Do you build a garden rooms that also has side storage area?



Garden buildings with a shed storage area

Date: 28th/September/2023

Author: Kingsley Hyden Jones


Helps you to gain more storage space within your garden

There will be a lot of homeowners right throughout the United Kingdom that wants a well-built garden office, or perhaps a garden gym constructed built by our company. Yet the homeowner might think that they have to get rid of the garage, or the shed to make way for the garden building to be constructed.

This is sometimes because the homeowner has a small garden, so they cant have a garage and a garden room, otherwise the garden can start to feel over crowded with buildings.

But here’s the thing, you could have both buildings, that’s a shed and a garden room all in one building.

This makes a lot of sense as your garden will look much neater, because both of these buildings will be combined into one whole building.

But also, it can help you to save a lot of space, because you haven’t got to have a garage taking up space within your garden, and then having a separate garden room built in another location, instead the buildings could be combined, and split using an internal wall.
And because our garden rooms are bespoke, they can fit perfectly within contours of your garden, so you don’t have any wasted space.


For example, we build the following shape buildings


– Triangular
– Square
– Rectangular


So how much does a garden room with a shed cost?

Prices start from around £20,000. Then the prices vary, depending on the size of the building you want built. Plus, there’s so many different options, for example, take the roof, we can build a rubber roof, which is great and lasts a long time. Yet we could add solar panels, we could make it a sedum room, to grow plants, so there so many options which effect the price.

Also we can build a side storage area as large as you would like

So for example you might want a side storage area just enough to store two mountain bikes for example. Or on the other hand, you might want a huge side storage area build, so much so that when you walking within the room, there’s racking to store items, it might be somewhere where you have a big freezer, and enough space also to store multiple bikes, petrol lawn mower and also items of garden, such as a strimmer, and hedge cutters.


Uncluttered garden

You might want a nice lawn area, an area to grow plants or vegetables, and some decking built.
What you might not want is an old garage, say with an asbestos roof, and then a separate garden building within your garden, because it can make the garden feel smaller, having two buildings, rather having both combined into one.
Instead you could have one building, a garden building, and you have a site storage area built within the building, which has its own doorway leading into the room.


Nice composite or wooden ramp

If you use your mountain bikes or let’s, say a petrol lawnmower on a regular basis, why not have us build a nice ramp made using composite decking or wooden decking.

This will make it an absolute piece of cake, to get your bikes in and out of the garden room.


How long does it take to build a garden room which also had a storage area?

Well surprisingly, it doesn’t take us that much longer to build a garden building that has a side storage area. Perhaps just another day extra, to build a new door, and to build the plasterboard partition.

We offer free quotes across Bristol within the daytime, in the evenings and also on weekends- so why not arrange time, where we come out, and offer you a free quote?

We know that a lot of people that want garden buildings constructed, have very busy lives, they might work at a local hospital for example, or they might be running a business, or they might simply have a job that means that they don’t work your standard 9-to-5 hours.
Therefore, we have a full-time estimators (Kingsley, Josh and Seb) whose drive six days a week to our customers within Bristol, and also within city of Bath to promptly give our customers an estimate for how much it would cost us to build a garden room for them.
Sometimes we can offer you quote there and then

When the garden building is relatively simple, let’s say a 3 x 5 garden room, with a rubber roof, then sometimes our estimators can offer you a quote there and then.

However, alternatively if you would like a more complex design built, let’s say that you would like some hardwood decking built to the front of the summerhouse, you might want a sedum roof added, and you might want a very powerful high quality air conditioning unit added. Our estimator might need to drive back to our office in Bristol, and calculate the quote, that’s before he emails you a breakdown of the quote.

We always aim to get a quote back to you within 48 hours of us visiting you, so if you would like a well-built, garden room that is guaranteed to last then why not contact us?

We offer free estimates right across Bristol. We have literally built hundreds of garden buildings now across South West England, so it is likely that we have already built a garden building somewhere near you.


Do you build corner garden rooms?

Date: 26/09/2023

Corner garden rooms



Often, in a lot of built-up inner-city areas, a lot of terraced properties will have smaller gardens, sometimes, there’s no room to swing a cat out the garden!

So, with some properties, there might just be a large patio area, and there might well be no lawn.

This is therefore fairly common here in Britain, with a lot of terraced houses-so this means, that garden room companies, have to design and build, buildings which make the best use out of the available space within a garden.

Therefore, when you are looking to have a garden building constructed in a small garden, it’s really important, to think about the design of the building, so that it makes the best use out of the space that you have available.


What shape garden room would you recommend for a small garden?


Well, whether the room is going to be used just to enjoy the occasional hot beverage and enjoy breathing in the fresh air whilst in your garden room, or perhaps the building is going to be used by you as a garden office for 50 hours plus per week?

We would recommend, considering having a corner garden room built, if you own a small garden. The reason is, a corner garden building can be placed snugly into a corner of a garden, and then there is therefore less wasted space.

What sometimes happens, is that a homeowner will purchase a garden office, off the Internet, and it arrives sometimes in a flatpack form, for the homeowner to assemble themselves.

However, because the building hasn’t been tailor-made to the exact dimensions that the homeowner wants, so that it perfectly fits into the garden, instead often you are left with wasted space either side of the building and perhaps at the rear of the building as well.

Therefore, often what is needed is a garden building, that doesn’t waste any space, and that’s exactly what it corner garden room can offer because it can fit snugly into the corner of your garden.


What do a lot of your customers use their corner garden rooms for?

Well, when you purchase a corner garden room, the possibilities of what the building can be used for is quite simply endless!
For example, it could be used as a place to work with within during the week, or it could be used as a yoga studio?


