Garden Room Flooring Ideas


Garden Room / Summerhouse Flooring Ideas


Garden rooms as well as garden offices have seen a massive surge in popularity over the past few years. How many garden rooms have been built in your street alone? Its with good reason they are so popular, you can gain extra room, which is sometimes built for much less than what it would cost to build an extension onto your home. So why may a local builder to build a property extension, when we can often build a garden room for you for much less?

Our buildings provide an excellent retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life, where you can step into your summerhouse, and simply have a room to unwind in. Yet when having a summerhouse built, well there’s 101 things to think about, such as how large do you want the windows to be? Which type of doors do you want? And what flooring do you want?

Having the right flooring, is really important, because you will be steping from your gardens lawn into your garden room, so you need a floor that’s easy to clean.  

Top 10 Highlights of the Blog Post

  1. Understand the appeal and benefits of real hardwood flooring- why not have oak flooring?
  2. Discover the versatility and cost-effectiveness of laminate flooring.
  3. Uncover the resilience and design options with vinyl flooring.
  4. Appreciate the elegance and durability of stone flooring.
  5. Explore the various carpet types: low pile, high pile, wool, nylon, and acrylic.
  6. Learn about the pros and cons of ceramic tile flooring.
  7. Delve into the luxury of underfloor heating.
  8. Learn how to choose the right flooring based on functionality, aesthetics, and budget.
  9. Find out how to maintain these various flooring types.
  10. Engage with a comprehensive F.A.Q. section detailing common queries about garden room flooring.

Real Hardwood Flooring

The epitome of timeless elegance, whether you step into your house, or a garden room, if you have real hardwood flooring, this can instantly make a room feel more homely.

Real hardwood flooring, such as flooring made from oak, offers a warm, inviting feel, enhancing any garden room’s aesthetic. While hardwood flooring comes with a higher price tag, it’s the most expensive flooring option we offer, its easy to maintain and clean.


Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a versatile and cost-effective alternative to real wood. With laminate flooring there are so many options, for example, you can have laminate flooring that made to look like wood, so its wood effect. You can also have laminate flooring that comes in light grey colour, laminate flooring is very easy to clean.

Statistics suggest that the laminate flooring market is expected to reach $18.8 billion by 2026 source. This popularity is driven by laminate’s wear resistance, ease of installation, and the plethora of design options mimicking more expensive materials.

Vinyl Flooring

The resilience and waterproof nature of vinyl flooring make it ideal for garden rooms, so for example lets say your playing football on your lawn, then you decide to go into your garden room, to have a refreshing lemonade on the sofa, with laminate you  haven’t got to worry about walking mud into the room. That’s because laminate and vinyl flooring are an absolute piece of cake to clean. . The vinyl flooring market is predicted to grow at a rate of 7.4% from 2020 to 2027 source, owing to its growing appeal for homeowners seeking durability and design versatility.


Stone Flooring

Stone flooring brings an element of natural elegance to a garden room- often our customers want either hardwood flooring or laminate, but we think you should consider stone flooring as well, as it’s a very durable option and easy to clean . Whether you opt for slate, granite, limestone, or marble, stone flooring is hard-wearing and very long-lasting.  


Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring, available in low pile, high pile, wool, nylon, and acrylic, offers a cosy atmosphere to the garden room, when you add comfortable sofas, it may even feel like your sitting in your living room.  


Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles offer a wide range of design options and excellent durability- ceramic tiles are very long lasting, plus if you spill your coffee on the floor, no problem, simply mop of the floor and that’s all that’s needed. However if you opt for say a wool carpet, well, you might sometimes never get the stain out of the carpet. So a ceramic tile floor, is easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for garden rooms.


Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating adds a luxurious touch to your garden room, if you want nice warm feet even on the coldest of winter days, then why not have our garden room company add underfloor heating?

Choosing the right flooring for your garden room involves striking a balance between practicality, the aesthetics, and budget. From the timeless charm of hardwood to the functional elegance of ceramic tiles, each option offers unique advantages.   


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

  1. What is the most durable flooring option for a garden room?

While durability varies within types, stone, ceramic tiles, and vinyl are generally known for their durability.

  1. What is the most cost-effective garden room flooring option?

Laminate and vinyl flooring tend to be more cost-effective than real hardwood or stone.

  1. Can I use underfloor heating with any type of flooring?

Underfloor heating can be used with most types of flooring. However, it’s essential to check with the manufacturer or a professional installer for specific requirements.

  1. How often should I replace my garden room flooring?

The lifespan of your flooring depends on the material and how well it’s maintained. Hardwood and stone can last for decades if properly cared for, while carpets might need replacing after 5-10 years.

  1. Is carpet flooring suitable for a garden room?

Carpet flooring can be used in a garden room, offering a warm and comfortable surface. It’s best to opt for a material that is easy to clean and resistant to moisture.

  1. Can I install the flooring myself?

While some types of flooring, like laminate and vinyl, are relatively easy to install, others like stone, ceramic tiles, and hardwood might require professional installation.

How much does it cost to build a small garden office?




When you log into your social media accounts, whether that be Facebook or Instragram, and you’re looking for ideas for how your new garden room could look, well, often the buildings are very large. Often the homeowner will have a garden office which extends the full length of the garden, which has spot lights to illuminate the front of the building, and it is very much the focal point of the garden.

However, what if you don’t want a huge garden room built?

What if you like your garden the way it is, and you don’t want a garden building to occupy a lot of space?

Well, here at Kingsley we have the solution


Do you sell flat pack garden offices, so we can build them ourselves?

Here at Kingsley, we only build “bespoke garden rooms”. This means that currently we do not sell “flat pack” garden rooms. Although some flat pack garden rooms can be brilliant quality, they can be easy to build, and sometimes the panels will have insulation built into each panel, so the building could be well insulated. However, one of the drawbacks of flat pack summerhouses is that sometimes, you are limited to range of sizes. The reason why so many people choose Kingsley to build their log cabin, is because we can build the building to any dimensions that you would like. For example, if you have a wide garden, then why not have a garden building which is very long?


If you build our garden office, can we use it in winter? Even during say December?

Yes, it fair to say, that some summerhouses, well they are not built for use in our British winters. However, our buildings are. So, what makes our garden buildings different from some summerhouses?

Well, its all dependent on the quality of the insulation. Some insulation is sometimes no thicker than kitchen foil, however, we would recommend panel insulation, which has two reflective sides, and can have a thick insulation foam centre, which is fantastic at insulating your garden office. We could recommend choosing thick insulation panels, as they do come in different thickness, and because garden rooms, are often not made from brick or stone, you don’t have a thick outer wall, this is why we would recommend thick insulation panels.

Its worth keeping in mind, that when you add thicker insulation, this can take up more some of the internal space, so do make sure that when thinking about the size garden room you want, and how much space you want inside the summerhouse, that you take into consideration how much the plasterboard, the outer wall and the foam insulation how thick the walls will be. If you’re having a garden pod built, yet you want very thick insulation, then you do have to make sure that you still have the room need within the garden room, once the insulation, plasterboard has been added.


If you were to build a garden office, can we use it summer?

Most certainly, there are very good air conditioning systems that can install for you, which will work very well on the garden rooms that we build. In a short period of time, when the air conditioning systems are switch on the room will be cool inside.


Can you add solar panels to the roof for us?

Yes, we can, with electricity prices currently high, a lot of people want a garden room, which is energy efficient, which means have good quality insulation. Plus, also a lot of homeowners want solar panels on the roof of the garden room. There might be an area within your garden, which captures sunlight for a lot of the day, you can turn that sunlight into electricity. Therefore, the space on the roof of your garden room, might not otherwise be used, yet you could have solar panels to make electric, you could have panels also to warm water, as well.

We can install the solar panels for you. Plus, the solar panels are easy to maintain than solar panels on the roof of a house, the reason being your garden room roof will be much lower than the roof of your house, so its easier to maintain your solar panels.


Can you get our garden room built to the point where all we have to do is move our furniture in?

Yes, we can paint and decorate your garden room. We can paint the garden office any colour you like, we can also lay the flooring for you as well. Perhaps you would like laminate flooring, or perhaps you would like real wood flooring? We can paint the walls, and the ceiling for you, we can use a quality paint like Farrow and Ball, we can then lay the flooring for you.



Can you install the install the electrics for us?

Yes, from installing the air conditioning system, to installing the lights and dimmer switches, our electricians can install all of the wiring and the electrics for you. We can even install solar panels on the roof for you. Our electricians will install a quality fuse box, and also, we can offer to install electric heaters, which can be switched on from an android or i-phone. So, for example, let’s say you are about to drive back to your house, to start working in your garden office, yet its December, so its likely to be very cold outside, before you start to drive back to your house, you can switch on the electric radiator from your smartphone.

We can also install composite decking outside your garden room, we can install lights into the decking for you. Therefore when you finished working, you can have a seat on your decking, and if its dark outside, you may want to switch the lights on your decking, plus we can install led lights into the canopy of your garden room, so the whole garden room can be illuminated at night.


Garden offices with prices starting from just 18k

We can build what are called “garden pods” buildings which simply fit into the corner of a garden, there often just large enough to place a desk in, and are well insulated, so its easy for you to keep the building warm in winter. We can install electric heaters for you as well.


