Work from home this summer in your brand-new garden office



The flowers are now just starting to bloom, the trees are coming back to life, with bright green leaves and is bumblebees are busy jumping from one flower to another. And when the weather is nice, a lot of us like to get our deckchairs out, and pour our favourite drink, and for many of us, we like to sit in our gardens and soak up some sunshine.

Therefore our gardens are often used as place to unwind, to enjoy the warm weather, however, we think that a garden also makes a great place to work, so why not have a garden office built by us? With prices starting from as little as 18k, its clear to see why so many residents of Bristol, have allready hired us to build a garden room for them.


Here are just some of the benefits of hiring us to build your garden office:


  • Our garden rooms are insulated
  • Prices start from just 18k
  • We have many staff, this means we can build your garden room / office in short period of time.



In this article we are going to discuss the benefits of having a garden office constructed by our company.


Large windows

Perhaps you would like no windows, just a set of French doors fitted to your summerhouse, or perhaps you want a large set of bi folding doors fitted, perhaps you would also like large windows fitted? What is the sure is as you’re sitting at your desk working, you could be looking out over your lawn, at the flowers, at the trees or the views that surround your house.

Now surely that’s more nicer place to work, and be stuck working in a concrete high-rise block in the city centre of Bristol?

And when the working days over, all you have to do is simply lock up the garden office, and in just a few steps you will be back in the house, just think of all the diesel and petrol you will save.


Can your garden offices be used in winter?

This is a really important question to ask any garden room company, thats before you go ahead and purchase a garden office from them.

Because sometimes on some websites, there will be hundreds of garden rooms / summerhouses for sale, and they might look brilliant, they might have bi-folding doors, and to somebody who’s never bought a summerhouse before, you might be scratching your head thinking well why is this one being sold by one company £7000, and why is a local garden room company saying that they can build one for the same size but it will cost over £30,000.

For the simple answer is, often the price difference comes down to the quality of the roof, whether the summerhouse is insulated or uninsulated, the quality of the exterior cladding thats used, and also structural timbers, if the structural timbers are tough and robust or whether they’re just flimsy pieces of wood, and the whole summerhouse might sometimes be built cheaply.

But here’s the thing, as we all know our British winters, well, they seem to last for most of the year, and the last thing you want when you working in your garden office, is for a cold breeze hitting your face and neck, and you feel too cold, to get any work done.

What you want is a warm, comfortable place to work, and for that you need to have garden room that’s well insulated.

Quality insulation, well it isn’t cheap, but if you are having a garden room built here in the United Kingdom and you want to spend a lot of time within the building during the winter, then you need to have insulation, and you need to have insulation added to the sidewalls and to the ceiling and to the roof.

You will also need to have a electrician to install multiple electric heaters within your garden room, and they need to be quality electric heaters, so that after a short amount of time after the electric heaters have been switched on, the building should be nice and warm.

The last thing you want is to want to start work at say 9 o’clock in the morning, yet the garden room doesn’t really warm up properly until say 11 o’clock, this is no good, you can’t be sat working for those two hours in discomfort because its cold in the summerhouse.

So, what you need is high quality insulation, and a lot of it within your summerhouse, and then you need multiple electric heaters, and we would also recommend having underfloor heating installed as well.


But what about in the summer when it’s boiling hot?

This is another really good point, because you might have walked into your wooden shed during the summer, and because it’s got a plastic windows and sheds are often made of soft wood, sometimes it can be like walking into a baking hot room, and sometimes cheap summerhouses, when you walk into them during the summer, they can be too hot inside as well, so you will want to work in those type of summerhouses.

What you want instead is a garden room thats insulated, but also to have air conditioning system installed, so that you can cool the temperature inside the room, but because there’s insulation in the ceiling, and in the sidewalls, and in the floor you can easily regulate the temperature.



Work from home in comfort- why not have a high-quality garden office built by us?




A lot of us will have worked in rather stuffy offices, with air that doesn’t seem that fresh at all.  So what a lot of us want, is nice fresh air, a place to work that has a lot of natural light, and that will simply offer a much more comfortable place to work. We can build such a building for you, and for a lot less than you might think, as our summerhouse prices, built in Bristol, start from just 18k.


Large windows

You might wish to opt for nice big windows installed in the garden room, to let natural light flood into the room, you may want also nice underfloor heating to keep your feet nice and warm, and you may want air conditioning installed, which will allow the room to be nice and cool in summer.

