We can build a garden room that has a slatted screen fitted to stainless steel rollers


September 2, 2023

So, what are the benefits of having a slatted screen fitted to your garden room?

A garden room, is not just somewhere we spend time working, exercising or let’s say you’re listening to music. It’s more than that, you want a garden building which has brilliant aesthetic, which improves the appearance of your garden, and each time you wander out into your garden, you want to be impressed by how your garden looks.

And they slatted screen, help to improve the appearance of a garden room, but it also helps you to create shade, and therefore keep your garden room cooler.


Beautiful wood

There are so many fantastic quality woods to choose from, red cedar, beech, oak, these are fantastic quality wood, that you could have fitted to a slatted screen. The slatted screen can be fitted to a stainless-steel roller, simply meaning that you can roll it back and for, depending on where you want to create shade within your garden room.


How does, a slatted screen on rollers work?

Our builders, can lay a stainless-steel track, the slatted screen, can then roll back and fore, on the rollers. This allows the garden room to feel more private, because for example where you’re sitting on the sofa, you might want to slide the wooden slats across, so you have more privacy.

It also helps to create shade, so on a really blistering hot summers day, you can roll the slatted screen across, and Cretan shade, so the sun is not blinding your eyes.


Improve the design of your garden room

Certain woods, can improve the appearance of your garden room, quality oak for example, with a good lacquer of varnish, has a fantastic grain and appearance to the wood. Therefore, when you added a slatted screen, this can really improve the appearance of your garden room, because there will be that fantastic colour wood.



Sometimes, a popular colour for a garden room will be to have black or grey cladding, which are dark in colour, when you contrast this, with a light colour wood, used for the slatted screen, the light colour wood can contrast nicely with the dark colour of say the composite cladding, with a metal sheet cladding.


Quality that costs less than you might think,

If you would like a garden office constructed, or let’s say a luxurious garden room, then you might be thinking that such a building will be very expensive. You might be thinking a large garden room, complete with decking and also a slatted screen, will cost an absolute fortune.

However, our prices start from just £18,000, so whether we are building a garden office pod, or perhaps a garden bar, where you can have your friends over and mix cocktails, and have refreshing drink.


Built to last

What really important, when purchasing a garden building, is that it is built to last. So, for example, let’s say that we build a slatted screen for you, we can offer you quality hardwoods to choose from, we can also use stainless steel rollers, which are very high quality, we can also add decking which is made to last, for example composite decking, the last a huge amount of time, it’s extremely durable because it’s made from recycled plastics, it’s also easy to clean with a simple brush over and it’s nice and clean.


3-D designs

If you would like to visualise better, what your garden building could look like, when it has a slatted screen, and let’s say black composite decking and black composite cladding, combined with let’s say a oak slatted screen.
Yet, we can create a set of 3-D drawings, so you can see what your garden building will look like, at this stage you might want to make alterations to the design of the building.

For example, instead of a slatted screen taking up 50% of the width of the garden room, you might want to extend that to say 75%.
You might also see that the black composite cladding might be too dark, so you opt instead for a grey colour.

So, before our builders, start any work on building your garden building in Bath, perhaps reconstructing a garden building in Bristol, we can create a set of 3-D designs, so you can see what your garden building could look like prior to it being built.

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