Want your garden office to blend into your garden?

We offer a large range of exterior cladding options, so if you’re having a garden office built by us, why not have, olive green cladding, made from composite boards, and green guttering and down pipes, also with green bi-folding doors, and green aluminium frame windows? This way the garden room will blend into say the trees more, or the lawn, more so than a garden room would if it had say wooden cladding.


What about the summer, how can we cool the garden office?

You can easily cool your garden room, because we can install air conditioning for you, so 365 days of the year, you could use your garden room if you wanted to. Our electricians, can install air conditioning for you.


Which door options do you offer with your garden offices?

If you would like, a garden pod, built, they often the buildings are not large enough to have bi-folding doors, so what we would recommend is either aluminium or wood French doors. We can also offer a single door, and also, we offer UPVC doors. If you would like a garden office, built at a low cost, we would recommend choosing UPVC doors, these are still good quality, they are good keeping the heat within the garden office, if they are double or triple glazed yet they are much lower cost than opting for aluminium doors.

Wooden doors can also be built, they can built out of hardwood or softwood.

On larger garden offices, we can install bi-folding doors.


The garden office will be located near a busy road, can you add sound proofing for us?

Yes when we are constructing a summerhouse, or a garden room, we can add sound proofing. Sound proofing can be added into the floor, the walls and roof. However, its important to know, that even with sound proofing added to your garden room, this does not completely block out all outside noise. Sound proofing can help to dampen outside noise. So if you own a home, and you want a garden room built near say a busy road, then sound proofing can help to dampen some of the road noise, yet often will still be able to hear the road.

When we add insulation into the walls, this can also help to reduce the noise from outside.

If you want a garden office built, and you live near a busy road, we can come and visit you in Bristol, and recommend different ways where we can make it quieter for you within your garden room. For example our builders could build a “breeze block wall” behind the building, to help reduce some of the road noise heard within the garden room. We can also build what is called “acoustic fencing”- you may have driven along miles of acoustic fencing, while you drive down the motorway- and not known that the fencing is acoustic fencing”.

That’s because acoustic fencing, looks like normal fencing, however it is designed to help reduce the amount of road noise that homeowners hear.

We want a “dual use” garden room, one half to be used as a gym and the other to be used as an office can you build such a garden room for us?

Yes, we have built may “dual use” garden rooms in Bristol. For example, one half might be used as a garden bar, a place to have your friend over, and enjoy a nice pint of cider or perhaps English Ale?

And the other half of the room, you might use to work in, so its your garden office.


Have you experience of building many garden rooms in Bristol?

Yes, Kingsley Build has constructed many luxury garden rooms. We have built many garden offices and rooms within Bristol. We have large team of staff, who, every week travel all across South West England building our garden buildings- you may have seen one of our many vans? You may have seen us working on your street. For five years now we have been building luxury garden rooms, we do travel throughout the United Kingdom building our buildings, however, most of the buildings we build are within South West England.

Therefore, whether your house is in Bath, or your property is within Bristol, its highly likely that we have already built a garden room only a short drive from where you live. Often our customers are so happy with their garden office, that they tell the neighbours, and often therefore we are recommended, and we are asked to build another garden office in the same street. We have built many garden offices in Bristol.


We want underfloor heating added to our garden office, can you install this for us?

Yes, we would highly recommend that you do opt to have underfloor heating installed within your garden room. The reason is, when you’re walking to your garden building in the winter, you will want the floor to be nice and warm, this makes the room more comfortable, as the underfloor heating, will help to warm the room also. We would strongly recommend that quality insulation is added to the summerhouse, such as sheep’s wool, so that the heat produced by the electric radiators or the underfloor heating stays in the room for longer.

So many summerhouses are poorly constructed, with just softwood outside cladding, plasterboard inside, and no insulation. This means heating the summerhouse will be very expensive, plus, as soon as the underfloor heating or the radiators are switched off, its likely the heat will escape in a matter of minutes, meaning the room will return to being cold. With the increase in cost of electric and gas, we would highly recommend that you choose a garden room company that puts a lot of insulation into the garden room. We would recommend using either rockwool, which is also known as fibreglass, or panel insulation or sheep’s wool. You can also use a combination of these, so for example, rockwool in the roof, and panel insulation in the walls.


We want our garden office to be built so that it is as eco-friendly as possible- how do you ensure your garden offices are eco-friendly?

We can offer to build your garden office, so the exterior is clad with composite cladding, and we can recommend many different brands which manufacture composite cladding from recycled plastics. The composite cladding will not need painting, so you save time not having to paint the garden room, plus, the composite panels will be made from recycled plastics, so this is good for the environment as well.

We would recommend having our builders build a “green roof” to also include “rain water harvesting” so the rainwater which comes off the roof, can be reused in your garden, perhaps by using it to fill your watering can, and watering your plants. We would recommend adding to the roof a green roof, so you can grow wild flowers. The wild flowers growing on the roof, will enhance your garden, but there also great for insects, the birds who eat those insects and also worms, and the bees.

You might live in a part of Bristol that’s been heavily built upon, so your home may well be surrounded by buildings, tarmac. You may therefore want a green roof, so you have wild flowers growing in your garden.


Can you install all of the electrics into our garden office for us?

Yes, we can, we can install the power sockets, all of the lights, that’s the interior lighting and exterior lighting, if you have decking built by us, we can also install lighting into the decking. We can install dimmer switched for you, plus power sockets with usb charging, we can install the electric radiators for you. We have electricians which work for Kingsley, which means, that we can install all of the electrics for you.


Do you guarantee the roof?

Yes, we can guarantee the roof on our garden rooms. Whichever company you choose to build your summerhouse, do ask them, before you accept their quote, whether or not they guarantee the roof, and for how long. So many people have bought summerhouses, which seem very cheap, yet if the roof starts to leak, the whole garden room may need demolishing after a short period of time. The wooden boarding, which supports the roof, this is often called the OSB boarding, when this becomes wet, it can start to buckle, and the whole roof may fall in.

This is why, for a garden room roof, we wouldn’t recommend felt, we would recommend a “rubber roof” yet the timbers which support the roof, must be strong, and built by a carpenter. The rubber roof needs to be high quality, with good quality facia boards and guttering. The garden room company should also consider where the rain water will go, if the rain water is just coming out of a down pipe often puddles of water will quickly form, and the ground will get saturated with water.

Therefore, when your having a garden room built, you need to consider drainage, for example, how far will the building be from the main drains, and does the quote include connecting the drains from the summerhouse to your main drains?


Do you own a show room where we can see an example the garden rooms you build?

Currently we do not own a showroom, however, because we have been building garden rooms for over 5 years, this means we have built many summerhouses all across Bristol. Therefore, on our social media accounts, that’s on Facebook, on Instragram on YouTube as well you will see the many summerhouses that we have already built.

Also, on our Google My Business account, when you type Kingsley Garden Rooms into Google, you will see the many positive reviews our customers have left.


A lot of people hire us to build their garden office because we can build it so quickly

Some garden room companies, sometimes have a long waiting list before they can start the build. Then when they do arrive, they may only dedicate one person or two to constructing the garden office. This sometimes means the building may take sometimes over a month to build, and this might simply be too long for some people, especially for example, if there just about to start running a business or working from home more often, they will need a building built as soon as possible.

Here at Kingsley, we have a large team, we have managers, we have joiners, we have electricians, we have roofers, we have labourers who mix our concrete, bring our building materials into the garden and help our carpenters with constructing the structural timbers. We have a large team, most of the garden offices we build, often, we build them in less that 3 weeks. Another reason why we are hired, is simply because we can start work on building a garden room with less than 4 weeks from you contacting us.


How are we able to start work so quickly?

That’s because we have a large team of garden room installers, they travel all over South West England. And because we build our garden rooms so fast, this means that we can build a lot of garden rooms every month. Even though our garden offices are built fast, often in less than 3 weeks, there’s


Are your garden offices which you build well insulated?

Yes, we can offer you many different types of wall insulation, for example, you may want a type of eco-friendly wall insulation, so why not opt for sheep’s wool? We can place the sheep’s wool in the cavity between the structural timbers and the plasterboard. Alternatively, you may want “panel insulation” if you have recently had an extension added onto your home, for example you may have just had a kitchen / dinner built? Well, the builders which built your property extension will have most likely used panel insulation next to the “breeze blocks”- so panel insulation is used when building many homes, its very effective at helping to make a home, and garden rooms more energy efficient. There are also many brands which make panel insulation in varying thicknesses.


We can also offer fibreglass insulation as well.


We want a garden office with solar panels on the roof, are you able to build this for us?


Yes, with the rise in energy prices, such as electricity, many residents in Bristol, will have had an energy bill come through their door, and they may have been shocked at the price. This means that when many homeowners are designing their garden rooms, or lets say having a new property extension added to their home, they want to make the building energy efficient, but more people are also looking at ways where they can generate electric or hot water themselves.

