Garden room complete with a toilet and bathroom



It’s all well and good, having a garden room looking spectacular at the end of your garden, but we think it’s not just about the anaesthetics of the building. It must be well designed, that’s for sure, but it must also be designed so that you can use it comfortably, over the long term.

For example, you don’t want to have a garden office built, and to be on a long Skype call, chatting away to your clients, only to find that once the call is over, you need to go running through the garden, at 100 mph because you need the toilet.

So, what we would say is its most definitely worth hiring a garden room company, which can build a toilet and a bathroom within your garden room. This sounds easier than it actually is to complete this work, the reason being is, there needs to be drainage, a water supply to your garden room, plus also you have to think about ventilation if you’re going to have a shower as well.


Prices start from as low as £25,000 for a garden room complete with toilet




Let’s say you have a very long garden, and you don’t want to go running up that garden you need toilet, so it’s a good idea to get one within your garden room.

Now you might be thinking, well hold your horses to have a garden room built as a bathroom inside, is going to cost an absolute arm and a leg, this might be true with some companies, but it’s not with ours because our prices start from £25,000.

We can take care of the drainage.

Sometimes a long trench will need to be dug out your garden, but don’t worry, we can get rid of the excess oil plus we can throw some grass once we are finished onto the soil, so the grass will eventually grow back.

This will allow us to dig a long trench, with a waste pipe and also allow us to lay a pipe for the water supply.

We can bring in excavator into your garden, some of our mini excavators, that we hire, can be tracked through a garden gate, then once within the garden gate we can start to dig the trench that is needed.

We will need to connect the waste pipe with your main drains, but do not worry our plumbers can take care of all this work for you.



Would you like a complete bathroom?

Some customers will just want a lavatory and a wash hand basin, other customers may want to complete bathroom suite, some may even want a luxurious claw legs Bath, perhaps even made from copper?

We can even build a wet room within the bathroom, so once you’ve finished working within your garden room, or perhaps it’s a garden gym that we are building, if you fancy a refreshing shower, then you can do this within your garden room. We can build a complete bathroom suite for you.


Some garden room companies, don’t consider ventilating their garden rooms, however if you’re going to have a shower or a bath within your garden room, then this is going to produce a lot of steam, and therefore a lot of condensation could build up within your garden room. It’s therefore important to consider ventilation, our electricians can install the ventilation for you they can also install an electric radiator when you walk within the bathroom it’s nice and warm even on a cold winter’s morning.


How long will it take you to build a garden room with a toilet?




So, if it’s a simple garden room, then often we can build these in less than three weeks, however, if you’re going to have a bathroom as well, it might take a slightly longer.

The reason for that is, we have to dig the trenches, so that we can lay the water pipes and also the waste pipes. We then have to install the bathroom, and also tile the bathroom as well.

Then our electricians have to install the ventilation, and also the electric radiator’s.



Would you like a garden building, with a toilet?

With prices starting from as low as £25,000, to have a garden building constructed, complete with a toilet and wash hand basin, this offers unbelievable value for money.

For example, if you were to contact a builder, let’s say in the city of Bristol, and you were to ask them for a quote to build a loft conversion, complete with an ensuite, they might tell you over the phone that they don’t build such attic conversions for less than £50,000.

So, as you can see, our garden rooms, complete with a toilet and also a wash hand basin offer fabulous value for money.
You can now see why Kingsley build, is busy right throughout the year, our team works very hard constructing garden buildings which range in value from £18,000-£70,000.

You might have thought that our luxurious garden buildings, are only for millionaires, however our garden buildings are very affordable, they are well made and they come with a super long guarantee.

Some companies don’t guarantee their buildings for that long, because they may know that it will glace more than five years.
However, we offer long guarantees because our garden rooms a long period of time.

Which optional extras do you offer when building garden offices





Just like when you’re in a car dealership purchasing a new car, you will want to know what the optional extras the manufacturer offers. When buying a garden office this is exactly the same, you will want to know, which optional extras we offer, so that you receive a well-designed, well built and garden office, which allows you to work in complete comfort.

So, we thought it would be a good idea to write a quick blog post, to highlight some of the options you may wish to select. This list is not the complete list, there’s in matter-of-fact hundreds of different options we can offer you. However, we know as a small business owner or someone who’s working from home, you will want a garden room that’s super comfortable, that’s regardless of what the weather is like outside.

So, without further ado, here’s some optional extras, which we would highly recommend choosing



Underfloor heating

Let’s say during a working week, you may well be easily spending, let’s say in excess of 30 hours plus working in your garden office? So, its important the temperature can be heated, one way of helping to heat the room, and helping to keep your feet nice and warm.

So even on the coldest, wettest days of winter, you can start work in your garden office, answering all those work e-mails, with your feet being nice and warm, through having underfloor heating installed in the floor.



Air conditioning

So, our weather, as we all know in Britain does range between the too extremes, of being rather cold, well freezing sometimes, and actually so hot, during the peak of summer, that our deodorant is actually tested to the limit. So, what is often needed is air conditioning to be installed within the garden room, as most garden rooms are not that large and are insulated, good quality air conditioning systems are often able to cool the room, well, in a very short period of time.   



Large windows

We specialise in building bespoke garden rooms, which are very different from flatpack buildings, because often with a flat pack garden building, you cannot specify where the windows are to be placed, and how large you would like them to be.

What’s great about hiring us is, you can have the windows as large as you like, and placed where you like. So, for example, the sunlight may hit one side wall on your garden room, throughout the day, so why not on that wall have extra large windows, complete with blinds?


Blend in or stand out?

For some homeowners they want their garden rooms to be the focal point of the garden, to standout, and be the centre of attention, the talking point if you will.

However, for some other homeowners, they don’t want a garden office to be the centre of attention, they want a building which blends more into its surroundings, the greenery such as the trees, the lawn and bushes. So, what’s great about hiring our business is that we offer hundreds of different exterior cladding options, such as “composite cladding” which comes in a huge range of different shades of green, such as light or dark green, this cladding, when it’s combined with green aluminium frame windows and doors, complete with a green roof, can really help your garden building to blend into its surroundings


Why not have solar panels installed

An instant reaction to a lot of homeowners in Britain at the moment, when they read their latest energy bills is “how much” complete with a surprised look on their faces, that’s because energy prices, for electric and gas are higher than they were in recent years. So, if your concerned by how much it will cost, to heat and electric for your new garden building, why not offset some of those energy costs, by generating your own electric, in your garden, via having high quality, solar panels, fitted to the roof of the building.

