Can you build a garden room which incorporates a kitchen?



Whether you plan use your garden room as a place to unwind and read a good book, as a space to work or perhaps even as a home gym, what can improve the building even more is if a kitchen is added.

Perhaps you would like your friends, neighbours or family over so that you can enjoy an alfresco meal on the decking of your garden room?

Perhaps you would like to prepare the meal within the garden room, and therefore you need a kitchen and within the building.

Perhaps during the summer, you like to have friends over and you do not want a barbecue, instead you would like to prepare a meal within a garden room.

Therefore, you may want a large kitchen, complete with appliances so that you can cook within your garden room.

Can you put a kitchen within a garden room?

Yes, is the answer to that question. However whichever garden room company you do hire within the United Kingdom they must make sure that the building complies with all building regulations, and if necessary, the garden room company or the homeowner should seek planning permission from the local council.

A garden room that has a kitchen is likely to cost more to build, that’s because you will need to have an electrical supply, and you might also want to have gas as well.

Therefore, a qualified plumber and a qualified electrician will be needed to make sure that the appliances are correctly installed.

Therefore, it’s very important that whichever garden room company hire, that they make sure they follow all the necessary building regulations


Make sure that you have qualified electricians and plumbers to install the kitchen

Often a garden room will be built at the end of the garden, quite often there will be no existing electric supply to that part of the garden.

Therefore, electrician will be needed to lay what’s called an armoured electric cable, this will need to be installed by a qualified electrician.

You will need this to power everything in your kitchen from the kettle, through to the microwave and also the toaster.

If you’re going to have gas installed as well, then you need to make sure that the building is built to all the necessary building regulations.



Would you like a garden room that’s more green and environmentally friendly?

There are a number of things that you can do to the roof of your garden room to make it more environmentally friendly.

The first thing is you could have a large number of solar panels and into the roof, you may need to seek planning permission to do this.

However, the garden room company you hire, should be able to position the solar panels to that you maximise the amount of sunlight that hits the solar panels throughout the day.

For the much more expensive solar panels, you could have them move with the position of the sun throughout the day, which will maximise how much sunlight they can obtain and therefore turn into electricity.

Therefore, you could make your garden room much more environmentally friendly by having solar panels either positioned on the roof, or you may wish to have solar panels in another location but they are used to power your garden room.

If you have a very large garden, or you may own acres of land, then you might wish to have a large number of solar panels located away from the garden room, yet your a electrician can install the battery supply within the building.

What this simply means it is the power generated from the solar panels can be sent to the batteries which could be stored within a room within your garden room.


We can take care of all the landscaping work for you

We understand that when somebody wants a garden room built in Bristol, often they want the garden landscaped as well.

For example, they may want a pizza oven built, they might want to gazebo whether they can place their hot tub underneath, they may want a large patio area built using Welsh flagstones.

We can build all of this for you, so if you are looking for a garden room company that can also offer landscaping services as well then why not give us a ring?

You may have a very clear idea of how you would like your garden to look, you may want railway sleepers to be used so that you have raised planters to grow plants in.

You may want a fire pit constructed, and you may want it to be made from reclaimed bricks?

You may also want us to demolish an old garage shed or greenhouse we can do all of this work for you.

Therefore, we understand that when somebody has a garden room built, they may want to eat outdoors during the spring and summer.

They may therefore want a garden room constructed so that they can prepare the meals in the kitchen, they may then want a gazebo built made from oak, and underneath the gazebo they may wants a large table and chairs, so that once the meal has been made in the garden room or the pizza oven you could eat your meal underneath the gazebo.

We can also build a gazebo for you

We can build a gazebo made from english oak, then you may wish to also have oak cladding added to your summerhouse so that this matches your gazebo.



Why not have a luxury garden room built so that your guests can stay over in comfort?




It can be rather costly in some areas of the U.K for your guests to stay over in a local hotel, then you have all the inconvenience having to arrange a taxi after a night out for your friends or family to go back to their accommodation.

So, what a lot of homeowners might like to do, is to build a luxury garden room, that has perhaps a kitchen and also complete bathroom suite, as well as a large main room to accommodate a bed, so that friends and family can stay over.

You add televisions, a fridge, wardrobes, so the room even looks like a hotel inside.

You may need planning permission in some areas, but our estimators when they meet you can tell you whether planning permission is required or not.

We can build a large garden room you



When you think of a garden room, you might think of a relatively simple square wooden box construction, but garden rooms can be totally different, and can actually incorporate for example a complete bathroom suite.

