Do you know that we also build small garden bars



If you recently walked into a local fancy wine bar, well, you will know, the prices have gone through the roof. Yes, it might be a nice refreshing point of craft beer, your offered but when it’s coming close the 8 pound a pint- well it can most definitely hurt the wallet, when you need to get in a big round in!

But what if there was a great solution, where you could enjoy spending time your friends, but you haven’t got to spending an absolute fortune at the same time at a local bar every weekend.



Why not have a garden bar built by us?

Now we know, that when you’re thinking about a garden bar, it starts to conjure up thoughts of a the owners owning a huge garden- perhaps a big swimming pool in front of it, decking and a big lawn- but what if we were to say to you, we can build a small garden bar, for as little as £18,000!

Therefore, you could have a place to have your friends and family can come over and enjoy nice drink whenever you want, plus, it wont cost you a fortune each time a pint is pulled!



No more taxi’s

With a garden bar what’s great is you can have a drink, and your ready to call it a night, you just have to walk back to your house.
Therefore, no more waiting around for taxis to come, or queuing at crowded bars waiting to get served by the bar staff for a long time!

What’s also great, is that you could have a large garden bar built, you could have multiple televisions mounted on the wall, a number of really comfortable sofas, you can have quality speakers put into the ceiling as well.


We can even install a complete bathroom as well.


We could build a bar as a long as wide as the whole garden bar, you could even have multiple beer pumps installed, so you could have a pump for cider, lager and perhaps ale- you might even forget you a garden room after a short while, and you might actually think you’re in a local pub!



So how much do garden bars cost?

Well, not as much as you might think, that’s because our starting prices start from £18,000, and most of the garden bars we build cost around £25,000.

Now when you think about it, you could use that room, for multiple different uses as well, perhaps a place to exercise during the day?

Then you can just simply put them dumbbells, kettle bells and exercise ball to one side, have your friends over, and enjoy a nice glass of wine with then.

What’s included in the price?



A quality roof and quality cladding

Here in Great Britain, it rains cats and dogs, well nearly on a daily basis, so, you need a garden room that is able to withstand heavy rain, especially when there’s a sustained downpour. So you need a high-quality roof and also cladding to keep all that water out.



What do we recommend?

We would highly recommend purchasing a “composite garden room”, so what we mean by that is the exterior has composite cladding added to the outside of your garden building.

Then in conjunction with the composite cladding, we would recommend is having a long lasting rubber roof added. It’s the composite cladding, and a rubber roof when used together can do simply a brilliant job, keeping the water out.

Some summerhouses are as cheap as chips, that’s for sure, but the problem is, if you have the summerhouse clad with a softwood, like pine, well this means the building can constantly absorbing water. If the softwood cladding is constantly absorbing water, then this can mean it will become extremely down inside the garden room, which means that the plasterboard is likely to start showing signs of damp spores time.

This is why, at our company we only build quality buildings, we only build quality garden rooms that are made to last.



We have qualified electricians that work for our construction company, and in less than one day our electricians can often install all of the wiring, the fuse box and connect your whole garden room to the electric mains supply.


Quality doors and windows

Just as you wouldn’t install low quality windows and doors your house, this is the same for a garden room. Our customers want long-lasting, quality windows and doors to do a great job keeping the heating within the garden room- we therefore recommend, either triple glazing would double glazing.

We can offer wooden framed windows, aluminium framed or UPVC framed windows.

We can therefore supply quality doors and windows.


Electric heaters

With the flick of a switch, you can simply switch on your oil filled electric radiators that we have hung on the wall for you. In a Short period of time because we will have the room nice and warm, because our builders will have packed the walls with insulation, and the radiators will heat the room in a short period of time.


A nice place to go and unwind

Does your property overlook meadows, perhaps a fast flowing river or acre after acre of woodland?
Wouldn’t that make a great place to put some comfortable sofas, within the garden building, combined with huge doors and windows, so that you can sit back, enjoy a nice cup of tea and take in the views the surround your property.



Guaranteed to last

This is one of the reasons why we are a fast-growing garden room companies in United Kingdom, simply because all of our garden buildings are guaranteed to last. Whether the garden building, has cost £18,000 to build a 100,000, we always offer a very long guarantee period.



Local ciders

Somerset and the West Country is famous throughout the United Kingdom, for producing very refreshing and quality ciders. So why not support their local business, and get local ciders on pump within your garden bar? There are also local lagers and ales produced locally, so why not stock your garden bar with local with locally produced ales, ciders and lagers?



Which areas do you build garden bars in?

We travell the length and the breadth United Kingdom building top quality garden bars. The vast majority of the garden buildings that we construct are in the West Country, yet we also travel throughout the UK, building our garden buildings.


Can you install all of the electrics?

Yes, included within our quotes, will be for our qualified electricians, to install all of the electrics, this includes installing the power sockets, the lights, light switches and the electric radiators, as well as electric hand dryers if you’re having a bathroom fitted by us, as well as the electric underfloor heating. Some of these options, are optional extras, so they will cost more to install, however, our garden room company offers some of the best prices, on our optional extras.


Can you install a toilet as well?

Yes, we can we can install a large bathroom for you.


Do you offer finance on your garden bars?

Currently we do not offer finance, however we do offer some of the best prices in the West Country, for example prices start from 18 K.


Can you build decking and glass balustrade outside?

Yes, when the weather is good, you are likely to want to sit on the decking and enjoy a nice refreshing pint of beer, so we can install composite decking, within the composite decking can be LED lights. We can also supply and install the glass balustrades is for you.

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