A garden room complete with Jacuzzi- we think this is the perfect way to unwind during the summer




When you look out at your garden at the moment, you might just see a lawn, possibly a lot of brambles growing at the end of your garden,  and let’s say a garden shed that’s looking a little bit worse for wear? So, its fair to say, that your garden might be in need of a bit of improvement?

It’s therefore safe to say, that your garden, as it currently stands, might be a place where you don’t want to spend that much time at all? During the warm summer nights, there might not currently be a place to sit, and enjoy lets say a cheeseboard and some nice wine?


Let us improve you garden

But now picture your garden, that’s to say you walk out of the kitchen door, and you see a nice well-built garden room at the end of the garden, a canopy to side, which extends out, as the roof for your bubbling hot tub– we think spending time here, can help the owners to unwind, enjoy the fresh air of the summer.


You don’t need to have a huge garden

Here’s the thing when you visit various garden room websites, you are instantly given the impression that you need a massive garden, in order to have a big garden building constructed, however this doesn’t have to be so.

Also, you don’t need to have a large garden to own one of our summerhouses built, in matter of fact, even if you have a small garden, say just a small lawned area, sometimes, we are able to build garden office pods, or lets say a small summerhouse for with a canopy for you.


Our joiners

Our joiners can turn up in your garden, with the building materials need to build the whole summerhouse, from scratch, which simply means we can construct the garden room to any size you want, any shape you want to any height that you would like.


So, would an L shape garden room best suit your garden?

We could build an l-shape garden room, then this may allow for you to gain a canopy, underneath the canopy you could fit a hot tub. And what you might find, is that you may have owned the garden for say 5 years, and hardly used it at all, but when we build a luxurious, well, made, quality summerhouse, it will be a place you want to spend so much time during the summer.

Plus, because we can install lightening, you may want to use the hot tub during the evening and through into the night. Why not have us also build a pizza oven, barbecue and fire pit, if you have enough space, which would make a great socialising space in your garden, to have friends over for a gin and tonic?


Will we need planning permission for our garden building?

Sometimes you will need planning permission granted, before our builders can build your garden room, but our sales consultants can tell you whether you need planning permission or not when we offer our home visit, to offer you a quote.

We live in a conservation area? Will we need planning permission, even if we have a large garden?

Our sales consultants, will be able to tell you during our home visit, when we offer you a quote. Also sometimes, our staff on the phone, may well be able to tell you whether planning permission is needed, from the local Bristol council, before our builders start to build the summerhouse.


Let’s say you have an old garden shed in the corner of your garden, that you don’t use, why not let us dismantle, this for you, place it in a skip, and in its place, we build a garden room.


Do you need a space to unwind?

You might have a very busy and hectic job, you might always on the move? You might be travelling back and fore different places, one Monday you might be one part of the country, and by Friday you could be a totally different city, so you need a room in your garden where you can go and unwind.

So when you return home, after your busy day, you might want to place that’s just been built as a room to unwind, that you simply switch on your hot tub, jump into it, and you instantly start to feel the stresses of the working week start to disappear from you.

Why not have a garden building, complete with patio built by us?

If you have a large enough garden, we could even build a large patio for you, then you could have patio chairs, and then you could enjoy alfresco dining with your whole family.



Our garden buildings complete with canopy may cost less then you might think?

When you see a garden room that’s been constructed by us, you might instantly think, well that building must cost over £50,000, yet you might be pleasantly surprised to find that we build a lot of luxury garden rooms, that are built with prices between £18k and £25,000, so they offer fantastic value for money.


We can install led lights into the canopy

If you don’t know what a garden room canopy is, it’s simply when we build a garden room, for extra cost we can build a canopy of to the side of the building. The canopy is often used as a place where a  a hot tub the be placed underneath the roof.

A canopy is often wanted for a hot tub because, you might be nice and warm in your hot tub, with it set to the warmest temperature, and steam might be coming off the hot tub. So when it rains, you will want some shelter, from that rain.

Why not create a wellness room?

A lot of us really like to take care of our health and to also workout every single day on improving our fitness.

So why not have us build a wellness room for you? This could be a large garden room, where you could have a lot of  only the gym equipment within, you might not even have to have a gym membership anymore.

For example, you could have one part of the room to workout in, and another half dedicated to use as say your own dance studio, or yoga room, or somewhere to unwind and mediate, with music playing?


Why not install a large hot tub?

Our builders could build a really large  canopy which could extend fully over your hot tub.

Underneath the canopy have a really large huge Jacuzzi perhaps lets say a 7-seater hot tub, this make it an ideal, place to simply unwind after work. Plus, investing in a garden room, which is used as a wellness room,  you may find your fitness improves? because you may well want to workout so much more often.


