A garden room for socialising




Whether its having your friends around to watch the footie, or to have your friends over to watch an epic film, such as “Top Gun” one and two- so you can compare which one is best, a garden room makes a great place where you can socialise with your friends.

So many garden room companies talk extensively about how they can build quality garden offices, and so does our company via our blog, however, we can also build garden rooms, as a place to socialise and to unwind with your friends.

So if your thinking how you could use your garden room for socialising, we hope that this blog post provides you with some idea


Cinema room

So, who loves watching film?

Most of us, right?

Whether it’s a horror, action or comedy we think any film is made better when you have quality surround sound speakers, and a huge screen. Plus, you could have an extra-large garden room built, complete with sound proofing, so you don’t annoy the neighbours, then you will have your very own cinema.

Why not even buy authentic cinema chairs, so you can recline and watch your favourite film? What’s yours, ours has to be Scar Face, an all-time classic.


Music room?

Are you in a band, or do you just like having your friends over, and you play the drums, guitar or saxophone together. What’s great about having a garden room built, that you can use to practice and play a musical instrument, in a room, that can be sound proofed from floor to ceiling, so that you don’t annoy the neighbours.

We can also install triple glazing, so this adds an extra pane of glass, than what most bi-folding doors, and windows have, and this again, can help to reduce the amount of noise coming from your music room.

 Then our builders, when they are adding the wall insulation, they can add extra thick wall insulation.


Garden bar

Who like queuing at the bar?

No one

So why not own your own bar, not only will never have to que to be served, but, also, you can stock the beers you like. Ever been to a bar, and there’s been countless beer pumps, but no brands that you like? We know that feeling, so why not have a garden bar built, our carpenters can build the bar, then you can add various beer pumps, so you can sip away at your favourite ales, lagers or stouts on the weekend.


Football room

So, watching the football on the television in the living room, well that’s okay, right?

But what about watching the football in your garden room, on a huge screen, with surround sound, and a bar, where when its half-time, you can go and pull yourself a pint? We think therefore owning a garden room, can help you to enjoy watching the football even more.


A hobby room

Do you enjoy building Lego?

Painting an oil painting?

Doing cross words?

Well, why not have a garden room built, that’s air conditioned, and has electric heaters, so you can go and use the garden room whenever you want, whether everything’s covered in ice outside, or it’s a boiling hot summers day, we can build a garden room for you, where you can go and enjoy your hobby.


Just watching the TV with a bottle of wine

So your favourite programme is about to start, yet someones already watching the TV in the living room- no problem, you can just watch the TV in your garden room.

Some of our customers may choose to have for example SKY TV in their garden room, and internet so they can watch favourite programmes on Amazon Prime, or Netflix. What’s great about a garden room is, you can have a huge garden room built in Bristol, so why not have a massive television, or a projector so you can have a place, to enjoy a film, bottle of wine, and it can be your place to unwind.


Yoga / Fitness

For some people, they may unwind after work, by doing yoga, or just running on the treadmill for 30 minutes. That person may not have the time to  get to the gym everyday, and often when you visit most gyms, during peak times, the equipment you want is never free, so why not have a garden gym built. Then you have your own gym that you can use 24/7, we can also install a bathroom, so after your workout, you can get straight into the shower.

We have built so many garden gyms throughout Bristol, and many garden gyms in Bath, more and more people now want to improve their fitness, whether that’s running on the treadmill, using the cycle bike everyday or rowing machine, a lot of people want to own their own gym.

So whenever they fancy a workout, whether that be 7am in the morning or 7pm at night, your garden gym is always there, and you can start working out whenever you like.

Plus, a lot of people who own garden gyms like the fact they can split their workout over the day. When you visit a gym, often you cram in your fitness routine into say an hour, which may leave you feeling tired afterwards, yet when you own a garden gym, you can split your workout up over the day, such as doing yoga in the morning, running midday and exercise bike in the afternoon. And the reason why a lot of people who own a garden gym split their exercises up over the day is, because they no longer have to drive to the gym, they can just walk less than 30 seconds to the garden room and start their workout whenever they like.


Good food

A lot of people like to enjoy eating good food with their friends, and we think a garden room makes a great place to dine.

We can even build a pizza oven for you outside the garden room, so that you can have authentic tasting pizzas, while enjoying a bottle of wine with your friends.

We can also add air conditioning to your garden room, so that the room is nice and cool even on the hottest of summer days, so why not have a garden room built by us, that you could use, to enjoy dining with your friends?


Card games / arcade games, snooker

When your friends come over you may enjoy playing a game of cards, a game of snooker or you may like playing on old arcade games, like Pac-Man, and enjoying a few beers with your friends?

Why not have a garden room built, to say play snooker?


A lot of people in Bristol, in England, ask us to build garden bars, and we can build a large garden bar, so it becomes your place to have your friends over, to enjoy a beer, watch the football, and afterwards you could have a game of snooker?


Garden room companies in Bristol?

Are you looking for an established, well regarded garden room company that has a lot of positive feedback from previous customers? Well why look any further than Kingsley. When thousands of people are looking for “garden rooms Bristol” on Google, often they call us. That’s because we offer long guarantees on our buildings, plus, they are built ultra fast, some garden rooms can even be built in less than one week! That’s right one week! Larger garden rooms do take longer.

So many Bristolian’s hire us, because our buildings are not built in a rush in factory, they are instead put together by craftsmen in your garden, they can therefore build the garden room to the exact dimensions you want, so the buildings are tailor made to size you want. So, just as people prefer tailor made suits, than suits off the peg, a lot of people like bespoke garden rooms, and that’s just what we can build. With prices for a Bath garden rooms starting from just 18k its clear to see why we have built hundreds of summerhouses in Bristol.


Would you like a totally free quote?

We offer quotes 6 days a week, and also in the evenings as well. So you may not get back to your home in Bristol until after say 8pm sometimes, yet we can still come around and offer you a free quote.


Do you build garden offices and rooms in Bath?

Yes, we do, in Bath our garden offices and garden rooms are very popular.

That’s often because the homeowner will love their house in Bath, and don’t want to move to another house in Bath, but still require an extra room, such an office. So even if you have a small garden, we are often still able to build a small garden room.

With prices starting from 18k why  not call us?

Could owning a garden office make you more productive?



