The ultimate guide for things to consider when purchasing a garden room




Welcome to our informative guide to garden rooms! In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about garden rooms, from common uses for a garden room, and also why they are a fantastic alternative to traditional home extensions. So, without further ado, let’s dive into our top 10 bullet points summarising the blog post:


    Understanding what a garden room is

    The many uses of garden rooms

    The benefits of fully insulated garden rooms

    How garden rooms can facilitate working from home

    The advantages of garden rooms over conservatories, extensions, and loft conversions

    Utilising garden rooms as home gyms

    The importance of quality in garden building

    The cost-effectiveness and hassle-free nature of garden rooms

    Enjoying your garden room all year round

    Taking the first step in your garden room project


What is a Garden Room?

A garden room is a standalone structure, often built mainly of wood, and it can provide additional living or working space. These versatile rooms are designed to blend seamlessly with your outdoor environment, often featuring large windows, and doors to help maximise natural light and offer views over your garden. They can be fully insulated, for example all of our summerhouses will have insulation, and come in various designs and sizes, allowing you to customise your garden room to meet your specific needs and style preferences.


What is a Garden Room Used For?

Garden rooms are incredibly versatile, so they can be used for anything from a place to do yoga, right through to creating an oil painting. Here are some ideas of what you might want to use your garden room for


    Home office

    Art or music studio

    Home gym

    Guest room or additional living space

    Playroom for children

    Workshop or hobby room

    Home cinema

    Greenhouse or potting shed

    Meditation or yoga space

    Social or entertainment area


Our garden rooms are fully insulated

our garden rooms are fully insulated, and this means that you can enjoy your new space throughout the year, regardless of the weather outside. Insulation helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside the room, also helping to reduce energy costs, and keeping the space cosy in winter and cool in summer. (Source:


Work from Home with a Garden Office

A garden office is a perfect solution for those who work from home, or for those that work part-time from home. Our garden offices can provide a dedicated workspace away from the distractions of your main living area, which may help to improve your productivity and maintain a healthy work-life balance. For example, somebody watching the television to loudly, let’s say they are watching the football in your house, well this might distract you from your work, because the telly is loud.

So, why having a garden office built by us, it will be separate from your house, so you might find that you get more work done because the garden room offers a quiet place for you to work. In fact, 77% of remote workers report being more productive when working in a dedicated space (Source:


Garden Rooms:

A Great Alternative to a conservatory, building a extension, or having your attic converted

Garden rooms offer several advantages over traditional home extension methods such as conservatories, extensions, and also attic conversions:


    Cost-effective: Garden rooms are often less expensive, for example, we can build a garden room for let’s say £25,000, where some builders might have a starting price on a loft conversion at £50,000.

    Faster construction: Garden rooms can be built in a matter of weeks, sometimes, with some summerhouses we can build them in a matter of days.

    Minimal disruption: As garden rooms are built externally, that’s to say, they are built often at the end of your garden well away from your house. This means that the noise and the dust that is generated is away from your house, so it disturbs the homeowners less during the construction of the summerhouse, than say in attic conversion would. For example in attic conversion can be quite noisy, and might cause more disruption to the homeowners than what it would if they were to have a summerhouse built.



Garden Room as a Home Gym

A garden room can be an excellent space for your home gym, why drive to the gym? That’s when you can have your very own gym in your garden. Having a garden room built by us, that can be used as a gym, can help you to  maintain a healthy lifestyle without the need for a gym membership. By having a dedicated fitness space, you’re more likely to stick to your workout routine. According to a study by the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association, 66% of people who have home gyms are more consistent in their workout routines (Source:


Quality Garden Building

Investing in a high-quality garden room is essential for long-lasting enjoyment and functionality. There are some really cheap summerhouse prices online, but if the building is poorly constructed, and has no insulation and it might not last that long at all.

If if the summerhouse has no insulation, then you’re not going to want to use it in winter, because it’s likely to be freezing inside.




Garden Room: Designed for Year-Round Use

our luxurious Garden rooms are designed to be enjoyed throughout the year, regardless of the season, so whether it’s a hot summers day in July, or a freezing cold day in December, you can still use our luxury summerhouses right throughout the year, because they are insulated.