Can we use your corner garden rooms during the winter?

Now, this is a really important thing to check with whichever company you hire to build your garden buildings from is that the building is well insulated. Some buildings (purchase from other companies) sometimes have side which are no thicker than the width of your finger, that’s to say with no insulation, they are therefore very similar in construction to a cheap garden shed. These buildings will therefore be absolutely freezing to be inside during the winter.

However, our buildings are very different, we can put very thick insulation into the walls, you may have seen this insulation before that because it’s commonly used when constructing a house.

The type of insulation that our company uses its called panel insulation, this type of insulation it has a reflective foil outer layer, with a thick centre of normally yellow foam in the centre. It’s really good quality, so for example when you call a local builder, they will often use this insulation, when building an extension onto your house. We use the same insulation when building our garden buildings.

Will we require planning permission to be granted before you can start work on building our corner garden room?

So, each year, Kingsley builds many garden buildings, and we build these over a wide area, that’s throughout the South-West. We would say, that the vast majority, of the garden buildings we construct, can be constructed without planning permission needing to be granted by Bristol county council.

Therefore often our garden buildings can be constructed through what is called permitted development.
However, some garden buildings, in some areas, (including Bristol) may require planning permission granted before we can start work on building them.

If you are in any doubt whether planning permission is needed or not, then we would highly recommend sending a quick email, to your local council, so this would be a email to Bristol county council to ask them if planning permission would be needed on your street.
It does come down to the size of the building, the height of the building and also how close you are to your neighbours property. So if you need advice, on whether planning permission is needed or not, then we would recommend hiring an architect, or speaking to your local council.


Permitted development

The vast majority of the time, our garden buildings, can be built through permitted development.

What we can offer is for one of our sales staffs, to come out and have a meeting with you, this is offered free of charge.

Our sales staff can offer you a free quote there and then, and based on the size of the garden room and the height of the building, we can often recommend to you, whether planning permission will be needed.

If planning permission is needed, from Bristol county council, then it might take multiple weeks to gain planning permission, before we can start work.

This is therefore worth bearing in mind, because if you are using the building say to work within, and you want to work in the garden building as soon as possible, then you might wish to alter the design, such as the height of the building, so that it may be built under permitted development rather than having to wait say seven weeks for planning permission to be granted.


Can you install the electrics, and all of the electrical sockets for us?

This is another important point, some companies, want the homeowner, to hire their own electrical contractor.

However we have a fully qualified electrician as part of our team, who can come out and install everything from the fuse box, to where you want the electrical sockets fitted.

They can then connect the electrics from the house to your garden room, and they can sign off the paperwork to say that all of the electrical work has been completed correctly.


How long does it take to build a corner garden room?

It takes us on average, we would say about three weeks, from start to finish to build a corner garden room, if no planning permission is needed.

Of course, this does depend on the design, so for example if you wanted a more complicated garden room, for example one with a sedum roof, so that you can grow wild plants on the roof, then it might take us a bit longer to build the building.


Would you like a corner garden room built in Bristol?

We have an estimator, they can come and meet you anywhere within Bristol, in the daytime, on the weekends or in the evenings. They can offer you advice, such as whether planning permission is likely to be needed or not. They can recommend is different types of cladding, door, window and roof options. If the building is relatively simple, then often our sales staff, can often give you a quote there and then. So, for example, it might be more convenient for you, for our sales staff to pop around say at 7 PM on a Tuesday evening, and we can do this and offer you a free no obligation quotation.


Do you need more room at home? We state the advantages of purchasing a garden building

You’ve come to the conclusion, that now is the time to obtain more living space?

The first idea that might have crossed your mind, is to contact local estate agent, but then you think- well we rather like where we live-and we don’t want to move.

Then you start to consider the different ways that you can extend your home, and often will have many options which are open to you.

For example, you might wish to get your attic converted?

You might have a garage which you have never parked the car in for a very long period of time, that could be used to extend your home?

Or, when you’re doing your weekly grocery shop, you might have been approached by a salesperson, which has talked to you about getting a conservatory built at the back of your house?


So now you have all of these options which are open to you, and you’re currently mulling over which option is best for you.

And then, you think well what about a garden room?

Now, as we are a garden room company, we are going to state the many benefits of purchasing a garden room.

So, this article is going to talk about the benefits of purchasing a garden building from us:

So, what is a garden room extension?

Well, garden buildings are often described using multiple different names, for example somebody could call us on a Monday morning, and ask us to build a garden office pod to be built.

In the afternoon, somebody might ring us and ask us to build a garden bar, therefore often these buildings are simply called after what the owner will use them for.

Yet, what’s great about having a garden building built by us, is that you can literally design it from the ground up.

Now, when you think of a loft conversion, often the floor space is limited to the size of the house- that’s unless you add a side or rear extension to the property.

With a garden room, you might have a very large garden? So therefore you have a lot of room where you could have a large garden building constructed?


So, quite literally the world is your oyster.

Would you like a very large garden building, that is very luxurious, that you might wish to use as guest accommodation?

And when your guests step inside, and they see the bathroom, the bedroom and the living space, well, they might think that they’ve stepped inside a luxurious five-star hotel!


That’s because we can build the whole building, however you would like it built. Would you like underfloor heating? A large living room, a large bedroom complete with en-suite? Were we can build this for you.

And because our builders have now built so many of these buildings, across the South West, they have a huge amount of experience of building these garden buildings.

We therefore know how to design and also build, these buildings so that they last for a long period of time, therefore offering you the customer excellent value for money.


Why purchase a UPVC conservatory when we can build a garden building for you?