What’s great about hiring Kingsley is, we can install the solar panels, plus, we can even build a side room, onto the side of your garden office, which houses the solar panels batteries, this way, the solar panels, can generate the electric, it can be stored in large batteries, and you can use that electric to power your garden office.



Its all well and good, being a super productive busy-bee working away in your garden office, but sometimes, its important to take a break, enjoy that espresso, soak up some sun rays, have a chat with a friend on your phone, so why not have high quality composite decking built Infront of your garden office, so you have a place to take a break?


How long does it take to build a garden office?

Typically, we can build a garden office, in less than 3 weeks. However, items like solar panels, bi-folding doors, composite cladding, all has to be ordered. So, for example, for solar panels to be made, we have to sometimes wait a while. Yet, with the simple garden rooms, we can build these very fast.

Sometimes, for some of our customers, we have even built some very simple garden rooms in one week!


How long is your waiting list, before you can start work on building our garden office?


Sometimes, once a customer has confirmed with us, that they want us to build a garden office, and paid their deposit, we can




So, when a lot of us Brits finish work, a lot of us like to drive straight to the gym, however there’s the problem, driving to the gym, takes up time. When we are finished at work, a lot of us, don’t want to be struck in rush hour traffic, bumper to bumper, to then get to the gym, and have to wait for some of the gym equipment to become available.


So, what’s the solution?

The solution is to have a large garden room, with another room, a room that you can use to workout in. The room could be air conditioned, have a shower, toilet, and wash hand basin. It could have a really good sound system, made by Bose Speakers, and therefore you can work out, well listening to excellent sound quality.

Plus, there’s no waiting for say the exercise bike to become available, because, all of the equipment you will own.

Why we think its better to purchase a bespoke garden building



With a quick search on Google, for say “flat pack summerhouses” you instantly have hundreds of companies which want to sell you, their goods. However, we think you should sit back for a second, have a cup of tea, and have a think, well do you want a flat pack summerhouse, or do you want a bespoke garden building.

And you might be thinking, well what’s the difference, well, there are some big differences, which we would like to highlight within this article.



So, when you buy a DIY summerhouse, it’s a bit like selecting a mattress online, that is, they only come in set sizes, Single, King, Super King for example, as many garden rooms that are flat pack, they only come in set sizes too- so, we think bespoke garden rooms, because they can be built to any dimensions allow you to get the garden room that best fits your garden.

Your garden may not be very long at all, yet, it could be very wide, so why not have a rectangular garden building, that’s wide, but narrow? So, just as our British gardens come in all sizes, well, we think its better to have a bespoke building, which best suits your garden. For example, your garden may even end at a point, so you may want a triangular garden room built?


So many more options too pick from

So, buying a garden room, well its not like buying a garden shed from a local DIY store, you will be most likely spending a lot on the building, so you want options, such as different cladding, different roofing options, different door options. If you choose our company to build your garden room, well, we can offer you so many options, hundreds of different options in fact.


Built ultra-fast

So, one of the main reasons why a homeowner may not choose a bespoke garden room, and opt for a flat pack building is because they may think that bespoke building is going take forever and a day to build, that the building work will be dragging on for weeks and weeks, and they will be listening to endless banging, drilling, and sawing- no one wants to listen to that during the summer months.

But what if we were to tell you most our garden rooms, well, they can be constructed in less than 3 weeks?

Some even in a shorter time span, plus, because we have so many builders working for us, we are simply able to build a garden building much, much quicker than some other businesses.


Every detail built the way you like

What we think is great about having a bespoke garden building built, is that everything from where the outside lights are positioned, to whether or not, you want a bathroom installed, can be selected by the customer.

With a flatpack summerhouse, often you won’t be able to alter the design of how the building looks, or the size of the building.
However, when you hire our business, what’s great is that you can say exactly how you want the building to be built, that’s from the foundations right up to the roof. For example, when you are looking for ideas on social media, but how you want your garden room to look, you may have found a garden building that you really like.


We can then offer you a quote to build that exact design for you.

For example, it may have had Canadian red cedar cladding, it may have had decking built out the front, it may have had grey bi folding doors, solar panels on the roof as well as air and internal bathroom. You might have seen that garden room on social media, and thought right, that’s exactly how I want mine to look. Therefore, if you were to send that picture to us, we will be able to offer you a quote often in less than three working days.

Saving you time

Sometimes, some homeowners done correctly calculate, how long it will actually take to build a flatpack summerhouse. On the company’s website, it might say that it can be completed within three working days, yet depending on how good the homeowners DIY skills are, it could take longer.

So if you want to save time, why not hire us, we’ve been building garden buildings for a very long period of time. So, instead of taking up say your bank holiday weekend, or even longer to build a flatpack summerhouse, why not let us build up bespoke summerhouse for you instead?


All you have to do is move your furniture in

there’s no two ways about it, sometimes building a flatpack summerhouse, involves a lot of work, for example you have to do everything from preparing the ground, so the work can start, right through to building the roof. Then there’s all of the painting and decorating, plastering, and phoning around electricians to get a quote to install the electrics.

However, when you hire us, we can take care of everything for you, we can take care of the plumbing, the electrics the plastering, literally everything. So, all you have to do, is simply move your furniture into the garden room when you are ready to start using it.


A lot cheaper than what you might think

A lot of people, might be put off, contacting a garden room company like ours, that specialise in building bespoke garden rooms, the reason being they may think that our buildings cost an absolute arm and a leg.

However, you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised, when we send a quote to you, to build a luxury summerhouse. Prices start as low as £18,000, which is a lot lower than some other garden room companies have set their starting price as. Even though our prices are low, never compromise on quality at all.

Would you like a quote?

We now offer quote in the evening, and also on weekends. So if your busy during the week, why not arrange for us to come and offer you a free quote on a Saturday morning?

We build garden offices, garden rooms and log cabins-we offer very affordable prices, so why not give us a ring?


Loft conversion vs a garden office



So, you’ve started a brand-new job, and your super excited to be starting the job, yet, it now means you will be working from your house 3 days a week. So, you’ve started to phone around a few builders, as you want a quote to build an extension on your home, either a small extension that will be built at the back of the house or alternatively, you were thinking of having a dormer loft conversion built.


Decisions, decisions- which one will you opt for?

Yet, when the builders e-mail you back, your shocked, a loft conversion has come in at 70k, and the property extension a bit less, but still much more than you were anticipating.

This has you a bit worried, because you don’t want to be working from the kitchen table, you want a room that’s dedicated to being used as a home office, and because you haven’t got any spare bedrooms, well, now you’re thinking, I can’t be forking out 70k for an attic conversion, its too much- so what other options do we have.