The benefits of owning a garden office


Whether it’s a knock at the door from a double-glazing salesman, the smell of something being cooked in the kitchen that smells nice, and makes us hungry or simply a member of family who’s watching the television, these can all be distractions.

And distractions mean that we often don’t get our work done, or if we, it means working until 8pm, and drinking so many espressos, that you might feel a bit wired.


So, what’s the solution?

How can a homeowner obtain a place that peaceful, that’s quiet, so that they complete their work without too many distractions?

Well we think the solution, is to get a garden office built by us, we can put really thick insulation the walls, and if you like, even sound insulation, so when you close the bi-folding doors, you have an ultra-quiet place to get your work done, so whether its an excel spreadsheet you are working on, an oil painting or perhaps a piece of music, we can build an insulated garden room for you, that’s ultra quiet, and so you can concentrate on getting your work completed.


We think that garden offices offer the best environment for those who work from home

If you’re working on the kitchen table, you may get distracted by let’s say, someone knocking on the front door. It might be a parcel delivery company, they seen you working in the living room, and said will you take a parcel in for a neighbour? Now this might only take a few seconds for you to sign for the parcel, and get back to work, but when we have so many distractions throughout the day, from parcel delivery companies, through our phones buzzing for a new alert for someone messaging you on social media, there so many distractions.


All these distractions mean that you may not get your work done, so what’s the solution?

The solution is for us to build a garden office for you, and you might think that to get a new garden office built, its going cost an absolute fortune, but what if we were to tell you that we could build a new garden office for just 18k, and also, we can often build the whole building in less than one month.

This is why we are busy throughout the whole year, building garden buildings in Bristol. We build them during the boiling hot days of summer, right through to when the snow is falling during the winter, we build garden rooms right throughout the year.

Well Insulated, totally weatherproof and we can also install heaters so you can use the garden room in winter 

We use long lasting rubber roofing’s, we also can build quality exterior cladding, so the whole building is water proof. Our electricians can install electric heaters, so you can be nice and warm in your garden room. We can even offer to install solar panels on the roof, so you can generate your own electric.


Hybrid working

More and more people are now hybrid working in the United Kingdom, for example you might work from home 3 days a week? Therefore, why not have a garden office built, so when you are working from home, you can work in your garden office. With prices starting from 18k for us to build a garden office, our garden offices are very affordable.


Planning permission is rarely required

When we come out to meet you to offer a quote, we can answer any questions you might have. You might for example, wonder whether you need planning permission, and we can advise whether the garden room you want built, needs planning permission or not. Often for the vast majority of the garden rooms we build in Bristol, from fishponds, over to Clifton, don’t need any planning permission, yet we can advise you whether planning permission is needed, when we offer you a quote.

If you don’t need planning permission, then we could start work on building your garden office the following week.


Do you build eco-friendly garden offices?

Yes, we do, we use FSC approved wood, we can also offer to install solar panels on the roof of your garden room, so you can generate your own electric. We can put extra thick panel insulation into the walls, to make the garden room more energy efficient, we can also add sheep’s wool insulation as well, we can add triple glazing to your garden room to make it more energy efficient.


How long do you guarantee your garden rooms for?

We offer long guarantee periods on our garden rooms.


How much does it cost to have a garden office built in Bristol?

Prices start from just 18k, so our garden buildings are very affordable.


What are the main advantages of working in a Garden Office?

We would say the main advantage is, you have a quiet place where you can get your work completed.


How should we know which Garden Office Company to hire?

We think you should hire a business which has built a lot of garden offices, we have built hundreds of garden offices throughout Bristol. And the quality of the garden offices is so good, our previous customers often recommend to their neighbours, to their friends and to their family. A lot of our work now comes from recommendations.


We can design your garden office, so you gain much light at possible

For those of us that have worked in high rise offices, may have worked at their desk 9 to 5pm, 5 days a week with no natural light. The only light may have come through LED lights or fluorescent bulbs, and for some people, they may find working under fluorescent lighting can be very staining on the eyes.

So, this is why we think its important to have huge windows installed on your garden room, also to have bi-folding doors, and why not have a sky light or a roof lantern? This can allow a lot of light to enter the building.

If you have a lot natural light coming to your garden office, you may find it a lot less strain full on your eyes. For example, let’s say you work with Microsoft Excel on a daily basis, and there’s thousands of lines of number and text you need to read, then you’re going to want a lot of natural light to enter the garden office, rather than having to strain your eyes, working under fluorescent bulbs, while trying to work on the Excel spreadsheet.

Could owning a garden office, help you to boast productivity?

When you’re working in your house, there are so many distractions, you might think, I will take a quick 5-minute break and enjoy nice kit-kat and a cup of tea. Yet that quick break might turn into best part of an hour, and this means that you may fall behind getting your work done, and you may find because you’re working in your house, you may start finishing later, and later, and before you know it, it becomes normal to finish work at 8pm every evening.

So, why not have a garden office built, with a kitchen, and a toilet and a wash hand basin, then in the morning you can walk down to the garden office, say with Apple laptop, and you can start work, and there will be less distractions when your working in your garden office, than if you were working in the house, with for example, cold callers knocking on the front door, or a family member watching t.v too loud distracting you, or it could even be just someone cooking in the kitchen, and the smell of the cooking might make you hungry and distract from your work. So when you have a Bath garden office built by us, you can work in your garden office, without any distractions, and you might therefore get more work completed, than what you would have done if you worked in your house.

We can help you to design your garden office

We can help you to design your garden office in Bristol. For example, we can show you all of our exterior cladding options, we can show you garden offices we have recently built, to see if you would like the same built. We offer you a range of different doors, for example aluminium frame doors, wooden frame doors, and also UPVC frame doors.

Do you build eco-friendly garden rooms?

Yes, we can, we always use FSC approved wood, plus, we can add composite cladding to the outside of the building, and some manufacturers of composite cladding, make the composite cladding, using a lot of recycled plastics. So composite cladding is good for environment, because you wont be cutting down trees to make the cladding, instead its made from recycled plastics, and also sometimes saw dust. So instead of the saw dust and the plastics going to landfill, or to incineration in Bristol, instead they are made to composite cladding, which can last a very long period of time. Composite cladding is also good for environment because, you don’t have to go to the DIY store to buy paint every year, and some paints are made using a lot of chemicals. Because the composite doesn’t need varnishing, you don’t have to buy varnish or paint. And because you haven’t got to buy paint for the wood, this is another reason why composite cladding is better for the environment.