The problem with some UPVC conservatories, is they are a bit like having a greenhouse bolted to the back of your house.

In the peak of summer, they can be way too hot to sit in, and in winter, trying to heat them with a electric heater, well, that could be very expensive to do.

So instead, with a starting price of just £18,000, we can build a garden building, that has very thick insulation.

The insulation that we use is a bit like a sandwich, that is the centre of the sandwich is made from insulating foam, and then rather than obviously using bread on the outside! There are two large sheets of reflective foil, this type of insulation does a fantastic job of keeping the warm air within the building during the winter.


The disadvantages of having a brick-built extension added to your house?

Having a brick-built extension added to the rear of your house, can be rather expensive, therefore rather than having a brick extension, why not have a garden building built by us?

When you compare the quotes, received from a local builder, and compare this with our garden room companies written quote, there might be a substantial difference in the price.


The problem with choosing a loft conversion

Loft conversions can be very expensive, 70k+ sometimes! Plus you also have the inconvenience of having all that metal scaffolding built all the way around your house- for weeks, even months!

Sometimes, we are able to build a garden building for a lot less than you might think,(we offer a starting price of just 18k) and you don’t have to have scaffolding built around your house, as the whole building is built in your garden.

We offer transparent pricing

Often one of our sales staffs, is able to come out and meet you once you’ve finsihed work in Bath, or perhaps you work in Bristol? So, let’s say once you finished work at 7:30 in the evening- you’ve had your evening meal, well, we can pop around and in less than 30 mins, often we can offer you a quote there and then.

Let’s say you want a 5 m x 5 m garden building constructed, you know that you want a rubber roof, you also know that you want composite cladding, sometimes, our sales staff are therefore able to offer you a quote there and then, if you know how you would like your garden building to be built. And sometimes, if you agree to that price, well, the following week, sometimes our builders can arrive in your garden, and start work on building your garden room, so we are very fast with our quotes, we are also very quick building the whole building, sometimes in less than 2 weeks! That’s if you opt for ground screws, for the foundations.

Yet, if you need to take some time, to think over which cladding you want (you might not know if you want hardwood, or composite for example), and you might not know which doors you want, which type of roof that you would want, then you could simply e-mail us once youve decided, and then one of our friendly team we will write back to as soon as we possible with a quote, sometimes, if you e-mail us late on a Friday, we will have the quote ready for you on the Monday, we try to get everything completed as fast as we possibly can for all of our customers. As we know, some garden room companies, they have you waiting sometimes months before they can start work, not us, we have a huge team of staff, 10+ full time installers, so whereever the building needs to be built, we can get a quote back to you, and if accepted, we can build the building quickly.


Do you live in the countryside?

What’s great about living here in the West Country, is many houses have views over the countryside.

And therefore, you could have a large garden building constructed, and perhaps you would like a set of bi-folding doors, and you would like the building to also have a huge window, therefore, you could sit comfortably let’s say on a reclining chair, or a comfortable sofa within the garden building. Then with a nice cup of tea, (perhaps some biscuits) you could sit in the chair and take the views of the West Country that surround your house.

So for example, perhaps you live in the countryside in Bath, in Somerset?

There are a lot of hills, and some properties look over fields as far as the eye can see.

Therefore why not have an insulated garden building, constructed so that you have a room, where you can simply take a nice cake, and perhaps a cup of tea, and simply sit in your garden building, and enjoy looking at the scenery which surrounds your property.

Perhaps you have a large meandering river, or perhaps you have large hills, or woodland, which you can look out onto from your garden building?

This therefore would make a great place to perhaps enjoy doing a puzzle during the day, or in the evening, simply putting your feet up glass of whiskey on the rocks?


This therefore would make a brilliant place to unwind.

Perhaps your retired and your looking for a place where you can simply sit down and enjoy looking out at the surrounding scenery in Bristol?

Alternatively, you might run your own business, in Bath England? And after a busy day at work you are now looking to create a place where you could simply sit down within your garden room, on a comfortable sofa, put on your favourite music, perhaps an Elvis song?

And simply enjoy a nice alcoholic beverage, which might help you unwind before you go to sleep? The room, could therefore be used as your place to unwind after a long and busy day at work.

Therefore across the West Country, there are many houses, whether they are based in Bristol, or perhaps they are based somewhere in Somerset, that have fantastic views.

Whether that be a view the Clifton suspension Bridge, or perhaps of mile after mile of countryside in the middle of Bath?

Why not have a garden building, that’s just used as your place to unwind- to listen to music, to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, or simply to put a puzzle together?


Temporary accommodation

Do you regularly have friends or family that come to stay at your property?

Those family and friends they might stay with you during the day, yet at night, they might stay at a local hotel in Bath?

And staying at a good quality hotel, well, that can be rather expensive sometimes, for example to stay at a five-star hotel in the middle of Bath, well that could easily cost in excess of £200 a night sometimes.

So, this is going to be a rather costly expense either for you, if you’re paying, or for your guests.

So wouldn’t it be better, if your guests, could simply stay at your property? They could take a short walk down to the garden building, there you could have two bedrooms, a living room, complete with a large bathroom.

This would make a brilliant place for your guests to stay, and you could make the garden building very luxurious.

You could have a large bathroom, complete with a claw legged bath if you really wanted to push the boat out, why not have a freestanding bath, that could be made entirely from copper? This is very luxurious and also copper has excellent insulating properties, simply meaning it will keep the bathwater warm for longer.

Then you could have tiled walls and floor, you could have a walk-in shower, you could also have an electric towel rail to keep your towels nice and warm.

Then walk into the living room, you could have a huge television, a three-piece sofa, and you could also have a bar area in the corner, where your guests can prepare a drink.