Well, what about an insulated, well built garden building, built by Kingsley Group?

We can build a garden office with prices starting from just 18k- we here you breathing a sigh of relief there, yes, that’s right, you don’t have to fork out all that money to a builder, to build a dormer loft conversion, because we can build you a garden building for a lot less, plus, its separate from the house, so when you’ve finished work, you can leave work in the garden building, you can switch off the phone, and you can leave work in your garden office.

A lot of people that work from home, like to have their office, separate from the house, the reason being, is if the office is within your house, you might be tempted to keep checking your e-mails, and you may never switch off from work, until say 7 pm or later. So, with a garden office, as soon as the working day is done and dusted, you just have to switch the lights off, and lock up your garden office.

Advantages of choosing a garden building rather than a loft conversion


Detached from your house

When you’re having your loft converted, you often need scaffolding, and there can sometimes be a lot of noise that is made by the builders, which is occurring directly above where you are living.

Yet with a garden building, it can be constructed, right at the end of your garden, so especially if you have a large garden, you will be less disrupted by the noise, and the building work. Because we can build most of our summerhouses, in between 1-3 weeks, in the blink of an eye, you will be ready to start moving your furniture in to your garden building, where you can start work.


Costs less

If you have already obtained quotes from several builders, to build a loft conversion or a property extension, you will know that in 2023, the quotes now are quite high. Yet, we can build a garden building for 18k, so this offers brilliant value for money.


A lot of light

What’s great about having a garden room build by Kingsley Build, is that, you can add as many windows, whether that’s windows in the walls, or roof windows, or even a roof lantern, plus you can add bi-folding doors, so, depending on where your garden room is positioned in your garden, you can have a lot of natural light coming into the garden room, and a lot of people when they are working, they often like sun light, rather than having to work under artificial light.

So we can install Velux windows, roof lanterns, top quality bi-folding doors, we can fit large windows, so you can have huge amounts of light coming into your garden building, which offers a nice light and airy space for you to work. Plus, during the summer you might want to fold back those aluminium bi-folding doors, and let the nice fresh air come into the room, while you are working- what’s better than smelling nice, freshly cut grass!



Do you like working while playing music? Well, if you were to play music while working in your house, you might be annoying other members of the household, yet, when your working in your garden office, its completely detached from the house. So whether you like playing rock music, dance or classical music, whatever type of music you like, you can play it in your garden office, and you wont be annoying the other members of the family.


 Add a bathroom

If you were to add a bathroom to your loft conversion, well, the price to build the attic conversion might rise significantly. This is because, of all the extra plumbing, and work that’s needed to add a bathroom within a loft. However, we add a bathroom to your garden office, and we can complete this work at a very affordable price, so whether you want a toilet and a wash hand basin, or you want a complete bathroom added, we can add this to your garden office, for a very competitive price.


Built as large as you like

With a loft conversion, sure,  you can add a dormer which gives you more space, more headroom, and will help to increase the size of the loft. However, you are still restricted to the footprint of the house, meaning, you can only have your loft as big as the dimensions of the house, unless you add a side extension at an extra cost. Yet with a garden room, you can build it as large as you like, you might have a massive garden, that’s very wide, and long, so why not have a huge garden room built, this may still be cheaper than a loft conversion. We can offer you a quote, plus, when we are visiting your garden, we will be able to advise you whether you will need to seek planning permission or not.


We can start building your garden office as quickly as you like.

Sometimes, for some of our customers, they wont need to obtain planning permission from the local council. So as soon as they give our quote the go ahead, we can start to build the garden room, and because we have so many carpenters working for us, we now have over 7 full time carpenters, which means that we can build our garden buildings very quickly, as each day passes, you will be impressed by the progress that our builders make, this is often why we are asked to build so many summerhouses, because we can build them in a very short space of time.

Reasons to hire us to build a garden bar for you?


A comprehensive guide to buying a garden bar

Publication date: 24th of July 2023


So, summer is finally here, and as we all jumping for joy, because the weather has improved and we have much longer days to enjoy meeting friends and family over the summer, a lot of us like to meet up in bars, restaurants and cafes.
But what if you had a really high-quality air-conditioned building, built in your garden, that was simply a brilliant place to invite your friends or your family over to enjoy a drink together?


Forget expensive drink prices

Forget all those expensive drink prices, and queueing at a bar, or waiting for a person at a bar to serve you, when you own a garden bar, you could stock it with all your favourite drinks, and you can also even have a separate kitchen area to prepare food. We could also build a bathroom for you as well.


Summer evenings sipping cocktails

We think sitting and unwinding in your garden bar, is a brilliant way to spend the summer evenings, it’s also a great place to spend time with your friends or family.
We’ve now built countless garden buildings, are used as garden bars right through to being used as a place to do yoga.

Garden bars/sheds

People often don’t want the hassle of having to organise taxis and waiting a long time at the bar and also pay the expensive prices that some bars charge. For example, when you get told it’s 7 pound a pint, some people might be shocked!

We build our garden buildings quickly

Therefore, it is clear why so many people are now purchasing garden bars from us, as they can be purchased at affordable price, we can also build the building very quickly for you, so before you know it you could be throwing a party, having all your friends over and enjoying a nice pint of English ale.

Not just for the summer months

As us British know, our summers can sometimes seem like a flash in the pan, that’s to say, in the blink of an eye our summers can be over. Then we are plunged back into short days, cold weather, and a lot of us just like to keep in the house where it’s nice and warm.


Not just the summer

Therefore, garden rooms sometimes thought of as rooms to can only be used during the summer, and this is true for some garden buildings, because they might not be insulated.

However, our buildings are well insulated, in matter of fact the buildings we build, our packed with insulation, we don’t just put it in the walls, we put it in the ceilings as well.

Plus, we give our customers the option of what type of insulation they want, for example, we can offer panel insulation, which comes in a range of different thicknesses, the thicker it is, the more expensive it is.

We can also offer sheep’s wool, we can also offer fibreglass insulation, when you add the exterior cladding, the plasterboard and the insulation, and you combine this with electric heaters, the whole room can be nice and toasty inside during the winter months.


Our garden rooms, can therefore be used right throughout the entire year, whether it’s summer or winter

So, whether you fancy a pint on a baking hot summers day your friends in your garden room, or you might want your friends over for a game of darts in December, when it’s freezing, you can still use a garden room that is built by us throughout the entire year.