So, what’s the solution?

Would you like to work from home in a garden office

If you would like a garden office built anywhere in Bristol, then why not call us? We have a very friendly team of sales staff; they don’t work on commission so we don’t use any high-pressure sales tactics at all.

Instead, we offer you free advice, and free quotes, our sales staff are very friendly, and they have been with our company for a long time, so they can answer any questions you may have.

So, whether it’s a question about the foundations or the roof, we can answer any questions that you might have. We also offer free quotes, if it is a simple summerhouse, that you would like built, we can often offer you a quote there and then. If its more complex garden room, for example with a bathroom, a kitchen and solar panels on the roof, and a large battery to store the power from the solar panels, then we will need to get back to you with a quote, normally within the same week.

We can meet you during the day, to offer you a quote, we can meet you in the evening, we can meet you on a Saturday.

Do I need planning permission for a Garden Office?

Often, for the vast majority of garden offices we build in Bristol, the buildings don’t need planning permission. However, when we come out and meet you, to offer a quote, we will be able to tell you whether you need planning permission or not. Sometimes, it can take many months to get planning permission granted, because plans will need to be created by an architect, and then the plans will need to be submitted to Bristol council.

However, the vast majority of the garden offices that we build, we don’t need planning permission.

If you would like a garden office built in Bristol, then why not call us today for a free quote?



Hot Tub Shelters





Hot Tub Shelters and garden room


A lot of us Brits have hot tubs, whether that’s a freestanding hot tub, or one embedded within non-slip composite decking, with steps leading up the side.

However, even though we are sat in bubbling hot water, often we don’t like the rain the be hitting our face, while we are trying to unwind, and gusts of winds blowing leaves at us, well it doesn’t create an unwinding atmosphere. This is why garden rooms complete with a side canopy, have become so popular, as they can offer a roof, and side walls around your hot tub.




Whether you are looking for just a hot tub shelter to be built, or a garden room complete with canopy we can help

Our carpenters can either build a freestanding structure that can house your jacuzzi, or, alternatively you could have a garden room built, complete with a canopy to the side to house your jacuzzi? We can build both, all our garden buildings that we build in Bristol are bespoke, meaning, we can build the building to size you want, and to the design you want, we can literally offer you hundreds of different wood options- what will you pick beech or red cedar cladding?

What’s great about our garden rooms, complete with canopy is they provide you with shelter from the elements, plus some added privacy. For example, when your sat in your jacuzzi, you may not want all the neighbours to see. So, we can build a canopy which will have a roof, plus, we can add side walls if you wish, the side walls can let no light through, so are made from solid wood, a popular option is to have hit and miss, so this lets some light through, as the wooden planks are on alternate sides of the wall, so some light passes through.

Another option is to have wooden planks added, with wider spacing, allowing more light to come through. The wooden planks can be placed horizonal or vertically.

Would you like a gazebo built?

Our company also builds gazebos, so we can build a very large gazebo, that can house your hot tub, but it could also be large enough, to fit a table and chairs, so you can enjoy dining outdoors?

So, you could have a soak in your hot tub, then have a spot to eat in your garden.

You could also place some comfortable outdoor furniture under your gazebo, so you can have a great place to sit in the garden, read a good book, listen to some music, or enjoy a nice glass of wine in your gazebo?


Can I put the hot tub inside the garden room?

Our garden buildings are not designed for the hot tub to go inside the building, that’s because, of the amount of condensation inside the garden room, this would cause damp issues. Plus, even though the floor is strong, strong enough to have multiple people within the room, and the floor can withstand that weight.

However, the garden room floor won’t be able to withstand the weight of a hot tub, its simply too heavy. So often, we build a concrete foundation to the side of the garden room, build a canopy over the top, and also side walls, because the hot tub will be housed under the canopy, the hot tub isnt surrounded by walls, so there be good ventilation, as one side of the garden room won’t have a wall, plus, because its built on a concrete base, the concrete base can take the weight of the hot tub.

Plus, our electricians can install the electrics to the hot tub, making sure all the electrics are safe.



Hot tub garden rooms Bristol

So, if you live in the wonderful city of Bristol, and you want a garden room built, complete with a canopy to house a hot tub, then why not call us? We have built many garden rooms, that have a side canopy and a jacuzzi to the side, you can even add outdoor speakers in the roof, so you can listen to favourite radio station, while unwinding in your hot tub.


We can build a garden room and canopy to house your hot tub

If you are looking for a garden room company in Bristol, that builds garden rooms with a canopy then why not call us? We build summerhouses, with prices starting from 18k.



How long will it take for you to build a luxury garden room?





It does seem as though summer starts; in the same way you turn on a light switch! We go from no leaf’s on the trees, to short days, to what sometimes seems like an overnight change, of the suns out, everything is nice and green, and most homeowners want to be in their gardens, enjoying the sun.

So, when a homeowner wants a garden room built, they want it built as soon as possible, they don’t build materials scattered everywhere, and the company trying to build numerous garden rooms at once, but really failing to get any complete.

Well, thankfully, here at Kingsley, we do things differently, we do take our time to ensure the garden building is built correctly, but at the same time we have a large enough team to make sure that the build doesn’t drag on forever and a day.


So, this million-dollar question- how long does it take to build a garden room?


Well, this does come down to how complex the build is, if the build is relatively simple, then we can build the whole building in less than 3 weeks. Yet, if the building materials needs to be brought through the house, rather that a rear lane, so more labour is required, it can take us longer. Plus, if it’s a complex build, for example, there’s a bathroom to add, underfloor heating, sound insulation and the garden room itself is large, it could take us up to 8 weeks, so we are now going to provide some details on how we build our garden rooms, and typically how long each stage of the build takes us.


Stage 1) Landscaping work preparing the ground to build on (normally anywhere from 1 day to a week)

If you have a perfectly flat lawn, then there’s no need for us to bring in excavators, such as a mini-digger and prepare the ground. Instead, we can start installing ground screws, or if not, we can start to build the concrete base.

Concrete bases, they do take longer to build.

Yet, sometimes the ground needs to be levelled, old sheds put in a skip, brambles cut down and the ground prepared ready for the foundations. If there’s a lot of vegetation, and the grounds not level, so some soil needs to be taken away, then it may take us up to a week to level the ground, and to move away the soil and brambles that are not needed.