In large gardens, the garden room might even have multiple different rooms, for example 2 bedrooms within the building.

And when you think of certain times of the year, such as Christmas time, when you’re likely to have a lot of friends and family over to visit you, instead of having to go through the hassle of calling a taxi company to take them back home or to a local hotel, they could simply walk to the end of your garden, and sleep in your garden room.

It’s therefore great for when you have friends or family over, or just when you throw a party for example, and lets say friends have had a few drinks, and don’t want a long taxi ride home, they could instead just stay in your garden room overnight.


We can build a large bathroom within the garden room


If you have a large garden room built, then you don’t just have to have a toilet and wash hand basin, you could actually have a complete bathroom suite, you could even have if you wanted to a claw leg bath if you wanted?

Our electricians can install all the necessary ventilation that you will need in your bathroom, to help with the extraction all of the steam, which comes from when you are having a shower or a bath in your log cabin.

We also have plumbers which can take care of plumbing in your bathroom for you, we also have tilers which can add any ceramic tiles that you would like added to your bathroom

So, you could have a large bathroom within your garden room, and we think this is a brilliant idea whether you are using the building as a home gym,  or you might be intending to use it as a place where friends and family can stay over, therefore you may want us to add a bathroom as well?


It can look similar to a hotel room inside



The garden room doesn’t have to have a basic interior, of just plaster boarded walls and then a bed put into the middle of the room.

You can make your garden room as luxurious as you like, for example it could even resemble the interior of a five-star hotel if you really wanted it to?

You could have the room fully air conditioned, you could have a very luxurious bathroom added, you could have a large television put on the wall, and our joiners can make anything you want from lare wooden bookcases, to built-in wardrobes, we could even build a bar area where if you wanted us to, so you could pour yourself a nice glass of whiskey in the evening.

To really enhance how comfortable the garden room is, we would recommend that you opt to have   underfloor heating, then when you are in your garden room, it can be very comfortable for you.

Your feet will be nice and warm, and the heat can radiate up into the garden room, and it can be a nice warm temperature inside, that’s even if it’s snowing outside of the building.



When we are building your new garden room for you in Bristol, our builders can recommend how we can help you to get Wi-Fi into the building.

For example, we can recommend certain Wi-Fi routers which can help to provide you with an Internet connection within the garden room.



You may want your garden room to be as luxurious as possible, for example you might want a canopy built to one side of the building, and underneath the wooden canopy, you may want a hot tub that’s made by one of the best brands of hot tubs?


You might want a section of the garden room dedicated to being a sauna?

Therefore the garden room could even be like your own wellness retreat, for example during the day you could unwind within the Jacuzzi, you could then use a sauna and is then they could also add a large bathroom, where you can simply have a long soak in the bath after you’ve spent time in your sauna.

Your garden room does not therefore need to be basic, it could be as luxurious as you want it to be, and because we have plumbers, electricians, and also carpenters that work for us, we can build a luxury garden room for you.


Holiday accommodation

You will need to seek planning permission to build log cabins that are used as holiday accommodation, however because we have such a large team of staff, we are capable of building multiple garden rooms at once, that could then be used as holiday accommodation.

When you think of the south west of England a lot of people like to have their holidays there, because there is a lot of countryside, fresh air and a lot of people like to go on long walks say in the woodland.

Now, you might be looking for a UK garden room company, that is capable of building a lott of garden rooms, say in excess of 30 log cabins, and we can build this for you.  


Ready to move in

Some companies, which build summerhouses just build the roof, they install the doors and obviously the sidewalls, yet then owners may have to find there own painters and decorators and plasterers, as well as electrcians.

One of the reasons why so many people hire Kingsley to build there log cabins is because we can take care of everything from helping you to design the log cabin, right through to the point where all you have to do is move your furniture into the building and we will take care of the whole construction process for you.

This means that we can completely plaster the room for you, then when the plasters gone, and the plaster is  dry we can bring in our painters and decorators to decorate the room in any colour you would like.



It’s really important to note, that if you are going to use your garden room as a place where guests will sleep in the room, then you going to want to have that room fully insulated, because otherwise say in the colder the months in December, it might be so cold outside even if they put the electric heaters on, without a good level of insulation the garden room can still be too cold for the person to comfortably sleep within the building.

So what you’re going to need is really good quality insulation to be added to the walls and to the ceiling and to the floor, and we can do this for you, so when the electric heaters are then switched on the room can be at a nice comfortable temperature, and the warmth can be kept within the building for longer.