Make the most of your garden this summer

In Bristol there are so many gardens that are not used that much by the home owners.

We can build a multi purpose garden room for you- you could use it as a gym and an office

Why not use your garden room for two different purposes?

For example, you could even use the inside of the garden room as your place to work, so it could be used as your office.   

Then when your work tasks are all finished, you could to do is simply walk outside your summerhouse, and sit in your Jacuzzi , which is and the end of your summerhouse. Then you have a place to work, and also a place to unwind after work.


Bristol garden buildings

If you have made a decision that you wants a garden building constructed, and perhaps you want a canopy built to the side, then why not call us? We have already built may garden rooms, which have had hot tubs added to the side, our electricians can install of the electrics for you.


We can take care of everything from the start to the finish, and that’s why so many homeowners contact us.


We offer very competitive prices, our garden rooms start from just £18k

Prices for one of our luxury garden rooms range between £18k and £75,000k depending on which options the customer would like, and the size of the garden room.

We build luxury garden rooms, right across South West England



How to create a multi-functional garden room

Perhaps you’ve extended your house to the absolute max, you may therefore already have a rear extension built, and you also had a dormer loft conversion constructed. Yet now you want a garden room that you can use for multiple different purposes, perhaps as a space to work out, to improve your fitness and to also use the other half as a space where you can work?

This is where we think a garden room offers such great possibilities to homeowners, because if you have a large enough garden, you can have a large garden room constructed. You could have as many partition walls built within the building as you like, so you could use the building for different purposes.


We can build a multi-functional garden room for you



What’s great about hiring us to build a multifunctional garden office, is the often we build our buildings, in part of your garden that might b be used that much at all. For example, you might ask us to clear away a large number of overgrown brambles at the end of your garden, and to place these in a skip. So, what’s really great is you are actually turning space within your garden, that might not be getting any use at all at the moment, into an area where it becomes a place we spend a huge time.


Here are some ideas of what you might want to use your multifunctional garden room for

–        As a bar / place to watch the football

–        A cinema room, complete with place with juke box to listen to music

–        As an area where you have DJ equipment and musical instruments


Adding plasterboard partition walls doesn’t cost that much extra


What’s great about having plasterboard partition walls built within your garden office, is you can have a clear division between the area within the garden office that you work in, and the area where you can use the other room, say as a gym.

Also by adding a plasterboard partition walls, this wont increase the cost of building your garden room by that much extra, because our builders can construct a plasterboard wall in a matter of hours.

Yet, the benefits of having a plasterboard partition built within your garden is clear, you can have one area for work, and you can use the other half used, for say playing a musical instrument, such as the drums.


What about having multiple exterior doors built into the garden room?

If your let’s say running a business from home, you might want a garden office built so it becomes your place to get work done during the week, you may well be talking to your customers on the phone, writing hundreds of e-mails per week, and to also completing your work tasks let’s say using Microsoft excel.

So, when you’re in your garden office, you might be getting work done, and your in the work zone, so to speak, you might not want people walking into your garden office, to disturb you, if they are looking to use the gym equipment, that’s in the room next to where you work.

So we think a really good idea to simply get two separate doors into your garden room, one door for the garden office and another door which might open into the home gym, we can therefore add two external doors for you.



Do you also build hot tub shelters?




Hot tub shelters are often referred to as many different names, for example, they could be called a “gazebo”, sometimes a canopy is built beside a garden room that’s to offer cover to the hot tub, and sometimes it is called a Jacuzzi building.

We can build one of these for you anywhere in Bristol, that’s because we have many joiners that are able to build a hot tub shelter for you in a short period of time.


How large can the canopy be for our hot tub?

Often when we are constructing a garden room, the garden room roof will be extended out to one side. Then underneath the roof, sometimes customers like to have a large hot tub.

This means that the hot tub will be partially sheltered from the weather, it can also help to prevent some leafs from falling in the hot tub, however often one side of the hot tub enclosure will be open, so it is possible for leafs, and some rain to still fall on the jacuzzi.

However, what our customers do like, is that when they are within there jacuzzi, because the garden room roof extends over the top, and you could have Canadian red cedar clad on three of the walls, what this means is that when your within the hot tub, you have more privacy.

For example, if you life in a housing estate with a lot of houses facing your garden, then you may want our builders to build a garden room with a canopy, or we can build a free standing gazebo as well, and this can offer you some privacy as you use your hot tub in your garden.

Our builders can also build composite decking around the hot tub, and we can also build composite decking in front of the summerhouse.


We already own a garden room, in Bristol, can you a canopy to the side?

