How are your garden buildings able to cope with our wet British weather?


Britain is famous for us Brits drinking copious amounts of English tea, devouring fish and chips and our, well wet weather!

For some people, they can’t stand how much it rains here in great Britain, yet for a lot of us, we like this climate.

With that said, some garden rooms, are not able to withstand our British weather- they’re sometimes bit like a digestive biscuit, that’s been left in a cup of tea for two long, simply put sooner or later there going to fall apart!

So, a really commonly asked question is this, can your garden buildings be used during British winters?

And the unequivocal answer to this important question is yes, a resounding yes!

Our garden rooms can be used right throughout the entire year, whether it’s during the festive period of December, or a boiling hot day in

July- quite simply put our garden rooms are able to withstand any type of British weather, rain, sleet, hail- you name it!
And we are going to explain in some detail, how our garden rooms, are durable, long-lasting and can be used in any weather.



Don’t scrimp and save on the cladding

Here in Britain, when it rains, it really rains!

The rain can quite literally lash down, and what might’ve started as a nice dog walk for you, through the wood in dry weather conditions, might have a lot of people at the end running as fast as they can to get back to their cars, because torrential rain might’ve started to downpour across a village or city to the point you get drenched.

So, you do have to think of which cladding your going to opt for, for your new garden building, as that wooden cladding, well be out there enduring all types of weathers.

The cladding will incur a lot of rain water running down it, with rain blasting against the sides, plus also really heavy rain that’s sustained for hours upon a time just lashing down onto it.
So, yes softwood cladding, might look brilliant for a short period, yet, if it’s not properly maintained (vanished, painted or wood oil applied), then what can happen is that the rain water can be held in the wood, this can cause the timber to rot overtime, and even for woodworm start nibbling away at the timber, weakening it to the point where the cladding needs to be replaced.

So the solution, we think is “composite cladding”, quality cladding, that able to withstand heavy rain, is resistant to wood rot, and we would recommend paying a bit more for quality brand which guarantees the composite to last for say 10 years or longer.

Then you’ve then got total peace of mind, that you have a quality cladding, able to withstand our British weather.


The roof

So,you might think, that all garden room roofs are exactly the same- right?

However the quality of summerhouse roofs, well they are often worlds apart.

You can some summerhouses which have tar felt roofing, and some low-quality tar felt roofs, sometimes these roofs will be as thin as paper.

So if the tar felt roofing is low quality, well it doesn’t take much for it to rip, for it to become pierced by say a cat scratching their nails on it!

So what’s needed is a quality roof instead

So, what is often needed is a long-lasting roof and we would most definitely recommend, opting for a rubber roof.


Durable construction

We use quality structural timbers, we buy quality timber, the wood we buy is FSC, so it comes from forests which are sustainably managed.

The wood is also kiln dried wood, and we use a lot of timbers, to make sure our garden buildings are strong construction.


The windows and doors

Most of our customers also for powder coated, aluminium framed windows and doors.

These windows and doors which we supply and install are made to last. Often the windows and doors, will have Pilkington Glass, and because the glass is double glazed, it helps to improve the energy efficiency of the building as well.
Also, we use a breathable membrane, made by DuPont, which allows the building to breathe, on top of that, we also use quality panel insulation, this is reflective insulation.,

The panel insulation has a thick centre, and two reflective sides to help to keep the cold air out and the warm air in.


Good solid foundations

We can bring a, our JCB mini digger, these are many JCB excavators, and we will use these to level the ground and we will use a grading bucket.


Dimplex electric heaters

To keep the inside of your garden building, nice and warm, we can add multiple dim plaques heaters. These are powered by electric, because the walls will have panel insulation, which has a thick foam centre and two reflective sides, when the heaters are switched on, only underfloor heating, the room can be nice and warm and toasty in a short period of time. Our customers are amazed, by how quickly the buildings heat up, that’s because our builders, will crown insulation, into every wall within your garden room.


Guaranteed to last

Sometimes some British garden room companies, spring up and then disappear after a short period of building garden rooms.
Our business is different, we are an established business, we have been around for a long period of time, we have now been building garden rooms in the South-West in England United Kingdom for a very long period of time.


We have built countless garden buildings in Bristol.

We have highly experienced staff, plus also, we are so confident of the building are extremely durable, and will last the test of time, every single building we construct, we offer super long guarantee.


Can your garden rooms be used during winter?

We explain how we build our garden rooms extra strong, and are able to withstand our British weather. Our garden rooms can be used right throughout the entire year.

Don’t move house- have you thought about having an extra room built within your garden?



30th of August 2023

Have you already purchased a loft conversion? Have you already added a property extension to your house? Now you think that you can’t extend your home any more, well why not purchase a garden room from us?

Rather than moving from a home you may really like, why move, and go through all of that expense when you can gain an extra room within your garden.



Costs less than you might think

Let’s say your browsing Instagram for garden rooms, and you see many, but you think, well these all look super expensive.
You might be thinking, well these are going cost 40k, 50k or even 60k, yet what if we told you that our garden rooms, well there super affordable, and with a starting price of 18k, well they might be more affordable than you might think?


Built in Bristol

Some garden rooms are assembled on a production line, they might be produced in a factory and then flat packed, to be delivered via lorry to the customer.

But our garden rooms are built in Bristol, there actually put together in your garden in Bristol. This means every piece of wood is cut in your garden. That’s because our buildings are tailor made, they made to the exact size you want.



Do you offer finance?

At the moment, we do not offer finance on our garden rooms.

How long do you guarantee the buildings for?
Each building we build is different, so at the same time as offering you a quote, we can state how long the guarantee period lasts.


How long on average does it take to build?

It takes us roughly 3 weeks to build each garden room, sometimes more if it’s a more complicated build, for example incorporating a bathroom.

Can you clear a space within our garden, so the summerhouse can be built?
Yes we can, we can bring in a JCB mini-digger, and in a short while our excavator will have cleared the space and levelled the ground using a grading bucket.


How much do your garden offices cost?

Prices typically vary between 18k and 35k, for the more larger garden buildings these can cost up to 70k.


