Are you thinking about having a yoga studio built?


Date: 18th of September 2023

Garden Yoga Studio


Do you enjoy practising yoga? Perhaps you attend a yoga class say 2 to 3 times every week at your local gym? Perhaps you also practice yoga at home on a daily basis?

However, when you’re practising yoga at home, well, you might have a lot of distractions within your house, which may distract you from really enjoying your yoga? For example, somebody could be asking you what’s for supper that evening?

When really what you want is just 30 minutes of doing yoga, within your yoga studio so that you can just unwind after a long and busy day at work.

This is why we think that a garden yoga studio, is a brilliant addition to any home for anybody who enjoys practicing yoga.




One of the reasons Kingsley Build are asked to build so many yoga studios, right across Britain, is because the buildings that we build are totally bespoke. Often the client, knows the exact dimensions of how large they want the building to be. Our customers also know how they want the exterior of the garden room to look, in terms of cladding such as whether they want say red cedar, or a totally different type of cladding such as high quality composite.

Often our customers will also know what bathroom suite they want, and may have already ordered in from the bathroom supplier. Often the customer will also know what colour they want the walls painted as well, such as certain colour or green, that’s manufactured by Farrow and Ball.


We can therefore build a bespoke garden room for our customers.

Our company is therefore very different from the companies in Bristol, that simply mass produces wooden summerhouses, in a light industrial unit, and then use a haulage company, to just ship the summerhouses out to the customer. The customer then has to build the building themselves, or hire a builder to complete this work.




Perhaps it’s a really sunny day outside, so it’s perfect weather to do yoga outside, plus there’s a nice cool summer breeze, blowing right through your garden, so therefore why not therefore, practice yoga in your garden?

We can build decking (composite or wood), in front of the garden building, but we can also extend a canopy or a roof, so that you can enjoy practising yoga on your decking, we also have a roof to cover the decking, so you just in case it does start raining you have a roof covering you.



Quality sound system

Quality speakers fitted into the ceiling, you might want to have very high-quality speakers fitted into the ceiling of the garden room?
This way you can listen to music, which may help you to enjoy doing yoga even more?
For example, you could be listening to the noise of a waterfall, dolphins or perhaps even the sound of the Amazon rainforest?


Built to last

We understand, that whether you’re going to use your garden building as a place to run yoga classes throughout the week, or perhaps you are thinking using the room as an office, you are going to want a building that is made to last.

Your going to want a building that is very high quality, which comes with a very long guarantee, that’s exactly what we can offer.



We can build your perfect garden yoga studio

Your garden lends itself as a brilliant place to practice yoga. Outside within your garden it can be so serene and peaceful place, ideal for just reading a good book, or perhaps doing yoga? For example, you could be looking out over a large lawned area within your garden, you could be hearing the birds singing, and also you could have huge windows allowing a large amount of natural light into the garden room, making it a perfect place to practice yoga.


Do you run yoga classes or workshops?

Perhaps you run yoga classes at a local gym?

Are you are a yoga instructor?

Well, you could have a really large yoga studio built within your garden, that you can use all year round, where you could run yoga classes.
Therefore, you could have a large garden room built by us, complete with very high quality air conditioning, as well as multiple electric heaters, so that you can use that building all year round, to run your yoga classes within.



Ample sunlight

What’s so great about hiring our business to build your luxury summerhouses, is that you can have the windows and doors built as large as you would like- so you might want floor to ceiling windows installed?

For example, let’s say that one wall on your garden room receives the most sunlight right throughout the day- so for that wall, why not have a floor to ceiling window installed, so that as much light enters the room as possible?

We can also install bi-folding doors, so that when the weather is nice outside, you can allow the warm breeze into the garden room by simply opening the bi-folding doors. Even in the middle of winter, bi folding doors can allow a lot of natural light into the garden building, perfect therefore for a yoga studio.


Painting and decorating

If you’re going to use your garden building as a place to practice yoga, or perhaps to do yoga classes, then you may want the room painted in nice neutral colours, such as cream colour or perhaps a nice shade of green?
We have painters and decorators, which can paint the room in any shade of colour that you would like, we would recommend using Farrow and Ball paint.



Toilet and shower

After you’ve been practising yoga, you might want to take a shower, we can therefore install a shower into your garden building for you.
We can even add a complete bathroom suite, complete with underfloor heating, inside your yoga studio if you would like this installed within the garden building?


Don’t pay over the odds?

Our customers, are often pleasantly surprised, by how competitive our prices actually are.
Often, our customers obtain free quotes from say three different garden room companies. Often, we will have offered the most competitive price, but also, we are often chosen because we offer very long guarantee periods on our summerhouse.

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