Here’s some of the reasons why so many people hire us to build their garden office


13th September 2023


Why are garden offices now so popular within the United Kingdom?

As you cast your eye down the many job opportunities, on let’s say, often many businesses now offer the employee to work on a “hybrid basis” or sometimes they would like the employee to work from home on a full-time basis.
This often means, that the employee will work say two days a week at home.


A lot of people might be used to working in a large office, say in the city centre, so, the employee might not have a place where they can work full time, other than say on the kitchen table.

They may start working from the kitchen counter, or perhaps from the sofa, or perhaps in a cramped boxroom.

However, very soon, the employee, may suddenly decide that they need a garden office built. A place where they can comfortably work, that is large enough for them to work comfortably.



The pros and also the cons of working from home

Getting back and fore work for some people, well it can be a rather considerable expense on their monthly outgoings.
For example, purchasing all those train tickets, or simply paying to have a reliable car, can sometimes be quite expensive- plus that’s not to mention all the diesel, the electric or petrol you will consume going back and fore work.

So, if you were to ask us, what’s the biggest benefit of owning a garden office, well, it has to be that in less than one minute, you can leave your house, walk the length of your garden, perhaps with an espresso in hand? And you can simply start work in your garden office, which may be just a few short steps away from your house.
Therefore, just think of the environmental benefits, of not having to use your car everyday to get to work.



You could help to make your property more saleable

Let’s say that you live on a long street, and the properties well there all very similar. let’s say that each of the properties on your street is a four-bedroom detached house. And let’s say that at the current time, there are three properties for sale on Rightmove. So what can you do to differentiate your property from the other houses that are currently for sale? Well one way is to have a garden office, or a garden room built by us. This could help to make your property much more saleable.

For example, a buyer of the property, might themselves want to work in that garden office, and because you have already had the building built, therefore, that person might want to buy your property, because you have the advantage, of having a garden office, that’s already constructed, offering a place where they can work in the garden office straightaway, where the other properties street, might not have a garden room built? So therefore having a garden office built, could make your home more saleable.




Could you be even more productive if you owned a garden office?

Cold callers knocking on the front door, somebody watching the television to loudly, or simply somebody in your household looking to have a chat with you, about what you fancy for dinner that evening- well, these could all be considered distractions.

So these distractions, well they could simply distract you from getting your work done.

Each distraction might only take up say 10 minutes of your time, yet when all this time gets added altogether, you might be very behind with your work at the end of the day, meaning that you have to work longer hours, which is not good.

A garden office, could therefore potentially help you to be more productive, because you will be working in a building that is detached from your main house, therefore you will be away from many of the distractions of working within your home.

Of course next door occasionally cutting back to holly bush, with a noisy electric strimmer, well that might prove to be a distraction while your working in your garden office, but generally speaking, working in a garden office, allows a nice quiet place to get your work completed.


3-D designs

We can help to create a set of 3-D designs, this way you can see how the garden office could look, that’s before it actually been built.
Therefore, we could offer a set of 3-D designs, these can be created at a low cost, often below £500.00.

These 3D drawings could show difference in appearance of what the exterior cladding options could look like, for example, perhaps you want to compare what red cedar cladding will look like when compared with grey, composite cladding?

You may also you may want to see what the building could look like if it was to have a canopy built to the side, or if it was to have decking built out the front of the garden building, complete with glass balustrades?

Our designers can therefore design a set of 3-D drawings, so that you can choose which design that you like the most.



Can these buildings be used right throughout the different seasons?


From the outside, most garden buildings, look rather similar, as most will have wooden cladding. However, what separates a high-quality garden building in our opinion, from a cheap building, is that our buildings, have a breathable membrane, they have high quality insulation, plus also, they are designed to be used all year round. So, come rain, sleet or snow, our buildings can be used.

They can be air-conditioned, and come with heaters, so whatever the weather is like outside, you can be comfortable inside your garden room built by us.


How should I know which garden room company to choose?


Here in the United Kingdom, there are thousands of different companies that you can choose, there are companies which just build flatpack buildings, and then there are companies which offer bespoke buildings, we build bespoke garden rooms.

What we would recommend, above all else, is that you choose a company which offers a long guarantee period.

After all, purchasing a garden building, is a considered purchase, it will cost a lot of money, therefore, we would recommend choosing a garden room company, offers you a long guarantee period.

We have built many garden offices, the vast majority of the timber buildings that we construct, are used as offices. This simply means that we have a lot of experience building these buildings.

We offer free quotes, so why not call us today?

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