Then you could have a large single bedroom, or you might wish to have two bedrooms built within the garden building?

Your guests, as they walk into the garden building, might actually think that they walked into a hotel, and a luxurious hotel at that.

Would you like us to build a luxurious garden room for you?

We’ve already built countless garden buildings right throughout South-West England, if you would like for us to build one for you, then why not call us today?

Our top tips to consider when designing a garden office


So, undoubtably, hand’s-down, garden offices are still by far the most popular use for our garden rooms. Closely followed by our customers using the buildings as gardens bars- gin anyone? And also, to use the rooms as a garden bar.

So, whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, just about to set up your own business, or perhaps, you would for a company, and just need a nice, quiet space to work, well, we have the perfect garden rooms for you.

So, lets get down to work on helping you to design your perfect garden office


Don’t just use the room for one purpose

So, a garden room, can be used for many different purposes. And if you have a large garden, let’s, say your garden is very wide, well, you have a blank canvass to build a large garden office, that hasn’t just got to be used as an office, what about having a side room built, and use the space as a home gym, or as a room to practice yoga, or perhaps, why not just have it as room, that has a comfortable couch, so you can watch the rugby in peace in quiet?

So, our best nugget of advice would be this, don’t just have one big open plan room, why not divide the garden office with a side room?

Then you can use the other room as your own gym for example?

Carefully think about the exterior of your garden room and how you want the building to look
So, a garden room might take up a lot of room in your garden, and when you’re not in it, let’s say your sat sipping a refreshing drink in your garden, on a warm summer’s day, well, you will want the building to look good, to improve your garden. You don’t want for instance a garden room company to say, “opt for metal cladding”- that’s all we offer, then your left with a building, that looks like a steel building, that’s best suited on a construction site.

So, as the garden building company to bring samples of cladding, so you can see which type of wood, metal or composite cladding you want.
Also consider maintenance requirements of the cladding, so if you have super busy job, do you really want to rubbing wood oil, or varnishing the hardwood? If the answer is no, then why not opt for composite, this option can have a wood grain effect, so it looks similar to wood, yet the main benefit is, it doesn’t ever need painting, varnishing or wood oil rubbed into it. So composite is very low maintenance, that’s why we would highly recommend this option.



Ask for 3-D drawings

So, imagine this, you hire, a garden room company, you go off on holiday, and when you return, well, you see a garden room built, that you don’t like the appearance of the building.

For example, you may not like how the UPVC doors look, or perhaps you don’t like the cladding.
So, we would recommend, is hiring a garden room business, like ours, that can create a set of 3D drawings, to show you what the garden room can look like. Its at this stage, you might say, can we alter the design, and have a sedum room added instead, and we can alter the designs and send them to you.



Think about amount of light and eyestrain

So, if you’re working within your garden office, let’s say 40+ hours a week, you need to think about, how you can make the inside of the building as light as possible. So, you may want a roof light? Also sometimes called a “roof lantern”- we can install a Velux roof lantern for you. We would also recommend, opting for bi-folding doors, aluminium bi-folding doors, can be great way of getting more light into a room. Then, why not have a large window installed on the wall that receives the most sunlight throughout the day?

A meeting room

So, you may be self-employed, or run your own business, so, hiring meeting space, well that can get rather expensive. So why not have a side room built, that can be used as a meeting space, a place to meet your clients? You could have a large white board, table, chairs, and water cooler, so, let’s say you’re a freelance architect, this room makes a great place to have your clients over, and discuss your work.
We build garden offices all over the U.K

We started building garden offices, just in one city, yet as the company expands, we now are building garden offices throughout the United Kingdom, we are often chosen to build garden offices, because we can build them in a short space of time, we offer low prices, when compared to some garden building companies, plus, we use top quality timber.

Do garden rooms require concrete foundations to be built?


The short answer to this question is garden rooms will require a strong foundation, but the foundations don’t need to be made from just concrete. The reason is, many garden room companies, ours included, offer many offer different types of foundations, for example there’s concrete plinth’s, concrete base as well as a relatively new option that many companies now offer called “ground screws”.



What are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a concrete base?

There are many advantages to opting to have a concrete base as the foundation of your garden room, namely that if it built correctly, it can provide a very strong and also a stable base. The concrete base can act as a barrier also from the wet soil, helping to raise the entire building slightly above ground level.
If the base is thick, it can last a long period of time, and offer a very stable base for the garden room to be built upon. However, thin concrete bases will simply crack and may even cause structural issues to the garden room later on, so the concrete base does need to be the correct thickness.


So, what are the disadvantages of opting for concrete base?

Well, there are a few disadvantages of choosing a concrete base for your garden building, that’s because often a micro-digger will be needed first to landscape the garden. A mini-digger, we use JCB mini-diggers, to make sure the ground is prepared ready for the concrete to be poured often via a concrete truck complete with extending arm, to place the concrete exactly where we need it in the garden.
Then concrete is quite expensive, so a large base often costs more to build than ground screws, plus, then there’s also time to factor in of laying a concrete base, it often takes longer.

Allowing the concrete to set, and all the time to prepare the ground for the concrete pour, well, its very time consuming process, add this means, to build a garden room with a concrete base, well, its often more expensive than if we were to build the exact same building, but instead of opting for concrete foundations, if the customer had opted for ground screws often its much cheaper.



What are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing ground screws?

So, whether we are busy building a garden bar in the middle of Bath, garden office or perhaps a yoga studio somewhere in the countryside in Somerset, the vast majority of the time, we use ground screws for most of the buildings we build.
Ground screws can be quickly installed, meaning that our builders, can go straight onto the next phase of building your garden room, rather than having to wait for concrete to set.

