Do you require a small garden office to be built?

Small garden offices

6 September 2023


Do you have a small garden?

Like most large cities, Bristol has many properties which have small gardens, sometimes described as “courtyards gardens” or simply gardens that are not much bigger than a patio. Now you might be thinking, well there’s not enough room here to swing a cat! Let alone build a garden office!

Yet, our highly skilled designers, can measure your garden for you, and offer you some ideas, to make the best use out of the space you have. For example, does den end at a sharp point? Well why not get a triangular garden building, that fits snugly into the point of your garden, allowing you to make the best use out of the available space?


City life

A lot of us now work from home, sometimes full-time, or hybrid working, a mix of working in an office for a company and at home for some of the week.

However, even though where working from home, this doesn’t mean that the work is any easier, those work tasks keep on mounting up and up!

However, working from home, can sometimes be difficult for some people, because there are so many distractions to be had.

And you might think, well, I fancy a nice cup of tea, with a digestive biscuit- and why not?

However, with that quick cuppa tea, well in might lead to a 30 minutes conversation with your partner about a movie, that you went to see at the cinema last night -which now leads you seriously behind on getting your work done!

So, what’s needed is a garden office, somewhere where you can close the doors, get your work done without the distractions of other people distracting you from getting your work done.

You can have a nice good quality kitchen installed as well within your garden office, and also a bathroom, so you haven’t got to leave the room until you want to.



One size doesn’t fit all!

One size may fit all, when it comes to purchasing a baseball cap, but this does not apply, when you are buying a garden room.
If you were to purchase a summerhouse online, what you might find is, that it doesn’t fit the exact contours of your garden.

So, you are then left with an area to the side of the garden building, that might be wasted, where numerous weeds might start growing, and therefore this area is wasted because you can’t do anything with that space. It’s not big enough to sit at the size of the garden room, because you won’t fit your deckchair there. So it’s wasted space because there is a large gap between the garden building and the garden fence, which is just used to grow large amounts of weeds.




However our garden buildings are totally different, they can fit the contours of your garden, because our buildings are bespoke, they are made-to-measure. This means that we can build the whole building to any size you would like, and therefore it can fit your garden perfectly.

So if you own a country manner, let’s say in Bath, then we can build a truly massive garden room for you, because the sky is the limit, you have ample amounts of space.

However if you are in a terraced house in Bristol, and you can’t swing a cat at the garden, well do not worry, because we can build a small garden room for you, and even though the garden room is small, it could still have a compact bathroom.

So you could still have a small toilet and wash hand basin and also another space for you to get your work done comfortably. Because the room could be fully air-conditioned and heated.




We can take care of everything for you

Most of us have super busy lives, and we don’t have much free time, so what you might be looking for is a garden room company that can take care of everything for you, from start to finish, so all you have to do is move your furniture in.

Therefore you don’t want to go calling around various electricians to see if they are available to install the electrics. And often You don’t want to call around various plasterers to get quotes for them to plaster the inside of the garden room, you also don’t want to call around to get quotes from painters and decorators.

And you don’t have to do any of this work, when you hire us because we have all of these tradesmen in-house, so we can complete the work for you




What are the benefits of choosing a small garden office?

A small garden office is much easier to heat, that’s if it’s well insulated. In matter of fact, with a good quality electric heater, the room will be nice and toasty inside in next to no time at all.





A small garden office, can be built, at a very affordable price. Many residents in Bristol, are now using our garden offices, as their main place to work throughout the week. And with prices starting from just 18,000, they are very affordable, it’s clear to see why our garden offices are now in so many gardens across the West Country from Exeter right through to Bath.




Completely separate

When your completing work, the might have paperwork scattered all across the table, you might have a big calculator there on the table, your laptop computer, and folders for your work, and also post it notes all over the place, with scribbling writing on them reminding you to do certain tasks the next day.

Now, if you’re working from the kitchen table, you might have to clean all of this paperwork away, when your family is about to have your dinner.

Yes, if you own a garden office, you can work from your desk, and you can have all your items for your work within the garden office. You could have a bookcase, full of all your folders, and you don’t have to clean everything away when dinner is served, that’s because your garden office, can just be used as your place to work.

That way you have a dedicated place where you can work, and where you can store your work items.



Brilliant for meetings

So you might be an entrepreneur, and somebody who’s just starting a brand-new business in Bristol, , yet, you might not want to meet your customers in your house.

So instead, you can walk your customers to your garden office, and make them a nice cup of tea, therefore you could have a business meetings within your garden office.

Our talented carpenters, can install the kitchen for you, so that you have a place to make a nice cup of tea.



Insulated for use right throughout the seasons

It doesn’t matter, if there are is a snowman in the garden, because it’s December and snow is falling all around you.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s a blisteringly hot day in July, that’s because, our garden buildings are insulated, so this simply means they are very easy to heat in the winter months.

Also, in the summer, when it’s baking hot, you could have a good quality air conditioning system installed, which you can simply switch on, and because there’s insulation in the walls, it will help to keep the cold air within the building longer.



Built superfast

We have a large team of builders, we now have over 10 full-time builders working for us, we have many plasterers, we have many rubber roofers, we also have many carpenters working for us, we have site managers, we have electricians, we have painters and decorators.

This simply means that we can build your garden room at a blisteringly fast pace, each day when you return home from work, you will simply be impressed by the progress that our tradesmen will have made during the day.




£18,000-don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!

As the old saying goes, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, and what we mean by that is, our garden offices offer fantastic value for money.

Whether it’s snowing outside, or it is hot, we are always busy building garden rooms right across the West Country right and throughout the entire year, simply because our buildings offer amazing value for money, that’s why our phone doesn’t stop ringing from people wanting us to build a summerhouse for them.

So why not get on the dog a bone, that’s phone and give us a ring and we can arrange building a luxurious garden room for you?


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