Ready to Kickstart Your Garden Room Project?

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The ultimate guide to insulated summerhouses: Year-round comfort and a place to truly unwind

Insulated summerhouses, well there now so popular we have the largest team of builders that our company has ever employed. They have become increasingly popular as more people seek to make the most of their gardens. With a fully insulated summerhouse built by us, you can enjoy year-round use, as the insulation will help to retain heat in winter, and in summer, help keep some of that hot air out.

Our insulated summers houses therefore can provide a very cosy and also comfortable retreat even during the colder months, even when everything is frozen outside. This comprehensive guide will cover the essentials of insulated summerhouses, their costs, and the benefits of using breathable membranes and quality insulation.


Insulated Summerhouses


An insulated summerhouse offers a very versatile and a great place to unwind in any garden. These structures can provide a really comfortable and stylish space for relaxation, such as doing yoga, or other hobbies such as playing the guitar, to use the room as a home office, or even guest accommodation.

The key difference between an insulated summerhouse and a regular summerhouse is that insulation should be put into the walls, the roof, and the floor. This will simply enable much better temperature regulation, making it suitable for use in both hot and cold climates. So, whether you want to read your book in the summerhouse, in the peak of summer, or when its freezing outside in December, an insulated summerhouse, is simply more comfortable to use throughout the year.

You will need air conditioning, or electric heaters, to help you to better regulate the temperate, and we can install all of this for you.


We can build a fully insulated summerhouse for year-round use


A fully insulated summerhouse offers many advantages and this is why we have now built so many in cities like Bath, and in Somerset, as well as many summerhouses throughout Bristol



Our insulation helps to better regulate how warm it is inside the summerhouse, and our electricians can install electric heaters, helping to keep the room warm. The insulation we use, because it can a reflective coating, it can also help to reflect the warm air during summer, helping to keep the garden room cool inside.

We can also install air conditioning, so during summer, you can regulate the temperate.


  Noise Reduction

The insulation that we put into the walls, can also help to reduce the amount of noise you hear with the summerhouse, making the summerhouse a more peaceful retreat away from the noise of the outside world.

As we all know, Bristol is an incredibly busy city, so your garden may back onto a very busy road? Well, we can also offer to install sound proofing, this will not block out all of the noise, but it can help to reduce some of the road noise.



How much does an insulated summerhouse cost, if your company was to build it?


The cost of an insulated summerhouse can vary widely depending on factors such as size of the building, options that you choose such as whether you would like decking built outside the summerhouse, and which cladding you would like. As a rough estimate, our quotes vary between £18,000 and £70,000 for a fully insulated summerhouse. Here is a breakdown of the various cost factors:



Larger summerhouses will require more building materials and also labour,, which increases the overall cost.

Building materials

The choice of building materials, such as timber, for example, we can offer both hardwood and also softwood cladding, yet the cost difference between the two types of cladding is vast. For example can offer some soft wood options which are much more affordable, yet we can also offer luxurious hardwood which is much more expensive.


Our summerhouses also have a breathable membrane


Breathable membranes are an essential component, of a summerhouse. These materials allow water vapor to escape while preventing liquid water from penetrating the structure. This ensures a dry and comfortable interior, reducing the risk of condensation and damp-related issues.


Some key benefits of using breathable membranes for summerhouse insulation include:


    Moisture Control

Breathable membranes help to maintain a healthy indoor environment by regulating moisture levels.

The moisture control properties of breathable membranes help to protect the structural integrity of the summerhouse, prolonging its lifespan. Otherwise, the summerhouse might quickly get damp inside, which can mean that the structural timbers may start to rot.

If the structural timbers within a summerhouse were to rot, then this can make the building structurally unsafe, and therefore can’t be used.

This is why it’s so important to obtain a well-built summerhouse, that’s built by us, that has quality cladding, to help prevent water from getting into the building. Also a quality rubber roof should be installed, and a breathable membrane to help prevent any damp issues.


