What will you use your garden room/summerhouse for this summer?


At this current time, you might be thinking about having a garden room built, yet you are weighing up how you will use the garden room for.

We think this very much depends on which garden room company that you choose to hire, because the quality of the building can quite vary considerably, depending on which company you select to build the wooden building.

For example, a summerhouse, that might look fantastic value on one businesses website, can actually turn out to be building that once it’s constructed might disappoint you.

For example, the building might be extremely draughty in the winter, because it might not be properly insulated, and during the hot summer days it might be simply to warm to be inside the building. The room would be nothing more therefore than just a large wooden shed. Therefore, it wouldn’t be suitable to work within, because it’s might be simply to warm in the summer, and simply to called to use in the winter.

Here at Kingsley, we are not the cheapest company to build a garden room, yet we often hired, because our customers know whole building will be built so that it is very high quality.

Quality in terms of the building materials to go into the construction of the building, quality in terms of how it is constructed, quality in terms of making sure that your building built by us last a long period of time, this is how we insure our garden rooms offer excellent value for money.

So, with that said, and now that we’ve highlighted that the quality of garden buildings can vary massively, depending on which company you hire, let’s now focus on some common uses for our buildings.


A place where you can simply unwind

Often the homeowner will want to use the room as a place to watch a film, or simply to read a good book, or perhaps in an evening simply to pour themselves a nice glass of whiskey, and sit back within a comfortable chair simply have some time to unwind after work.

You might want to turn the whole building for example into a place where it becomes your own bar, perhaps you like drinking gin, so it could become a gin bar?

Perhaps alternatively you like playing records, you might have a large record collection, therefore you want somewhere where you could simply go listen to your favourite record’s?

Alternatively, you may support a football team, and you don’t like it does when you go to your local pub, and its really busy, and you may not even be able to see the screen that clearly to watch the game. Therefore, what you might want to own your own garden room, so that it becomes your place to watch the football with your friends during the weekend?


A place to work

We would say one of the most common uses for the garden rooms that we construct, is that the homeowners may simply want to use it as a place where they can go and work, and they can take their telephone calls for work in a room that’s quite. For example, the last thing you want is to be discussing work matters with your boss on the phone, and to have somebody watching the television in the background in your living room, you may find it distracting.

Therefore you might want a room where you can work that’s quiet, so that you can concentrate on your work

Therefore, we can build a well-built garden room, which has quality wall insulation, so that it can be nice and warm in the winter for you.

What we can also do, is add soundproofing into the walls, this is so it blocks out some of the noise from outside, and keeps the room nice and quiet so that you can concentrate on your work.


Perhaps you want to improve your fitness?

At the current time of writing, we are in January, and this means that a lot of people after the Christmas break are thinking of ways which they could improve their fitness. For some people, this might mean joining the local gym, but perhaps you would prefer to own your own gym out your garden? And that’s exactly what a garden room, full of gym equipment can offer.

Perhaps you just want to lose a bit of extra weight? Perhaps your fitness fanatic and you like working out every single day? Perhaps you like to do yoga?

Therefore, instead of driving to the gym, you might want your own gym that’s built within your garden, so that you can access it whenever you like.

Plus, in most gyms, during peak times, let’s say after 5:30 when people are finishing work, the gym can be very busy, with most of the equipment being used.

Therefore, you might want to own your own gym equipment, that way you know the gym equipment will always be available, and you can use whatever equipment you like, without having to wait for it to become available.


Would you like a garden room built this summer?

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Things to consider when designing a garden gym



If you’re thinking about having a garden gym built, then you may already know the gym equipment that you would like to have inside your garden gym. Perhaps you know where you will place your treadmill, your exercise bike and all of your dumbbells.

However, when you are having a garden gym built, we think it’s especially important to think about how you are going to heat the room, how you are going to call the room, which flooring you are going to have to absorb say the dumbbells being dropped, also whether or not you require to have soundproofing within your garden room?

There is most certainly, a lot to think about when you are designing your new garden gym, so let’s have a think about some of the options that you may wish to opt for.



A lot of people when they are working out, like to listen to their music quite loudly, but you obviously don’t want this to be a nuisance for your neighbours. For example, they may not appreciate, you plane your dance music that allowed.

