Why you should hire us to build your new yoga studio


Meditation and yoga have become massively popular around the globe, and a lot of people now practice yoga every single day.
For some people, they may start the day with practicing yoga or some meditation before they go out to work. Quite often the person which enjoys doing yoga, requires a quiet space, a room where they can improve their yoga and to meditate in peace and quiet.


Why purchase a yoga studio from us?



We’ve been building garden buildings for well over 10 years. We now have a very strong reputation for building quality buildings. You might have seen one of our many Mercedes Sprinter vans on the road, that’s because, we have multiple teams that build our buildings throughout the year 6 days a week.

One of the main reasons our company is chosen over the thousands of garden room companies is simply because we offer very long guarantees. We can be very confident our buildings will last a really long period of time, because we always buy quality building materials. From the roof to floor everything is built to last, that’s why we are such a popular garden room company.

Do you build air-conditioned yoga studios?

Yes, we do, we can add a Mitsubishi air conditioning system, or perhaps you would like another brand air conditioning system installed? We work with an established company, that installs our air conditioning systems. This means even when its really hot here in Britain, during a warm summer’s day, you can be as cool as a cucumber doing yoga inside your summerhouse.

We want to do yoga inside and outside; can you build decking as well a garden yoga studio?



We most certainly can build decking as well, imagine a huge garden room, so if its raining outside you can do yoga inside your garden building. Alternatively, if the weather is nice, and there’s a nice warm summers breeze blowing along your garden, well, you might want to do yoga on your decking instead? We can build composite decking, complete with glass balustrades and also, led lights, therefore whether you want to yoga inside the room, or outside, you can.

Can you install a bathroom within our yoga studio?

Yes, we can, we can install a shower, toilet and wash hand basin for you.


Can you install triple glazing, so its more quiet inside the garden building?

Yes, we can we can triple glazed windows and doors.


How long will we have to wait before building work can start?

We can sometimes start the following week, for example, we can sometimes offer a quote on the Friday evening, and if you want us to, we can start work on the Monday morning. During the peak of summer, sometimes, there’s a slight wait before we can start work, when we offer you a quote, we can always tell you, how soon we can start work.


Yoga studio

What’s great about having a yoga studio built by us, is that it can be built so that the building overlooks your garden. Your garden room built by us can be a Comfortable and warm building, because it will be fully insulated. You might have requested also to have floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing ample light to flood the room, creating a light and airy space where you can enjoy exercising and doing yoga.


What are the benefits of having a yoga studio built?

You might currently be practising yoga within your house, however you may have decided you want a separate room, where you can practice yoga and meditate whenever you like. As a garden building is a detached, it’s often a freestanding building, this means it can be a quiet space for you to meditate.



Nice and warm

Plus, because all our buildings are completely insulated, they can be nice and warm even in the winter months. We can even install the radiators for you.

One of the reasons why we are often chosen to build garden rooms, is that our team of tradesmen and women can build the whole room and take care of everything from the plastering, the painting and decorating. This means all you have to do this move your furniture in minutes can then start to be used.

We can also install the electrics, as well as any solar panels that you might want fitted onto the roof.



A great way to improve your fitness

A lot of people like to regularly visit the gym, perhaps you like to visit every single day of the week?
To make visiting the gym more convenient for you, a lot of people are having garden rooms built, they can use as their own personal gym at home.

Within this building, you might want a separate room that you can use as your yoga video or your meditation room.


Don’t pay over the odds for your garden building

We offer some of the best prices around for building the luxury and well-built garden buildings. In matter of fact, our garden building have a starting price of just £18,000, which offers unbelievable value for money, when you consider how well-built they are, plus they are guaranteed to last for a very long period of time.


Can be used throughout the different seasons

A lot of people like to do yoga and to meditate, regardless of whether it’s winter, summer or spring.

Therefore, your freestanding garden building, that might be built the end of your garden, needs to be well insulated and also well built. Often the building won’t be connected to your central heating system, from your house, so it needs to have its own insulation and its own heating. Therefore, because the building is separate from the main house, it can have electric oil filled radiators, plus insulation and this will help to keep the room warm in the winter.


What type of insulation do you use?

We would highly recommend that extra thick panel insulation, that is very thick panel insulation is added into the walls.
As the building is constructed, there will be empty spaces, voids between the structural timbers, and the plasterboard and exterior cladding.
It’s therefore important that these voids are filled with insulation, there is a wide range of insulation to choose from. For example, there’s sheep’s wool, there’s fibreglass, also commonly referred to as rock wool, there is also panel insulation. We would recommend opting for extra thick panel insulation.


Windows as large as you like




When your practising yoga, often the occupant will want the room to feel light and airy, with as much natural light coming into the room as possible.

This can be achieved by having large windows fitted, you could even have floor to ceiling windows fitted if you would like these within your garden building. As the roof is flat, and often made from rubber roofing, we can also add a roof lantern, a roof lantern is a brilliant way of getting more natural light into the room.


How much do yoga studios cost to build in the United Kingdom?


Prices vary depending on which company you hire; however, we can build a small garden room, with prices starting from as low as £18,000. Therefore, this makes our rooms very affordable, especially when you consider within the price we include the insulation, a very high-quality roof as well as our electricians installing all of the electrics for you.


Will the yoga studio be guaranteed to last?

Yes, whether we are building a garden bar, where the customers will use the room to enjoy drinking whiskey, alternatively perhaps the customer will use the room as a home gym or yoga. For every single garden building that we build, regardless price, we always offer a long guarantee. We offer longer guarantees than some other companies, and when we write you a quote, within the quote we will stipulate how long we guarantee the building to last.


Have you built many yoga studios before?

Yes, most definitely have, the vast majority of the buildings that we construct are often used by business owners or by employees that need a quiet place to work.

However, yoga studios are now very popular as well, and we would say that they are getting more and more popular, and a lot of people ask us at Kingsley build high-quality buildings which are made to last.



Can you also add soundproofing throughout our garden building?

Whether we are building a garden bar, or perhaps we are building a room that used for yoga, often with the customer wants to close the doors and windows, and have a quiet place where they can truly unwind, perhaps enjoying a glass of whiskey or instead perhaps meditating.
To help make our buildings more quieter inside, we can add top quality, soundproofing, manufactured by leading manufacturers of soundproofing.


How long will it take you to build a yoga studio or garden gym?

This does depend on the design, for example, some customers will want a garden building that has a sedum roof, that’s also has a huge decking area, made using composite decking, complete with glass balustrades. They may also want the room to have multiple different rooms, including a bathroom inside. This type of garden building might take over a month to build.
Most buildings however take us around three weeks to build from start to completion.



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