design, that is chunky pieces of wood, pitched roof, and also say wooden doors.

However, as a garden room company that’s now built so many garden rooms, we can build the room to any design that you would like. For example, there are different roof, door, and cladding options to choose from.


Built with quality in mind

When you hire Kingsley, you can be rest assured that our company directors only choose building materials, such as the wood, doors, and roofs from quality suppliers. This is how our garden rooms are of a consistent high quality.


Will I need planning permission to build my garden office?

Sometimes planning permission might be needed, when an estimator meets with you, they can state whether planning permission will be needed or not.

I want to work in my garden office pod in any weather, is it suitable for year round use?

Here at Kingsley we only use good quality building materials, so you can be confident that you are purchasing a quality building.


We use:

Quality insulation
Top quality doors
Good quality windows
 We want a very large garden room built, are you able to build this?

Yes, we have built many large garden rooms, sometimes also having a bathroom inside.

Why fork out all that money on an attic conversion

Here at Kingsley, we think that a garden building, if its built to a high standard, can be a cost-effective way to add extra room, without having to fork out on what some loft conversion companies may charge.

For example, if you were to compare the cost of converting your loft, and having a garden room built by us, there may well be a large difference. Plus, we offer free quotes, so why not obtain a quote, and see if we are substantially cheaper than some companies that are offering to build a loft conversion.   


A great place to meet your clients

Your garden office can be a great place to catch up with your clients.

Rather than inviting clients into say your kitchen, you can bring them around the side of your house, and into your garden office.

You may have a meeting table, where you can sit have a chat with your clients, and they may like meeting you there, as for some residential streets, it can sometimes be easier to park the car, than having to go into a city centre and pay for parking.

Work-life balance

Sometimes, if your constantly on the phone for work, at home, other family members, might not want to hear your work calls. Likewise, when your on a work call, you may not want say your boss to hear a family member learning to play the drums.

So, its important to have a place for work that’s quiet, that once the working day is finished, you can simply close the doors and then return to the house.

If you are working from, say the kitchen table, and other family members are not being as quiet as you would like, and distracting you from say completing that excel spreadsheet for a deadline you have, then you may get annoyed.

Its therefore important to have a quite place to work, and a garden office pod can offer that.

How much does a small garden office pod cost?

Small garden office pods are sometimes all a homeowner needs. And our prices start from just 17k.  

Multi room large garden office pods

We can also build very large garden office pods, prices for larger buildings start from 35k.


Why rent office space anymore?

You may well have rented office space for many years, yet it could be described as dead money. That is your forking out every month, yet wont own anything for that expense.

A lot of garden office owners like the fact that they won’t be paying rent to use the building, and they can’t receive an e-mail to say that rental costs are increasing.

Why not call us today, and we can start to help you to design your perfect garden room

Our sales team can help you to design your perfect garden room.

All of our quotes are offered for free, so why not call us?