In Conclusion


We think that an insulated summerhouse, can help homeowners to get more use out of their gardens throughout the year. Our luxury summerhouses offer a versatile, comfortable, and energy-efficient building, that could be used for anything from doing yoga, through to a place to work. The cost of an insulated summerhouse can range from £18,000 to £70,000, depending on factors such as size of the building, materials such as which cladding you would like, insulation type.

What are some of the main benefits of owning a garden room?

What are some of the main benefits of owning a garden room?


A garden room we think makes a great addition to any property, that’s whether you own a large four storey Victorian house, or a small cottage. A garden room can simply enhance your lifestyle, whether you want to use the room as a music room, home gym, or perhaps just a place to drink wine?

More and more homeowners across the U.K are discovering the benefits of owning an insulated garden rooms as they create personal retreats, somewhere to escape, and enjoy reading a good book for a few hours.

Within this blog post, we will explore the numerous advantages of owning a garden building, from providing a dedicated space for work, or perhaps you wish to use the garden room as a place to unwind. If you are considering adding a garden room to your property, read on to find out why it could be the perfect decision for you.


  A garden room can offer multipurpose functionality- perhaps as a home office and one half as a gym?


Garden rooms are incredibly versatile spaces, they can be used for so many different purposes. From home offices, through to art studios, where you can create a masterpiece, and complete your painting in peace and quite. Through to using the building as a place to improve your fitness, or perhaps as guest accommodations? Complete with a complete bathroom? Garden buildings can be customised to suit your specific requirements- such as with air conditioning, or perhaps you would like underfloor heating installed.


 Do you enjoy doing yoga, meditation, or working out?


Spending time in nature has long been associated with improved mental as well physical health. So why not have a garden room built by our team, that you could use to improve your fitness, to do yoga in, or perhaps mediate, all while you look out at the greenery of your garden. A garden room enables you to embrace the great outdoors, whilst still enjoying the comforts of being in a nice heated room, and if you hire us to build the summerhouse, it will be well insulated. 

By creating a serene environment surrounded by greenery, this may help you enjoy yoga/ meditation even more, you may even experience reduced stress levels, and want to exercise on say the rowing machine even more, because you like spending time in your insulated garden room, and an overall sense of wellbeing.


 Less disruption for the homeowners during construction


Unlike traditional home extensions, lets say a dorma loft conversion, a lot of dust, noise, vibration can be felt throughout the house, as the building work is being completed. However with garden rooms, that we construct, typically we build these at the end of the customers garden, so they do not often generate as much disturbance for the homeowners, when compared to if an extension was being directly added onto your home.


    Environmentally friendly options are available, if you would like to use less wood when constructing your garden room


We can use eco-friendly materials and build a building that has an energy-efficient design. For example, we could use composite cladding, which depending on the brand of composite cladding is sometimes made from recycled plastics. We will use, panel insulation in the walls, this simply helps keep heat in the building for longer, which makes the building more energy efficient. This means that when you hire our garden room company we can build a building that has a lower environmental impact.


Why not obtain a free quote today? 


Now that we have mentioned some of the many benefits of owning a garden room, built by us, it’s time to start planning how you would like your summerhouse to look. Here are three essential steps to help you embark on this exciting journey:


    Define Your Purpose- gym? Gin bar? Home cinema? Art studio?

Before you start designing your garden room, it’s crucial to determine what its main use will be. Will it be a home office, an art studio, or perhaps a place for your guests to stay over? Knowing the purpose of your garden room will help work out what size it needs to be, internal layout, for example where will the partition wall go? and which features you need such as air conditioning.

Things to think about when buying a garden room during the summer



So, during the summer is often when we want to improve our gardens, perhaps with a new fence, some decking, or a nice  new garden room.

And the weathers often nice in the summer, nice and warm, and most garden rooms are comfortable places to be.

However, during the winter, some garden rooms, well they can be places that you don’t want to spend to much time, because there too cold, and to switch the electric heaters on sometimes might be a total waste of money, as soon as their off, the room might start to cool.

So, this means, when buying a garden room during the summer, its so important to make sure that its correctly insulated, so when winter does come around, you can still use the room. Here’s some things to think about when purchasing a garden room.


