Would you like a garden gym built?


Here in Great Britain a lot of people have made visiting the local gym part of their daily routine- after all it’s a great way to keep fit.
So, whether it’s a 7am run in the morning when your sleepy eyed or 7pm at night- visiting the gym is a great way to get fit.

So whether you go to the gym to improve your fitness to lose some weight, or simply get that good feeling we get after a workout, why not hire us to build a garden room for you.



How much do your garden gyms cost?

When you’re on Facebook, you may see various garden room companies popping up in the adds, who are advertising the garden gyms they can build.

And you might think that such a building is going to cost easily in excess of £50,000 to build right?

Well, a lot of the garden gyms we build cost between 18k and 30k- so they offer fantastic value for money. And its clear to see why throughout the year, whether its snowing, hail or rain, we are busy building garden buildings all over the S.West.

So, whether you like to lift weights of 30kg, 40kg or 50kg- or you like a quick run on the treadmill before work, or perhaps you like to do some yoga in the morning, why not hire our team of builders, to build a garden gym for you?



Can a garden gym be used throughout the winter?

Our buildings can be used 365 days of the year. So they can most certainly be used in winter, that’s because when we build your new garden building, we will insulate the whole building with ultra thick wall insulation, plus install electric heaters. So, even if it’s freezing outside, you can still use your garden gym and it will be nice and warm inside.


Can you install a shower and bathroom within our garden gym?

After you’ve been running on the treadmill for say an hour straight, well you’re most likely going to be drenched in sweat.
So, you’re most likely to want to jump straight into the shower, and have a wash.

You might not want to walk back to the house to have your shower, as your drenched in sweat, so why not have a shower built within your garden gym? We can install a quality Mira electric shower, so you can have a shower within your garden room.




When you’re working out, you might like to blast 90s dance hits very loudly.

And even though you like 90s dance classics, well your neighbours might not as much as you! So what we can do is, fully insulate the garden room, as well as add soundproofing into the walls, to help to reduce how much noise is emitted from the room.

You could have quality Bang & Olsen speakers installed, we would highly recommend this brand of speakers, as they offer exceptional sound quality.


Has your company built many garden gyms before?

Here in Great Britain, more and more of us are becoming increasingly health-conscious.

So, whether it’s improving our diets, going for a nice jog each morning, or perhaps working out at the local gym a lot of us like to reduce our weight, and improve our fitness and stamina. So, we have seen that garden gyms now becoming increasingly popular, and we would say that after garden offices, garden gyms are now fast becoming one of the most popular types of buildings we build.


Built superfast

You might be thinking that a garden room takes many months to build?

And that you need to seek planning permission from the local council before we can start any work?

However, the vast majority of the garden rooms that we build, within the city of Bristol don’t need planning permission.
Some of the buildings we build do require planning permission, and if they do require planning permission from Bristol council or another council, we can advise you on how to make a planning application.

Once planning has been granted, or if it’s not needed at all, our builders can start work on constructing the building for you. Often the whole building can be built, from start to completion in less than 3 weeks.


Work out in the fresh air

When you visit a local gym, sometimes the windows are all sealed shut, and it can smell a little bit sweaty, stuffy and can sometimes even smell quite unpleasant within the gym?

So, we believe a garden gym is an altogether better place to work out, as fresh air can fill the room, plus you control the ventilation by either opening the windows, or perhaps the bi-folding doors, allowing the fresh air to flood the room.

Encouraging other family members to also work out


You might be an absolute fitness fanatic?

And because of this, when you’re not in work, you might like to be hiking up huge mountains, canoeing down a fast flowing rivers, or simply going to a yoga class which you really enjoy attending?

However, another partner within your family, well let’s say they may well be less enthusiastic about exercising then you.

Yet with that said, when you have a garden gym built, it makes it very easy and convenient for anyone within your household to work out at a time that best suits them.

You might find that your partner wants to work out with you much more often, now you’ve had a garden room built.


Make it yours

When you visit a local gym, sometimes they will play music which is not everyone’s cup of tea, so it might not be the type of music that you really like to listen to when your excercising?

So, you may not feel very motivated to start lifting weights, running full steam ahead on the treadmill, and you might not even want to get on the cycle bike for that long at all, as the music might be a bit annoying.

However why not install a jukebox, or a really high-quality audio system within the garden room, then you can put on your favourites music, whether that’s blink 182 or perhaps it’s Frank Sinatra, or perhaps it’s Elvis Presley is what you really like listening too, and why not turn the volume up, really enjoy working out while listening to good music? It can really motivate you to just enjoy your workout.


Easier to split your workout over the day

So, when we are driving to a local gym, often most of us try to get a workout complete all in one go, let’s say we dedicate 1hr to working out prior to going to work.

And then that’s it, the workout is complete, however for some people they may prefer two workouts, one in the morning and one in the evening. Yet, nobody really wants to be driving to the gym twice a day.

So, by owning a garden gym, well it makes it an absolute piece of cake to work out when you want, , and because you’re not wasting any time commuting back and fore, and stuck in traffic jams, well, you can spend more time within your garden gym.
So how many workouts are you going to do, 1, 2 or even 3 workout sessions.


Have your friends over for a chat and a workout

If you’re working out in a busy gym, well, there’s likely going to be other people on the treadmill next to you, so you might not want to chat to your friend too loudly as you might be overheard by other people at the gym.
So, why not have a garden room built, full of top-quality gym equipment, such as dumbbells, treadmill, and cycle bikes, so that you have a room, where you can exercise in the room, and have your friends over to workout with you and to have a catch-up at the same time.



So, have you ever been in a gym, where the gym equipment wasn’t that clean?
Yes, us too, dusty, dirty and in need of a good clean. Well, when you own a garden gym, its your equipment, so the gym equipment can be squeaky clean, and because a lot of other people won’t be using the equipment, you have the reassurance your gym equipment is nice and clean.


Want to lose weight?

So, for some of us, we might want to lose a few pounds. And we are not talking about a few pounds down the back of the sofa, we are talking about our weight.
And for some of us, we may not want to step into a gym, as we might feel, well a bit body conscious.
Yet, when we own a garden gym, well we don’t ever have to feel body conscious, simply because, you can be the only one in the gym.


24/7 access

So, sure, there are some gyms which allow 24/7 access, which is great for people who may work outside of the normal 9-5pm work routine. However, many gyms close at say 8pm on weekends, and this may well be the exact time you fancied a quick run on the treadmill.

So, another great reason to buy a garden gym is simply because, you can use the equipment whenever you like.

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