Can you install the electrics?

We most certainly can, we can install of the electrics for you.




City living

In most busy and bustling cities, everywhere is busy. The local pub after work it’s busy, the bus on the way home from work it’s busy, waiting to get on a treadmill at the gym after work, it’s busy!

This means that our cities are becoming more and more densely populated, and because of this, this means that often don’t have much space.

For example, people living in apartments can only dream sometimes of owning a garden, with nice grass and flowers.

Yet for some homeowners, sometimes there are parts in our garden that we don’t use that much at all?

For example, at the end of your garden what’s there at this moment in time? Is just overgrown with brambles, why not make better use of that space at hire our team of highly talented builders to build a quality, a very high quality garden building?

As every square metre of space within our city’s is precious, and highly sought after in our cities, why not make better use out of your garden, and have a garden built by us? We can clear the brambles, we can safely dismantle the greenhouse, or say a wooden shed, and we can clear the space, and in its place build a quality garden room.


Garden Room / Office

As prices rise for, well, near enough everything in our cities, whether it’s the price of a loaf of bread, or its for office space, this means that a lot of us are now looking to save money.

So, why fork out money every single month for a shared office space? When you can own your own office, and have one built at the end of your garden. Instead we can build a quality, insulated, and even air conditioned garden offices, at affordable prices. For instance, our prices start from just 18k.


Travelling back and fore work can become a thing of the past

With the new ULEZ zone now in place, and with some cities now having clean air zones, this means that certain cars can’t be driven into some cities, without paying the fee. And the daily fee, if your entering the city every day, well its a lot. This is given rise to more and more people wanting to work from home, and some people, well they may have even sold one of their cars, as they now plan on working from home more often.

And there are many benefits from working from home, after all in less than 60 seconds, you could simply walk back to your house, and you don’t need to commute back and for an office using train, bus or the underground.


More time

After all stuck in traffic at the end of the day or at the start of the day, well, its a waste of time. And who’s been on a train in Britain that hasn’t arrived on time? We have, stuck waiting for the train because of delay, well, it can feel rather annoying, especially if you have to get to a meeting for work.

So, with a garden office, you can have a nice place to work, and you got to worry about train delays or congestion on the roads because you may not be travelling back and fore work so much.


Garden Office Pods

When most people think about a garden office, for a garden room, sometimes they have a vision of a huge garden building, which can overpower the garden to the point where it becomes the main focal point.
But not all garden rooms have to be large, they can be compact, they can be a “garden office pods”, starting from the very reasonable price of just £18,000.

These can be built in a corner of the garden, sometimes they are built behind a bush or a tree and then they may not be hardly noticeable from the house.


Moving home can be an expensive business

Your might’s need a place where you can work from home, or you might want to room where you can exercise within during the day, and you’re thinking the only way to obtain this, well is to sell your home, as your current home might already be extended as much as you can.

However, moving home, well it’s an expensive business, you have estate agents, solicitors, and also removal fees to add up.
This all adds up, and gets rather expensive, so why not stay put, and have a luxurious, well-built, insulated and also affordable garden room built in your garden by us?


Come and have a chat with us

We have a very friendly sales team, it’s made up of Seb, Kingsley and Josh, who can travel and meet you and offer you advice on having a garden room built. We also offer free quotes.

We have now built so many garden rooms, that often after a quick cup of tea with you, and a discussion with you about how you like a garden room to look, we can often offer you a quote there and then.


Do you require a multipurpose garden building to be built?

We can build multipurpose garden room for you


Sometimes, a customer’s home will be extended to the absolute max, that’s to say, they may have already have had a local builder build a dormer loft conversion, plus a kitchen extension might have already been added to your house?

The property has therefore been extended, as far as it can be extended- yet, what’s great about a garden room, is that you can create extra living space, yet it may only occupy an area of the garden that you might not have used that much at all before? So why not get rid of that old greenhouse that’s falling apart and have a luxury garden room built in its place.

For example, at the end of your garden, might currently be overgrown with brambles, perhaps a compost bin, so you will be gaining extra living space within an area of your garden that might not have been used much at all because it currently might just have say an old green house there that you haven’t used for years?


Not just the summer

When we think of garden buildings, because sometimes they are described and “summerhouses” or “posh sheds”, this gives the impression that they are only used on hot summer days. However we use premium quality insulation, this is thick insulation made by companies such as Quinn insulation, that’s extremely good at keeping the warm air inside the building, once you switch on the electric heater.

We can also install multiple electric heaters made by Dimplex, and if you would like we can install any brand of air conditioning system, we highly recommend Hitachi air conditioning systems.


How we build our multipurpose garden buildings

Multiple plasterboard partition walls complete with internal doors

We can create separate rooms within the garden room using plasterboard walls, and internal doors.
For example you may want 70% of the building to be a main room, which your going to use as your office space. The remaining 30% we could build a bathroom, complete with shower- we can even install one of those fancy hand dryers for you made by Dyson, you know the ones Dyson air blades- there really good at drying your hands super quickly.


Make way for the garden room

You might want to demolish of your old garage? Yet then you might have a lot of items that need storing, such as lawnmower, strimmer and the hedge shears? Well do not worry, as we can build a garden building that has a side storage room.
We can create a separate room, with a side access door, where you can store items for your garden in a side room. For example, on the front of the building, as the main way to access your garden room, you may want aluminium bi-folding doors, then the side access, where the electric lawn mower, hedge strimmer and shears are stored, you may want a side door, built at the side of the garden room, that allows you to easily access the side room.

Then say 75% of the building, can be dedicated to being used as a garden room.
We could use plasterboard as the partition, and can also add two separate exterior doors for you, one to access the main room and one to access the side storage area.


Will there be two people be working within the garden building?

It’s fairly common today, for two people to be working from home, or perhaps, you run a business with your partner? You may therefore need a building where you can work from home, to run your business from?

However even though you may both working in the same garden building, you might want a partition wall built and an internal door, so that you can both work within the building, but in separate rooms. You might even want separate bathrooms installed on either side of the garden room as well? For example, two separate toilets and wash hand basins?


