What are the benefits of having a large garden room built?


At this current time, you may well be visualising and also pondering how you would like your garden building to look? You might be looking on social media, such as on Instagram posts made by various garden room companies to gain some food for thought on how you would like the building to look.

And often, it’s a compromise between how large you want the garden room to be, and how much space you want it in your garden to take up. If you have a truly large garden, or perhaps you own acres of land? Well then, the world is your oyster, you can build the building as large as you want, once planning permission has been granted.

Or if you don’t have as much outdoor space, you might be currently weighing up, whether to get a large garden room built, and whether it’s worth a garden building occupying a large proportion of your garden.

So, we thought we would explain, the many benefits of owning a massive garden room built by us, and our prices are likely to be less than you might have thought.


Can be used 365 days of the year

Sometimes, when a garden building is being photographed, to be put on a garden room companies website, often the building will be pictured in the middle of summer. That’s when it’s nice and warm outside, the grass Infront of the building is lush and green, and often the picture will have a couple enjoying a nice glass of wine on the decking, and this is put onto the website to show what the garden room could look like in your garden.

However, when the leaves are falling off the trees, and it’s bitterly cold outside, you still want a building that you can use even in the middle of winter. You will want a building that you can easily heat, and is also insulated so it can be used, right throughout the different seasons.

So, the benefits of purchasing a garden building from us, is that you could have a truly large building constructed, that can be used for multiple different purposes. For example you might want to use the space a place to exercise, or to work, and it can be used right throughout the entire year. This is made possible, by our talented and experienced builders cramming insulation (we can use Rockwool or Sheep’s Wool or Quinn Panel Insulation) into every nook and cranny of the building.

Some summerhouses, (built by some other companies) well they are as much use in the winter as a chocolate teapot- what we mean by that is with wafer thin walls (sometimes just the same thickness as your garden fence!) this often mean that within some summerhouses, strong drafts can blow through the walls, causing the occupants to feel, well rather freezing inside.

The solution is simple, when you hire us to build the building, our builders will always quality insulation, and this means that the whole building, can be easily heated. Our highly experienced electricians, can also install all of the electrics for you, including Dimplex oil filled radiators, which at the flick of a switch, can start to heat each room that you are in.


Multiple uses

You might have a large garden, but if you were to actually calculate the hours spent in the garden, say over the winter and also the autumn months, well, it might accumulate to not that long at all spent in your garden. In the winter months, it may even equate to zero hours, because its simply too cold to be outside in your garden during say December.

Quite simply put, our winters seem to last quite a while in the United Kingdom, so when it’s cold, damp and dark in our gardens, often don’t spend much time there, especially during the winter months.

Yet with that said, that space can be used much more often, if you do have a truly massive garden building, a place where you could use it as a bar, a place to exercise, or perhaps a place to work.


Home from home

We can add a complete bathroom suite within your summerhouse, we could install kitchen area as well, we could even install a separate room or multiple rooms, which you could use as a bedroom, for when your guests stay over.

Therefore, the benefits of having a truly massive garden building, is that you could have separate bedrooms, you could have ensuite added onto each of them, as well as a huge main living room with sofas, huge television and big windows.



What separates us from thousands of other UK garden room companies, is that we can make your garden building super comfortable and can make also very luxurious. From adding underfloor heating, through to installing luxurious bathrooms, perhaps you would even want a bath that is made of copper installed?

We can build truly large garden building, with floor to ceiling windows, and a bathroom that has walk in shower, large bath as well as toilet and sink.

We can make your garden building luxurious, space where you or your guests will want to spend time- they may even forget they are within a garden building, and think their on holiday in a luxury hotel?

Our builders can therefore build a summerhouse, that can feel like you’re walking into a five-star hotel, with underfloor heating, a large living space filled with comfortable sofas, a massive television screen, large aluminium framed windows, to allow panoramic views across the surrounding area.

We can also put the sedum roof on the roof, so that you can grow wildflowers, we could put a huge area made with composite decking, with glass balustrades, complete with stainless steel handrails so you can sit out and enjoy nice glass of gin and tonic in the sunshine.


Many builders

Some companies, might only send out one or possibly two garden room installers to build a garden room, which means that a truly large garden building can take a very long time to build- sometimes a few months from start to finish.

Yet if you were to pick us, well, on average we can build the whole building in less than 3 weeks.

The reason that we are often chosen, is because we have a truly large team of builders, we are every type of tradesmen working for us from highly experienced plasterers, through to electricians, so even large garden building that are truly massive, we can build it in a short period of time.

Right throughout the South-West of England, from Exeter, right down to Bristol, every single week our installers are out busy working to build our luxurious garden buildings.

We travel all across the U.K, so we may have even built a building on your street? The reason we are chosen is because we can build luxurious buildings quickly, plus we offer very competitive prices.


Do you require a garden building to be built so that you can offer a accommodation for your guests?

You might have family which stays over with you on a regular basis in South West, England?

However, you might not have the spare bedroom to house your family for the duration of their star?

Your family or friends may therefore stay in local hotels? And this can obviously be costly after all, with some hotels charging in excess of £140.00 a night, well it be a costly for your friends and family when they come to visit you. Yet, there’s no hotel costs, or fees if you checkout late! When you own a large, spacious well build garden room, with ensuite, that you know your friends and family will enjoy staying in.

Luxury that doesn’t cost the earth

When you see our luxury summerhouses being built, they look well, simply amazing, and you might think that they cost an absolute fortune- but they don’t, our starting prices, start from just 18k. So, we offer some of the best prices around, this is why, we are simply the bees’ knees when it comes to building garden buildings. If you would like a free and no obligation quotation then why not call us today?

We build garden buildings anywhere in the West Country, so whether you’re in Exeter, or the glorious and fantastic city of Bath, why not get on the dog and bone (phone) and give us a quick call. One our very friendly and highly knowledgeable sales team will pop out, come and see you, and over a nice cup of tea, we can discuss how you want the building built, they sometimes there and then we can offer you a quote.

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