This is why ground screws are absolutely great, because they can be installed very quickly, and then the builders can get to work in installing the base of the garden room.

It often means that we can build the whole garden building, a lot quicker than if the customer was to opt for concrete instead.

Also, we hire a separate company, a specialist ground screw company to install our ground screws.. This way, you can be reassured, that the ground screws will be installed by a highly experienced company, which offers a guarantee on the ground screws that they install.


What would your company recommend, using ground screws or to instead opt for a concrete base?

We would always recommend, ground screws, however, sometimes within some gardens, for example gardens which have very boggy ground, sometimes ground screws won’t be suitable for that type of garden.

This is why it’s so important, that before we offer you a quote, one of our sales staffs comes out to meet you, to see if your garden is suitable for using ground screws.


Concrete pillars

As we mentioned earlier, building a large concrete base, can be quite expensive to build and also quite labour intensive, if labourers are using wheel barrows to pour the concrete into place. One alternative is therefore build concrete pillars, these pillars can then be used to build the wooden joists upon.

The benefits of choosing concrete pillars, is that is they are very strong, they are durable, plus, concrete pillars can be built quicker than an entire concrete slab.

Concrete pillars, also are much cheaper to build than a large concrete slab.


Which type of foundation will you opt for?

Now that we’ve laid out the benefits and the disadvantages of using ground screws when compared to opting for a concrete base, which option will you choose?

We specialise in building luxury, summerhouses right throughout Bristol, so whether you’re looking for an extra room to use is your place of work, or perhaps the room is just going to be used as a place to enjoy a nice pint of cold beer on a summers afternoon? Why not call us today, and we can offer you a free and no obligation quotation.

Are you thinking about having a yoga studio built?


Date: 18th of September 2023

Garden Yoga Studio


Do you enjoy practising yoga? Perhaps you attend a yoga class say 2 to 3 times every week at your local gym? Perhaps you also practice yoga at home on a daily basis?

However, when you’re practising yoga at home, well, you might have a lot of distractions within your house, which may distract you from really enjoying your yoga? For example, somebody could be asking you what’s for supper that evening?

When really what you want is just 30 minutes of doing yoga, within your yoga studio so that you can just unwind after a long and busy day at work.

This is why we think that a garden yoga studio, is a brilliant addition to any home for anybody who enjoys practicing yoga.




One of the reasons Kingsley Build are asked to build so many yoga studios, right across Britain, is because the buildings that we build are totally bespoke. Often the client, knows the exact dimensions of how large they want the building to be. Our customers also know how they want the exterior of the garden room to look, in terms of cladding such as whether they want say red cedar, or a totally different type of cladding such as high quality composite.

Often our customers will also know what bathroom suite they want, and may have already ordered in from the bathroom supplier. Often the customer will also know what colour they want the walls painted as well, such as certain colour or green, that’s manufactured by Farrow and Ball.


We can therefore build a bespoke garden room for our customers.

Our company is therefore very different from the companies in Bristol, that simply mass produces wooden summerhouses, in a light industrial unit, and then use a haulage company, to just ship the summerhouses out to the customer. The customer then has to build the building themselves, or hire a builder to complete this work.




Perhaps it’s a really sunny day outside, so it’s perfect weather to do yoga outside, plus there’s a nice cool summer breeze, blowing right through your garden, so therefore why not therefore, practice yoga in your garden?

We can build decking (composite or wood), in front of the garden building, but we can also extend a canopy or a roof, so that you can enjoy practising yoga on your decking, we also have a roof to cover the decking, so you just in case it does start raining you have a roof covering you.



Quality sound system

Quality speakers fitted into the ceiling, you might want to have very high-quality speakers fitted into the ceiling of the garden room?
This way you can listen to music, which may help you to enjoy doing yoga even more?
For example, you could be listening to the noise of a waterfall, dolphins or perhaps even the sound of the Amazon rainforest?


Built to last

We understand, that whether you’re going to use your garden building as a place to run yoga classes throughout the week, or perhaps you are thinking using the room as an office, you are going to want a building that is made to last.

Your going to want a building that is very high quality, which comes with a very long guarantee, that’s exactly what we can offer.



We can build your perfect garden yoga studio

Your garden lends itself as a brilliant place to practice yoga. Outside within your garden it can be so serene and peaceful place, ideal for just reading a good book, or perhaps doing yoga? For example, you could be looking out over a large lawned area within your garden, you could be hearing the birds singing, and also you could have huge windows allowing a large amount of natural light into the garden room, making it a perfect place to practice yoga.


Do you run yoga classes or workshops?

Perhaps you run yoga classes at a local gym?

Are you are a yoga instructor?

Well, you could have a really large yoga studio built within your garden, that you can use all year round, where you could run yoga classes.
Therefore, you could have a large garden room built by us, complete with very high quality air conditioning, as well as multiple electric heaters, so that you can use that building all year round, to run your yoga classes within.



Ample sunlight

What’s so great about hiring our business to build your luxury summerhouses, is that you can have the windows and doors built as large as you would like- so you might want floor to ceiling windows installed?

For example, let’s say that one wall on your garden room receives the most sunlight right throughout the day- so for that wall, why not have a floor to ceiling window installed, so that as much light enters the room as possible?

We can also install bi-folding doors, so that when the weather is nice outside, you can allow the warm breeze into the garden room by simply opening the bi-folding doors. Even in the middle of winter, bi folding doors can allow a lot of natural light into the garden building, perfect therefore for a yoga studio.