With some other summerhouses, they can simply be so draughty and cold, that they are simply not good at  keeping the heat in the building.

Which type of roof should I have fitted to my garden room?

It’s really important to consider which type of roof to opt for when you are having a garden room built in Bristol.

That’s because it’s very easy to have your inbox full of quotes from a lot of different various garden room businesses, yet if the quality is not considered, then you may end up with a cheap low quality roof.

So roof quality can vary massively, from your very well-built roofs, like the type we build here at Kingsley that can have insulation underneath and will last a very long period of time, right through to you really cheap roofs that some companies doe use.

If the roof is low quality, then in a short period of time the felt, or other type of roofing  may  come away from the osb or wooden boarding underneath, and can cause major leaks within the building.

Here at Kingsley, when you hire us, we will offer you top quality roof, these do cost a lot more to build that say a roof made from felt and tar,, so sometimes our quotes to build a garden room are more expensive than some other companies, yet we think it is absolutely crucial that you have a high quality roof fitted to your garden room.

We are now going to talk you through all the different options that you can select

We can offer you an EPDM roof

Most of the roofs that we add to our summerhouse are made using what’s called “EPDM”, and when built right, this can be a very high quality type of roof. Yet the quality of the roof is only as good as the roofing company that installs it. This is why we hire highly experienced roofers to build our epdm roof,, therefore our roofs very high quality. We therefore add an epdm roof to most of the garden rooms that we build within the city of Bristol, in south west England.

 We can also offer to build a fibreglass roof

We don’t tend to build fibreglass roofing that often, we instead to use epdm roofs instead, but fibreglass roofing is still an option that we offer to our customers.

For example, a customer might have had fibreglass roof built on the back of their property, say on their kitchen roof, and the fibreglass roof  might have been very robust and lasted a long period of time.

Therefore the customer may well be familiar with fibreglass roofing and would like the same type of roofing added to their summerhouse as well, this is something we can do if the customer would like a fibreglass roof installed on their summerhouse.

Would you like a living roof  built sometimes called a “green roof”?

Perhaps you really want to help the bees in your garden?

Perhaps you have a small garden in Bristol, and you don’t want a large proportion of your garden  taken over by a large wooden summerhouse and this comes at the cost of you growing flowers?

Yet by having a garden room built the has a living roof on the roof, you could use then use the whole roof to grow wildflowers during the summer.

This obviously has the benefit of helping the bees which is very important, as you will have more wile flowers in your garden therefore we would urge you if you are thinking about having a garden room built to pay a little bit more, and have a living roof added to the roof, that’s built to a high standard


Thatched roof

You might live in an area of Bristol where there are very old buildings, for example thatched cottages or might live in your area or even buildings which are around 500 years old?

Therefore because the buildings are so old, you may not want a modern roof, that’s made from say a rubber roof with plastic fascia board, because it wouldn’t be in keeping with an area where there are very old thatched cottages and older homes.

So you might want an natural slate used on a pitched roof instead, natural slate has been used very long time especially on a lot of Victorian properties as well.

You may therefore want natural slate used on the garden room, and we can purchase natural state which comes in a plum colour to this looks brilliant in any garden. You may alternatively want a thatched roof?

What is an EPDM roof?

You may not know what this type of roof is, well its simply a roofs that’s made from Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer, and it is a very robust type of roof.

This type of roof is made by a large number of different manufacturers, it is sometimes made from recycled materials.

So not only will you be getting a very high-quality type of roof, you will also be helping the environment by choosing a roof which is made from recycled materials.

You might want a fibreglass roof

We also build fibreglass roofs, these can also be very robust and long-lasting if they are built correctly.

We can build a fibreglass roof very quickly as well onto your garden room, and because we have experience roofers that work for us, we will make sure that is built to a high standard.



We would strongly recommend opting for a living roof

A living roof is sometimes referred to as a “green roof” and if you are to offer this option, however if you do opt for this roof, it is really important that the garden room company you hire has experience of building this type of roof.

The reason is a living roof will be a lot heavier than normal roof, that’s because it will have a lot of soil, on the roof, that will absorb the rain water and there is also the weight of the irrigation and also the weight of the rubber roof underneath, so this can be quite a heavy type of roof, that can bear down on the whole of the garden room.

This is why it’s important to hire a structural engineer, and an architect to make sure that the roof is properly supported to make sure that the whole building is safe.

However, with that said, when this type of roof is correctly built, it has many advantages, not only will you be helping the bees because you could grow wildflowers on the roof, it could also be helpful in terms of sound and heat installation because you will have so much soil on the roof, which acts as insulation.