And often it makes complete sense to have solar panels added to a garden room roof, because sometimes the garden room will be in a position in your garden, where it may be able to capture a large amount of sunlight throughout the day. So you will be having a garden room built by us, that’s energy efficient, because it has insulation in the walls, yet, on the roof, you could be generating electric via high quality solar panels, which we have installed for us. Also, you may want a kitchen added to your garden room, so why not have panels added to the roof, where you can heat up hot water as well?


How long will it take your company to build a garden office?

There are many different factors which determine how long it takes us to build a garden office. For example, would you like “ground screws” used as the foundations, or perhaps, you would like instead for our builders to use a concrete base. A lot of people prefer a concrete base, as that’s something they are familiar with, as perhaps they have a garage with concrete base, or a shed, so we can offer both options, however if you opt for ground screws, then this can mean that we can build the garden office a lot quicker, that’s because concrete bases take longer to build, as we have to wait for the concrete to dry before our builders can start work on building the side walls of the garden room.

The benefits of adding a green roof onto your garden room




More and more green roofs, are being added to houses, commercial buildings as well as garden rooms. There are a huge number of benefits, such as improved insulation, it can help to improve the appearance of the building, as well as helping the environment, because you could grow wildflowers on the roof of the building.

Within this blog post, we will explain the benefits of having a green roof on your garden room.


What is a green roof?

A green roof is simply a roof where you can grow plants, flowers and vegetables if you so wish. However the roof has to be able to withstand all of the extra weight that a green roof will add to a garden building. For example, if you were to have a green roof added to your summerhouse, then this can mean that over one ton of soil is added to the roof, therefore the building needs to be made to it can uphold all of this extra weight. Therefore you are going to need a garden room company, that is capable of building a green roof, and the roof should be reinforced and upheld by steel beams.

The roof needs to be made so that it is extra strong, because when it rains, and the soil absorbs all of the water, the roof will become very heavy. Therefore you need to have a very strong roof to be able to uphold all of this weight


Does adding a green roof, onto a garden room, increase the cost of constructing the building?

Yes, for our construction company, to build a green roof onto a building, often means that the cost of the building is a lot more than if you were to pick another type of roof. However a lot of people are willing to pay extra for a green roof, because they might live in a city, where there is a lot of concrete, tarmac and brick buildings, and they want a space where they can grow flowers, plants or vegetable.

Therefore the homeowner might live in a city like Bristol in London, and we might have a small garden, therefore every square metre of garden they wanted used to grow flowers.

Therefore a lot of homeowners are willing to pay extra to have a green roof added to the garden room


What are the benefits of adding a green roof, onto a garden room?



because of all of the soil on the roof, this can create a thick layer which can act like an installation. So not only will you obtain a roof where you can grow plants, but also the soil is helping to insulin the building as well, therefore in the winter it is helping to keep the seat within the room, and in the sunlight helping to reflect some of the heat away from the building helping to keep the inside of garden room cool.


Can help the building to blend into its surroundings

perhaps you have a large garden in Bristol, and within your garden growing a lot of plants, flowers and trees, and you want a garden room that blends more into the garden, therefore you might want green cladding, so that the building’s walls blend into the surrounding lawn, and you might wants a green roof so that you can grow plants and this can help the building to further blend into the garden.


Help the bees

you might have a garden room built, that has a large roof, therefore this can offer a large area to grow wildflowers. Growing these flowers will help the bees.


Improves the appearance of your garden room

a lot of modern houses, have green roofs, so you might have a house that is just been built in Bristol, and on the roof might be a green roof. Therefore you might want the same type of roof added to your summerhouse, and we can build a summerhouse for you with a green roof.


Can offer a long-lasting roof

it’s really important, that if you want a green roof constructed, that it is well built so that the roof last a long period of time with little maintenance. We have built many garden rooms that have a green roof, so we are highly experienced in building summerhouses with green roofs.


Would you like a garden room, constructed with a green roof?

Perhaps you would like us to build a garden office for you, that has a green roof, perhaps you want a garden bar or a garden room built by us? We have built a large number of garden rooms in Bristol, so whether you want a rubber roof, a fibreglass roof or a green roof, all of our garden rooms are very high quality. With prices starting from as low as £18,000 they offer brilliant value for money, so if you would like a garden room built by Kingsley then why not call us today?

What are the benefits of owning a garden room that has composite cladding?





If you’re thinking of improving your garden lately, then you are bound to have heard of this word “composite”. And there’s now composite decking, composite fencing and garden rooms made using composite- so we thought it would be a good idea, to write about what composite is, why its such a good choice of building material when having a garden room made.


So, what is composite?

Composite cladding, decking and fencing is made by a huge number of manufacturers. There are some companies based here in the U.K that make composite cladding for example. Composite cladding is used on houses, on the facia boards of homes and also when cladding garden rooms. Its often used in items such as decking, fencing and cladding because its long lasting, its durable, its very low maintenance.



Do some companies use recycled rubbers and plastics, when manufacturing composite products?

Yes, plastics that might otherwise have ended up in a council tip, and treated as waste, can be turned into composite cladding. What’s great about composite products like decking, fencing and cladding is, they can often last much longer than wood, and because there not made completely of timber, trees can be saved, and left to grow and capture carbon, and instead composite products can be made from plastic waste, which may have otherwise just ended up in a council tip. So if you want to do your bit to help protect the environment, don’t opt for timber cladding, opt for composite instead.


Does the quality of composite cladding vary?

Yes, the quality can vary quite a lot, you do get what you pay for, however, because we have now built so many Bristol summerhouses, we know which brands are high quality, we can therefore recommend quality brands, some come with very long guarantee periods, so you can be confident you are obtaining a high-quality product, that will last a long period of time.


Will it take your builders longer to build a composite summerhouse?

No, not at all, that’s because we have a large team of builders, whether they are added wooden cladding like oak cladding, or using composite cladding, they can build a new summerhouse in a very short period of time. Most garden rooms that we build within the city of Bristol are built from start to finish in under 3 weeks, that’s from building the concrete base, to fixing the guttering on the roof, so our garden rooms can be built quickly, this is due to the number of tradesmen we have working for us. Here at Kingsley, we now have a large team that’s of carpenters, electricians and roofers.


We also want composite decking built, are you able to offer composite decking as well?

Yes, we offer to build a summerhouse made with composite cladding, we can also replace your garden fence, and build a new garden fence made using composite. We can also build composite decking as well. We can therefore build garden rooms, and build composite decking outside, so you have a great place to sit outside, enjoy the summer weather, on patio table and chairs, and enjoy nice bottle of wine?


We want the composite cladding to look like softwood, do you offer this?

Yes, composite cladding comes in hundreds of different colours, such as light green, light grey and light wood colours. So if you like the colour of say pine, which is a softwood, then we can offer composite cladding which looks similar to pine wood. Yet, we think composite cladding is much better than wooden cladding, because composite often lasts much longer, because composite cant rot, yet wood can rot, and here in Britain, because the climate is damp, softwoods, like pine, can rot, and incur wood worm, this is why, if you want a summerhouse cladding, which lasts longer, then we would recommend paying that bit more for composite cladding.


We want the composite cladding to look like hardwood, can you offer this?

Yes, there are manufacturers of composite cladding, which can make the composite look like hardwood. There are manufacturers here in the United Kingdom, which make composite cladding, and the cladding can look like real hardwood, for example like oak.


Do you build composite summerhouses in Bristol?

Yes, we build composite garden rooms in Bristol, we have sales staff that can offer you advice, and also offer you a free quote, for us to build a composite summerhouse for you. So, if you want a summerhouse, where you never have to paint the outside, then why not have a composite garden room built by us. With prices starting from as low as 18k, its clear why so many residents of Bath and in Bristol hire us to build their summerhouses. Our prices are low, plus we also build our garden building quickly. We can often build a summerhouse, from start to finish in less than three weeks.


Do you build garden rooms made using composite?

Yes, many people want a garden office, or a garden room made, with composite cladding, then to have a rubber roof, and to have aluminium frame windows and doors, all of these when we build them, are long lasting, low maintenance, and because you opted for composite cladding you never need to paint it.

We build composite garden rooms. We can offer you many different colour options, so would like a olive green garden room? Or perhaps you would like a grey garden room, or a garden room that’s made to look like its made from hardwood, but really made from composite.

When you pick composite, you picking a fantastic quality cladding, but also some brands, use recycled plastics when making the cladding. So composite cladding is environmentally friendly as well.


If we are having a garden room built, would you recommend we opt for composite cladding?

Yes, there are hundreds of different types of cladding you can choose for your garden room, there many different types of wood, softwood, hardwood, there are different types of plastics, different types of metal sheet cladding, however, if you were to ask us, what we think the best option is, we would say, without a doubt composite cladding we think is the best- but why do we think that?

Well, the answer is simple, its because composite cladding is so low maintenance, even if you have a relatively small garden, there’s often so much work that needs to be completed, in order to keep the garden looking neat and tidy. The lawn will often need mowing, trees cut back, sheds that need painting, decking that needs staining and fencing that needs a good lick of paint. So if you were to have a garden room built, well, you may want a building that’s low maintenance, one where you don’t have to seal the wood every year, with say varnishes, oils or paints. After all our British summers well, there very short, so why would you want to waste time painting your summerhouse if you don’t have to.