Painting and decorating

If you’re going to use your garden building as a place to practice yoga, or perhaps to do yoga classes, then you may want the room painted in nice neutral colours, such as cream colour or perhaps a nice shade of green?
We have painters and decorators, which can paint the room in any shade of colour that you would like, we would recommend using Farrow and Ball paint.



Toilet and shower

After you’ve been practising yoga, you might want to take a shower, we can therefore install a shower into your garden building for you.
We can even add a complete bathroom suite, complete with underfloor heating, inside your yoga studio if you would like this installed within the garden building?


Don’t pay over the odds?

Our customers, are often pleasantly surprised, by how competitive our prices actually are.
Often, our customers obtain free quotes from say three different garden room companies. Often, we will have offered the most competitive price, but also, we are often chosen because we offer very long guarantee periods on our summerhouse.

The many benefits of choosing Shou Sugi Ban cladding for your garden room



On many garden buildings, homeowners are choosing to have Shou Sugi Ban cladding installed, which is cladding which is inspired by the Japanese process, of charring the outside of the wood.

There are many benefits to choosing Shou Sugi Ban fencing and cladding for your garden, not only does it have a unique appearance, but also it helps to protect the wood from the elements.


What are the benefits of choosing Shou Sugi Ban cladding for your garden office or garden room?

Our highly skilled joiners, can select quality hardwood or softwood, they can then start to charring the outside of the wood, using blow torches. It’s this process that produces Shou Sugi Ban cladding, which chars the wood, and gives it a darker appearance.

When you combine this with black, or dark grey aluminium framed windows and doors, it can give the appearance of a modern garden room. For example, if you would like a more traditional look, then you might opt for oak cladding, a pitched roof, and perhaps you would like the roof made from wooden slates. However if you want a more modern appearance, then you might opt for Shou Sugi Ban exterior cladding, you might even want a fence which is Shou Sugi Ban  as well, to match the exterior cladding of the garden building.



How much does a garden office cost, complete with Shou Sugi Ban cladding?

Garden rooms, which have  Shou Sugi Ban  exterior cladding, start from just £25,000. We have already built, many garden buildings, this includes offices and garden rooms, that have  Shou Sugi Ban  exterior cladding. We can offer you many different types of hardwood, or softwood options to choose from. We purchase our timber from Travis Perkins, our joiners, can then chart the outside of the wood, using blow torches, this will give the wood a much darker appearance, and also help to protect the timber from the elements.


Does Shou Sugi Ban give off a smell?

Yes, because the timber has been charred, often when you are near the timber, it will give off a aroma, of it being through the charring process. Our joiners, will often spend many hours, using a blow torch to slightly chart the outside of the timber, this will darken the appearance of the hardwood, all the softwood. Then for a period of time, you might be able to smell, the aroma of the wood beamed chard.



An ancient Japanese process

You might have seen many garden buildings, on social media website, such as Facebook, which have been built by UK garden room companies. Many of these will have  Shou Sugi Ban cladding, and you might think that this is a new type of exterior cladding, yet it’s not, it actually is a process that dates back to ancient times, and the process originates from Japan.

The Japanese would char their timber, this is to help protect the timber, and it offers a natural way of protecting the wood, rather than using wood varnishes, paints or stains.




We can also build Shou Sugi Ban fencing as well

sometimes, some of our customers, want the exterior of their garden building, to match the garden fence. We can therefore take away your old garden fence, and in its place we can build Shou Sugi Ban  fencing, this will then match the exterior of your garden building.



Would you like a quote?

We build a wide range of garden buildings, for example, we build garden offices, right through to wooden buildings, which are used as garden bars, and therefore a place to enjoy a nice glass of whiskey on a summers evening.

If you would like a quote, for a garden building to be constructed, then why not call us, we have over seven years’ experience building garden rooms.




Are you able to install a complete bathroom and also a large kitchen within our garden room?


Let’s say, that you’re going to use garden office, for say 40+ hours per week. This is a lot of time, spent within your garden office. Therefore, every time you need to use the bathroom, you might not want to walk back to your house to use the bathroom there. Also, every time you want to make a nice hot beverage, say a spiced cinnamon latte, well, you might not want to walk back to the kitchen, within your house neither to make that delicious drink.

It simply therefore, makes it much more convenient to have a large kitchen, as well as a bathroom installed within the building.


Can you install a kitchen into our garden room?


Yes, we can, sometimes our customers will purchase their own kitchen units, other times they would like us to show them a brochure showing the various kitchen units we can offer. For example we can purchase a complete kitchen from Travis Perkins for you. Our carpenters can then install the kitchen units for you.

We can build a kitchen, complete with a sink, even a dishwasher can be installed as well. This will make it much more convenient, when you’re working within the garden office, to make a cup of tea and to wash the cups up afterwards.


Can you also install a bathroom?

Yes, we can, we can either add a side room, which is quite narrow, but allows enough space for just a toilet, and a wash hand basin to be installed. On the other hand, you might want a complete bathroom installed within your garden room?




When you are boiling kettles throughout the day within the kitchen, and when you are using to shower in the bathroom, it’s important that the garden room company which is building, the building thinks about ventilation. That’s because otherwise, if ventilation is not installed, damp spores can quickly start to occur within the building.

As well as ventilation, they also have to think about condensation, and how this will affect certain building materials such as the plasterboard.

For example, the bathroom might need to become a wet room, with plastic panels on the walls, or completely tiled with ceramic tiles. If plasterboard was just used, then this could mean that condensation could build up, causing the plasterboard to become damp, producing black spores and therefore damp issues could occur, if the right ventilation is not installed.