You will also want the building to be well insulated, because you don’t want the temperature to be fluctuating up and down all day long, so if you hire us to build your garden office, we can make sure that its well-insulated.


We can use the following types of insulation:

–        Fibreglass

–        Panel insulation

–        Energy efficient glass

So this whole article has been written to help explain how our garden offices, can provide a comfortable place to work.


Nice big windows (aluminium, wood or upvc)

Have you ever worked in an office, whereby there was no natural light coming into the room at all? Well, we think this is no good, as it can mean that your eyes become strained.

So, when you are designing your garden office, why not have huge windows fitted, or a large set of bi- folding doors, complete with quality blinds within the glass panels. This will allow more natural light in during the day, and because the garden office we build are bespoke, you can have the windows as large as you would like.


Quality Air Conditioning

So, it is possible to get portable air conditioning units, and sometimes these are offered at quite low prices, however what you might want is a top quality air conditioning system fitted to your garden office, that’s to say, an air conditioning system that’s made by a leading manufacturer.

We work with a company that can completely install the air conditioning for you, so we can include the cost of this work in our quote.


Underfloor heating

When we are working, we are often sat at our desks for very long periods of time, and okay we could make a nice cup of tea, and that is often refreshing, and might even warm us up a bit, but what about our feet?

It’s hard to write an email for work, when it feels like your feet are frozen to the floor, so often what is needed is quality underfloor heating, at for this to cover the entire room, so that when you put your feet on the floor, it’s nice and warm.

We can install underfloor heating for you.



As we all know electric and gas is now very expensive. This means that for two reasons we will want to better insulate our homes and our garden rooms,  that’s because of the cost of the electric and gas, but also to help protect the environment.

For example there’s no point in a gas boiler working hard throughout the winter within your home, for all of this heat just to escape through the roof.

Well, this is exactly the same for your garden office, there’s no point in having electric radiators on the wall, consuming electric, for all of this heat just to escape through the walls and the ceiling of the summerhouse. This is inefficient but also it’s going to be massively expensive to heat that room each day, if the building is not insulated.

So what are you going to need is a good quality insulation, and not rubbish cheap insulation that is about as thick as a piece of paper, know what you want is quality insulation, the type of installation is actually used in houses to help retain the heat, this is called “panel insulation”.

So we can put panel insulation in the walls, in the ceiling and this will help to keep the heat in the room for that bit longer.


Weather resistant

Here in Britain, the weather can totally change in a matter of just a few hours, that’s to say we might have a rather mild warm day one minute, and then it can turn into a down pour after a short period of time.

So sometimes some low cost summerhouses, sometimes are just designed for a Mediterranean climates, that’s because it’s so warm and mild which doesn’t incur much rain fall.


However here in United Kingdom, well, as we all know, it rains so much, so its important that your garden room is able to withstand our wet weather.  This means a high quality roof is needed, yet the exterior cladding needs to be able to withstand strong rain as well. Otherwise water will simply seep into the room, causing damage to the building.


Summerhouse which are made from softwood



So when summerhouse are first built, and they are made from softwood, well the summerhouse might look brilliant, yet if the summerhouse doesn’t have high quality exterior cladding, then water will soon seep into the garden room. This is why the exterior walls need to have quality exterior cladding. However some low quality summerhouses, have softwood cladding, that’s not varnished and sealed, therefore allowing water to seep through.

And this means that after a short period of time, the wood will start to become watermarked, and the roof may not able to cope with the amount of rain water that we have have here in Great Britain, and then some people will realise, that they have bought a low quality summerhouse, that may need demolishing and quickly.

So what we would say is if your purchasing a summerhouse, make sure its well built, insulated, we can build quality summerhouses, with prices starting from just 18k.

Would you like us to build you a garden bar this summer

Would you like us to build you a garden bar this summer?



What’s your tipple?

Do you enjoy a nice whiskey on the rocks? Or perhaps you prefer gin or a nice glass of chilled wine? What is the sure is that when you’re enjoying an alcoholic beverage or any drink for that matter, you might want to be sat in the comfort of your large garden room, that might have huge windows so you can have a panoramic view out of the windows over the surrounding scenery.

Therefore this is why many people who live in Bath England, and also Bristol have hired us to build large garden bars. Whether it’s to use the room as a place to entertain and enjoy the company of your friends or family, or perhaps is just somewhere to sit back after a long day at work and enjoy a nice glass of whiskey?