Our top reasons for buying a garden bar shed from us

No queueing at the bar, when you own a garden bar, you haven’t got to queue at the bar, that’s to say, you haven’t got to try get the bartender’s attention, and weight to be served, and then trying to shout across the bar to make sure the order is heard.

No, by owning your own garden bar, that’s been built by us, you can stock it with any beers you like, there are a range of online businesses online that sell kegs, that’s offer a wide variety of different ales, lagers and is ciders, and these can often be bought at a brilliant price, therefore you can just simply pull your own pint and sit and unwind with your friends in your garden bar/shared.,


Garden bar / kitchen

Often when people are enjoying a drink and socialising with their friends or family, theymight also want some food as well to go with their alcoholic beverage, therefore why not have a kitchen installed within your garden room? We can install a complete kitchen within your garden room, making it an absolute piece of cake, to make yourself a nice pizza to go with a pint of English ale.

Our plumbers, electricians and builders can install a side room within your garden room that can be used as a kitchen, you might want to therefore want use it just to make pizzas, Panini’s or pasta, that you can enjoy eating with your friends or family.

Affordably priced

We build garden rooms, at very low prices, for example some of the buildings that we build, start from just £18,000 to the offer absolutely unbelievable value for money. This is why they are so popular, and this is why each year we build many garden gyms, garden offices, as well as garden bars. We have an extremely strong reputation for building quality, but quality at a very reasonable price, for example most of our garden rooms cost between 18 and £35,000.

This is the reason why we are one of the most popular garden room companies in the UK, we build not just garden bars but every single type of garden building, and we can build it the way you want.


Would you like a quote?

We now offer quotes in evenings, and on weekends, so we make it even easier for our customers to obtain a quote quickly and at a time that best suits them. If you would like a quote why not give us a ring?

Do you require a garden office? But only have a small garden? Then why hire us to build a “garden office pod” ?


What are Garden office pods?



So, our garden room installers, week in week out are build many luxury garden rooms right throughout S.West England, with the vast majority of the buildings being built in Bristol. And we would have to say that around 75% of the buildings that we construct are garden offices.

However, with that said, a lot of readers of this article, well, they might be thinking well, only have a really small garden- and may not therefore think they have enough room for a summerhouse to be built?

The reader may therefore be thinking, wellm i have a patio, and a very small lawn, so I don’t think I’ll be able to get a garden room built- but this is where we can help- we can build a compact garden office, sometimes, its just large enough for a desk and chair, and a few shelves, but that’s all you need right?


Bespoke Garden Offices

However, our company is very different from say a company that only makes summerhouses in a factory, and sells them as flatpack garden buildings- sometimes these companies, only offer the buildings in a few different sizes. Yet, when you hire us, you are able to state the exact dimensions the you want the garden building to be built, then our highly talented carpenters will start hard at work, building a luxury summerhouse, to the exact design you want.


Why buy a garden office pod from us?



• We offer a super long guarantee on our all garden buildings
• Built super quickly, because we have a very large team of joiners in Bristol
• We can also soundproof your garden office for you, so it will be super quiet inside for you
• We always add a long-lasting roof, onto our garden rooms, we use highly durable rubber roofing
• Our garden rooms insulated, and well insulated as well, you will be as warm as a bug, on a rug
• We build our garden buildings across South-West England- we have built hundreds in Bath and Bristol- we are the go to name for “luxury summerhouses”
• Prices start from as low as £18,000 so they wont break the bank
• We can offer you a free quote, in evenings up to 8pm Monday through to Friday
• We can advise you whether planning permission is needed or not
• We can also offer you a quote is to build patios, fencing and decking- so we can transform your whole garden
• We can install the electrics, we employ qualified electrcians
• We can install plumbing- we employ many plumbers
• We can add solar panels- with energy prices hitting all times high, why not generate your own electric, through having solar panels on your garden room?


Don’t have a big garden? Why not have a compact garden room built? Prices start from just 18k- amazing prices we know!

So, let’s say there is your garden isn’t very long, but it is quite wide, well, we can build a long rectangular building that is quite thin, but still has a lot of room inside, because it can be very wide but the actual width could extend across most of your garden?

So, what we can do is build a garden room which suits your gardens shape, we are not like some U.K garden room companies which say we only build 10 different sizes, and asked the customer to choose a size they want- instead we can build a summerhouse to any dimensions you want, so whether you want a summerhouse thats compact, or one that’s as large as a football pitch, we can build it for you.

We know that some of our customers may want a rectangular building, others may want a triangular building, and some may even want a circular building built- we can build a garden room, to any shape you want, and how large you want.


So, what exactly is a garden office pod?

A garden office pod is a compact garden room.

So, let’s say in the corner of your garden currently you have an old garden shed, that’s rotting away, and has a leaky roof, it may well be falling apart, you might have compost bin next to the shed, and some brambles over growing as well? So basically you might not be using that area of the garden at all?

We can bring in our team of builders, we can put all of the waste into a skip, the old shed, greenhouses, brambles, compost bin, old rotting wheel barrow, and all of the rest of the rubbish, and this might take us one to 2 days to do. We can break up your concrete foundations as wel, if there are any, and in its place we can build a garden office pod, that is insulated, which is air-conditioned which as an electric supply. We can also install electric heaters, as well as insulating the building, so the building can be used throughout the entire year, so you get much more use out of your garden.


Look stylish, and enhances your home

Let’s say there are three houses for sale on your street currently, that’s when you look on Rightmove, but your house, well, it stands head and shoulders above the other houses, as it has a luxury garden room built by us built within your garden, a perspective buyer might think while that’s great I can work from home.  

So, by buying a garden office pod, that’s built by Kingsley, you are actually enhancing your whole garden, because people can get much more use out of their garden, because you could use the room as your office, was your gym, or as a place simply to watch the football throughout the entire year.


Built for all weather conditions



For a lot of us British homeowners, our winters can be very cold, plus also very wet, sometimes we might not even step out into our gardens that much at all during the winter, until the weather improves.
Or if we do go outside into our gardens, during the winter it might be to quickly to scrape up some leaves, or to prune back a Bush or just to put the rubbish out on a Friday night for example.

However, we can build a luxurious garden room, which you can working throughout the entire year, or you could use it for a hobby such as watching the football and enjoying a nice pint of beer, we might like to do yoga it?


Super long guarantees



Some companies which build wooden summerhouses, don’t offer a long guarantee on their summerhouses at all, perhaps three years or less.
The reason is they know that the roof might fall apart after a short period of time, the roof might start to leak water through the felt roof, and a whole garden room might be a write-off within say five years or less.
However, we offer long guarantees on every single garden office that we build.