Insulated Garden Rooms to use all year round

There’s insulation, and then there’s insulation, and what we mean by this is here in Britain, its damp, and its cold for a lot of the year, so a piece of insulation as think as aluminium foil, well that’s not going to cut the mustard.

What you need is good quality insulation, top quality insulation, such as panel insulation, which you may have seen, its made a bit like a sandwich, you have two foil layers, but in the middle is a lot of insulating foam, and if this is fitted correctly, so there’s no gaps left next to the structural timbers, well, as long as its in the floors, the roof, the walls, and the windows and doors are top quality, it can do a brilliant job at keeping the warm air in.

Now with energy prices going through the roof, its more important than ever, to buy a garden room that has quality insulation.


What makes our garden buildings suitable for year-round use?

We use good quality cladding, this is important, this is your first layer of defence against the elements, such as wind and rain.

Then we use a breathable membrane, again this is important as the building should be able to breath, otherwise excessive amounts of condensation build up, and the roof may even start to get damp, with damp spores forming on the plasterboard.

So, a breathable membrane that’s important, then there’s the structural timbers, which are simply the timbers which hold the building upright. Yet in-between them, there’s enough space to cut and put insulation boards in between the timbers.

This will help to keep the cold air out.


Insulated Throughout

Our garden rooms are insulated throughout, whether it’s the top-quality windows and doors, which have good quality glass, or it’s the insulation panels we put in the walls, we make sure our garden rooms are insulated.


What are insulated garden rooms?

So, there some summerhouses, which you can buy flat pack, they may cost under £5k, however, you do have to ask, whether quality insulation is used, because if its not, well the whole building, could be too cold to use in winter, in matter of fact, it might be cold, draftee, and damp, like a garden shed.


Large Windows and Large b-folding doors

A lot of our customers, when there having a garden room built by our company, they want very large windows, and a set of bi-folding doors installed, this is so the doors span the entire width of the garden room. This can allow a large amount of light to flood into the room when the building is positioned in your garden, to capture as much sunlight as possible.

Yet, what’s important, when your having large windows and doors fitted, is that glass is energy efficient. We only purchase premium quality double glazing, so our garden rooms, have good quality windows and doors.


Air-conditioning available

So, this article has concentrated mostly on how we insulate our garden rooms, to help keep the cold air out- but what if it’s a super hot day, you don’t want to feel as though your baking in your garden room- you might for example, want to walk into, to escape the warm summers day, and possibly cool down, and we can therefore install air conditioning for you.

Adding air conditioning, that’s an optional extra that we offer, but if your say going to spending a lot of time in your garden room, lets say your planning on working within the garden office all week, we would recommend opting to have air conditioning installed. This way the room can be used whatever the weather is like, whether its boiling outside, you can simply switch on the air conditioning, or if its freezing cold, then you can switch on the electric heaters.

Plus, because the room will have panel insulation, the cold or the warm air is retained for much longer. So what we would say is, in Bristol, there are likely to be garden room companies that are a bit cheaper than our quotes, but are the rooms as well insulated as what we can offer?

The company may say on their website, the summerhouses are insulated, but you do have to ask, how are they insulated? If its just a roll of insulation, as thick as kitchen foil, well this is not going be as good as panel insulation, which has two layers of foil, and a good sandwich of insulation foam.

Why you should hire us our garden room company to build your garden office




A garden room or a garden office is most defintely a large purchase for any homeowner, for example, garden rooms can range anywhere from £20,000 up to £70,000, if you choose our company to build your garden building.

So, when you’re spending such a large amount, you the customer going to want to make sure that whichever company that you choose, they are building a very high quality building for you.

So how do you ensure this? How do you ensure that you are getting the best deal, when you are shopping around for a garden office?

Well, there’s a huge amount of things to consider, so we thought we would write a really useful article, to give you some ideas about the sort of questions that you need to think about when purchasing a garden office.

There are far too many things to think about when purchasing a garden room, to write all of them in just one article. With that said these are just some of the important things which we think you should consider when purchasing a garden room.


Can you go and see a garden office that already been built by the company?

