How owning a garden building could help to improve your fitness


Many people spend a lot of time improving their fitness, whether that’s attending fitness classes, going to the local gym or perhaps doing yoga at home?

However, for many people, it’s difficult to sometimes find the time needed to go and visit the local gym. For example, a lot of people that are working full-time, may skip going to the gym from time to time, because they need to do their weekly shop, or other commitments may get in the way of them exercising as often as they would like.

But we think we have the solution, which will allow you to gain more time, work out whenever you want, and therefore could help to improve your fitness.


The benefits of owning a garden gym

So, let’s say it’s a rather dreary Monday afternoon, it’s wet outside and rather cold, you’ve just finished work, the traffic is particularly heavy. You might think, I haven’t got the time to be driving to the gym tonight, I will leave it until tomorrow- does that sound familiar to you?

But what if there was a gym within your garden? So, whenever you want to work out, all you have to do is walk to the end of your garden, open the doors, and workout whenever you want.

Owning your very own gym, sounds like something that only the rich and famous can afford, yet more and more people are owning their own gym, by purchasing a garden gym from us. So, you haven’t got to be a multimillionaire rock star, now own your own gym complete with bathroom. We can simply build one within your garden, and you can then enjoy using your garden gym for years to come. We think they offer brilliant value for money.



Free weights, running machines and also cycle bikes- what do you enjoy using?

When you get to the gym, what do you like to exercise on?

We can build a large garden gym for you, which you can fill with multiple pieces of gym equipment, perhaps you would just like a treadmill in front of a massive television screen, so that you can watch the football while running full pelt, or your treadmill?

So whether you like to run on the treadmill, and run for say 30 minutes per day, perhaps you like to lift free weights, that is dumbbells or kettle bells? Whatever gym equipment you like using, we can build a garden gym for you.



Why not add a bathroom?

For added convenience, we can also add a shower cubicle, as well as toilet and wash hand basin within a separate room within your garden gym. So, when you finished working out, you can simply jump into the shower and have a wash.

We can also build a wet room for you. Our electricians can install the extractor fans, to extract the condensation from the garden room.



Garden gyms are now incredibly popular

A lot of people now have very demanding jobs, and therefore they may not have the time to be driving to the gym, for example if you finished late from work, let’s say you’re a solicitor finishing at 7 PM, you might not have the time to get to the gym every evening.

So what’s great about having a garden building built by us, which is then crammed full of gym equipment, is that whenever you fancy workout, you only have two walk a few steps from your house, and your within your garden gym.

So owning a garden gym, means that it might be much more convenient for you, that whenever you want to work out, instead of having to jump in the car, and drive the say 30 minutes to the local gym, you instead just have to walk a few steps they you are, within your garden gym.



Why hire us to build your garden building?

Well it’s a bit like when you buy a car, your going to want that vehicle to be reliable and dependable, this is exactly the same when you’re buying a garden building.

You going to want the roof to last a long period of time, you going to want the whole building to be well insulated so it’s nice and warm in the winter, you also during very heavy rain going to want the cladding to withstand that rain lashing down on the outside of the building.



Now, you might think that all garden building should be capable of this, right?

But sometimes simply put they are not. Sometimes after relatively short period, the roof might start to leak, there might be the ingress of water through the cladding, causing the building to become damp and full of damp spores inside.

So, we believe quality is very important here at Kingsley, whether we are building a garden bar, full of fine quality whiskeys, or we are building a garden gym, full of dumbbells, the building must simply be high quality, built to last, extremely durable and that’s exactly what we can offer.


How much does a garden gym cost?

The price does vary, depending on the size of the building that we are building, and also which options you choose. We offer a starting price of £18,000, and this means that you will have a building ready to move your gym equipment straight into.


How long will it take you to build a garden gym?

We build most garden gyms in under three weeks, however if you want a large building, then it might take us a bit longer.


Can the garden building be fully air conditioned?

Yes, we can add an air conditioning unit, to your garden building, which can be switched on via a remote control, and this will allow you to cool the garden building.


Are you able to also install a shower/bathroom into our garden gym?

Yes, we can add a complete bathroom for you within your garden gym, alternatively you might just want a toilet and wash hand basin installed?


We can also install a wet room for you.

Will the garden gym be warm enough to use during the winter?
Yes, most certainly, what we will do, is add insulation, as well as oil filled radiators, so the room can be heated up quickly.

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