Is composite cladding more expensive than if we were to opt for wooden cladding for our garden room?

Wooden cladding can vary hugely in price, for example, the price difference between pine and oakwood is massive, so it does depend on which wood you want. However, if you want top quality composite cladding, this is not the cheapest option we offer, however with that said, if you having a garden office or garden room made in Bristol, then we think its most definitely worth paying a bit for composite, because it long lasting.

Plus, with composite cladding, and its same with composite decking, or composite fencing, what’s great about composite is never need painting.

If you are have a garden room built, then we think it’s definitely worth choosing composite cladding, with aluminium windows and aluminium frame bi-folding doors, the reason for this, these are we the best option. If you were to choose softwood windows, or say French doors made from a softwood like pine, these will need staining, painting or varnishing, however, when you choose aluminium windows and doors, this a low maintenance option as it never needs painting.



Composite can be made to look like real wood

Composite comes in a huge range of colours, for example, a popular colour is grey composite cladding. However, you can also choose composite cladding that looks like wood, it has wood grain, and a wood colour, yet unlike wood, you won’t need to paint it.

Our company can also build composite fencing and decking, so you might want to hire us, so we can build a garden room, with composite cladding, then we can also build composite decking and composite fencing for you.


Composite wont rot

Here in Britain, it does sure rain a lot, yet our British weather means that’s wood outdoor is often saturated with water, which can mean that wood rot can occur. This is why we think that composite cladding is the best option of cladding for a summerhouse here in the U.K, simply because it rains so much, you will want an exterior cladding, that won’t incur wood rot, or wood worm. Composite is simply brilliant, because it can’t rot.

Softwood, such as pine, can incur woodworm, the woodworm will eat the wood, and sometimes the wood becomes so weakened by the woodworm, that with a light pressure from your finger you can break the wood. Therefore, a whole garden room can become damaged by woodworm, this is why we recommend making as much of the summerhouse from composite and metal as possible, to help stop wood worm.


Composite lasts a long period of time

Composite is brilliant because it lasts such a long period of time, if you were opt for softwood cladding, it may incur wood worm, or may become water stained, from rain water, it might also just rot, and need replacing, therefore if composite, it can last a very long period of time.

Also, composite like a real wood, so you will have the benefit of your summerhouse looking like it has an exterior made from real wood, but it could actually be made from composite. The composite cladding, can be made to look like wood grain, plus it could be made a colour that looks like a softwood, or it could be a darker colour brown, so it looks like a dark wood. Plus, if you hire us to build a summerhouse made using composite, just think of all the time you will save not having to paint the building, because composite never needs painting.


Doesn’t absorb water

If softwood, is not properly varnished, or painted, or have wood oil applied, then the wood can absorb water a bit a sponge. This water can mean that the wood starts to rot, it may even incur wood worm. With composite the water just runs off the cladding, like plastic cladding, no water is absorbed, and therefore it does a brilliant job at helping to keep rain water out of your summerhouse, even if it is very heavy rain.

Do you have plans to improve your fitness- here’s how a garden room could help you to achieve your fitness goals




Often its in January, after the Christmas break, when a lot of us, think, right I am going to really improve my fitness, whether that’s to lose some weight or get stronger.

However, here’s the thing, after work often we have something else to do, walk the dog, complete the weekly shop- so often we put off going to the gym, saying to ourselves, “I will go tomorrow instead”- and for some us, we keep saying that until it reaches the point where we say, “I am going to cancel my gym membership-I am just not getting enough use out of it”.

So, what’s the solution, to this?

Well, we think it having a well build garden gym built by


What are the benefits of owning a garden gym?

Once you have had a garden gym built by us, whenever you want to work out, whether that’s 7am in the morning before work, or 7pm after work, your garden gym will always be there, and its only a few steps away from the house, and you can start improving your fitness whether you like. Therefore, when the garden gym is at the end of the garden, and its so close to the house, there’s no having to jump in the car and drive to the local gym anymore- so this would make it so much easier for you to start your workout whenever you like.


Air conditioned

Who’s been to the gym, and all the windows are closed, the air conditioning doesn’t work that well, and there’s over 10 people running on treadmills, and the whole room, smells of sweat, is humid, and you think, I am not working out here, I am off?

Well, when you own your own garden gym, built by our garden room company, you can regulate the temperature, whether that’s switching the electric heaters on to warm the room in winter, or to switch a quality air conditioning system on during the summer, to cool the room, so you can workout even on the hottest of summer days, and still feel so cool, that you want to run more, row more or cycle more.

Air conditioning is really important to have if your thinking of having a garden room or garden office built, as otherwise, when summer does come around, without air condition the room will be like a hot box, like a hot wooden shed, so it might be unbearable to anything within your summerhouse unless it has air conditioning. Now sure, quality insulation, such as panel insulation, this can help to keep the warm air out, however, if you are in and out of your garden room a lot, by opening up those bi-folding doors, you will simply let the warm air in, and with no way of cooling the room, it might be too hot in the garden room for you.



Garden gyms built from 18k

When you’re looking for the garden room design you want on Facebook, or Twitter or Instragram, you might think that these buildings cost in excess of 50k and some might, however, our garden rooms can be built from 18k offering such good value for money.

We can also build composite decking, if you want to do yoga outside?

Our builders as well as building a garden gym, can also build a large decked area, and the decking can be made from “composite decking”- you may never have heard of composite decking before, so let us explain what it is.

Composite decking, is sometimes made using recycled plastics, its not completely made from wood, but sometimes have saw dust within the decking, it doesn’t rot, doesn’t require staining or painting or any type of wood care product, because its not made from wood. You may want a garden gym built, that’s elevated off the ground, made with composite steps, and large composite decking, this could make a great place to do yoga on a summers evening?


Built to last

Garden rooms, vary a huge amount in price, and this can confuse a lot of people, when have nice cup of coffee in their hand and their shopping around to buy a new summerhouse. As some companies can have special offers, and the building offered for say £3k yet, and then its delivered to your house in a flat pack form.

And then when you call a local company for a quote, for a bespoke garden room, well this can easily cost in excess of £30k so why the price difference?


Lots of natural light

Whether you’re going to use your garden room, as your place of work? Or perhaps just somewhere to work out every evening after work, we would recommend having large windows, and doors, to let in as much natural light as possible. That’s because we think, a light and airy room, well that’s much better than having artificial lighting on for most of the time. Some garden room companies, they will use small windows, to try and save on costs, so make sure whichever company you hire, you get windows added to the walls you want, and they are the size windows and doors you want, and make sure that there double glazed, or even better triple glazed.

We build garden rooms, which can have large aluminium windows, Velux roof lights, large bi-folding doors, we can also install of the led lights for you.


Warm in winter

Low-cost garden rooms, well sometimes, they are nothing more than garden sheds with a window and a door. This means sometimes, they are not even plaster boarded on

We can install all of the electrics for you, this means that we can hang a television on the wall, so you can watch the BBC news as you workout in your garden gym. We can also install multiple quality electric heaters, these heaters can be switch on from you I-phone, your Android phone remotely.

So, for example, you might be in your house, having a quick breakfast, and you fancy a workout, but its December, so its very cold outside, no problem, you just open the app, to switch on the heating in your garden room. In less 30 mins, the room will be warm, and because our builders will have put insulation in walls, the room will stay warmer for longer, so can start workout in your garden gym, and it will warm inside the room because you will have electric radiators warming the room.


Let the fresh air in

When you are working out at a local gym, sometimes the room can be a bit smelly, not fresh air, what’s so great about owning your garden gym is, during and spring and summer time, when the weather is really nice, you can open the windows and the doors, and to let the fresh air come into the garden room.


No waiting for gym equipment to become free

It can be quite annoying, when you drive to a local gym, and the equipment is in use, and you have to wait around to use it. This can mean that you have to wait, this extends how long you spend in the gym, and it may delay your evening, for example getting back home and cooking, well you might have to do that a bit later, if you’re waiting over 30 mins for a treadmill to become free. And we think this is one of the reasons why garden gyms are now so popular, because you don’t have to wait for anybody to get off the equipment, because you own all of the gym equipment yourself. This can help you to save time.



When you think of a set of dumbbells, how many times could these be used in one day? Over 10 times? Are they cleaned every day? Well, sometimes, at some gyms they are not, and this might be a reason that some people have a garden gym built, because all of the gym equipment is yours in your garden gym, this means its much easier to keep clean. Plus no one else is using it, other than you, and who you invite into the garden room.



We don’t just build garden gyms, we also build luxury garden rooms, offices and log cabins. We might have already built a summerhouse on your street, that’s because we are such a well-known garden room company, that we have built summerhouses all over Bristol. Plus, with our huge number of 5-star reviews, on Google My Business, it is clear why so many people hire Kingsley to build a summerhouse, or just new decking or fencing, as we simply build quality. With prices starting from just 18k its also clear to see why we out during all seasons, summer, spring, autumn and winter building our garden rooms.  



We also build large garden rooms

Some gym equipment can take up a lot of room, so not all of it could be fitted in say a spare bedroom. So you  may want a massive garden room built?