Large bathroom

If you’re going to use your garden building as your workspace, you’re likely to be spending upwards of 40 hours per week working within the building.

Therefore we would recommend having a bathroom installed as well within the building, therefore we can install a bathroom for you, we can also take care of all the ground works, which are needed. For example, we will need to use a mini-excavator is to dig a trench, so we can install the soil pipe, plus the water supply to the bathroom.



Guest bedroom

Another common use for our garden buildings, is to use the building as guest accommodation for family when they stayover.
You might want to separate bedrooms and a large bathroom, we can create this for you by using internal walls.


Gym / Yoga Studio

Another really popular use for garden buildings, is for the homeowner to use the space to improve their fitness.
You might therefore want one room is full of gym equipment, and have an internal door which opens, into your yoga studio.


How much do these buildings cost?

Prices do vary depending on the specification of the building, for example whether or not you want a bathroom installed or not.
A bathroom can sometimes substantially increase the cost of the built, because there is ground works that are needed to connect the garden building to the main drains.

The price is also dependent upon the size of the building, because we build bespoke buildings, we can build the building to any dimensions that you would like. For example, if you have a large garden, you might want a very large garden building which spans the entire width of the garden? And also for the building to be very wide.

Our prices vary anywhere between £18,000 and £70,000; it normally takes is under three weeks to build the vast majority of our garden buildings from start to finish.

Every single building, we construct comes with a long guarantee, so you will have peace of mind that you are buying a quality building.

Why you should hire us to build your new yoga studio


Meditation and yoga have become massively popular around the globe, and a lot of people now practice yoga every single day.
For some people, they may start the day with practicing yoga or some meditation before they go out to work. Quite often the person which enjoys doing yoga, requires a quiet space, a room where they can improve their yoga and to meditate in peace and quiet.


Why purchase a yoga studio from us?



We’ve been building garden buildings for well over 10 years. We now have a very strong reputation for building quality buildings. You might have seen one of our many Mercedes Sprinter vans on the road, that’s because, we have multiple teams that build our buildings throughout the year 6 days a week.

One of the main reasons our company is chosen over the thousands of garden room companies is simply because we offer very long guarantees. We can be very confident our buildings will last a really long period of time, because we always buy quality building materials. From the roof to floor everything is built to last, that’s why we are such a popular garden room company.

Do you build air-conditioned yoga studios?

Yes, we do, we can add a Mitsubishi air conditioning system, or perhaps you would like another brand air conditioning system installed? We work with an established company, that installs our air conditioning systems. This means even when its really hot here in Britain, during a warm summer’s day, you can be as cool as a cucumber doing yoga inside your summerhouse.

We want to do yoga inside and outside; can you build decking as well a garden yoga studio?



We most certainly can build decking as well, imagine a huge garden room, so if its raining outside you can do yoga inside your garden building. Alternatively, if the weather is nice, and there’s a nice warm summers breeze blowing along your garden, well, you might want to do yoga on your decking instead? We can build composite decking, complete with glass balustrades and also, led lights, therefore whether you want to yoga inside the room, or outside, you can.

Can you install a bathroom within our yoga studio?

Yes, we can, we can install a shower, toilet and wash hand basin for you.


Can you install triple glazing, so its more quiet inside the garden building?

Yes, we can we can triple glazed windows and doors.


How long will we have to wait before building work can start?

We can sometimes start the following week, for example, we can sometimes offer a quote on the Friday evening, and if you want us to, we can start work on the Monday morning. During the peak of summer, sometimes, there’s a slight wait before we can start work, when we offer you a quote, we can always tell you, how soon we can start work.


Yoga studio

What’s great about having a yoga studio built by us, is that it can be built so that the building overlooks your garden. Your garden room built by us can be a Comfortable and warm building, because it will be fully insulated. You might have requested also to have floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing ample light to flood the room, creating a light and airy space where you can enjoy exercising and doing yoga.


What are the benefits of having a yoga studio built?

You might currently be practising yoga within your house, however you may have decided you want a separate room, where you can practice yoga and meditate whenever you like. As a garden building is a detached, it’s often a freestanding building, this means it can be a quiet space for you to meditate.



Nice and warm

Plus, because all our buildings are completely insulated, they can be nice and warm even in the winter months. We can even install the radiators for you.

One of the reasons why we are often chosen to build garden rooms, is that our team of tradesmen and women can build the whole room and take care of everything from the plastering, the painting and decorating. This means all you have to do this move your furniture in minutes can then start to be used.

We can also install the electrics, as well as any solar panels that you might want fitted onto the roof.



A great way to improve your fitness

A lot of people like to regularly visit the gym, perhaps you like to visit every single day of the week?
To make visiting the gym more convenient for you, a lot of people are having garden rooms built, they can use as their own personal gym at home.

Within this building, you might want a separate room that you can use as your yoga video or your meditation room.


Don’t pay over the odds for your garden building

We offer some of the best prices around for building the luxury and well-built garden buildings. In matter of fact, our garden building have a starting price of just £18,000, which offers unbelievable value for money, when you consider how well-built they are, plus they are guaranteed to last for a very long period of time.


Can be used throughout the different seasons

A lot of people like to do yoga and to meditate, regardless of whether it’s winter, summer or spring.

Therefore, your freestanding garden building, that might be built the end of your garden, needs to be well insulated and also well built. Often the building won’t be connected to your central heating system, from your house, so it needs to have its own insulation and its own heating. Therefore, because the building is separate from the main house, it can have electric oil filled radiators, plus insulation and this will help to keep the room warm in the winter.


What type of insulation do you use?

We would highly recommend that extra thick panel insulation, that is very thick panel insulation is added into the walls.
As the building is constructed, there will be empty spaces, voids between the structural timbers, and the plasterboard and exterior cladding.
It’s therefore important that these voids are filled with insulation, there is a wide range of insulation to choose from. For example, there’s sheep’s wool, there’s fibreglass, also commonly referred to as rock wool, there is also panel insulation. We would recommend opting for extra thick panel insulation.