Will we need planning permission for our new garden office?

We have a large team of sales staff, which can come out your garden and offer you a free quote. When our sales staff with you they can advise whether planning permission is needed or not.



Built to withstand all weather conditions

Sometimes, some cheap summerhouses offer, can appear on your social media account, and you might click on it and think well that garden room is less than £5000, it seems to offer fabulous value for money.

But as the old saying goes, sometimes you do get what you pay for, sometimes the garden rooms can have single pane glass, and they can be poorly fitted to the garden building, sometimes allowing the rain come into the garden room.

Therefore, what can sometimes happen is during heavy rain, the rain water can sometimes come through the side of the Windows, or sometimes the roof might even leak after a short period of time.

So, we think it’s always better, to pay more, and get a better-quality garden room built by Kingsley.

Things to consider when designing your garden office



How many hours a week do you spend at work?

30 hours?

40 hours?

Are you a workaholic, and spent 50 hours plus at work?

Well, if you do, you have to make sure that the room is comfortable, that the room is well lit, in terms of lighting, that the rooms nice and warm in the winter, and you have the ability to cool the room in the summer, just by switching on an air conditioning unit.

We make garden offices that are very comfortable places to work in, and this is very important because as we all know, a lot of us spend a huge amount of our week at work, so if you’re going to be working from home in a garden office, we think it’s of paramount importance that the room is comfortable.

So, before you go and sign on the dotted line, and give a garden room company the go-ahead to build your garden office, why not let us recommend a few things that you may want to think about prior to getting your garden room built.


Make the room multifunctional

Life can’t all be about work, so a lot of us like to finish work and to do a bit of yoga, maybe watch the rugby, perhaps just invite your friends over for a game of cards?

So why not have a garden room built, that is multifunctional, for example 75% of the room could be used as a home office, the remainder of the room have an a separate room, that you use to invite your friends over to watch the rugby and enjoy an alcoholic beverage?


Consider colours carefully

The design of your garden room needs to be thought out carefully, including the interior décor, so which flooring you going to have? What type of lighting, and also what colour will the room be?

When you have a garden room built, you can have it built the way you want, it’s not like when you go and work for a company, and they show you to a desk and you have no choice over how the room is designed. For example, when you work for a company, you often cant say which colour you want the walls to be, which lighting you want, you may not even be able to bring a plant into work, and put on your desk.

When you have a garden room built by us, things are different, you have complete control, over how you want the building to be designed, so for example, where you sit at your desk, you might want a thin rectangular window? That allows you as you work to look out at the trees, or perhaps to look at a river that flows pass your home, or you just may like to look at your lawn, and enjoy seeing the bees go about their work collecting pollen?

Perhaps she wants a Velux window installed, so that you can look out of the sky?

Perhaps you would like a bathroom fitted within a side room of your garden room?

Perhaps, you may want a roof built, so that you can sit out on the roof on your garden room?

You might have limited space in your garden, so you may might want a roof built where you can put a deckchair on the roof of your garden room, so the roof has a stairs, handrail and glass surround, so that afterwork you can sit out, on the roof, with a cocktail in hand, perhaps looking out over the city of Bristol? What a great way to spend a summers evening.

Also consider which colours you want the walls to be as well, so which colours do you want the internal walls of the garden room to be painted?

What colour do you want the outside of the garden room to be as well, we offer composite and metal cladding, which comes in a large range of different colours.

Plus, we can offer hardwood and softwood cladding options.


Green colour

You might want your garden room to be painted green inside, so that the inside feels like your outside, with nice colour green and a lot of different plants? And you might want the outside cladding to either be made of metal or composite, and for the cladding to be a green colour as well, so it blends more into the garden?

For example, you might have trees growing behind your garden office, so why not have the cladding a green colour so it blends into the background?



You might sell sports cars for a living? so you might want the walls a nice colour red to remind you of a brand of sports car?
Or you might be a personal trainer, and train your clients in your garden gym? Why not have a nice vibrant colour red on the walls, your company logo, and some quality speakers, made by Bose, so whether you are training a client within the room, or on the lawn, you can play some dance music so you all enjoy working out even more.



You might want the walls painted a nice colour yellow?

Consider where you are going to store your gardening items?

So, let’s say that we demolish a garage for you, and so in its place we can build a garden room.

However, in the garage at the moment, might be a petrol lawnmower, set of ladders and also numerous paint tins, countless clay flower pots, your spade, and fork.

So where are all of these items going to go?

Well, we could build a side room onto your garden building, so that you can use the room to store all of these items within the side room, the side room could have a separate doorway, and therefore you will have space to store items, such as your lawnmower.


Consider lighting?

So, you might want your garden room built at the end of your garden, yet your neighbour might have a huge bush or a huge tree, and this is blocking out a lot of your light?

Then when you’re working in your garden office, during the very first week of working in the room, you might notice that it is very dark inside the garden room, during the day.

So, you have to consider how you want your garden room positioned in your garden, so that you get as much light as possible.
Also consider having extra large windows fitted, bi-folding doors and perhaps a rooflight made by Velux installed as well? So that you obtain as much natural light as possible into your garden building.

What are the different types of insulation that you use?



It’s all well and good, purchasing a summerhouse, because it looks fantastic on the company website. It might have people sitting outside it enjoying a nice glass of lemonade on a warm summer’s day.

And you think wow, that summerhouse looks fantastic, it offered at a low price and they can even deliver to me within five working days, let’s go straight ahead and purchase. But what we would recommend is this, that you hold your horses for a second, and you think about this, think about how well insulated is the building.


Are all of the garden buildings you build insulated?

Yes, they are, whether we are building a garden bar, or a garden office our buildings are always insulated.

We will use either sheep’s wool, panel insulation or fibreglass insulation.

Therefore, whether you are purchasing an £18,000 summerhouse or a £70,000 garden office from us, every single one of our garden buildings is insulated.

Therefore, our buildings, are very easy to warm up during the winter, and during the summer months when it is very warm, they are very good at keeping the warm air out, that’s of course if you keep the windows and doors shut. And we can also install air conditioning for you, so it becomes very easy to cool the room during the summer.

So, if you are looking for a company that can build and insulated summerhouse, why look any further than Kingsley?


Are the roofs insulated?

Yes, we often use rubber roofing, then underneath the rubber roofing we could use a thick layer of panel insulation.

Alternatively, we could use fibreglass in the ceiling.


Do you build sedum roofs?

Yes, we also build sedum roofs.