So, the first stage of the build, will be to prepare the ground.


Stage 2) build the base and the structural timbers

Once we have built the foundations, then we can start to lay the joists, and install the structural timbers, as well as the roofing timbers.

This is kind of like the Skelton of the building, and where we use FSC wood to build the frame of the garden room.

Once the frame has been built, we can add a breathable membrane, then the roof, and we then start to build our rubber roofing. Plus add wooden baton on the outside, which the exterior cladding is added to. We will work as fast as we can at this stage to make the building watertight, so we can begin on plaster boarding the inside, adding the electric sockets and wiring and we will also add the windows and doors at this stage.


Stage 3) adding the exterior cladding

At this stage we will add the exterior cladding, whether that’s composite, wooden or metal sheet cladding. This will then mean the buildings fully water proof, as the windows and doors will also be installed. Then we can start to plaster the inside, and add the fixtures and fittings.


Stage 4) quality control

At this stage, we will inspect the whole building, the cladding, the plastering, the fixtures and fittings the windows, the doors and the decking, to ensure everything has been built correctly.

Then we will give the windows and the doors, and the inside a good clean.

Then if the customer has asked us to, we will paint and decorate the room. We often need to let the plaster dry for a period of time, before we can paint the walls, once the plaster is dry we can start to add the paint to the walls, and skirting board.


How long does it take to build a garden office?

Generally, we can build a garden office from start to finish in 3 weeks, sometimes even faster. Luxury garden rooms complete with bathrooms do take longer, as there’s drainage to install, plus the bathroom. Garden rooms with a green roof can take us longer to build again, and that’s due the green roof weighing so much, it will need to be supported by rsj beams.


If we pay more, can you build the garden room faster?

Because we have such a large team of builders, we often build our garden rooms quicker than many other businesses. With that said, the build often can’t be made any faster, because we do have to wait for concrete to dry, for plaster to dry, and for the roof to go on before we can start working on adding plasterboard for example. So often we do build our garden rooms as fast as we can, so we don’t offer a option to pay more to get the build completed in a shorter space of time, because we often complete the work as fast as is feasibly possible anyway.


There’s an old garage in the way of where the garden room is going, can you demolish this for us?

We do work with separate contractors, who can demolish and dispose of old garages, and sheds for us, what we would ask is if we could have as much notice as possible, so that we can arrange for the demolition work to take place, so we can start construction work as soon as we can. Demolishing a garage, by hand, because an excavator can’t get into the garden, does involve quite a bit of work, especially if the waste is being wheel barrowed out, so it may sometimes take 2 weeks to dispose of some garages, depending on the size of the garage being demolished.


Do you offer to build pre-fabricated garden rooms, that can be built in a day?

There are some companies which build their garden rooms, using pre-fabricated insulated panels, then these are loaded by a fork-lift onto a van, and the installers sometimes just have a day to complete the build.

Our garden rooms are different, they are built in your garden, and not in factory, and where some of the companies that build garden rooms using pre-fabricated panels, restrict you to say, 3 different sizes, we do not restrict you in terms of picking from different size garden rooms. Instead, when you hire us, we can build the garden room to any size you want, and the building hasn’t got to be rectangular or square, it could even be triangular or it could be l-shaped, and why so many homeowners hire us in Bristol for, is we can build a garden room, that best fits the contours of your garden.

So, for example your garden room may end on a sharp point, so if you did opt to have a rectangular garden room built, there there’s often a chunk of wasted space at the rear of the garden room, which might not be easily accessible once the garden room has been built. However, if you hire us, we can build a triangular garden room, which follows the contours of the garden, making best use of the space, meaning there’s no wasted space behind the garden room, and so you can make the most out of the space you have.


So, what’s quicker opting for ground screws or a concrete base?

Ground screws are miles quicker, they literally save us multiple days of work, so opting for ground screws means we can build the garden room quicker, concrete bases are also more expensive.


We don’t want to complete any work ourselves, so can you paint and decorate the room for us?

Yes, we can paint the inside of the garden room, plus, we can also varnish, stain or add wood oil to the exterior cladding as well.

We don’t just want a garden room built, we need new decking, can you build decking at the same time?

Yes, our builders can build new decking at the same time as building the garden office or room.


We need a garden office-built ASAP can you help us?

Sometimes, homeowners will be starting a new job, and that job may want remote working, so working from home more often. Yet you might now have much free room in your house, so you won’t have a room that you could use as your office. So, we can build a garden office for you, sometimes the building can be built in less that 3 weeks, sometimes even quicker.

There are some parts of the garden room which we do need to order, and wait until they have been manufactured, such as the bi-folding doors. This is because the bi-folding doors need to be made to order, to the exact size of your garden room. Yet, once the deposit has been paid, we will arrange for the windows and doors to be made, then we can start work on building the garden room. Often, most garden offices are built in 3 weeks from start to finish.


We want to hire a company that can install the electrics for us, can you install all of the electrics?

Yes, our electricians can install the fuse boxes, the power switches, all of the wiring, so all of the electrics will be working for you as soon as we have finished building the garden room?


Do you offer finance on your summerhouses?

Currently we do not offer finance on our summerhouses.

What the main advantages of owning a Garden Office Pod?

Garden office pod ideas


So, you’ve heard of summerhouses, right? What about “garden office pods”- well you might less familiar with what a garden office pod is, yet for relatively low price, we can build a room for you, that can be used as a place of work, which is insulated, can be sound proofed, and comes with heaters. So, our buildings offer fantastic for money.

Yet, some people still confuse a summerhouse, with a garden office pod, thinking that these wooden building can’t be used in winter. That there just a place to unwind during the summer, some people therefore think a garden office pod, is a bit like a hammock, in that its only of use when the weather is good.

However, our pods are different, you can use them in any weather, also they are insulated, so they can heated very easily. Plus, with prices starting as low as 18k, well, if you work from home or run your own business from home, we think the purchasing decision is a no-brainer.


What exactly is a garden office pod?

Basically, it’s a pod that designed to be used throughout the British seasons, because our seasons vary so much, from being so hot in summer, a lot of us get sun burn, through to our winters, where icicles can literally form on our faces, so you need a building that’s able to be used throughout the different seasons, just like your house is used throughout the year.