Windows as large as you like




When your practising yoga, often the occupant will want the room to feel light and airy, with as much natural light coming into the room as possible.

This can be achieved by having large windows fitted, you could even have floor to ceiling windows fitted if you would like these within your garden building. As the roof is flat, and often made from rubber roofing, we can also add a roof lantern, a roof lantern is a brilliant way of getting more natural light into the room.


How much do yoga studios cost to build in the United Kingdom?


Prices vary depending on which company you hire; however, we can build a small garden room, with prices starting from as low as £18,000. Therefore, this makes our rooms very affordable, especially when you consider within the price we include the insulation, a very high-quality roof as well as our electricians installing all of the electrics for you.


Will the yoga studio be guaranteed to last?

Yes, whether we are building a garden bar, where the customers will use the room to enjoy drinking whiskey, alternatively perhaps the customer will use the room as a home gym or yoga. For every single garden building that we build, regardless price, we always offer a long guarantee. We offer longer guarantees than some other companies, and when we write you a quote, within the quote we will stipulate how long we guarantee the building to last.


Have you built many yoga studios before?

Yes, most definitely have, the vast majority of the buildings that we construct are often used by business owners or by employees that need a quiet place to work.

However, yoga studios are now very popular as well, and we would say that they are getting more and more popular, and a lot of people ask us at Kingsley build high-quality buildings which are made to last.



Can you also add soundproofing throughout our garden building?

Whether we are building a garden bar, or perhaps we are building a room that used for yoga, often with the customer wants to close the doors and windows, and have a quiet place where they can truly unwind, perhaps enjoying a glass of whiskey or instead perhaps meditating.
To help make our buildings more quieter inside, we can add top quality, soundproofing, manufactured by leading manufacturers of soundproofing.


How long will it take you to build a yoga studio or garden gym?

This does depend on the design, for example, some customers will want a garden building that has a sedum roof, that’s also has a huge decking area, made using composite decking, complete with glass balustrades. They may also want the room to have multiple different rooms, including a bathroom inside. This type of garden building might take over a month to build.
Most buildings however take us around three weeks to build from start to completion.



What exactly is a garden room?

23rd of August 2023

Author: Ryan Walsh


Here at Kingsley, we’ve been building garden buildings now for donkeys’ years- well not quite, but we have been building them for over 10 years, and in that time, we have seen many garden room companies come and go.

And from a customer’s perspective, we know buying a garden building, can be confusing, can take up a lot of time finding the right company to build the building for you. Also, it can sometimes seem very perplexing, why garden rooms are often referred to as everything from “garden offices”, “posh sheds” through to “log cabins”, “summerhouses” and also “garden studios”.
This might have you scratching your head thinking, well, what do I need? A summerhouse, garden room or a log cabin?


And then there’s the quality

The quality of these buildings can be miles apart, some garden buildings can be a massive disappointment to the customer when they are built, so much so that they become an eyesore the end of the garden. For example, sometimes softwood can start to become water marked really quickly, so what we mean by that is, once built they look great, nice bright pine, but then if they are not sealed, they can turn black, show signs of wood rot and after a relatively short period.

For other companies, such as ours the focus on building bespoke luxury garden rooms, we believe that these buildings can enhance your life, they can become a space where you want to spend time, and you might even think why didn’t we get one of these built long before now?


So, what exactly is a garden room?

We would define a garden room, that is a freestanding building, that can be used right throughout the year.
Now, you might have rather confused look on your face, thinking why wouldn’t we be able to use any type of summerhouse throughout the year.? Surely all summerhouses, regardless of the price paid, can be used right throughout the year, whether it be


Winter or summer?

Well, the simple answer to their question is, some summerhouses, can be nothing more than garden sheds, with a flat roof, and sometimes single glazed windows and doors are fitted sometimes, which means that it will be freezing inside the garden room during the winter. This means that for some summerhouses they are totally unusable during the winter, because they are not insulated. Being within them would mean it feels freezing cold, and trying to heat them is out of the question, because they will simply cost too much an electric to keep warm.

So, what would we define as a garden room, is a building that has been designed for use all year round, whether it be winter or summer. So the building must have good quality insulation, double glazing, if not triple glazing.


So, what are these buildings used for?


To improve your fitness

A lot of people use their garden room as a place to improve their fitness, to perhaps lift weights in the evening, or to do yoga, or simply just to have a 30-minute run on the treadmill while catching up on the BBC News as they watch it on a large screen television in front of the treadmill.


A place to work

One of the most common reasons, our customers ask us to build a garden room, is to use the room as a place where they can work.
A garden office can therefore offer a perfect place where you can get your work completed, while also looking out the window and taking in the scenery, such as the flowers within your garden, or perhaps your property looks over meadows, and you can look out over the meadows, the woodlands or perhaps even the sea?


Less hassle than hiring a builder

So, when you want a loft conversion built, a property extension built, sometimes you have to gain planning permission, before that construction work can start. Also, when this building work is taking place, it can cause a lot of disruption, a lot of noise, a lot of dust and also some builders to play their radios a bit too loud.

So, you might not want to go through the hassle of hiring a builder to add an extension to your home, instead you can hire a garden room company like us, and we can build the freestanding structure at the end of your garden, and we will do our utmost to minimise noise and disruption for our customers.

In less than three weeks, often we can build a garden office, a garden room or a gym for you within your garden.


Built to last

One of the main reasons, so many people choose Kingsley, to construct a garden building, is because our buildings are built strong, they are built to last, and we are so confident that our garden buildings are built to a high standard, we offer a long guarantee on each of our buildings.


Built for comfort

Just as you expect certain extras to be included within your car, such as heaters, and air conditioning, you’re going to want the same for your garden building.

We can therefore, as an optional extra, install air conditioning and underfloor heating.

We can also install multiple radiators help you to easily heat the room.

We can also make your garden building even more comfortable, by for example adding a complete bathroom, so when you need to toilet, you don’t need to walk back to your house.

We can also add soundproofing, to help it to be quieter within the garden room.

We can also install top quality speakers into the roof, as an optional extra, for example you might want to listen to music while doing yoga?


Can you create us 3-D drawings before you start the building work?