Do you install the double glazing?

Yes, every single one of our garden rooms will have double glazed windows and doors.

For additional cost we can also install triple glazing which will make the garden building even more energy-efficient.


Can you offer triple glazing?

Yes, we can install triple glazing.

We want underfloor heating can you install this for us?

We most definitely can, a lot of our customers opt for underfloor heating, as it can help to heat the room but also it can keep your feet nice and warm while you are walking around the garden room. So for example you might wish to use the room to do yoga or you might just simply want to use it as a place to work, we would highly recommend opting to have underfloor heating installed, because it doesn’t cost much extra they can make you feel much more comfortable when you are inside the room.

With a simple click of a switch, the underfloor heating can be switched on, and this can really help to warm the room as well during the winter.

How much does a garden building cost, to construct in Bristol?

We offer very competitive prices to build bespoke garden rooms, for example our prices start from £18,000, a lot of other companies start from £25,000, so we can offer you fantastic value for money.

This is why so many residents within the great city of Bath, and also within the brilliant city of Bristol, have hired us to build their summerhouses, because our summerhouses are top quality, but we offer some of the most competitive prices that you are likely to find.

For example, from £18,000, you could have a summerhouse built, that has insulated walls ceiling and floor, you will have quality cladding on the outside, you will have a top quality long-lasting and highly durable rubber roof.

We can also offer £18,000 install the electrical sockets, the lighting, and we can also fit quality double glazed windows and doors, so we are sure you would agree with us that for £18,000 this offer is simply fantastic value for money, and it’s clear to see why we have such a full order book for our summerhouses right throughout the entire year even the winter months.

So, it really doesn’t matter if it’s snowing outside, we still build our summerhouses in the winter months as well, and the reason why our company is such a popular company for building summerhouses is because they are insulated, there are well built and they are offered at very affordable prices.


Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, we most certainly do offer a guarantee, we offer a very long guarantee on every single summerhouse that we construct within Bristol.

This is another reason why so many people hire us to build their luxury summerhouses, because we can offer you a long guarantee on every summerhouse we build.

Because we are so confident that our carpenters, our electricians our roofers will do a brilliant job, in building your summerhouse, they will build it so that it is very well made, we can therefore as a company offer you a long guarantee.

Some garden room companies don’t offer a long guarantee, because they know that their buildings will fall apart at the say three years or start to develop water leaks.

Our company is very different, we build high-quality luxury summerhouses, the come with a very long guarantee.


Common summerhouse problems

When you walk into your garden shed on a warm summer’s day, let’s say to retrieve your lawnmower, you might instantly think wow, it’s rather hot in here.

And during the winter months you might walk into your garden shed, and it is absolutely freezing, and it’s full of condensation, it therefore smells of damp, now you might be wondering why on earth are we talking about garden sheds, in an article that should be discussing summerhouses?

Well, there’s good reason for this, and that’s because some really cheap low-quality summerhouses, are really nothing more than garden sheds with better windows and doors.


So, what you have to think about is insulation, how well insulated is the building?

Because if it’s not well insulated, in summer could be baking hot inside, so hot you feel like a jacket potato sack within the building.

And during the winter you may feel so-called inside it feels like you’re in an igloo.


So, what’s the solution?

The solution is to buy a well-insulated garden room, but what is the best quality insulation.

Well as always, here at Kingsley, we are going to offer you top quality advice.

So, let’s start to discuss the different types of insulation that we can offer.


Sheep’s wool insulation

We think this is brilliant type of insulation, because it’s 100% natural, we can therefore use wool, and we can use this to put into the walls, insert the ceiling and into the floor, it’s absolutely brilliant at insulating a room, and it’s also a completely natural product.
Plus, also, some people in Bristol want their garden building, to be built in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Therefore, sometimes a homeowner will instruct us to purchase reclaimed timber, for example we could go to a reclamation yard in Bristol and we could buy 2 x 4 timber that has already been used, and has the nails removed, and therefore we could use it again to build your garden building.

So rather than this timber been treated as waste, we could actually reuse it to build your garden building.

Then within the structural timbers, which are used to build your garden building, we could cram the cavity with sheep’s wool, this can help to keep you nice and warm during the winter.

Of course, you will need something to heat the room, and we can install the electric heaters for you as well, so for example in less than 30 minutes, you could have a nice warm room, that’s being insulated through sheep’s wool.


Panel insulation

This is the type of insulation, that we most often used, in most of the garden buildings that we construct. It can very easily be cut with the use of the handsaw and its construction is a bit like a sandwich, in the centre you have an insulating foam which is often a yellow colour, then on either side of the insulation panel, are too reflective sides, which do a brilliant job at keeping the seat into a room.

This type of insulation is not cheap, but it’s brilliant at keeping the heat in, also what’s worth bearing in mind is that this panel insulation comes in different thicknesses.

So, if you want your garden room to be more energy-efficient, better therefore at keeping the heat within the room, we would highly recommend going for a thicker panel insulation.

We would recommend a very thick panel insulation is used, however what you do have to keep in mind, is that when this is added to the ceiling, and it is added to the walls and it is added to the floor, this can greatly eat into the internal space within the room, so when you’re doing your calculations of how much internal room you need, do calculate how much the plasterboard as well as the panel insulation will take up in terms of the internal room within your garden building.

However, if you’re going to be spending a huge amount of time within your garden building, let’s say that you run your own business, and you’re going to be working six days a week within the garden building.

Then we would highly recommend going for a very thick panel insulation, because you’re going to want the room to be nice and warm during the winter, and during the summer you can want that panel insulation to help reflect the heat and keep it outside of the garden room.

While we are on the subject, of talking about how to cool a garden room, by adding insulation to the walls and ceiling and also the floor, it’s also worth knowing that we can also install quality air conditioning systems.

For example, we can supply an air-conditioning system made by a leading manufacturer such as Mitsubishi air-conditioning systems.


Rock wool aka fibreglass

we can put fibreglass in the ceiling in the walls and in the floor, fibreglass is brilliant at insulating a garden room.

For example, some customers might want us to use panel insulation in the walls, but they might want the ceiling to be crammed with fibreglass, fibreglass is brilliant at helping to retain the heat within a room.

Then we can screw a plasterboard to the ceiling and the walls, you won’t actually see insulation, you won’t see the panel insulation and you won’t see the fibreglass insulation in the roof or in the walls, because it will be covered by plasterboard.

Yet during the winter months when it’s absolutely freezing, you will most definitely feel the benefit of that insulation working to keep the room warm inside.