It’s clear to see why garden rooms, and more specifically garden bars are now so popular. So what you waiting for? In a matter of sometimes a few days or weeks, our highly talented carpenters quickly build a garden bar you, so in a short amount of time we can construct the building, and then you can organise having a large party your friends and family, and what you might find is that you get more use out of your garden.


Do you have a small garden? Don’t worry, we can still build a small garden bar you


A small garden doesn’t mean you have to compromise on luxury or style. You could simply have a well constructed bar built by us, which becomes your place to simply go and enjoy a nice cocktail or two.

With innovative and creative ideas, our highly skilled carpenters you can transform your limited outdoor space into an exquisite and inviting garden bar. So Whether you’re a social butterfly who loves hosting gatherings or someone who cherishes relaxing moments with loved ones, a garden bar can enhance your garden, and it doesn’t need to cost year neither, because we can build a garden party you with prices starting from just £18,000

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into various aspects of designing, building, and enjoying a small garden bar.


Making the most of your small garden space


Prioritise durability and sustainability


When selecting materials for your garden bar, prioritize those that are durable and environmentally friendly. So for example, if you wants a garden bar which is made from environmentally friendly building materials, then we would recommend opting for composite cladding, that made using recycled plastics. We would also recommend having a green roof fitted, so that you can grow you wildflowers on the roof throughout the summer and spring. Also why not have solar panels fitted to the roof, or in another location in your garden, and then the power generated from them solar panels could be used to power your garden room.

According to a survey by GlobalData, 71% of consumers worldwide consider sustainability to be important when making a purchase (source: []). Consider using reclaimed wood, for example some reclamation yards sell reclaimed timber, we could purchase this or the customer can purchase this, we can use it to construct a garden room.


Enhance your garden bar experience


Incorporate lighting and heating options


Adding lighting and heating features to your garden bar can transform it into a year-round oasis. So for example why not have LED lighting built into the roof, so the hall building becomes illuminated at night.

Also you might want a gazebo built by us, so you could then have a party, where guests can either be in the garden room or they could be in the gazebo. Underneath the gazebo you might want to have a hot tub, so this offers you a place to unwind after work.

A study by Houzz revealed that 70% of homeowners invest in outdoor lighting for their garden projects (source: []). Consider installing energy-efficient LED lights, solar-powered options, or ambient fairy lights to set the mood.


Enhancing your garden bar with greenery


Maximise your garden bar’s aesthetic appeal by embracing vertical gardening. According to the Royal Horticultural Society, vertical gardening is ideal for small spaces, so what you might is to have a lot of trellis in your garden, so that you can grow a lot plants (source: []). Incorporate green walls, hanging planters, or trellises to create a lush and inviting atmosphere.


You might want to install a really large television, or a projector, within the garden bar so when there is a live sporting events such as the rugby, the boxing or the football why not ask all your friends to come over, pull a pint in your garden bar and enjoy the live sporting event from the comfort of your garden bar. With prices starting from just £18,000, our garden bars offer fantastic value for money, plus you don’t have to go to the pub and wait a long time at the bar to be served, with a garden bar can simply pull your own pints and enjoy watching the sporting event on the telly. In a survey by John Lewis & Partners, 48% of respondents indicated they would invest in outdoor entertainment technology (source: []). Consider adding a weatherproof television, Bluetooth speakers, or USB charging ports to keep guests entertained and connected.




Q: What materials should I use for my garden bar?

A: Prioritize durable and sustainable materials, such as reclaimed wood, recycled metals, or eco-friendly composite materials. So for example, if you want a environmentally friendly garden room built, why not purchase reclaimed timber, from a reclamation yard in Bristol, then we can build a green roof for you, and we can also use composite cladding, and there are some manufacturers of composite cladding, where a lot of the composite cladding is made from recycled plastics.

We could also build raised planters for you, and you could grow a lot of different wildflowers or lavender which is great for the bees. Therefore you would be having a quality garden room built by us in Bristol, and you are also helping the environment by growing flowers and also having the building built using recycled plastics.


Q: How can I make my garden bar usable all year round?

A: Incorporate lighting and heating options, such as energy-efficient LED lights, solar-powered lighting, patio heaters, or fire pits. What’s also important to remember whenever you’re buying a garden room, is that there is insulation in the walls, in the ceiling and in the floor. You also want quality insulation, for example some garden room companies in Bristol, say that the summerhouses insulated, but the insulation might be no thicker than kitchen aluminium foil, which in our view is no good at all.

Instead you want quality insulation, you want insulation that used in houses, where houses are constructed. So for example you want panel insulation, and panel insulation has two reflective sites and then a thick centre of insulating foam.

