Why buy a garden office from us?



When on Google or Bing, and you’re searching for “local garden room businesses near me”- well, there are likely to be hundreds of businesses to choose from. On the Google My Business listing, you might see it full of red dots, of businesses based close to you, that build garden offices.

So, you are, spoilt for choice in terms of local businesses, but how should you go about choosing a business?



Take your time to find the right company

Well, its most definitely worth taking your time to find the right company, as it’s a bit like buying a used car, you don’t want to obtain the vehicle, then be extremely disappointed in the car. No more than you want to buy a garden room, that’s not insulated, you can’t keep it warm, and its costing an absolute fortune in electricity costs to keep warm.



So, here’s some of things, you need to make sure your garden office comes with as standard:

• Long lasting roof, we would recommend a rubber roof
• That the whole building is guaranteed to last
• Choose composite cladding, if you don’t want to be varnishing, staining or rubbing oil in wooden cladding
• Choose quality bi-folds, with smooth open and close, cheap UPVC doors can jab, be clunky to open and close, which can get very annoying
• Make sure the garden room has a breathable membrane, or, what will happen is condensation will build up inside
• Check whether the inside will be plastered, or just plasterboard
• Check whether the electric installation is included
• Check if you going to get a toilet installed, whether this includes the ground works, to get the toilet hooked up to the drains
Why there’s insulation then there’s insulation

So, on some websites, which sell flat pack summerhouses, sometimes you will see what’s called an expanded diagram, of how they build the walls. Now, the expanded diagram, the construction may look impressive, with multiple different building materials used to make the outside walls. Yet, instantly a builder will know, that sometimes in reality, cheap low quality building materials are being used, and the insulation may only be as thick as a piece of cardboard, which is no good, and won’t keep you warm in the winter.

You need the same insulation that’s used when building a house, panel insulation, that’s thick, a breathable membrane, then super high quality cladding, to keep the rain out, if you were to ask us, which cladding we would recommend, it would be a quality brand of composite cladding, as it simply lasts a very long period of time, needs next to no maintenance, its also good for the environment as well, as some brands use recycled plastics, when they are manufacturing the composite cladding.



Guaranteed to last

Each of the garden rooms we build, is guaranteed to last, whether we are building a garden office, or a garden gym, every building we build comes with a long guarantee. So, when you purchase from us, you purchase with the peace of mind, that you’re buying a quality building, that’s simply made to last.



Rock-solid reputation

We have a rock-solid reputation, we have now been building garden rooms, for over 5-years, this means we are one of the most well-known garden room companies in South West England. Much of our work, whether we building a garden gym or a garden office, often comes from recommendations from our previous customers.

So, for example, often we build a garden bar, and we build it to such a high standard, that when you have a party, let’s say a birthday party, and you invite your friends over and family, you might have the party in your garden room. Once your family and friends see the quality of your garden room, often they will want one built too. With prices starting from 18k, often once you’ve seen one of our garden rooms, you will want one built as well.



And in as little as 3 weeks we can build the whole building for you.

We can help you during the design phases
So, let’s say you would like a large garden office built:
Yet, you don’t know which cladding to have, whether you want decking, and what door option you would like.

We can recommend different options, such as grey composite cladding, aluminium bi-folding doors, and a sedum roof. Then before we start any work, we can create a set of 3D drawings, so that you can gain a good idea of what the garden office will look like, prior to it being built. For example, you may want to make some changes to the design.

For example, you may change the timber decking, to composite grey cladding so that it matches the cladding used on your garden office. We can create a set of 3D drawings at a low cost for you.



Air-conditioned and heated- temperature controlled

The last thing you want, is to have a lot of work to do, and you need to get done by a deadline, but it’s a hot summers day, and you don’t want to be boiling hot working in your garden office. No, you’re going to want to be as cool as a cucumber while working, so we fit a top-quality air-conditioning unit.

Then with a simple press of the remote, the air conditioning unit switches on, and there you have it, a nice cool garden office. So, you can work in comfort.



Sound insulation

Do you live by a busy road?

Well, busses, trucks and vans whizzing pass can be distracting, and although sound proofing wont totally eliminate all of that noise, it will help to reduce the noise coming in from outside. So, we would highly recommend that you opt for sound proofing. The panel insulation primary function is to insulate the garden room, yet that can also help to lower the amount of noise coming from outside. However, if you really want to reduce the noise coming from outside, then we would recommend having sound insulation installed.



Built quickly

We have a very large team of staff, we have roofers, which are experts at laying rubber roofs, we have carpenters, which are experts at making your garden room, strong and long lasting. We have electricians, which can offer you the latest technology to make using your garden office more comfortable, such as, electric oil filled radiators, which can be switched on, from your smartphone.
So, while you’re eating your cereal for breakfast in your house, you can open the app on your i-phone, switch on the heating in your garden office, and then in a short amount of time, your garden office will be nice and warm for you to use.



Maintenance plans also available

Some of our customers in Bristol want their garden room, clad with expensive hardwood cladding, which looks brilliant- yet does require maintenance. This is why we offer maintenance plans, for us to return every year, and to varnish, add oil or paint your exterior cladding and decking.



Sedum roofs

So, you might want a garden room, which blends into your garden, you don’t want the roof just to be a roof, you also want to grow plants, grass, wild flowers- which is great for the bees, so we can build what’s called a sedum room.
A sedum roof, means we can add quality soil, so in a short amount of time, the roof, could become completely covered in wild flowers. This is great for bees, for the insects, and will look really good in your garden.




Here at Kingsley Build we build garden rooms to the highest of standards, we build garden rooms, that are built to last.

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