Would you like an insulated garden room built?

We can build an insulated garden building with prices starting from as low as £18,000, it is therefore clear why so many residents within the city of Bath, as well as many residents within the city of Bristol have already hired us to build their garden offices, garden bars as well as a garden rooms.

We offer low prices, but our garden buildings are very high quality, the built using the very best building materials. From the windows to the roof, everything is built so that it lasts and offers our customers brilliant value for money.

If you would like a free and no obligation quotation, then why not call us today?

Do you enjoy yoga? Why not have a yoga room built?



Life can be very stressful, a lot of us have busy lives, stressful jobs, so sometimes we need a place that’s for us to unwind.

For many of us, we like to unwind doing yoga, yet doing yoga in the living room, while another family member is watching the TV, for example watching Cash in the Attic, well, this doesn’t create an atmosphere of calm that is needed to enjoy yoga to its fullest.



So why not have a yoga room built?

People all over Bath, that’s a brilliant city in south-west England, and also homeowners in the wonderful city of Bristol, are having garden yoga studios built.

In this article we are going to concentrate on explaining why a garden building, can make a fabulous place to go and do yoga
So, why buy a garden yoga studio?

Well, we think a garden building, makes a brilliant place to do yoga, you can open up the doors, and the fresh air can come instantly into the building. In the background you can hear the birds singing, then you can look out over your lawn, as the wind sweeps across the flowers, plants and trees as you practice doing yoga.



We understand that people who enjoy doing yoga, don’t just do yoga in the summertime, they will want to practice yoga in the winter as well.
Therefore, you might not want the doors fully open, because it will be freezing cold, so you will need a room that is insulated.

We can use sheep’s wool, we could use fibreglass, we could use panel insulation to insulated your garden yoga studio.

We could install double glazing, to help keep the heat in.

If you really want a really well insulated garden yoga studio, then why not have triple glazing?



Heaters controlled from your smartphone

So let’s say you wake up one Wednesday morning, and you wake up early, and before you go to work you want to do some yoga. Yet its December, and everything is frozen outside, it’s freezing outside, so you could open up the app on your android phone or your Apple phone, then the Wi-Fi controlled wall heaters can be switched on, then the room can start a warmup, and you might decide say in 30 minutes to go and do yoga within the garden room.

Therefore, while you are eating croissant’s, and enjoying a nice cup of coffee, out of your French press, your garden yoga studio, would be warming up inside because you switched on the electric heaters via your smartphone.


Sedum roof

We can build a green sedum roof onto your garden building.



Nice calm colours

We can plasterboard the inside of your garden room, then we can plaster it, then we can paint and decorate it for you.
We can use Farrow and Ball paint, and we could paint the inside a nice colour green, this could have a nice calming effect on you as you do yoga.


Why not have a virtual consultation we Kingsley

Kingsley is our company director; he helps all our customers to obtain a perfect garden room.

Perhaps you live in the fantastic city of Bath?


Or perhaps you live in the wonderful city of Bristol?

And you might need a very busy life, so you’ve got no time to wait around the house during the week, for a garden room company to come along and offer you a quote.


So why not arrange for a virtual consultation with Kingsley?

Kingsley can talk to you via Skype, we can get a really good idea of how you want your garden room to look, Kingsley can offer you advice, and then within 48 hours we will aim to get a quote back to you.

Whether you live in London, Bristol or Bath, we are the garden room company for you, we have built hundreds of luxurious, well-made, bespoke garden rooms.




We have a large team that work for us, we have a large number of carpenters, a large number of joiners, roofers, electricians and plumbers, managers and the labourers. Our team travels all over the south-west England, building luxurious summerhouses and garden rooms, there used as yoga studios, home offices, and places to enjoy a nice gin and tonic on a Friday afternoon.

So, are you sold on the idea, of having a garden room built, well why not call us, or we can arrange a time where we can offer you a virtual consultation, where we can talk to you via Skype, and answer any questions that you might have.

What types of garden buildings do you build?



Right across the United Kingdom, garden buildings have soared in demand, and now most streets will have a garden building constructed, that could be used as a home gym, a home bar or as a place to work. Therefore, garden buildings in our opinion, have never been more popular, with more and more companies are building these buildings.

However, with that said, these buildings vary massively in terms of design and how they are built. From buildings that are made using panels, through to flatpack garden rooms, through to what we specialise in, which is building tailor-made garden rooms, that exactly how the customer would like them to be built.

Why is Bristol, a particularly good place, to have a garden building constructed?


Bristol, is a very popular city, a lot of people want to live in Bristol, because it has great restaurants, bars it has a brilliant dockyard area, that is great for walks around the historic part of Bristol.

There’s the Clifton suspension Bridge, built by the great Brunel.

So therefore, a lot of homeowners, won’t want to move from their house in Bristol, because they might really like their house, but they just need an extra room, an extra room that they can use as an office, to play their drums, or simply as a garden bar.



So why move to a larger property in Bristol?

That’s because we can build a garden building for you, which could give you the extra room that you need.

For example, when you get a quote from a local builder, to construct an attic conversion for you, complete with a dormer, you might find that the builder wants over £70,000, to build the attic conversion.

Now when you compare this with a garden room, we can build a garden building, with prices starting from £18,000, so why go through all that expense of having your loft converted, when we can build a garden building for you.


Garden offices, are by far the most popular garden rooms we build

You might just want a room constructed, so that you can use it one day a week. Alternatively, you might be a workaholic, and you might run your own business, so you need a garden room constructed so that you can use it seven days a week.

We can also add soundproofing into the walls, this can make it more quiet inside your garden room.

We can also install a bathroom for you, so you could have a toilet and wash hand basin, within your garden office as well.


How much do your garden buildings cost?

Prices start, from as low as £18,000, so to have one of our luxury summerhouses built, is often a lot less than some people might have thought. In matter-of-fact some companies have a starting price of over £25,000, so our starting price is very affordable, and we offer very competitive prices.

What’s so great about our company is that we can also create 3-D designs, the 3-D designs will give you a very good idea of what the building will look like, prior to it being built. So, it’s very easy during the design stage, to make alterations, for example you might not like the colour of the windows and the by folding doors, for example you might not want them to be navy blue, so instead you might change the colour to grey and we can do this during the design stage.

Then once you are happy with the 3-D designs, we can start building your garden building.



Are the buildings insulated?

Yes, we can also offer you different types of wall insulation, for example most people opt for panel insulation, but we can also offer sheep’s wool, or even fibreglass insulation. All of these types of insulation are brilliant at helping to keep the warm air within the garden building.