Often we only build a canopy to the side of a garden room, if we are building the whole garden room. The reason is, to make the canopy to the side, structurally safe, we need to incorporate it into the main roof.  This means that the wooden joists that support the roof, need to be correctly fastened to the main roof. We therefore only build canopies, to the side of a garden room, when we are building the whole building.

The reason for this is, we need to make sure that the canopy is extra strong, so if say there was heavy snow, the roof could support that weight. And to make sure the whole roof is strong, we would need to build the whole garden room.

We often use what is called rubber roofing, and we build the canopy and the roof, we can then offer you a long guarantee on the roof. Because in Bristol, whenever we are building a garden building, we often use osb wood, good quality wooden joists and rubber roofing we know that our roofers always build our roofs to a very high standard.


So we can offer you a long guarantee on the roof.

How much does a garden room cost complete with canopy?

Prices for our summerhouses vary a lot, for example, the lowest cost option starts at 18k and then there are many different options that you can pick from, plus the cost to build the summerhouse depends on the size of the building. For example, for £18k we can build what is called a garden office pod, these are small garden buildings.

However, as we are a highly experienced garden room company, we have built truly large garden offices, sometimes, 5 staff could be working in the building, plus, we can also add a bathroom as well.

So our company can build a garden room to any size that you want, prices typically vary between 18k and 70k, this does depend on which options you select. For example, if you were to opt to have our builders, build a large concrete base, then is often much more expensive, than if you were to select another option for foundations, such as opting for ground screws.

If you want a garden building constructed in Bristol, and you have a set amount that you want to spend, why not have one of our sales staff, come around to your house one day or evening, and they can discuss all of the various options, that we can offer, plus, we can explain the cheapest options, so that we can try our very best to  keep  you within budget. So for example, you may want a large garden office, yet you might lets say a budget of 25k, now other garden room companies, they may have quoted you quotes, which far exceed what you were willing to spend.

But, what we can do, is explain the cheapest options, in terms of cladding, the roof, and also, the cheapest options in terms of the foundations, and sometimes we are able to build a garden room to the size the customer wants in Bristol, and we have also helped them to save so much money, because have spent the time to discuss all of the different option we offer.

Some garden room businesses don’t offer many different options to pick from, therefore sometimes the quotes can be very high from some summerhouse companies. However when you pick us, we can offer you so many options to choose from, for example, in terms of the cladding, there are well over 10 different exterior cladding options that you could select.

This means that you could obtain many different quotes from us,  and we can detail, different prices for different cladding, for example if we are building lets say a summerhouse that 5m by 5m, and we quote for can quote for expensive options, such as Canadian red cedar, or you could opt for a much cheaper option, such as metal sheet cladding. So these different options, will substantially alter the price for us to build a summerhouse.


 Why we think hot tub shelters and garden rooms go well together

Let’s say use your garden room as a place to improve your fitness, you have various gym equipment inside your garden room, you could also have a hot tub to the side of the garden building, with a canopy extending over it.

Therefore, you have your very own gym, plus a Jacuzzi to the side.

For some people they may not like to use Jacuzzis within gyms, because of the amount of other gym members that have sat inside the Jacuzzi, some people see therefore Jacuzzi’s in gyms as not hygienic.


Obtain your perfect garden room and hot tub shelter

When you hire us to build your garden room, you can design any way that you like, you can have the windows as large as you like, there are so many  different door options, you can even have different exterior cladding apply to the outside, what will you opt for, composite, hardwood or metal?

We can build canopy to the side, we could enclose the inside of the canopy with Canadian red cedar, and we can build it large enough so that it accommodates the size hot tub you want built. Our electricians can wire all the electrics to safely power your new hot tub.



A garden office with a canopy

Often a lot of people when they purchase a garden office, they want to use the room for dual purposes, so during the day might use the inside as a place to work and at night, they may use the jacuzzi outside to unwind.

 During the summer months you might why use the outside area as a space to unwind your friends and family, so we could also offer our landscaping services, to help improve your garden.  

Then the outside of the garden building becomes a place to spend time your friends and family, for example, you might want a fire pit, a pizza oven, and also wooden decking built? Perfect place to enjoy a glass of champagne on a summers evening. Then inside the garden building you may wish to use it as a place to work Monday to Friday?


Space to simply unwind

You might find at the moment is that you don’t use your garden as much as you would like to?

That’s to say, throughout the winter months, you might not use your garden at all, and during the summer months you might not have used your garden that much, so now you want to improve your garden so you will want to spend more time in your garden. You can therefore hire use to landscape your garden in Bristol, and we can build a well made summerhouse for you?

