What type of roof’s do you add to your summerhouses?



When you are shopping around for a brand-new summerhouse, you will often find that the quotes, which are sent to you by can vary massively. One company for example might email you a quote as low as £3000, and for a summerhouse of similar dimensions, let’s say 4 M metres by 3m you might even receive a quote of upwards of £40,000. So why do the quotes often vary so much?


Have you received quotes for a summerhouse that vary massively?

You might have you scratching your head, thinking why do the do the quotes to build a new summerhouse vary so massively, how can there be such a difference between the prices that one company is offering, when compared to another company?


Why do so many garden room companies use rubber roofing?

When you look on Facebook, at the thousands of garden rooms which are built every single month in the United Kingdom, you will instantly notice that a lot of them have a rubber roof added. Yet rubber roofing is sometimes a more expensive option than other roofing options, so why would a customer pay more to have a rubber roof installed?

The simple answer is with a rubber roof there is less to go wrong than other types of roofing, because the roof is constructed using one big piece of sheet rubber, so quite simply put, if the roof is built correctly, it can last a very long period of time. However if the roof is poorly installed, for example a single nail pierces the rubber, then leaks can still occur. The water will simply seep through to the OSB wooden board underneath, that can rot and absorb the water, which will leak into the log cabin.

This is why whichever garden room company you do hire, they must be so careful, when attaching insulation and plasterboard to the underneath of the roof, because, if the rubber roof is pierced by a nail, it can cause leaks. For example some garden room companies, often use nail guns, if a single nail goes through the installation into the rubber roof, it will cause a leak.

However if the roof is built correctly it can last a very long period of time.


Why should the roof on a garden room be built extra strong?

When you consider during the winter, sometimes we can have a huge amount of snow fall, if all of that snow is bearing down on the OSB roof, it might cause it to break, meaning that the whole roof will break, meaning that leaks will occur.

Whichever garden room company that you hire, do make sure that they build the roof, so that it is extra strong.


Why there should be a lot of installation added to the garden room?

Many of our customers, use their log cabin, as a place where they can work right throughout the winter, spring and summer. This means, even when the weather is subzero out side, they want the room to be nice and warm, after they have switched on the electric heater. However if the roof doesn’t have good insulation, all of that heat will simply escape quickly.

Sometimes, some companies just have a roof, and a plasterboard ceiling, however this is not enough to help retain the heat. Instead you need insulation panels added between the roof and the plasterboard, to help keep the heat within the building for longer.

So whichever summerhouse company you hire, do ask them, do they put insulation into the walls, and the ceiling?

This is really important, as otherwise you might just have a rubber roof, and OSB wooden board and then a plasterboard underneath, this means as soon as you turn off the electric heaters, the whole building will soon start to cool.

If you are planning on spending a lot of time within the summerhouse during the winter months, then it’s really important that it the room is insulated. Insulation boards need to be added to the ceiling, the insulation boards should be very thick, the insulation boards should also have two reflective sides and then foam inside.

The insulation boards should be thick, that’s because electric is now so expensive, if you are going to have electric heaters in your summerhouse, you need to make the building as energy-efficient as possible. This is why when you obtain quotes from companies, to build a log cabin, make sure that they insulate the building.


You will want installation added to the walls and the ceiling.

We can build a log cabin, with prices starting from only £18,000, for £18,000 we can also insulate the building. Therefore our starting price for our summerhouses is £18,000, and at that low price we can easily to the walls and the ceiling for you.


Fibreglass insulation

some customers might ask, underneath the roof, to add fibreglass insulation as well. We can put fibreglass underneath the rubber roof, to add another layer of insulation for you. Therefore for an additional cost, our builders can put fibreglass also into the roof for you.



Well, often it’s due to the building materials which are used, some companies build their summerhouses as cheap as possible, and when we say cheap, they sometimes build them really cheaply using roofing materials, such as felt, that might be poorly attached to the OSB wood board underneath.

So the wooden log cabins might look brilliant on the website, but sometimes, some summerhouses, can sometimes have such a low quality roof, that the adhesive bond between the timber and the felt roof might start to lift in a short amount of time, causing water to get into the OSB board, which simply means that the whole building might start to have substantial water leaks.


Quality log cabins/summerhouses with a rubber roof

This is why it’s so important that you hire a company that can build quality summerhouses, but not just that, is able to put into writing, how long they guarantee the whole roof for.

For example, some really basic summerhouses, let’s say a summerhouse which is bought for under £7000, might have a similar construction to a garden shed. And as many homeowners will know, cheap garden sheds often don’t last that long at all, give it a few winters and you might start to notice leaks in your garden shed, and the same can occur to your log cabin, if it has a low quality roof, such as a poorly installed fibreglass roof.


Make sure that you are getting good value for money

Therefore, when you are forking out so much money on a garden room, the last thing you want is for puddles of water to appear on the floor, to have a leaky roof, and the smell of damp as soon as you walk into the building.

Therefore, what you want is a quality building, you want the company which can guarantee the roof for a long period of time, that’s exactly what our company can offer, because when we build a summerhouse we always offer a guarantee for the roof.


What type of roof do you add to your summerhouses/log cabins?

We install many different types of roofs, to our wooden buildings, we would say over 90% of the buildings that we construct, the customer will normally opt for a rubber roof, even if this roof option is more expensive when compared to say a fibreglass roof, The reason for that our customers are willing to pay more for a rubber roof is, because often may do their own research, and they may find that a rubber roof is a really good option, so that they want this added to their garden room as many homeowners in cities like Bristol, London and Cardiff opt for this option.


Rubber roofing can be built quickly

A rubber roof /fibreglass roof can often be built quickly, that’s by our experienced roofers, yet both types of roof can last a very long period of time if built correctly.


Why would you recommend to have a rubber roof fitted?

We would recommend opting to have a rubber roof fitted to your summerhouse, simply because when built right it can last a long period of time.


Why it’s important that the rubber roof is made by a quality manufacturer

The rubber roof will normally come as part of a kit, which is made by a roof manufacturing company, which manufactures rubber roof’s. Here at Kingsley, we only supply and fit leading brands of rubber roof, whichever garden room company you hire, ask which company they buy their rubber roof’s from, to ensure that you get a quality roof installed.


Why it’s important that the roof is built by roofers

We would recommend that the roof is built by experienced roofers, because you want the rubber roof or fibreglass roof to last as long as possible. Therefore it needs to be built to a high standard. If there is one nail that sticks through the wooden OSB board, this could mean that it pierces the rubber or fibreglass roof, and then a leak will occur within the log cabin, this is why you need a roof built by highly experienced roofers.


Does the company include guttering and fascia boards?

