Do garden rooms require concrete foundations to be built?


The short answer to this question is garden rooms will require a strong foundation, but the foundations don’t need to be made from just concrete. The reason is, many garden room companies, ours included, offer many offer different types of foundations, for example there’s concrete plinth’s, concrete base as well as a relatively new option that many companies now offer called “ground screws”.



What are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a concrete base?

There are many advantages to opting to have a concrete base as the foundation of your garden room, namely that if it built correctly, it can provide a very strong and also a stable base. The concrete base can act as a barrier also from the wet soil, helping to raise the entire building slightly above ground level.
If the base is thick, it can last a long period of time, and offer a very stable base for the garden room to be built upon. However, thin concrete bases will simply crack and may even cause structural issues to the garden room later on, so the concrete base does need to be the correct thickness.


So, what are the disadvantages of opting for concrete base?

Well, there are a few disadvantages of choosing a concrete base for your garden building, that’s because often a micro-digger will be needed first to landscape the garden. A mini-digger, we use JCB mini-diggers, to make sure the ground is prepared ready for the concrete to be poured often via a concrete truck complete with extending arm, to place the concrete exactly where we need it in the garden.
Then concrete is quite expensive, so a large base often costs more to build than ground screws, plus, then there’s also time to factor in of laying a concrete base, it often takes longer.

Allowing the concrete to set, and all the time to prepare the ground for the concrete pour, well, its very time consuming process, add this means, to build a garden room with a concrete base, well, its often more expensive than if we were to build the exact same building, but instead of opting for concrete foundations, if the customer had opted for ground screws often its much cheaper.



What are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing ground screws?

So, whether we are busy building a garden bar in the middle of Bath, garden office or perhaps a yoga studio somewhere in the countryside in Somerset, the vast majority of the time, we use ground screws for most of the buildings we build.
Ground screws can be quickly installed, meaning that our builders, can go straight onto the next phase of building your garden room, rather than having to wait for concrete to set.

This is why ground screws are absolutely great, because they can be installed very quickly, and then the builders can get to work in installing the base of the garden room.

It often means that we can build the whole garden building, a lot quicker than if the customer was to opt for concrete instead.

Also, we hire a separate company, a specialist ground screw company to install our ground screws.. This way, you can be reassured, that the ground screws will be installed by a highly experienced company, which offers a guarantee on the ground screws that they install.


What would your company recommend, using ground screws or to instead opt for a concrete base?

We would always recommend, ground screws, however, sometimes within some gardens, for example gardens which have very boggy ground, sometimes ground screws won’t be suitable for that type of garden.

This is why it’s so important, that before we offer you a quote, one of our sales staffs comes out to meet you, to see if your garden is suitable for using ground screws.


Concrete pillars

As we mentioned earlier, building a large concrete base, can be quite expensive to build and also quite labour intensive, if labourers are using wheel barrows to pour the concrete into place. One alternative is therefore build concrete pillars, these pillars can then be used to build the wooden joists upon.

The benefits of choosing concrete pillars, is that is they are very strong, they are durable, plus, concrete pillars can be built quicker than an entire concrete slab.

Concrete pillars, also are much cheaper to build than a large concrete slab.


Which type of foundation will you opt for?

Now that we’ve laid out the benefits and the disadvantages of using ground screws when compared to opting for a concrete base, which option will you choose?

We specialise in building luxury, summerhouses right throughout Bristol, so whether you’re looking for an extra room to use is your place of work, or perhaps the room is just going to be used as a place to enjoy a nice pint of cold beer on a summers afternoon? Why not call us today, and we can offer you a free and no obligation quotation.

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