We most certainly can, we can create a set of 3-D drawings for you, so you will gain a really good idea of how the garden room will look prior to our builders start work on building your garden room.

At this stage you might want to make changes to the design, for example you might want to change which exterior cladding is used, you might have opted for grey composite cladding, but now you might want to change it to natural wood options, such as using


Canadian red cedar or perhaps mahogany or oak?

Therefore getting 3-D drawings created, allows you to visualise what the garden building will look like prior to actually being built.


Have you built many garden offices, log cabins and garden rooms?

We have built many garden buildings, our team travel far and wide building bespoke garden rooms. A lot of our work now comes by way of recommendation, for example our customers recommending us to their neighbours.

Or one of our customers might recommend us to a member of their family or friends, that’s because when you see our garden rooms once they have been built, you will see that they are built to a very high standard.


Would you like a garden room constructed?

If you would like a garden room built, then why not call us for a quote.

Do you know that we also build small garden bars



If you recently walked into a local fancy wine bar, well, you will know, the prices have gone through the roof. Yes, it might be a nice refreshing point of craft beer, your offered but when it’s coming close the 8 pound a pint- well it can most definitely hurt the wallet, when you need to get in a big round in!

But what if there was a great solution, where you could enjoy spending time your friends, but you haven’t got to spending an absolute fortune at the same time at a local bar every weekend.



Why not have a garden bar built by us?

Now we know, that when you’re thinking about a garden bar, it starts to conjure up thoughts of a the owners owning a huge garden- perhaps a big swimming pool in front of it, decking and a big lawn- but what if we were to say to you, we can build a small garden bar, for as little as £18,000!

Therefore, you could have a place to have your friends and family can come over and enjoy nice drink whenever you want, plus, it wont cost you a fortune each time a pint is pulled!



No more taxi’s

With a garden bar what’s great is you can have a drink, and your ready to call it a night, you just have to walk back to your house.
Therefore, no more waiting around for taxis to come, or queuing at crowded bars waiting to get served by the bar staff for a long time!

What’s also great, is that you could have a large garden bar built, you could have multiple televisions mounted on the wall, a number of really comfortable sofas, you can have quality speakers put into the ceiling as well.


We can even install a complete bathroom as well.


We could build a bar as a long as wide as the whole garden bar, you could even have multiple beer pumps installed, so you could have a pump for cider, lager and perhaps ale- you might even forget you a garden room after a short while, and you might actually think you’re in a local pub!



So how much do garden bars cost?

Well, not as much as you might think, that’s because our starting prices start from £18,000, and most of the garden bars we build cost around £25,000.

Now when you think about it, you could use that room, for multiple different uses as well, perhaps a place to exercise during the day?

Then you can just simply put them dumbbells, kettle bells and exercise ball to one side, have your friends over, and enjoy a nice glass of wine with then.

What’s included in the price?



A quality roof and quality cladding

Here in Great Britain, it rains cats and dogs, well nearly on a daily basis, so, you need a garden room that is able to withstand heavy rain, especially when there’s a sustained downpour. So you need a high-quality roof and also cladding to keep all that water out.



What do we recommend?

We would highly recommend purchasing a “composite garden room”, so what we mean by that is the exterior has composite cladding added to the outside of your garden building.

Then in conjunction with the composite cladding, we would recommend is having a long lasting rubber roof added. It’s the composite cladding, and a rubber roof when used together can do simply a brilliant job, keeping the water out.

Some summerhouses are as cheap as chips, that’s for sure, but the problem is, if you have the summerhouse clad with a softwood, like pine, well this means the building can constantly absorbing water. If the softwood cladding is constantly absorbing water, then this can mean it will become extremely down inside the garden room, which means that the plasterboard is likely to start showing signs of damp spores time.

This is why, at our company we only build quality buildings, we only build quality garden rooms that are made to last.



We have qualified electricians that work for our construction company, and in less than one day our electricians can often install all of the wiring, the fuse box and connect your whole garden room to the electric mains supply.


Quality doors and windows

Just as you wouldn’t install low quality windows and doors your house, this is the same for a garden room. Our customers want long-lasting, quality windows and doors to do a great job keeping the heating within the garden room- we therefore recommend, either triple glazing would double glazing.

We can offer wooden framed windows, aluminium framed or UPVC framed windows.

We can therefore supply quality doors and windows.


Electric heaters

With the flick of a switch, you can simply switch on your oil filled electric radiators that we have hung on the wall for you. In a Short period of time because we will have the room nice and warm, because our builders will have packed the walls with insulation, and the radiators will heat the room in a short period of time.


A nice place to go and unwind

Does your property overlook meadows, perhaps a fast flowing river or acre after acre of woodland?
Wouldn’t that make a great place to put some comfortable sofas, within the garden building, combined with huge doors and windows, so that you can sit back, enjoy a nice cup of tea and take in the views the surround your property.



Guaranteed to last

This is one of the reasons why we are a fast-growing garden room companies in United Kingdom, simply because all of our garden buildings are guaranteed to last. Whether the garden building, has cost £18,000 to build a 100,000, we always offer a very long guarantee period.



Local ciders

Somerset and the West Country is famous throughout the United Kingdom, for producing very refreshing and quality ciders. So why not support their local business, and get local ciders on pump within your garden bar? There are also local lagers and ales produced locally, so why not stock your garden bar with local with locally produced ales, ciders and lagers?



Which areas do you build garden bars in?

We travell the length and the breadth United Kingdom building top quality garden bars. The vast majority of the garden buildings that we construct are in the West Country, yet we also travel throughout the UK, building our garden buildings.


Can you install all of the electrics?

Yes, included within our quotes, will be for our qualified electricians, to install all of the electrics, this includes installing the power sockets, the lights, light switches and the electric radiators, as well as electric hand dryers if you’re having a bathroom fitted by us, as well as the electric underfloor heating. Some of these options, are optional extras, so they will cost more to install, however, our garden room company offers some of the best prices, on our optional extras.


Can you install a toilet as well?

Yes, we can we can install a large bathroom for you.


Do you offer finance on your garden bars?

