Don’t move house- have you thought about having an extra room built within your garden?



30th of August 2023

Have you already purchased a loft conversion? Have you already added a property extension to your house? Now you think that you can’t extend your home any more, well why not purchase a garden room from us?

Rather than moving from a home you may really like, why move, and go through all of that expense when you can gain an extra room within your garden.



Costs less than you might think

Let’s say your browsing Instagram for garden rooms, and you see many, but you think, well these all look super expensive.
You might be thinking, well these are going cost 40k, 50k or even 60k, yet what if we told you that our garden rooms, well there super affordable, and with a starting price of 18k, well they might be more affordable than you might think?


Built in Bristol

Some garden rooms are assembled on a production line, they might be produced in a factory and then flat packed, to be delivered via lorry to the customer.

But our garden rooms are built in Bristol, there actually put together in your garden in Bristol. This means every piece of wood is cut in your garden. That’s because our buildings are tailor made, they made to the exact size you want.



Do you offer finance?

At the moment, we do not offer finance on our garden rooms.

How long do you guarantee the buildings for?
Each building we build is different, so at the same time as offering you a quote, we can state how long the guarantee period lasts.


How long on average does it take to build?

It takes us roughly 3 weeks to build each garden room, sometimes more if it’s a more complicated build, for example incorporating a bathroom.

Can you clear a space within our garden, so the summerhouse can be built?
Yes we can, we can bring in a JCB mini-digger, and in a short while our excavator will have cleared the space and levelled the ground using a grading bucket.


How much do your garden offices cost?

Prices typically vary between 18k and 35k, for the more larger garden buildings these can cost up to 70k.


Can you install the electrics?

We most certainly can, we can install of the electrics for you.




City living

In most busy and bustling cities, everywhere is busy. The local pub after work it’s busy, the bus on the way home from work it’s busy, waiting to get on a treadmill at the gym after work, it’s busy!

This means that our cities are becoming more and more densely populated, and because of this, this means that often don’t have much space.

For example, people living in apartments can only dream sometimes of owning a garden, with nice grass and flowers.

Yet for some homeowners, sometimes there are parts in our garden that we don’t use that much at all?

For example, at the end of your garden what’s there at this moment in time? Is just overgrown with brambles, why not make better use of that space at hire our team of highly talented builders to build a quality, a very high quality garden building?

As every square metre of space within our city’s is precious, and highly sought after in our cities, why not make better use out of your garden, and have a garden built by us? We can clear the brambles, we can safely dismantle the greenhouse, or say a wooden shed, and we can clear the space, and in its place build a quality garden room.


Garden Room / Office

As prices rise for, well, near enough everything in our cities, whether it’s the price of a loaf of bread, or its for office space, this means that a lot of us are now looking to save money.

So, why fork out money every single month for a shared office space? When you can own your own office, and have one built at the end of your garden. Instead we can build a quality, insulated, and even air conditioned garden offices, at affordable prices. For instance, our prices start from just 18k.


Travelling back and fore work can become a thing of the past

With the new ULEZ zone now in place, and with some cities now having clean air zones, this means that certain cars can’t be driven into some cities, without paying the fee. And the daily fee, if your entering the city every day, well its a lot. This is given rise to more and more people wanting to work from home, and some people, well they may have even sold one of their cars, as they now plan on working from home more often.

And there are many benefits from working from home, after all in less than 60 seconds, you could simply walk back to your house, and you don’t need to commute back and for an office using train, bus or the underground.


More time

After all stuck in traffic at the end of the day or at the start of the day, well, its a waste of time. And who’s been on a train in Britain that hasn’t arrived on time? We have, stuck waiting for the train because of delay, well, it can feel rather annoying, especially if you have to get to a meeting for work.

So, with a garden office, you can have a nice place to work, and you got to worry about train delays or congestion on the roads because you may not be travelling back and fore work so much.


Garden Office Pods

When most people think about a garden office, for a garden room, sometimes they have a vision of a huge garden building, which can overpower the garden to the point where it becomes the main focal point.
But not all garden rooms have to be large, they can be compact, they can be a “garden office pods”, starting from the very reasonable price of just £18,000.

These can be built in a corner of the garden, sometimes they are built behind a bush or a tree and then they may not be hardly noticeable from the house.


Moving home can be an expensive business

Your might’s need a place where you can work from home, or you might want to room where you can exercise within during the day, and you’re thinking the only way to obtain this, well is to sell your home, as your current home might already be extended as much as you can.

However, moving home, well it’s an expensive business, you have estate agents, solicitors, and also removal fees to add up.
This all adds up, and gets rather expensive, so why not stay put, and have a luxurious, well-built, insulated and also affordable garden room built in your garden by us?


Come and have a chat with us

We have a very friendly sales team, it’s made up of Seb, Kingsley and Josh, who can travel and meet you and offer you advice on having a garden room built. We also offer free quotes.

We have now built so many garden rooms, that often after a quick cup of tea with you, and a discussion with you about how you like a garden room to look, we can often offer you a quote there and then.


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