Heres how we can help to improve your garden in Bristol:

–        Build new decking

–        Build a pizza oven

–        Build a new summerhouse

–        Lay new turf

–        Build raised planters

–        Build hardwood fencing

–        Build a garden room

–        Build a patio

–        Build a garden office




We simply build quality garden buildings in Bristol


Right throughout the great city of Bristol, from the tops of Clifton, right down through to Redlands, our teams have been busy, building superb quality garden rooms and we have now built many summerhouses in Bristol, we might have even built one just around the corner from your house. We therefore work hard to find quality timber, so we can  build luxury garden rooms, we know that when our joiners build your luxurious garden room for you, it will be built to a very high standard, with prices starting from 18k, why not ring us?

Garden Room Ideas



Summer is just around the corner, and this will have a lot of homeowners thinking of various ways that they can improve ours gardens ready for the nice weather. And what better way to improve your garden then to invest in a really high-quality garden room, built by us?

However, you might currently be thinking, well, what can I use the garden room for?

For example, you might be wondering, well shall I use it as a place to work, should I use it as a place to exercise? Should I have bar built so that it becomes a place to enjoy a nice whiskey?

So, here’s a quick list, which details, what some people use their garden room for

–        As a music room, to either play a musical instrument or to listen to music

–        As a garden office

–        As a place to exercise

–        As a place to enjoy a hobby, such as painting

–        As a bar

–        As a place to watch the football / rugby

–        As a space to simply read a good book


Dual use garden rooms

Perhaps you want to use the garden room from multiple purposes, for example to have one half to be used as a place of work, and perhaps to use the rest of the space to enjoy a hobby such as playing the drums?

Our builders can also sound proof the room for you, this wont totally eliminate the sound being emitted from the room, however, what it can do, is help to dampen the sound coming out of the garden room.

We hope that this article provides you with some food for thought, in terms of what you could use your brand-new garden room for.


Get use out of your garden throughout the entire year

For many homeowners, their gardens may not get used much during the winter. In the winter, the gardens might have a lot of dead flowers, a patio that needs jet washing, and perhaps a leaking garden shed, so, a lot of gardens don’t actually get used that much during the winters.

Therefore a lot of people might not be getting the best use out of their garden, during the winter and autumn months.

But why not get a really well-built insulated garden room constructed, so why not have a building constructed that has insulation in the walls, in the floors, in the ceiling, so that the whole garden building is really well built. This means, that when we build an insulated garden room, often you will only need a few electric heaters to easily start the room.


Not all garden rooms are the same

However, it needs to be said, the not all garden rooms built like this, some can be so cheaply, that there just simply too cold to use during the winter months, because of no insulation in the walls.

This is why if you are a well-built garden building, that is insulated, that has really top quality doors that properly fitted, then why not call us, we can build a garden building, you can use right throughout the entire year.

So, for example let’s say that you really enjoy playing a musical instrument, let’s say an electric guitar, why not have a garden building constructed, that can be easily heated, so that you can go down and practice playing electric guitar whenever you wants?


Escape from the city for a bit

Whether you’re a doctor, an architect or lets say an accountant, for a lot of us after work we want somewhere to go to unwind, to spend time with our friends and our family.

That’s the say city life can get very busy, very hectic and tiring for many of us, so we all need a place where we can go to simply escape, from that city for a bit, where we can simply unwind perhaps enjoy a nice glass of whiskey.

So what we can build you is, a place that’s your very own oasis in your garden, you could go out to its switch the lights on, switch the heating on, and you will have a really nice place to go and to simply just unwind for a bit.


Built to any dimensions you like

Here’s the thing, when you buy a garden room, you will want it so it suit your requirements, it’s not like buying a cheap wooden garden shed, this rolled off a production line and is sold for less say £300 or less.

That’s because having a garden room built is totally different, it need to be big enough to what you want to use it for, for example if is going be a home gym, then it needs to be big enough to put all of your gym equipment within it.

So, you are going to need a garden room constructed, to the size that you want, plus you might be working within the garden room all day long, so your going to want to have natural light flooding in wherever your garden obtains the most sunlight throughout the day. So what’s great about hiring us, to build the building for you, is that we can position the windows and doors wherever you like, so that you can gain as much light as possible.


Add Storage

Sometimes, you might not have that much space within your garden to fit a new summerhouse, and you might think that you can’t simply have a garden room built, until you move home, and obtain a bigger garden.

However, sometimes when your garden shed is removed, or lets say an old garage, often a brand-new garden room could be built in its place, sometimes even using the same foundations. And we could even arrange to demolish your old garage for you.


Garden room with storage

However you might then be thinking, well where can I place all of those mountain bikes, paint tins and aluminium ladders?