This is a very high quality products, the really helps to maintain the heat within the building in the winter, it also helps to keep the warm air out in the summer, so we can put panel insulation into the walls for you. And this is really important because you don’t wants to buy a garden bar that you can only use in the summer, you will want to use it all year round, and you don’t want to wait an eternity for the building to warm up in the winter, so what we would recommend is good quality electric heater, combined with panel insulation, and then after a short period of time the room will be nice and warm when you electric heaters switched on.

We can also install all of the electric heaters for you



Q: How can I integrate technology into my garden bar for entertainment purposes?

A: Add a weatherproof television, Bluetooth speakers, or USB charging ports for a modern and entertaining touch. A lot of customers simply have a huge television hung onto the wall, and then you could put some comfortable sofas into the garden bar, so it’s a bit like a pub, then when is a sporting event on, such as the football why not ask your friends to come over and watch the football with you.


Creating a personalised theme for your garden bar


Why not design a garden bar around what’s alcoholic beverage you like?

So for example if you like to drink gin, why not create a gin bar?

For example, our carpenters can build a huge wooden bar, and a lot of shelves behind it so that you could quite literally have hundreds of different bottles of gin.

Or perhaps you like to drink English ale?

Why not have a bar built by our carpenters, and then have a range of different beer pumps, where you can just simply put yourself a nice pint of English ale.

Or perhaps you’re more of a wine drinker?

Why not have large glass refrigerated cabinets, to store all of your favourite wines?




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The ultimate guide to building a garden building with a toilet and a shower

Building a garden room with toilet and shower: The ultimate guide




When you’re shopping around, to purchase a garden building, often we just think of the size of the building that we want built. And then we may ask let’s say, five different garden room companies for a quote.

However, it’s important to think about what optional extras you may require, to make the building even more comfortable. For example, let’s say that you are a self-employed person, and you’re planning on using the building as a place to work during the week. You might some week spend upwards of 50 hours in the building; therefore, it is important to add optional extras which make the room even more comfortable and convenient for you.

For example, in the summer you might want to switch on the air conditioning, to might want to opt for a quality air conditioning unit.

In the winter, you might want underfloor heating, so that you can keep your feet nice and warm.

Also, because you’re working within the building for such a long period of time, each day, it’s often inconvenience to keep walking back and for the house, when you need to use the toilet.


So why not have a toilet and wash hand basin installed?

Also, sometimes the buildings are used for dual uses, for example you might work in the building during the day, and then you might have another side room with a few pieces of gym equipment in.

So why not has a shower installed as well in the building? The when you finished working out you can have a quick shower before returning back to the house.

We would therefore recommend having a toilet and wash hand basin installed in your garden room


A garden room is a versatile and practical addition to any home, providing an extra space for relaxation, work, or hobbies. One of the most popular and valuable upgrades to a garden room is the inclusion of a toilet and shower, making it a self-contained living space. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about building a garden room with these essential amenities.


A garden room with a toilet and shower adds convenience and versatility to your property.

What’s great about having a shower and a toilet installed in your garden room, is that if your bathroom in the main house is occupied, you always have another shower to go to when you want to use it.

Also, you could save a huge amount of time, for example you might have worked in an office before, and then drove to the local gym after work.

If you use your garden room is your place to work, and you also have gym equipment inside the room, as well as a complete bathroom, then you could save time by not having to drive to the gym after work.


Building permits and regulations should be considered before starting the project.

It’s important to know that sometimes planning permission, is required before building a garden room. We offer free quotes, and when we come out to offer you a quote, our salesperson will be able to tell you whether planning permission is required or not.


 The plumbing system and drainage must be carefully planned.

It’s really important that when you have a toilet and shower and also a wash hand basin installed, that they are correctly installed by a plumber and that all of the ground works, in terms of the waste pipes are correctly installed.

If they are not, and the work is not a good standard, then the pipes can quickly block, therefore it’s really important that the toilet and the wastewater is properly connected to the main drain.

We can offer a quote to complete all of this work for you.


Proper insulation and ventilation are necessary for comfort and longevity.

It’s important to know that in a garden room, there is often a lot of plasterboard, that is plasterboard on the walls and on the ceiling, if the room is not properly ventilated then this plasterboard can quickly start to show signs of damp.

This is especially so if you are having a shower installed, because the shower will create so much steam, that this can build up within the garden room, causing condensation on the windows but also damp on the plasterboard.

This is why it’s so important that electricians properly connect electric ventilation for you.