You may want a shower, wash hand basin, and toilet? So as soon as your finished working out, you can head straight to the shower, and have a shower without having to go to the house to shower, as you could have a complete bathroom installed in your garden room.


Eco friendly garden rooms Bristol

A lot of people are worried about the costs of their energy consumption, so if their bills seem high to the homeowner, they may not want to add an extra room, like a garden room, with electric heaters, showers, underfloor heating, air conditioning, which could potentially increase their monthly bills even more.

Yet, we would build a garden room, which has solar panels fitted to the roof, and we think this is a brilliant idea, because, the footprint of your garden room, could be used as a gym inside, yet instead of having wasted room on the roof, the whole roof could have either water heaters or solar panels on it, helping you to generate energy from the sun. And this we think is a brilliant idea, because sometimes, a garden room, or a garden office is sometimes in a location in your garden, which can sometimes capture a lot of sunlight throughout the whole day.

Some gym equipment can use quite a bit of electric, for example, if you like running fast on the treadmill, and you may even have a treadmill that has a huge screen to watch television, with inbuilt speakers, this could consume quite a bit of electric, so why not have us, install solar panels onto the roof, to help offset this electric consumption?



Should we choose a concrete base or ground screws for our garden office?


When we call a garden room company, and you ask for a quote, often they will ask, “do you want a concrete base, or do you want ground screws as the foundation for your garden office”?

And this might have you confused.

You know what a concrete base is, but what are ground screws? Why are ground screws so much cheaper?

And will ground screws offer same level of support as a concrete base?

So many questions, and because when you buying a garden room, you will often have this question, we thought we would write a article that’s dedicate to answering this question, and we will explain why we often recommend quality ground screws, how these can save you a lot of money, and also why its important we think to have a company, that specialises in installing ground screws to install the ground screws.


What are ground screws?

Well screws, are like screws you would use to hold your decking in place, or say fence panel, yet just one thousand time bigger, ground screws are huge, when they are not dug into the ground, they are huge.

They have to be huge, because, they have to hold up a lot of weight, and they do this very well, when they are correctly installed. Our garden room company, what we often do, is call in a specialist ground screw company to install the ground screws, the reason being, then we know they have been correctly installed into the ground. And our builders can they start to cut the joists into size, they can start using their cordless drills to start screwing the joists into place. The builders can start to then start work on building the sides of the garden room as well.


Does in take long to install ground screws?

No, not long at all, a tool is used, to drive the ground screws into the ground, this can be done in minutes, however there often many ground screws which need to be installed.

Yet, often using ground screws is often much faster than building a concrete base, because with concrete it needs to set properly before the building work can commerce. How long it takes the concrete to set, depends on the weather, but because we have such mild summers here in Britain it can take a long time for the concrete to set, so this is another reason why a lot of people instead choose ground screws, because the whole garden room can be built in a shorter time frame, with concrete, you have to wait for it to set, which sometimes takes a long time.



What’s the cost difference between opting for ground screws compared to a concrete base?

This does depend on how large the garden room is, however, often using ground screws is a much cheaper option. This is why the vast majority of the garden offices which we construct, we build them using ground screws.


We have an old concrete foundation, from when our garage was demolished, can you use these foundations to build the garden room on?

Sometimes the homeowner will have an old shed, green house, or a garage that has old concrete foundations. Sometimes, we are able to demolish these buildings for our customers, we use a very good demolition company for this, then we inspect the concrete base, and sometimes the concrete, is good quality, the concrete base is thick, and sometimes we can on the concrete base build a garden room, so we don’t need to build a new foundation or use ground screws. So sometimes, if we can reuse the concrete foundations, this can save our customers a lot of money and also time, because our builders can get straight to work on building the garden room.


We have no rear access to our house; can we still concrete foundations for our garden room?

Sometimes, lets you live in a Victorian house in the city of Bath, and the house is a brilliant house, made using bath stone, it looks brilliant- yet theres no rear lane, and you cant get the garden, without having to walk through the house, yet customers, they would like a concrete base for their garden room.

We would have to come and visit your garden, if its Bath or whether your garden is in Bristol, we can come out, meet you in an evening, on the weekend, or during the day, and we can tell you if we can build a concrete base for you. Sometimes we can use what is called a concrete pump, to pump the concrete via a lorry over your neighbours garden with their permission.

Sometimes its just not possible to pump concrete, and then we recommend ways we bring concrete bags into the garden.

Or we sometimes recommend that the customer opts for ground screws instead.


We want a green roof added to our garden room, do the concrete foundations need to be thicker?

A green roof, is a roof where the owner grows plants on the roof, and adding all the soil to the roof, well this makes the building much heavier, and therefore the roof needs more support, from metal rsj’s and therefore the foundations need to be thick to support the weight of the roof.

So sometimes we need to make the foundations thicker, this means that the concrete base needs to be thicker.


How much does a garden office cost to build in Bristol?

The garden offices which we build, start from just 18k, it does depend on the extras you want added, for example, some customers may decking built as well? The price depends on how large the building is, because more wood is needed, as well as much labour to build a bigger summerhouse.

We also build “Eco-Friendly” garden rooms and offices




When you look at the vast quantity of building materials that go into building a garden room, well, its a lot. When its all brought into your garden, you may be surprised by the quantity of structural wood, the amount of insulation, the EPDM roofing, the windows the doors, the fibreglass, the flooring and paint tins.

This is why so many people now want an “eco-friendly” garden room, and when we eco-friendly, we don’t just mean, the wood being sourced responsibly, that’s important, for sure, yet now there are products that we can buy, that are not just good for the environment, they also just make good sense to purchase because they are low maintenance, in some instances outlast wood, plus, help us to send less waste to landfill, or to incineration.

So, we thought it would be a really good idea, to write a long blog post, detailing how we can build a garden room, so that it is eco-friendly. At the same time, we will explain why choosing for example “composite cladding” is not just good for the environment, but also, is a good option, because it needs practically no maintenance, it never needs to be painted, it will never incur wood worm, and that’s why we think that it just makes sense, to have a garden room, that has composite cladding, rather than opting for wood, like Canadian Red Cedar.

Sheep’s wool insulation

Panel insulation we think is really good, its relatively inexpensive, and does a great job of keeping the warm air in the garden room during the winter, and also helps to cool the garden room in the summer, however, you might be looking for a more natural product, a product that’s 100% eco-friendly, and that is sheep’s wool, that’s right we can add sheep’s wool to the walls, to the roof, so that your garden room, becomes well insulated, cosy, and best of all you will have selected a 100% eco friendly product.

Plus, sheep’s wool, it’s not that expensive, so we would recommend rather than opting for say fibreglass, or panel insulation, why not consider sheep’s wool to insulate your garden room?


Green roof

So, when you look out of your windows in Bristol what do you see?

Do you see a mass of buildings, concrete, tarmac, housing?

Well, do you see any wild flower growing?

No, well, just think of those poor bees! They must be exhausted trying to find wild flowers, yet, we can build a garden room, where the roof can be used to grow plants, flowers or just grass. Imagine a roof, covered in wild flowers, that would be so good for the bees, so we can build a garden room for you, and we can build a “green roof”, so that you can grow wild flowers.


Composite cladding

There are a wide range of companies which manufacturer composite cladding, this type of cladding can sometimes be manufactured using recycled plastics, therefore we can recommend different brands, which use recycled plastics when manufacturing the composite boards. This means that you will be obtaining cladding for your garden room, which is needs next to no maintenance at all, plus, you will be helping to protect the environment, because less plastics will be sent to landfill.

We think that using recycled plastics in building materials, like cladding is the future, it helps also to protect our forests, because if you use exterior cladding made from composite, then this means that you’re using less wood during construction, therefore by using less wood, you are also helping to protect the environment.

We believe products, such as composite decking, fencing and cladding offer a “win, win” product to the customer, that’s because, you are helping to protect the environment, by using cladding that made using recycled plastics, but also, you are obtaining cladding that helps you to save time.

What we mean by save time is, painting, staining or varnishing a garden room takes a lot of time, in order to protect the wood, this means that you might have spend say a whole day painting the garden room, yet with composite cladding, you save time, because it never needs to be painted. Instead, you can pick from a huge range of colour options, some composite cladding, and fencing and decking even look like real wood, with wood grain, and colours which can make the cladding look like hardwood or a softwood such as pine. We would therefore highly recommend that whichever U.K garden room company you hire, that you state that you want composite cladding.


LED lights / Roof Lights / Large windows

You might be using your garden room, as a place to work? If so, you might be spending a lot of the day in your garden room, and therefore its important to have a garden office built that’s energy efficient. This means that good quality insulation needs to be added to the garden room, such as lambs’ wool, but also its important to think about lighting as well, this means installing energy efficient lighting, and we would recommend, to design and build the garden room, to let in as much natural light as possible.

For example, we could add roof lights, we could install large bi-folding doors, and we could also install large windows onto the walls of your garden room, which have the most sunlight throughout the day.

Plus, the windows and the doors which we buy, are good quality, so that they are made using energy efficient glass.

Also, in the roof, we can put LED spotlights into the roof, which are energy efficient.