So, as well as ventilation, there needs to be electric fans install in both the kitchen as well as the bathroom, the garden room company also needs to consider the building materials used, such as what would be best used in the bathroom, plastic panels on the wall or for the bathroom to be completely tiled?

For example, we would recommend tiles used in the kitchen, as well as kitchen and bathroom paint on the walls and ceiling, and also for ventilation to be installed.



Electrics/solar panels

Some customers will want us to fit solar panels fitted to the roof, so that they can generate electric, but also, often they want our electricians, to also connect means electric as well. This way, if there’s not enough electricity stored in the batteries, then you can switch to means electric.

We can also install panels, on the roof of your garden building, which can help to generate warm water. For example, you can wash your dishes using warm water, that’s been created, from having panels on the roof which generates hot water from the sunlight.



Assembling the kitchen units

We can supply, as well as also fit, all of the kitchen units for you. This means that, the owner of the garden building, then just has to move in their appliances, perhaps a dishwasher, kettle and toaster? This makes it much more convenient, let’s say when you’re working in the garden office, to just grab a quick snack from the fridge freezer.

We can offer you many different kitchen options to choose from, for example you might want a modern kitchen, which is white and has a high gloss finish, so that the kitchen looks shiny.

Alternatively, you might want kitchen units, which are made from hardwood, such as oak?



Supply and installing a bathroom


We can supply the bathroom suite, this includes the toilet, the wash hand basin, a bath and also a shower. We can also install electric hand dryers as well, our electricians can also install all of the ventilation for you. If you would like, we can also install underfloor heating, as well as a electric towel rail as well for you.



Would you like a garden room built, that has a kitchen and also a bathroom?


Whether you are going to use the garden room as your main place to work, therefore it will be your garden office, or perhaps it’s going to be used as a home gym? We can install a complete bathroom as well as a kitchen for you.

Right throughout South-West England, many homeowners have already hired us to build large garden buildings, that either have a kitchen or a bathroom, or sometimes they have both installed.

We can install items such as high-quality Dyson hand dryers, we can also help you to install your kitchen appliances in such as your Bosch dishwashers into the kitchen.

If you would like an eco-friendlier garden room, then we can install solar panels, onto the roof for you.


Are you able is to also completely paint and decorate the garden room for us?


Sometimes, after we have built the kitchen, as well as the bathroom, the customer may also want us to lay hardwood flooring, paint the ceiling, the walls and also the skirting boards.

We can therefore completely paint and decorate the entire building, and we can get your garden room ready to the point that all you have to do is simply move your furniture in.

We can paint the garden room exterior and interior any colour you would like, we can use quality paints, such as Farrow and Ball paints.


Which areas do you build garden offices and rooms in?


We travel right throughout England, the vast majority, of our garden buildings are constructed in the West Country.

We also offer completely free quotes, prices for our garden buildings range between £18,000 and £70,000, if you would like to receive a free and no obligation quote then why not call us.

Here’s some of the reasons why so many people hire us to build their garden office


13th September 2023


Why are garden offices now so popular within the United Kingdom?

As you cast your eye down the many job opportunities, on let’s say, often many businesses now offer the employee to work on a “hybrid basis” or sometimes they would like the employee to work from home on a full-time basis.
This often means, that the employee will work say two days a week at home.


A lot of people might be used to working in a large office, say in the city centre, so, the employee might not have a place where they can work full time, other than say on the kitchen table.

They may start working from the kitchen counter, or perhaps from the sofa, or perhaps in a cramped boxroom.

However, very soon, the employee, may suddenly decide that they need a garden office built. A place where they can comfortably work, that is large enough for them to work comfortably.



The pros and also the cons of working from home

Getting back and fore work for some people, well it can be a rather considerable expense on their monthly outgoings.
For example, purchasing all those train tickets, or simply paying to have a reliable car, can sometimes be quite expensive- plus that’s not to mention all the diesel, the electric or petrol you will consume going back and fore work.

So, if you were to ask us, what’s the biggest benefit of owning a garden office, well, it has to be that in less than one minute, you can leave your house, walk the length of your garden, perhaps with an espresso in hand? And you can simply start work in your garden office, which may be just a few short steps away from your house.
Therefore, just think of the environmental benefits, of not having to use your car everyday to get to work.



You could help to make your property more saleable

Let’s say that you live on a long street, and the properties well there all very similar. let’s say that each of the properties on your street is a four-bedroom detached house. And let’s say that at the current time, there are three properties for sale on Rightmove. So what can you do to differentiate your property from the other houses that are currently for sale? Well one way is to have a garden office, or a garden room built by us. This could help to make your property much more saleable.

For example, a buyer of the property, might themselves want to work in that garden office, and because you have already had the building built, therefore, that person might want to buy your property, because you have the advantage, of having a garden office, that’s already constructed, offering a place where they can work in the garden office straightaway, where the other properties street, might not have a garden room built? So therefore having a garden office built, could make your home more saleable.




Could you be even more productive if you owned a garden office?

Cold callers knocking on the front door, somebody watching the television to loudly, or simply somebody in your household looking to have a chat with you, about what you fancy for dinner that evening- well, these could all be considered distractions.

So these distractions, well they could simply distract you from getting your work done.

Each distraction might only take up say 10 minutes of your time, yet when all this time gets added altogether, you might be very behind with your work at the end of the day, meaning that you have to work longer hours, which is not good.

A garden office, could therefore potentially help you to be more productive, because you will be working in a building that is detached from your main house, therefore you will be away from many of the distractions of working within your home.

Of course next door occasionally cutting back to holly bush, with a noisy electric strimmer, well that might prove to be a distraction while your working in your garden office, but generally speaking, working in a garden office, allows a nice quiet place to get your work completed.