    Electrical installations should meet safety standards and accommodate all required appliances.

It’s important that when plumbing work is carried out and electrical work is carried out that you hire qualified contractors. We always use qualified electricians and plumbers, so that you can be totally rest assured that the work is completed to a high standard.


Customisable design options allow you to create the perfect garden room.

When you call some garden room companies, for a quote, sometimes they offer you let’s say three different size gardens.

Now one of these might be available with a bathroom, yet the size of the bathroom might just come in a standard size, and you may not be able to pick which shower enclosure you like, which shower trays you like, which wash hand basin you like and which toilet.

However our company is very different, because we can build the bathroom as large as you like, and also you could pick any bathroom suite you like, and any choice of tiles, and our planners will install all of this for you.


Building a garden room with toilet & shower


According to a 2020 report from AMA Research, garden room installations in the UK increased by 5% compared to the previous year.This trend highlights the growing popularity of garden rooms as homeowners seek to maximize their living spaces.

The reason why garden rooms are becoming more and more popular here in the UK, is because often they are much cheaper than having an extension added to your house.

For example, let’s say that you call a local builder in Bristol, to build a property extension complete with a bathroom, it’s likely to cost a lot more than what it would cost us to build a garden room complete with a bathroom.

This is why garden rooms are so popular in Bristol.


Can you put a toilet and shower in a Garden Room?


The short answer is yes, it is possible to install a toilet and shower in a garden room, for example a lot of people that are using their garden room as a gym, will often also have a shower installed. This just simply makes it much easier for homeowners, because when they finish their work out, let’s say on the rowing machine, they can simply have a shower within the garden room, rather than having to walk to the house for a shower.


What to consider when installing a toilet and shower in a garden room


There are several factors to consider when installing a toilet and shower in a garden room, including:


    Planning permissions and building regulations: when we come out to offer you a quote, we will be able to advise you whether you need to obtain planning permission or not for your new summerhouse.

Why do garden room prices vary so much?



Garden buildings have now become so popular here in the U.K, major department stores now even sell garden rooms within their shops. Therefore creating a tranquil outdoor space, a place where you can go to truly unwind, has become something many homeowners have asked to build.

Perhaps the building will be used as a place to do yoga, as a place for you to work, or perhaps as a place where you can play a musical instrument. Garden rooms have therefore become popular because they allow you to extend living area, sometimes much more cheaply than if you were to have say hired a builder to build a loft conversion.  

This article will explore the various factors that influence the cost of creating your perfect outdoor sanctuary.

Low-cost summerhouses

we build summerhouses which range in price, ranging between £18,000 and £70,000.

Our £18,000 summerhouses offer fantastic value for money, because they have quality insulation and are made from high quality wood. Plus the Windows and doors will be very high-quality, so even our cheapest summerhouses still offer fantastic value for money.

However we can build large garden rooms, which could have underfloor heating, they can also add air-conditioning and also a green roof. Therefore some of our large garden rooms can range in price between 50 and £70,000.

Whichever garden room option that you choose, whether it’s our £18,000 summerhouse or our £70,000 garden room, all offer fantastic value for money.

The buildings are constructed in your garden, by our joiners, so every single one of our garden rooms is well built.

Which areas of Bristol do you build summerhouses?

We can build a summerhouse anywhere within Bristol.

We have a very friendly sales team, our sales team can travel anywhere within Bristol, we also regularly build summerhouses within the city of Bath. Sometimes if the summerhouse is going to be relatively simple, then sometimes there and then we can offer you a quote.

However, if the garden room is larger, and you require options installed such as air conditioning, or a complete bathroom, or perhaps a green roof to also be installed, then we will need to write to you via email with a quote to you in around three days time.

Therefore sometimes we are able to offer you a quote there and then, and sometimes we will need a bit of extra time to calculate the costs.

We have built so many high quality and also luxurious log cabins right throughout south-west England, our company is known for offering top quality workmanship.

The reason for this is our company directors have worked very hard to hire highly skilled carpenters and also joiners in Bristol, this means that we build very high quality log cabins.

If you would like a log cabin built in Bristol then why not call us?


Concrete or ground screws?

When we are building a new summerhouse, we offer our customers to options to pick from, they are to pick from ground screws or to have a concrete foundation built.

For us to build a concrete foundation, this will cost much more when compared to ground screws.

The reason for this is, ground screws, can be installed very quickly however with concrete, it’s more expensive for us to purchase plus also is often a lot more labour required.

