The many benefits of choosing Shou Sugi Ban cladding for your garden room



On many garden buildings, homeowners are choosing to have Shou Sugi Ban cladding installed, which is cladding which is inspired by the Japanese process, of charring the outside of the wood.

There are many benefits to choosing Shou Sugi Ban fencing and cladding for your garden, not only does it have a unique appearance, but also it helps to protect the wood from the elements.


What are the benefits of choosing Shou Sugi Ban cladding for your garden office or garden room?

Our highly skilled joiners, can select quality hardwood or softwood, they can then start to charring the outside of the wood, using blow torches. It’s this process that produces Shou Sugi Ban cladding, which chars the wood, and gives it a darker appearance.

When you combine this with black, or dark grey aluminium framed windows and doors, it can give the appearance of a modern garden room. For example, if you would like a more traditional look, then you might opt for oak cladding, a pitched roof, and perhaps you would like the roof made from wooden slates. However if you want a more modern appearance, then you might opt for Shou Sugi Ban exterior cladding, you might even want a fence which is Shou Sugi Ban  as well, to match the exterior cladding of the garden building.



How much does a garden office cost, complete with Shou Sugi Ban cladding?

Garden rooms, which have  Shou Sugi Ban  exterior cladding, start from just £25,000. We have already built, many garden buildings, this includes offices and garden rooms, that have  Shou Sugi Ban  exterior cladding. We can offer you many different types of hardwood, or softwood options to choose from. We purchase our timber from Travis Perkins, our joiners, can then chart the outside of the wood, using blow torches, this will give the wood a much darker appearance, and also help to protect the timber from the elements.


Does Shou Sugi Ban give off a smell?

Yes, because the timber has been charred, often when you are near the timber, it will give off a aroma, of it being through the charring process. Our joiners, will often spend many hours, using a blow torch to slightly chart the outside of the timber, this will darken the appearance of the hardwood, all the softwood. Then for a period of time, you might be able to smell, the aroma of the wood beamed chard.



An ancient Japanese process

You might have seen many garden buildings, on social media website, such as Facebook, which have been built by UK garden room companies. Many of these will have  Shou Sugi Ban cladding, and you might think that this is a new type of exterior cladding, yet it’s not, it actually is a process that dates back to ancient times, and the process originates from Japan.

The Japanese would char their timber, this is to help protect the timber, and it offers a natural way of protecting the wood, rather than using wood varnishes, paints or stains.




We can also build Shou Sugi Ban fencing as well

sometimes, some of our customers, want the exterior of their garden building, to match the garden fence. We can therefore take away your old garden fence, and in its place we can build Shou Sugi Ban  fencing, this will then match the exterior of your garden building.



Would you like a quote?

We build a wide range of garden buildings, for example, we build garden offices, right through to wooden buildings, which are used as garden bars, and therefore a place to enjoy a nice glass of whiskey on a summers evening.

If you would like a quote, for a garden building to be constructed, then why not call us, we have over seven years’ experience building garden rooms.




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