We include fascia boards and also guttering in our prices, you should therefore consider where you want the rainwater to run off to, for example into a drain or perhaps a water but?


Would you like a summerhouse/log cabin built with a rubber roof?

Over 90% of the wooden summerhouses/log cabins that we build, have a rubber roof fitted to the roof, we therefore have a huge amount of experience building rubber roofs.

If you would like a summerhouse with a brand-new rubber roof, why not call us?

Why not call us?


How to build a garden room




Garden rooms fall broadly into two main categories, they are the type of building which is hand built by joiners, that’s the type that our company offers. This means that the building is built from scratch, all of the wood is therefore cutting your garden.

This is very different from a summerhouse, that’s mass produced, in a factory and then the customer has to put the flatpack summerhouse together themselves. We don’t build, flatpack garden rooms.

However regardless of whether the building is flatpack or it is built by a construction company like ours, the construction process of how the building is put together, can sometimes vary depending on which company you hire.

So what we mean by this is, some companies might only build the summerhouse with a fibreglass roof, however we would say the vast majority of the buildings, our company builds use a completely different type of roof. For example we use rubber roof rather than a fibreglass roof. So even if the building is handbuilt by builders, the building materials they use can vary depending on which company you hire.

Within this article we are going to talk about the different ways a garden room could be constructed.


Insulated panels

There are companies online now that sell insulated panels, which can be assembled to make a garden room. This simply means that the building gets put together a bit like a Lego house.

By that we mean you normally get a set of detailed instructions, and then the person simply follows the constructions which normally has each part numbers, and then just simply put the whole building together yourself.

All of the insulated panels normally will have already been pre-cut and measured in a factory, then the whole building is simply shipped out to the customer, for the customer to assemble themselves.

Although most of these buildings can be constructed by somebody who has good DIY knowledge, sometimes a local builder is still hired by some homeowners to do this work. The builder then assembles the building, the reason for that is that you want everything to be well built, and for the insulated panels to fit flush.

Often there is like a baseplate, which gets fitted to the concrete foundation first, yet this does depend on which company you purchase the garden room from. The reason for this is the design of a flatpack garden room will vary depending on which company you purchase it from.

So the reason why a lot of people hire builders, to build a flatpack garden rooms, made using insulated panels is because even if the baseplate is a few centimetres out, in terms of where the baseplate should be drilled into the concrete foundation it can affect how insulated panels all slot together at the later stage of construction, meaning that the insulated panels might not all fit flush if the baseplate hasn’t been installed correctly at the start.

So sometimes a builder is hired to build flatpack summerhouses


Some of the downsides to choosing a flatpack summerhouse

the most obvious thing to think about when purchasing a summerhouse is the quality, because you can purchase some really low quality flatpack summerhouses.

So one of the downsides of buying a flatpack garden room, is that you could buy a very low quality garden room if you don’t purchase from the right company.

What are some of the other downsides to buying a flatpack summerhouse?

However, there are some more downsides to choosing flatpack summerhouses, that is some companies don’t offer a huge range of different summerhouse sizes to choose from. For example, some companies might only have seven options to pick from or less.

If you were to pick a company like ours on the other hand, we don’t make you pick from a selection of sizes, that’s because instead the whole building being built in a factory, it instead handbuilt by our carpenters, in your Bristol garden, so we can build it to the exact dimensions that you specify.


Would you like a triangular, rectangular or square a garden room built?

And this is really important point, because some gardens in Bristol, where a garden room is going to be built, it might built in a garden which ends at a point,, so to make best use of the available space you have, might want a triangular garden room built?

So for example your garden might end of the point, so we could build a triangular garden room for you.


However, with that said some of these companies that offer to supply insulated panels, and flatpack summerhouses don’t sometimes offer triangular buildings, they instead cater for what most people want, which is normally, a rectangular building, and they just sometimes offer the more common sizes.

The benefits of hiring a construction company like us, is that when we build a summerhouse, it can be built to any size that you would like.

So now I’ve talked about insulated panels, and flatpack summerhouses we are now going to turn our attention to the types of garden rooms that we can offer.



First things first sometimes we have to bring in a mini excavator into your garden, to help us to remove some of the soil.

There’s no point in our labourers trying to level the ground by hand, that’s to say there is no point in using a spade and also a rake to try and level the soil at the end of a garden to try and make it level, because this is simply hard work.

Making the ground level, by hand is extremely hard work, then all the soil needs to be put onto a wheelbarrow by hand also, and this can take up a huge amount of time.

Obviously, our customers in Bristol, they often want a garden building built as quickly as possible, so that they can move their furniture in and start to use the building.

For example, the customer might have started a new job in Bristol, and is therefore working from home more often, they might need a garden office built. They therefore don’t want to be waiting, a long time for the garden room to be built.

So to speed up the process of building the foundations, we normally bring a mini excavator, that will have something fitted to the mini excavator which is called the grading bucket. This will help us to build the concrete foundations much faster.


Building the foundations

We will use a grading bucket which is fitted to a mini excavator, this is to help remove some of the soil where the foundations will be built.

We use the mini excavator not just to reduce the level of the ground but also to then load some of the soil onto a dumper.

Then the dumper will take the soil, and tip it somewhere in the garden, or on your driveway, where we can get a grab a lorry to take away the excess soil away.

So the first stage in building any garden room is to prepare the ground, that’s to make sure that it is level and at the correct height so it is ready for us to start building what is called the foundations.


Concrete foundations

Now you may wish to opt for concrete foundations, this is more expensive option, the concrete foundation is more expensive option simply because the concrete is more expensive for us to purchase, that’s can paid to if we were to use ground screws.

We can explain what ground screws are in just a few moments, but for now go concentrate on how to build a concrete foundation.

Our builders have built many concrete foundations in Bristol, so what we can do is we can bring a concrete lorry near your garden, we can then use a concrete pump that’s fitted to the back of the truck this is like using a large hosepipe, that basically transports  the concrete through the pipe, where to we are building the foundations.


A lot of our customers opt for concrete foundations, that’s simply because concrete offers a very sturdy base,  and everybody knows concrete foundation is, that’s often because concrete is often used as the base for many garages. Concrete bases can therefore, if they are built right last a very long period of time.

What are ground screws? Why would we opt for these, rather than having a concrete base built?

Ground screws are exactly that, they are huge screws, which are put into the ground and are then used as the foundation for the summerhouse.

So, when you opt for ground screws, there is no need for us to lay concrete foundations, so we don’t need to hire concrete trucks, with a concrete pump if you were to opt for ground screws, so the cost of building the foundation for your summerhouse is therefore much cheaper.