So, if you are planning on using your garden room as a gym, we would recommend thinking about getting soundproofing installed in the walls as well as the ceiling. The quality of soundproofing can vary massively, we would recommend paying for a top-quality brand. It’s also important to say that soundproofing doesn’t totally soundproof the room, yet it can help in and some of the noise, that emits from your garden room.

So, if you are thinking about putting high quality speakers, in every single corner of your garden gym, and you like to work out to music which is played quite loudly, then we would recommend highly getting soundproofing installed.


The flooring

If you are using your garden room, as a place to read a book, play a musical instrument or simply somewhere to watch the football then you may want let’s say hardwood flooring.

However, if the main use of the garden room, is to be used as a gym, then you might be dropping dumbbells onto the floor on a regular basis. Also, when you’re running on the treadmill, the treadmill might move around slightly, also you may be using the floor, to exercise, for example doing press ups, sit ups or you may use the room to do yoga?

Therefore, when we are building a garden gym, we can recommend different flooring options, which are perfect for use in a garden gym.


A lot of power sockets

if you are going to have a lot of gym equipment, such as treadmills cycle bikes or perhaps a rowing machine, some of this equipment might need to be plugged into the mains.

Therefore, we can install a lot of power sockets for you, perhaps you would like over 10 sockets installed in your garden room? This is so you can simply plug in your exercise bike, rowing machine or treadmill.


A canopy to cover your hot tub

in a lot of luxury hotels and gyms, a lot of people after they have completed their work out, like to go to the hot tub to unwind.

Therefore, if you’re having a garden gym built, after you’ve completed say a run on the treadmill, you might like to spend some time in your hot tub to simply unwind. However, you will want a cover, to cover your hot tub, because you may not want to sit in it when it is raining outside.

Therefore, our carpenters can build a cover, that is a canopy so that your hot tub has a roof.

This means that once you’ve completed your work out, you could simply go and unwind in your hot tub outside.

Would you like a garden room that’s built by us?

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Garden Room Lighting Ideas


Whether you’re going to use your garden room as a place to work, or perhaps you want to use it as a space to exercise, say to do yoga? It’s really important that you carefully consider lighting for your garden room, this also includes considering with the position your garden room, so that you get the maximum amount of natural light flooding into the building throughout the day.


Natural light

If you’re using the garden room as a place to work, you’re likely to want as much natural light as possible, so think about having a roof lantern fitted, large bi-folding doors, and perhaps on one side, a large aluminium window? Otherwise you could be working from say 9am to 5pm under artificial light for most of the day, where if the garden rooms was designed differently, you might have got a lot more light flooding into the room throughout the day, and you might find makes a much improved space to work, if you had more sunshine beaming through the windows.  


Try to gain as much natural light as possible

With some companies, if you were to purchase a garden office, or room from them, sometimes you can’t specify how large you want the windows or the doors to be, because sometimes the building is already made in a factory, so the summerhouse, may well be partially assembled in a factory and therefore the customer can’t say how large they want the windows to be.

This means that some companies just keep producing the same size garden rooms, the same size doors and the same size windows.

However, our company is completely different, that’s because you can specify way the size windows and doors to be and how large you want them to be.

For example, you might have great views over rolling countryside from your home, so why not on one side of the garden room, have a huge aluminium framed double glazed window, so that you can look out over the views of the countryside, such as trees, fields or a lake, which may surround   your house?


Bi-fold doors

If you were to opt for Bi folding doors, then these doors can extend to more or less the whole front of the building, which can let a lot of natural light flood through the glass, that’s depending on the position regarding office will garden room in your garden. For example, a south facing garden room, is likely to get much more light throughout the day.

What if my garden room is not south facing?

If your garden room is not south facing, why not consider having a roof lantern fitted? This can let more light flood into the garden room.

You might want a set of French doors constructed, made of hardwood?


Sliding doors.  

You might also want to have sliding doors fitted?

Do you have a south facing garden?

If you have a south facing garden, then you can have more natural light flooding in to your garden.



Would you like to have skylights / roof lantern fitted?

We can build what is called a “rubber roof”, you might also want to have skylights fitted or a roof lantern, to let even more natural light flood into the building.


We would recommend designing the garden room, to let as much natural light as you can into the building, to help cut electricity costs

As we all know, at the current time of writing energy prices are very high, therefore it’s important to try and make the running costs of your garden room as low as possible.