When you consider above your head on the roof will be a living roof ,with quite a large amount of soil this can help to keep the heat retained within the garden room, that’s because it can act as insulation, also the sound won’t travel as much into the garden room from the roof, because you will have all that soil acting as sound insulation.

The downside with a living roof is it is much more expensive for us to build, and also require some maintenance.

Whichever company you hire, you do have to make sure that there is proper drainage as well because you do need the water to drain away from the living roof.


Would you like a hot tub gazebo built?


A gazebo can offer a place within your garden that you can use even if it’s raining, perhaps you might use the space to enjoy a bite to eat or perhaps you would like a large Jacuzzi placed underneath your gazebo?

Not only is a gazebo practical, in the sense that it helps shield you from the rain, it also is a great decorative piece of wooden architecture for your garden.

For example, you may want your gazebo built out of real high-quality oak?

You may also want the roof to be made from rosemary roof tiles, our high-quality gazebo’s will therefore help to improve any garden in South West England.


Do you own a hot tub?

You may want to gazebo built over your hot tub? This is so that it helps protect your jacuzzi from the rain, sleet and snow. It will also help stop the rain from hitting you when you’re in your jacuzzi, because you will underneath the gazebo.

A wooden gazebo can also it can help to improve your privacy when using your hot tub, because you could have trellis, with climbing plants on the sides, which means that when you in the gazebo it offers you a place that has privacy.

Is your home surrounded by scenery, such as woodland, rivers or meadows?

Your house within Bristol might look out over some splendid scenery, perhaps a twisting river, perhaps a large meadow or perhaps woodland?

Therefore, there might be a part of the garden where you want to spend more time looking out of the scenery that surrounds your home?

You might therefore want a gazebo built with a hot tub underneath, and you may then want to spend more time in that part of garden.



 Growing plants

Sometimes some of our customers may want our carpenters to also add wooden trellis to say two sides of their the gazebo, this is so that eventually climbing plants can grow up the trellis, and can help to provide more privacy when you are within your gazebo.


Leaves and sunlight

You may want to protect your hot tub from say all of the falling leaves, and rain, so by having a gazebo built over the top, it will help to better protect your jacuzzi from the falling leaves.

Also, you might not want your hot tub placed in bright sunlight, you might want it to be under a gazebo where your more sheltered, and won’t have the glaring sunlight in your eyes.


Ambient lighting

Currently your hot tub might be on your patio within your garden, and you might not spend that much time within it in the evenings because your hot tub is not illuminated.

However, with a gazebo built by us, you could have high quality LED lights built into the actual roof,  so that the whole hot tub is illuminated at night

This might therefore become your place to go enjoy a bottle of wine, and use your hot tub at any time because the whole area will be illuminated by LED lights


Would you like a garden bar built?

Perhaps you would also like us to build a garden bar, complete with a gazebo on the side? So that you can use the hot tub, within the gazebo.

And then after you finished in hot tub you might want to enjoy a drink in your garden bar, we can therefore build an air-conditioned garden bar for you.

Then on the hottest of summer days and could simply walk into garden bar, and enjoy a nice glass of wine.


How do you insulate your garden rooms?


It’s really important that if your thinking of purchasing a log cabin, a summerhouse, or indeed a garden room, that it is well insulated, that’s because we live in a country where we have very cold winters, and you need an insulated garden room that you can heat, which is well insulated, to help to improve the energy efficiency of the room. This is more important than ever now, as electric prices have shot through the roof, so you need a well built, insulated garden room.

You may have thought that all garden rooms would come as insulated as standard, unfortunately there are many garden buildings which are sold with no insulation at all.

They are therefore a similar construction to a garden shed, the problem with this is in say December, when it turns very cold here in Britain, it may be way to cold to use the room. Even if you do have electric heaters within the room, you might find it totally an economical to  heat the room, and because the building is not energy-efficient, because its not insulated, you might spend a small fortune heating an uninsulated summerhouse.


What’s the solution?

The solution is to purchase what is called an insulated garden room, but we do have to say at this point, that the quality of the insulation varies massively from business to business that you hire to build your new summerhouse.


Insulated walls and ceiling

What you really need is well insulated walls and ceilings, and for that we often recommend using something called “panel insulation”.

You may be familiar with what panel insulation looks like, because it is simply has reflective foil on sides with a foam sandwich in the middle. There are other types of insulation that can be used such as “fibre glass”, yet we don’t use fibre glass that often, we prefer to use panel insulation, made by well known brands such as Kingspan.