Start to build the structural sidewalls

This is when our labourers start to be very busy bringing in all of the structural timbers into your garden, they will then use what is called a nail gun or an electric screwdriver to start building and putting together the structural timbers, which will actually hold up the whole of the building.

Our carpenters will make sure that the structural timbers are built correctly so that there is enough space between the timbers, so that we can later place the panel insulation in between the timbers.

Wall insulation, fibreglass or panel insulation, we will install quality insulation

This is very important point, that’s because some companies don’t put any insulation in the walls, this is no good, because during winter when Jack Frost is busy freezing everything, if there’s no wall insulation the building will simply be too cold to use.



Not just that, but if there’s no insulation added to the walls, then all you have is an exterior wall and then sometimes plasterboard walls on the inside.

The plasterboard can get a very damp, and also start to have  black spores in practically no time at all if there’s no wall insulation.

Make sure that you purchase and insulated garden room

So you do need to ask your garden room company, what installation will they be putting in the walls.


Building the roof


Once the structural timbers have been built, to make the sidewalls, we can then start to build the roof.


The roof needs to be built strong

The reason the roof needs to be so strong, is you need to think about snow for, that is if we were to get heavy amount of snow to fall here in Wales or in Bristol, that’s going to put a big stress on the roof, in terms of the extra weight that the roof will need to bear.

So, what our roofers will need to do therefore is to make sure that the roof is strong enough to support the roof covering, that is the rubber roof, but also strong enough to withstand any snow that may fall on the roof.


Rubber roof

Different garden room companies install different types of roof, for example some install fibreglass roofing, some install rubber roofing.

Rubber roofing is often made from one big sheet of rubber, so it can last a very long period of time.

The vast majority of the time when one of our customers in Bristol asks us to build a garden office or a garden room, we normally fit a rubber roof, because we know they are very durable, last a long period of time, and therefore offer excellent value for money.


We then will add a breathable membrane around the building

The next stage of construction is for our builders will start to add a breathable membrane around the whole outside of the building, this doesn’t take our builders that long to install, it can actually be completed in say under three hours normally.

Once the breathable membrane has been applied to the outside of the building, it is then time to add an exterior cladding, there are a huge range of different exterior cladding options to choose from.


Here are just some of the options that we can offer you

·        oak cladding

·        Mahogany cladding

·        Canadian red cedar cladding

·        pine cladding

·        composite cladding

·        metal cladding


Exterior cladding

We would highly recommend two very different types of exterior cladding, yet it very much depends on how you would like the garden room to look, that’s because the exterior cladding can alter the appearance of the garden building drastically. We would recommend thinking about, either opting for metal cladding, or to have Canadian red cedar cladding installed.

it also depends on your budget, that’s because with these types of cladding, one is much more expensive than the other.

However however what we would recommend either opting for metal cladding, because it is very low maintenance and it also cheap.

The other option we recommend, which is Canadian red cedar, is much more expensive as Canadian red cedar cladding is very expensive for us to purchase.

However, Canadian red cedar cladding has a brilliant appearance, so we would recommend thinking aboutopting for this option, if you are thinking about hiring us building a garden office or your garden room for you.



The next stage is for our electricians to install the electric sockets, then our builders, will add the plasterboard walls.

We will add all the plasterboard to the sidewalls, also to the roof, then it’s time for our plasterers, to plaster the plasterboard, they will therefore add a coat of plaster to the walls and ceiling.

Plaster can sometimes take quite a long time to dry, so we need to leave it an adequate amount of time for the plaster on the walls to dry.

Frequently asked question regarding garden offices




When a customer is purchasing a garden office from us, normally they will be spending between £18,000 and £50,000 to have the garden building constructed by our company.

Therefore, our customers will normally have a lot of questions that they want answered prior to confirming that they want us to build a garden office. For example, how long we guarantee period lasts, which type of doors we offer, and how long it will take us to construct the building.

This makes perfect sense, to ask a lot of questions to your garden room company, because quite simply, is a lot of money to spend, so you need to find a business that is able to answer all of your questions. This is to make sure that you have your perfect garden office built, and to have its built the way you want and it is also of the quality that you expect.

For example, by just purchasing online, a cheap summerhouse, that comes in a flatpack form, that the customer has to put together themselves, well once the building is being constructed, you might be disappointed with the quality sometimes.

This is why when we started Kingsley, we wanted to focus on just building quality, hand built buildings, which are built the highest quality.


FAQ garden offices

Within this article we are going to dive into answer some of the questions that our garden room company frequently gets asked by prospective customers.

At this current time we don’t have a showroom, yet we do have sales staff, this can come to your garden and explain all of the various options. Our sales staff are highly knowledgeable, not just on the garden rooms we offer, but also how the hall building is constructed. If you have any questions, our sales staff will be able to help with everything from how the foundations can be built, right through to which types of roof we can offer.

Can I have a garden office where I can plant plants on the roof?

Some of our customers when they are having a garden building built in Bristol want a garden office when they can grow plants on the roof, and that’s exactly what we can offer, you might wish to grow wildflowers on the roof you garden office.

For example you might have a small garden, so you don’t have a huge amount of room to grow wildflowers. However you could use the hall of your roof on your garden building to grow plants, you could grow a large amount of wildflowers and this would be simply brilliant for the bees.


Can you build me a garden office, so that the guttering runs into a water container?

Yes, we can build a garden room that has plastic guttering, so that the water runs off into a water container, you could then use the water to water your lawn.

Can you build a side room to the side my garden office, so that I can use it to store items such as my lawnmower?

A lot of our customers ask us to build a garden building, which has a side room, sometimes this is used to store items such as bikes, lawnmowers and perhaps a fishing rod


Do you have a garage or a shed that needs demolishing?

We can recommend a demolition company that can come and demolish your garage or shed for you, they can then take it away for you. For example, you might have an old garage which is falling down, in your garden in Bristol, you might want it demolished, so that you can make way for a new garden building, that you could use as your office, we could demolish the whole garage, and take it away so that it can be recycled.


Our demolition company can demolish all garage quickly, and sometimes can even use the concrete foundations to be used again as the foundations for your garden building.

That’s to say sometimes the foundations of the garage will have a concrete base, and sometimes the concrete base will be very good quality, we might be able to actually use the concrete foundations again, and reuse for the new foundations for your garden room.

We can therefore demolish all garage in Bristol, we can take it away for you, then in its place we can build a garden office on the existing concrete foundations.



We want a really large garden office built in Bristol, can you build large garden offices?

Sometimes, our customers will want a very large garden office built, perhaps they want kitchen inside the building, as well as a bathroom, perhaps they also want very large room where they can work. We can build all of this for our customers, plus we can offer all of this work is a very competitive price.