However, for a pod to be used throughout the year, this requires insulation, the building to be well built, so no gaps to lets drafts full, plus good quality doors, which open in the frost, and also can withstand heavy rain, so no leaks form within the building.



How large are garden office pods?


 So, the first charasistic of a garden office pod, is that they are small buildings, they are not large garden buildings that span the width of a large garden. They are small buildings, that sometimes even fit behind a hedge row, and you can’t even see them from the main house, they are therefore small garden buildings, that complement your garden, but are not large enough to take too much space. In matter of fact, they don’t take up much more space than a normal size garden shed.




Even though garden office pods are small buildings, they can still be clad in any wood you like- so which type of wood do you like? A lot of people here in Britain like red cedar, however, why not have composite built, we think very innovative product, because can be made from recycled plastics. Yet we all have busy lifestyles, so we often don’t have much free time, so composite cladding is perfect for those, who want to have to maintain wood, composite doesn’t need painting, so saves you time.


How do you ensure your garden buildings are high quality?

Every one of our buildings, whether it’s a garden bar, crammed full of every type of gin imaginable or it’s a garden office pod, we build quality, we build quality single time we are asked to build a garden building for our customers, because, we go to great lengths to hire quality staff, highly experienced staff, whether they are electricians, carpenters, roofers- its important that we hire highly experienced staff.

Highly experienced staff don’t come cheap, yet, they do build high quality garden buildings, so our garden buildings are often not the cheapest, yet, we don’t compete other garden room companies just on price, we compete on quality.


 Can the pod be used all  year around?


 When you buy a garden building from us, we can offer you many different insulation options, this ranges from sheep’s wool, through to fibreglass, our buildings are insulated, meaning whether its so cold outside you can see your breath as you talk, or its so hot, you need to wear more deodorant, our insulation can help to keep the hot air out, or warm in air, during the winter.


Work-life balance

If someone is cooking a tasty meal in your house, let’s say nice curry, yum- yet you are working the kitchen table. You are asked to move your laptop, move your paperwork, move your calculator, and all the paperwork you were working with, is now jumbled, or if it stays on the table, it might get covered in curry- this is not a great place to work, you need a place that’s dedicated to working in, which is separate from the house. This way your paperwork won’t end up covered in food!


Garden Office Pod Ideas

So, when we meet with you, we can explain to you the various cladding options, the different types of doors we can offer, as well as roof options. We can build a pod for you, with prices starting from just 18k.


 Does your business build small garden office pods?

Perhaps you have a garage in your back garden that isn’t being used? Why not have it demolished, and in its place, we can build a small garden office pod. Sometimes old garages are built on thick concrete foundations, sometimes we are able to reuse those foundations, and build your garden office on it, helping you to save money, because we can reuse the concrete foundations, and build the garden office on those foundations.



 Are you able to build large garden offices?

Yes, some homeowners may run a business from home, for example, a husband and wife may work from home, and run a business. So therefore, you might need a garden office built, that can allow two people to work from home, plus also a bathroom might be needed, therefore the garden office will be large, we have built many large garden offices.



Start designing your garden room today!

When we build a garden office pod, we can offer a huge range of different options, just like when you visit a car showroom, to buy a brand-new car, there are often hundreds of different choices. When you hire our business to build your garden room, we can also offer you hundreds of different choices, for example, would you like air conditioning fitted installed in your garden office? Would you like underfloor heating installed as well, making the room much more comfortable in winter? would like a CCTV system installed for improved security? When you hire us, we can offer there so many different options that we can offer you.


Did you know that we can also build an “eco-friendly garden room”




Rightly so, there huge emphasis on protecting our planet, lowering our carbon emissions, and looking for ways to be more innovative how we build structures. Building an eco-friendly building doesn’t just make sense from an ecological standpoint, it also makes sense from a business perspective as well. For example, why send tons of plastics and rubbers to landfill or incineration when they can be used to construct items such as the cladding used on the outside of the garden room, and even be used for building a large decked area around the building.

Cutting down trees to make wood, of course is necessary sometimes, but where you can replace wood with composite products this just makes so much sense. It can also help the homeowner to save time, wood needs to be cared for, varnished, stained or painted, however, composite does not, it does not need to be painted or varnished or stained, so a lot of time is saved, and also less chemicals are produced because homeowners wont need so many paints to be produced.

This is just one example of how we can build an eco-friendly garden room for you, let us know give you our top tips for obtaining an eco-friendly garden room.


Let the light shine in

Just think across the U.K how light bulbs are switched on, and how much electricity needs to be generated to keep the lights on, but, what if buildings were better designed, what if buildings were designed to obtain as much light as possible, what if light that would otherwise hit the roof of the garden building, is instead turned to electricity? This is possible, when you hire us to build your garden room, because we can install solar panels to roof.

Generating electric through solar panels, we think is brilliant, yet at the same time, the building must not waste energy, so, its important to think about where you position your garden room, to let as much light shine in as possible, even if during the day it gets too bright, we have the solution for you, for example, why not have blinds fitted within the windows, so you can adjust how much light comes into the room.


Why not have a sky-light, to let even more sun light in?

Think about insulation, it is so important

Some people may buy a summerhouse because its being offered at a special offer price, however, if the building is not insulated, then this can mean that its not energy efficient. Not only is this bad for the environment, because you need to use more electric to heat the room, but also, it may make very cold in winter, so cold in matter of fact you may not use the room during the colder months. However, if the room insulated, then it can be heated, and you can use the garden room right throughout the entire year.

However, what we would say is, the quality of insulation varies a lot, so describing a summerhouse as “insulated” can be a rather misleading description sometimes. We say misleading, because if the insulation is very thin, then it might not adequately insulate the room. What is needed is the same insulation you would use when building a house, thick insulation, like panel insulation, which is like a sandwich, two reflective sides and in the middle a thick layer of insulating foam, this should be placed not in the walls, but in the floor and the ceiling.

However, you can also have insulation made from sheep’s wool as well. We think that in order to build an eco-friendly garden room, its important that the building is well insulated. If its not then the electric heaters are going to have to be switched on more often, which means that more electric is used which means that the garden room won’t be energy efficient. However, if really good quality insulation is used, combined with good quality windows and doors, which are double glazed, then the electric heaters can be used less, meaning the garden room is more energy efficient, but also the homeowner can save their electric bill as well.