Currently we do not offer finance, however we do offer some of the best prices in the West Country, for example prices start from 18 K.


Can you build decking and glass balustrade outside?

Yes, when the weather is good, you are likely to want to sit on the decking and enjoy a nice refreshing pint of beer, so we can install composite decking, within the composite decking can be LED lights. We can also supply and install the glass balustrades is for you.

How owning a garden building could help to improve your fitness


Many people spend a lot of time improving their fitness, whether that’s attending fitness classes, going to the local gym or perhaps doing yoga at home?

However, for many people, it’s difficult to sometimes find the time needed to go and visit the local gym. For example, a lot of people that are working full-time, may skip going to the gym from time to time, because they need to do their weekly shop, or other commitments may get in the way of them exercising as often as they would like.

But we think we have the solution, which will allow you to gain more time, work out whenever you want, and therefore could help to improve your fitness.


The benefits of owning a garden gym

So, let’s say it’s a rather dreary Monday afternoon, it’s wet outside and rather cold, you’ve just finished work, the traffic is particularly heavy. You might think, I haven’t got the time to be driving to the gym tonight, I will leave it until tomorrow- does that sound familiar to you?

But what if there was a gym within your garden? So, whenever you want to work out, all you have to do is walk to the end of your garden, open the doors, and workout whenever you want.

Owning your very own gym, sounds like something that only the rich and famous can afford, yet more and more people are owning their own gym, by purchasing a garden gym from us. So, you haven’t got to be a multimillionaire rock star, now own your own gym complete with bathroom. We can simply build one within your garden, and you can then enjoy using your garden gym for years to come. We think they offer brilliant value for money.



Free weights, running machines and also cycle bikes- what do you enjoy using?

When you get to the gym, what do you like to exercise on?

We can build a large garden gym for you, which you can fill with multiple pieces of gym equipment, perhaps you would just like a treadmill in front of a massive television screen, so that you can watch the football while running full pelt, or your treadmill?

So whether you like to run on the treadmill, and run for say 30 minutes per day, perhaps you like to lift free weights, that is dumbbells or kettle bells? Whatever gym equipment you like using, we can build a garden gym for you.



Why not add a bathroom?

For added convenience, we can also add a shower cubicle, as well as toilet and wash hand basin within a separate room within your garden gym. So, when you finished working out, you can simply jump into the shower and have a wash.

We can also build a wet room for you. Our electricians can install the extractor fans, to extract the condensation from the garden room.



Garden gyms are now incredibly popular

A lot of people now have very demanding jobs, and therefore they may not have the time to be driving to the gym, for example if you finished late from work, let’s say you’re a solicitor finishing at 7 PM, you might not have the time to get to the gym every evening.

So what’s great about having a garden building built by us, which is then crammed full of gym equipment, is that whenever you fancy workout, you only have two walk a few steps from your house, and your within your garden gym.

So owning a garden gym, means that it might be much more convenient for you, that whenever you want to work out, instead of having to jump in the car, and drive the say 30 minutes to the local gym, you instead just have to walk a few steps they you are, within your garden gym.



Why hire us to build your garden building?

Well it’s a bit like when you buy a car, your going to want that vehicle to be reliable and dependable, this is exactly the same when you’re buying a garden building.

You going to want the roof to last a long period of time, you going to want the whole building to be well insulated so it’s nice and warm in the winter, you also during very heavy rain going to want the cladding to withstand that rain lashing down on the outside of the building.



Now, you might think that all garden building should be capable of this, right?

But sometimes simply put they are not. Sometimes after relatively short period, the roof might start to leak, there might be the ingress of water through the cladding, causing the building to become damp and full of damp spores inside.

So, we believe quality is very important here at Kingsley, whether we are building a garden bar, full of fine quality whiskeys, or we are building a garden gym, full of dumbbells, the building must simply be high quality, built to last, extremely durable and that’s exactly what we can offer.


How much does a garden gym cost?

The price does vary, depending on the size of the building that we are building, and also which options you choose. We offer a starting price of £18,000, and this means that you will have a building ready to move your gym equipment straight into.


How long will it take you to build a garden gym?

We build most garden gyms in under three weeks, however if you want a large building, then it might take us a bit longer.


Can the garden building be fully air conditioned?

Yes, we can add an air conditioning unit, to your garden building, which can be switched on via a remote control, and this will allow you to cool the garden building.


Are you able to also install a shower/bathroom into our garden gym?

Yes, we can add a complete bathroom for you within your garden gym, alternatively you might just want a toilet and wash hand basin installed?


We can also install a wet room for you.

Will the garden gym be warm enough to use during the winter?
Yes, most certainly, what we will do, is add insulation, as well as oil filled radiators, so the room can be heated up quickly.

How our garden buildings can better fit into your garden


You wouldn’t settle for purchasing a pair of shoes that are too big for you- simply because that’s all they had in stock.
Your going get annoyed with the rubbing of the shoes, or the shoes flopping off the backs of your feet, right?

Well, this is bit like buying a garden building from a company that only offers you set sizes. Sure, it’s a garden building, but, what if spaces get wasted around the back of the building, or to the sides, and then that space, well, does nothing more than serve to grow weeds and be an area of your garden that’s not used.

So, just as a comfy pair of shoes should fit the contours of your feet, so should a garden building fit the contours of your garden. So, this article, we are going to explain how a bespoke garden room, built by us, can help you to make much better use out of the space you have available in your garden.

Plus, we will explain how if you have a garden which ends at a point, or a garden that has a wall that slopes, and is not straight, then we can build a garden building which fits the contours of your garden.

Here’s how having a bespoke garden room built by us, could help you make the most of the space you have available in your garden.



Made to the exact measurements you want

A suit bought off the coat hanger, well, it might fit you nice, but its likely its not going to be as nice as a tailored suit, made to fit your exact shape.

And this is a bit like a garden room, sure, you could buy a garden building that fits in your garden, but its not going to fit as well as a bespoke building, made to fit your garden perfectly.