Perhaps sometimes, when we build a garden office, sometimes multiple people will work within the building, we can build a large garden office for you.

We have a highly skilled team of plumbers, carpenters and electricians, this highly skilled team will make sure that your garden office is built to a very high standard.

Before we finish work, all of the work will be inspected by manager, the manager will look at all of the work that is being carried out, and they will make sure that the building is built to a very high standard.

If it doesn’t meet our high company standards, and simply put the work will be corrected straightaway.


Can you dig the trenches in our garden for us, for the electric and water supply to our new garden office?

We have mini excavators, so we can therefore dig the trenches for you, in your garden in order to put the electric cables in to power your new garden office. We have electricians that can complete this work for us, so when you hire us to build a garden building you don’t need to go and hire a separate electrician, because we have electricians the work for us.

Therefore if you want, we can include within the quote, to build a garden office, that we will bring the power supply, that is the electric cables to power your summerhouse.

We would also like to use our garden office as a home gym, can you build two separate rooms for us, one room we want to use as a home gym, and the other as an office?


Yes, we can we can build a large garden room for you, we can build a partition wall, the petition wall Be made from plasterboard and timber. Therefore you could have two separate rooms in your garden room, one room can be used as a home gym, and the other half could be used as your place to work.

Can you add a bathroom to our home gym?

We can also add a bathroom to the garden room, our planets can complete this work for you,. For example after a workout in your home gym, after you been working out say on the treadmill, the exercise bike for the rowing you might want to have a shower, we can therefore build a bathroom that has a shower in it within your garden room.

This will simply make it much more convenient for you, after you’ve had a workout you don’t have to go to the house to have a shower.

You could simply finish your workout and then go straight in the shower, and the shower can be within your garden room. Our plumbers can install all of the pipework, we also have electricians that can install an extractor fan for you and also the lighting.

We also have plumbers which could install a gas boiler, the gas boiler could be used to power the shower, so you could have a powerful shower within your garden room.

Therefore you could complete your work in your garden office, when the working days finished, and you want to exercise, you could simply go into the other room and start running on your treadmill, then once you finish your workout you could simply go to the shower, and you could do all of this within your garden room.


Do you have much experience building garden offices?

We would say the most popular type of garden room that we build, are garden rooms that are used as a place for our customers to work.


We also build wooden garden offices right across South-West England.

So, you may own a really large Victorian house in the middle of Bath, England, and you may want a large garden room built so that you have a place to enjoy a bottle of champagne the evening? If so why not give us a ring? We can build a garden room as a cinema room, as a place to enjoy a pint of beer or simply somewhere to exercise.


Have you started your room company, now need a garden office built?

You may have just started your own business let’s say in the city of Bath, let’s say that you are a self-employed solicitor, and you are a property lawyer, so you regularly need to meet your clients.

You may now need a garden office built so that you can work from. You also need the garden office to be large because you want a meeting table, so that you can meet your clients in your garden office, so if you started your own company, now need a garden office built, why not call our sales staff?


No matter if you live in Exeter, Bristol or the city of Bath we can build a garden office you

Simply put no matter if you live in Exeter, Bristol or Bath we can build a very high quality garden office for you. Plus, another reason why we are often hired to build a garden office, is because we only purchase the very best quality timber, from local builders merchants, so when you hire us to build your garden office it will be made from high-quality wood.

For example the vast majority of the buildings we construct, will be crap Canadian red cedar wood.

Canadian red cedar wood is very expensive, yet it will instantly give a luxurious appearance to your summerhouse. This is why we would recommend that you opt for Canadian red cedar wood.

Do you build your garden buildings winter?

We build our garden buildings right throughout the entire year, whether it’s snowing outside, boiling hot or simply raining cats and dogs we can build your garden building for you no matter what time of year it is. We always have many enquiries from our customers throughout Bristol, because we have very strong reputation for building high-quality garden buildings.

We might not necessarily offer the cheapest quote, there are sometimes companies out there which will offer cheaper quotes than us,, however what we focus on is making sure the building is high quality.

From how the Canadian red cedar is cut and put on the outside of the building, through to how the aluminium powder coated by folding doors are fitted, right through to how the rubber roof is installed, we make sure that everything is built to a very high standard. We are therefore the builders which are often called to build many garden buildings, throughout the south-west, simply because, our construction company is known for building very high quality buildings.


We are often not the cheapest quote

Where some companies aim to obtain work by offering the cheapest quotes, we don’t compete with these businesses. Because we know our customers want a very high quality garden building built, therefore we need to purchase top quality bi folding doors from leading suppliers of aluminium by folding doors, we need to purchase quality rubber roofs is and good quality Canadian red cedar cladding, this means that we are often not the cheapest quote, because the building materials that we buy some expensive.

Yet what we can guarantee is that the building will be high quality. That’s what we focus on as a business, building quality, and our management make sure that our buildings are very high quality.

They personally go to the timber merchants and make sure that the timber we are buying is top quality.

They also go out and meet our bi folding doors suppliers, to make sure that we are installing quality doors.

We also hire a well known roofing company, to install our rubber roofs, because we know the roof then be built to a very high standard.

When you are purchasing a wooden summerhouse, do make sure whichever company you hire within the United Kingdom, that they put a quality roof on your garden building.

Otherwise if they don’t put a quality roof on your garden building, then the wood might start to rot straightaway, because the water might ingress into the structural wood this can cause wood worm, and the garden building will become damaged through water seeping in to the wood. This is why you need to hire us because we always install a quality roof.


What’s the cheapest price you can offer to build a garden office?

The cheapest price we can build a brand-new garden room for, would be £18,000, this offers fantastic value for money, and shows why here at Kingsley we build our summerhouses right throughout the entire year.

For example at any one time we could be building a garden room in Exeter, summerhouses Bristol and a garden office in Bath. We therefore have multiple teams, we have a fleet of vans, we can therefore be building multiple summerhouses at once.

Our prices are very competitive, for example we can build a summerhouse just £18,000 which offers fantastic value for money. Plus we build our summerhouses right throughout the year, so you could have a summerhouse built in December, when it’s snowing outside, we would have a summerhouse built in September when it might be boiling hot.

Therefore whatever the weather we can build the summerhouse for you.


We are always busy building many summerhouses right across Bristol, that’s because we simply offer fantastic prices, our prices are therefore very competitive when compared to other garden room companies, yetwe also build top quality buildings.

And what a lot of our customers like, is that they can completely design the building themselves. For example you might want high quality Velux windows installed on the roof, you might want Canadian red cedar cladding, you might want composite decking, aluminium powder coated by folding doors, you might want a rubber roof and you might also want underfloor heating, we can offer to build all of this.