There are many different companies that manufacture insulation boards, but you want insulation boards that have a good thickness, so that it can help to keep as much heat within the room as possible.


Are insulated garden rooms more expensive to build?

They most certainly are more expensive to build, than summerhouses that have no insulation, this is because insulation that we use and the quantity we use, will increase the cost of constructing your summerhouse.

We often need a lot of insulation in the walls and the ceiling to properly insulate the building.

Now the panel insulation you often will be able to see when your are within your garden room, that’s because it is placed behind the plasterboard, but it will make a huge difference to your garden room in terms of how quickly you can heat the room, when the electric heaters are switch on. Plus, it will help to keep the warm air in the room for longer, that’s compared to an uninsulated room, where the heat may escape in seconds if there’s no insulation.


How much does an insulated garden room cost?

We offer free quotations, so if you would like a garden room built that you can use right throughout the winter, then why not give us a ring today?

We have very friendly staff that can pop out and see you, and offer you a free and no obligation quote.

Could you be making betting use out of your garden?



So, the clocks have gone back, and the leaves are falling from the trees, plus the air, well it’s just that bit cooler- yep, you’ve guessed we have entered autumn here in Great Britain.

Now, it’s around this time a year that we switch on the thermostats within our homes, and start to warm our houses, as the days are now a lot shorter, well, in terms of how long we receive day light for at least, and the curtains they are closed a lot earlier.

And this often means many residents right across the brilliant city of Bristol, well may stop using their   gardens, so whether you own acres of outdoor space, or you have a small garden, you might not use that space all that often in winter and the autumn months?

So, there might just be a mass of apples that have fallen from a tree in your garden, that are now rotting on the lawn, and what occupies the end of the garden is just an old garden shed that’s looking a little bit worse for wear, and just being used to store old paint tins.

So this prompts the question, could you be getting more use out of your garden, would you benefit from having a  garden room being built?


British winters

When you think about our British winters, you probably agree with us,  they do feel as though they drag on for forever and a day, this means that a large part of our property, and by that we mean our gardens are often not used for the vast majority of the year. During autumn and winter our gardens might be used very little, perhaps you have a dog that just has a wander round the garden for a few minutes each day, but other than that the garden might just be left until the weather improves, so that you can go back out and enjoy our gardens when the weather is just a bit warmer.

So buy owning a quality and well built bristol garden room,, you can quite simply get much better use from your garden the whole year round. Whether that’s to use the room to exercise in, even when the temperatues are cold outside, your garden room could be nice and warm inside. Alternatively you might want to use the room as an office, or somewhere to enjoy a glass of whiskey each evening? So if you would like some food for thought in terms of how you could better use your garden during the winter, then this is the article for you.


Cinema room

Whether you like to watch action films, comedies or perhaps even horror film? A garden room makes a brilliant place where you to go down to the garden room whenever you like, and put your favourite film on the large screen.

Why not really go the whole hog, and have a popcorn maker within your garden room, cinema seats like the type you would see in an actual cinema, and then you may want to have a projector to project the film onto one of the walls?

Then after a busy and long day at work, you might decide to come home and put on one of your favourite films to help you unwind and to destress.


A garden bar

Perhaps you like to enjoy a glass of wine or two in the evening? Well why not have a large garden room built, complete with large wine chillers, to store all of your favourite wines?

Then you could have large comfortable sofas, perhaps a chesterfield sofa, so that when you want to unwind after a long day at work, you can simply go down to your garden room, open the wine chiller, select the bottle of wine and enjoy a few glasses.

Therefore, you might never need to visit your local pub again in bristol, because you will own your own garden bar.


A place to work

Currently in your house you may be struggling to find enough space in the house to work, for example you might not have the spare bedroom that you can use as an office.

This might mean that you are working from the kitchen table currently? Which is of course is less than ideal, as when you take a call for work, you don’t want to be distracted by other family members chatting in the kitchen, as you may find this distracting.

You may therefore need an insulated garden office built, where you can work from that room  throughout the year.



Whichever garden room company you do hire to build your garden room, you need to make sure that what you are purchasing is a well built and also an insulated garden room, because if it’s not insulated, then quite simply put, during winter the room might get too cold.

Even if you were to place an electric heater into an uninsulated garden room, as soon as that heater is switched off, the room is likely to be very cold, very quickly.

And of course, with energy prices the way they are at the moment, then this is not economical to have an electric heater costly switched on, so to help improve the energy efficiency of your Bristol garden room, what you need is an insulated garden room, and we can build that for you.