Good build quality

When building a garden room, it’s important that behind the plasterboard, that the insulation in cut flush with the structural timbers. For example, if one wall is missing a few insulation panels, this will mean that, that wall is cold, and more heat will escape during the winter. So, it’s important that the whole garden room, has insulation panels placed behind all of the plasterboard.

Would you like us to build an eco-friendly garden room for you?

We specialise in building quality garden rooms, we build garden rooms, in Bristol, and also our team of builders, can build a garden room in Bath, England as well.


Why not call us for a free quotation?




Our top tips when designing and building a garden office




Arguably garden offices, are a type of garden building which you may spend the most time in during the week. For example, you might be spending 8+ a day sitting in the garden room, busy getting your work done.

If you’re going to spending so much time in the room, it has to be comfortable, otherwise you might have wished at a later date, that you better designed the room.

So, give you some food for thought, on you might want to design your garden office, let us explain some features that you may want, that would make it nice and comfortable for you in your garden room.


So, make it multifunctional and have two separate room

You might work in your garden office say 9-5 during the day, but you might to have a wander down to the garden room in the evening and like to lift some weights. However, what we would recommend is that you have our builders construct two separate rooms, one dedicated to working in, and another for use say lifting weights, or just sitting and having a nice cold beer, well on a sofa.

The reason we say you should have two separate rooms is, you might have a lot of skype calls every week, or you might have a meeting with a client in your garden office, and it might be more professional to have say your fitness equipment, like an exercise bike in a side room, so you have one room for improving your fitness, and the other room is just for working in.

And this wont cost much extra at all, because all you need is some more plasterboard, a door and a door frame, and a couple coats of paint, that’s all you need, and you’ve then split the garden room into two rooms, that you can use for different purposes.


Think about air flow

If you’re working in your garden office, what you have to think about, is as your busy working in the garden room, your going want to control the temperature and also be able to open windows or large doors to let the fresh air in.

Now opening a single UPVC door on a really warm summers day, might not be enough to get the air flowing through the room.

So have a think about how large you would like the doors to be, perhaps you like a bi-folding doors, complete with blinds fitted in the doors themselves. So, this way, in the mornings when its not that hot, but its very bright outside, you might just want to work with the blinds partially closed.

Alternatively, when it turns very hot outside, you may want to switch on the air conditioning, or possibly if the garden room hasn’t got air conditioning, then you might want to simply open the bi-folding doors and let the fresh air flow into the room.


Also carefully consider lighting

If your garden office is built in a part of your garden, where there’s not much natural light, and the gras there all dead because there’s not much light, and that part of the garden doesn’t receive much light, because of a huge tree blocking all the light.

So, we wouldn’t recommend you pick that spot for the garden room to be built, because it’s going to be dark throughout the day.

Equally you don’t want to be working in a garden room where the sun light is so strong that you’re squinting your eyes well in the room.

So, what you need is a spot that’s sunny, but not too sunny, and also to windows and doors, where there’s blinds fitted so you adjust the light.

But what you don’t want is to build the building in a place in your garden, that doesn’t get much sunlight, because otherwise you might need the lights switched on all day. And if you’re working under artificial light, such as fluorescent tube lighting, well, you might find that this strains your eyes, if you’re working under this lighting for say 8hrs a day. What we think would be a lot better, is to have large windows or doors, with blinds fitted to the windows and doors, so you can adjust the light during the day.

That way you can adjust how much natural light comes into the room, and also you saving money, because you won’t have to have the lights switched on as much.


Make it comfortable

Think about the following when designing and building your garden room


Head room

You should allow ample head room, the reason for that, once a thick layer of insulation goes down on the floor, then the chipboard, and then the flooring you choose is laid, this will mean that there’s less head room in the garden office. So important to consider headroom, you want to be able to walk in the garden room, and not hit your head on the lightening. So, you need ample head room, so make sure you build the building tall enough so you have ample head room.


Air conditioning

On a really hot summers day, even with the doors wide open, it might be too hot to work in the garden room, so we would recommend thinking about having air conditioning fitted. This way, you could simply make your self a nice of coffee, walk down to the garden building, switch on the air conditioning, and the whole day you work well being nice and cool.

Having air conditioning added to the summerhouse, doesn’t cost that much extra, and our installers of air conditioning can often complete that work in less than a day. So, if you’re going to be using the building as a place of work, what we would recommend is having air conditioning fitted.

Even though the panel insulation can help to reflect that hot air away from the building, when you’re walking in and out of the building numerous times a day, what’s going to happen is the hot air will enter the room, and do need a way of cooling it.

So, what we would recommend is having air conditioning system added.


Think of toes in winter

Everything outside might be frozen, the pond might frozen over, all the grass will frozen, and also your face might be frozen as your walk outside to your garden office.

What will want, is nice warm garden building, and for the floor to be nice and warm, so that you can warm your feet up, and so you can start work.

We can add under floor heating to the garden office, and this doesn’t cost much extra, but if you’re working in the garden office throughout the winter, then we would highly recommend that you have this fitted.

And it can be installed after the buildings been built, but it’s a lot more work, to take up the floor and then install the underfloor heating, and then to relay the whole floor, so we would recommend getting the underfloor heating installed when the building is being built.



Think about having solar panels added to the roof

What garden room offers is a great opportunity to have a set of solar panels fitted to the roof, and they don’t take up any extra room, because, the roof, might not be used for anything else.

So, at the end of your garden, you could have a garden office, but also multiple solar panels, which are generating electric for you.

As electric and gas bills for some people have hit the roof, we think it’s a good idea to have solar panels on the room of your garden building. So as your busy completing work within the building, the solar panels are at work generating electric on the roof.

What’s great about choosing Kingsley to build your garden office, is we can build the building, plus install the solar panels for you. We can install all of the electrics for you as well, that’s because we have electricians which work for our business.


Our guide to building a comfortable garden workspace



More and more people are now working remotely, and with fibre broadband, this makes working from home possible. And since Covid, with more people asked to work from home, this has indeed sparked a demand for homeowners to have a dedicated work space within our homes- which are often called garden offices, garden pods or simply just an insulated summerhouse.