We would also recommend having a roof light fitted, for example we can install good quality roof lights made by companies like FAKRO and Velux, which make very good quality roof lights.

Roof lights can help to bring more natural light into the garden room throughout the day.


Extra insulation

With energy prices high at the time of writing, we think it’s a good idea when having a garden room built, to have extra layers of insulation added to the building. We think is especially important if you are going to use the garden room as an office, that’s because you might be spending 40+ hours in the garden room during Monday through to Friday, so it’s important that the building is made to be as energy efficient as possible. If the garden office is not built with energy efficiency in mind, then it could cost a lot more in electric to heat.

Also, you have to think of the winter months, when you want to work in the garden office say during December, you will want a garden office which heats up fairly quickly, you don’t want to be working in a cold room, which takes too long to warm up.


Triple glazing

You might run your own business?

Or you might now be working from home more often?

Therefore you might be working very long hours in your garden office in Bristol?

If so we would recommend installing triple glazing into the garden office, to help improve the energy efficiency of the garden room.


Sound proofing

Adding sound proofing doesn’t help to improve how “eco-friendly” a garden room is, but what it can do is mean that its simply quieter inside the garden room, and this may help you to concentrate on your work.

If you have a summerhouse built, that doesn’t have sound proofing, and you find it way too noisy to work in, because of passing cars, this might mean that you have the summerhouse demolished, which causes more waste, that needs to be recycled or sent to landfill, therefore we thinks its better to pay more, to have a better quality building built first time, so we would recommend, thinking about having a garden room built with sound proofing.

How much does an eco-friendly garden room cost to build within the city of Bristol?

The cost for us to build an eco friendly garden room is dependent on how large the building is to be, plus also whether you want a green roof, whether you want triple glazing, whether you want sheeps wool insulation?

When we visit you, and we know how you wan the garden office to be built, we will then be able to work out how much the building materials will cost, and we will write to you with a full quote, often we can get quote back to you with 5 working days.


We live in Bath, and we don’t know whether we need planning permission or not for a garden room, can you tell us if we need planning permission for a new garden office / room to be built in Bath?

We would need to either speak to you on the phone, or visit your garden, to see whether you need planning permission or not.

If you call us, we can offer you free advice.


We want sheep’s wool added to the walls, can you use sheep’s wool insulation when building our garden office?

Yes, we can purchase sheeps wool insulation, and we can use sheeps wool insulation when we are building your garden room. There also other types of insulation, which are made from 100% natural ingredients, we can use whichever insulation you would like.

How long will take you to build an eco-friendly garden room?

This does depend on how large the building is, it is also dependent on how easily our builders can bring in the building materials to your garden. For example in some gardens, in Bath, which is in South West England, there is a lot of terraced Victorian housing, the houses are amazing, but sometimes, there is no rear access to the garden, which means that sometimes, all of the wood, the doors, the roof, the windows, the concrete bags for making the concrete base, need to be brought through the house.

If all of the building materials, need to be brought through the house, this will mean that we will need more builders and more labourers to carry the building materials through the house, this will mean more work, so we would need to charge more building the garden room.

Sometimes some houses in South West England, for example in Bath, sometimes, there is a lane at the back of the house, this makes it much easier for us to have for example concrete delivered.

Otherwise sometimes, we need to wheel barrow concrete through a house, this will involve a lot more work, and therefore we have a lane at the back of a house, that we can use to bring building materials into the garden, this means that its easier for us, much less labourers and builders are needed, so we can build a garden office or room in Bath, for less, when we can easily bring building materials into the garden.


We want to build the eco-friendly garden room ourselves- do you sell flat pack garden rooms?

No, our company only builds bespoke garden rooms, we don’t therefore sell flat pack garden rooms. Some companies do offer to build garden rooms themselves, or offer flat pack summerhouses, however our business, only builds the garden rooms ourselves.

If we were to purchase reclaimed timber from a local reclamation yard, would you be able to use this recycled timber when manufacturing the garden room?

Yes, we can build a garden office or room using reclaimed timbers, reclaimed wood can be bought from reclamation yards all over the United Kingdom, often the wood has been salvaged from buildings due to be demolished. You could therefore buy a wide range reclaimed timbers, ranging from structural timbers, which we could use to build the walls, roof and floor, through to wooden flooring that has been reclaimed.

Reclaimed timber can sometimes be a fraction of the price of buying new timber, so not only could you be saving money, but you could also be helping to protect the environment, because the reclaimed timber might have otherwise just gone to landfill, or used as biomass. Yet, by purchasing timber from a reclamation yard, it could be used to build your garden room.

Have you built many garden rooms which are “eco friendly”?

Yes, some cheap summerhouses which can be bought at a very low cost, sometimes these don’t last that long. for example, sometimes, the roof is not water tight, so during heavy rain the water may seep into the OSB wooden board underneath, and before you know it, you need buckets inside the garden room to collect the rain water.

And when a summerhouse starts to leak water, it may become structurally unsafe very quickly, for example the OSB board may start to sag, letting in more water as the felt rips away from the OSB board, also the exterior cladding might let it water, so the plasterboard may become water stained, and if there are electrics in the building, then the summerhouse should not be used, an emergency electrician should be called.

So cheap summerhouses, can sometimes become unsafe, due to water coming into the building, plus, once they have been safely disconnected by an electrician, well then there’s the cost of having the building demolished, and all of that waste to get rid of, it could take over 3 skips to get rid of all that waste.


Do you need an office at home? But don’t have the room, well why not buy a garden office from us?




It used to be case, that it was the norm, to drive into work, say 9 am then drive back at 5.30, and for a lot us that’s no longer the case at all. For a lot of us, the employer wants the employee to work from home more often.

Often the employee likes working from home, or a combination of being in the office and at home, so this called “hybrid” working.

And it just makes sense to let staff work from home more often, because it’s just so inefficient to have people stuck in traffic all trying to get to a place of work at the same time. Not to mention all the diesel, all the petrol that’s getting burnt, so we think working from home, that’s great from an environmental standpoint, and also from the perspective, of the homeowner, being able to have more free time, rather than being stuck in traffic, listening to the radio.

This is why we have seen a huge surge in demand for our garden office, because in your house, let’s say it’s a 3-bedroom house, in Clifton Bristol, with Fabolous views over the dockland area, so it’s a great house, and you don’t want to move, you like the house, you like where it is, and you like all the local independent shops in Clifton, which we also think are just great.

But there’s a slight problem, and that is, you need to work from home, but you don’t want to work in the living room, listening to the television on, while you’re trying to work. So now you need a quiet place, somewhere you can get your work completed, somewhere you keep all paperwork for work, somewhere you can put the kettle on.

And we can build a fantastic, garden office for you, so when you’re on Google or let’s say on Bing looking for Bristol garden room companies, why look any further than us? We have been building top quality, garden offices in Bristol for over 5 years, we have therefore built so many garden offices, that we get recommended all over Bristol, when a homeowner needs a garden room built, often straightaway we are recommended on Facebook, on Instragram, on WhatsApp, and by so many or our past customers, who just enjoy everyday working in the garden room that we have built for them


Bristol and beyond

We don’t just build our garden buildings in Bristol, our teams can stay over in hotels anywhere in the country, and get to work in the morning in building your garden building, and this is why you may have seen so many of our garden room vans while you’re the motorway, because we travel, hundreds of miles every week building our high-quality garden offices all over the country. Because with social media, like Facebook, our work is often shown on Facebook, then people see the quality of the buildings we build, then we get recommended, and often the customer says that we offered really customer service, we built the garden room in a really short period of time, and we really go the extra mile, to make sure that the customer gets the garden office, or the summerhouse that they want.

And this is why, the vast majority of the garden buildings we construct are built in Bristol and all of the surrounding areas, but with that said, because of social media, like Facebook, we travel and up and down the whole of the country building our high-quality buildings.


So why do so many people hire us to build their garden offices?



Well, the main reason, that the customer may want the garden room to fit the whole width of the garden, now it is possible to but flat back garden rooms, but often there not the shape, the size or sometimes the quality that the homeowner wants.

We are different, our garden room company, simply comes out measures up the size garden room that you want, then, we can build it to those exact dimensions, to centre metre, so why buy a summerhouse that isn’t the size you want, when we can build the garden room the size that you want, the shape you want, and the design that you want, our buildings are therefore bespoke, there built the way you want.



Now when you look at a garden room, you think well, that going to cost a fortune, but often our customers there pleasantly surprised, there over the moon with our prices, because there so competitive, there offered at a great price, and when you think that you might be in your garden office working 5 day a week, working in your garden room, you want quality and we can build a quality insulated garden office, for you at an affordable price. This is why you may have seen us working in your street in Bristol, because we offer some of the most affordable, the most competitive prices on garden buildings, and this is why we build our garden buildings not just in the summer like so many landscaping businesses, no we build our buildings right throughout the entire year.


Choose whatever cladding you would like

The cladding is simply the metal, or the wood, or the composite that goes on the outside of the summerhouse, can drastically change the appearance of the building, and what’s great about hiring our garden room company, is that we can offer hundreds of different types of cladding. So, for example you might want a garden room that blends more into the surrounding, so you have long lawn building up to the building, why not therefore have green composite cladding, so that it blends into the green lawn?