One way to do this is to make sure that the garden room company, puts as much insulation as possible into the walls and ceiling so that you can retain the heat for longer within the garden room. For example, you should make sure that your summerhouse company adds panel insulation into the walls.

Another way is to also make sure that you have large windows fitted to your wooden summerhouse, as   to allow as much natural light as you can to flood into the garden room.

However, you need to pick company which can offer to fit top-quality windows and doors, as if the windows and doors are not high quality, then this might mean not be that energy-efficient, and if they’re not properly installed they could be letting drafts through the gaps meaning that your summerhouse may be too cold to use.


 We would recommend having a dimmer switch fitted

If you’re working within your garden room, or you might be using your garden room as a place where you exercise, then you might find that you don’t want to have the lights switched on all day in your summerhouse, because it might be simply too bright in the room.

Therefore, you might want to opt to have a dimmer switch fitted by our electricians, this is so that you can control how bright the room is.


It’s also important to make sure that you have exterior lighting

You might be using your garden room as a home gym, or as a place where you can work, or simply somewhere to practice playing a musical instrument, such as playing the guitar, but you should think whether or not you need lighting installed outside of the summerhouse. This is so that you can safely walk to the building during the evenings, and night.

You may therefore need a garden room company, to also build a pathway for you, and for the pathway to have lighting which illuminates, the whole pathway, so that the walkway is illuminated at night.

This is so that you can safely walk to the garden room, on a dark winter’s night


Would you like a quote to have a new garden office or room built?

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Here are some of the things that you should consider when having a summerhouse/ log cabin built



Purchasing a garden room is most definitely a large purchase for any home, for example most of the buildings that we build, cost in excess of £25,000.

So, there’s a lot for a homeowner to think about, in terms of how they want their garden room to be designed and then built, and when you hire us, there are so many choices to choose from

Because a garden room might be something that the homeowner only purchases once in their lifetimes, it’s important that the customer receives a high-quality garden room, with all the options they need. For example, the customer might need in air-conditioned garden office, if they are planning on working within the building during the summer months, when the weather is warm.


We can offer you many different options

For example, we can offer many different types of roofs to pick from, you don’t just have to have a conventional flat roof, which is sometimes called a rubber with, you could actually have roof where you can grow plants. This means that the roof could be completely covered with wildflowers, grasses and plants, so we can build this type of roof where you. Alternatively, you might want a pitched roof, and have say Rosemary roof tiles, we can build any type of roof for you.

Then there’s the doors, you don’t just have to have UPVC double glazed doors, instead you could have aluminium by folding doors, or you could actually have a set of doors made from hardwood, such as French doors.

What will you use your garden room for?

For a lot of people, when they contact a garden room company, they may simply specify the size of the building they want built. However, it’s also important to think of the use of the building, that is what are you going to use the garden room for? This is so this we can recommend different options so that you can get the best use out of your garden room.

For example,

·        if you’re having a garden gym built, you might want a lot more electrical sockets, to power all of the equipment

·        if you’re going to use the garden room as an office, you might wants to have extra insulation, so that the room is warmer during the winter

·        if you are going to use the room as a place to read, you might want soundproofing so it’s quieter within the building


Make best use of the space you have available to you in your garden

When you look on social media websites, such as Facebook, and you see the various garden room companies posting recent garden rooms that they have built, often the buildings will be rectangular in shape, and this is by far the most common shape that we build also.

However, you don’t have to just have a rectangular garden room, for example, if your garden finishes at a point, to make best use of the space, you might actually want our builders to build a triangular garden room, we can therefore build the building, to any shape you would like, whether it be rectangular, square or even hexagon shape.


Set a budget

 It’s really important, that you set a budget and keep to it, that’s because with a garden room, the prices can range anywhere from say £18,000 and £80,000, if you were to hire our company to build your summer. The cost for us this is simply because there are so many different options.

For instance, some of the buildings that we build might be used as holiday accommodation, so often they need to be very large, they may need a full bathroom suite, such as having a claw legged Bath, wash hand basin and shower, the room might need to be air conditioned, and also decking built to the front of the building as well.

Therefore we would recommend setting a budget, and then we can recommend different options for you depending on how much you want to spend.