What’s great about hiring us is, we can come to your garden, and with you mark out how large you want the garden room to be. And you haven’t got to have a rectangular garden room built, that’s because we build the following shape garden rooms as well:

– Triangular
– Circular
– Square


Your garden ends at a point, a triangular garden can mean that if you were to buy say a flat pack rectangular garden room- and built it yourself, well it could mean your left with a triangle area at the back of the garden room, that’s not used. Building the garden building, could mean that the triangle angle of the garden, where your garden ends, might not be accessible, so this space could be totally wasted.

So, what’s great about hiring us is, the garden room can be built, to the shape of your garden. For example, you may have one perfectly straight length of fencing one side of the building, then on the other side, a wall, that’s not straight, that built at an angle. So, we can build a garden building, which follows the angle of the wall.


Make way for your new building

What do you have at the end of your garden right now?

Perhaps an old wooden shed? A greenhouse? Or just full of overgrown brambles? This is a space we could clear for you, we could throw the old waste into a skip, level the ground for you, and in its space, built an insulated garden building.

What’s great about hiring us is, you don’t need to hire a separate demolition company, or someone to clear your garden, we can complete this work for you. We can clear away your garden for you, removing brambles, sheds, compost bins, old greenhouses, put them into a skip for recycling, then our builders can start to build a garden office or garden room for you.


You have a wide garden that’s also narrow

A lot of gardens in Britain, especially we think a lot of new build properties can have quite wide gardens, the width of the detached house, but also, then quite shallow.

So, if you have a garden that’s not very long at all, what you need is a garden room that’s wide, that’s thin, this will allow you to get a large amount of room inside the building, but its not so wide that takes up too much of your garden.


You don’t have rear lane access

So, you may have no rear lane access, or perhaps you don’t have side access, say through a garden gate.

So, this might mean, the only way of entering your garden is through your house. So, this might currently have you thinking, that you can’t have a garden room, because the building materials won’t fit through your house.

However, after a quick look at your garden, and access to the house, over a nice cup of tea, we can explain how we can bring in everything we need through your property. We will aim to bring the building materials through the house, during one or two days, then we will stack everything we need in your garden.

Therefore acted the initial disruption, of us bringing everything we need through your house, often then we can start work, and we don’t need to take any more building materials to your house.

We always aim to minimise disruption for our customers, this is why, rather than using claw hammers, and to have our builders hammering in the nails to the wood, we now use nail guns, which help us to make less noise, therefore causing less disruption.
Would you like a garden room constructed?

We can meet you, in your garden, and we can explain the different shape garden buildings that we construct.

We can mark out in your garden, the dimensions of the garden room, so that you can visualise how much space the building will take up.

We build L-shaped, hexagonal, rectangular, circular and square garden rooms. If you would like a free no obligation quote, then why not call us?

Why buy a garden office from us?



When on Google or Bing, and you’re searching for “local garden room businesses near me”- well, there are likely to be hundreds of businesses to choose from. On the Google My Business listing, you might see it full of red dots, of businesses based close to you, that build garden offices.

So, you are, spoilt for choice in terms of local businesses, but how should you go about choosing a business?



Take your time to find the right company

Well, its most definitely worth taking your time to find the right company, as it’s a bit like buying a used car, you don’t want to obtain the vehicle, then be extremely disappointed in the car. No more than you want to buy a garden room, that’s not insulated, you can’t keep it warm, and its costing an absolute fortune in electricity costs to keep warm.



So, here’s some of things, you need to make sure your garden office comes with as standard:

• Long lasting roof, we would recommend a rubber roof
• That the whole building is guaranteed to last
• Choose composite cladding, if you don’t want to be varnishing, staining or rubbing oil in wooden cladding
• Choose quality bi-folds, with smooth open and close, cheap UPVC doors can jab, be clunky to open and close, which can get very annoying
• Make sure the garden room has a breathable membrane, or, what will happen is condensation will build up inside
• Check whether the inside will be plastered, or just plasterboard
• Check whether the electric installation is included
• Check if you going to get a toilet installed, whether this includes the ground works, to get the toilet hooked up to the drains
Why there’s insulation then there’s insulation

So, on some websites, which sell flat pack summerhouses, sometimes you will see what’s called an expanded diagram, of how they build the walls. Now, the expanded diagram, the construction may look impressive, with multiple different building materials used to make the outside walls. Yet, instantly a builder will know, that sometimes in reality, cheap low quality building materials are being used, and the insulation may only be as thick as a piece of cardboard, which is no good, and won’t keep you warm in the winter.

You need the same insulation that’s used when building a house, panel insulation, that’s thick, a breathable membrane, then super high quality cladding, to keep the rain out, if you were to ask us, which cladding we would recommend, it would be a quality brand of composite cladding, as it simply lasts a very long period of time, needs next to no maintenance, its also good for the environment as well, as some brands use recycled plastics, when they are manufacturing the composite cladding.



Guaranteed to last

Each of the garden rooms we build, is guaranteed to last, whether we are building a garden office, or a garden gym, every building we build comes with a long guarantee. So, when you purchase from us, you purchase with the peace of mind, that you’re buying a quality building, that’s simply made to last.



Rock-solid reputation

We have a rock-solid reputation, we have now been building garden rooms, for over 5-years, this means we are one of the most well-known garden room companies in South West England. Much of our work, whether we building a garden gym or a garden office, often comes from recommendations from our previous customers.

So, for example, often we build a garden bar, and we build it to such a high standard, that when you have a party, let’s say a birthday party, and you invite your friends over and family, you might have the party in your garden room. Once your family and friends see the quality of your garden room, often they will want one built too. With prices starting from 18k, often once you’ve seen one of our garden rooms, you will want one built as well.



And in as little as 3 weeks we can build the whole building for you.

We can help you during the design phases
So, let’s say you would like a large garden office built:
Yet, you don’t know which cladding to have, whether you want decking, and what door option you would like.

We can recommend different options, such as grey composite cladding, aluminium bi-folding doors, and a sedum roof. Then before we start any work, we can create a set of 3D drawings, so that you can gain a good idea of what the garden office will look like, prior to it being built. For example, you may want to make some changes to the design.