Well, the simple answer is, a lot of people get rid of their garages or their wooden shed, then have a luxurious garden room built in its place, and sometimes they have built onto the side of garden room side access, which then opens into a room where you can store everything from your petrol lawnmower, through to plant pots.

So, what we can do is to build a luxurious summerhouse for you, complete with side storage, so then you can have storage for all the items you need for maintaining your garden,  plus, as well as having this room, to store say your lawnmower, plus, also you have the benefit of having a luxurious summerhouse as well.


Garden office

We would say that the vast majority of the garden buildings which our garden room company constructs, are often used as a place to work, sometimes for one person, or sometimes multiple people work within one garden room.

Are you now working from home more?


As we all know this hybrid working is now much more popular, often people don’t want to work full-time within an office scene city centre, 9 to 5, everyday. Now people want to work from home for part or perhaps even all of the week? And why not, just think of all that petrol and diesel you will be saving, so much better for the environment.

So, now you may want a timber building constructed so that you can work from your garden office, you want the room, to be comfortable, so you want underfloor heating, you want electric heaters, as well as a lot of natural light, so you want Velux windows as well. And our highly experienced builders, they can build all of this for you.



Bring the outside in with panoramic views

If your property is surrounded by fantastic views, let’s say miles after mile beautiful countryside, why not have a really large windows installed in your new summerhouse? So, you can simply sit back in a nice chair and admire the view that surrounds your property.

For example, you might live in the wonderful city of Bath, that’s England, and in Bath there are some simply fantastic properties, some of which look out over rolling hills, and you might simply want a place where you can go and sit within a nice insulated garden room, that’s really nice and warm, and pour yourself a nice Scotch whiskey while looking out at the countryside that surrounds your home.

How to create a garden room that can be used for multiple purposes



Multifunction garden room’s



Perhaps you’ve already extended your home, perhaps through a loft conversion? So you are now looking for a way that you can obtain some extra room, without having to move to another property.

Yet, you want a room built, there can be used for multiple different purposes, for example to use one half as a office, and to use the other half as a home gym, this is where we can help.

Make sure that you can use the garden room all year round


With some garden rooms, they might not be insulated, which simply means that during the call the winter months you won’t want to spend any time within the building.

Therefore what we would say is, no matter what you intend to use your garden room for, perhaps as a place to enjoy a glass of whiskey, perhaps a space to exercise in, or perhaps a space to work, it’s really important that the room is correctly insulated.

Also think about lighting

Think about where in your garden you get the most natural light throughout the whole of the day, that’s because you will want as much natural light as possible, whether you are going to be working at in your garden room, working or perhaps just reading a book, you’re going to want as much natural light as you can, so think about different door options and also way you will put your garden room within your garden.

Why not have multiple wall partitions?

If you have a really large summerhouse built, then why not have multiple partitions built into the room, that’s to say you might want let’s say three internal walls.

Therefore you could use the different rooms the different purposes, one-room might be a home office, another might be an area where you work out, and another area might be a kitschy we simply prepare a cup of tea.

We would therefore recommend having plasterboard partition walls within your summerhouse, because this allows you to have separate rooms to use for separate purposes.

Of course you might want the whole room open plan, but if you are going to use one section as a office, and your meeting your clients within your summerhouse, you might not want your gym equipment within the same room.

You might want plasterboard partition wall, with internal doors, so your work area, is separated from your home gym.

Our builders can build internal walls within your garden room.


Think about storage

This is a really important point, because in Bristol, a lot of people have a garage demolished to make way for a garden room, that’s the say you might have an old garage at the end of your garden, you might want this removed to make way for a summerhouse.


But what happens then to all the mountain bikes, the paintings and the ladders?

This is why we would recommend when you’re having a garden room constructed, to have a separate room attached to the end, with a door outside, and you could store all those things like paint tins, mountain bikes or ladders and perhaps the gardening equipment, such as the lawnmower.


Therefore you will have a garden room, but also a side room that you could use for storage



Internal and external doors

When we build your new garden room, we can incorporate multiple external doors. For example, you might want by folding doors fitted to the front, that you can use as your main entrance.

Then you might also want a wooden door or let’s say a UPVC door fitted to the side, that you can use to access a side room which you may use for storage, for example to store your lawnmower and other items for your garden such as flowerpots and your trowel.


Would you like a wellness room built?

Many residents who live within the city of Bath, that’s in England or perhaps you living Bristol? Perhaps you would like a wellness room built, this is so that when you finish work or on the weekends, you have somewhere to go and unwind. For example, you might want one half of the garden room to be used for yoga, you might want to the other half to be used as a home gym. Therefore, the whole room could be used to improve your fitness.


