How are your garden buildings able to cope with our wet British weather?


Britain is famous for us Brits drinking copious amounts of English tea, devouring fish and chips and our, well wet weather!

For some people, they can’t stand how much it rains here in great Britain, yet for a lot of us, we like this climate.

With that said, some garden rooms, are not able to withstand our British weather- they’re sometimes bit like a digestive biscuit, that’s been left in a cup of tea for two long, simply put sooner or later there going to fall apart!

So, a really commonly asked question is this, can your garden buildings be used during British winters?

And the unequivocal answer to this important question is yes, a resounding yes!

Our garden rooms can be used right throughout the entire year, whether it’s during the festive period of December, or a boiling hot day in

July- quite simply put our garden rooms are able to withstand any type of British weather, rain, sleet, hail- you name it!
And we are going to explain in some detail, how our garden rooms, are durable, long-lasting and can be used in any weather.



Don’t scrimp and save on the cladding

Here in Britain, when it rains, it really rains!

The rain can quite literally lash down, and what might’ve started as a nice dog walk for you, through the wood in dry weather conditions, might have a lot of people at the end running as fast as they can to get back to their cars, because torrential rain might’ve started to downpour across a village or city to the point you get drenched.

So, you do have to think of which cladding your going to opt for, for your new garden building, as that wooden cladding, well be out there enduring all types of weathers.

The cladding will incur a lot of rain water running down it, with rain blasting against the sides, plus also really heavy rain that’s sustained for hours upon a time just lashing down onto it.
So, yes softwood cladding, might look brilliant for a short period, yet, if it’s not properly maintained (vanished, painted or wood oil applied), then what can happen is that the rain water can be held in the wood, this can cause the timber to rot overtime, and even for woodworm start nibbling away at the timber, weakening it to the point where the cladding needs to be replaced.

So the solution, we think is “composite cladding”, quality cladding, that able to withstand heavy rain, is resistant to wood rot, and we would recommend paying a bit more for quality brand which guarantees the composite to last for say 10 years or longer.

Then you’ve then got total peace of mind, that you have a quality cladding, able to withstand our British weather.


The roof

So,you might think, that all garden room roofs are exactly the same- right?

However the quality of summerhouse roofs, well they are often worlds apart.

You can some summerhouses which have tar felt roofing, and some low-quality tar felt roofs, sometimes these roofs will be as thin as paper.

So if the tar felt roofing is low quality, well it doesn’t take much for it to rip, for it to become pierced by say a cat scratching their nails on it!

So what’s needed is a quality roof instead

So, what is often needed is a long-lasting roof and we would most definitely recommend, opting for a rubber roof.


Durable construction

We use quality structural timbers, we buy quality timber, the wood we buy is FSC, so it comes from forests which are sustainably managed.

The wood is also kiln dried wood, and we use a lot of timbers, to make sure our garden buildings are strong construction.


The windows and doors

Most of our customers also for powder coated, aluminium framed windows and doors.

These windows and doors which we supply and install are made to last. Often the windows and doors, will have Pilkington Glass, and because the glass is double glazed, it helps to improve the energy efficiency of the building as well.
Also, we use a breathable membrane, made by DuPont, which allows the building to breathe, on top of that, we also use quality panel insulation, this is reflective insulation.,

The panel insulation has a thick centre, and two reflective sides to help to keep the cold air out and the warm air in.


Good solid foundations

We can bring a, our JCB mini digger, these are many JCB excavators, and we will use these to level the ground and we will use a grading bucket.


Dimplex electric heaters

To keep the inside of your garden building, nice and warm, we can add multiple dim plaques heaters. These are powered by electric, because the walls will have panel insulation, which has a thick foam centre and two reflective sides, when the heaters are switched on, only underfloor heating, the room can be nice and warm and toasty in a short period of time. Our customers are amazed, by how quickly the buildings heat up, that’s because our builders, will crown insulation, into every wall within your garden room.


Guaranteed to last

Sometimes some British garden room companies, spring up and then disappear after a short period of building garden rooms.
Our business is different, we are an established business, we have been around for a long period of time, we have now been building garden rooms in the South-West in England United Kingdom for a very long period of time.


We have built countless garden buildings in Bristol.

We have highly experienced staff, plus also, we are so confident of the building are extremely durable, and will last the test of time, every single building we construct, we offer super long guarantee.


Can your garden rooms be used during winter?

We explain how we build our garden rooms extra strong, and are able to withstand our British weather. Our garden rooms can be used right throughout the entire year.

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