For example, you may change the timber decking, to composite grey cladding so that it matches the cladding used on your garden office. We can create a set of 3D drawings at a low cost for you.



Air-conditioned and heated- temperature controlled

The last thing you want, is to have a lot of work to do, and you need to get done by a deadline, but it’s a hot summers day, and you don’t want to be boiling hot working in your garden office. No, you’re going to want to be as cool as a cucumber while working, so we fit a top-quality air-conditioning unit.

Then with a simple press of the remote, the air conditioning unit switches on, and there you have it, a nice cool garden office. So, you can work in comfort.



Sound insulation

Do you live by a busy road?

Well, busses, trucks and vans whizzing pass can be distracting, and although sound proofing wont totally eliminate all of that noise, it will help to reduce the noise coming in from outside. So, we would highly recommend that you opt for sound proofing. The panel insulation primary function is to insulate the garden room, yet that can also help to lower the amount of noise coming from outside. However, if you really want to reduce the noise coming from outside, then we would recommend having sound insulation installed.



Built quickly

We have a very large team of staff, we have roofers, which are experts at laying rubber roofs, we have carpenters, which are experts at making your garden room, strong and long lasting. We have electricians, which can offer you the latest technology to make using your garden office more comfortable, such as, electric oil filled radiators, which can be switched on, from your smartphone.
So, while you’re eating your cereal for breakfast in your house, you can open the app on your i-phone, switch on the heating in your garden office, and then in a short amount of time, your garden office will be nice and warm for you to use.



Maintenance plans also available

Some of our customers in Bristol want their garden room, clad with expensive hardwood cladding, which looks brilliant- yet does require maintenance. This is why we offer maintenance plans, for us to return every year, and to varnish, add oil or paint your exterior cladding and decking.



Sedum roofs

So, you might want a garden room, which blends into your garden, you don’t want the roof just to be a roof, you also want to grow plants, grass, wild flowers- which is great for the bees, so we can build what’s called a sedum room.
A sedum roof, means we can add quality soil, so in a short amount of time, the roof, could become completely covered in wild flowers. This is great for bees, for the insects, and will look really good in your garden.




Here at Kingsley Build we build garden rooms to the highest of standards, we build garden rooms, that are built to last.

Why not arrange a free quote?


How much does a small garden office cost?



At home you might not have a dedicated room to work within, which means you may now be working from the kitchen table?
And that’s less than ideal, every time another family member passes you, they may want to chat, plus, the kitchens so near, you may think, well, go on I do have time for another brew. So, quite simply put, way too many distractions.

So you’ve decided you want a garden office, yet you don’t want to fork out a ton of money on one, you just want a small building, enough for a desk, some shelves, and enough room to take a yawn, before you return back to the house.

Well, we have the perfect solution, we can build a garden office, with prices starting from 18k, so you can obtain your own workspace, for a price that quite simply won’t break the bank.


Big City Life

Have you heard that song?

Its good, take a listen on YouTube, but here’s the thing, in most inner cities, our gardens are often small, the size of a postage stamp, well, not quite that small, but you get our drift.

So, everything that you buy for your garden, well has to be carefully considered, as you might end up with no room at all to swing a cat, if you were to go on a buying frenzy, buying garden furniture, a new garden room, and perhaps a clothes line- soon enough, you won’t have enough space to actually use the garden.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, we have the perfect solution, because we don’t sell flat pack garden rooms, rolled off a production line, taking the approach that you have say 7 designs to choose from and that’s it, nope, because our garden rooms are built like a quality tailor made suit.
We come around to your house, and like diligent tailors we measure your garden, we then can build a garden office to the exact centimetre that you specify.

Any shape you want

So, you may want a rectangular garden room, triangular, or even square? Because our garden rooms are bespoke, we can build them to any shape you would like, and what shape you like?


So, what’s included?

  • We include electrical installation
  • Premium quality windows and doors
  • A long-lasting rubber roof
  • Quality cladding
  • Fully plastered and plasterboard inside
  • Flooring


Will we require planning permission for our new garden room?

For the vast majority of garden offices we build, most do not need planning permission. However, that doesn’t mean that you wont need planning permission, so, when we come out to offer you a free quote, we can advise whether planning permission is needed or not.

What are the benefits of choosing a small garden office?

Some people are put off from buying a garden office, as when they visit some garden room company websites, they say there’s a starting price of 30k. Yet we build small garden offices, which cost a lot less, yet still offer all of the benefits of owning a garden office, such as having a quiet place to complete your work.

So, because our garden offices start from just 18k, there much more affordable than you might think? Plus, because our builders now have built these buildings for so long, they are practically super sonic (not quite) at building our garden offices. So to give you an idea of how long it takes, we can build most garden offices in less than 3 weeks, so before you know it, you will have a well-built garden office.

Eco friendly

So, you might have just received a gas and electric bill, which had you shouting “how much””- because energy prices, well in recent times, they have soared. So, the idea for a lot of homeowners to add another freestanding building, in their garden, that needs to be heated, and use more electric, well its understandable the homeowner will be worried about the running costs.
So, we can do two things to help lower the running costs of your garden office:

Install quality insulation

Quality insulation is crucial if you want to use your garden office in winter, it needs to be crammed not just in the walls, in the ceiling, in the floors, and we would recommend “panel insulation” that’s really thick, and just simply does a great job at insulating the room and keeping nice and warm.

We can also install solar panels

We can also place solar panels on the roof of your garden office, so you will be making your own electric.
We would still recommend having a mains supply of electric to your garden office, because if you have multiple days of cloud, and not much sunlight, you will want the reassurance, that you still have mains electric. However, with solar panels fitted to the roof, you can offset some of that extra electric you will use, when using your garden room.

Super long guarantee

We offer a super long guarantee on our garden rooms, it does depend on which doors, windows and roof you would like. We will write the guarantee period in your quote.


Would you like a small garden office built?

We build garden offices right throughout the year, so whether you want a building built in the middle of summer, or in winter when everything covered in snow, we can build a garden office, whenever you like.
Plus, we offer free quotes, so why not obtain a quote from us today?