For example, you might not have rear access to your garden, so sometimes the concrete needs to be pumped over the house, or it might need to be brought in by wheelbarrow and if it’s brought in by wheelbarrow, then this will require many labourers, this is why it costs more for us to build concrete foundations.

Therefore if you want your garden room to be built at a lower cost, then we would highly recommend opting for ground screws.


 Would you like a log cabin / summerhouse / garden room built?


The garden rooms that we build, vary massively in terms of the size, and what the exterior appearance of the building looks like. For example, you may want an ultra modern garden room? If so, our builders could build composite decking, a rubber roof, huge bi-folding doors, and we could add composite cladding to the outside.

If you would like a garden room, clad with quality hardwoods, then we can offer this too.

The range of available options means that prices can vary widely. To choose the right garden room for your needs and budget, it’s essential to evaluate the purpose of the space and the features that will best serve that purpose.

What size garden room would you like built?

The size of your garden room will significantly impact the price for us to build the the summerhouse. Prices range between 18k and 70k, we would say most of the garden rooms we do build, are around 30k.

Larger rooms do require more building materials, for example for structural wood. Also larger summerhouses take more time to build, and labour to construct. Additionally, they may need more extensive foundations, for example more concrete, or perhaps more ground screws in order to support the wooden joists.

The great thing about garden rooms are, we can build them to any size that you like, so if you have a wide garden, why not have a long garden room built? if you have a large garden room built, you could have multiple rooms built inside, for example, why not use one half as a gym? And the other half could be a place where you do yoga?



Which cladding would you like?

The building materials used in the construction of your garden room will affect both the price and the structure’s longevity.

For example, we offer many different types of cladding, the cheapest option we offer in pine, yet we also offer composite cladding.

Composite cladding is more expensive, its one of the more expensive cladding options we offer, however, it never  needs to be painted, stained or varnished, it will never incur wood rot, as its not made entirely from wood. So when picking the cladding that you want added to your summerhouse, you do have to consider, whether you want low maintanance option, or if you would like a option like composite, that never needs painting.




The level of customisation and added features will also influence the cost of your garden room. For example, our experienced joiners, can even build book cases, bars, and even make bespoke internal doors for you.

 Basic structures that we build, such as simple bar are more affordable but could lack the unique features that make the space truly yours.

On the other hand, to build a large bar, made of hardwood, that’s really intricate, like a bar you would find in a real pub, building items like this will likely increase the overall price for us to build the garden room.


Will my garden room require planning permission?


In some cases, you may need planning permission granted, before we can start to build the garden room. This wouldn’t effect the cost for us to build the building, but it might mean there are delays, before we can start to build the building. Therefore you should check with your local council in Bristol, and also an architect, whether planning permission is needed.


Some garden rooms companies, return to offer ongoing maintenance  




Sometimes ongoing maintenance, such as painting is requested by the customer. For example, you may opt for a expensive hardwood, this hardwood might need sealing, what we mean by that is that a coat of varnish, might need coating onto the hardwood on a regular basis. Different hardwoods will require different varnishes, we can recommend quality varnishes and we can return on a repeat basis to varnish the hardwood for you.


    Landscaping and surroundings


The aesthetic appeal of your garden room can be enhanced by the surrounding landscape. For example we could carry out landscaping work, such as laying artificial grass, building raised flower beds, and also we can build a new patio for you. Creating a visually appealing outdoor space may involve landscaping costs, such as planting trees, shrubs, or flowers, adding pathways, or installing outdoor lighting. While these enhancements can increase the enjoyment of your garden room, they can also add to the overall cost.





    Eco-friendly options


Environmentally-conscious homeowners may wish to incorporate eco-friendly materials and features in their garden rooms, such as energy-efficient insulation, solar panels, or sustainable building materials.

For example, we can also build a roof, which is called a green roof, we think this would be a brilliant option if you live in Bristol.

As we all know Bristol is a very busy city, with a lot of traffic, and therefore a lot of pollution. There’s also large areas of the city which are covered in tarmac, concrete buildings and also housing.

This means that the might not be many wildflowers, and as we all know bees need wildflowers in order to collect pollen. So why not hire us to build a garden room complete with a green roof, on the green roof you can grow many wildflowers and plants, this will help the bees.

So, for example here within Bristol, if you have a garden room constructed by us, that has a green roof, you could grow a large number of wildflowers growing on the roof, and this is good for the bees.

 While these options may initially increase the cost, they can lead to long-term savings in energy costs and contribute to a reduced carbon footprint.