Do you offer guarantees garden buildings?

Depending on the door, roof and exterior cladding that you choose, we can offer you different lengths of guarantee.


Your garden buildings high-quality?

We are known for building our garden buildings  quickly yet also offering top quality workmanship. All of our tradesmen we employ, whether it be the plasterers, right through to the roofers and electricians, we always make sure that our summerhouses are built so that they are top quality.


Top quality summerhouses

Some of our customers travel across Bristol to see previous summerhouses that you already built for our previous clients, as many of our previous customers are so happy with workmanship of their garden building, there are often happy to show prospective customers how high-quality the building is.

So for example, if you would like to see a garden room we have built say one year ago in Bristol, we can arrange with one of our past customers you to go and have a walk around the garden building. You will instantly see how high-quality our buildings are.

Therefore we have a huge amount of satisfied customers in the city of Bristol.

Do you offer many different types of wood, metal and composite cladding to choose from, which will clad the outside of the garden building?

Which exterior cladding to choose, can greatly alter how the summerhouse looks, so for example if you want a really traditional looking summerhouse, that might be in keeping with a period property, such as a property in Bristol with a thatch roof then you might opt for something called Canadian red cedar wood.

Canadian red cedar wood is very popular, you might also want for example oak, or you may even want mahogany. It’s worth bearing in mind that these exterior cladding options are very expensive, if you want a summerhouse built at much less cost then we would recommend pine, powder coated metal sheets, or perhaps another low-cost option would be composite cladding.

Why is Canadian red cedar cladding so popular, when customers are having a summerhouse built?

Canadian red cedar is quite an expensive type of cladding, but it has a very distinctive red colour, and simply looks brilliant in any garden. So whether you are having a really large building constructed, uses a home gym, or you’re just having a smaller garden room built, to use as an office, Canadian red cedar wood lot brilliant on any building.

However Canadian red cedar is very expensive, if you want a cheaper summerhouse then we would recommend opting for something like pine

However, if you want something completely different, that is not made from natural wood, then you may want a garden room that has cladding, which makes it look much more modern, you might want for example to have a Bristol summerhouse constructed with green composite cladding for example.

For example, you might want olive green colour composite cladding, this will make the whole garden building blend into the rest of the garden, such as the grass , therefore if you don’t want your summerhouse to be the focal point of your garden you might opt for green cladding.


Why do so many people choose composite cladding when they are having a summerhouse built?

Composite cladding simply never rots, it therefore will never suffer from wood rot it’s not made from wood,, that’s because it’s not made from wood.

Low maintenance

We want a really low maintenance exterior cladding for our summerhouse, we simply haven’t got the time to be varnishing the timber on our exterior of our summerhouse, what would you recommend to use instead of timber?

You might be looking for a very low maintenance type of metal cladding, that can easily be washed off, so you might opt for what is called powder coated metal cladding.

Powder coated metal cladding is the cheapest option cladding we offer. Therefore if you want a cheap summerhouse built then we would recommend opting for metal cladding.


Have you built many garden offices within the city of Bristol already?

We have already built many garden offices, we have built a huge number of garden offices in the city of Bristol. We have many happy customers in Bristol, that’s because the quality of the buildings we build very high, and we can take care of constructing the whole building, all our customers have to do is simply move their furniture in at the end

This simply means that we can take care of everything, from building the whole building, through to plastering and even painting and decorating at the end.

You don’t therefore to go calling around find a local electrician, when you hire us to build your summerhouse. That’s Because some summerhouse companies don’t install the electrics, they ask the customer to hire their own electrician. However our electricians can install all of the electrics for you, so we can include within the quote to build your new summerhouse for you.

All you have to do is simply move your furniture in once we have finished the construction work

All you have to do is simply move your desk, filing cabinets, bookcases into the room, and then you will then be ready to start work. That’s to say our electricians can even connect the power supply in to the garden room for you, so you don’t even have to hire a electrician, because we have electricians the work for us and can bring a power supply in to the summerhouse for you.


How do you ensure that you always build high-quality garden offices?

We ensure we build high-quality garden offices, by having managers which work for our business, our managers will oversee the construction of the summerhouse. We will also make sure the end that the work that we complete is top quality, we will check everything from the quality of the roof, right through to the quality of the flooring, and also the quality of the door.

We always make sure our summerhouses are top quality, our managers will make sure that you obtain a high quality garden office.


Do you charge for your quotations?

No, our quotations are offered totally free of charge in Bristol. We would need to come and meet you in your garden, to tell you all of the options that we can offer you, there are quite simply hundreds of different options that you can select, for example, there are even three different types of doors that you could choose.

For example you could opt for a UPVC door, this is the cheapest option that you can that you could select, you could also opt for aluminium framed bi folding doors, which comes in a range of colours, alternatively you may want to select the set of French doors, handmade by joiners, which could be made from a wide variety of different hardwoods, for example you can choose from oak wood, beech wood or even mahogany wood.

Once we understand the type of roof that you would like, for example whether you want a fibreglass a rubber roof, which doors you would like, and which hardwood flooring you would like, we can then go back to our office, and start to work out the costs.

If we are building a large garden building, it might take us a few days to get back to back to you with a quote, often because we just need to check with our suppliers on how much latest building material prices are.

Sometimes however with the more simpler summerhouses we can sometimes offer you a quote there and then.


Do you employ carpenters to build your garden buildings?

Yes, we do have many carpenters that work for Kingsley, therefore our garden buildings are very different from the types of summerhouses which are put together say in a factory on a production line. That’s because some summerhouses are assembled in a factory, then they are put into a flatpack, and put onto a wooden pallet, then the wooden pallet is loaded onto the truck and then delivered directly to the customer for them to assemble themselves.

This means that sometimes the summerhouse will arrive in six different pieces, the four sides will be the exterior walls, the roof and the floor.


Our summerhouses are different

Our summerhouses are very totally different from flatpack summerhouses, they are instead built completely in your garden and not in a factory, we therefore by very high quality buildings, using quality building materials, such rubber roofing and also quality wall insulation, as well as quality powder coated aluminium doors, we buy most of these from  the local builders merchants.

Our labourers then bring all of the building materials into your garden, and the whole building is then built to the dimensions that you would like. This means that the building is not built in a factory, it instead put together by our carpenters.



Our summerhouses are therefore tailor-made the way you want the building to be built, this simply means that our customers can specify the exact size they want their garden room to be.

For example, would you like a rectangular, triangular raceway a summerhouse?

Also with some summerhouse companies, they may limit your options the say only three different summerhouses pick from. A small summerhouse, a medium summerhouse, and a large summerhouse, however these won’t be what everybody will want.