Sometimes, a garden room company can be very good, at posting pictures of summerhouses that they have already built on many social media sites.

This means that the pictures of the garden rooms on their social media accounts might look simply brilliant, but, we always think it’s far better to see garden rooms that they have already built in person, rather than relying on just pictures of summerhouses that the company is posting on social media.

So, we would always recommend, if you’re going to hire a garden room company, why not ask if they’ve completed any work around where you live?

A really popular garden room business, like ours, is likely to have built many garden rooms close to your house, perhaps even on the same street, or just around the corner?

And a good garden room business, can sometimes arrange with their past customers, just to quickly show you, a prospective customer around their garden room which they have built for a quick tour of the building.

If the workmanship looks really good, and the past customers are happy for the garden room company to show you around a garden room they have built, then this is one indication that that company builds quality buildings and has happy customers.

Alternatively, large national garden room companies sometimes have large showrooms, and you can walk around the various models of garden rooms that they offer, and you can then too gain a good idea of how they are constructed from the garden rooms that are on show.

Often they will be the television, presenting how the buildings are constructed, for example with external cladding (often wood, steel or composite), a layer of insulation, and then plasterboard on the inside of the room, as well as in between a breathable membrane to help the whole garden room to breathe.

So our best advice is, ask the garden room company have you built any garden rooms within your area near to where you live, if so could you go and have a look at them?

Our company has built garden offices all over Bristol, so it’s likely, then we’ve built a garden office that only a short drive from where you live.



Ask whether the company offers a guarantee?

It’s all well and good it’s a garden room company posting on a social media accounts, pictures of a large number of summerhouses that, might simply look brilliant, but they could actually be stock photos, so what do we mean by stock photos?

Sometimes a business will actually buy pictures of summerhouses that they have never even built. The company may then they may post them on social media and you might think that they have built lets say a truly massive garden room, yet they may have not built it.

This is why we always urge anybody thinking about purchasing summerhouse, to ask what the guarantee period is.

You should obtain a guarantee on your garden room, regardless of how much you pay for it.

Ask about the guarantee period on the bi-folding doors or upvc doors as well

There’s no point in hiring a garden room company, to find in the small print of the contract that you’ve signed, that they exclude to guarantee the windows and the doors.

Because if you quickly find that the doors are not that good quality, in that they need a huge amount of effort to push them open and close, then you might not enjoy using your garden room because it becomes such an effort to even enter the room.

So ask the garden room business, do you guarantee the windows and the doors.

The foundations

The last thing you want is to purchase a garden room, let’s say that costs in excess of £30,000, and you are happy with the way it looks, so you pay for the garden room. And for a period of time, lets say 3 months, everything is fine with the summerhouse, no problems.

Yes later on down the road, the whole building may start to sag, and actually start to become damaged because the foundations its been built on are so weak.

You might find that the aluminium bi-folding doors don’t open and close easily anymore, because the building has dropped on one side, causing the frame that holds the bi-folding doors in place to move.

Or what you might actually see sometimes is that when you actually stand within the garden room it’s obvious straightaway that the floor is no longer level, simply because the wooden joists have moved, where the building has re-settled, and the building has started to sag, because the ground beneath the building has moved.

So some businesses try to save money, by putting in cheap foundations, for example they might even use something like patio slabs to hold the building up, which you most definitely should never use as the foundations to support the joists of your garden room.


So again make sure that in your guarantee it covers the garden room foundations.


What is included as standard when you build a garden office




You might think that all garden offices are built the same way? There just wooden buildings right, so surely they must all be similar in way they are constructed?

Well, garden offices can vary hugely in terms of quality, in terms of the building’s materials used, and the way they are put together.

Some garden rooms simply look like they will offer fantastic value for money, yet, when they are brought into your garden, in the form of flat pack panels, well, its then that some homeowners see that what they have purchased from some companies can be a bit basic, and may not offer the durable, well built construction  they had expected.


Why do garden offices vary so much in price?

So, when your shopping online for a garden office, you may see prices starting from as little as £3k for example, you may see a special offer price being advertised on social media.