Or if you want on the other hand to have your garden room, to stand out in your garden, for it to really be the focal point of the garden, then not have Canadian red cedar wood, varnished in good quality osmo varnish? This would look amazing in any garden, because Canadian red cedar has fantastic look, instantly improving any garden where its placed, the garden room will therefore be the focal point of the garden, when you have Canadian red cedar wood garden room, and especially when our electricians put in downlights and up lights to illuminate the whole building at night, it will look amazing.


Air-conditioned garden offices

When you’re working in your garden office in the peak of summer, you might be on the phone organising an important business deal. Yet its hot outside, that you’re sweating and you can’t concentrate on the call, so this is why, if your going have a garden office built, we think its always worth forking out a bit more money a garden office that’s air conditioned, and also to but a top quality air conditioning unit, that’s top quality, that will last a long time.

This way when you start the working day, even if you know the weather outside is going be absolutely boiling, you still work in a t-shirt and a pair or shorts, and be nice and cool in your garden office working, because you, you’ve hire one of the leading garden room companies Bristol, that’s us Kingsley, to add a top-quality air-conditioning unit, making it a much more comfortable place for to work.


Underfloor heating keeping your feet nice and warm in the winter

During the winter, you will want your feet to be nice and warm, when you’re working in your garden office, this is why so many customers, when ask us to build a garden office ask us to install underfloor heating. Because we have electricians, as part of our team, this means that for a low cost, we install the underfloor heating for you. You therefore need to be calling numerous electricians for a quote, because we can offer to do this work for you.

We want to help to protect the bees in Bristol, is it possible to add a green roof onto our garden office, to grow a lot of flowers?

Let’s say you live in Clifton in Bristol, which is a great area, one of the best areas to live we think in the whole of the country. Yet Clifton, like most great inner-city areas, is full of concrete, brick, and stone, and therefore there’s not much space to grow wild flowers, and the bees they need wild flowers to make nectar.

Now this is why a lot of people when they live in inner city areas, like Bristol, want a garden office, but they also want flowers, and grass and plants to grow in their garden, so one way to do this is to hire us to build a garden office with what’s called a green roof. On the green roof, you could grow plants, grass or wild flowers, and therefore when you look out at your garden office, you will see that there’s vegetation growing on the roof, which is great for the bees.


Insulated garden offices

When you’re shopping online, for a summerhouse, there might be some offers on summerhouses that look like a great deal, it looks like your being offered a big summerhouse for 5k, which looks like a great deal.

However, if the room is not insulated and a lot of the cheap low-quality summerhouses, well often there not insulated at all. And this means that in the winter, or in the autumn months, its going freezing in the building, and even if you have multiple electric heaters on, this is going to cost a fortune, but also, they might not be capable of heating the room, because the heat will be lost out of the summerhouse too fast, because there’s insulation in the walls, in the ceiling or in the floors.

And you’re not going to want to work in a cold garden office, with it freezing, so that’s why so many people call us, because we build insulated garden offices, we build our garden offices so that they can be used whatever the weather. Because we can add an air conditioning unit to cool the room on a warm day, and we can add, electric heaters, underfloor heating, so that when its cold, you can simply switch them, so whether its freezing, whether its boiling hot you can simply regulate the temperate to ant temperature you like.


Energy efficient glass

So, when a garden room company offers a cheap quote, sometimes its because corners are being cut, for example the bi-folding doors, well they might be rubbish quality, and therefore cheap glass is used in the bi-folding doors, and this means that the heat will just escape quickly, and there may well be as well gaps in the bi-folding doors, between the panels, and the frame, and this might mean that a big draft is constantly flowing into  the room, which is no good.

And this is why so many people hire Kingsley instead to build the garden office, because we never cut corners, we buy quality glass, quality bi-folding doors, quality windows, quality French doors, quality upvc doors and windows, quality double glazing, and if you really want top quality, we can even offer triple glazing windows and doors.

And this means that the building will be better insulated, so if you’re planning on working in your garden office all day 5 days a week, why not have triple glazing installed, it will make the garden office more energy efficient.



When you’re working on say an excel spreadsheet, or your taking a work call, or writing an email, most people want a quiet place to work.

Your not going to want to another family member in your house distracting you by talking about what’s for dinner, your instead going to want to get your work completed, your going a room that quiet.

That’s another reason why a lot of people hire us to build a garden office for them, because in walls, behind the plasterboard we add sound proofing. This doesn’t totally 100% eliminate all outside noise, but, what it can do, is lower the outside noise, and therefore make the room quieter inside, when you combine this sound proofing, with say triple glazing bi-folding doors fitted to your garden office, inside can be a quite place, so you can concentrate on getting your completed. And to add sound proofing doesn’t cost that much extra, so if you want a garden office, that’s quiet inside, why not hire Kingsley to build a garden office for that has sound proofing placed behind the plasterboard, in walls, to make it nice and quiet inside the garden room.


Natural light

What’s great about hiring our company to build your garden office, is that you can add as many windows as you like, and you can have any size you like. So for example, there might one wall which south facing, which gets a lot of sunlight for most of the day, and therefore on this wall, why not have a huge window, which lets in natural light in your summerhouse right throughout the day.

Because when you’re working within your garden office, you’re going want a lot of natural light to enter the room, you don’t want artificial light, like led lighting on all day, because you may want instead large windows, say a huge aluminium framed window, on one wall, to let a lot of light into the room.


Costs less than you think

When you’re on social media, and lets say your on Instagram, and your looking at garden office which have been built by numerous different businesses, you might be there sitting with a cup of tea, thinking that these garden offices cost a lot of money, and you might be thinking well I cant afford that. But what if we said that our garden buildings start from just 18k, and this will undoubtably surprise a lot of people, that our garden buildings are so affordable, because you might be thinking well, that they would cost a lot more. Even though they are hand built by our joiners, and even though we use top quality building materials, and even though there built quickly by our team, we can still offer a garden office, for 18k, which offers fantastic value for money.


We offer free quotes right throughout Bristol

We have sales team, with Seb and with Kingsley, who travel all over Bristol, and we are able to offer you a free quote. Often, we are able to come and see you the following day, and offer you a quote, sometimes we are even able to offer quotes in the evenings and on weekends.

And when some homeowners compare the quotes, from some other companies, in Bath and in Bristol, often our quotes are the lowest, because we offer great prices on our log cabins.


Garden offices that are built to last

This is the main point that we would make, when you’re buying a garden room, but quality, don’t buy a building that not insulated, that has a cheap roof, that made using a softwood cladding that might incur wood worm quickly. Instead, but a garden building from a company like ours, that been building summerhouses for over 5 years, we have a huge amount of customers, that are over the moon with our work. They have left us many positive reviews on Google My Business.

We also build our garden rooms right throughout the year, so whether you want a garden office built on the run up to Christmas, or you want a building built in the peak of summer in august, we can build a garden room for you, with prices starting from as low as 18k.

We can build a luxurious hot tubs and garden room complete canopy:  Transform Your Outdoor Space Today!




 If you are looking to have a space in your garden where you can unwind, during the summer then why not have a hot tubs garden room built? We understand the importance of turning your outdoor space into a personal paradise. And what better way to achieve that than with that to have a high quality hot tub and accompanying shelter, so you can unwind your jacuzzi in any weather?

If you’re looking for a perfect blend of relaxation, style, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll explore the exciting world of hot tubs and their shelters, unveiling fascinating facts, statistics.


We promise you, by the end of this read, you’ll be ready to dip your toes into a world of serenity  


Have you built many garden rooms complete with jacuzzi and canopy?

Yes, we have built many, a lot of homeowners now want a garden room, so it is there place to unwind, a lot of people want to fill the room with gym equipment, and then to have a jacuzzi to the side of the garden room.

We have joiners, and builders who can build your summerhouse quickly.



Do you also build garden gyms?


Yes, a lot of people like to workout at home, whether it be yoga, or to go the rowing machine, or perhaps like to lift the weights?

Why not have a garden room built, to improve your fitness, and when you are working out, and feeling tired you could simply go into your hot tub and start to unwind.



Can your electricians install of the electrics for us, so it powers the hot tub?

Yes some U.K garden room companies, they don’t install the plumbing, the electrics, the drainage, and some don’t even build the foundations, however our garden room business can do all of this work for you. From building a concrete base, through to install of the electrics for you.

So our electricians can install the lights, they can install the power supply to your hot tub, they can install the electric sockets inside the building too, to power your running machine.

How much does a log cabin with a hot tub canopy cost to build.

Price for our summerhouses, vary between 18k and 80k depending on the size of the log cabin, also what cladding you would like.



We a need quote, do offer free quotes?

Yes, we have highly experienced sales team, who will come and meet you anywhere in England and offer a quote. Our quotes are free, and we aim to get the quote back to you as soon as we can, sometimes we to check the latest prices for hardwood, at the builders merchants, if you hardwood cladding, this might delay us getting price back to you, but we do our very best to get a quote back to you with a week.