For example, a customer may want an L-shaped summerhouse, they may want it to be rectangular in shape, they may want to be a square in shape, therefore we can listen to the shape summerhouse like built we can build it for you. We have joiners which handbuilt our garden buildings.

A lot of people pick us because our summerhouses are tailor-made, and sometimes the customer doesn’t hat rear access to their property. For example, it makes it much easier for us, if we can drive a van down a lane and then offload all of our building materials, to start building your summerhouse.

However, a lot of properties, in Bristol don’t have rear lanes, they therefore can’t buy flatpack summerhouses, that’s because the wooden pieces will simply be too large to move through the house.

Therefore if the homeowner doesn’t have rear access, via a lane, they might want a garden room built by us because we can take all of the building materials through the house and then build a garden room at the end garden for you.

For example, we can carry all of the 4 x 2 timber, all of the building materials to build the rubber roof, we can also carefully carry the Windows through your house. We have many labourers, so we can often move all of the building materials in a short space of time.


Do you offer a guarantee on the garden rooms that you build?

Yes, here at Kingsley, we most certainly can offer a guarantee, how long they guarantee last does depend on the options that you choose, for example which roof that you choose. We offer different guarantee periods whether the roof is made from fibreglass, or if it’s made from a rubber roof.

Often our customers opt for what is called a rubber roof, we also build fibreglass as well.

A rubber roof it simply made from one giant piece of rubber which is put onto the roof. This can last a very long period of time if it is built correctly.

At the same time as offering you a quote, we can also offer tell you how long the guarantee will last for.

For example, the guarantee period will last a different period of time, depending on whether you pick aluminium bi folding doors, or if you were to pick wooden doors for example

Therefore when we are offering you a free quote, and when we are offering you a quote, we can also tell you how long the guarantee will last.

Can you add a bathroom to our garden office?

Yes, our plumbers can add a bathroom to your garden office, for example you may just want a toilet and a wash hand basin installed?

However, some of our customers use their garden offices for two purposes, for example they might use the main room to work in during the day. They may then have a separate room, that’s full of gym equipment such as a rowing machine, cycle machine rate trend, they may therefore work out after they have finished working. Therefore, within the bathroom you may also want to shower installed, so when you are finished exercising you can go straight into the shower.

We can therefore add a bathroom with a toilet, wash hand basin and also a shower.


Can you add a kitchen to a garden office?

Yes most certainly, we can have a separate room within your garden office, which you could use as a kitchen, you might just want us to build a partition wall so that you can later then and the kitchen cabinets yourself that room.

Alternatively, we can also offer you many different types of kitchen cabinets to pick from, then we can supply and fit, and our carpenters can then assemble the kitchen cabinets and add them to the wall for you.

Therefore you could have a kitchen within your garden office.


Does your business cover the whole of Bristol?

Yes, we cover the whole of Bristol, we can also build summerhouses in the surrounding areas as well.

Therefore, if you live in the surrounding areas to Bristol, then why not give us a ring, we can send out one of our sales staff, who can talk you through every single option we offer. We can explain for example, that you might want a rooflight, with a rubber roof and aluminium by folding doors, as well as Canadian red cedar cladding.

Our sales staff can then explain the different options that we offer, then we can either offer a price there and then, for your new summerhouse, or we might need to go back to the office to work out a quote for you.


Bristol and the surrounding areas

So if you live in Bristol or any of the surrounding areas, then our company is able to offer you a free quotation.


Are you able to build your garden offices quickly?

Yes, we can often build our garden buildings quicker than some other companies, that’s because some other companies might just send one or two members of staff member or to build the entire garden office. This means it might take a long time to build the building.

However, we have a large team of staff, we therefore have a large workforce such as having many labourers which work for us, many roofers and many carpenters. We also have electricians as well.

We also give our staff tools to help save time, such as nail guns, this saves time rather than having to hammer every single mailing by hand. We also have many diggers, and level the soil quicker when building the foundations rather than just using a spade. We also have cement mixers, rather than our labour mixing the cement by hand.

Because we have such a large work force, we are able to build a garden offices quickly and quicker than some of the companies.


We would also like a new patio built outside the summer are you able to build this for us?

Many of our customers also want us to complete landscaping work, so for example some of our customers find it easier to have one company completing all of the work.

We can therefore complete all of the construction work and also landscaping work, we can offer competitive prices when we are completing the landscaping and the building work .

We can offer a wide range of different landscaping services, for example we can bring excavators into your garden, we can level your whole garden and remove any shrubbery.

Then we can put all of that soil and that shrubbery into a skip for you, so that it can be taken away by a local skip hire company for recycling.

Once your garden is nice and level, we can then start to build a patio for you, and also the foundations for your new summerhouse.

We could even build decking for you, as well as raised flower beds that are made from reclaimed railway sleepers.

Landscaping Bristol

Therefore sometimes a homeowner in the city of Bristol, might buy a large house, and want to improve the whole garden.

They may therefore want us to demolish say the garage, and we can use an excavator with a hydraulic hammer to break of the concrete and remove all of the concrete for you, we can place all of the concrete into a skip for you.

Then once we have demolished the garage you, may want a garden room built in its place. Our labourers can then get straight to work on building your new garden building for you.

Once the garden room has been fully built, you may want us to build composite decking outside of the garden room, you may also want a new pathway built and we can build this for you.


You may also want reclaimed railway sleepers brought into your garden, to make raised flower beds?

You may also want artificial grass lead, so that you can have a low maintenance garden in Bristol?

We can also new garden fencing as well, after all, there’s no point in having a really good garden room built by us, yet the garden fence might be falling apart. So we can therefore building new garden fence for you, we can build a fence from chain-link fencing, timber or composite.


Do you build garden offices that have bi folding doors?

Yes, most of our customers opt for what are called aluminium framed, bi folding doors, the aluminium frames are powder coated, and come in a huge range of different colours.

For example, you may want the frames of the aluminium bi folding doors to be grey, black or green.

Some summer companies buy really cheap aluminium bi folding doors, or by folding doors which are made from UPVC, when we say cheap quality, they can sometimes be such low quality that they do not fold back that easily.

This can mean that it can be hard work folding back by folding doors, some of the bi folding doors can be so poorly constructed that sometimes even when they are fully close, you might feel a draft say from the bottom of the by folding doors.

This is no good, if you plan on working in the garden room say the whole day, the last thing that you want the set of UPVC doors which are letting a draft through the bottom, this would mean that the room is not be energy-efficient, because the bi folding because all of the heat escape from the garden office.