Can you install the electrics for us?

Yes, we can ask our electricians, to add power sockets way you want, we can add LED lighting, that’s inside the garden room and outside the garden room. We can also install underfloor heating; our electricians can install this.


Can you install the plumbing for us?

Yes, we can install a bathroom for you, we can also install all of the plumbing, we can use plastic push fit pipes, or if you would like, we can also install copper pipes.



Can we have two rooms within the garden building?

Yes, you can have as many internal rooms as you like. We use plasterboard, to partition the rooms, we can also add internal doors.


Will we have to obtain planning permission before you build our garden building?

When we come out to meet you, we will be able to offer you a quote, and at the same time will be able to advise you whether planning permission is required.



What types of roofs do you offer?

We can build a pitched roof, onto your garden building, yet the more popular option is a flat roof, made using rubber roofing.
If you would prefer, we could build the roof, using fibreglass, we could build a pitched roof, using a quality slate, such as Welsh slate?


Where will the water run off to from the roof?

We can install a water butt, to the side of your garden building, alternatively, we can add guttering, which can place the rainwater, straight into a main drain.



How long does it take to build a garden building?

Most of the garden buildings, which we construct, in the city of Bath, England and within Bristol, are completed in under three weeks.
If the building needs steel beams, because let’s say that you are having a green roof installed, then it will take as long to build a garden building that requires steel beams. That’s because we need to order the steel beams, and it can take quite a while before they are cut to size.


Can we have a green roof installed on the roof?

Yes, we can add a green roof, to your garden building, this way you can grow plants or flowers on the roof. For example, you could grow wildflowers, on the roof of your garden room, this is great for the bees.



Can you also install solar panels?

Yes, we can add solar panels to the roof, with rising electricity costs, a lot of people want a garden building, constructed with solar panels on the roof, to help offset the cost of lighting and heating the garden room.

We can add solar panels to the roof for you.



Do you offer different types of exterior cladding?

yes, we do, we can offer hardwood cladding, we can offer softwood cladding, we can offer our steel sheet cladding, we can offer composite cladding


Can you get rid of our old garage for us in Bristol?

Yes, you might have a garden shed, garage or greenhouse currently where you would like a summerhouse built.

We can demolish your old garage, shed or greenhouse, we can arrange for it to be taken away by grab lorry or to be placed into skips. We can then in its place build the summerhouse. We can demolish some garages, for less than £3000.


How long have you been building garden buildings?

We’ve been building garden buildings, in Bristol, for well over five years.

Our company, has a very strong reputation, for building strong and well-made, garden rooms, which are made to last.
Also, we offer very competitive prices, for example we can build a garden room, for £18,000.

It’s clear to see why from Exeter through to Bristol, that we are building so many summerhouses, throughout the entire year. We don’t just build summerhouses during the spring and summer; no, we also build them in the autumn and also during the winter.

We have a large team of labourers, electricians and roofers, which means that we can build your summerhouse quickly. Most of our summerhouses, are built in less than three weeks.



Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, we offer a long guarantee, on every single summerhouse that we build.


Will we need to paint the outside of the garden building?

If you were to choose softwood or hardwood cladding, then sometimes, these would need varnishing, or oil or painting, to seal the wood.
However, we can offer you some, cladding options, which don’t need varnishing, oil or painting, for example we could add box profile steel sheet cladding, we can composite cladding, neither of these options need painting.



What type of foundations do you offer?

We can build a concrete base, or we can use ground screws.

Ground screws are the cheaper option, and the ground screws can be installed very quickly.

The more expensive option, is to opt for a concrete foundation, it takes us much longer to build the foundations using concrete, because we have to wait for the concrete to set. Then once the concrete is set, then we can start to build the summerhouse.


How secure are the garden buildings?

We can, for an additional cost, install CCTV onto your summerhouse, also all of the doors and windows come with locks, they are also double glazed.

We can also add an additional cost, an alarm system. For example, you might want a CCTV system made by ring, which gives you alerts your phone, if somebody is outside your summerhouse when you are out.



Do you offer free quotations?

Yes, we do.


So, what types of garden buildings to be built?

Well, we build many different types of buildings, ranging from buildings that can be used as air-conditioned gyms, through to buildings that can be used as a place to work.

Let’s look at some of the different types of buildings that we can offer:


Garden offices

Perhaps you run a small business?

Perhaps you are working for a business, that is ask you to work on a hybrid basis, for part-time you are working from home?
That you run a beauty business, such as applying eyebrows?

You may therefore need quality building constructed, so that you can complete your work, in a room that’s quiet, that insulated and also that air-conditioned. For example, you could have a large building, that air-conditioned so it’s extremely comfortable working during the summer.

During the winter, when you can see your breath in the air outside, because it’s so cold, you could have really good quality electric heaters, helping to bring the rule to a comfortable warm temperature for you to work.

So, we build garden offices, we are very good at building garden offices we have built so many throughout the South West of England.



Insulated garden offices

Whichever garden room company will hire, to make sure that you have a conversation, about insulation, to ensure that quality insulation is added to the walls.

You are most definitely going to want an insulated garden office, as otherwise in the winter months, as we all know here in the United Kingdom the temperatures can rightly go below 0°, therefore it’s important that the building is well constructed, and also has quality insulation within the walls.


Garden bars

A lot of people, after a long and busy week at work, like to have their friends and family over on the weekends or on a Friday evening to enjoy an alcoholic beverage.

We can build a garden bar, it can have a large bar built the whole entire length of the building, you could add a range of whiskeys, gins or perhaps beer pumps, and you could have your friends around for a drink.

You might also wish to use your garden bar to watch the football, would your friends come over and they could sit on comfortable sofas, while watching the football on a large screen within your garden bar.


We therefore also build garden bars.


Garden gyms

For a lot of people, visiting the gym is something that they do on a daily basis, therefore some people might want to have a garden building constructed, they can use as a garden gym.

You could have a very large garden building constructed, within it could be a lot of gym equipment such as dumbbells.

This way you can improve your fitness, and you also have the convenience of not having to drive to the gym, because all of the gym equipment will be inside your garden gym, in your garden.

Therefore, by owning a garden gym, it makes it much easier to start working out whenever you want, whether that’s 7 AM in the morning or 7 PM in the evening.



Yoga room

A lot of people like to do yoga, so why not have a garden building constructed so that you can use it so yoga.
You could have the bi- folding doors, folded all the way back, so while you are doing yoga, having the fresh air come into your garden room, you could also listen to the birds sing as you do yoga.