Are you able to install a complete bathroom and also a large kitchen within our garden room?


Let’s say, that you’re going to use garden office, for say 40+ hours per week. This is a lot of time, spent within your garden office. Therefore, every time you need to use the bathroom, you might not want to walk back to your house to use the bathroom there. Also, every time you want to make a nice hot beverage, say a spiced cinnamon latte, well, you might not want to walk back to the kitchen, within your house neither to make that delicious drink.

It simply therefore, makes it much more convenient to have a large kitchen, as well as a bathroom installed within the building.


Can you install a kitchen into our garden room?


Yes, we can, sometimes our customers will purchase their own kitchen units, other times they would like us to show them a brochure showing the various kitchen units we can offer. For example we can purchase a complete kitchen from Travis Perkins for you. Our carpenters can then install the kitchen units for you.

We can build a kitchen, complete with a sink, even a dishwasher can be installed as well. This will make it much more convenient, when you’re working within the garden office, to make a cup of tea and to wash the cups up afterwards.


Can you also install a bathroom?

Yes, we can, we can either add a side room, which is quite narrow, but allows enough space for just a toilet, and a wash hand basin to be installed. On the other hand, you might want a complete bathroom installed within your garden room?




When you are boiling kettles throughout the day within the kitchen, and when you are using to shower in the bathroom, it’s important that the garden room company which is building, the building thinks about ventilation. That’s because otherwise, if ventilation is not installed, damp spores can quickly start to occur within the building.

As well as ventilation, they also have to think about condensation, and how this will affect certain building materials such as the plasterboard.

For example, the bathroom might need to become a wet room, with plastic panels on the walls, or completely tiled with ceramic tiles. If plasterboard was just used, then this could mean that condensation could build up, causing the plasterboard to become damp, producing black spores and therefore damp issues could occur, if the right ventilation is not installed.

So, as well as ventilation, there needs to be electric fans install in both the kitchen as well as the bathroom, the garden room company also needs to consider the building materials used, such as what would be best used in the bathroom, plastic panels on the wall or for the bathroom to be completely tiled?

For example, we would recommend tiles used in the kitchen, as well as kitchen and bathroom paint on the walls and ceiling, and also for ventilation to be installed.



Electrics/solar panels

Some customers will want us to fit solar panels fitted to the roof, so that they can generate electric, but also, often they want our electricians, to also connect means electric as well. This way, if there’s not enough electricity stored in the batteries, then you can switch to means electric.

We can also install panels, on the roof of your garden building, which can help to generate warm water. For example, you can wash your dishes using warm water, that’s been created, from having panels on the roof which generates hot water from the sunlight.



Assembling the kitchen units

We can supply, as well as also fit, all of the kitchen units for you. This means that, the owner of the garden building, then just has to move in their appliances, perhaps a dishwasher, kettle and toaster? This makes it much more convenient, let’s say when you’re working in the garden office, to just grab a quick snack from the fridge freezer.

We can offer you many different kitchen options to choose from, for example you might want a modern kitchen, which is white and has a high gloss finish, so that the kitchen looks shiny.

Alternatively, you might want kitchen units, which are made from hardwood, such as oak?



Supply and installing a bathroom


We can supply the bathroom suite, this includes the toilet, the wash hand basin, a bath and also a shower. We can also install electric hand dryers as well, our electricians can also install all of the ventilation for you. If you would like, we can also install underfloor heating, as well as a electric towel rail as well for you.



Would you like a garden room built, that has a kitchen and also a bathroom?


Whether you are going to use the garden room as your main place to work, therefore it will be your garden office, or perhaps it’s going to be used as a home gym? We can install a complete bathroom as well as a kitchen for you.

Right throughout South-West England, many homeowners have already hired us to build large garden buildings, that either have a kitchen or a bathroom, or sometimes they have both installed.

We can install items such as high-quality Dyson hand dryers, we can also help you to install your kitchen appliances in such as your Bosch dishwashers into the kitchen.

If you would like an eco-friendlier garden room, then we can install solar panels, onto the roof for you.


Are you able is to also completely paint and decorate the garden room for us?


Sometimes, after we have built the kitchen, as well as the bathroom, the customer may also want us to lay hardwood flooring, paint the ceiling, the walls and also the skirting boards.

We can therefore completely paint and decorate the entire building, and we can get your garden room ready to the point that all you have to do is simply move your furniture in.

We can paint the garden room exterior and interior any colour you would like, we can use quality paints, such as Farrow and Ball paints.


Which areas do you build garden offices and rooms in?


We travel right throughout England, the vast majority, of our garden buildings are constructed in the West Country.

We also offer completely free quotes, prices for our garden buildings range between £18,000 and £70,000, if you would like to receive a free and no obligation quote then why not call us.

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