Bi folding doors

You therefore want a set of bi folding doors which can be opened and closed easily, you want them to have energy-efficient glass,, and you also want no drafts coming through the doors, and that’s exactly

why we pay more for aluminium doors that are made by leading door manufacturers.

How will I be able to heat my garden?

When we build a brand-new garden office for you, you can easily switch on the electric heaters, and in a short amount of time the garden room will be nice and warm for you.

The reason for this is our electricians can install quality electric heaters on the wall, so all you just simply need to do is switch on the heating, and then after a short amount of time room will be nice and warm.

Are your garden rooms energy-efficient?

Yes, our garden rooms are energy-efficient, we can say that because we can add insulation into the walls, some garden room companies in United Kingdom don’t put any insulation into the walls at all.

In matter of fact some summerhouse companies, supply flatpack summerhouses, and their might not be any cavity in the wall, so there might just be an exterior wall and no wall cavity at all.

This means that there won’t be any insulation in the wall to help keep the heat within the garden room.

This is no good, that’s because if there’s no wall insulation, then during the winter it simply going to be to cold to use the room.

What you want is a really high quality insulation added to the walls, and that’s exactly what we can offer.

Our garden offices and therefore are much more energy-efficient than some of the summerhouses made by some other companies, that’s because we can add wall insulation which will make the building much more energy-efficient.



Which types of roof do you fit your garden offices?

This is a really good question, and whichever U. K Garden room company you do hire, make sure that they are supplying and fitting a really top quality roof to your garden office. For example, we would recommend opting for a high-quality fibreglass roof, or alternatively we think it’s better to pay that bit more and get a rubber roof fitted.

Rubber rooms or simply made from one large piece of rubber, this simply means that when this type of roof is built correctly in last a very long period of time.


High quality roof

The reason why this is so important to have a high-quality roof fitted to your garden building is because, here in the United Kingdom we simply have so much rain, that if water was to ingress into any of the structural timbers, then this would that makes the wood start to rot, this means that for example that the 2 x 4 for could start to incur woodworm. This could mean that the structural timbers start to rot, then this could simply mean that the building becomes unsafe to use.


How much does a garden office cost?

This is as you would expect is a question that we get asked the most, that is how much do our garden offices cost to build, yet this is also one of the hardest questions for us to answer. That simply because when we are building a garden building, the prices can range between £18,000 and £70,000.


It’s hard for us to answer because every single garden room that we build is different, that’s because we build garden buildings that are different dimensions and different terms of how it is constructed.

When you pick some summerhouse companies, they may not offer you many options to pick from, in terms of the size of the summerhouse, for example they may offer you say three different size summerhouses to pick from.

And also you might not have any options to choose in terms of exterior cladding, because that company might only offer one option such as pine wood.


Tailor-made garden offices and garden rooms

However, our company is completely different, we are different in the sense that every single garden room that we build gets built entirely within your garden from scratch, not in a factory, they are therefore bespoke.

Our labourers therefore bring all of the building materials into your garden, and to build the summerhouse to the exact dimensions that you specify.


Built to any dimensions that you like

What is so good about hiring our company to build the summerhouse is that quite simply put, you can have the garden room built to any dimensions that you would like, so that you can make best use of the available space that you have in your garden.

For example we have built some really large garden buildings, some are so large that they have a huge main room, then a wooden canopy extending out over the side, which is a roof over a large Jacuzzi.

Many of our customers therefore use their garden buildings, as a place to work and also as a home gym, or as a place to unwind in their hot tub.

Alternatively, you may have quite a small garden in Bristol?

You may therefore want us to build a, triangular, rectangular or square garden room, so that we can build a shape garden building, which best suit your garden.

It might be that you have a part of your garden that you don’t currently use, because it might be overgrown with a huge amount of plants, a tree or brambles?

We can bring in tree surgeons, and we can remove a tree, any brambles of plants, and its place build a garden room for you.


How long does it take you to build each garden office?

This will depend on the size of a garden office that we are building, sometimes can build a small garden office in under two weeks.

Plus, we build our garden buildings right throughout the entire year, so if you need a garden building built in say December, even if it’s freezing outside we can still build a brand-new garden office for you.

Can you build a garden office which has soundproofing in the walls?

In Bristol there are many busy roads, and when you’re working, well you might not necessarily want to hear buses pass by, trucks and cars.

For example at peak times in Bristol, the roads can get very busy, and many properties are near busy roads, so when you are trying to send a work email, you don’t want to hear horns beeping, lorries driving past quickly and also people playing music in their cars loudly.

This is why you may want your garden room company, to at soundproofing into the walls. It’s also really important that you opt for double glazed high quality doors.

Why pay us extra to have soundproofing?

You might find it rather distracting when you’re trying to work in your garden building, if you can hear road noise from outside, for example when having a conversation with somebody on the phone, therefore you might want soundproofing added to the walls and the ceiling. However, we would say is that soundproofing doesn’t completely block out outside noises, such as road noise from outside, although it can help to reduce it.

Therefore if your garden room is close to a busy road, then we would recommend soundproofing and also having quality insulation put into the walls as well. The wall insulation will help to retain the heat within the building, but we can also use a quality soundproofing as well, to help reduce the outside noise that is entering the building.

Can you paint and decorate my entire garden office?


We most certainly can, a lot of our customers will want to use their garden building as a place to work full-time, therefore they might not have the time to call various painters and decorators in Bristol, to start painting the room for them, and they might not want to paint the garden building themselves.

Therefore, we can completely plaster the room for you, once the plaster is completely dry we can bring in our painters and decorators, the painters can then paint the walls in any colour of your choice.

They can also paint the wooden skirting boards as well.

Therefore, your garden office will be ready for you to simply move your furniture in, such as your desk, your cabinets perhaps a bookshelf and then you could start work straight away.


Can you build a garden room which has solar panels, so that it is off the grid?

Sometimes, some customers in Bristol, and some of our customers in Bath, south-west England will want a garden office built has solar panels fitted to the roof. These solar panels can therefore power the garden building, you might also have fitted to the roof, panels which heat your hot water within your summerhouse.


Solar panels

We can fit solar panels to the roof for an additional cost.

We are also looking for a company in Bristol which can offer landscaping services, do you offer landscaping services?

Sometimes a homeowner in Bristol, will want a garden building, but at the same time they will want to improve their whole garden at the same time, that’s the say the will also looking for a company which can also offer landscaping services.


For example the homeowner may want built

  • a pizza oven
  • a new patio
  • a new garden wall
  • new fencing
  • new decking
  • artificial grass
  • summerhouse
  • garden room
  • Garden office

Raised planters made out of reclaimed railway sleepers



We can level the entire garden by using an excavator, we can use something called a grading bucket to grade up all the excess soil, and to put that into a mound so that it can be taken away by a grab lorry in Bristol.