For some people asked to work from home, may have a spare room within their house, so it’s a piece of cake to get a desk and to start working on that Excel Spreadsheet. Yet for many homeowners in Bristol, there spare rooms might be used, and they may not want to work off the kitchen table. This is why our large team of builders at Kingsley builds so many garden offices for our customers throughout the U.K every week.



This is where a garden office can help

However, as many people who have made the move to working from home, that they may not want to work within their house, because there may well be too much noise. So, you need a work space that’s quiet, where you can get your work completed.

 That’s when the garden room comes to the rescue, offering the ideal place for a well-equipped office– where you can have a large desk, and huge bi-folding doors, so you can let fresh air flood in the garden room.

Let us explain how garden office, ensuring the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.



We can help you to design your garden office

There are several factors to consider during this planning stage- such as which roof you want, what cladding would you like, would like air conditioning? According to the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), it’s crucial to think about how the space will be used, so you don’t buy a garden room that’s too small for you. You have to bear that insulation, cladding, plasterboard all eat into the internal space, and therefore you do have to consider how internal space your left with, once the cladding, plasterboard and insulation have been added. what you need inside, and how it will impact your garden’s overall look. Also, consider aspects like lighting- do you  need outdoor lighting? temperature control- do you need a quality air, and Wi-Fi connectivity-, which are vital for getting your work done.

  Don’t overlook the importance of planning for security measures, too- you will need good security, we would recommend quality bi-folding doors, an alarm system and CCTV. A recent report indicates that garden and shed burglaries account for 22.5% of all UK thefts (source).



Choosing building materials  

When selecting building materials for your garden office, durability should be your main concern- for example, when buying a garden room, we would highly recommend you get a rubber roof fitted, and to make sure the garden room company, guarantees the roof. While cost-effectiveness is essential, skimping on quality of the roof could result in a less-than-sturdy office, that won’t withstand the elements over time. We would therefore recommend a rubber roof. The Federation of Master Builders emphasises the need for choosing quality materials, particularly for structures like garden offices.



Building the Office

Once you have approved the design, it’s then time for our builders to start building the foundations, whether that’s using ground screws or a concrete base. It’s always wise to hire a highly experienced garden room company construct your office, particularly for complex aspects like if you’re having a green roof built and the electrics.  

Moreover, a study by the Federation of Master Builders revealed that DIY mistakes cost UK homeowners approximately £3.3 billion annually- (source). Thus, getting professional help might save you both time and money in the long run.


Interior decor

Greenery, such as having green walls, can allow for a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

On the inside, you can make your garden room homely and comfortable. A study by the University of Exeter found that office workers were 32% more productive in spaces where they could choose their décor. Invest in ergonomically designed furniture, to ensure comfort during long hours of work.




Can I build a garden office myself?


While it’s possible, and there are many companies that sell “flat pack garden rooms”- we would still recommend you hire a garden room company to build the whole building,  especially for complex parts such as if your having a green roof, or decking built, or a large canopy. DIY mistakes could potentially cost more in the long run.


We want an eco-friendly garden room, which building materials should I use for my garden office?


Prioritise durable building materials, if the whole building needs to be thrown in a skip in less than 5 years, then this is not an eco-friendly garden room. So pick quality materials that can withstand weather conditions, so we would recommend getting a rubber roof added, and ask for a guarantee on the roof, get composite cladding, as this can be made from recycled plastics, get huge windows and doors, so your using less electric for the lighting. Most important of all, make sure the whole building is well insulated, so sheep’s wool, or fibreglass or panel insulation, as if the building isn’t well insulated, then this means the building is not eco-friendly, so most important of all, make sure all the ceilings, the floor, the walls are crammed with quality insulation.   

How can I make my garden office secure?


Invest in robust doors, whether the doors are made from upvc, aluminium or wood, get top quality locks fitted, plus add CCTV. Also add secure windows, and consider adding a quality alarm system- and make sure the alarm is good quality that it’s so loud your neighbours can here it if it does go off. A garden office can be an easy target for burglars, as its often at the end of a garden, away from the house, so it’s possible to smash a window and sometimes the family may not hear if they are sleeping, and valuables such as a Apple Laptop may get stolen, so do add CCTV to your garden room, and we can install low energy consumption lighting as well. 

What should I consider in terms of office design?

 Consider natural light, so you could have roof lights, if not enough light comes through the doors, because of say bushes, or trees blocking the light. Get large windows, and have very large windows fitted on the side of the garden office which gets the most light during the day. We can even install triple glazed windows, which make the windows much more energy efficient.



A garden building complete with jacuzzi, a great way to unwind



In a world consumed by stress- with a lot of us having very busy jobs, making us tired, creating a personal haven in our gardens, to go and unwind, is so important. We build a garden building, which becomes a nice tranquil place to unwind after a long busy day at work.

You could make your garden building into your own spa, with a sauna, with a jacuzzi, what a place to unwind. You could have a top of the range sound system build into the canopy, so you can listen nice music well you unwind in your hot tub.   With our bespoke Spa Garden Rooms, you can turn this dream into a reality- so, when the working day is over, why not grab a nice bottle champagne and spend some time in your garden room?


The garden rooms we build go beyond providing a simple wooden structure for your hot tub, because you could have composite decking built in front of the building, you could have a complete bathroom, you even use the main room as your gym. You could have led lights, quality speakers all built into the canopy, so whether its during the day, or during the night, you can walk down to your garden room, jump into the jacuzzi and start to unwind.

 So imagine soaking in the comforting warmth of your hot tub, while listening to some music?. Or how about unwinding under the stars after a long day at work, you can switch on the lights so around the garden room is fully illuminated,  Our bespoke garden rooms present all these luxuries and more at your doorstep.

Furthermore, these garden rooms are built to last, we offer a very long guarantee on every summerhouse we build, that’s our confident we are, that is built to a high standard. Constructed with high-quality building materials, such FSC approved wood, they promise durability and minimal maintenance, for example composite cladding doesn’t even need painting. A simple wipe down is all composite cladding needs, to keep the cladding clean.  


A luxurious spa experience at home

Why book an expensive hotel, or an expensive glamming experience, when instead in your garden, you could have a garden room, with a hot tub, with decking, with good sound system, and even huge television inside, so you can pour nice beer and watch the football. A recent survey showed that 27.8% of American adults use a hot tub, spa, or pool as a means of relaxation (source). And we think this the same in Britain, Jacuzzis are now very popular here as well.

