Do you require a multipurpose garden building to be built?

We can build multipurpose garden room for you


Sometimes, a customer’s home will be extended to the absolute max, that’s to say, they may have already have had a local builder build a dormer loft conversion, plus a kitchen extension might have already been added to your house?

The property has therefore been extended, as far as it can be extended- yet, what’s great about a garden room, is that you can create extra living space, yet it may only occupy an area of the garden that you might not have used that much at all before? So why not get rid of that old greenhouse that’s falling apart and have a luxury garden room built in its place.

For example, at the end of your garden, might currently be overgrown with brambles, perhaps a compost bin, so you will be gaining extra living space within an area of your garden that might not have been used much at all because it currently might just have say an old green house there that you haven’t used for years?


Not just the summer

When we think of garden buildings, because sometimes they are described and “summerhouses” or “posh sheds”, this gives the impression that they are only used on hot summer days. However we use premium quality insulation, this is thick insulation made by companies such as Quinn insulation, that’s extremely good at keeping the warm air inside the building, once you switch on the electric heater.

We can also install multiple electric heaters made by Dimplex, and if you would like we can install any brand of air conditioning system, we highly recommend Hitachi air conditioning systems.


How we build our multipurpose garden buildings

Multiple plasterboard partition walls complete with internal doors

We can create separate rooms within the garden room using plasterboard walls, and internal doors.
For example you may want 70% of the building to be a main room, which your going to use as your office space. The remaining 30% we could build a bathroom, complete with shower- we can even install one of those fancy hand dryers for you made by Dyson, you know the ones Dyson air blades- there really good at drying your hands super quickly.


Make way for the garden room

You might want to demolish of your old garage? Yet then you might have a lot of items that need storing, such as lawnmower, strimmer and the hedge shears? Well do not worry, as we can build a garden building that has a side storage room.
We can create a separate room, with a side access door, where you can store items for your garden in a side room. For example, on the front of the building, as the main way to access your garden room, you may want aluminium bi-folding doors, then the side access, where the electric lawn mower, hedge strimmer and shears are stored, you may want a side door, built at the side of the garden room, that allows you to easily access the side room.

Then say 75% of the building, can be dedicated to being used as a garden room.
We could use plasterboard as the partition, and can also add two separate exterior doors for you, one to access the main room and one to access the side storage area.


Will there be two people be working within the garden building?

It’s fairly common today, for two people to be working from home, or perhaps, you run a business with your partner? You may therefore need a building where you can work from home, to run your business from?

However even though you may both working in the same garden building, you might want a partition wall built and an internal door, so that you can both work within the building, but in separate rooms. You might even want separate bathrooms installed on either side of the garden room as well? For example, two separate toilets and wash hand basins?


Large bathroom

If you’re going to use your garden building as your workspace, you’re likely to be spending upwards of 40 hours per week working within the building.

Therefore we would recommend having a bathroom installed as well within the building, therefore we can install a bathroom for you, we can also take care of all the ground works, which are needed. For example, we will need to use a mini-excavator is to dig a trench, so we can install the soil pipe, plus the water supply to the bathroom.



Guest bedroom

Another common use for our garden buildings, is to use the building as guest accommodation for family when they stayover.
You might want to separate bedrooms and a large bathroom, we can create this for you by using internal walls.


Gym / Yoga Studio

Another really popular use for garden buildings, is for the homeowner to use the space to improve their fitness.
You might therefore want one room is full of gym equipment, and have an internal door which opens, into your yoga studio.


How much do these buildings cost?

Prices do vary depending on the specification of the building, for example whether or not you want a bathroom installed or not.
A bathroom can sometimes substantially increase the cost of the built, because there is ground works that are needed to connect the garden building to the main drains.

The price is also dependent upon the size of the building, because we build bespoke buildings, we can build the building to any dimensions that you would like. For example, if you have a large garden, you might want a very large garden building which spans the entire width of the garden? And also for the building to be very wide.

Our prices vary anywhere between £18,000 and £70,000; it normally takes is under three weeks to build the vast majority of our garden buildings from start to finish.

Every single building, we construct comes with a long guarantee, so you will have peace of mind that you are buying a quality building.

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