Alternatively, you might just want one half to be used for meditation?

We can therefore build a well-insulated garden building, that can be used right throughout the entire year, so even when everything is covered in frost, and its absolutely freezing outside, you can have a garden room that’s been built by us, that with just a flick of a switch, the electric heaters switch on the room heater in a very short period of time.

Because our builders will put very high-quality insulation within the roof, and within the side walls, our garden rooms are more energy efficient than some of the summerhouses, made by some other companies.


Do you run a business from home?

Perhaps you run a business from home, for example you may live in the city of Bath, which is in south-west England, and you might run a beauty business or let’s say perhaps you are an architect or perhaps accountant?

Therefore, you would like a large garden room constructed, so that you have somewhere where you can meet your clients, what you might want is large room where you can have meetings, for example you might want a large meeting table, you might want a side area where you can make cups of tea, you might also want a whiteboard so you can explain things to your clients using the whiteboard?

Then you might want our builders, to construct another side room within the garden room, it can be used as a bathroom, so as you can see we can build a garden room that has multiple different internal rooms.


A room for entertaining

You may currently live in the city of Bath, and you want a garden room company that can build a very large garden building, and the purpose of having that building constructed, is so that you can have your friends and family over and use it for a room entertaining.

For example, the main room you might want to use as a bar, you might want our joiners to build a long wooden bar, and behind it you might want to have shelves where you store your spirits?

For example, you might want to have whiskeys hung on the wall, so that when your friends come over you could quickly pour them a nice glass of whiskey?


Then you might want a side room built, they can be used as a bathroom within your garden room?

You might then want another separate room, which is separated by a plasterboard wall, and you might want to use that side room as a space to do karaoke in? Alternatively, you might want a large snooker table in that room? Or you might just want a huge television so that you can watch the football with your friends on the weekend?


Why not have a multipurpose garden room built by our company?

We are a well-known garden room company here in the United Kingdom, we are known for building very high quality summerhouses. Every single one of our summerhouses is well built, that’s because we’ve gone to great lengths to hire some highly experienced joiners, our joiners simply build very high quality buildings.

So, for example whether it’s the red cedar cladding that fitted to the outside of your summerhouse, or the wooden windows which are made for your summerhouse, everything is made to be very high quality.

This is why we are such a popular garden room company here in the United Kingdom.

With prices starting from just £18,000, you can see that our summerhouses also offer excellent value for money, we can also build the whole of the summerhouse from start to finish in a short period of time.

So, whether you live in Bath, or perhaps you live in the city of Bristol, let’s say you might live in Clifton, if you want a very high-quality summerhouse built then why not give us a ring?


Do you build summerhouses right throughout the entire year?

Yes, our company build summerhouses right throughout the entire year, where some landscaping businesses may just build a few summerhouses during the summer, our company is different right throughout the autumn, the winter the spring and also the summer months, our team is always very busy building high-quality summerhouses.



How to create separate home office space




When you take the dog for a walk, or your simply out for a stroll down a residential street, you are far more likely to see a lot more people working from home than ever before. And  you are therefore likely to see more people that ever working from their kitchen table, or within their living rooms.

Therefore a lot of people have ditched the long commutes to work, stuck in heavy traffic, at say 9 o’clock in morning, moving in start, stop traffic and then facing the same on their way back home fro work at 5 o’clock.

And more people working from home is good for so many different reasons, mostly because just think of all those diesel and petrol engines that have been taken off the road at peak times, causing pollution, because they don’t need to commute into the city centres of Bristol anymore.

The other benefits of working from home, is its often better for the employees as well, they might feel more productive when they are at home, taking quick breaks when they want to say put the washing out, and those quick breaks, may make some employees more productive, as they may be feel happier working from home, rather than being in an office, in say Cabot Cirus, in Bristol, from 9 to 5 and they having to get through rush hour traffic on the way back home.


Homeworking does have its downsides however

Homeworking does propose one problem, and that is having the space to work, for a lot of us we don’t want to work from the kitchen table all of the day.

We want a dedicated space where we can work, get work done, and at the end of the day perhaps lock the garden room up, and walk back to the house. That’s exactly what a garden office can offer.


Garden offices are springing up all over Bristol

When you walk down a lot of lanes in Bristol, on most roads now there will be a garden room constructed, and these are used for so many different purposes, from playing musical instruments, to using it as a home office during the day, right through to somewhere you might even do pottery for example after work?

So within this article we are can explain how to create a separate home office space, and how this can be achieved for a lot less than you might think.


Do you work from home and would like a garden office built?

When you’re getting your work done, you might be entirely focused on let’s say finishing an Excel spreadsheet that you’ve been busy working on, and you may have a deadline that you need to meet to send the Excel document over to your manager.