Yet, what can confuse a lot of shoppers is why some garden offices can be priced at £3k when companies like ours, offer a starting price of £18k, so why is there such a difference in price?

Well, lets explain why prices of garden offices can vary so massively:


Flatpack vs bespoke

So, first things first, if your buying a “flat pack summerhouse” or a “flat pack garden office” well, generally these are much cheaper to buy, and there’s a good reason for this.

When you purchase a bespoke garden room, the builders will need to build the whole building in your garden, this means every piece of wood will need to be cut and nailed together in your garden.

Where with a flat pack summerhouse, these are often not made to a size the customer wants, rather the company often offers a range of different models of summerhouses, and then mass produces them.

The downside to a mass produced summerhouse is, its not bespoke, its not made to the exact size you want, rather you have to pick from say 7 different summerhouses that have already been made in a factor.


A quality roof (we normally install a rubber roof onto our garden rooms)

It’s important, whether your buying a garden office that the building has a really good quality roof, that’s simply because here in Great Britain, sometimes, it seems like it never stops raining.

So, if a company puts a low quality roof onto the summerhouse, well, in a matter of weeks, there could be leaks.

So, whether we are building an 18k garden room, or a garden office that’s over 70k we always add a top quality roof. The type of roof we normally add to our garden buildings, is called rubber roofing, its more expensive than other types of roof, but we add rubber roofing, because we know, when its build right, it lasts a very long period of time.

Plus, we are so confident that our roofs are high quality, we offer a guarantee on the roofs we build.

So, as standard, we always a top-quality roof



Now, its entirely possibly to obtain a summerhouse, and to think it looks great, and you may enjoy using it though out the summer. It may well be your place to have your friends over, enjoy a nice gin and tonic.

Yet, come winter, well it may feel so cold in the room, you don’t want to be in there for very long. Plus, you may notice, that as soon as the heating is switched off, the temperature of the room drops, very quickly. And you notice trying to keep the room warm in the winter, and the autumn is proving very expensive.


So, what’s the solution?

Well, the solution is to have better quality insulation in the walls, in the roof, and in the floor, some summerhouses, when you buy them, they sometimes don’t have any insulation, so are totally unusable in the winter.

This is why our garden rooms are bit more expensive than some other companies, with prices starting from 18k, the reason being, we pay for high quality insulation, we put into in the walls, behind the plasterboard, in the roof as well. Sometimes we can add insulation in the floor as well.

We offer different types of insulation, and we when we offer you a quote, in the quote we can specify what insulation we will be adding, but normally the insulation is two types, that is, fibreglass, or rockwool some people call this type of insulation, and also panel insulation.


Good quality windows

Rarely do you see many homes that still have single glazed glass windows anymore, and there’s a good reason for this, single glazed glass is very energy inefficient.

The house will simply be very cold during the winter, that’s if all the windows are single glazed, and the energy bill is likely to be sky high trying to keep the house warm.

And this is why so many homes now have double glazing instead, and this is why we would recommend having double glazing fitted to your garden room as well.

Every window should therefore be double glazed, and the window frame should be fitted flush with the garden room, with no gaps, that’s so there’s no cold, or windy drafts coming through the gaps.

Here at Kingsley, we buy our windows from suppliers that make aluminium, and upvc windows, and we can offer our customers a range of different colour window frames, for example, you may want white UPVC window frames, which is the cheapest option that we offer. Yet we can also offer UPVC frames which are wood effect. Wood effect is a more expensive option.

We also offer  to opt for aluminium framed windows, we would recommend this option, as the aluminium frame windows that we supply, they are top quality, and are very durable.


Top quality bi-folding doors

When your buying a luxury summerhouse, you could be spending between 18k and 70k, so you would expect your garden room company to supply you with top quality doors, which open and close easily and smoothly, and last a long period of time right?

Well, sometimes some companies may install cheap bi-folding doors, which don’t open that easily, it may require a lot of effort just to open and close them, because the mechanism that’s used to open and close the doors, may not be that smooth.

Yet, here at Kingsley, we never compromise on quality one bit, we always buy top quality doors, bi-folding doors, we know will last a long period of time, which open and close easily, and are good quality.