Other customers may just want new fencing built, a brand-new log cabin, and also a patio built.

For example, perhaps you would like a patio built made using Welsh reclaimed flagstones, perhaps you like the perimeter of your patio, to have reclaimed bricks used as the edging. Then you may want a new wooden summerhouse built? Here at Kingsley, we can build all of this for you in Bristol.


Do you need a garden room built quickly?

    Introduction Sometimes when you call some garden room companies here in the U.K, it can sometimes be quite a wait before the company can even start building the garden room. For instance, there might be three-month wait, sometimes much more, after the business has taken a deposit from the customer. Now, for those […]

Would you like a room with a view?




Whenever somebody wants to stay away in a rather fancy upmarket hotel, often there are much higher different prices if the room has a view.

So, sometimes they can be a substantial increase in the price for the hotel room, if it overlooks say a famous landmark for example.

However, there are so many properties within Bristol and also in the city of Bath, England, which have spectacular views over the surrounding scenery, that could be for example views of miles of countryside, rolling hills, tress, or a large lake? But sometimes, these views might only be viewable from say the end of your garden, and not from your house.




Now when it’s rather freezing outside, and Jack Frost has quite simply covered everything with a really thick layer of frost, well, for most of us, we will be less inclined to spend time in our gardens- that’s unless of course, you do enjoy an nice bath?

In matter of fact, you might have the windows and doors constantly shut during winter, and may not venture out into the garden until the spring arrives, and brings with it much better weather. Which can mean that some gardens in Bath, England, well don’t get any use during the winter, yet, this doesn’t have to be the case, as we can build a luxury summerhouse, in Bath, which can be insulated, meaning you can use it anytime of year, even if its freezing outside.

Therefore if you have great views, from your home in Bristol or in Bath, then why not have a large insulated garden room built, by our garden room company, with huge windows, so you can look out over the countryside in South West England?



Perhaps you own a house, cottage or a mansion in the city of Bath, in England and you are now looking for a business that can hand build, a very high quality, wooden garden room, and that’s exactly what our company can build for you.

When you hire Kingsley, we ensure that our workmanship is always top quality, simply because we have many highly experienced, joiners, we have roofers, we also have electricians which will make sure that every bit of the work that we complete to build your garden room, is built  to a very high standard of workmanship. Our company is therefore known in the city of Bath, for building wooden buildings, gazebos, and garden offices to a high standard.


Here’s why so many people hire us to build there garden building

–        Built fast, we have a large team of tradesmen

–        We have painters, decorates, plasterers, electricians, managers, joiners, electricians, carpenters, we have a large team, meaning that we can take care of every aspect of building your garden room

–        We build garden rooms in Bath, England

–        We build garden rooms in Bristol

–        Prices start from just 18k for us to build a garden room

–        We can insulate the walls of your garden room

–        We can offer metal, wood and composite cladding

–        We can offer really long lasting rubber roofs



Not sure how you want your garden room to look?

Perhaps at this moment in time you don’t know exactly how you want your garden building to be built, but do not worry, because our sales staff can come out to visit you, in Bath or in the city of Bristol, and we will take the time to explain to you every single option that our company offers, from the exterior wooden, metal and composite cladding options, through to the different roof options, and also the different door options that we can offer you.

We have brochures that we can show you, so you can pick the options that you want,

Would you like a garden office, summerhouse, or garden room built in the city of bath, or in Bristol?


Simply a great place to read a good book

Perhaps you like to unwind in the evenings and read a really good book, so, why not have a garden building built, so you have really large window, to let natural light can flood into the room, you can enjoy reading your book within your garden room.

Perhaps also in Bristol, your property looks out over the countryside, and therefore many fields, therefore when you want to take a break from your book, you can simply look out and enjoy the scenery that surrounds your house.




A place to do yoga or to exercise

When you visit a gym, sometimes it can be really stuffy, that’s because there might not be much fresh air in the building. Plus, also a lot of gyms don’t have any natural light, and with no windows there will just be just artificial lighting to illuminate the room.

So, what you might want, in order to have a garden room that has natural light coming into the building, so you may want a garden room built, that has a really large window, so to the you can enjoy meditating, or doing yoga, alternatively you may simply just want to exercise in the room.

You can therefore adjust the natural light, with blinds, you can also have the windows open to let fresh air in, we think that this is much better than working out, in a gym where there’s not much fresh air coming into the room.

You may enjoy your yoga, so why not have a really large window fitted, so that you can look out onto the scenery while doing yoga. So for example you might live in Bath within England, and you might have views from your home, out onto the rolling hills, the countryside and a lot of woodland? Therefore your garden room can become a brilliant place for you to unwind, and for you to do yoga in the summerhouse.


Designed the way you want

What’s great about picking our garden room company to build your Bath garden room,  or  your Bristol garden room, is that it can be designed, and then built exactly the way you want. So you can specify how large you want the windows, which flooring you want, and even what roof.


Our company never builds flat pack summerhouses

We are very different from some other companies which sometimes construct summerhouses in a factory they collapse the building, and deliver to the customer, for the customer to then put the summerhouse together themselves.


Flat pack summerhouses

These are sometimes referred to as do-it-yourself summerhouses, or “flat pack summerhouses” we don’t build these, instead every single garden building which we construct is designed by you, which simply means that you can specify how large you want the room to be, and what exterior cladding you would like on the outside, which doors as well for example.

Therefore you could make your garden building look traditional, having hardwood cladding the outside for example, or might also much more modern looking summerhouse, so  you might want lets say light grey cladding, made from composite. which can give the garden building really modern appearance.

Bath garden rooms

Our company has already built a lot of garden offices, summerhouses and garden rooms throughout the city of Bath in England.

We employ joiners, electricians and also roofers, which ensurse that every single garden room that we build in Bath, is built to a very high standard. We also have managers, which will make sure that every building the we construct, is built to a meticulously high standard of workmanship.

So, whether it’s how we apply the exterior hardwood cladding, how we paint and decorate the inside of the building, or simply how we install the bathroom, everything will be built to a really high standard.


Would you like a Bath garden room constructed?

We receive a lot of enquiries, to build summerhouses in Bath, that’s because our company is well known employing highly joiners, that build our bespoke garden rooms to a very high standard. We are also are known for using top quality wood, doors and roofs.

Garden rooms Bristol

You may run a business, and have now started running your company from home, so perhaps you would like a really well built garden office built, and that’s exactly how our business can help you.

Our builders can build really top quality summerhouses, adding insulation into the walls, to keep it nice and warm when the electric heater is switched on in the winter.