What is not ideal, is you might be working from home, on the kitchen table, and somebody is watching the football very loudly the background, or somebody might be asking you what the dinner tonight as their hungry. Plus, there’s other distractions that can occur when your working from home, such as a knock on the door, and your Ring door bell is ringing, because there’s a salesperson selling say double glazing at the front door! And all you want to do, is get your work completed.

Less distractions

You may have therefore made the decision that you don’t  want to be constantly distracted when you are doing work, so you may want a garden room built, so you have a space where you can work, where there’s less distractions.



However, when you make your garden office your place where you get the majority of work done during the week, this may means that you may well be travelling less, say into the centre of Bristol to work, so just think of all the time you will save commuting, not to mention on parking!

You could simply therefore invest in one of our very high-quality long-lasting garden rooms, built by highly experienced team here at Kingsley. Our builders can construct the whole garden room in a very short amount of time, then you have a very nice insulated garden office that can be used throughout the year.


Do you need additional space?

Your house in Bristol might be extended to the max, you might have already had builders build you a large property extension, which is now your kitchen and your living room combined.

You might have extended into the attic space, and your loft might be used now be used as a bedroom.

So you might now be thinking how can I create some extra space, you might need an extra room where you can work, therefore this is where you need a garden room.

A garden room offers a multifunctional room that can be used to so many purposes, in the day one half could be used as a workspace, for example, you could be an interior designer, and a garden room would make a fantastic place to meet clients, and to complete work tasks.

Then another half of the room could be used as a gym, so in the evenings, if you wanted to you could be working out and improving your fitness, so sometimes, our garden buildings are used as a place to work, and another half as a gym.  



Is there a part of your garden that is not currently used that much?

For a lot of gardens in Bristol, there will be a large part of the garden, that might not currently be used much at all. A lot of people will find a garden shed might well be looking for a bit worse for wear, and falling apart. You might also have let’s say compost bin at the end of the garden, and a lot of brambles that have now occupied a large part of the garden.

What we can do is really coming cut back or brambles, cutback trees, and we can place say the shed into a skip for you. In its place, we can build a luxurious, well made garden room, which you could use to work in, exercise in, or perhaps play the piano.


A garden office, built by us, may cost less than you think, prices start from just £18k

A lot of homeowners are put off from contacting some garden room companies like us, because they might think that a luxurious garden room could cost easily in excess of say £50,000+ and might therefore be simply too expensive for some homeowners.  

However a lot of the buildings that we construct within Bristol, can cost between 18k and 25k, so they are affordable to a lot of home owners.

When you think of the huge advantages of owning one of our garden buildings, in that you can work within the building full-time, that  its insulated, so you can easily heat the building in the winter with an electric heater, our summerhouses simply offer simply fantastic value for money.

Why it’s worth paying more for an insulated garden room

When you are shopping around to purchase a brand-new summerhouse, there are quite literally thousands of companies. Some might even offer to supply a summerhouse for as little as £3000. Now this might sound like absolutely fantastic value for money, yet can sometimes happen, is that the building is delivered, and it’s not insulated. It […]

Are you planning on working from home more in 2023?


More people than ever are now working from home, even when you look at job advertisements, the job advertisement often lists as a benefit of working for the company, that they allow the employee to work from home for so many days a week.

Now, this sounds great, but what a lot of people find is that when they’re working from home, there might be too many distractions within the house.

Somebody might be watching the TV to loudly, somebody might be cooking in the kitchen which makes you hungry and you don’t concentrate on work so much, then the person cooking may well be talking to you while you’re trying to send that important work e-mail, and also your neighbours might see working from the kitchen table, and think that they can knock the door start chatting, quite simply put, working from home, there can be so many distractions.

Therefore what is needed is a dedicated place, where you can go and work that is quiet, that is peaceful, where you get your work done. This is exactly what a garden office can offer, it can offer a dedicated place to go work, to simply get your work tasks complete, and when the working day is over you simply have to slide back the doors. lock up the building and is it’s like having your very own office in your garden.

Plus, just think of all the money saved, by not having to pay to rent an office.



We may be biased, but we think that owning a garden office simply offers a brilliant place to work

Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur, or you may well be somebody the works for company say one day a week, or perhaps your employers have asked you to work permanently from home. This may sound like great news for some people, but often a lot of people are quickly looking for extra rooms which they can work in that’s nice and quiet.

And here at Kingsley, we simply build fantastic quality garden offices, they can be insulated, it can be soundproofed, they can have air-conditioning as well.

We can build the whole building to any size you would like, and what separates us from many other garden room companies that we focus on quality.

