Our top tips to consider when designing a garden office


So, undoubtably, hand’s-down, garden offices are still by far the most popular use for our garden rooms. Closely followed by our customers using the buildings as gardens bars- gin anyone? And also, to use the rooms as a garden bar.

So, whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, just about to set up your own business, or perhaps, you would for a company, and just need a nice, quiet space to work, well, we have the perfect garden rooms for you.

So, lets get down to work on helping you to design your perfect garden office


Don’t just use the room for one purpose

So, a garden room, can be used for many different purposes. And if you have a large garden, let’s, say your garden is very wide, well, you have a blank canvass to build a large garden office, that hasn’t just got to be used as an office, what about having a side room built, and use the space as a home gym, or as a room to practice yoga, or perhaps, why not just have it as room, that has a comfortable couch, so you can watch the rugby in peace in quiet?

So, our best nugget of advice would be this, don’t just have one big open plan room, why not divide the garden office with a side room?

Then you can use the other room as your own gym for example?

Carefully think about the exterior of your garden room and how you want the building to look
So, a garden room might take up a lot of room in your garden, and when you’re not in it, let’s say your sat sipping a refreshing drink in your garden, on a warm summer’s day, well, you will want the building to look good, to improve your garden. You don’t want for instance a garden room company to say, “opt for metal cladding”- that’s all we offer, then your left with a building, that looks like a steel building, that’s best suited on a construction site.

So, as the garden building company to bring samples of cladding, so you can see which type of wood, metal or composite cladding you want.
Also consider maintenance requirements of the cladding, so if you have super busy job, do you really want to rubbing wood oil, or varnishing the hardwood? If the answer is no, then why not opt for composite, this option can have a wood grain effect, so it looks similar to wood, yet the main benefit is, it doesn’t ever need painting, varnishing or wood oil rubbed into it. So composite is very low maintenance, that’s why we would highly recommend this option.



Ask for 3-D drawings

So, imagine this, you hire, a garden room company, you go off on holiday, and when you return, well, you see a garden room built, that you don’t like the appearance of the building.

For example, you may not like how the UPVC doors look, or perhaps you don’t like the cladding.
So, we would recommend, is hiring a garden room business, like ours, that can create a set of 3D drawings, to show you what the garden room can look like. Its at this stage, you might say, can we alter the design, and have a sedum room added instead, and we can alter the designs and send them to you.



Think about amount of light and eyestrain

So, if you’re working within your garden office, let’s say 40+ hours a week, you need to think about, how you can make the inside of the building as light as possible. So, you may want a roof light? Also sometimes called a “roof lantern”- we can install a Velux roof lantern for you. We would also recommend, opting for bi-folding doors, aluminium bi-folding doors, can be great way of getting more light into a room. Then, why not have a large window installed on the wall that receives the most sunlight throughout the day?

A meeting room

So, you may be self-employed, or run your own business, so, hiring meeting space, well that can get rather expensive. So why not have a side room built, that can be used as a meeting space, a place to meet your clients? You could have a large white board, table, chairs, and water cooler, so, let’s say you’re a freelance architect, this room makes a great place to have your clients over, and discuss your work.
We build garden offices all over the U.K

We started building garden offices, just in one city, yet as the company expands, we now are building garden offices throughout the United Kingdom, we are often chosen to build garden offices, because we can build them in a short space of time, we offer low prices, when compared to some garden building companies, plus, we use top quality timber.

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