So why not hire us to build a garden room complete with a jacuzzi.


Top quality and guaranteed for 10 years

Our garden rooms are not just functional, they are so high quality, we guarantee them for 10 years. They enhance the visual appeal of your garden, with their modern design and superior finish (source).  


Garden gym complete with a jacuzzi

Our garden rooms are used as yoga rooms, garden gyms, and also can have a sauna or a jacuzzi fitted to the side, we build a large canopy acting as a shield from external weather, all while allowing you to sit in your jacuzzi, and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings (source). According to a study, 38% of adults in the UK preferred a garden room to escape everyday distractions and stress (source).

For example you may have a very stressful job, so why not buy a garden room, so when work is finished, you could have workout in your air conditioned garden gym, then unwind in the jacuzzi afterwards.


Long-lasting Investment

These garden rooms, built from very high-quality materials, require minimal maintenance for example we can offer to clad the building using composite cladding, this never needs staining, varnishing or painting, this is why so many people opt for garden rooms clad with composite (source). Around 53% of homeowners in 2021 viewed a garden room as a beneficial long-term investment ([source](https://www.theguardian.com/money/2021/mar/06/homeowners-in-uk-flock-to-spruce-up-the



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What materials are used in the construction of your garden rooms?

Our garden rooms are constructed using high-quality wood, such FSC wood, we can also clad the outside with composite, or softwood or hardwood.  We can also add quality bi-folding doors.

We can even offer to add solar panels onto the roof.


Can the garden rooms canopy be built to fit over a large hot tub?

Yes, most definitely, you might want a massive hot tub , a hot tub so big 7 people can sit in it at any one time, so you will need a huge canopy built to the side of the summerhouse and we can build this for you. our garden rooms are bespoke, and tailor-made to accommodate any size hot tub.


Do garden rooms require any specific maintenance?

Our garden rooms require minimal maintenance, it does depend on which cladding, which roof you choose. If you want a very low maintenance garden room, then we would recommend composite cladding, as don’t need painting, and a rubber roof. 


Can I use the garden room in all weather conditions?

Yes, our garden rooms are designed to protect against external weather conditions, so even if everything covered in snow outside, and its freezing cold, you could still switch on the heaters, and in short amount of time, you will be nice and warm.  

Work-from-home and help protect our planet


Help protect the planet and work from home

Its all just so unnecessary…

What are we talking about?

That is the long que, of diesel, hybrids, petrol engine cars belching out fumes from their tail pipes, and for what? For a lot of people to get to work, to sit at a computer, that they could do at home. So thankfully, more and more people are now working from home, this is good for our planet, but also good for so many other reasons, such as helping us save money on fuel costs, and more importantly, helping us to save time. Who like’s queuing in long traffic jams? Exactly none of us.

Since the dawn of the industrial age, when Britain was undergoing the “industrial revolution” the daily commute has been a routine etched in stone, something that was just done without thinking. And there was good reason for that, an iron works is not going to come to the employee, you do have to travel to it. However, as we ride the wave of digital transformation, it simply allows more people in Bristol, and across the world, to simply work from home. Yet, beyond these tangible benefits lies a larger, more significant gain – the positive impact on our environment- we can save that fuel in our cars, for doing essential journeys. This article delves into the profound ways in which remote work is playing a symphony of sustainability for our Earth.


A pioneering step towards lowering carbon footprint

Each day, millions of us hop into our vehicles and burn fuel to get to work- even if it is a 5-minute journey- we are all still burning fuel, and contributing to global warming. This daily commute contributes a significant portion of the global greenhouse gas emissions- and as a lot of start work, and finish work at the same time, doing our 9-5 jobs, well the roads in Bristol and Bath, as well as other major cities get flooded with cars, trucks and vans, that often just have a car engine ticking over, doing nothing much, than helping the car to crawl along and power the air-conditioning! But what if we could take a significant stride towards reducing this carbon footprint?

Well, we think working from home part-time or full time is the solution, we think it helps get more cars off the road. It helps us to save so much time every week, by not having to waste time commuting back and fore work, instead, we can just work from home.


The problems with working from home

So, whether we have a MacBook computer open, and your working on an Excel document, or your writing a speech using Microsoft Word, that your going to read Infront of a thousand people at a business event, often you need a room, where you can concentrate, where you can get your work done.

Now, working from the kitchen table, well, that’s not ideal, with other members of the family distracting you, by talking to you, or simply the whaff of delicious food being cooked, so you need a quiet space to work, a place where there’s less distractions, less noise, and this is why hundreds of residents in Bristol have hired us  to build garden offices, and with prices starting from 18k its clear to see why we have now built so many garden buildings in South West England.

 Why the garden room needs to be well insulated

Our offices are often buzzing with electricity consumption- from lights, to computers to air conditioning systems. However, with remote work, energy consumption can be substantially lower- especially if the garden room is insulated.


Frequently Asked Questions  


How does remote work contribute to lowering carbon footprint?

Remote work eliminates the need for commuting- so less cars are on the road, which is only good for the environment, yet it can also help other road uses to save time. For example, if we do need to use our cars, say for a hospital appointment, then we are less likely to encounter traffic jams, if more cars are off the road.

Garden rooms therefore offer the best of both worlds, you can work from home, yet you are working in a building that’s totally detached from your house. Which means the garden office can be a quiet place to get work done, yet when the working day is finished, instead of having to get in your car, or on your motorbike to get home, you can simply just walk back to the house, in less than a minute.


Would you like a free quote?

Perhaps you’ve seen on Instragram a garden office that you would like built? If so, why not call us so we can arrange a quote?

Our garden rooms are not rolled off a production line in Bristol, therefore they are hand built in your garden. This means you can have the building built, to exact size you want, you can specify the cladding, windows and doors you want. we can even build a garden room which has a green roof!

With a green roof, you can grow plants, so as your busy being a busy bee working away in your garden room, on the roof, you could have a lot of wild flowers growing, which are actually helping to protect the bees.

Also a lot of people, when they have finished work, often like to go to the gym, and often a lot of people that worked in offices, in Bristol, often then got in their cars and drove to the local gym, well we can build a garden office, which has a separate room, so you can fill it with gym equipment.

So now you don’t need to drive to work, because you own a garden office, plus you don’t need to drive to the gym, because you own your own gym equipment.

We call that a win-win.