Wood prices fluctuate up and down, therefore the price of say a wooden joist, which we use in the floor, and also in the roof, the price vary from one week to another, so what we do is, we check the price at the local builders merchants for the wood, and then we work out how much our summerhouse will cost to build. Yet most garden rooms that we build vary 18k and 80k.



Immerse Yourself in a World of Indulgence:  

Hot tubs have come a long way since their early inception, they have been used for a very long time as a way to unwind, and to soak your muscles. In fact, the first recorded hot tub was made by the ancient Egyptians around 2000 BC, as discovered in the archaeological site of Akhenaten . Today, the hot tub industry is booming, here the United Kingdom, with over 9 million hot tubs installed in the United States alone.

Hot tubs are designed to provide the ultimate relaxation experience while adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. This is why so many of our customers in South West England, call us every week to get a garden room built, complete with hot tub.

Did you know that hot tubs can offer numerous health benefits, such as reducing stress, improving sleep, and alleviating muscle pain?



Elegant hot tub shelters for ultimate comfort  

Adding a touch of class to your relaxation haven:  


An elegant hot tub shelter is the perfect addition to any garden in South West England, offering a combination of a place to unwind, and also have friends over to have a chat. According to the American Institute of Architects, 63% of homeowners are looking for ways to improve their outdoor living spaces (source: []). Our hot tub shelters are carefully crafted by our joiners, to meet your individual needs, this means we can build your garden room to any size you would like.




Bespoke designs to suit your tastes  


Tailored to Perfection


Every garden is unique, and so are the garden rooms we build for our customers. This means our summerhouses are not rolled off a production line, instead we bring our carpenters into your garden to hand build every summerhouse, and with prices starting from just 18k, our wooden summerhouses offer amazing value.


A Commitment to Sustainability


Eco-friendly luxury:  


We are passionate about protecting our environment, this is why we offer to build summerhouses, that can have a “green roof” so you can grow plants, and grow flowers on the roof. Plus we offer to add composite decking and composite cladding to your summerhouse, and the composite cladding and decking can be made sometimes using recycled plastics and rubbers, so sometimes the composite made from recycled items, so this means less trees need to be cut down, which is good for the environment.    


F.A.Q Section:


How do I choose the right hot tub and shelter for my garden?


Consider the available space, your budget, and your personal preferences. Our team of summerhouse experts will guide you through the process, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your outdoor space.


How do I maintain my hot tub and shelter?


Regular maintenance of your wooden summerhouse is essential for the longevity of your hot tub and summerhouse. We can offer advice to help you keep your summerhouse in good condition.  

What are the common uses for the garden buildings that you construct in Bath, South West England



Garden Rooms Bath

When homeowners are considering whether to purchase a garden room, they are often weighing up how much use they can get from the room. For example, if the garden building is going to cost 30k, the homeowner wants to make sure, that they hire a business, which can build a garden building that be used right throughout the different seasons.

Whether the homeowner wants to use that garden building to play the drums each evening, or perhaps you like to do yoga? And you want a garden room for that.

Currently you might be thinking, what can I use my garden for?

To help you, because we have built so many garden rooms, we look explain what the common uses for our garden rooms are, and why so many residents in Bath, within South West England, hire us to build their quality garden rooms.

1)    A space to exercise

As we all, exercise is vital to improving our health, yet on a wet winter’s night, some of us won’t want to go for a jog, and many of use might put off driving to the local gym, so what a lot of homeowners want is their own gym, a space where they go and exercise any time of the day or night that they like.

Also, a lot of people like to have treadmill, an exercise bike and rowing machine that they can use when they want, they don’t want to wait for someone to finishing using it, and this is what’s great about having your own gym equipment is you use it when you like, and you haven’t got to wait for it to become available.

Plus, its easy to keep the gym equipment clean when you own it, in some gyms, because so many people are using the gym equipment everyday sometimes it’s not that clean.

So a lot of residents in Bath, which is in England, hire us to build “garden gyms”- often we need to take down an old garage, or an old shed, or clear the way of overgrown brambles, and we can complete this work for you, for an additional cost.

And we can place the old shed, greenhouse, or garage into a skip for you, then we can start to build your new garden gym.

You might want the garden gym to have electric radiators, and to also have air conditioning, so whatever weather is like outside, you can regulate the temperature inside the garden room. So, whether your lifting weights in your garden gym, running at speed on the treadmill, or simply on the exercise bike, well watching the evening news on the television, many people in Bath, contact us to build their garden gym.

A space to work

The vast majority of the garden buildings which we build for our customers in Bath, England, is to use the room as a garden office.

Often the homeowner will be a business owner, and need somewhere where they work part time or full time. For example, the homeowner might be a graphic designer, and work from home full time, alternatively the homeowner in Bath, might be a plumber, and need somewhere in the evenings where they can go any send out invoices to their customers.

We can build a garden office for you in Bath, and we offer great prices, for example you could have a garden office built by us, for 18k, which offer great value for money.

Yoga room

You might attend yoga classes locally, and you might be doing yoga in your house, but now you want a room built just for doing yoga. You might have a location your garden which is great place for doing yoga, because there’s a lot of sunlight, and the room overlooks the whole garden.

Therefore, you might hire our U.K garden room business, to build a garden building, which large windows that overlook your garden, or perhaps countryside, or woodland, or fast flowing river.

You might want large windows, from floor to ceiling, letting large amounts of natural light enter the room, making it feel light and airy, therefore a great place to go and enjoy yoga.

We can therefore build a yoga room for you in Bath, and prices for us to build a yoga room start from just 18k, which offers fantastic value for money.

Garden Bar

For a lot of us, after a long week at work, we like to have our friends and family over to have a drink and some good food. And a garden bar, complete with decking, makes a great place to have your friends over.

You could even have a wooden bar built by us, this way your friends can sit on bar stools, and you could pull them nice pint of English Ale, so it will be very much like being in a local pub, but the great thing is, there’s no call for last orders, you haven’t que at the bar, plus, you can stock the bar with the beer, ales and wines that you like.

Often, we go to a local bar, we sometimes have to just pick the ales or lagers that are available, but you might like a certain type of ale, lets say a good quality Belgium Ale, so why not stock the bar with the drinks that you like, the ales, the lagers the wines that you and your friends like to drink.


How much does it cost to build a garden building in the city of Bath, England?

Prices start from just £18,000.00, most garden buildings that we build in Bath, cost between 25k and 50k however we can build large garden buildings, some have saunas, Jacuzzis, and the main room is used for gym equipment, and the large garden buildings sometimes cost up to 70k to build.

We have a full-time sales person, who can come and meet you any where in Bath, or surrounding areas, like Stroud, or Radstock, and we offer you a free quote. For example, we can offer you a quote to include a bathroom, to add air conditioning, to also have a green roof for example.


There are a lot of Bath garden rooms companies, why should we pick you, over all the other companies?

We have been building garden buildings for a very long time now, and what separates us from some other businesses, is that we have really knowledgeable staff, we have joiners that build our high quality summerhouses.

As a music room

Perhaps you really like to play the electric guitar, yet, when your playing the electric guitar you might be annoying other members of your household. We build a garden building for you, which has a green roof, so the soil on the roof absorbs some of the sound, and we put sound proofing into the walls, this way you have a place to go and practice playing the guitar.

Its important to know that when our builders put sound proofing into the walls, this will help reduce some of the noise coming from the garden building, but wont totally eliminate it, so its important to position the garden room so that the noise coming from the room doesn’t annoy your neighbours.

There are many residents in bath, England, that want a garden building built so that they can use the room as place to play guitar, or the drums, or perhaps a brass instrument, like the saxophone.

If you want a soundproofed summerhouse built, why not call us?


As a guest bedroom

Perhaps you need an extra bedroom, yet your house in bath, might be fully extended already? This means you might have had your attic converted, you might have already had an extension built onto the back of your house?

And you might be thinking, how can we build a guest bedroom, without having to move house? One way is to have a garden building built, complete with bathroom. However, you may need planning permission for this, when we come out to offer you a free quote, we will be able to tell you whether planning permission is needed or not.

As a hobby room


Do you like to paint?

Perhaps you like to play chess or card games with your friends?

Perhaps you like to do knit?

Well why not have a garden room built by us, that you can use as your hobby room?

As a place to enjoy a cup of tea

Sometimes homeowners in South West England, just a room where they go, read the papers and enjoy nice cup of tea with a biscuit. Perhaps there’s a part of your garden, which overlooks countryside, why not have a insulated garden room, where you put the kettle on, have a cup of tea, and just sit back and read the papers on a nice comfortable sofa. We can build a garden room for you, and this can become your place to simply go and unwind.

We have joiners as well as a team of carpenters which can also build bespoke furniture for you in bath, for example, perhaps you want a bookcase, a wooden bar, or a kitchen built, we can build for you.


To enjoy a glass of wine

A lot of us like to drink a glass of wine, yet we might always want to walk all the way to the pub, some evenings in the summer, we may want our friends over, to have a glass of wine in the garden room.

We can build large decking for you, so you can sit the garden room, or sit on the decking, and enjoy a nice glass of wine.


To study

Perhaps currently studying towards a qualification, for example you might live in the city centre of bath, and your studying to become a pilot, you will need a quiet place to read your books and to study.