What exactly is a garden room?

23rd of August 2023

Author: Ryan Walsh


Here at Kingsley, we’ve been building garden buildings now for donkeys’ years- well not quite, but we have been building them for over 10 years, and in that time, we have seen many garden room companies come and go.

And from a customer’s perspective, we know buying a garden building, can be confusing, can take up a lot of time finding the right company to build the building for you. Also, it can sometimes seem very perplexing, why garden rooms are often referred to as everything from “garden offices”, “posh sheds” through to “log cabins”, “summerhouses” and also “garden studios”.
This might have you scratching your head thinking, well, what do I need? A summerhouse, garden room or a log cabin?


And then there’s the quality

The quality of these buildings can be miles apart, some garden buildings can be a massive disappointment to the customer when they are built, so much so that they become an eyesore the end of the garden. For example, sometimes softwood can start to become water marked really quickly, so what we mean by that is, once built they look great, nice bright pine, but then if they are not sealed, they can turn black, show signs of wood rot and after a relatively short period.

For other companies, such as ours the focus on building bespoke luxury garden rooms, we believe that these buildings can enhance your life, they can become a space where you want to spend time, and you might even think why didn’t we get one of these built long before now?


So, what exactly is a garden room?

We would define a garden room, that is a freestanding building, that can be used right throughout the year.
Now, you might have rather confused look on your face, thinking why wouldn’t we be able to use any type of summerhouse throughout the year.? Surely all summerhouses, regardless of the price paid, can be used right throughout the year, whether it be


Winter or summer?

Well, the simple answer to their question is, some summerhouses, can be nothing more than garden sheds, with a flat roof, and sometimes single glazed windows and doors are fitted sometimes, which means that it will be freezing inside the garden room during the winter. This means that for some summerhouses they are totally unusable during the winter, because they are not insulated. Being within them would mean it feels freezing cold, and trying to heat them is out of the question, because they will simply cost too much an electric to keep warm.

So, what would we define as a garden room, is a building that has been designed for use all year round, whether it be winter or summer. So the building must have good quality insulation, double glazing, if not triple glazing.


So, what are these buildings used for?


To improve your fitness

A lot of people use their garden room as a place to improve their fitness, to perhaps lift weights in the evening, or to do yoga, or simply just to have a 30-minute run on the treadmill while catching up on the BBC News as they watch it on a large screen television in front of the treadmill.


A place to work

One of the most common reasons, our customers ask us to build a garden room, is to use the room as a place where they can work.
A garden office can therefore offer a perfect place where you can get your work completed, while also looking out the window and taking in the scenery, such as the flowers within your garden, or perhaps your property looks over meadows, and you can look out over the meadows, the woodlands or perhaps even the sea?


Less hassle than hiring a builder

So, when you want a loft conversion built, a property extension built, sometimes you have to gain planning permission, before that construction work can start. Also, when this building work is taking place, it can cause a lot of disruption, a lot of noise, a lot of dust and also some builders to play their radios a bit too loud.

So, you might not want to go through the hassle of hiring a builder to add an extension to your home, instead you can hire a garden room company like us, and we can build the freestanding structure at the end of your garden, and we will do our utmost to minimise noise and disruption for our customers.

In less than three weeks, often we can build a garden office, a garden room or a gym for you within your garden.


Built to last

One of the main reasons, so many people choose Kingsley, to construct a garden building, is because our buildings are built strong, they are built to last, and we are so confident that our garden buildings are built to a high standard, we offer a long guarantee on each of our buildings.


Built for comfort

Just as you expect certain extras to be included within your car, such as heaters, and air conditioning, you’re going to want the same for your garden building.

We can therefore, as an optional extra, install air conditioning and underfloor heating.

We can also install multiple radiators help you to easily heat the room.

We can also make your garden building even more comfortable, by for example adding a complete bathroom, so when you need to toilet, you don’t need to walk back to your house.

We can also add soundproofing, to help it to be quieter within the garden room.

We can also install top quality speakers into the roof, as an optional extra, for example you might want to listen to music while doing yoga?


Can you create us 3-D drawings before you start the building work?

We most certainly can, we can create a set of 3-D drawings for you, so you will gain a really good idea of how the garden room will look prior to our builders start work on building your garden room.

At this stage you might want to make changes to the design, for example you might want to change which exterior cladding is used, you might have opted for grey composite cladding, but now you might want to change it to natural wood options, such as using


Canadian red cedar or perhaps mahogany or oak?

Therefore getting 3-D drawings created, allows you to visualise what the garden building will look like prior to actually being built.


Have you built many garden offices, log cabins and garden rooms?

We have built many garden buildings, our team travel far and wide building bespoke garden rooms. A lot of our work now comes by way of recommendation, for example our customers recommending us to their neighbours.

Or one of our customers might recommend us to a member of their family or friends, that’s because when you see our garden rooms once they have been built, you will see that they are built to a very high standard.


Would you like a garden room constructed?

If you would like a garden room built, then why not call us for a quote.

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