Planning permission 

It’s important to work out whether planning permission is needed or not, so when we are offering you a quote for us to build a summerhouse, we can advise you whether you will need planning permission or not before we start to build your garden office or room.



A cost that a lot of homeowners don’t budget for when having a summerhouse built, is the cost to complete the groundworks, for example to date the trenches, so that we can lay the waste pipes and the water pipes.

This work often involves using a any excavator and sometimes skips or a grab lorry is needed to remove some of the soil, therefore you should factor this cost in when calculating the cost of a new summerhouse.


We hope that this guide has helped you, if you have any more questions regarding having a garden room built, why not call our team today?

Can you build a garden office/garden room which has a bathroom?



You might want to use your new garden room, as a place to exercise every single morning, that’s before you go to work?

Therefore, you might want to have a complete bathroom suite fitted within your summerhouse? This is so that you have somewhere to shower, straight after your workout. Our plumbers, can install a complete bathroom suite within your garden gym for you.


Quality bathroom

We can install a bathroom, that has a complete bathroom suite for you, you may also wish to add towel rails, radiators and underfloor heating as well. So even on the coldest of winter days, your bathroom, within your garden room can still be nice and warm.


Garden office complete with a toilet and wash hand basin

Alternatively, you may simply use the building as a garden office, and to work from the building during the day. Therefore rather than having to walk the length of garden, back to use the main bathroom within your house, you may simply want the convenience of having a bathroom fitted within your garden room.

Our electricians can install the ventilation, they can also install a electric hand dryer if you would like one fitted to the wall, as well as lighting for your bathroom.

Our plumbers can install your shower, bath and wash hand basin as well as toilet.


How much does it cost, to have a bathroom fitted, within a garden room?

Plus, having a bathroom fitted within a garden room might cost less than you might think, we can offer very competitive prices, because we have plumbers and electricians as part of our team. Prices do vary, depending on the size of the building, however we have built garden rooms, that have had a bathroom, that a shower, wash hand basin and toilet, and we have built this less than £25,000.


How do we obtain a quote?

We would need to visit your garden, to work out how far the garden room will be from the drains and also the water supply so that we can offer you a quote to build a garden room complete with a bathroom.



Will it take you longer to build our garden room, if we were to opt to have a bathroom added to the building?

Yes, it would take us a bit longer to build a garden room, that’s if a bathroom is being fitted within the garden room, however how much longer does depend on how far the building is a way from the main drains and a water supply. That’s because, sometimes long trenches need to be dug, and therefore sometimes a lot of pipes need to be laid, such as the waste pipe and the water supply, and this can mean that if we are taking a long trench, it will take is longer to build a garden room.

However, with a lot of garden buildings, reconstruct, often we are building them only a short distance away from the main drain and water supply, so we only need to date a trench, let’s say 10 m or less, and we can often date these trenches quickly.

We can then connect up water supply and the waste pipes to your summerhouse, and then you can start installing your bathroom for you. Sometimes adding a bathroom to a garden room, might only extend the build by say a week.


What about the ventilation?

 It’s important that your bathroom is correctly ventilated, otherwise without ventilation, the bathroom and plasterboard will start to form damp and black spores after a relatively short period of time. To prevent damage from occurring, the room will need to be adequately ventilated.

This is why it’s so important to consider ventilation, by having electric ventilation fitted, our electricians can complete all of this work for you.



Electricity Supply

You will need electric installed in your garden room/garden office, whether that’s for the lighting, perhaps you would also like an electric hand dryer fitted within the bathroom, or perhaps you would like also an electric shower? You may also want to have a electric heated towel rail? Well our electricians can install all of this for you.



Can you can insulate our bathroom?


 It’s really important that the whole garden room is properly insulated, and that there is insulation added within the walls and the ceiling of the bathroom, otherwise during the winter months, it will simply be too cold to use that room. So we can insulate, the bathroom, we can also install electric towel rail, to heat the room, as well as underfloor heating, as well as also radiators.

We use really high quality, and top brands of wall and ceiling insulation, we normally use panel insulation, which is cut to size and then placed the between the structural timbers. It will do a great job of keeping the heat within the bathroom, so if you were to have say a towel rail added to the bathroom, this means the warmth the towel rail gives off, the heat will be kept within the bathroom for longer because of the insulation.