We simply build fantastic quality garden buildings, and we do it fast, because we have a team of highly experienced garden room builders.




Home Garden Office


Now, you might be thinking while how do I get an electrical connection to my garden room?

How do we get the Wi-Fi within my garden office?

How can I have a toilet installed, so I don’t need to walk back to the house tp use the bathroom there? Our estimator can tell you about all the various options, and the costs which are associated to picking each option.

We don’t offer one set cost the say have a bathroom installed in your garden room/ office, the reason for that is because quite simply put we have to work out where your main drains are, how far we have to lay the pipes to the drain, how long it will take is to do this work.

However, we do offer free quotes, so we can simply come out and meet you, and we can offer you a free no obligation quote.


Be healthy


Work is just that, it’s work, what’s more important is our health, and perhaps you might feel better when you working in a garden office that’s built by us, that say having to drive and work in a city centre. That’s because when you simply want to take a break why not just walk outside your garden room, have a nice cup of coffee, feel the breeze on your face, the warm air and listen to the birds for a bit.

It’s the simple things that may recharge you, make you feel a lot better, to the when you go back in the garden office you might be even more productive than if you were to work in a busy city, five days a week, full of air pollution, all the buildings look similar, and in some offices, you might not even be able to control the temperature within the building.

You might therefore find working in some offices, in a city centre simply too stuffy, there might simply be not enough fresh air.

However a garden office is very different, you can simply open the doors and let the fresh air flow in, if it’s too hot you could switch on the air conditioning, if it’s too cool you could switch on the electric heaters, and if you are keep your feet nice and warm you can even switch on the underfloor heating.

A lot of these are optional extras, but we could include these within your garden room if you would like them added.

We simply build luxurious garden rooms, and this is why our company is in such high demand in Bath, at in South-West England.

You may have already seen one of our many vehicles driving around the city of Bristol? That’s because in Bristol a lot of people have already had loft conversions, property extensions, and there house may well be extended to the max, so now they are looking for ways where they can get a building, built within their garden and that’s why they contact us.

We can build a luxurious garden building, within your garden in a short period of time, with prices starting from just £18,000.00 why not call us?


Could a garden room make your house more saleable?

When you look on Rightmove in any major cities, here in the U.K there are always hundreds of properties available, and a lot of people who are looking to buy a house, they may want to work from home, so if you have a really well-built garden room built, for example a garden room built by Kingsley, with you will have all the paperwork to show how much you’ve spent on your luxurious garden building, then this may make your house standout from some of the other houses that are available in that price range, as many may not have had a garden room built.

And because our buildings can’t be taken down, and reassembled into a new property, so it will have to be left where it has been built, that somebody looking at your property say on a property website like Rightmove, will see that you have a luxurious garden room already built, and perhaps this gives you the edge over some of the other properties that they might be looking at.



Designed by you

For some of us, when we are busy working throughout the day, we might want to exercise say in our lunch our, and jump on say exercise bike for a bit, before we get back to work, if we do this a few time a day, for some of us, it might offer a good break, plus your improving your fitness, and you may find yourself more productive?

For some of us we might like an area with a large window so you could look out and enjoy a nice cup of tea, while looking over the surrounding views, before we go back to work.

For some of us we might like to have an area where we simply have 10 minutes listening to some music perhaps on the jukebox, before we return back to work.

What’s great about having a garden room built by us, is that it’s a blank canvas, and that simply means you can design the garden room the way you want, this means that you can have the windows where you want, have an area where you could exercise for a bit, have an area where you can put your jukebox, and another area where you could  simply unwind for a bit with a cup tea before you get back to doing those important work tasks that you need to do.

So, a garden room can be designed any dimensions you like, and you can have it designed the way you like it, in terms of which doors, windows, roof you want, then we can build it for you




Do I need planning permission for a Garden Office?

Our estimator can inform you whether you need planning permission for your garden office or not, when we come out and offer you a free quote, we can simply tell you whether you need to seek planning permission or not.


 Are you planning on working from home in 2023?

Perhaps you live in the wonderful city of Bath, in England, which has Roman Bath’s, fantastic Bath stone, architecture which is world renowned, yet you may really love the property that you living in right now, yet you need an extra room that you can use as an office, and this is where we can help we can build a fantastic garden room for you in the city of Bath.

Perhaps you live in the busy city of Bristol? And you only have a small garden, that’s because you live in say Clifton, and although the property might be substantial, you still don’t have a dedicated room for working in, therefore you want a luxurious garden room built in the garden, that you can use as an office and that’s exactly what we can build for you.

With prices starting from just 18,000 it is clear why we are such a popular garden room company in the south-west of England