3-D designs

We can help to create a set of 3-D designs, this way you can see how the garden office could look, that’s before it actually been built.
Therefore, we could offer a set of 3-D designs, these can be created at a low cost, often below £500.00.

These 3D drawings could show difference in appearance of what the exterior cladding options could look like, for example, perhaps you want to compare what red cedar cladding will look like when compared with grey, composite cladding?

You may also you may want to see what the building could look like if it was to have a canopy built to the side, or if it was to have decking built out the front of the garden building, complete with glass balustrades?

Our designers can therefore design a set of 3-D drawings, so that you can choose which design that you like the most.



Can these buildings be used right throughout the different seasons?


From the outside, most garden buildings, look rather similar, as most will have wooden cladding. However, what separates a high-quality garden building in our opinion, from a cheap building, is that our buildings, have a breathable membrane, they have high quality insulation, plus also, they are designed to be used all year round. So, come rain, sleet or snow, our buildings can be used.

They can be air-conditioned, and come with heaters, so whatever the weather is like outside, you can be comfortable inside your garden room built by us.


How should I know which garden room company to choose?


Here in the United Kingdom, there are thousands of different companies that you can choose, there are companies which just build flatpack buildings, and then there are companies which offer bespoke buildings, we build bespoke garden rooms.

What we would recommend, above all else, is that you choose a company which offers a long guarantee period.

After all, purchasing a garden building, is a considered purchase, it will cost a lot of money, therefore, we would recommend choosing a garden room company, offers you a long guarantee period.

We have built many garden offices, the vast majority of the timber buildings that we construct, are used as offices. This simply means that we have a lot of experience building these buildings.

We offer free quotes, so why not call us today?

Do you want a green garden room built- that’s super eco-friendly? Well, you’ve come to the right place



Garden rooms to be built so that are long lasting, plus insulated, well, they need a lot of building materials to build them. A lot of glass, wood and plastics are often used in their construction, so its important that the building is built so that it is environmentally friendly.

We thought it would be a good idea to dedicate a whole blog post to describing how we can make a green eco-friendly garden room for you.


Recycled plastics, environmentally friendly cladding

So, when you on Instagram looking for ideas on how you would like your garden building to look, often the buildings will have wooden cladding. A super popular option is to opt for red cedar cladding, it’s become somewhat of the most commonly chosen option.

Yet, there’s a cladding option that’s not made from natural wood, that can be made using recycled plastics, and because it is made using recycled plastics, simply lasts a long period of time, because unlike wood, it can’t rot, or get eaten by wood worm. The cladding option we are describing is known as “composite cladding”.

Composite cladding is a environmentally friendly option for two main reasons, one if you select a top quality brand, it will last a very long period of time. The second reason is some companies which manufacturer composite decking, cladding and composite posts, use recycled plastics as one of the main ingredients in constructing the item.


Super thick insulation

A garden room is often a freestanding structure, placed at the end of a garden. This means it often won’t be connected to the homes central heating system, and is often not made using brick or breeze block.
Therefore, it’s imperative that the building, if it’s a wooden building, that is has super thick insulation- what type of insulation would be recommend?

We would recommend panel insulation, yet the super thick insulation panels, and to place these between the structural timbers, that’s behind the plasterboard. Then there should be insulation in the roof and also in the floors.
A more environmentally option would be to opt for a natural product, that is sheep’s wool.

Sheep’s wool is very good insulation.


Reclaimed timbers

There are many salvage and reclamation yards in Bristol that now sell reclaimed timbers. Sometimes a customer may specify that they want reclaimed wood use to build the building, often 100% of the building cannot be built using reclaimed wood, because, some timbers may not be available. However, we can endeavour to use as much reclaimed timber as possible, if the customer would like us to.

This means that we can often obtain reclaimed joists, cladding and structural timbers, these timbers often come from local buildings which have been demolished. We can then purchase the wood from local reclamation yards, and use these to build your new garden building.


Solar panels

For a lot of us, we will have noticed our energy prices increase over recent months, this has meant that some homeowners now want to create their own green energy. One way to do this is to have a garden building built, and place solar panels on the roof.
We can fit solar panels on the roof, and this can help you to create your own green energy. When we are offering you a free quote, at the same time, we can recommend whether where the garden building will be built, whether this is a good location for solar panels to be fitted.


A green roof

If you hire us to build your garden building, we can add what’s called a “sedum roof” to your summerhouse.
This can help grass and flowers to grow, which is great for environment.


Rain water harvesting

We can fit water butts to the guttering for you, this simply solution, will help collect rain water, which can then be used to water your flowers in your garden.


Double glazing

We can install quality double glazed doors, we can offer to install a single door, a bi-folding door, we can install French doors as well.
We can also install double glazed windows as well; this will help to improve the energy efficiency of the building.


Composite cladding

Often when the weathers nice, its bright, and it’s a warm outside, you may want to sit on your decking, and enjoy say an espresso, before heading back indoors, to complete some more work.

So, you may want decking built, we would highly recommend opting for “composite decking” the main reason for this is quality brands of composite decking often out last wooden decking, plus no paint needs to be applied to composite decking, and therefore because less paint is used, well, this is better for the environment as well.


Would you like an eco-friendly garden room built?

Our highly experienced team are now building garden rooms right throughout the U.K.
We can therefore build a garden room that is environmentally friendly, from placing solar panels onto the roof, to adding a sedum roof, through to using cladding that’s made from recycled plastics. We travel the whole of the U.K building well made, eco-friendly garden rooms, which are made to last the test of time. With prices starting from as low as 18k, its clear to see why we are a well know garden room company.

Why not call us today?