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Garden rooms to be built so that are long lasting, plus insulated, well, they need a lot of building materials to build them. A lot of glass, wood and plastics are often used in their construction, so its important that the building is built so that it is environmentally friendly.

We thought it would be a good idea to dedicate a whole blog post to describing how we can make a green eco-friendly garden room for you.


Recycled plastics, environmentally friendly cladding

So, when you on Instagram looking for ideas on how you would like your garden building to look, often the buildings will have wooden cladding. A super popular option is to opt for red cedar cladding, it’s become somewhat of the most commonly chosen option.

Yet, there’s a cladding option that’s not made from natural wood, that can be made using recycled plastics, and because it is made using recycled plastics, simply lasts a long period of time, because unlike wood, it can’t rot, or get eaten by wood worm. The cladding option we are describing is known as “composite cladding”.

Composite cladding is a environmentally friendly option for two main reasons, one if you select a top quality brand, it will last a very long period of time. The second reason is some companies which manufacturer composite decking, cladding and composite posts, use recycled plastics as one of the main ingredients in constructing the item.


Super thick insulation

A garden room is often a freestanding structure, placed at the end of a garden. This means it often won’t be connected to the homes central heating system, and is often not made using brick or breeze block.
Therefore, it’s imperative that the building, if it’s a wooden building, that is has super thick insulation- what type of insulation would be recommend?

We would recommend panel insulation, yet the super thick insulation panels, and to place these between the structural timbers, that’s behind the plasterboard. Then there should be insulation in the roof and also in the floors.
A more environmentally option would be to opt for a natural product, that is sheep’s wool.

Sheep’s wool is very good insulation.


Reclaimed timbers

There are many salvage and reclamation yards in Bristol that now sell reclaimed timbers. Sometimes a customer may specify that they want reclaimed wood use to build the building, often 100% of the building cannot be built using reclaimed wood, because, some timbers may not be available. However, we can endeavour to use as much reclaimed timber as possible, if the customer would like us to.

This means that we can often obtain reclaimed joists, cladding and structural timbers, these timbers often come from local buildings which have been demolished. We can then purchase the wood from local reclamation yards, and use these to build your new garden building.


Solar panels

For a lot of us, we will have noticed our energy prices increase over recent months, this has meant that some homeowners now want to create their own green energy. One way to do this is to have a garden building built, and place solar panels on the roof.
We can fit solar panels on the roof, and this can help you to create your own green energy. When we are offering you a free quote, at the same time, we can recommend whether where the garden building will be built, whether this is a good location for solar panels to be fitted.


A green roof

If you hire us to build your garden building, we can add what’s called a “sedum roof” to your summerhouse.
This can help grass and flowers to grow, which is great for environment.


Rain water harvesting

We can fit water butts to the guttering for you, this simply solution, will help collect rain water, which can then be used to water your flowers in your garden.


Double glazing

We can install quality double glazed doors, we can offer to install a single door, a bi-folding door, we can install French doors as well.
We can also install double glazed windows as well; this will help to improve the energy efficiency of the building.


Composite cladding

Often when the weathers nice, its bright, and it’s a warm outside, you may want to sit on your decking, and enjoy say an espresso, before heading back indoors, to complete some more work.

So, you may want decking built, we would highly recommend opting for “composite decking” the main reason for this is quality brands of composite decking often out last wooden decking, plus no paint needs to be applied to composite decking, and therefore because less paint is used, well, this is better for the environment as well.


Would you like an eco-friendly garden room built?

Our highly experienced team are now building garden rooms right throughout the U.K.
We can therefore build a garden room that is environmentally friendly, from placing solar panels onto the roof, to adding a sedum roof, through to using cladding that’s made from recycled plastics. We travel the whole of the U.K building well made, eco-friendly garden rooms, which are made to last the test of time. With prices starting from as low as 18k, its clear to see why we are a well know garden room company.

Why not call us today?


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