How our garden buildings can better fit into your garden


You wouldn’t settle for purchasing a pair of shoes that are too big for you- simply because that’s all they had in stock.
Your going get annoyed with the rubbing of the shoes, or the shoes flopping off the backs of your feet, right?

Well, this is bit like buying a garden building from a company that only offers you set sizes. Sure, it’s a garden building, but, what if spaces get wasted around the back of the building, or to the sides, and then that space, well, does nothing more than serve to grow weeds and be an area of your garden that’s not used.

So, just as a comfy pair of shoes should fit the contours of your feet, so should a garden building fit the contours of your garden. So, this article, we are going to explain how a bespoke garden room, built by us, can help you to make much better use out of the space you have available in your garden.

Plus, we will explain how if you have a garden which ends at a point, or a garden that has a wall that slopes, and is not straight, then we can build a garden building which fits the contours of your garden.

Here’s how having a bespoke garden room built by us, could help you make the most of the space you have available in your garden.



Made to the exact measurements you want

A suit bought off the coat hanger, well, it might fit you nice, but its likely its not going to be as nice as a tailored suit, made to fit your exact shape.

And this is a bit like a garden room, sure, you could buy a garden building that fits in your garden, but its not going to fit as well as a bespoke building, made to fit your garden perfectly.

What’s great about hiring us is, we can come to your garden, and with you mark out how large you want the garden room to be. And you haven’t got to have a rectangular garden room built, that’s because we build the following shape garden rooms as well:

– Triangular
– Circular
– Square


Your garden ends at a point, a triangular garden can mean that if you were to buy say a flat pack rectangular garden room- and built it yourself, well it could mean your left with a triangle area at the back of the garden room, that’s not used. Building the garden building, could mean that the triangle angle of the garden, where your garden ends, might not be accessible, so this space could be totally wasted.

So, what’s great about hiring us is, the garden room can be built, to the shape of your garden. For example, you may have one perfectly straight length of fencing one side of the building, then on the other side, a wall, that’s not straight, that built at an angle. So, we can build a garden building, which follows the angle of the wall.


Make way for your new building

What do you have at the end of your garden right now?

Perhaps an old wooden shed? A greenhouse? Or just full of overgrown brambles? This is a space we could clear for you, we could throw the old waste into a skip, level the ground for you, and in its space, built an insulated garden building.

What’s great about hiring us is, you don’t need to hire a separate demolition company, or someone to clear your garden, we can complete this work for you. We can clear away your garden for you, removing brambles, sheds, compost bins, old greenhouses, put them into a skip for recycling, then our builders can start to build a garden office or garden room for you.


You have a wide garden that’s also narrow

A lot of gardens in Britain, especially we think a lot of new build properties can have quite wide gardens, the width of the detached house, but also, then quite shallow.

So, if you have a garden that’s not very long at all, what you need is a garden room that’s wide, that’s thin, this will allow you to get a large amount of room inside the building, but its not so wide that takes up too much of your garden.


You don’t have rear lane access

So, you may have no rear lane access, or perhaps you don’t have side access, say through a garden gate.

So, this might mean, the only way of entering your garden is through your house. So, this might currently have you thinking, that you can’t have a garden room, because the building materials won’t fit through your house.

However, after a quick look at your garden, and access to the house, over a nice cup of tea, we can explain how we can bring in everything we need through your property. We will aim to bring the building materials through the house, during one or two days, then we will stack everything we need in your garden.

Therefore acted the initial disruption, of us bringing everything we need through your house, often then we can start work, and we don’t need to take any more building materials to your house.

We always aim to minimise disruption for our customers, this is why, rather than using claw hammers, and to have our builders hammering in the nails to the wood, we now use nail guns, which help us to make less noise, therefore causing less disruption.
Would you like a garden room constructed?

We can meet you, in your garden, and we can explain the different shape garden buildings that we construct.

We can mark out in your garden, the dimensions of the garden room, so that you can visualise how much space the building will take up.

We build L-shaped, hexagonal, rectangular, circular and square garden rooms. If you would like a free no obligation quote, then why not call us?

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